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The story revolves around Mohana Rathod, a 250 year old life-force sucking vampire-like creature called daayan who also uses "jaadu tona" (witchcraft). Mohana kills people to steal their age (vitality) which keeps her young and beautiful. She summons a "DaayanChakra" and captivates Mridul Rathod by her surreal beauty, after which they marry and have two children, Ansh and Kaajal. Mohana wins Mridul's favour by helping him amass great wealth through black magicwhile she gradually drains his vitality that leads to his premature death. Mohana also kills Mridul's mother to hide her secret identity but the Raathods grow suspicious anyway. A worried Vedashree Rathod tells of her fears to her friend Divya Sharma, a psychical wizardess (monster-hunter) who comes to help Mridul's bedevilled family and ward off the evil eye. Divya cuts Mohana's plait rendering her powerless, Mohana then escapes into the woods, but they pursue her along with a mob of villagers holding torches. Once cornered, Mohana was set on fire which turns her into stone. Yet Mohana's evil eye(nazar) still lurks on the family as she is a unique and very powerful daayan called "Ekaayan". Vedashree and Shekhar Raathod (her husband) adopt Mridul's children Ansh and Kaajal.

18 years laterEdit

Ansh and Kaajal grow up along with their cousins Neha and Rishi in a city far away. Ansh discovers his superpowers, but is unaware that he is a "Daavansh" (the hybridoffspring of a daayan and a human). He can be saved from turning to the dark side only by a girl who has the "Devi-Maa" Durga's symbol as her birthmark, and is referred to as the Daivik (divine conduit). Divya's daughter Piya Sharma has the symbol of the Devi-Maa behind her neck. Sparks fly between Ansh and Piya though they didn't see each other. Piya who is in search of her lost mother, comes across her father, Nishant Sharma, who is a professor and a "Revaavanshi" (member of a clan of monster-hunters) and her sister, Saavi Sharma. Mohana sends a puppet daayan, Ruby with a fake Durga symbol to marry Ansh, So that Mohana can return and also to keep the family from knowing the real daivik. Ansh and Vedashree come under Ruby's control during which Ruby and Ansh get married while the rest of the family is spellbound and cast into a deep sleep. The marriage releases Mohana from the charms and spells that imprisoned her. The Rathod family reunites with Mohana, and Ansh learns about his real mother. Naman, Piya's childhood friend and obsessive lover, attempts to marry Piya by taking advantage of his unwell mother, a visually challenged priestess, Guru Maa, who raised Piya after Divya's disappearance, but Ansh stops the wedding. Fearing Ansh's budding romance with Piya, and the growing ties and bonds of the Rathods with Piya, Mohana sends a message summoning an asura named "Bheshaasur" from "Paataal-Lohk" to scare Piya away. Bhaisaasur gets enraged on Mohana for cutting his daughter Ruby's plait. To Mohana's horror, Bhaisaasur was goring and pounding Ansh not Piya, Ansh fought back with his daavansh superstrengths without success. A distressed Piya invokes the Devi-Maa for help, who swiftly heeds to her plea. Piya enters a tranced religious dance (Taandav) and manifests her devik form complete with Durga's attire, multiple arms and astraas. Initially, the beast seemed invincible despite multiple strikes, but after Mohana tells Piya the demon's achilles heel, she smites him dead with her trident. Everyone witness the battle and learn that Piya is the real daivik. Mohana plots again to separate the family from Piya, she reveals to Piya that she has trapped her mother Divya in the form of a bird and threatens to kill Divya if Piya doesn't marry Naman, but Ansh interferes and stops the marriage again . Later, Ansh learns about his Daavansh self. Mohana proves herself as Vedashree's half sister by merging her magical plait with Vedashree's plait which shocks all and frightens Chaitaali. A few days later, Naman gains the abilities of a daayan by wearing Ruby's cut-off plait and terrorises the Raathod family all night to get Mohana's plait, but Vedashree revitalises a temporarily weakened Mohana by letting daylight into the room at dawn, and saves the whole family. The Raathods face new challenges after Saavi is hypnotised by Mohana, and releases Dilruba a chudel (evil spirit) to hatch a new conspiracy to separate Piya and Ansh. Dilruba makes a "Raakhchakra" (hex) to capture Piya and Ansh but Piya saves Ansh and finds herself trapped inside Dilruba's hex. Later at home, Ansh notices Piya's unusual behaviour and recognize her to be Dilruba. He makes Dilruba dance in joy with Mohana's help due to which Dilruba's "Raakhchakra" breaks, freeing Piya.
