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Monday, August 03, 2015



Raquel pays Karina a visit at the restaurant picking her up on gun point..obviously making it look like Karina is jumping into her car out of her own free will..
She takes Karina to a warehouse where she and her hooligan have her tied up to a chair demanding to know about Blanca,must be fear ofthe gun Raquel keeps waving at her but our ever dull Karina confirms Blanca is alive..
The game is up forRafaelwhen he learns that Raquel has his dear mother alongside Karina in her custody..the obvious is done when a swap for him in exchange forhis mother and cousin is made.
Rafael and Raquel meet..when he gets a call fromKarina confirming their safety he tries to fight forhis own life by pulling out the screwdriver from his back pocket to stab "mother fromhell" but Raquel is a step ahead when she quickly pulls out her gun and lodging a bullet in his stomach poor Simona.
Unknown to Raquel Rafa has taken her ring and left a note just in case he is killed.meanwhile the Altamira boys continue to struggle with the truth of a psychotic mother.Eduardo learns about the torment Blanca went through in jail.
Eduardo pays a visit to the evil prison guard on Raquel's payroll, she goes on bragging about a bad a saddist she is believing all Altamira's are like Raquel..she gets a shock of her life when he tells her he will be reporting this..now she realises she just shot herself in the foot.
Eduardo warns blanca that Raquel knows she is alive thanx to Hugo and Sofia obviously,he goes on to arrange guards forBlanca's siblings to ensure their safety.he tells Sofia that he would be back forher and valentina believing Raquel wouldn't hurt a child.
Raquel gifts Sofia a doll which she suggests Sofia calls Raquel,she talks about how she was considering getting her a dog.will Sofia ever know how she got rid of the first one?

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