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Hello FLAJ fanatics... for the next few weeks our daily recaps will be posted in this lovely page....Alot of things are going to happen this coming weeks including Lucha's famous arrest!!!!



  1. Gaston will die...
  2. Olegario and Nuria will be busted
  3. The affair between Genaro and Lily will commence 
  4. Daniel will propose to Lucha...


Its been a long painful journey that ended in a bang!!! #46-65 have taken us on an emotional rollercoster, we have fallen in an quickly out of love with our cast, we have shared tears, we have laughed a little bit more than expected and I am glad to say we made it...click the link above to view our next page #66-85 and the link below leads you to our previous page #45 and below... thanks for visiting!!


WEEK 13!!!





Olegario is visiting Lucia. Lucha thinks it a bad idea for him to be there, he will only complicate her life even more. Lucia wants to scream but Diablo holds her mouth tightly preventing her from saying a thing.

 Diablo is proposing an ecape plan for her. He tells her that together with Roxana they can be one big happy family. He tells her that he has Roxana and Memin and if she gets out of there, she can reunite with them. Lucia rejects his proposal telling him off. Oleg is not happy at all but leaves. The nurse comes in and Lucha wants the nurse to give her a phone, she needs to make a call to Daniel Ponce, he is the only one who can help her Roxana and Memin. Out in the hall, Nuria sees Diablo, she grabs hold of his hands and is begging him to help her. Diablo tells her off but she insists. He takes out a gun and threatens her with it. Nuria shuts up and lets go off him. As Diablo is going out, Nuria starts to shout "Its Diablo Morero...He is here!!! Diablo Morero is here!!!" Diblo starts to run away, The guards are after him, the prison alarm is on and the scared nurse inside the hospital infirmery refuses to give Lucha the phone. As diablo is running, he runs past the kitchen and we see some scared cooks running away from the kitchen when they see him with a gun "Its Diablo Morero" heheehehehehehehehe I swear that part killed me....

Elena is dining with Radames in a restaurant. Pablo comes and is looking jealously through the glass as Radames plants a kiss on Elena's lips.(heeheheheheh Pablo you are too hot to suffer...hehehehe) Elena looks outside the glass wall and notices Pablo dying to take Radames' place...

Adriana and Abel are not doing well. They are still arguing on the "The child belongs to another man" issue. Abel tells Adriana that they are only doing it for Ignacio the poor thing is sick and cannot take anymore shock. Adriana falls for that once again(this is not gonna end well)

 Daniel Ponce has just finished talking to the public proseutor about his doubts on Lucha's cuplability on the case. He goes back to the office. Octavio comes to see him. He tells Daniel that he has bad news, "I am soon going to become a father" Daniel is delighted at the news, he asks Octavio why he is not extatic over this. Octavio tells him that the child's mother is Victoria, the niece of her father's murderer. Daniel tells him not to think that way, whatever happened to him and Lucha has nothing to do wit Vicky. He tells him that he should be happy and that this might be the right time to reconcile with Her. Octavio now gets it, he has no reason to be angry at Vicky. Pablo comes in and Daniel tells him about the good news. He congratulates Octavio but is still sad about the whole Elena-Radames thing.

Leon and Rodriguez are in a mall. They are having a wonderful conversation. They go into one of the shops and Rodriguez is trying on a suit(he looks so handsome!!) He sees Vicky and Adriana passing by and the crazy Rodriguez awakens. He runs over to them without even paying for the suit, he is now spying on them, they are looking at baby clothes. Marcela Leon finally manages to catch up with him. She is scolding him but he tells er to look at Adriana and Vicky...He is sure that Adriana is carrying his baby. He later catches up with her, he aske her if its true, she tells him that the baby she is expecting is Abel's(wrong move Adriana)

Daniel is with Pablo in the office, he recieves a call form the prison that Diablo Morero has been spotted, he had come t visit Lucia. Daniel is angry(oooh no that demon is back to posses our poor baby again...intercesors are needed urgently. Daniel starts thinking that Lucia made a fool out of him once again, if he came to visit her it can only mean that they are lovers. Pablo tries to reason with him, Daniel is beyond reason, I actually think its jealousy, obssesive jealousy thats driving him insane. He tells Pablo that justice is their jurisdiction as they all depart from the office.

Lucia's life has gotten more complicated after the fateful visit by Diablo. She goes back to her cell as all the women are talking about her alleged lover Diablo Morero since that big mouth Nuria decided to confirm this to the director. She has become the queen, with all the women asking her a bunch of questions about ow he is in bed, some even telling her to give him to them. Lucia i trying to tell them that between her and Oleg there is nothing.

Anselmo pays a visit to Radames. He asks to talk to him alone but Radames insists that Elena is present. He talks to him about a certain deal he had with Olegario. Elena is shocked and asks him what deals he had with Morero. Ofcourse bull dog denies any dealings caliming he has amnesia...he recalls nothing. Elena suggests calling the police "Pablo". Radames thinks that that is not a good idea.

Daniel has arrived in the prison. Lucia is brought into the director's office. Daniel tells the director to leave them alone, the director tries to resist but Daniel insists. The director leaves. Daniel asks Lucia what her lover was doing there(hehehehehe he is so jealous...why does he like to hurt himself like this?) Lucia tells him about Oleg's plan and that he had come claiming to be a priest. Daniel does not believe her. He tells her that he is sure she and Oleg are lovers, he is completely in love with her. He goes on to tell her that for a moment she fooled him, but he will make sure that she does not leave tat place. He then asks her how she felt when he killed Amparo? Lucha tells him that he does not know what he is saying, Amparo was like a mother to her. "You are sick Daniel"(yeah he is sick....Yesterday he was sure that he adored her but one move from Oleg and he turns back to a devil!!)

Liliana should make up her mind. She hears about Oleg's visit to the prison and gets worked up. She is complainig to Genaro that both Ponce and Oleg are completely crazy for Lucia(hehehehe poor Genaro cannot do a thing...he is a freaking nobody!!)The mean girls are still making fun of Victoria. Octavio comes and stops them, he tells them off. He tells Vicky that he is ready to take up his responsibility of being a father to "Our baby".

Nuria calls Liliana and tells her that her sister is in deep trouble because of Oleg's visit.  Daniel and Pablo are talking inside the office. Pablo is telling Daniel that he had doubted Lucia's guilt, Daniel tells Pablo that Lucia is guilty(calm down bro) Liliana comes in and tells Daniel that Lucha is going to escape. Olegario her lover will break her out of prison. Daniel thinks Lily is spiteful and throws her out of prison. 

Lucia and Nuria are being transfered. Anselmo and his guys come and stop the car.Nuria gets excited..."Olegario is going to rescue us!!!" Lucha tells her to shut up....






We start off with the stupid hitwoman that Lily sent. The woman is pressing against Lucha's nose and neck trying to strangle her."Die stupid!! Die!!" Lcha is trying to fight back but given her very weak condition she is failing. All of a sudden Reina and twoof her girls come in with a camera. They take a pic. When the stupid cop sees this, she goes to Rena and tries to take the phone from her. Rena tackles her to thebed and wants to kill her. The stupid cop is now begging for her life"Please stop...nooo I don't want to die" Lucha tells Reina not to kill her. Reina insists that it is best the stupid cop dies. Lucha stops her and tells her to ask who sent her, Reina does so, the cop tells them "Liliana"...Lucia is surprised," Liliana my sister" The bad cop answers "Yes". Reina tells the cop that she might not have died but she will pay dearly for trying to kill Lucia. They throw her out...Lucia asks Reina why she saved her, Reina tells her that someone very important is looking after her.

Daniel and Liliana are still talking. Liliana is telling Daniel not to chase her out of his life, she is in love with him. Daniel tells her "You knew from the begining what was going on between us, I have never promised you anything...its best you leave." Liliana thinks that all these has to do with his little visit to Lucia in prison. "Daniel what's wrong with you, You are in love with a criminal, the woman who killed your brother" Daniel looks at her and tells her sarcastically "Look at who is talking, the lover of Olegario Morero"(hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha someone shoot me...Daniel a million kisses to you for putting that woman in her place!! hehehehe) Liliana is not happy about that and respons with slapping Daniel hard right across the face...Daniel tells her to leave, she agrees that it is better she leaves.

Olegario has bought Memin and Roxana food to eat. He asks Memin how it is that heis here with Roxy. Memin tells him how he was able to save Roxy from the orphanage, and how they escaped. Olegario is happy about that and shres a fist bum with Memin. Later he gives Memin and roxy some money to take care of themselves. They laugh with Anselmo on how meeting Roxy and Memin could be a point in his favor to finally  get Lucia Duran.

Daniel greets Pablo. He is happy that he was finally proved innocent. Pablo asks about him and Lucia, how she is...Daniel's face lightens up..."Alive, she is alive and that's all that matters". Pablo asks "Is it my imagination or you are finally warming up to Lucia" Daniel tells him "I don't know what I feel for Lucia, all I know is that if she dies, I will die along with her" Pablo tells him that he is still very much in love with Lucia...Daniel (hehehehehe the stupid demon that used to posses him comes back briefly) "No I can't be in love with her, she is the murderer of my brother" Pablo looks at him, he knows that Daniel is just holding back his feelings but does not want to pressure him....

Ignacio is about to be discharged. Milagros comes in while he is talking to Elena and Fernanda. She tells them that Lucia has missed them alot. "Thank God she is doing much better now" Ignacio is angry, "What do you mean, what happened to my daughter, why am I always the last person to find out?" He is sturbon and goesout of the room, he is going to see his beloved Lucha. Outside the room, Abel is talking to his soon to be boyfriend(hehehehehe boyfriend, what a laugh) The doc is apologizing for almost spilling the beans to Adriana the other time. Ignacio comes out and tells them that he is getting out of that hospital no matter what..."Are you coming or not" He leaves, Elena, Abel and Fernandao follow him.

Daniel goes back to the prison to see  Lucia. He first goes to talk to the director and thanks her for allowing him to visit her. He tells her that what matters most to him is Lucha's safety. The director tells him that he can go in to see her. But first she shows him thephoto of someone trying to murder Lucha. Daniel is furious, he scolds the director for not taking proper care of Lucia. The director is blaming the officer in charge saying she had no idea one of the wardens wanted to murder Lucha. Daniel makes it clear that Lucia is her responsibility, if anything happens to her, she will be the only one to blame. He goes in to see Lucia. He finds her waking up from her bed, he begs her to rest but Lucha assures him that she is okay. He asks her whats wrong, she tells him about the incident of the previous night, "Do have any suspects on who wanted to kill you?" Lucia tells him "I am very sure that it was Liliana." Daniel has his doubts and Lucia tells him "As always youwill believe her over me...you know what commander, this visit is over" She tries to wake up from her bed. Daniel stops her, he is holding her neck as her puts her back to bed, Lucha is obviously stiull complaining and Daniel tells her "Please rest, Please" He is looking at her, deep into her eyes, She is also looking at him, they stare for aninstant and yeeeeei!! Daniel goes for it, they kisssssssssssssssss!! Its sweet and commemorative, Lucha does not fight it, she kisses him back....She remember that he is the one who put her there and pushes him away.(by the way he is looking at her, he is starting to be convinced that Lucha is not the culprit!!)



 Ignacio, Abel and Elena have come to see Lucha. Daniel is coming out from the room and Ignacio gives him a piece of his mind.Liliana has woken up from a hangover and makes a call to her hitman."Answer the phone imbisel" Someone else answers and Lily assumes that Lucha is not dead. She gets angry and throws the phone"That idiot Lucia is still alive" Lucha talks to her family, assuring her that she will remain alive for her family and for her little girl Roxana. (its so touching that I am even crying) Abel's problem is getting bigger as Nacho decides to tell Lucha about the baby Abel and Adri are expecting.

Vick convinces Chelo to sought things out with Maron(hehehehehe I always thought his name was Ramon)Octavio is fighting in school, Vicky stops him but is feeling nauseous again. Octavio goes and tells her that he knows she is pregnsnt and the child she is expecting is his, Vicky denies it and goes home. Chelo convinces her to talk to Octavio about the baby. She does so. 
 Olegario brings some gifts to Roxana and Memin and tells them that soon they will be with their mother.
Pablo is worries that Elena might be getting back together with Radames, She tells him that she is only with him to take care of him, "Radames is not well" Anselmo pays another visit to Reina and she tells him about the attempt on Lucha's life by Liliana. She later talks to Lucia about "her man" wanting to get her out of prison, Lucha tells her that she detests Olegario, he is a trafficer and a murderer, she will get out of there by herself, she is innocent. Diablo hears about this rfusal and decides to pay Lucia a visit, dressed as a priest(hehehehehe Oh no if Daniel hears about this...its gonna be trouble) Daniel has gone to the office of the public prosecutor...he says that he might be wrong but he does not think Lucia is responsible for Cesar's death!!!(hehehehehe...this is getting way hotter than I anticipated!!)




We start off with Daniel talking to the doctor. He tells the doctor that they will need to do everything possible to save Lucia. He tells the doctor that Lucia has to live no matter waht, he wants the best specialists, the best equipments for her, she cannot die. The doctor tries to contradict him and Daniel holds him by the collar..."What!! Do you want her to die?" He lets go of the doc,but warns him that Lucha cannot die...(the poor thing is desperate...if Lucha dies, I doubt he will be able to live.

We have a part that seems to confirm the fact that Radames has been faking his amnesia all this while. Deborah gets inside his room and is confessing that she is the one who caused his amnesia etc she evn apologizes to him, Radames is wide awake and hears everything. He wakes up, he asks "How can my own daughter wish me dead(lame man's translation)Deborah who is shocked by thisasks him how he remembered that she was his daughter, he could not remember her, "Didn't you have Amnesia?"(hehehehe that's the same thing I am wondering, explain) He starts complaining of a strong headache and chases Deb out of his room. Deborah leaves...(mmmh is he faking it?)

Elena is on mission rescue Pablo. She goes to the police and hands over the bottle. She tells them that she knows someone else who might have had enough motive to kill Radames. She names Deborah.(You go girl...that's how you should have behaved from the beggining!!!)

 We have another sweet part of Daniel and Lucia(oooh my tears are almot coming out!!! help me dear lord!) Daniel is telling a sleeping Lucia

"Why did this have to happen to you Lucia, to us... I want you to be with me..." Lucha is a bit delirious and is saying "ooh Daniel, why do you doubt me my love, I am innocent,ooh my poor girl Roxanita, please save my daughter..." Daniel is crying while listening to Lucha talk, I must admit that I am also shedding tears like a baby. Daniel tells her to relax and rest.(oooh my goodness!!) He continues to tell Lucha

"You might be a criminal,but I cant stop loving you...From the first day I knew I was in love with you, I had imagined a life with you, Roxanita and Memin, that might not be possible now because you are here, but not you Lucia, no you cannot die...you here me, you cannot die"(ooh my goodness...)he cries as he tells her again that she cannot die.

Octavio tries to talk to Vicky, he realizes that she is sick. Vicky tells him that she is a little down but she but that is none of his bussiness. He should leave her alone.Roxana and Memin are talking. Roxana wants to communicate to Memin by writing but Memin gets sad because he cannot understand her. Roxana then tells him that she will teach him to write. She writes on a piece of paper A and tells him it is spealt as "AAaah" Memin is happy about this and they hug it out....sooo cute!! Ramon comes with a bunch of flowers to Chelo. Chelo realizes that Ramon was married and gets angry with him, she tells him that her husband also left her for another woman and she is not willing to play the role of the "other woman" She chases him out. Vicky comes home and they have a discussion on that matter.

Daniel s still looking at Lucha, she reacts, he is happy because that means she can hear him. He reminds her that she has to live, "you cannot die, you are not going to die...I will not let you die" Meanwhile Liliana is making a call to her inside man in the prison. She tells her that Lucia has to die today. Her hitman tells her that she cannot get to Lucia at the moment, a policeman is there with her, he is a very handsome poiceman(hehehehe my sentiments exactly!) Liliana stands up from her bed, shocked and asks "And who is this policeman that is protecting her?" The hitman(hitwoman) tells Liliana "Its the commander, commander Ponce,he has not left her side even for a minute" Liliana is angry(hehehehe that's how I like to see her) She tells the hitman that she has to finish the job tonight.

