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Friday, July 31, 2015



Raquel wonders why Leleya would talk to Cristobal instead of her and Cristobal says he’s in charge of their international affairs and anyone can talk to him. Raquel thanks him for being the only one who still cares about her. When Cristobal leaves, Raquel calls her hit man Arnaldo and tells him that Cristobal just lied to her. She tells Arnaldo to get in touch with Juanita and set up a meeting.

Meanwhile, Eduardo reads the letter Blanca gave him and wonders why his father mentions only one son. He meets Valentina and tells her about the letter. He asks why his father mentioned only one son in the letter. Valentina finally speaks and says” Be careful with Raquel.”

Raquel calls Jaunita and asks her if Leleya is in Acapulco. She tells Jaunita that her son Cristobal told her that Leleya called but she doesn’t trust him. Juanita confirms that Leleya is in Acapulco and Raquel is pleased with this news. She thanks Jaunita and hangs the call. Juanita turns to Blanca and Adriano and says it’s done.

Jorge goes to the place where Ivan was shot and asks a man if he can remember seeing a man and a woman here sometime ago. The man says he saw two women, one was a redhead and the other was a woman he’s seen on TV before. Jorge realizes the red hair was Mariana. Karina calls Jorge and gives him the hotel address where Simona and Ivan were. Jorge goes to the hotel and harasses the manager. He tells the manager to tell him about the murder that took place in this hotel or else he will inform the police that he is an accessory to murder.

Domingo brings an Asian impostor but Blanca isn’t pleased with the woman. She says the woman isn’t capable of doing the job and offers to go with the Asian impostor as an interpreter. Adriano and Domingo tries to talk Blanca out from going but Blanca insists. Later, Raquel, Juanita and Arnaldo meets Leleya . Blanca acts as the interpreter and she tells Raquel that Leleya accepts to do business with her. Meanwhile, Karina is furious with Adriano for allowing Blanca go to the meeting thereby risking her baby’s life. Adriano says Blanca’s pregnant???? Karina realizes Adriano didn’t know about the pregnancy but confirms it nonetheless. She reveals Eduardo is the father of the baby. Adriano tries reach Blanca to abort the mission but he can’t reach Blanca.

Eduardo excitedly tells Cristobal that Valentina spoke and Cristobal is happy to hear that Valentina is recovering. They leave Valentina’s room and Eduardo asks Cristobal why he’s helping Blanca but Cristobal says Blanca is dead. Eduardo tells Cristobal to stop pretending, he knows Blanca is alive. Cristobal tells Eduardo to stay away from but Eduardo insists on knowing what’s going on. Cristobal finally tells Eduardo that Raquel killed their father, Juan Carlos and Latisha, Malenia’s daughter is in prison for a crime Raquel committed.

At the hotel, the manager finally gives in to Jorge’s demands and spills the truth. He tells Jorge that Raquel and Mariana dumped the body in the hotel. The manager begs Jorge not to say anything to his boss. Jorge leaves the hotel. At the Altamira’s house, Cristobal asks Raquel how the meeting with Leleya went and Raquel says she doesn’t trust Leleya. Jorge walks in and asks Raquel to show him the proof she has about Simona and Rafael killing Ivan but Raquel shows him the video of Mariana killing Ivan. Jorge tells Raquel to stop lying, he knows she threatened Karina to cancel the wedding and he can’t wait to see Raquel behind bars. Cristobal goes after Jorge. He tells Jorge that all he said is true, that Raquel is murderer. He tells Jorge that Blanca is alive and he’s helping she and Adriano to bring Raquel down.

Eduardo and Malenia visits Latisha in jail. Latisha sees Eduardo and asks his mom what he’s doing here. Eduardo says he wants to know the truth.

Cristobal meets Raquel and says he tried to talk to Jorge but Jorge wouldn’t listen. Raquel says Karina didn’t know everything and she’s sure that someone’s not dead. Cristobal asks what she’s talking about and Raquel says Blanca could still be alive..


They might not be anymore than on-screen partners but they sure look great together! The two earlier in June said that they were happy with where their relationship was at. Kim Chiu also denied claims that she had another admirer saying that she has no other admirer apart from xian lim! Well their fans are hoping that this relationship may grow beyond just being on-screen partners and I think its only a matter of time...

I leave you with a clip of a xiamkim duet! Fantastic singing!