Mohana agrees for Ansh and Piya's marriage and frees Divya, who is later revealed to be "Sarpika" (naagin) and eventually kills her before which Divya transfers her serpentine powers to Piya. Ansh and Piya get married. Later Piya learns about Mohana's real motive of wanting to feed on Ansh on the day of "Rakt-Chandra Grahan" or (Red Moon eclipse) to become immortal. Piya falls into an Indefinite sleep and enters "Trishanku-Lok" (dimension between the living and the dead). With the Daivik gone, Ansh turns to the dark side and becomes an extremely powerful daavansh who cares for no one but himself. However Piya returns with the help of a "Trinetra-mani" (a gem powered by Shiva's third eye), and brings Ansh back from the darkness. Finally, Piya exposes Mohana's bad intentions to Raathods after which Ansh expels Mohana from their flat. Later piya and ansh consummate.
Later, Mohana's twinsister Dola and Ruby's mother, a "Dukaayan" (two-headed daayan) who rules the "Swapna-Lok" (dream world) unleashes horror. Dola tells Ruby to bring Ansh to her, but Ruby helps the Raathods instead. Dola enters the real world through a "sleep portal", she frightens the Rathods and threatens to kill Ansh. With Nishant's help, Rathods attack Dola using "Makarketh" flowers on the muhoorta of Makar Sankrantikilling her in the process, however Dola is revived by Mohana. The sisters fool Piya into transferring her sarpika magic ring to Ansh who then becomes the wielder of Serpentine powers. Piya now believes herself to be devoid of superpowers, the sisters take advantage of the opportunity and try to burn her alive using a special fuel called "Tharal-agni". Piya invokes Devi-Maa for help, who sends her vaahan to rescue Piya, she quickly assumes her daivik form to slay the daayans. Ansh intervenes and stops her, he tricks Mohana into becoming a stone statue, while Piya turns Dola into a stone. A Sarpvanshi(Snake-man) called "Sarp" hypnotises Ansh and steals his Sarpika powers. He disguises himself as Ansh and in pursuit of Piya's Trinetra-mani powers. Ruby frees Mohana and Dola to regain her daayan powers. The "sarp" weakens Ansh and attacks Piya, a revitalised Ansh and Piya combine their powers and defeat him. Mohana's plan backfire as she feeds on the Sarp disguised as Ansh during the muhoorta of "the Red-moon eclipse" but having eaten a Sarp, Mohana becomes a "Sarpayan" possessing combined powers. Mayank, an "Asuraansh"(cambion child of an asura) enters the scene as a new neighbour of Raathods. He kidnaps girls born in the Rohinee (nakshatra) looking for Garuda's birthmark on them, erases their memory and sets them free. Dola shows Mohana's horoscope which predicts that Ansh's child will put an end to her. The Raathods celebrate Piya's pregnancy. Ansh learns about Mohana's intentions to kill Piya and their unborn child. To safeguard Piya and their child, Ansh flees to a forest with Piya but Mohana uses Ansh's bloodline to track them. Realising the danger he poses, Ansh decides to separate from Piya till the baby is born. With heavy hearts, Ansh and Piya part ways for the sake of their baby.

6 months laterEdit

Piya gives birth to baby boy in an abandoned Shiva Temple. The Rathods and Nishant come to see the newborn and affectionately call him "Munna". While the family tries to save Munna from Mohana, he accidentally floats away from Vedashree in a river, during the course of which Mohana tries to kill Munna, but "Sarp-Raaj" (Naagdev) saves him from Mohana and hands him over to Piya and Ansh. However they face new challenges when Mohana creates a "Vetaal-Mritkee Chakra" a cursed zone, whoever dies inside it becomes a "Vetaal-Mritkee" (zombie). Mohana's unwittingly risks her life, the Mritkees attack and overpower her. A Military Officer, Rudra Pratap helps the Rathods including Mohana escape. However Rudra Pratap becomes a Mritkee, outside the boundary of the circle and infects more people.