Daniel makes a call to the hospital.Milagros who was in her office thinking of how much she misses Lucia, receives the call "Ohh its you commander Ponce, what do you want from me, you took away Lucia and Amparo is gone, I am the the only one left to care fro Amparo's hospital...I am very busy..." Daniel tells her that Lucia is in very bad shape. She quickly gets up "Why do these bad things always happen to this good woman!" She heads out to get doc Mallorca...

Meanwhile Carlos is telling Mallorca that Abel is commited to Adriana and he loves her, there is really nothing he can do about that. Deyanira enters the office, she is dressed to kill and Mallorca doesn't hesitate to ask who the lucky man is. Deyanira says its Carlos and Mallorca is happy to hear that, Milagros comes in and tells the doc that Lucha is in bad shape. They leave with Mallorca leaving behind a very nerves Deyanira. 

Olegario wants to protect Lucia in jail, he is pretty sure that Liliana has a plan up her sleaves and might attempt to kill Lucha in jail. He tells Anselmo that he loves Lucia, he cannot stop thinking about her. Anselmo comments that love will kill him and laughs. Deborah has escaped and has left behind a letter. She confesses everything to Octavio. Octavio gets the letter and after reading it he is sure that his mother was the one who attacked his grandpa.He goes and delivers the letter to the police who immediately release Pablo.(Atleast he is free!! yeeeiy!!)

Milagros is inside the hospital. Daniel sees her and goes and gives her a hug that seems to have caught Mil by surprise. He crys in her shoulder. He ushers them to where Lucia begs Mallorca to save her "Save her please ...please" Milagros goes to sit nest to Lucha as Daniel is standing aside. Milagros tells Lucia that she will always be right there by her side no matter what, she will never leave her. She aslo scolds Daniel and is telling Amparo(upstairs) to protect Lucia, she will be furious with her if she let Lucha die...

Anselmo has come to the prison, he is talking to La Reina. He gives her something, she asks him who he wants her to kill, he tells her that he wants her to save someone, by orders of his boss. Reina asks him who his boss is "El diablo Morero". He tells her that he wants her to save Lucia Duran.

Lucia's temperature has gone down. Doctor Mallorca says she is going to recover just fine. The nurse comes in and tells them that its time for them to leave, visiting hours are over. Milagros wants to stay behind and take care of Lucia. The nurse tell them that that is not possible. Daniel tells the nurse that he will not leave until Lucia is well "I will stay here until she reccuperates" Milagros and Mallorca think that that is an excellent Idea. They leave. Daniel is there alone with Lucia.

Radames is having dinner with Nachito Elena and Octa. The maid comes and tells Elena that someone is there to see her. Elena goes and sees Pablo. She is happy to see him but tells him that since Radames is not doing well, he will have to stay away. Radames comes out and finds them. He greets Pablo and Pablo leaves. Radames says that Pablo's face looks familiar. "But ooh well, lets go back into the house"(hehehehehe this dude still rmembers everything!!!) Later on Radames asks Elena to dance with him, Ele is hesitant but agrees. As they dance he wants to make love to her, Elena pushes him aside and runs off. He is there, his smile has faded and his bulldog face is back..."You still reject me Elena" (ofcourse its all just for show!!! the guy does not have amnesia!!!)

Back at the hospital, Daniel is asleep next to Lucia, he is holding her tightly warming her by his embrace. She wakes up,sees him next to her, she does not push him aside, he also wakes up, looks at her,he smiles(I have missed this smiley face Daniel...)The smile emanates from within..."You are alive, you did not die Lucia...for a moment there I thought I lost you" He touches her neck (I am over there screaming KISSS HER!!! KISS HER!!!) He goes for it...(almost there) Their lips are almost touching...annnnnnnnnddddddddddd the nurse and the doctor enter and interupt them. Daniel looks at her. The doc tells him to leave. He does so. The nurse tells Lucia that that man loves her...he has not left her side for a moment. Lucha tells her that what he feels for her is not love, its guilt(lame man's translation) 

Outside of the building, Daniel walks to his car, he says "You are alive Lucia,you are alive" He enters his car and drives off.

Olegario spots Memin and Roxana. He tells Roxana that he will bring her mother his angel out of prison and she will see her again. He goes on and buys all the flowers the two kids were selling.

Liliana has come to Daniel's apartment. She is looking for him calling him my love, I think she wants a replay of those steamy moments she spent with hin. Daniel comes and finds her there. "What are you doing here?" Liliana tells him that she knows he spent the whole day with Lucia. Daniel asks her why she had to go and provoke Lucia, Lily tells him that she is the victim in all this. Daniel asks him for the keys he gave her. "I don't ever want to see you here again"(hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe PARTY!!! PARTY!! PARTY!!!) She grudgidly hands over the keys to him.

Well Liliana's hitman is inside, she wants to kill Lucia....WHO WILL SAVE HER NOW!!!



We start off with Daniel and Lucia's convo. Daniel asks her her what happened to her hair. She tells him that she cut it. She touches her hair and asks him if he is refering to that, she tells him that she is not dead. She then tells him that if it was possible he would see her dead. Daniel tells her that that is not true. Lucha tells him that she is not stupid. Lucha tells him that the same way he destroyed her life is the same way she will reciprocate his hate for her(hehehehe lame man's translation...but I am enjoying this!!!) She continues to tell him that he has brought her much pain, much suffering. Daniel evades the subject and tells her that he has come there for something else. Lucha tells him she knows, she asks him "What happened with my baby?"...Daniel pauses a little and tells her "She has escaped" Lucha's eyes grow bigger!!(this is Lucha's new short hair look...hehehehe yeah I know hehehehe)

Olegario has taken Liliana. He is holding a knife to her neck. Liliana is begging Olegario to let her go. Olegario is determined to kill her. He is telling her that her mistake was messing with Lucia, she is beautiful, and has a big heart. Oleg is about to slit her throught(I am there screaming SLIT IT!! DO IT!!! YEEEIY!!) Someone is at the door, Olegario gets distracted and Lily kicks him straight in his fundamentals(Ouch!!! that ought to hurt!!) She then picks up a huge vase and hits him straight in the head(hehehehe oooh noooo...what is this? Gerrarahia!!! hehehehe) Olegario falls on the bed. Liliana drops him to the ground and tells him that he is stupid if he thought he would get rid of her that easily. She takes ropes and is tying them around his hands and his feet. Olegario asks her if she is going to kill him, "Where are you going to hide the body?"(hehehehe this part is pretty funny) She takes a piece of clothe and inserts it inside his mouth. She is yelling at him to shut up. She goes behind him and kicks him with her heels. She is outside, she makes a call to Genaro. She tells Genaro that it is an emergency, it has to do with Olegario. Meanwhile Olegario is inside the room and a room attendant enters. He asks her to help him, she does so genourously. He tells her he wants to be left alone. Liliana is still in the reception making a call telling Genaro to come and help her ASAP with Olegario. Just then she sees Olegario walking out complaining about his head. She hides behind a wall and is just watching in disbelief(I swear this part just killed me). "He just escaped, Olegario just escaped"

Back to Lucia and Daniel. Lucha is holding Daniel by the collar, accusing him of being responsible for Roxy's escape.Daniel tells her that he also cares about Roxana. Lucha tells him to stop being a hypocrite. Daniel tells her that she is the one responsible for Roxana's escape because she is a criminal and left her daughter alone. Lucha tells him that she is innocent and he knows it.Lucha tells him "I will get out of here commander, I promise you. I am going to live For my daughter, for my father and for me, and I will demonstrate to you just how wrong you are commander". Daniel tells her that she is not getting out of there. Lucha asks him if he still believs she is the same stupid Lucha as before. She tells him that she will get out of there no matter what. "Officer...take me to the cell, this visit does not interest me" She walks past him, bumping shoulders with him. He is left there hanging as Lucha walks to her cell. Back there Nuria asks her what happened. She tells Nuria that she does not want to talk, but the mosquito Nuria wants her to talk. Lucha takes her by the hair and presses her hard on the cell walls warning her to stay clear off her. She then makes a silent prayer asking God to protect both Roxana and Memin...

Hehehe I guess you are wondering where those two trouble makere are? Memin is trying to convince Roxana to go inside a restaurant with her. Roxy is a little hesitant but Memin insists and Roxy has to comply. They enter, Memin makes an announcemen and all of a sudden he starts to sing(hehehehe what) Roxana is now dancing, they are entertaining the guests(hehehehe this kids always make my day.)

Dedorah is the one who is swiming in sinking waters. She is trying to sell some of her father's assets that are written under her. Octavio tries to warn her against it but Deborah shows him the papers, they are written under her name. Carlos is drining himself silly, he realizes now that he cannot live without Deyanira. He is talking to the waiter about his problems(hehehehe Carlos sorry my man) Daniel enters the restaurant, he obviously see Carlos but since they are not in talking terms, he completely ignores him. Daniel recieves a call from Octavio and calls Octa over to the restaurant. Carlos leaves as Ocatvio enters. Octavio tells Daniel about Deborah's behaviour. Daniel tells him to take him to his house.

Radames is asking Elena a bunch of questions about their marriage. Deborah comes in, she wants Elena to stop lying to her father. She tells Radames that Elena wanted a divorce from him beacuse of another man, a policeman who is very handsome. Elena tells Deborah that that was not the moment to bring such a thing up. Daniel comes and finds Deborah, he tells her he needs to talk to her. He questions her, she panics and says how much she hates Radames. She escapes to her room, Elena asks him if he also thinks that Deborah is the culprit, he tells her yes. Octavio denies it saying that his mother is not capable and Elena is just making things up to save her lover. Daniel tells him not to behave like that(hehehehe Daniel the "Saint" hehehe)

Lucha is back in prison. She is teaching the other girls how to fight and defend themselves. Nuria is trying to distract the lesson and the other girls go at her. She agrees to shut up. Lucia is called into the visitation room, someone named Camila has come to visit her. She is shocked, her lawyer would not come to visit her in that hour. She goes in and finds that it is Liliana.

She asks Lily what the hell she wants in there. Lily asks her what happend to her hair. She is still trying to rub the fact that she is sleeping with her man on her face. Lucia tells the guard that she is not interested in the visit but the guard forces her to sit down. When the guard leaves, she goes to the door and tries to open it, Liliana is doing something fishy, she is knocking her head on the wall. Lucha sees this and tries to stop her. She is bleeding(What her plan? This woman is pyco!!)

Lily grabs her and is calling for help, making it look like its Lucha who has attacked her. The guards come in and no one believes Lucia. She is taken to the director who orders that she is taken to Solitary. The guards take her in, throw her on the bed and splash ice cold water on her and the place she is sleeping on. Lucha is screaming, begging them to stop..."Its very cold!! please stop!!" as she shields herself with her hands.

Later we see Liliana talking with one of the guards...ofcourse it had to be her... She asks her if they were ablr to punish her sister(for what?/) The guard assures her that they did punish her well. "ohh the poor thing was screaming Stop!!! Its too cold!!" Liliana tells her that she has done a great job, she wants her little sister to suffer. She hands over the money to her and tells her she needs Lucia to suffer more. The wicked guard who now looks like a dog that has just been offered a bone, promises to get the work done!!

Adriana almost finds out about Abel's gay status from doctor Mallorca. Daniel, Rodriguez and Leon are outside searching like crazy for Roxana and Memin but they do not find them, Roxana and Memin had been hiding away from them. Carlos is dead drunk, he comes over to Deya's house. He even offers her pizza and tells her that he is completely carzy for her. He asks her never to leave him. Deyanira ofcourse is so deeply in love with him. She tells him that she will never leave him.They kiss, fall on the floor...and make love...atleast one person in this film is getting some.

Elena is looking through Deborah's things and finds nothing. She later bumps into a bottle and immediately thinks that it must have been the weapon. She goes to prison and tells Pablo. Pablo tells her to hand over the weapon, it might help in his case.

The guards continue pooring water to Lucha who looks so much worse than she did earlier. She is begging them to give her medical attention. They tell her to wait till the next day. Milagros comes to see Daniel the next day. He tells him that there is something very wrong with Lucia, they are not allowing her any visitations. Daniel finds this extremely weird and decides to pay a visit to the women's prison. He is told by the director that she was being disciplined for attacking her sister but this morning she got really sick, she has no idea what might have happened to her. Daniel is ushered in and his heart breaks on seeing Lucha lying there unconcious and with oxygen pipes going inside her nose. He asks the doctor what the problem is, the doctor is trying to explain to him Lucha's situation in detail, he tells the doc that he wants to understand what he is saying...he looks desperate..."How bad is it?"...The doctor looks at him and goes "Its very bad"....


We start off with Lucia. She is still in the hall cutting off huge chunks of her hair. Her eyes are welled up with tears as she flashes back on the time she was being taken to prison
“I have never met such an aweful man in my life I curse the day I fell in love with you … You are the worst thing that ever happened to me Daniel Ponce” she cries as she looks herself in the mirror”
Meanwhile Daniel is with Liliana. They are kissing and fall on the bed. Liliana seems to be enjoying this, Daniel stops for a while. He flashes back to the first night he spent with Lucia. He remembers Lucha telling him “Tonight commander nothing else matters, tonight I only care about you commander,(the piano is playing “los miserables” in the background…) As he kisses Lucia. The flashback ends. Liliana is still kissing him but she realizes that Ponce’s head is not really there. He has stopped kissing her. “Whats wrong Daniel?”… He gets up saying something, puts on his T-shirt carries his jacket and leaves. Liliana is left there breathing heavily like a goat(hehehehehe) she curls herself up. She feels sorry for herself (hehehehehe… serves you right witch**)
Carlos and Adriana are talking. Carlos tells her that she did the right thing by telling Abel the truth. He tells her that she avoided a lot of complication and eventual chaos. (Obviously Carlos knows the truth about Abel’s gay state hehehe)
Speaking about Carlos, the guy is in deep trouble. He comes out of his office and asks Deyanira to go home with him(remember Deya asked him to marry her and he totally freaked hehehe) Deya turns him down and tells hm that she understands that to him she can never be marriage material. She leaves. (Poor girl*) Carlos is left there dumbfounded.
Daniel has come to check on Roxana. He finds the social worker scolding a bunch of other workers “How could you be so incompetent? How can a child disappear under your watch? How could you let Roxana Perez escape?” Daniel hears this “What?… Roxana has escaped?(He is getting angrier) What class of work are you conducting here?” He asks her why she would take a child from her family only to loose her. The social worker tries to tell him that Lucia Duran is a convicted criminal but Daniel stops her. He tells her not to insult Lucha Duran. (What is this? has Daniel suddenly become a saint… Why do I feel like our rational commander is swiftly making a come back??)
Deborah is looking at her fathers assets. She asks Octavio to read her all of Radames’ assets and gets excited ad Octa reads her several apartments(Deb is a total dummy*!! She is completely blowing her cover!)
Leon and Rodriguez go to visit Pablo in prison. They tell him about Daniel’s madness and how poorly he treated Lucia.
Back in prison, the girls are sitted in the visitation room. Lucia enters the room (we cannot see her face but can hear her voice… I am dying to see her haircut!! Jajajaja Telewonder things!!) They don’t show us(hehehehehe) She gives back the knife to La Reina. La Reina tells her that prison is a dangerous place and she will need the knife to protect herself. Lucha insists that she only wants to be left in peace, she has to live for her father and her daughter and she does not want to kill anybody. She leaves. One of the girls(the one who used to be her cellmate asks Reina if all of a sudden she became soft, Reina gets angry grabs her putting her face down and tells warns her against messing with Lucia. “That woman wants peace”
Nuria is brought to prison. She is put inside a cell and freaks out on realizing that her cellmate is none other than our TIGRESS Lucia. She later makes a call to Liliana. She tells Lily she wants to get out of that place and informs her that her cellmate is Lucha. “You won’t be able to recognize her when you see her” Liliana promises to get her out.
Daniel comes and finds Deyanira opening the door. He tells her if she has seen Roxana. Deyanira gets angry and lashes out at Daniel. She tells him that he was there, he witnessed how the social worker took Roxana away. She warns him to stop mocking her. Daniel tells her that Roxana escaped from the orphanage. An enraged Deyanira slaps him. She tells him that its all his fault that Roxana escaped. As he walks away we see Roxana and Memin peeping from a car across the road. Memin tells Roxana that they cannot go to Deya’s place because of the bad policeman.
Daniel goes and visits Pablo. He tells Pablo of how much Roxy’s dissapearance has affected him. He tells him that he feels responsible for Roxana’s disappearance. He tells Pablo that Roxana had even started to call him dad. Meanwhile all the cops from the AFIAD are out in the street looking for Roxana.
Liliana comes back to the hotel and finds Olegario she is shocked to see him “hello Liliana… Did you miss me?( I am not really sure if that’s what he actually said) hehehehe I hope he strangles her little needy neck!!
Daniel goes to the prison and asks the guards to bring Lucia Duran to him. He asks to be alone with her. The guards bring her in, Daniel stands up from his seat as he recieves her. He looks shocked (remember we have not been able to see Lucha’s new short hair look… At this point I am a bundle of nerves how does she look?”)
Daniel exclaims “Lucia?!!”(Something between a question and an exclamation!! Show her to us already*!!) The camera moves to Lucia… “Yes Commander, it is me” Lucia now looks like a shadow of her once pretty self.

