Monday, August 27, 2018


 Fasten your seat belts laidease, the biggest crossover since Avengers infinity war is here and we are here for it.After so many months of anxious anticipation from her fans over her next project, Araceley took to her instagram to announce the big news that got fans excited. Her collaboration with Rafael Amaya has been anticipated by the fans and general public since they last starred together in Las Vias de amor back in 2002.

Their collaboration on these projects proves very ambitious since both really are regarded the two biggest Telemundo stars of their time with ratings successes in their respective projects. The crossover is said to take place over just a single episode but the anticipitaion is still very surreal. Araceley has already shared her sentiments on what she feels about the project. She told her fans during an interview with Al Rojo Vivo that she is very excited about the crossover and loves the adrenaline that comes with Playing her role as Altagracia. She promised her fans drama and to get ready because she is coming back worse than ever. From a real Altagracia fan, that is music to my ears!

Will this Crossover boost up ratings for the super series? That still remains to be known but we are all here for Altagracia in action. Catch all the drama on season 6 of The Lord of the skies.

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Altagracia's back, pitches!!!



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