6 months laterEdit

Piya and Ansh wonder what superpowers Munna might be having, but don't notice their son crawl on a vertical wall. Dilruba (chudel) tries to abduct Munna, but she flees after Munna playfully blows out gusty wind. The next day Piya, Ansh and Munna go to Baandaap to meet Guru Maa, the metro station is besieged and overrun by Vetaal-Mritkees (zombies). Mohana seizes Munna and begins feeding on his life force, Ansh jumps in behind her, Mohana turns around to confront him but Munna catches her plait and bangs her on the ground, Ansh and Piya are surprised and happy to learn about Munna's powers. A stranger "Devika" helps Ansh, Piya & Munna and others at the metro escape, however she herself gets bitten and infected. The Rathods witness Munna's superpowers while he crawls on a wall. Piya worries about the danger awaiting Munna due to these powers. Nishant discerns that Munna's life is in danger as long as he possess such powers and suggests Piya to take away Munna's powers until he grow up. Nishant brings "Makshika Pari" (apsara) who takes away Munna's powers, but somehow Ansh and Piya lose their powers too. Raathod Family gets cursed by a "Yaksh-Van-Jeevi" due to which all of them gets converted into a tree. Ansh requests Ruby to collect Mohana's blood to regain his Daavansh powers back and thus save his family, However Ruby gets hypnotised by Mohana and helps her in killing Munna. Mohana pushes Munna off a cliff, but Ansh regains his powers and saves Munna. Under Mohana's influence, Ruby kills Piya but Ansh enters into Shiv Tandava, a religious dance to save Piya and free the family from the curse. Piya not wanting her son to grow up in fear, places Munna in front of Mohana with the strong belief that Mohana cannot harm Munna since it is destined that Munna will kill her. Mohana uses this opportunity to kill Munna however Lord Nandi arrives and attacks Mohana hence saving Munna. However Ruby blackmails Makshika Pari in transferring Munna's powers to Mohana. Rathod family celebrates Maha ShivRatri in a Lord Shiva temple but their happiness is short-lived when Mohana enters the temple and creates Havoc. She gets hold of Munna and feed on him but to Mohana' s horror, Munna regains his powers back and smites Mohana dead with a trident. Later the family throws away Mohana's ashes in a river. Nishant, Naman and Saavi finds the girl with Rohini Nakshatra,who happens to be Ansh's cousin, Taara Khanna and protects her. Naman learns about a different breed of Daayan called "Chalaayan", an invisible parasite-like evil entity who lives through their host. Raathod family finds an injured Ruby and helps her, leaving Ansh unhappy. Shekhar's unusual behaviour and sudden foodie attitude leaves everyone puzzled. Ruby senses Danger in the house and signals Ansh about this, however Ansh does not believe her and expels her out of their flat. Ruby reveals herself to be a Chhalaayan and stuns the family. Piya compromises with Ruby to give her Ekaayan's plait if she sets her family free. Ruby attaches Ekaayan's braid with Vedashree which causes her to become an Ekaayan. Rathod family celebrates Munna's naming ceremony and name him Aditya Rathod. Mayank manages to kidnap Taara, but due to his careless actions Taara dies, however, Munna and Piya bring her back to life with their divine powers. Vedashree starts growing evil and getting fond of heavy jewellery and other things that a daayan appreciates. Vedashree escapes from Pandit Ji, when he tries to find out the presence of any Evil entity in the house. Meanwhile, Mayank blackmails Taara to Marry him or else he'll kill her mother and sister. Nishant, Saavi and Naman learns about Mayank's real motives, but before they could do anything, Mayank forcefully marries Taara with the help of a witch, who happens tp be Mayank's adoptive mother. Piya grows suspicious about Vedashree's changed behaviour and eventually finds out that she has become a Daayan. Piya struggles to prove this to Ansh who does not believe