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Wednesday, December 20, 2017


We start off with Cayetana and Leo and thier brief irky love sene being interupted by an Unsuspecting Irina. Cayetana tells Leo that he needs to hide in the back. Irina enters and starts telling her mother how she understands her decision to not accept Flavio for her. She just wants her mother to reconsider accepting Arturo for the sake of her Sobrino but Cayetana sticks to her motto. No Gallardo is allowed in the house or around the lands. 

She tells Irina that she is tired and wants to rest and is literally kicking her out of the room when the eavesdropping Leonardo suddenly drops something that catches Irina’s attention. Irina asks Cayetana if she heard that and Cayetana discards it. Irina leaves as Cayetana and Leo get into a second round of smoooging that is even more disturbing than the first. Cayetana stops it. She cannot loose her head and sleep with him with her daughters lurking around. Leo tells her that he wants to spend the night, oooh he loves her and they can do it just like before. She tells him that it’s impossible. Leo gives up and tells her that soon her girls will leave and they will remain just as they were before, alone… “Mi senora bonita” hehehe He leaves… Phew!!

Back to Andreita and Sammy boy. They are still skyping. Andrea asks him why he called her and he tella her he just wantse to say thank you for his returning his favorite shirt. Apparantly it was his favorite. He then asks her about the note, What exactly did she mean by it?? It had sounded to him like he still owed her. Andrea wants to rweply when Irina burges into the room and throws herself on Andrea’s bed. Andrea hurriendly shuts down the laptop to prevent Irina from seeing who she was talking to. Irina wants to spend the night there and talk to her about alot of issues. Andrea is wondering why it all has to be that particular night hehehhe (She was living her own love story whyyyyyyyyy??) Irina is telling her about so many issues and all Andrea can do is to look longfully at the laptop. Samuel on the other side of the line is shocked at himself and his weird feelings for Andrea and wonders “Samuel…What happened to you with Brujita?” Irina finally falls asleep and Andrea wakes up. Sammy left her a message… “Good night Andrea, You still have to explain to me what you meant” Andrea is there feeling all high in love!!! oooh Sammmy…

ooh Sammy high in love!!
ooh Sammy high in love!!

At the Palenque, Fernandez and Cabruera are there looking for La Dona. They think it might be Patricia since her anme was mentioned by the witness in relation to some crimes. Patricia is singing one of her songs and men have I missed Palenque queen!! Later Fernandez and Cabruera interogate her on where she was during a certain night and if she knows a certain La dona. Patricia tells him that the only issues they have is with the drunkards who like to disrespect them all the time but they have never heard about this La dona person. Her statement is echoed by Candela and Rodger. Later Patricia and Candela inform Emilio that Fernandez is looking for La Dona and Emilio who looks Fidgety and worried leaves in a hurry!!


The next Morning Sofia wakes up and finds herself with Arturo. She gets up in a hurry and jumps out of bed. Arturo gets up after her. He is wondering why she is in such a hurry. Sofia tells him that she doesn’t want problems with her mother. Arturo gets up without the hat looking as hot as a freaking furnace and asks her if she isn’t even going to greet him… She smiles and kisses him “Good morning my king!” (aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww….) They almost fall on the bed but Sofia who is buttoning up tells Arturo that she has to go. She is running towards the livingroom. He is coming after her. He grabs her and tells her he wants her to stay with him. Kisses, she has to leave, he is holding on to her, more sweet kisses, Flavio and Samuel who are coming from their rooms realize that Sofia and Arturo are in their elements and they decide to go back and  give them some room. Artuto grabs her and wants to go back to the room but Sofia has to go. More sweet kisses!!! She tells him that he is Crazy and “Enough!” She laughs as she leaves.

Sammy and Flavio tease Arturo about the hot reconciliation he must have had with Sofia and Sofia. They start tickling him hehehe so funny!!!