#WEEK 12



Lets start off at the courtroom. Daniel accuses Lucha of being Olegario's lover. Lucha denies all the claims. Daniel is persistent and makes sure he is convincing enough. He later handcuffs Lucha and takes her to her cell. As he is taking off her cuffs, their hands touch, its a weird tender moment between them. She asks him something. He continues taking off her cuffs saying that her question is stupid. Lucha tells him something that hits him, straight in the heart. He leaves. Lucia is left behind telling herself that she will never be able to forgive him.

Deborah is angry, she is complaining that her father had to forget all about her. Everyone tries to tell her to calm down to no avail. She is taken out of the room on Elena's request. Outside Octavio scolds her on why she behaves as she does. Deborah is angry and tells him that she wished Radames had died. She tells Octavio to leave her in peace. We see Liliana talking to the social worker, obviously poisoning her against Lucia.

Later Liliana goes back to Genaro's hideout. She is telling Genaro how much she hates her sister Lucha. She cannot believe that her father kicked her out because of Lucia. Genaro who seems to be angry goes and opens the door. "Mee tooo...I want you out of my house" Liliana now using her resourses, goes to the door, closes it and goes back to Genaro. She tells him how much she likes him and how much she needs him. Ofcourse the imbisel is seduced and he starts kissing her(I mean come on!!! Genaro are you that much of a dummy!!?)

Nuria is visited by her lawyer in prison. She gives him a message to give to Liliana. The case continues to move. The day of the verdict is here. Lucia is told to stand up. The judge is about to read the verdict(there is alot of tension inside the courtroom) The judge reads the verdict...(ooh nooo...my heart is broken) "Lucha Duran, you are sentenced to 20 years and 4 months for being an assesory to the murder of Cesar Mondragon" Ignacio cannot take this, he wakes up and accuses the judge of being unjust to his daughter. Daniel does not look happy. Lucia is being taken away, She looks at Daniel and asks him "Are you satisfied?...Daniel Ponce, are you happy now?" Daniel cannot even look at her, his face is down casted. Lucia is taken out(oooh my goodness...this novela is taking me on an emotional rollercoster!!! I am a hotbed of tears!!) Daniel moves out of the courtroom.

Deyanira is sitted outside Carlos' office with Roxana. Carlos comes and stels a kiss from her. Deya is not in the mood to be kissed. She is waiting for the verdict. Milagros comes out of her office. She wears a sad face. She tells them about Lucia and they are all heartbroken. Now everyone except Liliana is waiting for Lucha's transfer to the women's prison. Liliana has gone to Genaro who is now turning out to be a brainless pervert. She tells him that she is in a celebratory mood, Lucha has been captured.Genaro only wants to have sex. As Liliana is making a call, Genaro is being very inapropriate(its super disturbing!!!) They later roll in the hay.

Lucha is talking to Milagros who tells her that God has a plan for her. Lucha does not believe this, God abandoned her and took away her daughter. Milagros tries to keep her faith alive but surely in such a situation, one will be forced not to believe. Leon comes in, she is not happt to be the one to take Lucia away but she tells her the time has come. She handcuffs Lucha and takes her out. Everyone including Roxana is there. Lucha says her goodbyes to everyone. (I think I need another tissue!!...her goodbyes to Roxy were the most painful...) Roxana is holding tight to her. Daniel tells Rodriguez that it is time. He tells him to remove Roxana from Lucha's arms. He goes and takes Lucha away. 

They are now outside, everyone is following Lucia. Roxana goes and hugs Lucha(my poor munchkin) She is hugging Lucia, hitting Daniel. Its a very emotional scene. Just then the social worker comes with a bunch of policemen and tells them that she has an order to take Roxana away from a criminal. Lucha panics. She is desperately trying to help her little girl, Ponce is not letting go of her. Ignacio tries to shield the child but they take her by force. Roxana is crying. Lucha is pleading, Ignacio is down(poor man...his health hehehehehehehe poor guy...I really don't know why his scenes come across as irresistably hillarious!!) Lucha curses Daniel as he puts her into the car.

Olegario gets the bad news about Lucha's arrest from Anselmo. He is not even one bit happy about this. Lucia is at the prison. As she is being taken through the cells, the starved Lesbians are checking her out, "Mamacita!!"..."Ulalahhh" Lucha is taken into her cell.

 Her cellmate wants to mess with her but she finds out that our girl is a TIGRESS!! Lucia takes her by the neck and warns her against messing with her. The inmates realize that this one right here is a fiesty one. I think she asks to talk to the "Reina(queen)" of that place. She is granted that request.

Carlos goes back to the office with Daniel. He gives Daniel a piece of his mind and scolds him on how he mistreated Lucia. He is almost about to leave but thinks twice and goes back. He gives Daniel a hot punch in the face and reminds him that he is an imbisel. Daniel is seated in his office, he remembers Lucha's words to him inside the cell. He leaves. Goes over to Lily's place. Lily is rolling in bed with Genaro. Daniel knocks.

Meanwhile Deyanira asks Carlos to marry her and he panics, thankfully Abel and Adriana enter the office right in time to save this dumbfounded Carlos. Adriana finally confesses to Abel that she is having the policeman's baby. Abel overreacts and tells her that he wants a divorce!!(hehehehehe). 

Lucha has already talked to the women and they have given her a knife. She goes to a hall and almost kills herself, she wants to give up but Amparo's voice speaks to her. Afterwards she remembers her father, Amparo and Roxana. She only bruises her neck slighlty. As the memories run through her head, she is cutting her hair...(my poor girl!!)

Daniel gets a call from Lily who has somehow managed to get rid of the bonehead Genaro. She tells him to come over. He does so and as they are at it, Genaro is looking through the door...he is dying with jelousy...(I swear this whole jelous Genaro bussiness is too funny!!)

Meanwhile inside the orphanage, Roxana has refused to react to the social worker, she decides to get help. Memin comes in through the window and gets Roxana to escape with him(hehehehe he always make my day!!)


EPISODE 59....


She wanted to kill Radames but failed. She realized her mistake and stopped herself and even asked for forgiveness from her unconcious father. 

Abel is able to get a phone and makes a call to vicky. Vicky and Adriana rush to get him(He is such a baby)
Daniel is still acting up...very angry at Lucia. He goes to visit Pablo who tells him that Elena does not believe in his innocence. Pablo notices Daniel's condition and asks him what is wrong, Daniel tells him the issue with Lily and Lucia. Pablo thinks Daniel has gone crazy, sleeping with Liliana is a huge mistake. Daniel tells him that he is only doing it to forget Lucia. Lily later comes to see Daniel and he asks her why she told Lucia about their affair. He makes it clear that the only relatuionship he has with Liliana is in BED..."I don't want any commitments, you are not my girlfriend neither are you my fiance, the only relationship we have is in Bed period!" Well Liliana has to deal with being good for one thing only. She accepts.

A lot happens in one month. Pablo is still in prison. Lucia gets a chance to see her roxy. Daniel and Liliana's stupid affair continues, Deyanira and Carlos continue with their new found passion, Anselmo is released because of lack of eveidence, Lucha's case is around the corner...And what the hell is this? We have our traitor Genaro who is looking jealously at Liliana and Daniel. Is he perharps in love with the witch??

 Lucia is told that her trial is about to commence. We have Leon who tries to convince Daniel that Lucia might be innocent. Elena and Consuelo go to visit Lucia and as they talk Lucia asks her about her story with Pablo. Elena tells her that she and Pablo are done. She cannot go back to him with his Brutality(oooh nooo she didn't)

Radames our precious bulldog is awake from the induced coma. He can talk but as a child...Elena comes to see him and he is asked by the doc who she is "Eyeee...Ellena..."(hehehehehehe poor guy). He cannot remember everyone clearly but remembers that he had a grandson and a son. Luckily for the murdress Deborah, he has no memory not even one of her...She is safe for now!! Talking about safety, Adriana should really have taken safety precautions while sleeping with the cop(hehehhe) Consuela and the rest of the family are sitted at the table. Nacho is sitted next to little Roxana. They are all having dinner. Consuelo has a very important announcement to make. Vicky does not want her to say it just yet. Consuelo insists "Father, You are going to be a great grandfather!" Ignacio is extatic at the news "Vicky you have made me very happy" Fernanda seems to be the only one shocked at this... Ignacio now looks at Abel and Adriana and tells them that they should be next,,,Adriana looks at Vicky...Vicky looks at Adriana...they look at each other...Only viewerville knows whats up with these two....

The day of the trail is here. People are on the witness stand. Lucia is asked by the judge how she pleeds..."Innocent...I am completely innocent" Octavio who has become an even bigger moron than our truly(Daniel) stands up and is accusing Lucia. Daniel tells him to calm down, justice will take its cause. Lucia is asked a bunch of questions and the lawyer is trying to incrimainate her. Her defense Lawyer Camila objects to this. We have Ignacio who stands up and adresses the court. He scolds the lawyer for accusing his innocent daughter and also directs insults at Daniel. Daniel wants to die from embarrasment...He is holding back his tears!! Lucia tells Chelo and Fernanda to take Nacho out of the courtroom. Outside Chelo tells Fer to take Nacho home wheile she gets back in. Liliana comes and Nacho tells her that she has betrayed her sister and she wants her out of his house, she should forget that she ever had a family. Fernanda backs up Ignacio, and tells Lily that Ignacio is her entire life, she will agree with whatever it is he asks of her!!

 Old man Pacho is next and all he does is complicate issues for Lucia. Carlos is next and speaks with conviction about Lucha's innocence. Milagros is next...She speaks so passionately about Lucia, she tells the jury that she is a competent worker, never gets in trouble with any of the workers. She does not care what the law will say "This woman here, Lucia Duran is Innocent!!!" She adresses Daniel about how his aunt loved Lucia(at this point I need a hankie...the mother daughter chemistry between Lucia and Milagros is too moving!!)

Daniel is now on the stand.... The jerk accuses Lucia of being Olegario Morero's lover. He tells the jury that Lucia is guilty of killing his Brother...

Meanwhile the stupid social worker has come to take Roxy away but Vicky refuses to let her in. Did I mention Nuria has been transfered to jail and is now threating to expose Liliana is she does not get her out. Olegario free as a bird...(when will he help his Angel?)






We start off with Leon and Lucia talking. Lucia agrees with Leon that Pablo cannot hurt a fly. Leon says to her "I don't know why but I think you are innocent" Lucia is happy to hear that. "Thank you Leon.I only wish Daniel could think the same. In the hospital, Deborah is playing th victim pinting a fingure at Elena and Pablo for her father's condition. Dr. Mallorca tells them that Radames might wake up with Amnesia(hhhhheeeeeeeehhhhhhheeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeee! This will be fun to watch) Meanwhile Oleg and Anselmo are in a bar drinking. Olegario is ranting on how he will get his revenge on that "Miserable" Liliana and the "Imbisel Genaro" Together with Radames. They laugh away. Liliana comes in Genaro's hideout and Genaro wants sex as usual...Liliana tells him that they have to focus on the tempest infront of them, "What Tempest?" "The tempest of Olegario Morero" She tells him that Oleg would most likely want to kill them.

 Liliana has come to the prison where Lucia is being held. Lucia makes it clear that she does not want to see Liliana. She asks the snake to leave but Liliana tells her that she will not leave until she shows Lucia something. She opens her phone and faces it towards Lucha. Lucha is heartbroken to see Daniel and Lily in bed. Meanwhile Daniel and the rest of the officers find out about Olegario's hideout in Monterey. He carries a bunch of guys with him and they go raid the place. Olegario is having a hangover from all the drinks he had had the previous night.(hehehehehe Oleg is usually funny but a drunk Oleg?? Even funnier) Anselmo brings him a remedy he just made. Olegario takes a sip and immediately goes to the washrooms to puke. Anselmo is then ambushed by Daniel and the AFIAD!

Vicky and Chelo talk and Chelo convinces her to tell the entire truth to Octavio about the pregnancy. Vicky goes to the school and asks around about Octvi. She is told he is preoccupied in the cafeteria. Vicky goes to the cafeteria and finds DUMMMY Octavio kissing a random girl. She stops them and tells him that she needs to talk to him.

  PART 2

  Vicky is crying(the talk did not go well). Daniel is asking Anselmo where Olegario is. Anselmo refuses to tell him anything. Daniel is holding Anselmo's head down trying to force the truth out of him. Anselmo does not burge. Olegario who was in the loo hears this and starts escaping. Daniel tells Rodriguez to stay with Anselmo as he follows the path of the noise he just heard. Olegario goes and jumps out a window, shoots at two of the AFIAD officers and escap[es. Daniel has followed Olegario's path but is only met by a couple of dead bodies of some of his men. He goes back and starts to question Anselmo. Anse is still denying the obvious(hehehehehe he is getting on Daniel's nerves...sooo funny) Daniel decides to punch him right in the face and tells Rodriguez to take him to the station.

Meanwhile Lucha is telling Liliana to get out. Liliana is rubbing it in her face that she now has her man. Lucia cannot hold back her tears as she gets more agressive at kicking out Lily. Leon shows up. She helps Lucia kick out Liliana, Lily is defiant to leave and she just wants to keep tormenting Lucia. Leon grabs her and kicks her out like the filthy rat she is. Outside Lily comments that Leon might also be jealous. Leon tells her that the only place Daniel will ever sleep with her is in her dreams. Lily asks her "You don't believe me?...okay seee" She opens her phone and shows the video to Leon. Leon kicks her out. Deyanira arrives at that moment and Lily makes sure to throw a few of her abusive words to Deaynira. Deyanira is let in to see Lucia.Elena has come to see Pablo. Pablo obviously expects Elena to believe him. Elena has her doubts about Pablo being the one who attempeted to kill Radames. 

Lucia is devastated(and who wouldn't be?) Deyanira finds her and when Lucia is about to tell her that Lily and Daniel slept together, Deya starts with the whole story of how her and Carlos slept together, she could not stop it, he was so good in bed...Liliana is shocked "You and Carlos?" Deyanira wonders why she would ask that "Wasn't that what you wanted to ask me?" Lucia tells her that she was talking about Daniel and Liliana. Deyanira is shocked. Deya tells her that Probably the witch took advantage of his loneliness to seduce Daniel. Lucia agrees but she says that no matter what he should not have slept with her sister. She crys and tells Deyanira that all she cares about now is her daughter, she asks Deya to call her lawyer...

Roxana is hiding again, Fernanda thinks that there is something wrong with Roxana. She talks to Ignacio and they decide that Fer takes her to see Carlos while They all go to see Lucia.Daniel is back in the office and his break up with Lucia has turned him into an unbearable jerk. Lucia's lawyer comes to him and demands to see Lucia. Daniel is not happy about this but accompanies her to the cell. He opens the cell and finds Lucia there. These two love hurting each other... He starts Yellign at Lucia telling her who nkonws what. Lucia also confronts him and tells him that she never wants to see him again...he should go back to his lover "the miserable Liliana Duran!!" Daniel is shocked, almost ashamed as he casts his face to the ground...
(I am loving thissssssssss........)