Thursday, July 30, 2015



Eduardo, Christobal and Gorge  gather to bid Malenia goodbye
 They briefly thank her for all the care she had accorded them and promise never to forget her. They carry her boxes and go out with her. Raquel doesn't dare approach them.Meanwhile, Catalina and Ramon sneaks into Clemente’s former office and searches through his cabinet to find any evidence that can incriminate Raquel. Ramon finds something and shows it to Catalina.

Karina meets Rafael and tells him he needs to go away and hide. Rafael’s confused and asks what’s wrong. Karina says she Raquel has a video that can send him to jail but Rafael says he didn’t kill Ivan. Karina believes him and says the video shows he and Simona burying Ivan. She informs Rafa that Simona and Hugo are alive. Rafael doesn’t believe her and says he watched the news but Karina assures him they are alive, Mariana saved them. Rafael is happy and he and Karina visits Simona and Hugo. Simona and Hugo are happy to see them and they hug one another.

At Sucoro’s house, Adriano visits Blanca. Blanca tells him that she was reading some of Juan Carlos letters and he kept saying” He will take his son.” Blanca tells Adriano that Juan Carlos always referred to his son as if he had only one son.  Adriano says maybe Jorge wasn’t born then and he was referring to his son Eduardo but Blanca shows him the date on the letter and says Jorge has been born then. Adriano says he doesn’t know but he has to go and meet Cristobal.

At the Altamira’s house, Eduardo visits Valentina and asks her to speak. He says he wants to know if Raquel really took Cristobal from her but Raquel walks in and tells Eduardo to stop questioning her actions. She tells Eduardo he’s her son and she loves him very much but Eduardo says he saw a side of her today when she kicked Malenia out of the house ad he’s beginning to think Blanca is right and Raquel deserves to go to jail.

Jorge goes through his Raquel’s laptop. He sees a folder that contains pictures but it’s password protected. He tries different passwords and Valentina’s name finally opens the folder.

Raquel is alone with Valentina. She tells Valentina that she knows she’s not dumb as she pretends to be. She says Adriano will never know that Cristobal isn’t his only son, Eduardo is also his son. Raquel says She will regain her sons love and Adriano will never ever find out Eduardo is his son. Meanwhile, Eduardo is with Sofia and tells her that he thinks they should leave the house, he doesn’t like what is going on here. Sofia agrees with her dad and says she will be happy as long as they are together.

Adriano, Catalina and Ramon meet Cristobal. Catalina shows Cristobal the document that proves Raquel killed Juan Carlos. Catalina convinces Cristobal to join and help take Raquel down. Cristobal finally agrees. Adriano is excited and goes home to celebrate with Blanca but Blanca isn’t at home. Adriano picks up Juan Carlos letter and wonders why he said “his son.”

Raquel tries to talk to Eduardo but Eduardo refuses. He tells Raquel that he and Sofia are leaving the next day and walks out on her.Simona and Rafa make love! Oopsy!

Jorge meets with Malenia and asks if she has any information about any pictures Raquel has on her laptop. Malenia says she doesn’t know anything about the pictures but tells Jorge if he wants to know the truth, he should analyse these drugs and give Jorge a bottle of pills. Jorge asks what the pills about and Malenia says it’s the pill Valentina has been taking.

Next day, Eduardo sees Cristobal going into Adriano’s house and wonders what’s going on. Inside, Cristobal meets Blanca and asks how he can help. Blanca tells Cristobal that there’s an Asian woman who’s an arms dealer that is supposed to meet with Raquel. She tells Cristobal that his job is to make sure that woman meets with Raquel. Cristobal accepts but says he doesn’t want his brothers to know about Juan Carlos death yet.

Meanwhile, Raquel tells her goon to search Malenia’s house for her gun. He asks if she should take care of Malenia but Raquel says Latisha will take care of Malenia. In prison, Latisha is brought in by some guards. Raquel’s insider gives a Latisha a message from Raquel. She tells Latisha to tell her mother to back down or else, Latisha will leave prison in a body bag.

Eduardo watches as Cristobal leaves the house. He gets down from his car and goes into Adriano’s house.

Jorge goes to a pharmacy and asks the pharmacist for the effect of the drugs. The pharmacist is hesitant but she finally agrees to help Jorge. She tells Jorge to come back later for the results.

