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 We start off with Victoria and Lucha. Daniel catches them talking and Lucha spills the beens about Olega's hideout. There is no wating time!! Operation capture Olegario is underway!.Daniel makes a call to Pablo and the immediately gather the men in bulletproof jackets. They are all gathered around, waiting for instructions. Meanwhile Nuria is inside Lily's room. Lily is reminding her that Olegario will never set his eyes on her. Oleg back in the house is shouting(he is doing this tooo damn often!! I would shoot myself first before I even think of living with Oleg) Gaston (who is turning out to be quite the maid this days...hahahahahahha) comes into Oleg's room and brings him some food. Oleg rejects the food and puts off his cell phone. Daniel and the other cops gather around. He is giving them instructions on capturing that croock Oleg. 

Meanwhile back in Adriana's house, Abel is just sitted there...wait a sec...he was not able to do it!!!(hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha after all that effort, poor baby) Adriana is telling him not to feel guilty. Abel throws a tantrum and runs out of there. Adriana (do you have no shame??....hehhehehehehe but I get you I mean a girl has got to have her fun) calls Rodriguez immediately Abel leaves. Rodri is excited to recieve the call. "Helo chicita"... "Helo...I need you"... (more like I need your body) Rodriguez has work but promises to go to her immediately after the work is done. Pablo now heading out with the rest of the crew. He tells Rodriguez "Love matters later, right now we deal with capturing Oleg". He nods in complete agreement. "LETS GO!!" Pablo says as they all run out as the proffessionals they are...(Damn I want to be a cop!!...hehehehehehehe soooo coool!"

Abel s back home. He finds his mother and father and tells them that he does not want to get married to Adriana anymore. He runs into his room. Fer and Nacho follow him. Fer is screaming at him, scolding him for what he has just said. Nacho orders Fer to go out as he speaks to Abel. "Abel, Man to man, tell me whats going on." They talk for qiute a while and it looks like they agree on issues. Meanwhile the AFIAD has broken into Oleg's house.(Since traitorous Genaro was not with them, catching Oleg will be a piece of cake...in my mind I am just waiting for that fatefull moment when Daniel will point the gun at stupid Oleg's head...hehehehehe)  They enter and burst Gaston inside his office. Daniel and Pablo are about to enter into Oleg's room(I have my heart in my hands...this is the moment...Olegario you are going down!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA(evil laugh)) They kick down the doorrr...(in my head a thinking history in the making...the fall of the great Oleg...hahahahaha) They look around...(OOOHHH MY GOOODNESSS...WHERE THE HECK IS OLEG??)...Olegario is not there. Daniel is dissaointed...(But not as much as me...LITERALLY FEELING LIKE A FOOL!!..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..But seriously where the heck is this guy...how in the world did he find out?) 

UNBELIEVABLE!! We see Liliana sleeping and someone entering her ward. (Those legs are awefully familiar) ITS OLEGARIO!! He comes and closes Lily's mouth. They have a fight about who knows what. But that's not what Olegario is there for...He starts looking at her pervertedly..."AY CHIKITA!!" He comes close to her bed...He wants to have sex with her(haaaaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa...) "No...no Papacita, that is completely crazy" Lily tells him..."But I love danger..." He is looking at her with his mischevious eyes. "Ay...no...Olegario, thats is crazy"..."ooh yes mama...he goes to her and is now on top of her..."no...." mmmmmmh....They kiss hungrily(Laughing my lungs out!! can it get funnier than this??)

Nuria is back home and when she sees the police she immediately makes a call to Lily. Lily receives the call and she is told that the police are all over the house. She is all panicky. She knows that under pressure stupid Gaston might spill the beans. Olegario is more relaxed. He tells Lily to calm down. He goes close to her again and they almost continue where they left off...(hahahahahahahahahahahaha...) Milagros walks in on them. Oleg immediately leaves. Milagros thinks the guy who was with Lily looked very suspicious and goes ahead to tell Lucha about it. Lucia goes and confronts Liliana and tells her that she is completely sure the guy Lily was with was Oleg. She says she will tell Daniel. Lily is left there confused...