Sofia sneaks back into the house and if caught by Felipe. She tries to beat around the bush about the issue with her spending the night out but Felipe is not stupid. He knows she spent the night with Arturo. She tells Felipe how she is super happy that she is back together with him. He is her life. Cayetana comes over and asks them what they are up to. Felipe covers up for Sofia making up an excuse for Sofi.

Later that morning, the whole DJ family is having breakfast and Sofia tells them that the next day will be the Baptism of Arturito in the Alcazar ranch and the entire family is invited “Except Leonardo of course” Leo is not surprised at the news in the least. Cayetana tells her that she cannot attend the party at the house of those men. Sofia is dissapointed but the show must go on. She tells Andrea that she will be the godmother of the baby. Everyone including Cayetana is happy well until Sofia mentions that the Padrino(God father) will be one of the Gallardo brothers hehehe… Pablo comes over to take instrutions from Sofia. Nieves then brings and envelope for Andrea and she almost runs out of the living room.

Andrea is in her room when she reads the contents of the letter. It’s the president of FBH writting to inform her that he has increased the amounto for the charity… “Yours truly Samuel Gallardo Leon” Andrea who is overjoyed Summersaults in her bed and starts rolling around excited saying that he likes her when Irina and Sofia enter. She uses her acrobatics to hide the letter. They ask her why she got so excited and ran off. She tells them that it’s because of her foundation. Andrea then asks which of the Brothers will be the Padrino and Sofia tells her Samuel. Irina thinks that Andrea always had a problem with Samuel but Andrea surprisingly is okay with it hehehehe Love changes people!

Back at the Alcazar Ranch, Arturo tells Samuel about him being the Padrino. He is super excited and Arturo expects him to be angry when he tells her that Andrea is actually the Madrino but he takes it very well hehehe

Cayetana meets up with Leo and apologizs for not giving into him the previous night. Leo tells her that he is already used to being humiliated and insulted by her family. Cayetana assures him that she respects him.

Arturo has gone to try and Urge Emilio to sell him that Gallrdo ranch because it has a lot of sentimental value to him and he can buy whatever ranch he wants. Emilio though very hesitant, tells him that he will have to consult with Crazy Isadora because the ranch is her property. Arturo doesn’t look pleased with that!

Patricia asks Candela to help her escape to see Samuel and Candela tells her that she doesn’t want trouble with Ulyses. Patricia tells her that she is just being a big Coward and Candela tells her that she prefers being a alive and owardly than dead and brave hehe…

We are back with Cayetana and Leo. Leo asks her is she would rather sacrifice her own happiness to please her daughters. Leo asks her if she has changed her mind and doesn’t want to marry him anymore, she tells him that it’s impossible. Irina finds them holding hands and shouts “Mama!… I hope am not interrupting anything important”

Leo with his big mouth “Whether or not you are interrupting depends on what you saw”

Cayetana changes the subject when Leo leaves. Irina begs her to attend the baby’s baptism.

Emilio speaks to Marcovich and his baldness (I have no idea what the name of this other baldy is hehehe) The guys are telling him about Isadora being the Dona. He is not happy about that and thinks Isadora will destroy all their plans

It’s the day of the baptism and everyone is looking spectacular but no one beats Sofia, She is looking incredible in those shorts that I just got to have!!! Sofia asks if Cayetana is coming and Irina tells her not to hold her breath. Felipe is adding his input in the matter when Cayetana who is also looking spectacular comes over and says she is not going to miss the baptism for nothing. She then tells Leo that she would die first before allowing the Gallardos to baptise her Nieto without her consent.

Isadora and Ulyses are talking in an old shack. Isadora decides to shoot open a lock probably put up by her father and they bump into a man who looks abandoned like he has been held hostage for a while… Could it be Jose Antonio??

The Boys are all dressed up in suits waiting for the Del Juncos. The DJ’s are running late and Arturo is worried about what could be happening. Cayetana makes her triumphant Entry into the chapel holding the baby in her arms and tells Arturo that she only came for the baby!!!


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