Adriano walks into the house and asks what Cristobal was doing here. Blanca tells Eduardo that Cristobal was here because he’s realized who Raquel is. Blanca tells Eduardo that deep down he knows Raquel is a murderer but he doesn’t want to accept it. Eduardo tells Blanca that it’s obvious he fell for the wrong woman and she’s full of hate.. He turns to leave but Blanca stops him and gives him Juan Carlos’s letter, the one he talks about “his son”. Eduardo takes the letter and leaves. Adrianao asks Blanca why she gave Eduardo the letter and Blanca says maybe Eduardo will help them understand…


Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Today on the impostor!

All attempts to revive Mariana fails as Mariana finally gives up the ghost. Cristobal watches as Mariana from the door and sees the love of his life die. Broken, he goes out and meet Sofia who asks how her mother is. Cristobal holds his niece and says she needs to be strong, her mother has gone to heaven. Sofia breaks down and says no, it can’t be true as she hugs Cristobal. Eduardo and Adriano are sad about the news and Eduardo consoles his daughter.

Later, Family and Friends gather to bid Mariana final goodbye as she is laid to rest.

Karina visits Ramon and Catalina. She tells them that Blanca wants to see them. Catalina looks confused and tells Karina that Blanca is dead but Karina says Blanca is alive and will explain everything when they meet. Karina also visits Jorge. Jorge is upset and tries to shun Karina but she tells him that his mother forced her to call off the wedding and threatened to put her cousin in jail.

At the Altamira’s house, Raquel confronts Malenia and asks her to return her gun back. Malenia denies and says she doesn’t know what Raquel is talking about.

Eduardo goes to Adriano’s place and asks where Blanca is. Adriano  tells Eduardo that Blanca is a fugitive and his mother wants to kill her but Blanca comes out and says I’m here. Eduardo is happy to see Blanca and says ” Blanca, you are alive.” Blanca is indifferent and tells Eduardo she could be dead. She tells Eduardo to open his eyes and see that Raquel is the guilty of everything. Adriano leaves them to be alone. Eduardo tells Blanca that his mother is innocent and even if she is guilty, there’s no proof. Blanca tells Eduardo that Mariana saved her siblings and then Mariana killed her. Eduardo asks Blanca about her pregnancy and who the father is. Blanca says she isn’t pregnant, it was a false alarm. Eduardo asks Blanca who the father would have been if she was pregnant and Blanca says he should stop worrying about a child that doesn’t exist and yea, Salvador was her boyfriend. Eduardo notices Blanca is acting strange and asks her why she is being so. He apologizes for meddling in her personal affairs. He sees Blanca’s laptop on the table and asks her if this is her plan. Blanca says yes, she wanted them to open her eyes and see who their mother really is but it’s obvious she can’t count on them. Eduardo says she’s full of resentment and bitterness and leaves. Karina drops by Blanca’s place and sees Eduardo leaving. She goes into the house and tells Blanca she just saw Eduardo leaving but Blanca hugs her.( Awww. it must have been hard talking to Eduardo in such harsh manner)

Adriano meets Cristobal and gives him a letter. He tells Cristobal that it’s a letter his father Juan Carlos wrote. Adriano tells Cristobal that Juan Carlos was scared Raquel would hurt him. He tells Cristobal it’s time for he and his brothers to open their eyes and see that Raquel could have killed their father. Critobal says Raquel can’t do such a thing but Adriano tells Cristobal to stop defending Raquel and open his eyes. He tells Cristobal that Malenia is bringing Raquel’s gun to him so they can prove that Raquel killed Mariana.

Blanca reveals to Karina that she is pregnant and expecting Eduardo’s baby. Karina is happy for her friend and asks if she told Eduardo. Blanca says she can’t tell Eduardo until Raquel is in jail because if Raquel finds out she’s pregnant, Raquel could hurt she and the baby.

At the Altamira’s house, Malenia visits Valentina in her room and tells her that Adriano is coming for her. She tells Valentina that Raquel will soon fire her and she won’t be there to protect Valentina again. Raquel walks in and says” So you are truly a traitor” and Malenia says yes, I am a traitor to my daughter whom you locked up in prison for killing your husband. Raquel asks Malenia not to betray her but  Malenia doesn’t care anymore. Downstairs, Eduardo comes in and Sofia runs to him and asks him to help. Eduardo asks what’s the problem and Sofia tells him to hurry, Malenia and grand ma are fighting and they run upstairs.

Jorge meets Cristobal in his office and asks him for the password to Raquel’s computer.( Karina had earlier asked Jorge to look for the video to prove that Raquel blackmailed her)

Eduardo meets Raquel in Valentina’s room and sees her scolding Malenia. He asks Raquel what’s going on and She tells him that Malenia is fired! Edurado says she can’t fire Malenia, she’s practically part of the family but Raquel says she can do whatever she wants and so, Malenia has been fired. Eduardo tells Malenia to go outside, he will handle this.