We have Adriana who meets up with Victoria. She tells Vicky to accompany her to the hospital. She wants to have an abortion(stupid girl...there is no need to kill the baby since your hubby is gay!!! )


We have Lucia and Daniel inside the cell having such a heated and passionate argument. (Daniel is being very unprofessional...the duran Juju has turned him into an irrational mad man) Lucia asks him why he had to go to bed with Liliana, her sister, he knows how much the mujer hates her. Daniel trying to cover up his shameful act reminds him that he is the supposed lover of the man who killed his brother and his aunt. They continue arguing as Ignacio and Chelo come in. Ignacio hears this and comes into the cell. He almost punches Daniel. "How can you say that to my daughter?" Daniel dodges Nacho's punch. Nacho has one of his episodes and Lucia is helping him to calm down. Daniel is standing there feeling sorry for himself. He wants to help out but Lucia rejects his help rudely.(hehehehehe today she has been calling him mr. justce alot...hehehehe so funny!!) The lawyer tells Daniel to go, he has already caused too much trouble. Daniel leaves...(I must admit its painfully sweeet to see him suffer this way...to imagine the torment has only begun for him!!)

Adriana and Vicky reach the hospital and see one girl comming out in so much pain. Vicky tells her she cannot do it and runs away. Adriana also see this and follows Vicky "Victoria!!! wait for me" We have an odd scene. Rafael Montes is giving money to his employees. He tells them that he would not be needing their services any longer. He gives them money and they leave(I am wondering why in the world would Rafael do that until I hear this...) "HEHEHE!" ohhhh yes I knew it...this is Olegario laughing ...What happened to Rafael!!?

Fernanda takes Roxy for her appointment with Carlos as Abel sleeps on the streets(like seriously!!! ) Some kids come to steal money from him. Deborah has come to pay a visit to her dad whose life is hanging on a thread thanks to her. She talks abit to her unconcious dad and now wants to unplug his life machine(Deborah Deborah Deborah!!! Will she do it?) 



 i warn you all to go slow on the insults...Daniel is only human!!! hehehehehehehehehehe


Olegario is talking to his brother. His brother had no idea that Pablo was his brother. His twin who we now know as Rafael Montes tells Oleg that it is impossible for him to have any brother, he was an only child. Olegario tells him the story of how their biological parents sold Rafael to a rich guy for money and how Olegario stayed with his Pauper parents. Rafael still does not believe this. He wants to call the police but Olegario takes out his gun and points it at him. He tells Rafael about his reputation as a crook. Rafael googles the net and finds several articles about "El Diablo". He asks what Diablo wants from him. Diablo tells him that he is in love with a woman who will not give him the time of day because of his reputation. But the woman might be impressed by a guy such as him. (Olegario was being sarcastic and laughed alot during the entire convo...I do not even want to imagine what he is planning!)


Deborah is inside the study, she thinks Radames is dead and wants to escape from the house. Pablo has come to Rada's house. He is calling out Nachito. Deborah freaks out and escapes from the study. Pablo enters the house(I am yelling DON'T DO IT) He goes over to the study. Elena and Octavio arrive at the same time. Octavio is still of the notion that the Duran's are bad. They have an argument. Nachoti sees Deborah. Deborah does not want Nachito looking around. They all enter the study and finds Radames lying there lifeless. Deborah finds the perfect scapegoat and starts shouting "You killed my father!!" Pablo tells her to calm down. He tries to explain that he came and found him lying there. Octavio who now seems to be a big idiot also says that Pablo killed his grandfather. Pablo is taken into custody(ofcourse it had to be that stupid Octavio who called the police on Pablo!!  The jerk!


Roxana and Vicky are in the kitchen preparing something. Vicky goes out to get something. Liliana arrives and finds Roxana in the kitchen "Well look what we have here" She threatens Roxana and tells her to keep her mouth shut or else. Little Roxy is shaking already. The fear is killing her. Liliana to Roxy "BOOO!" (hehehehehhe that was funny, seems like what a two year old would do) Roxana is left there shaking with fear as Liliana escapes. Vicky has another encounter with octavio who has come to her house for some reason. They fight for a bit(Octavio grow up!!! you jerk!!) Chelo later speaks to Victoria and Vicky opens up about her feelings. Chelo tells her that she loves her very much(awww) They both leave to go get Roxana. They panic when they do not spot Roxy in the kitchen. Chelo tells her that she had promised Lucia that she would take care of her daughter. Vicky then finds Roxana hiding under a sink...shaking and scared to death. They calm her down(oooh poor baby!!)

Daniel and Leon are still working themselves silly on the Lucia case. Leon asks him "What if you find out that Lucia is actually not guilty?"...Daniel looks at her, thinks for a bit and tells Leon that Lucia is a murderer(I am starting to think that he also does not believe this!!)  Leon later leaves. Daniel is seated in one of the staircases inside his apartment. He is holding something in his hand. He flashes back to the time when Lucia told him "The only great truth Daniel is that I love you...Listen to me well, I have never felt for anyone what I feel for you" After the flashback he says "You will drive me crazy Lucia". He goes over to his bed and there is a knock at the door. He goes over and opens it. Its cement butt Liliana. He asks her what she is doing there, "What was so urgent that you had to come now?" Lily aproaches him and kisses him. She lets herself in. She tells him that she is sure he needs to be in the arms of a woman. Daniel hesitates. She asks him if his rejection has anything to do with Lucia. Daniel tells her "Lucia is dead to me" Liliana says "If that's the case, whats stopping you from sleeping with me? I am more alive than ever" Daniel pounce on her and kisses her...(At this point I wanted to say the rest is history but no...let me feel you in on all the gruesome details!!) So we have Daniel and Lily on the wall...he kisses her...Its as if he is looking for a tiny bit of Lucia inside of Lily(hehehehehehehehe I guess you will have to dig deeper my friend)...Well hello mama! He puts her on another table...they are kissing the hell out of each other(hehehehehehe guys its actually funny...and fun to watch this animal side of Daniel...I prefer my gentle commander) So liliana is telling him how much she has dreamt of this moment. They continue...Lily pretends to want to go, "I don't think that this is the right time"(Really Lily stop being a hypo!!!) She is about to go but Daniel grabs her from the back, he tears open her t-shirt in a most dramatic fasion(Hehehehehe my favorite part of that whole show!...He is such a pro, not only gifted in unbackling bras but also tearing tops(hhhhhheeeeeeehhhheeeeeee) Lily obviously stays as he carries her to the bed.

 (this is the part where I say the rest is history!!) Daniel's phone rings. Liliana is calling Daniel "My love"(Is this chic crazy?) Daniel does not looks as satisfied as he had hoped to be(I guess he dug but found nothing...No lucia here...moving on!!!) Daniel picks up the phone and gets the news about Pablo. Liliana is still calling him "My love" probably expecting him to respond to her affection. Daniel tells her to dress up. He has to go.(Okay what Daniel did was bad but how he treated Lily like a second rate whore was super cool!!! CALL GIRL!!! TOTS!!) 

Liliana takes a small phone and it has the recording of her and Daniel making love. You don't need to be a genius to know that she is going to show that video to Lucia. She goes to the bar. She is drinking herself silly. She is obviously never going to get over Daniel anytime soon. She remembers how Daniel tore off her shirt and how she was morning like a goat!! She is telling herself how much she liked it. Why is Daniel stuck on Lucia?(hehehehehe coz he loves her you dummy!)

Daniel is in his car. He remembers regretfully how he let himself be seduced by Liliana. He is still wondering what Lucia will say when she finds out he slept with her sister...he reaches the Police station and is told about Pablo's sticky situation. He does not beleive that Pablo is capable of that,(what you beleive Pablo but not Lucia...) 


Abel comes into their room and finds Adriana with wine glasses. Adriana wants to pin the child on Abel(hehehe). She wants Abel to make love to her. Abel is not able to...They later have another argument, Adriana asks him if he has another woman, why does he keep on rejecting her. Abel tells her that she is being very Vulgar and needy(WHAT?....Is Abel crazy??) Adriana slaps him. (I guess its pretty late to say this but I think you married the wrong man Adri...hehehehe)


Lucia is trying ti write something but Nuria is singing so loudly. Luci tells her to shut up. Nuria tells her that she will lose her precious Roxana. She tells Lucy that she has some powerful friends out there. Lucia tells her that she will never let her take away Roxy....




We start of with the explosion at the prison. There is chaos in rthe dining hall. Everyone is escaping. Olegg's enemies are left behind as Oleg and his little accomplice hide under their table. As the Baldy(Oleg's swon rival) is escaping Oleg follows him and shoots him(smart move...they even have guns!!) Oleeg's accomplice shoots his rival's right hand man as they run away through an opposite door. 

Abel wants to tell Adriana something. He comes in and Adriana tells him she is not feeling well. She rushes to the bathroom, she needs to vomit!!! We all know what this means...Rodriguez is going to become a father!!! She rushes over to Victoria who now has become her confidant. She finds Vicky and Roxy talking. She tells Vicky to accompany her to the hospital. Vicky does so. 

Meanwhile Carlos is awake. Deyanira has prepared some Chilakiles(hehehe) He looks unsure of himself(Given Deya's experience with men, I sure he thinks he ain't good enough) Deyanira asks him if he wants Chilakiles, he does not respond. Deya goes close to him, she grabs him by the waist(well hello mama!!...Did I mention that Deya looks absolutely divine in those jeans...I have a feeling they will be coming out soon enough!!) She tells him that he is the most Macho man in all of Mexico(hehehehehehe) Carlos looks surprised. Deya pulls him close and starts to kiss him, Carlos cannot resist these wonderful kisses and he kisses her back....(hehehehehehehe atleast they are no longer depressed!!)

Back at the prison, chaos everywhere. Leon comes to Daniel. We get the peasent surprise of seeing Daniel with nothing but a towel around his waist(mmmhmmmh!!... but he is walking funny!! hehehehehehehe) Daniel Leon tells Daniel what has happened in the prison and Daniel rushes to get dressed. Within no time they arrive at the Prison. Daniel meets up with two men dressed as firemen and he asks them around. They direct him to inside the prison. As Daniel runs in, we hear these men talking...Wait a sec why does this other dude's voice sound so familiar...hehehehe its the same funny evil voice...Its Oleg and his guy. He presses the phone again and there is another explosion inside the prison. His accomplice laughs so loundly.(hehehehe seriously?) They run away from the scene of the crime. Daniel gets inside, dressed as a fireman and is looking around. He sees Oleg's enemy on the ground and smells something very fishy. He later talks to the director of the prison. The director looks into the prisoners files. Radames, Liliana and Genaro are talking. Genaro thinks Liliana is obssesed with her sister Lucia. They are trying to convince her to stop with this obssesion and focus on the bussiness. Radames gets a call. He is informed of the blast at the prison. He is shocked..."How?" He goes and turns on the TV. Daniel gets info and is told that Olegario escaped. He is very distressed(hehehehehehehehe serves you right dummy!!) He informs every unit. Lily Genaro and Radames become uneasy at the news, they know Olegario is coming after them. 

Octavio pays a visit to Lucia in prison. He is just a big bafooon little idiot(and I thought he was sensible!! THE JERK) he has come to confront his father's killer. Lucia tells him that she is innocent. He does not believe her(What do you expect from an irrational boy with Ponce's blood?) Lucia tells Rodriguez to come and take the boy out. Leon tells her to relax and calm down. She should not take offence. Lucia looks pretty hurt. Octavio goes to pay his grandfather a courtesy visit.( The fact that we have Genaro roaming around that place really baffles me...Seriously Ponce should focus more on capturing this fatso!!) Octavio tells his granny that he wants Lucia to rot in prison(Stupid imbisel!!! Jerk!!!) 

Another one who is pretty much the biggest jerk in this novela is Daniel. He is taking out his incompitencies poor Lucia. He calls her into the interogation room and starts to ask her questions about Oleg's escape from prison. Lucia tells him she knows nothing about that and tells him to believe whatever he wants. She stands up and Daniel forces her(litterally) to sit down. He is not done talking. Lucia repeats herself...she knows nothing of the escape. Daniel does not believe her(Daniel this game is getting old!! Get a life jerk!!) He releases her. 

Pablo and Elena take Nachito to the hospital. They call Radames. Vicky and Adriana are at the hospital. Adriana fears for the worst. They get the results, a nurse tells Adriana "Congratulations...You are going to be a mother" Adriana almost faints from the news(hehehehe) she has to sit down. She wants to abort the baby "I have no other choice" She tells Vicky. Vicky does not think its a good idea to abort. Pablo and Ele meet up with V and A and assume that they are there to see Nachito. 

Meanwhile Olegario and the other guy meet up with Anselmo. Oleg gives the guy some money and tells him its enough for him to live like a king. They leave together with Anselmo.

  So doctor Mallorca is in his office thinking about Abel(Snap out of it!!!) Pablo and Victoria are talking in the hallway. Radames(The bulldog) and Octavio(the former human now graduated to bulldogism!!) arrive at the hospital. Vicky and Octavio have a confrontation while Pablo and Radames also almost fight in the hospital(More like Radames almost gets beaten up...obviously, there is no way Rada can beat Pablo...Not even in his greatest fantasies) Thank God for Milagros who comes and seperates the two. Elena tells Radames to go in and see Nachito but makes away with him and ties the nurse up. Elena comes in and finds Nachito gone, she makes a call to Pablo.

Adriana tells Dr. Mallorca that she is pregnat but the baby is not Abel's. (hehehehe the doc should be happy now...he gets the guy!) Abel goes in for another sesion with Carlos.

Olegario has arrived at a very big mansion and is giving orders to the guys around. Liliana pays Lucia a visit, accompanied by Daniel. Liliana is talking about Roxana to Lucia. Lucia tells her to stay away from her baby. Liliana tells Daniel that its better if she goes. She drops a piece of paper inside Nuria's cell.Daniel does not see this since he is still staring at Lucia(get over it...you love her you imbisel!!) Lucia sheds a tear in his presence. He leaves. Nuris has stepped on the paper. When she opens it, Liliana is warning her not to say a single word. 

Deborah is abck at home. She is looking for the document that makes them the owners of all of Radames' fortune. They are able to find out a disturbing truth that leads to Radames and her fighting. The fight intensifies and Deborah hits her father in the head with a an alcohol bottle. He passes out....Hint: Amnesia: yes!!

Liliana pays Daniel a visit and is badmouthing Lucia as usual. She tells Daniel how Lucia stole her boyfriend, etc...(seriously Lily grow up) She leaves him. Meanwhile Olegario is inside the house. He meets up with a guy that looks exactly like him!! Oleg has a twin!! hehehe someone shoot me!!


#WEEK 11



We start off with Liliana making an urgent call to Deyanira. She pretends to be Marcela Leon and tells Deya to bring some of Lucia's belongings to prison. Deyanira goes immediately an takes Memin with her. As they board a Taxi, Genrao and Lily come out of their car and go to Lucia's house. Lily wearing gloves plants the gun in Lucha's house.Thye leave, with Lily impressed with herself. Meanwhile Daniel Leon and Pablo get into Lucia's house. Daniel orders a thorough search. He goes to her bedroom, He flashes back on the time when he proposed to her. He remembers how cute he looked when he told her that he was the man who loved her most(yeah right!!!!) He says to himself "That is the last time you will ever lie to me Lucia" He starts searching and bumps into the pistol!!(OOH nooo!! Lucia's life just got complicated!!) He goes and shows the pistol to Pablo and Leon, "She is the murderer...she is my brother's killer". 