Gaston is being questioned on Oleg's whereabouts. He is framing Nuria for bringing Oleg into the house. He is asked a bunch of questions by Daniel. He is sweating all over, but points the mastermined as a woman, He says she is very dangerous. "Who is that mystery woman Gaston?" He does not utter a word!!!(Why do I feel like this will damage Lucha's case!! Someone with a gun please...I need to finish off Gaston before he can say anything more...stupid fool!!) Vicky is worried about her dad's welfare. Daniel and the rest of the officers want to keep Gaston safe. They are done with the investigation for the day. Rodriguez who was in a hurry to go met up with Adri is ordered by Daniel to keep Gaston safe. Adriana calls him up, she is wearing sexy lingerie, he tells her he cannot make it...(Why the hell not!!!...I really wanted to feel the passion!!) Rodriguez takes Gaston back to his apartment Daniel accomapnies them. He looks around and makes sure no one is following them then he heads home...WAIT A SEC...i can see a big bellied guy in the bush...OOH SHIT!! Genaro was there all along!!! He makes a call to Lily. Genaro meets up with Olegario and he is given instructions. Vicky comes to Daniel's apartment and asks about her dad. Daniel assures her that her dad is in safe hands. As Daniel enters his room, he looks at the bed where Amparo was killed and sits down on the floor...he weeeeeeeeeeps!!(soooo sad!!) Lucha is also weeping beside Amparo's coffin. She feeels guilty for her death. She remembers Amparo's last words to her..."Be strong Lucha..." 

Gaston recieves a threat messege from Oleg. He starts to Panic. Rodriguez assures him that he will be safe. Gaston is telling him about his mysterious woman, who is very dangerous. He enters into a room. Genaro breaks into the apartment, catches Rodri unawares and hits him on the head, Gaston comes out of the room, he sees Genaro and he starts screaming "HELP!! HELP!!" Genaro signals him to shut up!! He grabs hold of him...Rodri is regaining consiousness. He sees someone taking Gaston away...he tries to focus, but he is too weak...he looses consiousness as Genaro takes Gaston away.................... 




The scene opens with a shouting Olegario. He is inside Gaston's house. "Nuria!!!...Gastooooooooon!" He is frustrated that no one is there to tend to him(Oleg that is not a freaking hotel!!!) He tries to call Liliana but the line is busy(huhuhuhuhuhuhuh thats what you get for being a fugitive!!) Liliana makes a call to Anselmo. Those two are up to something. Anselmo then pays a criminal a small courtesy visit. I think he wants the guy to do a job for him(spanish is hard ooh!) Radames visits Liliana. They start talking about Pablo and how he was a traitor all this time....

 Meanwhile inside the AFIAD, Daniel is introducing Pablo to everyone as a his main undercover informant. He tells all the police force how Pablo helped him uncover the dirty bussinesses of Olegario. Everyone is applauding....wait its not everyone....that Idiot Genaro who almost comes in happens to see Pablo and hides. He knows very well that if Pablo saw him, he will unmask him. He waits until no one notices and escapes. Leon happens to see him(I have a strong feeling Leon will fnd out his plans).

Gaston wants Chelo back. He is explaining to her that Nuria is a criminal and a prostitute. He wants Chelo and Vicky back in his life. Nuria who was following him arrives and causes a scene. Chelo insults her and leaves like the lady that she is. Gaston does not want Chelo to leave. He wakes up from his seat "Consuelo!!...Co.."..."shut up!" Nuria now trells him with her stupid voice!...Vicky, Octavio, Abel and Adriana are still at their double date. Octavio makes a toast to A and A's happiness(more like crappiness....one is gay and the other is a cheat!!!) Vick recievs a phone call. "Helo!"..."Helo victoria, its your father, I need to talk to you...its urgent". Vicky immediately goes to the restaurant. "You called me...make it fast"...Gaston is trying to refer to her as his daughter but Victora reminds him of the countless times he mistreated her mother and said that Victoria was a mistake...from an accident. Gaston apologizes. Vicky sits down. Gaston tells her that he wants her and her mother back. Vicky does not think that is possible. He then tells her that Olegario Morero is hiding in his house. Vicky advises him to tell the police but he refuses saying its way too dangerous. They later argue and Vicky leaves.

Abel and Adriana are back in Adriana's house. They say their goodbyes but Abel makes an interesting proposal. He wants to be with her tonight. Adriana loves the idea(we all know Adri and her hormones...hehehehehehehehehehe they are raving!!) They enter the room and start kissing. They now remove each other's clothes. Adriana takes off Abel's shirt as he unzips her dress. He puts her to bed...They kisssssssssss....nothing happens...Abel cannot do it(WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTT?) They pause for a while. Adriana tells him its okay, she will wait until he is able to(hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah we all know the only way he will do it is if she puts on a body suit made up of fake muscles and puts on a mask that looks like doctor Mallasco's face hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaadark humour!!!) Abel tells her that he must do it today. "I need to do it today" He throws her on the bed...(We all know nothing is going to happen...as Adriana tells him"I want to be yours"(hehehehehehehehehehehehe that's funny, didnt she just say that to the cop Rodriguez?" Meanwhile as all this is going on, Rodriguez is calling Adriana. She is not picking up...he is frustrated(does the term she is engaged actually mean anything to this guy...heheheheh) Leon sees this and tells him to stop with the madnesss...

