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Monday, March 28, 2016


The scene opens with a beautiful italiana bride Fiorella. She is happily waving  at the crowd. Her father who we later find to be Mr.  Mario,  is describing her as a beautiful girl,  full of life who is always happy and brightens up the lives of the people around her. Immediately he describes her as a dreamer,  she wakes up from her daydreaming and finds herself in a bridal shop she works in.  Her crazy annoyed boss is screaming at her to wake up.  Her father back in the house narrates how Fiorella works in a shop and   is always mistreated by her bosses. 
Giana is Fiorella's sister is an eighteen year old girl suffering from a serious heary disease. Mario is drafting a letter to a guy in Mexico called (i think its Vicario)  and asks him for help since he is about to kick the bucket. He needs Giana mail the letter to Mexico.  Fiorella arrives home and insists on mailing it on herself.
A few days later, Fiorella breaks somethings in the shop and her boss cannot take it any longer and fires her.  Mario passes away after giving Fiorella and Giana a necklace that used to belong to her mother.  Giana and Fiorella cry uncontrollably.
A mail man comes over with a reply from Vicario.  He has sent them some money in an envelope that the girls use to bury their father next to their mother...
Fiorella continues her conversations with Vicario who seems to be in love with her after seeing her pictures.  Fiorella asks him to send her his picture and he is conflicted on whether to send  her his recent photo or a photo of him when he was younger.  He accidentally sends his younger photo
Eloisa is still mourning her late husband Maximo.  She speaks to the priest after mass telling him about Pedro (Jose Ron). Who's father was irresponsible and she and her late husband had to raise the child alone...
The rest of the family seems to be more interested in the inheritance Maximo left behind. 
Pedro seems to be the only one his grandmother cares about as she later tells him in a phone call that he should prepare himself  for the reading of Maximo's will.  She tells him to get married quickly and give her a grandchild. He denies having a girlfriend.
It seems like Pedro was lying coz he actually has an alcoholic girlfriend Cayetana `Tanya` who seems to have relapsed because he did not reply to any of her calls.  He promises to start taking her seriously after she starts taking her life seriously.
The next day Tanya goes to AA and is finally straightening up her life.  Pedro rewards her by taking her along with him to Italy...


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