Deyanira goes and talks to Lucia. She tells her that Leon had called her and told her she needed some neccesities. Lucia tells her that she already had everything she needed right there. She is confused why Marcela would call deya up.(She did not you dummmy!!). Daniel comes back to the AFIAD. He is furious about the discovery. He wants the gun tested but takes it away and goes with it to Lucia's cell(I don't know about you but this is just a lame excuse for him to see Lucia...Daniel stop hurting yourself, you won't love her any lesss!!) He goes in and is interrogating her about the gun. Deyanira tries to tell him it must have been a trap. Daniel does not want to hear her. Deyanira gets angry and almost attacks him. He orders her thrown out.Memin tells him thta he does not want to be as cruel as him, Daniel tells Memin that he has no time for little children(hehehehehehe...Daniel looks hurt by this rejection..you deserve it my love!!!) Deyanira is screaming "Let me go!!! Daniel...Daniel!!!". Daniel asks Lucia what the gun was doing in her apartment, Lucia tells him she has no idea. Daniel insists that its because she is his brother's killer. 

Liliana goes back home and finds Fernanda with the little girl. Fer is warming up to the girl, when Roxana sees Lily she goes and hides behind Fer holding her tightly. "How is my favorite niece doing?" Roxy seems scared of Lily. Fer notices this and askes Lily why in the world Roxana is soo scared of her. Lily tells her its also a mystery to her. Roxana runs away and goes up stairs. Lily and Fer have an argument. Lily feels that Fer is warming up to the child of the woman who stole her husband's love. Fernanda scolds her. Lily asks her if she suddenly became a saint because she is the very same one who helped her get rid of Lucy in the past. Fer tells her to shut up. Daniel is from visiting Lucia, he is always an emotional wreck after seeing her. He comes out and finds Deyanira. She tries to explani that she got a call from Leon and she thinks that's when someone framed Lucia. Leon swears that she did not call anyone. Memin confirms that she received a call from a certain Marcels Leon. Daniel thinks this is nonesense and chases them out.

Anselmo comes to visit Diablo(hehehehe Liliana should have listened to Genaro the other time. Anse is double crossing them!!) Diablo tells him that he has to get out of that place very soon. He cannot imagine his angel in a filthy cell I think Anselmo has already brought the explosives.. Diablo's accomplice comes to him with good news. They will not be in there for much longer. Abel and Adriana come to the Duran house and Fer is not extatic about them Eloping. She scolds them on the issue. Pablo also scolds Daniel. Daniel cannot listen to reason. Pablo calls it a day and leaves. Leon also goes home. Daniel decides to pay another visit to Lucha(enough commander, why don't you just admit that you miss her...)

Daniel is talking to Lucia. Carlos is also there. Carlos defends Lucia and Daniel is tired of him. He orders the guys to take him out. "What do you want Commander" Lucha asks him with a certain coldness in her voice. Lucia tells him that if she had actually killed Cesar, she would have taken atleast minimal precautions. Daniel is irrational, he still believes she is the murderer(I think he is forcing himself to believe it coz believing the contrary would kill him!!!) He tells her something about Olegario being her lover. Lucia tells him that being in love with him has caused her so much pain. Daniel comes and grabs her by the hair.

 He tells her he feels the same. "I don't know why I still love you...why I fell in love with you". Lucia tells him "I still have a daughter who needs me and  will never stop fighting for her" She pushes Daniel away. Daniel claps sarcastically, He tells her that she is a great actress, he asks her if she felt the same when his brother made love to her. Lucia tells him that when her innocence is proven, she will never forgive him..."never". He goes away, heartbroken.(This relationship is emotionally draining me.)

Deyanira is alone. Memin decided he wanted to go to the streets for sometime because he is a free spirit. Deyanira cries alot and Carlos comes to visit. They hug. Deya tells him that she feels alone, Carlos also tells her that he feels alone, he has lost his best friend. Deyanira jumps on him and they kiss(Finally..are they gonna do it...I hope sooo...FEEL THE PASSION!!) They end up in Deya's room. Carlos tells er its not right. Deya says she does not care. They fall on the bed...its a done deal!!!(heheehehehe) 

Pablo goes over to Elena's house and tells her that Lucha's cases just got a notch more complicated. He and Nachito are getting along so well and Nacho even asks him to go watch him play the next day. Meanwhile Fer and Ignacio are talking when Roxana comes in and goes over to hug Fernanda. Fer even reads her a bedtime story and seems to be so fond of the little princess. She goes to sleep. In the morning, Pablo is at Nachito's school and he is cheering the boy on. Nacho almost scores but gets injured. Pablo goes to tend to Nacho while Elena notices Radames. She goes to him, Radames sees Pablo and starts pulling Elena towards him" Lets go Elena". Elena resists him. Radames slaps her. Pablo sees this and goes over. "You bastard!!boom booom!!! boom!!! Rada is down ...Pablo kicks him so much in the stomach...Rada is cringing in pain(hehehehehehehehhe don't take it the wrong way Rada...thats called workout!!! hehehehehe), Elena stops him. They leave wit Nachito.

Olegario goes and seats opposite his enemy. They raise glasses. The guy tells his hairy right hand man"Olegario does not know what's coming to him". Oleg looks at them and tells his jail mate "This imbisels don't know what I have planned for them" The guys men wake up and are coming towards Oleg. Oleg takes out a cell phone and is dialing a number(I am thinking, what sought of stupid idea is this?) As the guys are almost attacking him suddenly  BOOOM!! explosions everywhere(I must admit Oleg is a genius!!!).




Daniel asks Rodriguez to arrest Carlos. Carlos tells Daniel that he can’t believe he wants to arrest his best friend without listening to him but Daniel says he isn’t his best friend and he asks Rodriguez to take Carlos away.(hehehehe Daniel's anger could fry an egg... Carlos' expression deserves an Oscar!!)
Anselmo visits Diablo and he gives him a newspaper. Diablo reads about Lucia’s arrest and he gets very upset. He scolds Anselmo for not informing him sooner about Lucia’s arrest.
Daniel enters the interrogation room and he asks Pancho to leave. He asks Lucia what was the name of the Samaritan who helped her but Lucia says nothing. Daniel asks her how she managed to make his best friend Carlos to betray him and he asks if she was sleeping with him too. Lucia gets up and slaps Daniel.
Adriana wakes up and sees Abel sleeping beside her. She doesn’t look happy and she leaves the room. Abel wakes up and yawns, he says to himself that he is a married man now, this is his life.
Lucia tells Daniel that he may think she is guilty but that doesn’t give him the right to insult her. Pablo tells Daniel that they need to let Lucia rest and they all leave the room. Outside, Daniel asks Pablo what’s going on and why is everyone betraying him.
Lucia is taken to a cell beside Noria and Noria welcomes her. Lucia sees Carlos and she sees him bleeding. She feels guilty and asks Leon to get some ice for Carlos. Carlos tells Lucia it’s not her fault, he knew Daniel would react this way but he has gotten worse.
Pablo tells Daniel that Pancho saw Lucia standing by the truck but Daniel says Carlos told him that Lucia rode with him to town. He says something doesn’t add up and Pablo says maybe there were two women, the one standing by the truck and the one with Carlos. Daniel says it’s a possibility and Pablo says that means there is a possibility Lucia is innocent and she is telling the truth.
Abel asks Adriana if she wants to follow him to the casino but Adriana says her tummy hurts, she wants to stay indoor. Consuelo calls Abel and informs him that Lucia was arrested and Ignacio has been hospitalized.
At the hospital. Gonzalo tells Milagros that Lucia has been arrested but Milagros says Lucia is a good girl. They bump into Fernanda and Ignacio and Fernanda tells them that her son Abel ran away to Las Vegas and got married while the family is in chaos. Gonzalo isn’t happy with this news.
Ignacio and Fernanda arrive at the station and he demands to see his daughter. Daniel asks an officer to take them to Lucia’s cell. Lucia sees her father and asks him why he came, she says he should be taking care of his health but Ignacio says he came to support her. He says he isn’t going to allow her be convicted again for a crime she didn’t commit. Lucia is overwhelmed and says she is happy that he believes her. Fernanda leaves them alone so that they can have a private conversation. Outside, she hears Leon telling Pablo and Rodriguez that she believes Lucia is innocent. Pablo also says he believes Lucia is innocent. Fernanda goes back in to get her husband and Lucia asks her to take care of him. Ignacio promises to take care of Roxana and Fernanda takes him away.
Anselmo meets Genaro and he says he was taking care of business. Genaro says he wants to be involved but Anselmo asks him not to worry, he is taking care of everything.
Ignacio visits Roxana at Lucia’s place and he tells Roxana that he is going to take care of her. Diya offers to take care of Roxana while he tends to his health but Ignacio says Lucia asked him to take care of Roxana and that’s what he is going to do. Memim asks if he can go with them but Ignacio smiles at him and says he can allow him to visit Roxana anytime he wants
Pablo gives Daniel the DNA results and he sees it matches Lucia’s DNA. Pablo tells Daniel that Lucia may be released due to lack of evidence but Daniel says he won’t let that happen. Pablo asks Daniel to think about what he will do when he finds out Lucia is innocent. Daniel says if Lucia is innocent, he will regret this for the rest of his life but he is certain that Lucia is guilty. Pablo tells him that his best friend Carlos will never lie to him but Daniel remains obstinate. Pablo leaves and Daniel remembers the night Aunt Amparo tried to talk to him. He realizes that Aunt Amparo was trying to tell him about this.
Helena arrives with Lucia’s lawyer and the lawyer informs Lucia that she will arrange for her to be released on bail because she is just a witness and not a suspect. Lucia thanks the lawyer but she is sad about Daniel. Helena tells Lucia to forget about Daniel, he doesn’t deserve her. Lucia’s lawyer meets Daniel and asks him to release Lucia immediately due to lack of evidence but Daniel says he still has 48 hours to provide an evidence and if he doesn’t get any, he will release her.
Liliana overhears her mother telling Ignacio that Lucia may be released due to lack of evidence.
Daniel tells Pablo that they need to find the gun which fired the bullet that killed Cesar. Pablo says he thinks Genaro is the killer and Daniel says he thinks Lucia and Genaro were in Cahoots until he betrayed her. Pablo tries to make Daniel see reason, he says Lucia’s story on the beach corresponds with that of Pancho the fisherman and it’s possible that she is also saying the truth about what she saw. Pablo asks Daniel what happened to the love he has for Lucia. Daniel says the love is still there but if he doesn’t think about the hate he has for ‘that murderer”, he will die. He says he needs a search warrant to search Lucia’s house.
Milagros and Gonzalo arrive at the station to see Lucia. Milagros is upset with Daniel and says his aunt Amparo will be ashamed of him but Daniel says Lucia deceived everyone. Milagros and Gonzalo visit Lucia and Milagros tells Lucia that she believes in her and she won’t stop praying for her. Abel and Adriana arrive at the station to visit Lucia. Gonzalo and Milagros congratulate them on their wedding and Milagros says she expects they have a religious wedding. Abel assures her that they will have a religious wedding and they go in to
see Lucia. Lucia is happy to see them and she apologizes for interrupting their honeymoon but Adriana assures her that they will be here for her and will visit her everyday.
Liliana meets Genaro and she says they need to do something to stop Lucia from being released. Genaro brings out two guns and says these are the murder weapons but they need to plant his own gun because it was the one that delivered the kill shot. Liliana smiles and says finally, Lucia will go down……




  We start off with Daniel inside Lucia's house."Why did you kill my brother?" Lucia sheds a tear in disbelief, "Daniel let me explain" Lucia pleads with him, everyone else tries to stop him "Shut up!" he orders all of them as he takles Lucia's hand, "Lucia Duran, you are under arrest for being an accesory to the murder of Cesar Mondragon". He takes her hand and cuffs it as Lucia sheds another tear... Meanwhile Genaro and Lily are outside inside their "PATROLL" car. She spots Ignacio and Vicky coming to Lucia's house, she gets out of the car and pretends to have heard the news from Fernanda. They all go inside. Elena is asking Pablo to save her sister but Pablo tells her that what Ponce is doing is absolutely legal. Ignacio and Vicky enter the house, "Daniel what are you doing to my daughter, you are making a great mistake, she is innocent" Daniel drags Lucia past them, Lucia tells Ignacio to take care of Little Roxy as he had promised earlier. Daniel drags her out of the house. They arrive at the police station, he pushes her and she almost falls, Rodriguez is the one who catches her. He has no clue what is going on, Pablo takes Lucha to the interrogation room(She looked so adorable in that wedding dress!!! Daniel its your loss imbisel!!!)

An insignificant scene of Radames poisoning Octavio's mind towards Lucha(which I fail to understand since Deborah was the unfaithful one hypocrites!!) is shown, He convinces Octavio that Lucia and Cesar were lovers(So what??!!!) Another part is shown, Abel and Adriana are talking, it seems like Adri is not for the whole Lets run away to vegas idea at all. She makes a call...

Rdodriguez is inside the AFIAD. He receives a call form Adriana. He immediately ups and leaves, leaving behind an important operation in the hope that he can stop Adriana from marrying that idiot Abel. Back in the house, Ignacio is destroyed, he insists on seeing Lucia. They try to calm him down. He wants to help his daughter, he believes she is innocent. All of them do except from Lily who would be laughing were it not for the fact that she is such a big hypocrite!!! (I can see right through you little witch!!!)

Lucia is in the interrogation room talking to Pablo. She asks him if he believes her, Pablo tells her that she commited a huge mistake by hiding the fact that she was with Cesar the day he was murdered. She agrees, it was a stupid thing to do, but she swears that she is innocent. Meanwhile Daniel is washing his face, he is soo angry at Lucia, he remembers one time in the beach house when his brother scolded him for being Careless and getting into an accident in his motorcycle. He asks about her and Cesar, She asks him who told them about it..."Was it Liliana?" She asks, "No" Daniel says as he now enters the interogation room, he throws the cell phone towards her, "Aren't those photos of you kissing my brother?" He now asks her...Lucia looks at the photos...SHOCKED....(They should have destroyed the phone when they had the chance...or just given it to me!!) "You were with my brother and I at the same time?" He is looking at her, its an intense look(He is obssesed with loving her as much as he is with hurting her right at this moment!!!) Pablo sees how angry Daniel is and says"I will not leave you alone with her at this moment!"...Daniel goes to him, "Leave me alone with the suspect!!" Pablo has no option but to obey his boss...Elena arrives at the Police station...




Daniel is alone with Lucia. He is asking her a bunch of questions. "Were you and my brother lovers?" ..."No, we were only friends" She answers, He shows her the pictures "and what about this kiss?" Lucia sees it "It was an innocent kiss"....Daniel gets angrier "So innocent that you had to kill him?" Lucia tells him she did not do it.She tells him that the only truth is that she had no idea he was Cesar's brother at the time, Daniel tells her he does not believe her, she asks him why is he interrogating her if she knows very well he will never believe her?...its a pause...Outside Elena is going crazy, she wants Pablo to save her sister, Pablo tells her that her sister commited a grave mistake by staying silent. She gets it but she tells him that Lucia is no murderer.

In the house Deyanira is left with the kids. Memin has already started to call Daniel "The bad cop". Liliana and Vicky take Ignacio to the hospital, They have small fights coz Vicky feels that Lily is just extatic that Lucia is in this trouble, The doc comes in and finds them waiting at the waiting room, he tells them that Ignacio is okay, They go in to see him. Liliana does not understand why her dad Insists on seeing Lucia when she has been accused of murder, Ignacio just wants to see Lucia "My daughter needs me". Vicky assures him that he will see Lucia soon, he just has to get better. They end up having a fight with Lily again, Fer arrives and sends them both home. Adriana was hoping Rodriguez arrived in time, she is looking at the entrance, Abel brings her champagne and as they toast, their plain is being called out, Abel looks happy to go, Adriana seems anxious, Abela asks her what the problem is and she tells him "Lets go!". They up and leave. Rodriguez later arrives but he arrives five minutes later, he is told the plane already left!!

