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Friday, May 04, 2018




Poor Camila sees Astrid and Fernando sharing disghusting kisses at th hotel reception, and while hiding behind her magazine, she takes her phone and SNAP SNAP SNAP she takes photos of them together, as she says how they are such perverts, especially Fernando who doesn’t want to take care of his baby wth Shelly, and she swears to use those pictures to make them pay. “Amelia, be very careful my love. You’re expecting another man’s baby, so you shldnt complain now” Patricia tells her daughter. “Oh Torrealba pls don’t kill Moies, oh I knew these great curves created under th knife wld bring misfortune. Moies might not have working equipment but think of th power of his punch. Oh, imagine my saloon covered in blood!” Sheila says as Rosemary tries to tell her to stop exaggerating. Julia and Gregory are meeting each other; Julia is scared they will be found out. “They say my kisses remove fear; I’m saving up to buy an apartment for th two of us” he tells us, but Julia is scared cause tht psycho Celso is watching over her all th time together wth Santiago. Gregory finds it strange tht Camila wants to help them and Julia thinks she might be working wth her dad. At Masquerade, Javier and Octavia are lookinga t th new ad campaign Leandro came up wth. Javier is shocked to hear tht Octavia is planning his dad’s wedding. Octavia tells Nancy tht she needs to look for a huge church, perhaps a cathedral, cause only 10 pple will be attending, and then it will be seen tht th ceremony is empty, and tht th reception shld be in th most exclusive club. Javier tells her tht Camila was raised up in th orphanage and doesn’t know anything about luxury, but Octavia wants th wedding to be so arkward for Camila so tht it gets ruined. Torrealba asks Moies if he is going out wth Sheila, and they both realize tht they were both dating her at th same time. Torrealba tells Sheila tht its time she decided which one of them she wants to date, but instead she faints. Th lawyer David tells th Aragon’s tht Roger’s permit to carry a gun was revoked a yr ago after he got into a fight in a club, and Patricia tells her husband its all his fault for instilling so much hate in Roger. Fernando and tht bimbo are about to have sex, but his phone rings and his dad tells him he needs to work to have Roger released out of jail. “Oh what a bummer being a daddy’s boy, having to answer calls in th middle of sex!” Astrid tells Fernando, and they get dressed. As they leave, th furious bimbo tells Fernando he isnt th only man who is after her, tht she is going to marry Max and steal all his fortune and wont share a dime wth him. Meanwhile, Camila is recording everything on her phone as she hears their conversation. Tht disghusting Fernando tries to calm her down, telling her he likes her, and they kiss, but Astrid pushes him away. “Ugh, stop kissing me in public, you know how I hate sch shows of affection!” th bimbo tells her. “A full lover’s quarrel in video and HD, hahaha” Camila says as she looks at all th evidence she now has against tht gold digger Astrid.

Julia tells Gregory about th woman who was Celso’s ex, and th truth she told hera bout tht psycho Celso. Gregory tells her they shld run away, but Julia says tht it will be difficult. “Really guys I had a horrible tht two trucks were heading towards a passage of dangerous curves” Sheila says as th others tells her tht it wasn’t a dream. Both Moies and Torrealba break up wth Sheila. Javier cant believe tht his dad wants to marry Camila in church and doesn’t understand wht Ezequiel sees in Camila. “We have to stop this wedding” he says. Ezequiel finds tht Celso seated and reading a magazine. “I think a mistake making you my daughter’s boyfriend cause you don’t have th strength to control a woman” he tells her. Celso tries to threaten Ezequiel, but he grabs him by th shirt and reminds him who Celso is talking to. At th orphanage, Chantal is showing Sebastian th photos she drew of Camila and Max when they were to get married and adopt her, but now Camila is marrying a man who she doesn’t like, even if he was his father. “don’t say tht” Sebastian tells Chantal. Sr Isabel tells him tht she is uneasy about this wedding especially when even Fr Tiziano refused to do th ceremony and Camila says tht he didn’t care. Th bimbo is in Max’s office, but he is totally ignoring her cause he promised to wait for Camila. “I know why you are so cold like this, you heard tht Nancy is organizing your dad’s wedding. I’m worried for your dad cause Camila might be planning a big hit to harm him, don’t you think?” th bimbo tells him. “My dad can take care of himself” he tells her, as he continues working. Th bimbo continues saying how Camila is just marrying his dad for personal gain, and tht she will steal his brother’s inheritance too, but Max isnt concerned wth all her accusations at all. At Caprice, Fernando tells his dad he didn’t know about th club incident wth Roger. Patricia says its better if Roger stays in prison to calm his rage down. “No I want Roger to keep tht rage so tht he can use it all on Ezequiel th day its his time to die” Fausto says. “Every day I find you more and more hateful!” Patricia says.