Guess where Genaro is....He is at the hospital. He came to tell Liliana about Pablo and how their plans might be ruined coz of him. Lily tells him to calm down. They will be able to get rid of Pablo very soon...(Lets see if that will ever happen!!) Nuria is back in the house. Olegario is still screaming away. Nuria comes into his room and asks him why he is screaming. He tells her he needs to get through to Lily. Nuria wants to defy him but He scares her and she immediately makes a call to Lily. Lily tells her that she is in the hospital. Gaston arrives and Nuria tries to calm him down but he will have none of that. He goes to the study. Oleg gets through to Lily and she informs him that Pablo was a police man all this time....Ohhhh my goodnesssssssss Olegario is ANGRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Nuria goes to visit Liliana and complains about Olegario."Your husband is a big pan...he is amking our lives miserable" Liliana calms her down as she pledges alegiance to her. Genaro is leaving the hospital. Lucia sees him. She wants to follow him but another nurse distracts her...

She comes out later but he has already left. She cannot make out his face but can surely recognize his voice. She goes quickly and tells Carlos and Deya that the man who killed Cesar was in the hospital.

 Later Daniel talks to Pablo inside his office. They are talking about Liliana. Pablo is sure that Liliana was more involved with Olegario than she can admit...."That woman is very dangerous".Later Daniel and Lucia are in the chapel. Sor Amparo's mass is still going on. (their parts are ussually very sweet!! awwwwwwww!) She gently caressing his hair as she consoles him on his loss. Daniel goes forward towards the coffin. Victoria had earlier gone home and told his mum that his dad is in mahor trouble. She comes and calls Lucia. She tells her about her father hiding Olegario Morero inside his house. Daniel comes and finds them talking. Vicky does not think its wise to tell him but Lucia assures her that her dad will not be in trouble. She tells Daniel "Olegario is hiding in Gaston's house"....Daniel could not be more pleased at this news!!!





Daniel calls Pablo, he tells him to follow Anselmo. Genaro hears this and goes out of the AFIAD for a while. Leo thinks its strange that he is going out at that time(I also think it is very strange...Daniel...open those eyes) He makes a call to ANselmo to warn him that the AFIAD are on to him. Anselmo makes a U-turn and is able to get away from the chasing Pablo(aaaaah shhhhhhiiiiitttt!). Meanwhile Lucia is in her father's house. She is describing Amparo as the mother she never had. Lily walks in with a bruised face. "Thet bastard Olegario did this to me and escaped. Ignacio asks if she was the lover of Olegario Morero. " You were the lover of Olegario?" Lucha excl;aims..."No he was just my boss" Liliana now tells them.(hehehehe look at that face...hideous)

 It looks like no one is buying the "I was beaten by Oleg" story that Lily is telling them. Lily swears it is true. They suggest taking her to the hospital....hehehehe

Pablo calls Daniel."I have bad news brother, I lost him". Daniel is a bit dissapointed but tells him its okay. They meet up with Daniel later and I think they are talking about their predicaments in love. Daniel tells him its better to tell the truth to Elena. Talking about Ele....After the court process she goes after Radames and thanks him for what he did for her, not taking Nachito away from her (Its a face...ELENA snap out of it!!!!) Radames is behaving like a philanthropic guy(hehehehe it does not suit him!!) Meanwhile the whore Nuria goes into Olegario's room. She is trying to seduce him. Oleg is not buying it and chases her out like a dog...dashing out threats on her....Nuria should know who to seduce next time!!(hehehehe). Gaston learns about this and feels so bad...The guy goes into his study and checks out the photos of him, chelito and victoria. For the first time in a long time he says..."I have been very stupid!!". He calls Chelo up and asks her to meet with him..."Its urgent"(hehehehehehehehehe does he perhaps want Chelo back??(tooo late brooo....the taxi man already has her!!)