her. Vedashree swears to take revenge on piya but Munna became a prey of Vedashree's ruse. Vedashree now wants to convert Piya into a daayan and tricks her by apologizing, for what she did was under the influence of her Daayan powers. She pleads Piya to go with her and help her get rid of the curse. However Piya and Ansh realises Vedashree's true motives. Piya decides to take this risk to save Vedashree from the curse and go with her. Vedashree summoned an Evil Circle around her and demands piya to cut her plait. While piya is about to do, she drags Piya into the circle and attaches the plait to Piya's hair,after which Piya turns into a Daayan, but since she is a Daivik, the evil powers of a Daayan cannot overpower the goodness within her. A suspicious Vedashree asks Piya to prove that she is a Daayan in real. Before she could do it, Dilruba stuns the family by threatening to kill Aadi. Vedashree saves Aadi unwillingly and later Vedashree, Ansh and Piya use their powers to get rid of Dilruba. The family tries to convince Vedashree that she still has kindness within her. When she agrees, both Piya and Vedashree remove their Daayan plaits and remain normal humans and throw them away in the same river, where Mohana's ashes were thrown before. Having received her plait back, Mohana acquires a mermaid'sbody and come back to avenge. She takes advantage of Mermaid's pearl and uses Aadi to get her Daayan powers back. Piya takes a risky step and converts herself into a Mermaid to save Aadi Piya is then attacked by a group of pirates who are revealed to be "Samudri Pishach ". Ansh finds Piya and lies to the group that he too is a Samudri Pishach, However the group realise that he is actually a daavansh. They try to make Ansh like them by a squid-like monster but Piya kills them using her trident hence saving Ansh and then comes back home. Mohana is threatened to be taken aback to " Kohra-Lohk" (The graveyard of all Evil powers) and realise that only a Daivik can save her. Mohana makes Adi ill and promises Piya to save him, under the condition that Piya must help her in return. With Mohana's help, Piya regains her Human form and receives her Daivik Powers back . Kohra-Lohk sends a special messenger, Rahul, to bring Mohana to Kohra-Lohk, However Mohana demands Piya to kill Rahul. Unwillingly, Piya kills Rahul using her dagger, however Mohana stabs Rahul from behind without Piya's knowledge and thus Rahul gets killed. Shalaka, the Queen of Kohra-Lohk comes to take revenge on her son, Rahul's death by acquiring the body of Neha's mother in law-to-be. The Rathod family hides Rahul's body from Shalaka, however she finds the corpse and realise Piya to be the murderer of her son. Shalaka poisons Rathod family including Mohana after which they fall weak and start imagining things which they are scared of . They imagine Mohana trying to kill them while Pandit Ji also become a prey of this, and starts imagining Ruby harming him. Ansh, Piya and Aadi runs away from home to save themselves. Shalaka takes revenge from Piya by kidnapping Aadi who manages to escape easily. Meanwhile, Taara learns that Mayank is doing things as per his mother's crooked instructions. With the help of Saavi,Naman and Sanam (a look alike of Dilruba, and Mayank's ex fiancée), she learns that Mayank was adopted and his mother's biological son is alive. Rathods face Mohana and tackles the situation while Shalaka and Piya enter into a Fight, where Shalaka poisons and overpowers Piya . In a fit of rage, Ansh summons the " DaayanChakra" around Shalaka . Having realised that Piya is innocent, Shalaka gives her dagger (which has the power to push a person back to his/her past life ) to Ansh in order to save Piya and his family from the poison before Shalaka dies. With heavy heart, Ansh stabs his family one by one and finally stabs himself before which he turns Aadi into a stone statue and takes Piya's Earring along with him while Mohana stabs herself with the dagger by which everyone goes back to past.