Amelia goes to th orphanage to tells Sebastian to stop looking for her. Patricia and Axel don’t find Amelia in her office, and Axel is sure tht she went to meet Sebastian and begins to suspect tht th child she is carrying might not be his. Octavia delivers another package frm th mourner tht was left at th Masquerade reception. “Are you stupid? Wht if it’s a bomb? Open it!” Ezequiel orders, and when she opens it, she finds a Day of th Dead mask inside there. Sheila is still sad cause th two men in her life have left her. Leandro shows up at th saloon to see Shelly, and Sheila pressures them to kiss, and he has an epileptic fit. Rosemary acts fast to give first aid since at school, one of her classmates was epileptic. Shelly stands there in shock, and poor Leandro finally recovers as everyone looks at him wth so much concern. Leandro asks Shelly to forgive him for not telling her about his codition. Fausto gets th same package frm th mourner, and this crazy man actually tries to put it on, but he is so furious he throws th mask down and steps on it. Julia thanks Camila for helping her meet up wth Gregory. Amelia finds Axel in her office and he asks her where she was. Astrid asks Max for money and notices he isnt really interested in their upcoming wedding. Ezequiel asks Santiago where he took Camila and Julia. Camila tells Ezequiel if during their marriage he will be asking her where she was, who she was with, then she isnt interested. He then shows her th day of th dead mask and tells her tht her own mother is going to ruin her plans. Octavia goes to shout at her sister asking her if she is really th mourner, cause if she was capable of trying to kill Ezequiel, then she must be th mourner. “If you continue trying to threaten Ezequiel, I will forget you are my sister and kill you myself!” Octavia threatens. As Camila walks down th street, a mysterious biker in black follows her. Axel goes to th orphanage and confirms frm Sr Isabel tht Amelia was there earlier. Poor Camila is forced to run all over th park in her high heels as she is being chased by th mysterious biker.



“If anything happens to Ezequiel, you’re a dead woman!” Octavia threatens her sister. Patricia is so worried with th recent package from th mourner, wondering if Rosa and Camila forgave them, why are they still receiving those revenge packages. Fausto comes up wth theories: tht either Camila decided to forgive them but Rosa doesn’t agree, or Rosa is using Camila to get revenge on them by pretending to forgive them, or someone else is imitating th mourner. Th black motorcycle rider threatens Camila to stay away frm Ezequiel Lopez Mendez and not to marry him. Axel warns Sebastian to stay away frm Amelia. Rosemary and Javier are flirting when Leandro sees her and warns her if she came to gossip about wth happened at Glamour saloon, she was wasting her time cause his family already knew. “I’m sorry for being so concerned about you cause I’m just a loud mouth saloonist” Roseamry says and leaves. Javier tells Leandro if she continues pushing away tht pple who are concerned about him, he will end up alone. Camila starts to think its th witches who sent th biker to threaten her. Ezequiel arrives, like a prince in shining armour, to save his precious firecracker, and when Camila tells him wht happened, he guesses tht it cld have been crazy Marcelina. But Camila thinks it cld have been Patricia too. Amelia notices tht her brother Gregory is so happy and guesses tht he met up wth Julia. “Be very careful wth Julia’s caveman of a father” Amelia warns him. Axel then walks in and asks Gregory to leave. “Amelia, my love, I went to th orphanage and Sr Isabel commented you had gone there to give a donation or sth. Why did you lie to me?” he asks. Leandro is so embarrassed cause Shelly saw him have an epileptic fit and tht Shelly might not want to be wth him cause he is sick. “If she didn’t dump you, then you don’t have to blame yourself” Javier tells him. Astrid th golddigger continues asking for money frm Max, and she lies to him how her mom just spends all her money and her dad isnt working cause he just spends time talking to Rosa Blanco. Fausto tells Patricia they need to give Camila an opportunity to see wht she really is planning, but tht Ezequiel or someone they don’t even suspect cld be behind th strange packages frm th mourner. Axel tells Amelia he is only trying to look out for his family. “Wht were you doing in those dangerous streets sweetheart? I cld give you a driver or a bodyguard. I worry sth bad might happen to you. BTW sweetheart, Julia told me wht you guys did? Why wld you do sth like that?” Ezequiel asks her. Camila knows how to change th subject, telling him tht she just got a scare on her life and he still asks her wht she did wth Julia.

Rosemary comes to tell th saloon gang tht Javier told her Leandro had been epileptic since he wasa kid. Joey does some research about epilepsy on th internet on his tablet and shows it to Shelly and Sheila, tht epileptics can live a normal life, as long as they take their medication. But Sheila asks Shelly if she wld really want to make love to a man wth epilepsy, and wht if he had a fit when he was holding her child, and this really scares Shelly. Max goes to ask Luciano if he still talks wth Rosa Blanco, and tht he needed to talk to her to learn about his mother’s secrets. Octavia tells Ezequiel she went to visit her crazy sister and she is still sure tht crazy Marcelina is th mourner. When Octavia hears about wht happened to Camila, she insists tht it was all crazy Marcelina’s doing. “I’m afraid tht Marcelina will try to kill Camila again, and she wont fail this time” he says. Julia tells tht Celso tht she just went out shopping wth Camila for her wedding things, but Celso wants to know who she was chatting with tht she had to close th door of her room. Camila finds Max at Luciano’s hse and he tells her he wanted to talk to Rosa in order to know wht Marcelina did to her tht she even abandoned him at th altar. “Ok Shelly, don’t think I want to pollute your mind against Leandro, but you need to think about wht you are taking on wth this” Sheila tells Shelly who says she likes Leandro but doesn’t love him. “Girl, you must be crazy when you fell in love wtht th sewer rat Fernando Aragon in two minutes!” Sheila says, but Shelly wants to break up wth Leandro cause she doesn’t want to break his heart. Celso goes to ask Santiago where he took Julia and Camila earlier and he knows tht he is covering for them. Camila asks Luciano to call her mom to ask her if she is th mourner. Fausto and Fernando go to th prison to see Roger (who runs towards his uncle like a little boy). Fausto tells him things got complicated, but Roger is asking for another hot slap, asking his uncle if he is still in prison for having th guts to do sth he wasn’t able to do. “Youre in prison cause you are an idiot. You will get out of here cause you are my nephew, but if Ezequiel gets a hold of you, he will kill you. I need to give you a good beating which I didn’t give you when you were a child so tht you learn how to be a man,” Fausto tells him. Max asks Camila if th motorcycle guy hurt her. Luciano gets Rosa on th phone, but she doesn’t say anything. Camila asks Leandro for a favor in transferring th videos and pictures of Astrid and Fernando together on a computer but he shldnt tell anyone. Astrid gets home to find Max who tells her he still wants to continue helping Camila find her mother. “You are here again my firecracker, it makes me happy to see you here its like we are already married” Ezequiel tells Camila after he sees her talking to Leandro. Camila lies she is just trying to win his kids over. Ezequiel grabs her and is near to kiss her. “And when are you going to win me over?” he asks her