Back in the interogation room, things are getting uglier and uglier, Daniel's rage towards Lucia is as strong as the burning desire he has for her. He is asking her questions, pressuring her, she feels conered and is trying to explain herself. She calls him Daniel as she stands up He stands up and forces her to sit down pretty agressively(Hey take care of the glutus!!!) "I am not Daniel, I am commander Ponce!" ..."Okay commander Ponce, Listen to me" She narrates the story of how she and Cesar met. Ponce tells her that she was the only woman he had loved(obssesively) the only woman...He holds he by the chin...Lucia is crying her eyes out, he tells her something that I would rather not repeat...(coz if I do I will head to Mexico and KILL HIM!!!). The interrogation gets out of hand, Leon is watching as Daniel tears Lucia apart, He asks her if she was Olegario's lover, She tells him that the only man she was with, the only man she loved was him, He comes to her pushing her down from the chair as she falls down, she is screaming "Please Daniel" Crying drying out her eyes, Daniel is drowning, the only way he can float is by hurting her...Leon cannot take it anymore and she goes and gets Pablo..."Things are very bad inside there". Pablo comes and stops Daniel, who has been pushing Lucia around the whole time, she is even scared of him(ooh my poor girl needs a hug!! PONCE!!! YOU ARE GONNA PAY FOR THIS!!)

Pablo apologizes to Lucia and tells Leon to take her to have a change of clothes. Leon does so. She believes in Lucia's innocence and tells her to understand Daniel, he is hurt. They get back into the room and this time its the cool headed Pablo who will be interrogating her(will this nightmare ever end?) She narrates the entire story to Pablo.




  Rodriguez makes a call to Leon, he informs her that he never found Adriana. Adriana and Abel are finally married(let hope Abel is able to!!!) The old man Pancho is brought to the interrogation room and identifies Lucia as the woman with Cesar. Deyanira tells Carlos how badly Daniel behaved and Carlos runs to the AFIAD. Ignacio wants to take care of Roxana like he had promised Lucia...Poor Roxy she does not deserve this...

 Daniel is told Carlos is there to see him and goes to greet him. Carlos tells him that Lucia is innocent, He also adds that he was there during the time when she was escaping, Daniel is shocked, he comes closer to Carlos, Carlos tries to explain himsel but BOOOM!!! A punch on the face. "Rodriguez!!...come and arrest this man for being an accomplice to the murder of Cesar Mondragon"(hehehehehehehehe I really laughed my ribs out...Daniel is angry at the whole world and he is taking it out on his WOMAN and his BFF!! Thanks heavens he is cute and a PRO kisser otherwise I would be the one punching him!!)



The scene opens with crazy Debrah pointing a gun at Lucia. Lucia tries to calm her down, telling her to put the gun down so that they are able to talk like two civilized people. Deborah is angry, she blames Lucha for her failed marriage(which she herself destroyed on her own!!!), for her loneliness  and for stealing Cesar's love away from her. Lucia distracts her and disarms her like a pro. She now has the gun, she is pointing it at Deborah, she wants her to explain where she got the information from.The kids come in, they distract Lucia for a while as Deborah finds the perfect opportunity to escape. Lucia calls Victoria and tells to get octavio, they need to talk all three of them.

Abel goes to see the gay dioctor Mallorca, he still has not made up his mind on whether he wants to be gay or not, they have their first real argument(oooh how ridiculous!!) The doc chases Abel away. He calls Adriana, he tells her he does not care about what might have happened between her and the cop, he wants her to go with him to Las Vegas, to elope!!!(Abel will be a big dissaointment on the wedding night....Adriana don't do it!!!)
Daniel goes out and finds a guy making a call. He points the gun at the guy(the one who delivered the package from Genaro) He gets him inside and asks him who ordered the delivery. He shows the guy a pic, the guy gets a call from Genaro, Daniel picks it up. He asks Genaro who the person is that was with Cesar, Genaro only hints that the person is very close to Daniel..."Very close to you". (Daniel are you seriously gonna believe that traitor??) Daniel goes to the police station and informs Pablo of the findings. He tells Pablo that he suspects Lucia. Pablo tells him that he has no reason to suspect her, Daniel tells him that Genaro has a point. Leon gets them the file on the woman who was with Cesar. Now they only need the sample to conclude the issue. Daniel takes the glass to the lab and has a perfect plan to get Lucha's sample.

Chelo and Elena are talking. Chelo is now happy that Vicky can go to whichever university she might desir, and that her life will be as good as Elena's. Elena reminds her thast her life with Radames was pure hell. They go out for shoping. Vicky and Octavio are at Lucha's place. Lucia tells them about her and Cesar but she sweras they were only friends, they leave. Daniel later arrives at Lucha's place after O and V have left, Deyanira scolds him and tells him that she will not allow him to mistreat Lucha again or doubt her. Lucia comes in and finds them talking. "What do you want Daniel?" Daniel tells her he has come to apologize for everything that he did, he tells her that he was angry because that smae guy killed his brother and his aunt. He asks Lucha for a glass of water, Lucha is surprised but gives it to him. He goes to her and tells her "You first" She laughs, "Why?" He makes up a lame excuse and convinces her, Its weird but she takes it anyway(LUCIA LUCIA LUCIA!!!!) They go hand in hand, Daniel gives her an opportunity to tell him her secrets. "The only great truth is that I love you Daniel, you and Roxana are what I love most in this world" Lucha tells him lovingly(You should have uttered the truth Lucia) Daniel tells her, "You are the best thing that has ever happened in my life" He kisses her oooh WHAT A KISS!!(its deep, its passionate, its perfect....THE PERFECT BETRAYAL!!) Deborah goes to visit Cesar's grave.

Lucha wants to tell Daniel the truth, his phone rings, its urgent. He hugs her, he has to go, when she is in his arms, he takes the glass with the other arm and puts it in his pocket. As he is leaving, he hesitates, looks back then leaves(I think he knows that from then on only tears!!!) Chelo and Elena are in Lucia's house, they have bought tones of things from to bring to Lucha and the kids, Elena has another present for Lucha, a wedding dress. Lucha does not want to accept it though she adores it, they tells her to accept it and she does. She goes inside to fit it.

There is an attempt on Olegario's life in prison. He is almost killed. Daniel and Pablo have come to see him. Daniel loses his cool with Oleg and almost strangles him to death.He gets a call from Octavio, its serious!!...Deborah who is at Radames' house tells them about Cesar and Lucia's affair. Radames takes her time and insults the duran women calling them lose. Vicky who is over there goes and gives Radames a hot slap on the face(EAT THAT YOU OLD BABOON!!). She is angry and she leaves them talking. Daniel gets to the house. Deborah gives him the phone and he is heartbroken to see Lucia and Cesar's arms.

Daniel Pablo and Leon arrive at Lucha's house. Lily who was outside the house is happy to see the police car arriving. They enter the house "Lucia!!! Lucia!!!" Daniel calls her angrily, Elena and Chelo and the kids are shocked, why in the world is Ponce here. Lucia comes out, in her wedding dress, Daniel looks at her heartbroken. Lucia looks at him, realizing that her perfect world has just crambled infront of her. "Daniel" she says with a shaky voice, "Did you kill my brother?"





We start off with Lucia and Daniel arguing. Lucha tells him she has nothing to do with the flowers. Daniel refuses to believe her. She tells him that if he cannot trust her then she has nothing to explain to him. She kicks him out. He leaves angrily. Roxana Deyanira and Memin come to her and hug her. They console her. Roxy is the most destroyed and as Lucia is consoling her, Memin suggests to her to get another boyfriend so that Roxy will have a father. Lucia tells Memin that her only boyfriend is Daniel.

Daniel  goes to the station.Pablo wants to talk to him but he is in such a terrible mood. He closes the door, He reminisces on his love affair with Lucia and wonders if she is really Olegario's lover!! Later he gets up and goes to visit Oleg. He interrogates him. "Why are you sending flowers to my fiance? The only one allowed to send flowers to her is me!" Olegario plays with his mind, Daniel gets angrier. He takes out the gold watch(how the hell did he take that from Lucha's house?) He throws it at Oleg. "What is this?" Olegario tells him that if he wants answers he should go and ask his Santa. Daniel warns him that if he does not respond nothing in the world will be able to save him from his rage(We all know its Crazy when Ponce is Angry...I am only praying that Lucha survives this)

Liliana comes to Genaro's hideout, They talk and Lily is still hell bent on getting rid of Lucha(This woman is possesed!!) Lucia goes to visit her sisters. She meets up with Fer. They argue over Liliana. Lucha is convinced that Lily wants to sabotage her relationship with Ponce. Fer tries to defend Liliana(Fer dont you ever learn?)Abel arrives in the house, Angry!!Lucia goes and speaks to him.

 Earlier....Abel asks Adriana where exactly she knows the cop from. Adriana feels conered and has to tell him a half-truth. She tells him that she met him in cancoon and they only danced together(OOH YES dance in bed naked...yeah right!!). Abel Thinks that Adriana is making a fool out of him. He is angry and leaves her distressed."Abel where are you going?" (If abel were straight throwing this type of tantrum Id get it but come on dude, you are gay remember?) 

Back in the AFIAD, Leon and Rodriguez have a fight. Leon is not happy with how distracted Rodriguez has been all because of Adriana. Rodriguez reminds her of how she was because of her obsession for Daniel Ponce. Leon tells him its not the same but Rodriguez tells her to save it, he is in love with Adri and thats it. Daniel is very angry after his talk with Olegario. Paablo comes in and tells him to calm down, Daniel is not feeling so calm and is now more suspicious of Lucia that ever. Pablo tells him that he can clearly see that Lucia is a good woman, He is just blinded by jealousy. Daniel is furious. 

Deborah wants to escape from the rehab clinic. A caregiver comes in and sees this, she reports her to the authorities who calm her down. She later calls in for help from the same people. The stupid nurse has not learnt her lesson, She comes in hurriedly to help her. Deborah is hiding behind a door and hits the nurse from behind. She passes out as Deb is on mission "KILL LUCIA". Lucia is talking to Elena and Chelo about Liliana's canniving ways. They ask her why Lily would do such things and she tells them that Lily has always been romantically interested in Ponce. 

Lily comes to the Duran house. They have an argument with Fer because Fer thinks Lucha has a point. Liliana is not happy with her mother because she feels she is taking the side of her bastard child. Lucha comes down with the rest of the girls and they all confront Lily. Lily denies that she is trying to sabotage Lucha y Daniel's relationship but no one believes her. Lucia tells her that she will not let her ruin this for her(poor girl, the witch already has)

Lucha goes to visit Olegario in prison. Oleg thinks its Ponce and he is throwing his usual tantrums. The guard tells him its not Ponce its a woman. He enters the visitation room and sees Lucia, he immediately calms down. He tells the guards to chases everyone else away "VISITING HOURS ARE OVER" the guard says as everyone leaves. Oleg and Lucha are alone. Lucha asks him what he is getting at with his dirty tricks, Oleg tells him that he is not the one sending her niceties, its actually Liliana. Lucha is not surprised. Oleg declares his undying love for her but she is not interested. She leaves. Radames wants his lawyer to help him destroy Elena. He wants her back with him,  he gets a call form the clinic and is informed about Deborah's escape.

The reading of Gaston's wil commences. Chelo and Vicky are surprised that Gaston owned an apartment in New York and Carlifonia and had a million dollars in his account(hehehehehehehe I guess this means their good for nothing HEAD-ONLY Gaston was actually good for alot of things...they are filthy rich!!! Too bad Gaton's body was never found hehehehehe) Genaro comes in and calls Liliana out, Lily scolds him for coming to her father's house. Genaro swears that it is completely neccesary. They go out to talk. The results are in and he has found out that Lucia was the woman in the beach house when he killed Cesar. Daniel recieves a packege from Genaro, Its a glass from Cesar's beach house. Gnearo tells him to get the glass tested, he will be surprised what he finds out.

Someone knocks at Lucha's door, its Deborah. Lucha is wondering what Deborah is doing there. Deb tells her that she knows everything. She takes out a gun and points it at Lucia....(terenteren!!!)

#WEEK 10





We start off with Daniel and Lucha in the house. Lucha wants to confess something to him. Daniel looks like he does not want to hear whatever it is Lucha wants to say. He evades the subject. Roxanita comes into the room and goes over to hug Daniel. Daniel is hugging Roxana but looking at Lucia very suspiciously. The tension between them can be cut by a damn knife!!! They all leave for the house. Back at the house Dayanira comes back and finds Little Memin sleeping on the couch. She touches him and he has a fever.

Pablo and Elena are coming back to the house after a very kissy outing in the woods.(hehehehe I know) They are arm in arm. Upon reaching the house, they kiss, (just my luck...someone else is coming!!) Stupid Radames is also coming holding Nachit in his hands. He catches Pablo and Elena kissing and goes LOCO!!. Nachito actually likes Pablo(ha?) He goes over to him and embraces him lovingly, he even gives him a fist bum!!! OOOh this scares Radames so much and he littereally grabs Little Nach form Pablo's arms and pulls him towards himself. He Tells Elena angrily that he does not want Pablo near his son. Elena reminds him that she is also Nachito's mother. They quarell and Radames wants to pull Elena towards him(CALMATE fatso!!! can't you see a very well-built cop near you!!) Elena takes Nacho inside as Pablo holds Radames by the collar(BEAT HIM...COME ON DO IT!!) Elena comes in and stops them.(SHIT...THE STUPID GUY HAS THE CELLPHONE)

Radames has called Elena into his house. Elena is there already. He shows her the photo of Cesar and Lucha kissing. Liliana tells him that that is the most incredible news he has ever given to her in his entire life. She goes back to Genaro(seems she is getting very used to the ONE-PACK idiot!!) She shows him the photo and he concludes that Lucha must be the mysterious blonde that was with Cesar in the beach house during his murder. They hatch a plan to catch her. Genaro suggests that they blame the death of cesar on this poor unsuspecting Lucia. Liliana thinks its a wonderful idea.

Lucha Roxana and Daniel come back to Deya's place. Deyanira tells them that poor Memin is sick. They go and see him inside the room. Daniel is looking at Lucia, admiring her motherly instincts. After she takes care of the kids, she and Daniel go to the living room. Daniel wants to stay with her tonight(hehehehehe Daniel...you dirty boy!!) Lucha tells him not tonight, she needs to take care of Memin and Roxana. She kisses him goodbye, He leaves(Why do I have the gut feeling that this is not good at all!!).

Diablo is visited by one ugly-looking goon. They talk about their plans to escape.(Lily you better fasten your belat coz Daiblo is coming staright for you!!) Olegario is walking around in the prison grounds. His enemy sends one of his goons to kill him with a knife(Is he gonna do it...I doubt it...only if Oleg's name was not "EL DIABLO") The guy almost gets too close to Oleg but some guys out of nowhere come and hold him. It looks like Diablo is a king even in prison. He warns his enemy from trying anything fishy again and to be smart about it next time.

Liliana goes to pay Deborah a courtesy visit. She asks her if she wants to know the name of the woman that Cesar left her for. But ofcourse she does. Deborah knows that Lily is not her friend nor do they have any association whatsoever, but she agrees. Lily hands over the phone to her. Deborah sees it, she is very distressed. Lily tells him that Cesar was only one of Lucha's victims. She hands over Lucha's adress to her incase she wants to take revenge. She leaves. Lily gets home, Ignacio is waiting for Lucha and Lily offers to take him personallt to the hospital...(What the hell is this woman up to this time!!!?) They reach the hospital and Lily even has coffee made for Lucha. She hands over the coffee to her, Lucha smells monkey-bussiness but for the sake of her dad she decides that it is best to be on good terms with her Lily. After taking the coffee she ushers her father into the Doctor's room and Lily goes and picks up the coffee cup from the bin putting it into a plastic bag(so thats what you were up to??) She goes out for a while and meets with Genaro. They talk for a while and he makes a call. She goes back in. Genaro is left standing there. Rodriguez is coming out of the hospital accompanied by Leon(none of my bussiness but I think they make a sensational couple!!!) They spot Genaro(what will they do....what is this?) Rodriguez shouts like a mad man "GENARO!!! GENARO!!!" (I wish he could have shut up and aproached him catching him by surprise!!) Genaro sees them and starts running. Leon runs after him but the fatso's surprisingly slow momentum beats her to it(Is that hoe Gene was runnign after thieves?? did he ever catch any...too slow) Genaro boards a Taxi and drives off.

Rodriguez and Leon are still in the car. Rodri is thinking about Adri. Leon thinks he is obssesed with her. A car passes by them, Rodriguez spots Abel and Adrana driving by. He goes to them saying "Its time to clear things up...its now or never"  He approaches them and they have an argument with Abel again. Abel asks Adriana to confirm whether the guy is telling the truth and Adriana denies all the claims saying the guy is probably confused and that he is obssesed with her(I probably shouldn't say this but is only Adri knew she was rejecting a rodriguez for a very gay abel...if only!!) Rodri is heartbroken and leaves. Abel is now looking at Adriana, she looks guilty to me...