2 years beforeEdit

The show then takes rewind back where Ruby and Ansh are getting married, while Mohana is still inside the temple where she was imprisoned by Divya and Piya is in search of her mother. The family believe that Ruby is the Daivik, However Ansh touches Piya's earring and remembers every incidents. He proves to the family that Ruby is a daayan and the marriage is cancelled. Rathod family remembers everything after they touch the earring, later Ansh and Nishant goes in search of Piya. Mohana now having the Kohra's dagger with her, uses it to break the spells which captivated her and later tries to harm Piya. She uses Dilruba's help and tricks Nishant into believing that Ansh is a danger to Piya's life, however Rathods prove him that it is not Piya,but a disguised Dilruba. Guru Maa realises that Mohana is free and somehow saves Piya. Guru Maa requests Piya to marry Naman and go far away from Bandap. Naman and Piya get ready to marry and perform the rituals, however Ansh stops the wedding by making Piya remember everything using her Earring. Ansh and Piya reconcile however Mohana abducts Aadi by threatening Rathods in killing Aadi by drowning him in water . Nishant learns that Mohana took Aadi into a Waterfall where the water flows in the reverse direction. They reach the place where they have to cross a Bridge connecting two mountains in order to reach the waterfall. Piya paves a way in a Huge precious stone kept below the Bridge using the Kohra Dagger. The Rathods including Mohana jumps through it after Ansh and Piya finds Aadi.

2 years laterEdit

The Rathod Family reach back to the present and are elated to see everyone fine. However Mohana is up with her tricks again. Naman Saavi and Sanam tries to find out Mayank's family, who were missing. It is later revealed that Ansh has a twin brother, Karan (Harsh Rajput) who is handicapped and also possess some superpowers . He has an intense hatred for Vedashree for having kept him away from his family, unaware that Vedashree didn't know he was alive. With Mohana's help, he came back to take revenge from Divya's family who made his wife and their child into a stone statue. While Sanam turns into a chudail, Naman marries her . Later when sanam(dilruba) enters house saavi feels something wrong. Elsewhere karan meets nishanth as ansh and anquire about how to get back people who become stone later nishanth says that another people should sacrifice their life.But nishanth soon understand that he is not ansh he is ansh's brother who is also daavansh but his body itself consist paatal keth. Later karan attacks nishanth and tie him to daayan vriksh. Karan convience family to help him unrevealing that piya and munna will become stones mohina makes family into stone when karan takes pia and adi to a new place where ansh doesn't become stone. Nishanth takes help of a sarpika ring which was given by piya to him daayan vriksh tells ansh about karan's evil motive. Ansh gose on search of munna and piya else the nishanth come out and saves rathods. He reveals about karan and with the help of locket they try to stop but vedhasree stops them as it is harmful by the time ansh reach the place karan makes pia and adi into stone. Karan and ansh fights with each other. Karan get out his wings and attack ansh. ansh get fainted.Later mansi and krish(karan's wife and son) get back normally. It is revealed that mansi is a daayan and a puppert of mohina. Mohana sends mansi for karan's powers. Mohana tells about his birth that she gave birth to twins(Ansh and Karan). By karan's birth he is handicapped that is the reason she throwed him into paatal keth. But he acquires powers. then nishanth comes along with rathods and attack both daayan but mohana and mansi tie them with hair. Later ansh and karan fights with mohana and ties her with paatal keth. Later karan takes a decision to make him and his wife and his son into a stone. And gives life to pia and adi. Elsewhere saavi learns that naman married dilruba.she tries to explain this thing to naman but he misunderstands her.saavi says this news to gurumaa.they both tries to reveal in function but dilruba misleads them. When saavi directly says she is chudail, she goes away from house and naman follows her later chalaayan enters and fears by seeing dilruba. Later naman understands that he married a chudail. Elsewhere piya tries to complete her exams when munna doesn't allow her.Ansh decides to keep munna in children care taking centre when mohana come out from the paatal keth.

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Music powercouple Beyoncé and Jay Z’s twins turn two today. The couple have really managed to keep their twins from the public eye and only a number of photos here and there have managed to surface. From the little we've seen,  the twins are chunky and adorable 😍😘

Sir playing with his daddy and we are obsessed with the fact that Jay actually  has a lil son 😭😭

“sir acting like his dad $hit is trippy ”

Now we sit and wait for another blue (Beyoncé’s self titled album)  and Glory from Jayz dedicated to the little twins ❤

Happy birthday  Rumi and Sir


After the success  of her last album titled Queen,  Nicki minaj shows no signs of slowing down.  Last night she had twitter in a frenzy when she updated her avi and header with the words Megatron. The fans went wild as it was an indication  that the queen era was officially over and a new and badder era was on the way.