*Leandro delivers th flashdrive wth th photos and videos of tht slut Astrid wth tht rat Fernando and she shows it all to Shelly. “How cld I have been so stupid to have fallen for a bastard like Fernando?” Shelly wonders and asks Camila to show Max th videos immediately so tht Astrid can stop taking advantage of him, but Camila says not just yet, she will use it when its necessary. Sebastian refuses to do th ceremony for his dad’s wedding; he tells him tht Camila doesn’t love him and he still doesn’t understand why she wants to marry him. “I have enough love for th two of us” Ezequiel says. Sebastian tells him tht when pple get married in church its for love, and he cant seriously want to marry Camila when he is also forcing Julia to marry a bastard man who mistreats her. “I didn’t call you here to ask for your advice, you can tell th queen of England for all I care. This is an order!” Ezequiel demands. Fausto and Patricia are planning on wht to do to finally get rid of Rosa Blanco and perhaps Camila too. Max goes to see Camila so tht he can clear things up wth her after they met at th Salamanques hse. Sheila is miserable and she is getting drunk cause she is still single and has no man in her life. Max wants to know wht Camila’s plans are, especially wth his dad since he doesn’t understand how Camila still asked him to wait for him when she is going to get married in church where it will be until death do they part.

*Patricia wants to forget about th past and suggests to Fausto they shld keep Camila closer to find out wht information she knows and if its not convenient, they can get rid of her. “Men are just awful!” Sheila says as she gets drunk together wth Rosemary and Joey. Shelly asks Camila why cant she just forget about everything and run away wth Max, but Camila cant get rid of all her hate and pain. Nxt day at Masquerade, Celso continues bothering Julia when he finds her talking to some staff at th company, and he tries asking her and Camila where they are going. Sebastian goes to tell Camila he is opposed to her marriage to his dad and tht Camila shld reconsider. “I’m so happy th only thing priests do is celebrate mass. Can you think how boring this world wld be if priests determined how pple shld live their lives? This isnt a joke, my arrangement wth my firecracker is sth serious. So you need to set a date for th wedding” Ezequiel demands. Sebastian still refuses to do th ceremony, and Camila tells him tht she is marrying his dad in order to stop th stupid war btwn th families, and since she is an Aragon de la Rosa marrying a Lopez Mendez, it wld be th best way to bring peace. Elda goes to tell crazy Marcelina tht Max was at her hse th previous evening asking Luciano to connect him to Rosa Blanco so tht he can know wht his mom did to her all those yrs ago. “If Max finds out, he will hate me and I will die” Marcelina tells her.
“Oh let me tell you, my head is going to explode” Sheila says, nursing a hangover, but Rosemary tells her to shut up so that they can listen to Shelly’s gossip. Shelly tells them she broke up wth Leandro and tht even if, Ezequiel wld never allow his son to marry a hairdresser. “If my partner Ezequiel is going to marry tht savage sister of yrs, you shld take advantage of it and be one happy family. Oh, I’m going to die, let me tell you” Sheila says. At Masquerade, Ezequiel is received wth applause when they see he is healed. Ezequiel then tells everyone tht nothing puts down Ezequiel Lopez Mendez, and tht they are all invited to his wedding wth his firecracker. Gregory and Julia meet up at th hotel. Max is annoyed over th announcement of th wedding of Camila and his dad when Astrid the bimbo gold digger comes to ask him if he is bothered wth all th noise his dad is making wth th employees. As Astrid is trying to get close to him to caress his face and kiss him asking him to forget about Camila, Leandro walks in and hands over a flash drive to Max asking him to test it on his computer, and Astrid gives him devilish looks. Ezequiel is happy tht Octavia has managed to plan th wedding but tht she is planning to use so much money. Amelia goes to church to pray and she is crying and in tears. She tells Sebastian she needs to confess sth important to him.