In the morning Deya opens the door and alot of flowers are being brought in. They are all for Lucha. Lucha enters the house and sees the flowers, She remembers the time Cesar brought her flowers in her workplace. She has a very bad feeling about this. Daniel enters at that time and throws a jealous fit on seeing the flowers. He wonders if this secret admirer is the same one that had send her flowers the other time. Lucha tells him that she has no idea who this guy is and what he wants from her. Another package arrives its a gold watch(I can smell Liliana's filthy hands all over this one...isn't that the same watch she was given by EL DIABLO??...oooh that witch!!!) It comes with a note, Part of it reads "Wait for me my santa, thank you, yours Olegario!!!" OOH MY GOODNESS I have never seen Daniel like this, he is raving mad...hot magma cannot compare!! Its a mixture of jelousy and pure rage, He now starts to coner Lucha, asking her about her real relationship with Olegario. Lucha swears she has nothing to do with the goon. She even breaks a couple of vases to prove to him that its all a big setup. Daniel is not having it, He is furious at Lucha. Meanwhile the kids are in the bedroom. Memin and Deyanira are bonding, I think he wants Deya to adapt him, Deya asks him about Daniel and Lucha and he tells her that they are adapting Roxana and if they adapt him too, it will make them siblings, then they won't be able to amrry. They noices in the living room distract them and they all come to see...I have never seen Daniel this mad, Lucia is in dip trouble!!!





  We start off with Daniel interogating Olegario. Oleg is testing his patience. He says something very stupid about Cesar and Daniel is not having it...He smashes Oleg's head on the table and goes over to strangle him. Pablo sees this and rushes inside to prevent Ponce from making a big mistake. (hehehehe that part was funny!) Now Ponce is outside watching as Pablo is interrogating Oleg. Lucha tells her dad to take care of Roxana incaes anything happens to her. Her father does not understand why Lucha says this and asks her if she is sure of Daniel's love, she tells him that his love is about to undergo a big test, but she is sure he loves her. Her dad agrees but Lucha does not clarify herself any longer. The headache of the stupid cell-phone is back!! Octavio goes inside his room and asks around, he is told that his grandpa went looking for him. He opens the draw and finds the STUPID cell phone with the STUPID photo of Cesar and Lucha smooching!!!(OOOH SHIT!!) It does not have power so for now we are safe my LUCHABUDIES!!!

Meanwhile someone give me ice!!! woohooo...its too hot in here!! Carlos and Deyanira are kissing away in the office. The documunts on Carlos' desk go flying away as he puts deyanira on top of the desk...They kisssssss and kisssssssss and kisssss, (I am enjoying this...hehehe) The Stupid phone rings. Deya picks it up, its MILAGROS!!. Carlos goes to her office. She scolds him and tells him to wipe off the lipstick from his lips. (okay sooo busted!!) Pablo is trying to convince Oleg to talk but he is not having it. He is just making a mockery out of both of them. Daniel is outside busting with anger.

Lily and Genaro (who is now her new lover...hehehehehe) are talking. Lily is obssesed about taking Lucha down. Genaro tells her to focus instead on getting her freedom

Radames is on mission "TAKE EVERYTHING FROM ELENA AND LIVE HER PENYLESS!!" He goes over to his daughter's clinic. He is behaving very well with her. He makes her sign the papers giving over everything he owns to her name, Octavio's and Nacho's. He is even calling her "THE QUEEN OF THE HOUSE OF ECHEVERRIA(hahahahahaha). He is very happy and thanks her, even tells her that he loves her(He loves her signature...dummy!!) Octavio is inside his Granfather's house...OOOH NO!! the worst thing that could happen, the cell phone actually belonged to Radames. He gives Nachito the phone and tells him to give it to Radames when he comes back. Pablo and Daniel are inside the office talking about their love issues. Daniel tells Pablo not to worry, they will capture Radames soon.



  In the office, Pablo and Ponce are still talking. Leon enters with news of Liliana's visit. Lily comes into the office and tells Daniel that she really needs to see Oleg. Daniel permits this visit and sends her in as a special visitor. Pablo ushers her to the the cells. She is talking with Olegario. He threatens her telling her that he will get out of prison and he will be the one to decide how and when she dies. Lily tells him..."You were a great teacher Diablo, The moment you decided to chose that stupid Lucia over me, we were done!!, Its a pity Olegario, you will not be alive long enough to witness when I become  THE QUEEN OF THE NORTH..goodbye ex diablito" (hehehehe really?) Oleg is left there almost heart broken. Meanwhile Carlos and Deyanira are working inside the office. Deya is looking at him Longfullly(hehehehe Deya focus!!) Carlos also looks at her(Are they gonna finish what they had started?) Nop he wakes up. Deya also does. Deya tells him that she really liked what happened between them very very much...Carlos tells her that she is a woman with alot of experience, very pretty and attractive but they cannot work like that, they need to know how to separate the two. Abel walks in, more like burges in...ooh no...GAY ISSUES!!!..Deys leaves them and Abel tells Carlos that he is confused. He tells Carlos that he cannot do it with Adriana. Carlos flashes back to the time when he and the dr were talking. He know has a slight suspicion that Abel is gay!!

Lily is out of the cell, she wants to talk to Daniel about her sister Lucia. Daniel tells her that he is not in the mood to hear bad things about the woman he loves, the woman he is going to marry in a week. He tells Lily to leave. She tries putting on the puppy-doll eyes(HEY WOMAN SHUT YOUR FACE) It does not work with Daniel,(Given all the sweet things he was telling Lucha last night...mmhhhmmmhhh) Lily leaves. Daniel gets a call. Diablo is to be transfered to the maximum prison.

Radames badmouths Octavio's mum and Elena during dinner with Octavio and Nachito. Octavio gets angry and leaves. Later we see Nachito playing with an Ipad. He stops and sees a cellphone and goes to play with it. He is looking through the photos...(ohh noo, this is bad!!)



 Nacho goes and hands opver the phone to Radames. Radames sees the picture and says "Lucha and Cesar together?" Olegario has finally been transfered to the maximum prison. He is to serve a sentence. The people in th prison are happy to see him. The leader of the ZODIAC gang is also there. He is the happiest to see Diablo. Diablo tells him not to think he is alone, lucifer is always with him. He is ushered to his room. 

Back in the house Lucia talks to Roxana. She tells her something about Daniel being her future father. There is a knock at the door. It is Daniel. Roxana goes running towards him and when she hugs him she finally calls him "Papa" OOh Lucha is so happy. Daniel is extatic. He is playing with Little Roxy. Roxy finally goes toawards Lucha and says  "ma...mama" Lucha hugs her. All of them are happy. Daniel wants to take them out. They all stand up and share a nice group hug!!

 Lily is very angry and she storms into the room where her dad and Consuelo are. She insults Chelo. Chelo gets up and also talks back at her. He dad scolds her but she only replies harshly. (bitterwomanalert!!) (Chelo is still crying about the head-only gaston...its soo funny, someone make her stop!!) Lily goes over to her room. She gets a call from Radames who informs her that he has something that will interest her. (OHH NO THE STUPID PIC!)

Pablo and Elena have finally reconciled and they are even kissing in their usual meeting place. Lucha and Daniel are in Danny's apartment and Lucha wants to tell him something(Don't do it Lucha...all in due time...I am not ready to suffer just yet!!)



Beautiful people let me start out by saying today's theme is "Rekindling the passion!!!" we start off in Lucha's house. Someone knocks at the door, Its Memin!! ooh how I have missed him... He has come to play with Roxy!!! I have missed her tooo!! She is still not talking. He asks for Deyanira and Lucha tells him Deya is out with Carlos. He asks if they are boyfriend and girlfriend yet, Lucha laughs and says no. She has prepared food for the kids...


Their relationship might be a bit slow, but it is sure. They are in a fancy restaurant, talking as usual. Carlos' phone rings. He goes out to pick it. A short guy comes over, I think he is one of Deya's former clients. He approaches her table. Deya tries to get away from him to no aveil. He is insisting and disrespecting her. Deya slaps him calling him an imbisel. He gets angry!! "Me Imbisel!" He is now grabbing her arms. Carlos comes and punches the guy to the ground!!! Deya feels embarrased...Carlos takes her home and she apologizes for the chaos. He only gives her a cheek kiss. Deya is not too happy about how the night turned out!!


I have absolutely no doubt about this two ending up together(soooo cute) Memin teases Roxana about dressing up like a princess. Lucha tells Memin thet there is nothing wrong with Roxy dressing up like a princess. He was at first hesitsnt to play with her, but later they go around the house playing...hehehehehehe I really love roxana, she does not talk at all...sooo funny!


Speaking about great nights...There is a knock on the door. Lucha goes and opens it. OOOH Its Daniel( his late night visits can only mean one thing...Lucha is getting some tonight!! hehehehehe...don't you just love seeng them together) He kisses her as she ushers him in. He tells her that he has missed her kisses. She tells him something and he seems to agree. His arms are around her waist. She kisses him, "here?" ...she asks as she kisses him on the lips, moves her face to the other side, they kiss again playfully "Here?" she asks again as she heads towards his neck(At this point I have a goofy stupid smile on my face!!!). "Yes..I like that alot" he says as he now holds her tighter.(awwww...sooo sweeeet!!). (They are later sitted on a chair, kissing, holding hands...I think they are trying to restrain themselves coz of the kids)  The kids are looking at them, they notice this. Memin comes closer to them. He tells them that he likes it when they kiss, Lucha tells him that they are still too little. They leave to go inside. Deyanira arrives, she looks agitated and kind of sad. She does not even want to eat. Daniel notes this. Lucha wants to go to her, "Let me find out what happened". Daniel grabs her, "no..no..no.., stay here with me, we have the whole place to ourselves...( he kisses her, she blushes..).and besides(he says as he now holds her dangerously close to her) "I miss your kisses"...Lucha to him "Yes...?" ...Daniel to her ..."ooh yes"...He heads out to kiss her on her neck(I want to scream with excitement!! This part is insanely hot!! *SCREAMS* )


 A potential love triangle here? Leon is with Rodriguez. He wakes up from the long sleep and she calms him down. He remembers something..."OHH my chickita...Adriana is waiting for me" Leon seems annoyed at this. He makes a call to Adriana. She makes up an excuse and leaves right away. As Leon and Rodri are still speaking, Adriana walks in. Rodriguez goes loco forgetting everything about Leon. Adriana comes to him. Leon sees this and leaves, abit annoyed(Men can be a big pain!!) He is happy about Adri's visit. Adriana tells him that she cannot be with him anymore. "Why not, you love me and I love you...You love me right?" ..." yes..(she says while sitting down) or no...I don't know" He tells her to kiss him. She does and just at that moment guess who walks in DR. MALL(something) the gay one...He catches them kissing!!! oooh Adri...you are sooo busted!!! Adriana stops and tells Rodriguez..."Goodbye...goodbye forever"...Rodriguez is agitated and wants to stand up, run after her. he cant, "Adriana, please don't leave" The doctor calms him down. "Doctor you don't understand how I feel" DR, M tells him "I do" (we all know what he is talking about here!!)


Octavio comes over to Vick's house. She is not downstairs(can you imagine Gaston's coffin has only HIS HEAD? LOLEST!!! that is just too funny...too bad we cannt see it...hahahahahahahaha) Vicky is upstairs still crying over the death of her HEAD-ONLY father(LOL). Octavio comes to her room. He confesses his undying love to her and promises never to leave her, She goes over and gives him the tightest hug in the world. 


Chelo is there standing by the side of her HEAD-ONLY late husband. Ignacio thinks that Chelo was unhappy by Gaston' side. Fer does not like this at all. Ramon comes with a large bouquet of flowers and hands it over to Chelo. Chelo is a bit cheered up by this gesture.(awwww) 


Both of them are in the cell. Nuria is throwing a tantrum as usuall. Oleg tells her to shut up. She refuses to obey him. He comes and grabs her little kitty-cat head through the bars and tells her that he will get his revenge. He thinks its Lily who got them in there. She calms down.


Our surprise couple of the day is Genaro and Lily(ewwwww super gross!!...Lily how low could you actually go?) The door bell rings in Genaro's hide out. Its Liliana. She enters and he grabs her from behind by the waist... He is kissing her shoulders,"My queen!" (Genaro, not only are you a traitor, you are a dumbass one!!)  he almost throws her to bed. She stops him, makes a couple of excuses. Genaro gets it, there is another man that she is interested in, "You don't feel anything for me, I don't care...all I want is to have you here and now" H egets close to her and kisses her on the neck(hahahahahaha eat that you old witch!!! hehehehe) Lily is not feeling him at alll!!

They are now laying in bed, only merely covered with sheets. Lucha's breathtaking legs are showing. She tells Daniel that she wants to live with him forever. He tells her that he also wants to be with her, to kiss her everyday(okay lame man's translation) She tells him that his kisses are very beautiful(I agree!!) They kiss...He holds her face, looks into her eyes and says "Casate conmigo" which literally translates to "Marry me" Lucha is taken by surprise. He gets up, he is going to get something,"Where are you going?...Someone might see you" He smiles as he puts on his trouser(so before that he was completely desnuda? interesting!!) He tells her "shhhh, I will be right back" ... Daniel is acting mysterious...he goes over to the living room, picks up a ring(AWWWWWWW!!! OMG!! HE IS ACTUALLY GONNA DO IT!!!) He heads over to the room. he gets back. She asks him what is going on.

"You are the best person in the world, to be the only one you will be expecting everyday and for your kisses to belong to me...I want you to be mine only mine, I love you Lucia you are the best thing that has ever happened to me....He posses...will you marry me?"

 Lucia posses for a while, looking at the ring Daniel has taken out...Is she gonna say yes...is she gonna say no...? speak already Lucha!! They are now talking. She is wearing the ring(I am guessing it was a yes?) She is just admiring her hands. She tells him that with him, she needs nothing else. Yeah he caresses her arms tenderly, He stares...just stares at her(awwwww) Lucha blushes, "Why are you looking at me like that?" ...Daniel smiles, "Because you enchant me, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life," H egets close to her, their eyes meet, (omg this is love!!...I need Ice...) He tells her, "you fascinate me...I cannot control myself" He kisses her this time its deeep!!!(someone wake me up!! Ponce will finish me!!)

(Brushing through the reminder)

Chelo is still depressed. Pablo tries to speak to Elena but she refuses, telling him its not the right moment. Lucha tells Deya that she refuses to be sad. Lucha, Daniel and Deayniar arrive at Gaston's send off. Daniel is there with Lucha, Deya goes over to great Lily and her mum. Daniel tells Lucha(Loud enough for an approaching Lily to hear... "Relax Mr.s Ponce, your husband is here with you!!!"(hehehehehe) Lily is shocked and asks again "her husband?" Daniel tells her that Lucha is now his Fiance( Lily did you drop something, like your tongue? hehehehe) Lily thinks Daniel is joking, Lucia tells her that she is very in love with Daniel. She has no choice but to swallow her bitterness and says "Congratulations Daniel" There is a confrontation between Pablo and Radames, Pablo feels as if Elena is going back to Radames. Elena stops the two men from fighting. Fernanda is not happy about Daniel coming over with Lucha. Consuelo is happy to see Lucha and hugs her. She tells Daniel that all she wants is to find the body of Gaston. Vicky is not happy to see Daniel and throws a tantrum whaen she sees him there, blaming him for her dad's murder(Vicky calm down!!! ) Lucha Elena and Consuelo are talking, Elena notices the ring on her finger and congratulates her. Lily and Deyanira almost fight, but Cralos is there to stop it. Deyanira finally gets the KISS she wanted from Carlos. Oleagrio gets through to Anselmo and is able to threaten him. Daniel swears eternal love to Lucha. Daniel interrogates Lucia...




PART 1....