Adriana, Abel Vicky and Octavio are ou on a double date. Adriana and Abel are behaving funnily around one another. The only people enjoying the date are Oct and vicky. Adriana's phone rings and she excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Its the pervert Rodrigues who is calling her. She tells ihm not to call her again but we all know she is dying for anopther piece of that delicious man again....Abel also excuses himself, he goes to the bathroom and is pacing back and forth, he takes out his phone(oooohhhh noooooo he is calling a man...the gay doc....daaaaaaaaaaaahhhh) The guy on the other side of the phone is talking, he cuts it offf(ABel you are gay!!! just admit it and go kiss the stupid Doctor!!)

 Lucha talks to Lily and Lily tells her she has important news for the commander. She tells her that she knows Olegario is the one who killed Amparo. She makes a call to Daniel...(one of those sweet phone calls...awww) Daniel hears this and comes out to the hospital. He is speaking to Lily. Lily tells him that Olegario is the one who killed his aunt. Daniel tells her that he knows that she is very much involved in Oleg's dirty bussinesses because Pablo heis informant told him so. Lily makes a bunch of explanations that do not settle well with Daniel. He is still convinced that she and Oleg were in on this.

 Daniel comes from the room and meets up with Lucha. They talk for a bit then hug it out. They later go out to the chapel where Amparo's body is lying. Daniel is devastated. "Is there something wrong with me?? Why does everyone I love have to end up dead?" Lucha is trying to calm him down and he almost runs over to her. H e holds her face....she is also crying." You are the only one I have left in this world" He embraces her(awwwwww I am almost crying my eyes out) Its a tight embrace with his hands over her little head, she lays her head on his strong shoulders(Lucky woman!!). hehehehehe Is that Lily? She was coing to the chapel and is enraged to see this expression of love between these two. sHE IS aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!(hehehehehehehehehehehehe...) She goes and immediately makes a call to Radames "The guy Pablo is actually a police officer!!" Radames the angry bull dog is back!! with a bang!!(heheheheheheheheheh)

Pablo comes and finds Chelo and Elena making Cookies(these two love cooking). He tells Elena that he is not a criminal. He is a police officer. They go to a restaurant to talk. He tells her that he was working with Ponce to catch Oleg. She still thinks he lied to her(come on Elena....trhe guy is telling you that he was part of a top secret mission to catch worlds greatest druglord and that's all you can sayyyy? is this just an excuse to get back with the bull dog?)

Saved the best for last!!

Carlos comes over and they tak with Daniel. He almost tells Daniel the truth. Chelo goes over to the restaurant. She finds that Gaston has bought her flowers. "What is it that you wanted to tell me...talk quickly...what was so urgent that you had to tell me?" Gaston pauses for a minute..."You look beautiful...very pretty!"(hahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa WHAT?...is this Gaston or the spirit of Christmas??hehehehehehehe). Chelo is as surprised as me. She asks him why he is doing all this. Gaston tells her that she wants her back...."I love you Consuelo!!"(heheheheheheheheheheheheehehehehe okay now even Chelo has two men fighting over her!! DURAN SISTER POWER!! JUJU!!! I want some of that stufff....hehehehehe.....until tommorrow....





The scene kicks off with Daniel. He goes and checks out the body of the dead person. He finds out that the person is his aunt. He opens her up and grabs hold of her. He is crying his eyes out, still in deep grief and shock. He cannot believe that the murderes killed his aunt. "Noo...not you...not you...you cannot leave me..." Afterwards he picks up the phone and calls the AFIAD. He informs them of a murder in his house. They arrive later on and everyone is in deep shock to discover that it is Daniel's aunt, Mother Amparo who had been killed. Daniel is talking to traitor Genaro and Leon and he is telling them that he is absolutely sure Olegario was there. He is sure that Oleg is the mastermined of the entire attack.

Olegario arrives at his house. Liliana adsvises him that it is better if he went into hiding for a while. They chit chat and Olleg also agrees that it is for the best. He goes into his room and changes. Lily plots with Anselmo (I think she wants to get rid of Oleg) Oleg comes out and they take him to meet someone. Gaston is brought and he offers his house for Olegario to be hiding there. They are cautioned not to tell a soul of Oleg's stay in tha house. Nuria the whore is more than pleased to have the almighty Olegario living with them.

Adriana and Rodriguez are now sleeping together. Adriana is not sure of going for a second round but with Rodriguez dirty advances she goes for a second, and third round of hot sex....Rodriguezzzzzzzz...stop being idle and go back to work dummy!!