Gregory is busy trying to remove Julia’s blouse, but she is so nervous. “I love you more than th air I breathe” he tells her as he kisses her neck, but Julia asks if he brought th condoms and when he says he didn’t, Julia stops him cause she doesn’t want to get pregnant doing it th first time. But Gregory was just joking, and he removes a whole stack of condoms, and they make love for the first time. At th Virgin of the Valley church, Sebastian tells Amelia tht it wld be best if Fr Tiziano heard her confession, but Amelia wants to tell him sth tht has been burning her for so long, but he asks her to go. “You were a coward not wanting to be with me, and you aren’t even good at being a priest” she tells him. Camila gets nervous when Ezequiel proposes tht they get married in 15 days, but Camila suggests 4 months cause it wld take a long time for them to prepare th grand wedding tht even includes an international orchestra. Th flashdrive Leandro gave Max only had a video tht he had made and wanted him to approve. At Glamour, Shelly is still thinking about breaking up wth Leandro. Ezequiel says tht in 3 months they are going to get married, and when his sons walk into his office to tell him tht they were given some bad lipstick samples frm th lab, their dad tells them tht they shld also try falling in love just like he is wth his firecracker. Later, Celso tries grabbing Camila to demand to know where Julia is. Camila instead lets go and grabs him by th balls and warns him never to touch her again or else she will squash his equipment, and tells him tht Julia went to look at her wedding dress. “A young girl like Julia shldnt be given such a job” Celso says. “Ah, so she is a young girl, which means you are too old for her. You shld stop stressing her or else she will escape, you shld leave her in peace” Camila tells him. “Have you heard th good news? I will marry my firecracker in 3 months!” Ezequiel goes to tell Max and Astrid (the bimbo has been trying to convince Max tht they shld also plan their wedding). Fr Tiziano meets Amelia at th church ans she confesses to him she is still in love wth Sebastian. Octavia goes to tell her crazy sister tht she needs to prepare her best dress cause Ezequiel and Camila will get married in 3 months.

Th slut Astrid calls her mom Elda to tell her tht th savage will marry Ezequiel in 3 months. “Rosa needs to know about this Luciano, she must come to stop tht wedding!” Elda says. Luciano then calls Rosa to tell her about her daughter’s wedding & suggests tht she shld come to stop it. Sr Isabel is trying to convince Camila to forget this idea of marrying Ezequiel in church cause she will never be able to come back frm that. Patricia isnt happy tht Amelia went to Sebastian to confess about her pregnancy. “I shld have listened to you. Sebastian doesn’t want to have anything to do wth me. I will take th secret to th grave” Amelia says. “May th Lord punish you girl, who told you tht you can come in here!” Sheila shouts at Camila who has come to th saloon to talk to Shelly. “Just shout your mouth or lese you and your plastic teeth will melt” Camila replies. As Camila tells Shelly about marrying Ezequiel in 3 months, everyone hears, including Sheila. “You gold digger, but let me tell you, I see your intentions and you aren’t th woman for my partner” Sheila says, adding tht her nails are fresh to disfigure Camila’s face. “You old dried up hag, I will deflate your plastic breasts and make you swallow your fake eyelashes” and Camila after saying this goes and jumps on Sheila. Patricia gives Fausto the gossip frm Elda about th wedding of Camila tht will take place in 3 months, and how Rosa will come to stop tht wedding. “Wont you do sth to stop tht wedding? Your niece will be getting married to your enemy!” Patricia tells Fausto who doesn’t seem concerned at all. Celso goes to harass Julia asking her where she is, and she replies she went to look for table cloths for Camila’s wedding. “You liar, she told me you went to look at wedding dresses!” Celso shouts, and when he nears Julia and smells her, he realizes tht she was wth a man. Elda goes to tell crazy Marcelina tht Rosa will be coming to stop th marriage btwn Camila and Ezequiel. David tells th lawyer tht it wont be easy to get Roger out of Ezequiel, and he asks him to pay who he can to ensure Roger is out of jail. Later, Fausto tells Fernando tht th best time for Roger to leave prison is th day of Camila’s wedding, so tht then, there will be a blood bath at th church as it will be th day to finally kill Ezequiel after he marries Camila, and then she will end up a widow and inherit all his fortune. “Camila has proven to be an Aragon de la Rosa, and she will be on our side and inherit all of th Lopez Mendez fortune” Fausto tells Fernando about his plan. Th Glamour staff succed in separating th savage Camila frm Sheila, but they cannot control her rage. “I will tame this savage for Ezequiel” Sheila says, adding tht Camila isnt woman enough for Ezequiel and tht Ezequiel will come to her for comfort and some loving. “I will be Ezequiel’s wife, and not even Ezequiel wld want to be wth your old tired shriveled body! When I see you in th street I will make you eat th ground!” Camila shouts. “Thank goodness you got her off me, my loves cause I wld have killed her!” Sheila says out of breath after Camila almost ripped her hair off. “I have a new plan for you. Ezequiel will be getting married in 3 months. So on th day of th wedding as he is walking out of th church, instead of throwing rice, I want you to make it rain blood. And if Rosa Blanco attends too, you can kill two birds with one stone and kill her too, hahahahaha” Ezequiel orders Anthony, his hitman. Shelly tells Camila she needs to control her rage, but Camila says how furious she is and how she wants to get revenge on all thos bastards, and tht if it makes her a monster, fine cause they deserve to pay for all their sins. As she is screaming and ranting, Max shows up and tells her he knows she will marry his dad in 3 months. “Run away wth me Camila, cause you have dug yourself in a hole and it will be a mistake to marry my father. I love you, and we can start all over again away frm everyone” Max tells her. Axel goes to th church to threaten Sebatstian, telling him tht he really loves his wife but she confessed to him tht she was cheating on him wth a priest. Javier goes to talk to Shelly at th saloon but Rosemary tells him she had already left. “Oh but I cant be th only one who has not found love, My Lord! Wht do I have to do, crawl to th Vatican on my knees so tht you can finally hear me. Cover me in th robe of your blessing oh Christ” Sheila says and she is so furious tht everyone has a partner except her. Celso goes to Caprice to shout at th Aragon de la Rosa’s asking them why they allowed Gregory and Julia to meet. “Just tell me yes, please” Max tells Camila as he is about to kiss her, but Luciano comes in to interrupt them, telling Camila tht if she stil plans to marry Ezequiel, rosa will show up to stop th wedding.