The scene opens with Daniel asking Lily what her reltionship with El Diablo is. Ignacio does not think that is the right moment for any interrogations to be done. Fer agrees. Daniel tells them that it is completely neccessary that they talk. He asks Lily if she prefers to be questioned in the house or in private. She feigns concern saying that she really does not mind the place but out of respect for the pain of her sister Chelo, she'd rather do it in private. They leave. Daniel questions her, he has no mercy and his questions are weighing her down. Lily is crying. He tells her that he does not believe a word she is saying. She is begging him to trust her. When she feels conered she confesses. "Yes Olegario and I were lovers...but he never involved me in his bussinesses" Daniel continues with the interrogation, Lily tells him that she is not feeling well. Daniel sees no point in this as he gets up and wears his jacket. Lily also wakes up, she swears to Daniel that she is ready to lose her life and expose Diablo..."Only for you Daniel"(REEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Can't you find your own man Lily?) 

Pablo and Leon are talking in the office. He asks Leon if she was able to find the picture of Genaro. Leon tells him "Yes " as she hands over the pic to him. He pulls it out of the envelope and just as Leon is pointing out who Genaro is, Pablo looks shocked!! He hits the pic once and tells Leon, "This guy is the traitor!...I know this guy...we have to tell Daniel about this" Daniel comes to the office and is immediately given the news of Genaro being the traitor by Pablo. Daniel feels like a fool, "Now I understand why Oleg was always two steps ahead of us... and Gaston's disappearance" They decide to go raid Olegario's house and arrest him.

Radames and Oleg are talking inside a car. An excited Nuria comes into the back seat. She is very happy to be travelling to the US. They drive off. Lucha comes to the hospital, she finds Deya. She is in a sad mood and Deya asks her why she looks a little down. She tells Deya that Gaston is dead and she feels its all her fault. Deya comforts her telling her that she only did what was right. Meanwhile Lily is back in the house, Fernanda comes and asks her what she talked about with Commander ponce. Lily tells her to calm down, Fer is sure that Lily knew very well about what was going to happen to Gaston. Lily tells her that she knew nothing about that and throws her out. Radames calls her and asks her if she knew about Gaston's death. She tells him obviously she knew. She tells him that they have to frame Oleg for everything... Lily later goes to the whare house...

PART 2...

 Lily and Olegario are talking inside the wharehouse. She tells him that Ponce already knows thst she and Oleg are lovers. She tells him that it is better if he goes away with Nuria to the states but that she is going to miss him. Oleg(now a trusting fool!!!...when did he get this dumb for goodness sake!!!) Makes Lily sit on his lap. He kisses her playfully, loving her little plan. Meanwhile Daniel Leon and Pablo have broken into Genaro's house, The guy is not there. They are looking through his things. Daniel feels stupid for having trusted Genaro so much. Pablo tells him not to feel bad, he had no way of knowing Genaro's real intentions. He looks at one of the papers inside his house "How many people have you killed you imbisel?" They continue searching. Nuria has gotten over the guilt she was feeling for Gaston's death. She comes to where Diablo is sitted, excited!!!(hahahahahahaha) She is telling him how happy she is to be working for Oleg and how great it is for her. "It will be my first time in the US" Oleg is just laughing. Nuria is drinking a beer, tlling him she feels good to be going with Oleg as a VIP. They lugh as they raise their beer bottles. Genaro comes immediately and hands over the fake passports to Oleg. Oleg gives Nuria hers and is left holding the other one. His new alias "RAFAEL MONTES". He is happy with it. Genaro recieves a call and he is told about the raid. "I can't believe it" He hangs up the phone and tells Oleg his issue.

Lily is entering the wharehouse as Genaro is explaining the issue to Oleg. Oleg suggests he comes to the states with Nuria and him. Genaro gets overly excited at the idea. Lily cuts in(what is your plan Liliana?) She tells them that it is not necessary for Genaro to go. She insists that only Oleg and Nuria should leave for the US. Olegario apologizes to Genaro but tells him that Diabla's word is final. He kisses her. Genaro sounds annoyed. Nuria is overjoyed. Lily tells Genaro to go with her. Outside the wharehouse Genaro asks Lily what the hell she was doing, Lily comes close to him,(oooh my goodness...she is not gonna do it...noooo...ooh she will!! SLUT!) She kisses him, he calms down and asks her what happens now, She tells him of her plan to finish Oleg. She expresses her need for him. Genaro is calm now. She asks him to trust in her...(One more stupid guy falls victim to Lily's venom)

Octavio comes into victoria's room

 PART 3...


  Octavio and Victoria have a fight. Vicky blames Daniel Ponce for neglecting her dad's security. Octavio does not think that his uncle is to blame. They have a heated argument, she reminds him that the commander was not able to protect his dad when he died. Octavio still thinks that she is not in her right emotional state. Vicky tells him that if he insists on defending his uncle its better they end their relationship. She leaves. Lily makes a call to Ponce. They are all inside Genaro's house. She tells him that she has something important to tell him. Daniel, Pablo and Leon are on their way(I have grown to like Leon!!! Apart from her jealousy, she is really not that bad. ) They reach the office. Lily is waiting. She is dissapointed to see Pablo and Leon there. She tells him she wanted to see him alone(Lily do you have absolutely no shame at all!!?) Daniel tells her that whatever she has to say she can say it infront of Leon and Pablo. She tells him that she thought he was her confidant, Daniel tells her to speak up. She tells them that she knows exactly when and how Olegario is planning to escape. Pablo who has always been suspicious of Lily asks her how she got the info and she gives a very stupid excuse. No one believes her 100% but what would they lose if they acted fast??

Lucha comes to Rodrigues' room and the guy is still in hysteria, due to the effect of the blow, he is talking about the Genaro. "It is you Genaro". Lucha hears this..She listens in, he mentions something about the memory stick. She asks him where it is, the gay doc enters just then. Oleg and Nuria(today dressed in white...she looks alright!!) are preparing to leave. Olegario(this guy is no gentleman...hahahahahaha) leaves Nuria to deal with the large suitcase all on her own.(hahahahahahahaha poor girl) They are on their way. Oleg is just scolding Nuria on her behaviour. They sees the Airport...Nuria puts on her stupid face...(too excited!! hehehehehehe) Meanwhile the commander and the rest of the crew are already inside the airport. Daniel is giving instructions(OHH HE LOOKS SO ADORABLE  when he does that...precise and direct to the point!!! reasons why I am crazy about him...enough about me hahahahah) Everyone has taken position. Daniel and Pablo are on the tower. Daniel is afraid that Lily might have lied to him. Pablo tells him to calm down. They are now waiting for Oleg to show!! 

Lily comes into the house and tells everyone to turn on the TV. Chelo was earlier explaining "My marriage was never perfect, but he was my ex and the father of vicky" (Okay Chelo its time to move on...don't you think this is a sign? hahahahahahahahahaha). Abel and Ignacio are now talking.

PART 4...

  Abel and Ignacio are still talking. Ignacio tells him that all he wants is to see him happy. They smile. Back at the airport, Leon sees a car apraoching and tells that to Daniel. Daniel and Pablo rush down. Olegario and Nuria think its very strange that they will be travelling alone. Oleg is getting very suspicious. He tells Nuria to go open the door for him. Nuria is hesitant. He points his gun at her. She obeys him. She goes and opens the door and he imediately comes out holding a gun at her head. "PONCE!...COME OUT, I KNOW YOU ARE HERE!" Ponce Pablo and Leon and a couple of other cops come out to face him. The sharp shooters are just hiding behind the buildings. Aiming at Oleg. Olegario tells Ponce that the blood of that poor woman will be in his hands, Ponce tells him that he already killed his brother and aunty, he does not care if one more person dies as long as they catch him. Oleg tries to center with him, Ponce tells him that he is surrounded and they will not spare him. Oleg has no way out. Daniel tells him to let go of the woman or die with her, either way he still loses as Oleg is still trying to negotiate, Daniel is counting, ONE!!!...TWO....THREE... FOUR.... Oleg throws Nuria away and she goes running away. Ponce tells him to drop his weapon. He does so. He gets on his knees, Ponce puts his weapon down and her goes towards Oleg and PUNCHES him BOOM!! BOOOM!!!BOOM!!! (Hahahahahaha I hope you have pocorns with you!!! this part is like something out of a jackie chan movie...hehehehe) Pablo comes running towards Daniel and takes him off Olegario before he beats the guy to death. Olegario is left downthere with a black eye(hheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehheeeeeeeeeeee) He is cringing in pain as some guys come to restrain. As soon as Oleg is placed in the police car, some Telemundo reporters are there. They are asking about the mission.

Lucha is inside the chapel. She is praying, Milagros comes to her. Lucha tells her about her troubles. Milagros tells her that she shuold never doubt God. If Sor Amparo had that much trust in her its because she was very important. Lucha is happy and thakns Milagros even giving her a kiss on the cheeks. Milagros is very pleased. Lily and the rest of the family are watching the news. She asks them why they do not look pleased. Chelo tells her that capturing Oleg will not bring Gaston back. Lily tells her that she ought to be happy, she was miserable by Gaston's side and whoever killed him did her a huge favor. Ignacio hears this and chases Lily out(But I agree with Lily!! Gaston was a pain in the wrong place!!! DIE STUPID GUY AND STAY DEAD!! BUM!! hahahahahahahahaha) 

Later the leader of the police force is giving a statement, thanking Daniel for capturing a very dangerous criminal, Olegario Morero. Oleg is becoming hysterical(hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha and very comic) He is saying that Daniel is only after him beacuse of his Santa.... hahahahahaha 




The scene opens with Genaro pushing Gaston into the deadly wharehouse. Genaro is waiting for him there. Gaston is pleading for Mercy but Oleg tells him to shut up!!!(Even in death Gaston is still a coward...these guys have no mercy!!) The next Morning, Amparo's final mass is being held in the chapel. Chelo and Elena are talking, Pablo walks in, Chelo warns Ele that Pablo is coming towards her. Radames sees this and goes and grabs Pablo's hand. He does not want him to go near his woman(hahahahahahaha what a laugh!!) There is a confrontation between the two men(I mean Radames come on...with that huge tummy...dont tell me you want to die this sooon...coz Pablo is not gonna spare you!!!) Lucha comes in and tells the two gentlemen not to fight...they will be disrespecting the hospital. They stop fighting. Lucha goes towards where Daniel is sitted(He loooks super duper cute in a suit!!) She tells him to be strong. She goes to attend to something. Elena also comes and consoles him...but what is this now?? Radames is behind her, following her like a stupid bodyguard!!!(whats wrong with this guy??) They leave together(has Elena learnt nothing??? Seriously...once a dog always a dog, Radames is just putting on a face with you estupida!!!). Victoria and Chelo come and express their condolences and Vicky once again asks about her father. "He is not answering my phone calls" Daniel assures her that her daddy is safe!!(not if witchy Lily and Oleg have anything to say about it!!) Leon comes over and tells him "Sor Amparo was a great woman"...Daniel to her "Yes my aunt was a marvelous woman" He later tells her to go check on Rodriguez and the witness...(Sorry Daniel...your witness...is half dead!!) Speaking about witnesses...



  Liliana and Nuria are entering the wharehouse. Nuria nearly collapses on sight of a beaten up Gaston. She can barely walk. Lily drags her and tells her that this is her new reality. Nuria is shocked. Lily goes towards Gaston and slaps him hard!!! She asks him what he told the police. Gaston is begging(I am telling you that it is horrid!! but Gaston even in death his voice is still as annoying as ever!! hehehehehehehehehe....poor guy!!) He pleads with her to let him go..."I said nothing...I swear!!!" Olegario thinks Lily is being soft with Gaston. Lily goes to pick up a pen knife, she asks Gaston if he wants to feel pain. Gaston is crying, pleading, She cuts the pen knife through his face causing him to bleed a lot. Gaston crys. Lily has no mearcy. 

Oleg is there sitted on a sofa, cheering them on. Nuria can't take it anymore and she tells Lily to stop. Lily gives her the knife. She tells her to finish Gaston with it. Olegario is sitted there happy!! Nuria is hesitant. Lily takes a gun and points it to Nuria's head. "Its either you or him... one....two....three..." There is no way out, Nuria goes slowly towards Gaston and cuts through his chest. She just inures him. Gaston is in pain. "Is that all you have little cat?"  Lilly tells Nuria as she grabs the knife from her. She goes to Gaston and STABS!!! him hard on the chest!! Gaston breathes his last and dies instantly!!

Oleg and Lily kiss as he congratulates her on how bad she has become. She tells him that she learnt it from him...the devil himself. Diablo licks the pen knife then kisses Lily. Nuria is now hiding in a coner. Lily goes to her and grabs her. She brings her closer and Diablo picks up a saw. He tells her to cut the body into pieces...

Leon gets to Rodrigues' place and finds him all on the floor. She calls Pablo and tells him that Gaston has been taken. Ampero's funeral just ended and Lucia and Daniel are together. An informant from the office comes and informs Daniel of this lates developement. Daniel goes back to the AFIAD to get the complete story. When they are informed Lucy goes back home while Daniel goes to the office to strategize. 

Lucia arrives at the Duran house and finds Vicky and Chelo there waiting. She comes with bad news and tells them that Gaston is missing. Vicky freaks out. Lucha tries to calm her down telling her that Daniel will not let anything happen to him. Lily arrives from her venomous mission. She hears the news of Gaston's dissappearance. She talks as if she is sure Gaston is dead. She tells Lucha that if anything happens to her dear(I doubt that!!) brother in law, she will be the only one to blame. Lucha tells them that she is sure Gaston cannot be dead. Lily tells her that everything is her fault. "You will always be a disgrace to this family" Lucha gets mad and SLAPS!! the living daylight out of Lily. Fer just enters, sees what has happened and slaps Lucha.(THIS WOMAN!! SOMEONE SHOULD KILL HER!!) They have a slight fight. Lucha getting the sharper side of the sword!!

Daniel receives a package. It comes with a note. He looks inside....OOH SHIT!!... GASTON'S HEAD!!...He makes a call to Pablo to come to the office immediately....FLASHBACK...earlier Pablo was talking to Leon. He was asking her questions about Genaro. She happened to mention about his weird behaviour. He wants to have a pic of Genaro....PRESENT TIME...Pablo and Leon enter the office. He shows them the head. He is pissed off..."Olegario wins one more time!!!"... "I want him, DEAD OR ALIVE!!"

He calls Lucia and tells her about the horrid news. Lucha is devastated. Vicky starts crying as her mother consoles her. Lucha tries to get close to them, they don't want her there. Fer takes opportunity to tell Lucia that nobody wants her there(I want to kill them all!!! Starting from Vicky...to her stupid grandma!!) Lucha leaves there devastated. Adriana had earlier met with Fer. Fer convinced her to go back to ABEL. She was meeting up with Abel when they received the news about Gaston's murder. Lucha goes out and her dad...who is the most sane of all the durans consoles her. .. Elena is out with Radames and the little dog Nachito. Radames is saying all soughts of nonesence telling her to forgive him...In my head I am thinking....ELENA!!! SNAP OUT OF IT!!! THIS GUY WILL CAUSE YOU UNIMAGINABLE PAIN!!!....(Check out thie pic below and tell me if am lying!!)

Radames gets a call from Oleg and immediately rushes out to meet with him. Lucha goes into Daniel's office and they hug so lovingly. He asks about Vicky and Chelo and Lucha tells him they are not doing well. She tells him that she feels its her fault that Gaston died. He tells her its not and embraces her...awwww how lovely!!(at this point I don't know if I will be able tp survive their breakup!!...I already have tones of tissuess prepared for the TEARS AHEAD....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Radames does not think it was a wise idea for Oleg to kill Gaston like that. Daniel is in Lucha's place. He enters and they ask about Gaston. He tells them that Oleg only sent him the head(hahahahahhaha...I really don't know why I am laughing...but wouldint it be funny to see Gaston's head without his body...hehehehe) Chelo almost collapses at the news(hahahahahahaha oooh pliz Chelo, Gaston's death should bring you a bit of reliefe!! lets face it Gaston was an idiot!!!) Daniel looks at Lily and asks her "What was your relationship with Olegario Morero??" (OOOOOOH LILY YOU ARE SOOOOO BUSTED!!!




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