Cristobal asks Jorge what he needs from Raquel’s computer and Jorge says he needs to get some documents. Cristobal doesn’t believe him and asks Jorge if he’s investigating their mother. Jorge is also suspicious about Cristobal and asks him about the letter he’s reading. Sofia rushes in and tells them that Malenia is leaving the house.

Malenia packs her things and is ready to leave. Jorge begs her to stay but Malenia says she has to leave. Malenia says ever since their grand father died, she and Raquel don’t see eye to eye and they quarrel about everything especially about matters concerning Valentina. Eduardo offers to drop Malenia but she says a taxi will pick her up. Malenia looks around and reminiscences about the years she’s spent in the Altamira house. She tells Eduardo and Jorge she will miss them and it was a pleasure watching them grow up. Scene fades…




 Even without make up she still rocks...voted the sexiest woman in Manila. Best known for her roles in she wolf and the legal wife



 One of the most loved filipino actresses. Her beautiful face and her flawless talent make her a force to reckon with. Best known for her roles in The Long Wait, It might be you, More than love, Rivals and Tomorrow belongs to me.


 Definately on of the cutest actresses in the philipines. Best known for her role in Legacy.



One of the youngest and most successful actresses in the philipines. Known for her roles in My Eternal and Ikaw Lamang.


Kimmy has grown to become a household name with her roles in the hit soaps Her Mother's Daughter and Ikaw Lamang. We love you kimmy!


Marian Rivera is truly a darling. Best known for her role in the hit soap Marimar and the fantasy soap Dyesebul where she stole our hearts daily with that killer smile! The perfect woman even without makeup.



  One of the most talented actresses in all of philipines. Best known for her roles in Her mother's daughter and The legal wife.(Maja also twerks pretty well!)



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Highlights from the finale!

Rachel kidnaps Blanca. Eduardo comes to save her. Raquel attempts to shoot Blanca but Eduardo gets in the way. The bullet hits Eduardo in the heart. Raquel escapes. She hides in a container that Traffics Drugs. Her hit-man is at the dock waiting for the container. He is apprehended by the police before the container arrives. Unfortunately for dear Raquel the containers are thrown in the ocean. She tries her hardest to get out to no avail. The woman dies there. 

Eduardo is really the son of Valentina and Adriano. I heard Adriano telling Eduardo to say hi to his mother(subject to confirmation)

Happy ending for everyone....Blanca and Eduardo, Simona and Christobal, Gorge and Karina, Adriano and Valentina, Ramon and Catalina,  Hugo and Sophia(lolest) and Malenia and Laeticia.(well Malenia is still apologizing to Laeticia for the years she lost) 

(Mariana actually dies after being shot...Rafael also dies) Contrary to what everyone believes Simona and Christobal's relationship starts in the finale with a new year's kiss just like Blanca and Eduardo's. Th Curtains close with everyone kissing their partners!!! sooo amazing!! do not just take it from me...wait and watch it, you will not be disappointed at all!

 Below picture from the finale


 The end.....