Camila doesn’t understand how her mom is going to show up just to stop her wedding to Ezequiel, after she has been looking for her for such a long. “If marrying Ezequiel will make her show up, then go on and tell her” she tells Luciano. Max asks her why she is still planning to go on wth th wedding when her mom is coming and they can run awy together. “If you cant keep your son under control, I cant guarantee his safety” Celso th idiot tells Fausto who warns him to remember who he is talking to, and tht he shld learn to control Julia who is th one tht is bothering his son. “Make sure this man leaves my company, understood! Go and suck up to Ezequiel since its th only thing you know how to do” Fausto tells him. Sebastian tells Axel there is nothing going on btwn him and Amelia. “How can I trust you when I know you two had a relationship tht was dependent, confused and just sick? Even wth your collar, you just want to bother Amelia” Axel tells him, and he calls him a hypocrite and tht he is controlling himself not to hbeat him up cause they’re in a church. Rosemary accepts to go wth Javier to his dad’s wedding. Ezequiel gets th wedding rings. “I’ve won this one my son. Th day Camila is in my bed, tht will be th happiest day of my life” he says. Fausto tells Gregory he knows he was wth Julia. “Wht makes you say tht crazy old man?” Gregory asks. “I prefer a son who is dead thana son who goes to a woman who opens his legs to screw wht is mine!” Fausto tells him. Gregory denies it all, telling his parents they cant believe someone who is crazy and works for one of their enemies. Celso is already back at Masquerade, harssing Julia. “Oh Celso, this is getting tiring, calm down. At your age you shldnt put too much pressure on yourself. I had such a great time, and I wont stop seeing Gregory” Julia threatens him. Max wants to know wht plans Camila has & wht she will do if her mom doesn’t show up. “Let’s escape then, once we are settled we can find a way to communicate wth your mom” he tells her. Camila confeses to him she is terrified of wht will happen and she feels so lonely. Max takes Camila into his arms, telling her he wont pressure her and he will give her time to think about it.

3 MONTHS LATER: Camila is trying to convince Sr Isabel to attend her wedding. “No, I wont. You will pay a high price marrying man you have nothing in common wth and who you don’t love” she replies. “Even if I love Max, I will have to marry his father” Camila says. Sonia th secretary delivers two tickets to Argentina and an apartment purchase there for his escape wth Camila and asks her not to say anything especially to his dad. Th bimbo shows up (wth a new haircut) asking Max if he is ready for his dad’s wedding th next day. Max lies to her tht he doesn’t care about his dad’s wedding but theirs. Th bimbo tries to look at th papers on th table, but Max tells her not to worry about them. “I’m so happy your dad will be marrying tht Social Climber tomorrow” Astrid tells him. Axel is still suspicious asking Amelia how come her belly is big and she is just 3 months pregnant. Sebastian is praying for peace in church cause he is still in love wth Amelia (ugh, this Sebastian is a really annoying character now) and asks for God’s forgiveness for having failed him and to help him get rid of Amelia in his head and heart. “Tomorrow is Ezequiel’s wedding wth your niece” Patricia says, but Fausto tells her to stop calling her his niece and just call her Camila. Fernando comes to tell his dad th lawyer David is there and they need to go to th jail to release Roger. Before leaving, Fausto kisses her and tells her its better to do nothing. At Glamour, everyone is really taking care of Shelly. Ezequiel tells Max he needs to see th fireworks for his wedding cause its going to be better than New Year’s. Astrid th bimbo becomes furious, and she throws everything to th floor, and she sees th tickets to Argentina and th apartment. At th prison, Roger says sorry to his uncle and promises not to go against him again. Ezequiel asks Max to be his best man and stand by him as he marries his firecracker, and tht he can even be th god father of his first child wth Camila. A gift is delivered at th saloon frm Leandro, and everyone tries encouraging her to call him. Camila is in th church praying, and Sebastian find her and tells her she still has time to change her mind. Astrid goes to show Ezequiel copies of th tickets tht Max and Camila were going to use to escape together. “Its all there, first class tickets, a purchase of an apartment in Buenos Aires, they’ve been laughing at us th whole time!” th bimbo screams, but Ezequiel tells her to shut her mouth and not tell anyone about it. Elda is happy tht its been 3 months and Rosa hasn’t showed up yet, and even Luciano hasn’t talked to her for all tht time. “I don’t want tht woman to come, but if she has to stop tht wedding, she has to come this very day!” she says. Poor Ezequiel is angry, and planning how he will stop Camila frm running away wth Max, he then orders Octavia to organize a dinner alone wth Camila and nobody shld be in th hse. “Oh I know you, sth happened to threaten your wedding nd you want to stop it. Did th girl change her mind?” Octavia asks. Leandro goes to th saloon to see Shelly. “Girl, if you want to break her heart do it once, not little by little” Sheila tells her. “Th problem is in my brain, not my heart” Leandro tells her. Leaondro promises Shelly to send her one present a day. Max delivers th tickets for him and Camila to escape together, and tht he already has a job in Buenos Aires, but she is scared tht Ezequiel will find out. “If my dad knew about this, he wld have already exploded by now” he explains.