Milagros is wondering where Amparo might be. She goes and asks Lucia, Lucha tells her that she probably spent the night at Daniel's place. She immediately calls Amparo's cellphone to ask. Daniel picks up the phone. She asks "Wher is my sister Amparo" Daniel breaks the news to her. "SHE IS WHAT?!!" She almost faints. "AMPARO IS DEAD!!" Everyone is shocked by the news. Milagros breaksdown as the nurses quickly bring a wheel chair for her. She sits down still devastated(I must admit I shed a tear or two here...how sad!!) She is taken to a bed. She rejects that and says she wants to be by the side of her sister. (awwww these two really loved one another) She wakes up and asks to be taken to Daniel. Lucha is still crying over Amparo's death. Carlos shows up and she tells him what happened. They rush over to Daniel's place.

Lucha and Carlos arrive at Daniel's place. Daniel is happy to see them and emotionally hugs Lucia. Leon is just playing jealous(grow up!!) Octavio also comes to see Daniel. Daniel decides to go back to work. He is determined to catch Oleg. The AFIAD raid Oleg's house and do not find him there. Daniel goes to the office and meets up with Milagros. They go together to see Amparo's body. Milagros has brought Amparo her dress. Elena is almost losing the case if not for philanthropic Radames to give up custody of Nacho(what game are you playing Rada?) Liliana is not going down with Olegario. She calls Genaro and tells him to hit her(nice plan Lily...not saying much but she is planing to tell Daniel that Oleg hit her...hahahahaha) Anselmo talks to Pablo and gives him some money telling him that Oleg has gone into hiding. Daniel tells Pablo to follow Anselmo...he might lead them to Oleg. Pablo is doing just that, Genaro has heard this plan and is going to sell them out....






Amparo is talking to Lucia. They talk for a while. Amparo is advising her on her situation. They get a call from the house. Daniel Ponce has passed out on Lucha's couch. Milagros comes to where they are. She does not want Amparo to leave. Amparo scolds her and tells her that she loves her very much. Milagros waits until they are already a distance on and says "I love you too Amparo...very much" They leave hand in hand with Lucia to the house. Daniel is dead drunk. They try to wake him up. He refuses to. Carlos and Amparo have to hold on to him. He is saying a bunch of nonesense. They take him to his apartment. They make him lie down on the couch. Amparo wants to stay back with Daniel. She talks to Lucia as if she is saying her last goodbyes. They hug. She reminds her that she loves her very much. Lucha has to go. She tells her "Goodbye" as she leaves. Sor Amparo is left there with Daniel(this entire scene is really making me want to cry...someone with tissue??...anyone??) She is talking to a drunk Daniel. His head lying on her. He feels at home around Amparo. She tells him that Lucia loves him alot...alot. She gets him up and takes him to sleep on the upper room. He kisses her on the cheek and tells her "I love you so much" She says she loves him too. They hug...(its a touching mother to son hug that leaves me crying my eyes out.) Daniel falls down on the bed and sleeps like a little baby. 

Olegario is out of the hospital. He comes and finds Genaro and Liliana talking. They were plotting on how to get rid of Oleg. They talk for a while, Liliana telling Olegario to stop with the nonesense of wanting Lucha for himself. Oleg tells her that he will kill Ponce. He tells her that in the morning they will wake up to the news of "Daniel Ponce dead!"(is this guy stupid or doesn't he know that Danile is the main protagonist of the show?? he is not dying soon dummy!!) Olegario and another hitman leave for the mission "Finish Daniel by tommorrow!!" Meanwhile Anselmo asks Eusebia to bring him Liliana's heels. She does so with discretion. He realizes that Lily is the same witch in heels who shot at Olegario given the mud on her heels. He confronts her about this. 