Nicki also uploaded some spicy photos online with her man Kenny looking like they were at some video shoot. Queen era was marred by a lot of leaks and with this new team,  it looks like Onika is actually coming! No need knows what Megatron is at the moment but the mystique is what is making the news even more exciting.

Are you excited to hear Nicki’s new music?

Sad news for the Telemundo family and Telenovela community at large.  Today we lost one of the most Talented Mexican actresses Edith Gonzales.  Edith was born in 1964, she was 54 years old when she passed on. Edith lost her long standing battle with Cancer after being declared cancer free just a few months back.

Best known for her roles in the 1993 televisa classic Corazon Salvaje (Wild heart),  2008 telemundo classic Doña Barbara,  Edith was beloved by telenovela fans. She was a mother of one. Edith was beloved by many,  her impeccable talent placed her among the telenovela legends.

Earlier this year we lost Christian Bach who was one of Edith’s closest friends. Its a double loss for Telenovela fans around the world. A beautiful  souls who has gone too soon.

Our condolences  go out to all her family  and friends.  May God comfort you at these trying times.  She will be immensely  missed.  Rest in peace Edith Gonzales. 

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The highly awaited second season for La Dona is upon us babes! We had updates of the past season on this blog . Altagracia did not die but she's expected to have new enemies. Araceley Arambula has hinted that she is coming back meaner than ever and we are all excited to see what shes bringing.

Alot of people from the first season have already been casted and Instagram has been busy with little behind the scenes updates from Araceley and the team. We are all excited to know how the second season plans to play out. New love interest? We are not sure hopefully we can be able to continue from where we left off.

Who are you most excited to see in this new season?





Her worth is estimated to be at $600m given her 15% stake in Fenty beauty which is estimated to be worth a whooping $3 Billion dollars.

Apart from business, Rihanna is also said to be working on her highly anticipated ninth studio album and is said to have rented out an entire English island to work on it.

When she's not working these days she's busy chilling with Billionaire boo Hassan.

Check Rihanna's latest Album Anti on boom play, Spotify and Apple music.



Elsewhere on the list Madonna ranks second on $570m. As one of the pioneering forces in pop music for over 30 years, the Queen of Pop is releasing her new studio album Madame X on June 14

Madame ❌ on the cover of N.Y.T. Magazine photographed by my dear friend @jr..........Also sharing my fav photo that never made it in, along with pre-shoot chat and a celebratory glass of wine 🍷 after many hours of work! To say that I was disappointed in the article would be an understatement- It seems. You cant fix society And its endless need to diminish, Disparage or degrade that which they know is good. Especially strong independent women. The journalist who wrote this article spent days and hours and months with me and was invited into a world which many people dont get to see, but chose to focus on trivial and superficial matters such as the ethnicity of my stand in or the fabric of my curtains and never ending comments about my age which would never have been mentioned had I been a MAN! Women have a really hard time being the champions of other women even if. they are posing as intellectual feminists. Im sorry i spent 5 minutes with her. It makes me feel raped. And yes I’m allowed to use that analogy having been raped at the age of 19. Further proof that the venerable N.Y.T. Is one of the founding fathers of the Patriarchy. And I say—-DEATH TO THE PATRIARCHY woven deep into the fabric of Society. I will never stop fighting to eradicate it. 💔
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Celine Dion is next, estimated to be worth around $450m. Forbes reports that Celine has made a whopping $400 million since 2003 from performances in Las Vegas alone. The Canadian superstar will headline British Summer Time Hyde Park on July 5 and will embark on a world tour and release a new album later this year.



Queen Bey comes in fourth in his year's Forbes richest women in music. Her wealth is said to come from music Royalties, various business ventures like her active line wear Ivy Park. The mother of three is married to the business mogul and rapper Shawn Carter commonly known as Jay Z. Jay was recently named hip hop's first self made billionaire. The talented couple just grossed a whooping $250m on their recently concluded On the Run 2 tour. Beyonce's latest project has been a live album from her beychella called Homecoming with the accompanying documentary on Netflix. The album is available to stream on Songa app, spotify and apple music.

Queen Bey also made her last highly succesfull studio Album Lemonade available in all streaming services. She will also be voicing Nala in the highly awaited Lion King live action remake. Check it out in theatres on July 19 world wide.



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