Amelia tells her mom everytime they go to th doctor, she is afraid tht th doctor will let slip tht she is actually 4 ½ months pregnant and not 3, but Patricia tells her not to worry. “I want you to kill Ezequiel as soon as he leaves th church, and make sure tht its Max who gets blamed cause his dad stole his girlfriend away. Its also possible Rosa Blanco will show up, you can get rid of her too. I wld be very happy to attend both their funerals” Fausto says. Sheila tries to tell Shelly a man like Leandro is born 1 in a 1000 years and shld accept his love. Astrid is complaining to Fernando tht Max wants to escape wth Camila. “So wht, are you falling in love wth her?” he asks. Julia tells Javier to be careful wth Celso who went to threaten th Aragons not to allow Gregory near her, and they think its strange tht he was let into Caprice just like tht. Octavia goes to th boarding hse and finds Camila and Max kissing each other.



Camila and Max tell Octavia not to make a scandal as they were just giving each other a friendly hug, but Octavia starts asking Camila if she plans on standing up Ezequiel. “Come rain or shine, I will marry Ezequiel” Camila says. Max leaves. “Why are you asking me if I’m still seeing Gregory? And Celso also tried to hit me. Thts why his ex wife came to me to tell me how he was abusive. I told dad but he doesn’t really care” Julia tells Javier who swears to make sure Celso doesn’t become part of their family. Astrid th bimbo is screaming, saying how Max cant leave wth tht dirty savage and she deserves all of Max’s money. “Wht you and I have goes beyond sex and physical attraction. If you get married to me, I can give you wht Max has” Fernando tells her. “Haha, wht can you give me? You are daddy’s little boy who goes running to him like a dog when he calls. But you cant compare to Max who has his own money and is successful and doesn’t depend on his dad” Astrid tells him. Th Glamor gang try to convince Shelly to accept Leonardo since he is there just to plead wth her. Leandro tells Shelly he knows his sickness scared her, but he wont stop his treatment. Shelly finally accepts. Fausto continues planning wth his hitman how to kill Ezequiel during his wedding to Camila. “You will have your money today, and I want results!” Fausto orders. Fernando tells Astrid if Max leaves her, she will have nothing. “Oh please we are meant to be nothing more than lovers, its just that. You lack too much strength and courage to be like Max. You’re just a boy who lives to have his father’s approval” Astrid tells poor Fernando (I don’t pity him at all though). “But let me tell you my love, you got it all right!” Sheila says as they start encouraging Leandro and Shelly to kiss “Kiss him, kiss him, kiss him” they sing. Ezequiel goes to th orphanage to speak to Sr Isabel and Fr Tiziano who are totally freaked to see him there. “I want to speak to you cause you are both like Camila’s parents. I want to invite you to th wedding” Ezequiel tells them, but Sir Isabel tells him its difficult for them to see him wth their Camila. “Camila is a very young woman, and I cant see you as her husband, you are more like her father” Fr Tiziano says, and Sr Isabel adds tht Camila doesn’t love him. “Just wait till we start bringing th many children we will have here for baptism. All your thoughts will be obliterated” Ezequiel tells them.

As usual, Patricia Aragon de la Rosa is wine guzzling, and she is happy tht her nephew Roger is out of jail. Amelia is also happy to see Roger free, and they want to celebrate together. Max gets home in a bad mood, and crazy Marcelina notices there is sth wrong wth him. “Th marriage of Camila and Ezequiel doesn’t agree wth us right? You can fool others but not me. You still love her. I want to be at tht wedding, can I count on you?” crazy Marcelina asks her son. Shelly refuses to let Leandro take her home cause th work day hasn’t ended. “My girl, Shelly, you really are a fool at th core, my love. How can you refuse th offer of such a gentleman. Listen Leandro, just get a look at these silicon breasts and these dangerous curves just in case you get tired of this girl my love” Sheila jokes. Ezequiel tells th consecrated folks tht he loves Camila, and wants to give her th privilege, power and stability he has. “I just want to make Camila happy, sth tht both of you cldnt accomplish” he tells them. Fausto is happy to see his family together, but as Fausto is going to change, Patricia is worried tht Roger’s hatred for Ezequiel has grown during his time in jail. “How much have you had to drink? Stay out of men’s business” Fausto tells her. Max doesn’t want to take his crazy mom to th wedding after she had previously tried to kill Camila, but he eventually agrees. Th bimbo Astrid shows up to ask them if they are still going to th wedding. “There is nothing worse than going to a wedding alone” she says, but Max doesn’t understand why his mom wants to go and see a man who had promised her marriage for such a long time is going to marry another woman. Astrid starts asking Max if he isnt tempted of fleeing wth th bride. Camila is so happy to see Shelly and Leandro together again. In th evening, Camila shows up for th dinner wth Ezequiel, and she wonders wht th surprise dinner was for and if he uncovered sth. “How ironic tht you ask me tht, my firecracker. Th wedding is still on. Tomorrow, we will be man and wife, we will share a hse together, a bed, a shower together” Ezequiel tells her as he looks deeply into her eyes. Its dinner time at th Aragon de la Rosa’s, and Fausto toasts for Roger’s return. “Are we actually going to welcome a guy who tried to kill his own sister?” Gregory asks. His dad replies tht there was no problem there since Camila is an Aragon de la Rosa. “When did you change your mind, old man, since you always swore tht Camila wld never bear th name Aragon de la Rosa, understood!” Gregory does a good job of imitating his dad who is so furious, calls hi a spoilt brat and asks him to shut up and behave. “My girl, Shelly, I invited you to celebrate your reunion wth Leandro, not to hear about th wedding of tht savage sister of yours wth my partner Ezequiel” Sheila tells Shelly as Rosemary asks Shelly if Camila is really going to get married. Ezequiel asks Camila if she is really going to marry him. Camila replies tht they have been together everywhere so tht nobody suspects anything, and there is now way she wld stand him up at th altar. “I don’t know, you tell me. Tomorrow you might decide to do sth else. I know you don’t love me, but every time you meet my son Max you loose your stockings. I wonder wht if my firecracker decides to leave me at th altar?” Ezequiel replies. Luciano Salamanques wonders why Rosa hasn’t talked to him in 3 months, but Elda doesn’t care and is thinking of th dress she will wear. “If Rosa calls, let me know so tht I can carry my anxiety medication” Elda tells him. Patricia tells th family tht Camila sent an invitation to their wedding, but Fausto says nobody will be going. Axel wonders why since Camila is part of th family and came to their wedding. “Th Lopez Mendez are such vulgar pple. Every time they put up these donkey shows, they always end up in tragedy. I’m sure no one will go to tht wedding” Fausto tells Axel as th rest tell him about their history wth th Lopez Mendez.