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


While visiting Laeticia in prison,  Malenia tells Laeticia that she’s sure Raquel killed her husband to keep her away from him. She tells Laeticia that Raquel keeps a dirty secret which only she knows and she’s willing to reveal this secret if it will get Latisha out of jail.
At the convent, Eduardo talks withe the nun and informs her that Blanca’s boyfriend, Salvador died in the fire and that the police are looking for a suspect, Mariana. The nun recognizes Mariana’s name and tells Eduardo that Mariana took Blanca away. Eduardo tells the commissioner that Mariana kidnapped Blanca and Blanca’s life could be in danger.
Mariana disguised with a face cap, calls Cristobal from a pay phone. Cristobal informs her that he’s on his way with Sofia. Mariana thanks him and says she will meet him after she’s sure no one followed him. Cristobal and the cops arrives and a cop tells Cristobal that his men have surrounded the bar where he and Mariana are supposed to meet. Cristobal calls Mariana and tells her he’s at the bar waiting for her. Raquel picks up her gun and saying” I have a feeling you will be needed”
Adriano is alone in his office and a nun comes in. He looks up and is surprised to see Blanca. Elated, he tells Blanca he’s happy to see her alive and hugs her. Blanca apologizes for not calling him sooner and informs him that Mariana saved her siblings. Surprised, Adriano says Mariana saved your siblings? Blanca says yes, “Mariana is now on our side.” Adriano tells Blanca that at this moment, Mariana is being set up.
Mariana meets Cristobal in the bar and hugs him. She thanks him for coming and asks where is Sofia. Cristobal looks nervous and Mariana realizes that something is wrong. She asks Cristobal if he betrayed her and Cristobal says he’s sorry. He tells Mariana to run away through the back door but unfortunately, Mariana runs into Raquel who shoots her. The cops enter the bar and Mariana is nowhere to be seen. commissioner Cruz asks Cristobal where Mariana is and Cristobal says she ran away. Moments later, there’s a gun shot and Cristobal shouts ” Mariana!” He tries to go out through the back to meet Mariana but the cops shove him out of the front door. Raquel quickly gets back to car and pretends she’s been there all along. A cop walks up to her and she asks what’s wrong, she heard a gunshot. The cop informs her that Mariana was shot but she is still breathing. Cristobal sees Mariana bleeding on the floor and holds her. He tells her to hold on,she will be alright. Mariana struggles to talk to Cristobal. She tells him to take care of Sofia and tell her she loves her but Cristobal says she will tell Sofia herself. An ambulance arrives and takes Mariana away.
Raquel calls Eduardo and informs him about Mariana’s situation.
Adriano and Blanca tries to reach Mariana to no avail. Melania calls Adriano and tells him she has some information. Adriano tells her to meet him at their usual place.
Eduardo and Sofia arrive at the hospital. They see Cristobal and asks how Mariana is. Cristobal is devastated and says he knows nothing, the doctors won’t tell him anything. He tells Eduardo it’s his fault that Mariana was shot, he says he loves her and doesn’t want her to die. Eduardo consoles him. Later, Eduardo meets Mariana in her room. Mariana apologizes to him and says she didn’t set the house on fire. She tells him Blanca is safe and asks Eduardo to find Blanca and tell her to take care of Sofia. Eduardo tries to calm Mariana and tells her to stop talking, she’s too weak but Mariana asks Eduardo to call the police, she wants to confess. She asks Eduardo to bring Sofia in to see her.
Blanca calls Karina and informs her she’s alive and so are Simona and Hugo. Karina is overwhelmed with joy. Blanca tells Karina to meet her, she needs her help.
Adriano meets with Melania and informs him about Mariana. She tells Adriano she is sure Raquel shot Mariana. Adriano tells her to try to get the gun from Raquel so they can prove Raquel shot Mariana.
Karina meets Blanca and hugs her, Blanca apologizes for not calling her soon. Karina is excited and says she needs to tell Rafael but Blanca tells Karina that everyone needs to believe they are dead. Karina informs Blanca about her break-up with Jorge and how Raquel blackmailed her. Blanca tells Karina that she needs to tell Jorge the truth and tell him Raquel threatened her and that’s why she broke up with him. Karina is doubtful and says she thinks Jorge will not believe her because he’s blinded by his love for his mother. Blanca tells Karina to tell Jorge everything. After much persuasion, Karina finally accepts to talk to Jorge.
Sofia sees her Mariana and tells her she loves her so much and doesn’t want her to die. Moved to tears, Mariana tells Sofia that she changed her life and will look after her from heaven. Sofia begs her mum not to die. Mariana tells Sofia to forgive Blanca and let Blanca be her mother. Sofia tells her mom that Blanca is dead and Mariana says maybe not. She tells Sofia to take care of Eduardo and promises to read all her letters from heaven.
At the Altamira’s house, Malenia and Raquel are picking out clothes she will wear to Mariana’s funeral. Raquel tells Malenia that she’s glad Mariana is out-of-the-way and she’s happy she killed Mariana. Raquel steps out of the room and Melania searches her drawer for the gun. She sees the gun and wraps it in a handkerchief. Raquel calls Malenia who quickly puts the gun behind her back. She picks up the black dress and hands it to Raquel as she steps into the room.
It’s Cristobal’s turn to see Mariana. He enters her room and Mariana is pleased to see him. He apologizes to Marina for the set up.He tells Mariana he loves her and prays she recovers soon. Mariana smiles and tells him that his love made her more humane. She tells Cristobal she loves him too but suddenly she gasps for air and the machine starts beeping rapidly… Scene ends here





Its safe to say they were born hot!!



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