Max is trying to say goodbye to his mom, but lies tht he cant stand seeing Camila marry his dad, and he needs time to think, but tht he is going alone and she shldnt tell anyone, not even the slut gold-digger. Sheila is showing th gang her wedding dress and how it will be her chance to go back to th dating scene, and tht it will be her chance to defeat th savage and be more happier than her. Camila denies having any plans to run off wth Max, and he shld stop listening to gossip, especially frm tht witch Octavia. Nxt day, Fr Tiziano tries to convince Camila to forget about marrying Ezequiel, but she replies tht she hates him, and she has a clear objective of getting revenge on everyone, and after tht he will finish off wth Ezequiel. “how sad it is to see all I taught you was in vain. Tht man will ruin you before you ruin him” Fr Tiziano warns. Ezequiel is looking handsome as usual, and tells Santiago to take him to go pick up his firecracker. Crazy Marcelina is also dressed up, and Max lies tht she can go forward and he will join her later at th church. “Camila, girl, you need to look beautiful so tht you can see Sheila’s face when she sees you looking gorgeous” Rosemary tells her as she and Joey come to do her makeup. Once they are done, and Camila has her dress on, Max shows up, and GASP, those gossip queens Rosemary and Joey have their mouths left open. They leave to give them some privacy, and Max tells Camila he has come to take her so they can run away together.



Max tells Camila he has everything ready for their escape, but Camila says she really wants to leave and run away wth him. “I feel empty without you by my side. Tell me why you cant leave wth me. Wht is tying you to my father, and don’t lie to me” Max tells her. “I do love you, and I know I will never love another man th way I love you, but…” Camila says, but Max tells her they love each other and she shld puta stop to this nonsensical wedding. Everyone is surprised to see tht Ezequiel came back to th house, and they are all shocked when they see him come down th stairs carrying a gun. “This is going to be your day to shine Sheila Perez. You need to be happier than tht vile, ugly woman Camila” Sheila says, and she is so happy when she sees Moies all dressed up to accompany her to th wedding. “Where can Max be hiding? I hope Ezequiel put him in a place cause he wants to escape wth tht savage!” Astrid screams, and she gets more furious when Elda isnt ready cause she cldnt decide which dress she was to wear. “I don’t want any mistakes Anton. Ezequiel shld be dead today, and as soon as Rosa Blanco shows up, kill her too. My nephew will be there too” Fausto tells his hitman again, but he doesn’t know tht Patricia has been listening to him. “Ezequiel is marrying a young woman who cld be his daughter, and one who has Aragon blood in her veins” Fausto tells her, but Patricia pretends tht she didn’t listen in on him. Camila is afraid tht if she goes wth Max, his dad will do sth to hurt him. “Don’t abandon me again, all this time away frm you has just made my love for you grown stronger” he tells her. “I want to go wth you, but I also have plans wth your father” she says crying, telling him he is th only person who can make her happy. They share a kiss together. “Let’s get out of here. I don’t want to miss any minute without you” Max tells her. At th orphanage, Chantal tells Sr Isabel she wants to go to Camila’s wedding, even if she was marrying tht old man. “Where is our father going wth tht handgun!” Julia asks her brothers, but Octavia is terrified tht if Max will try to stop th wedding, Ezequiel might forget he is his son. At Caprice, Roger is ready to leave wth th hitman and he says tht its time for Ezequiel and Rosa to die. “Its time to give my sister Camila her wedding gift, so tht she can have Ezequiel off her back before her wedding night” Roger says. Camila is confused, and she really wants to go away wth Max, and she kisses him passionately, but she cant forget her revenge. “Camila you will never belong to another man, you will always be mine” he tells her, and they kiss and kiss and kiss with passion of love. “I see you’re not ready, my firecracker” Ezequiel walks in and finds them kissing, and he points th gun at his son, telling Camila to go get ready. “Wht are you going to do? Shoot me in front of everyone?” Max asks him. “You cldnt stay away frm this, cld you my son? You had to come here to kick th wasps nest and try to steal my woman away frm me?” Ezequiel asks him. Max tells him Camila doesn’t love him. “If you wanted her, you shld have won him fair and square, not to betray me like this like a coward!” Ezequiel tells him. Camila is being held by Santiago as she screams for Ezequiel to let Max go and not to hurt him. “Frm today on, you will know wht it means to have an enemy in your life, my son” Ezequiel tells him. Camila is already a mess and has ruined her hair, and her veil is off already as she runs to save Max after Ezequil gives him a hot slap in th face. “I wont hit you back cause you’re y father!” he says.

Patricia asks one of th hse staff to make a phone call to Torrealba to tell him tht there will be an attempt on th life of Ezequiel Lopez Mendez. “You know wht my firecracker, I always knew you were an impulsive woman, crazy, but I thought tht you were intelligent, and it makes me sad tht it isnt so” Ezequiel says. But Camila tells him to stop lying to himself cause their marriage is just a business deal. “I didn’t deserve this betrayal, after all I’ve done for you, does it mean nothing? I had to find th woman Im going to marry about to make love wth my son?” he says. Camila screams back tht she is never going to sleep wth him. “Frm today on, you will discover wht hell is like. Shelly!” Ezequiel screams and asks her and Rosemary and joey to redo Camila’s hair and makeup. Captain Torrealba is trying to get a court order for a search warrant after th anonymous phone call he got on th attempt on Ezequiel’s life. Rosemary and Joey are still shocked over th drama at th boarding hse as Ezequiel forces Camila’s hand as they head out to th church for th ceremony. They wonder who to call to help them, and Rosemary calls Torrealba to tell him he is th only one who can put a stop to Ezequiel after he pulled a gun to threaten his own son. “If Max goes to th wedding, there will be a shoot out, you need to do sth! Ezequiel came wtha gun, and if we didn’t come out in time, he wld have killed his son. Tht wedding will turn into a warzone!” Rosemary tells Torrealba. Back at th police station, th captain thinks th wedding stinks likea tragedy and they need to go there to ensure nothing baad is going to happen. Sr Isabel gets th news and is so distressed tht she tells Fr Tiziano wht happened. At th church, Julia is worried tht her dad isnt at th church yet. Luciano gets a call frm Rosa Blanco and asks her if she will be coming to th wedding. Patricia continues wth her wine guzzling, and asks Eldo if he has any new information. Amelia arrives and knows she is nervous, asking her when is she going to stop drinking. Fausto calls Roger into his office to sharea drink to celebrate th end of th war btwn th two families cause he will finally get rid of Ezequiel.

Astrid harasses Max asking if he fought wth his dad, and Camila and Ezequiel arrive looking so smart and everyone starts clapping. At th church belltower, looks like th assassin Fausto sent has set himself there. As Camila walks hand in hand wth Ezequiel down th aisle, Sr Isabel prays for her niece, while crazy Marcelina looks like she will explode. Camila is remembering Max’s plea for them to run away together. Meanwhile, tht slut golddigger is still by Max’s side, telling him she knows he was planning to elope wth Camila. “Don’t you dare try to stop this wedding!” Astrid tells him, but Max tells th viper Astrid to stop bothering him. Anton and Roger prepare to position themselves at th belltower where he takes out his sniper gun ready to shoot. Patricia confesses to Amelia about her father’s plan and th assassin he hired to kill Ezequiel. “If sth happens to Ezequiel, all his family will come after us!” Patricia says. Torrealba arrives and orders th cops to surround th police. Frm th belltower, Anton sees tht th police have arrived, and he says there is no way they can go on wth their plan, but Roger shouts at him tht they are paying him good money and there is no way to back down. At th church entrance, Torrealba tries to force Max to come wth them and they search him to see if he has any weapons. “You have to kill Ezequiel one way or another!” Fausto tells his hitman after he calls him to tell him th police are there. Sebastian continues wth th ceremony, as Ezequiel says his vows of love to Camila nd in front of everyone. As Camila is about to say her vows, a woman walks in and everyone falls silent and starts to panick. “No, it cant be, its Rosa Blanco!” crazy Marcelina says, and even Octavia is about to pee on herself. But when Luciano goes to check, he confirms tht its actually th latecomer is actually Elda who finally managed to find a dress. Camila continues saying her vows, but Max starts shouting “don’t do it Camila, don’t marry him” as his brothers and th police tryto stop him. Camila is about to run towards Max, but Ezequiel grabs hold of his firecracker so tht she doesn’t go to Max. Sebastian proclaims them man and wife, and while everyone claps, crazy Marcelina, Octavia and Sr Isabel, including Camila are th saddest of all. Frm th belltower, Roger can see tht th ceremony is over and everyone is walking off. “Its finally time to get rid of tht rat Ezequiel Lopez Mendez so tht my father and brother can be at peace” Roger says, as Anton prepares his gun to fire. While everyone is congratulating Ezequiel, Camila leaves him and walks away. But then Max goes to grab hold of her, and “BOOM!” gunfire is heard, and everyone starts to panic. Camila screams in horror when she realizes tht its Max who has been shot, and Ezequiel and th rest of th wedding crowd looks in in horror as Camila screams for someone to call an ambulance.

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