Rodriguez (come on man...I mean it was just a one night stand...get over it idiot!!...I am absolutely tired of his indecent advances to Adriana...hehehehehe) He comes to the Palacios Mansion. He tries to climb through the window but is unable to. He goes over to the front door and wants to throw stones at what we imagine to be Adriana's room. Some guys with man-eating dogs show up and want him to explain clearly why he is overthere. He tells them that he is the police, but still does not explain why in the world he is there. The dogs are barking...(I am screaming bite him!!! bite him!!!) Adriana hears the chaos and intervenes. The guards plus the dogs leave these two alone. Adriana tells him to froget about the night they spent together. He tells her he will but first....he grabs her and kisses her(hehehehehe) Adriana who looks like she has been hungry for days for some decent kisses, kisses him back....They end up carresing and kissing hungrily on the front door....(we all know where this is gonna end up...) Wait a sec!!! Is this Abel going somewhere...Well I loved the sight of Abel without a shirt, he wakes up and he leaves the house. (hehehehehe maybe he is going to Adri's place) ooh shit!! Is this the gay doctor...is this a gay club??(coz its only men here) Abel and the doctor talk for a bit, the doctor almost leaves (uncormfy part alert!!) Abel grabs him back to face him, they are awefully close(which is awefully grosss!!...please for evrything sacred...do not let them kissss por favor!!) They don't...but the shameless Doc is smiling away...He likes it when Abel wants him,,,hehehehehehehehehehehehehe. They are back in the Doc's place. what in the world?? the doc is playing some soft music(please do not let them do anything...please!!!) Abel gets back to his senses and decides to leave!! (phew!! that was close!!) Menwhile Elena is telling Chelo and Vicky how what she thought was love actually wasn't....(hehehehehehe just forgive the guy...like what option do you have Elena...its either his hotness or Radames' dogness!!(heheheheheheheh))

Back to Amparo. She has a heavy heart. She knows that her time has come. She tells God that she really does not want to go, she knows the pain that she will leave behing if she does go. She is now crying, its an intense cry, for help, for closure. She now sleeps on the bed downstairs in Daniel's apartment. This is her deathbed...One good life for another....Oleg and his men arrive, sneakily get into Daniel's apartment. They see someone sleeping on the couch and they imediately spray not one....not two...not three...but a couple of bullets on the person.Daniel wakes up at the sound of the bullets. He takes his gun and goes down the stairs. He manages to kill one of the guys but Oleg manages to escape with a bullt wound. He goes up to the bed and what he sees breaks his heart into little pieces. When they open up, they find Amparo, she is lying there lifeless. Lucia is sleeping and she wakes up to see Amparo she asks "Amparo, what are you doing here?"



I still cannot believe Daniel...the stupid guy asked Lucia if she was cheating on him with Olegario(omg if you were not cute....I would kill you!!... and what did I tell you? The extent to how much they edited the whole Pablo and Elena scene was not only ridiculous but insulting!!!)

Lucha is fed up with Daniel's fits. She tries to explain to him how much she detests Olegario. Daniel wants to know the truth(which truth dummy?) Lucha tells him that at that point she does not even love him anymore(well tell that to someone who has not seen you rolling in bed with him episode 50 lady!) She leaves him. As she is going into Carlos' car, The old fisherman sees her...(In my head am going ruuuuuuuuuuun!!! Lucha RUUUUUUN!) She quickly gets into the car and drives off.

Is Adriana from a famous family? As she is talking to Victoria, they see a picture of her and Abel front cover of a magazine. ABEL DURAN WEDS ADRIANA PALASCO. They are not the only ones who have seen it. It looks like Rodriguez sees the picture and is content by knowing the name of Adriana(Rodriguez now just look like a desperate stalker...be a gentleman boy!)

Octavio receives a call from the rehab center that his drunk mother escaped. Meanwhile Daniel is drunk inside his apartment...he is probably thinking of how stupid he was. There is a knock on the door. Pablo is knocking. He gets in and says something that pisses Daniel off. Daniel pushes him to the chair and is about to hit him. Pablo is daring him to, Daniel comes back to his senses. As they are talking, he confesses his feelings for Lucha "I love her too much that its hard to breath when she is away from me"(or I think that's what he says) Pablo tells him that Oleagrio is the one at fault. Pablo gets a call from Elena. He quickly rushes to his house. Theys start kissing....(woooi...do not tell me they will give us another round...hehehehe) wait a sec...is there someone taking pictures. To their horrid surprise its Radames and a camera man. He finally has evidence to take Nachito away from Elena(nooooooooooooo!!)

Lucha is at the chapel praying. Milagros gets her and goes to tell this to Amparo. Amparo comes and asks her to open up her heart to her. Lucha confesses that she is the mysterious woman with Cesar during his murder. Amparo is just shocked that both brothers fell madly in love with her. Amparo assures her that Danile loves her. He will not leave her. She convinces her to get talk to Daniel and confess the entire truth to him.
Diabla is talking to Radames. He tells her that he already caught her prostitute sister in the act. They talk for quite a long time. Meanwhile Daniel comes into Lucha's house, he is dead drunk. He is looking for Lucia. Carlos and Deyanira are there. He wants Lucha to tell him what her story is with Cesar...(hehehehehe whatever Lucia uses to make these guys go crazy...I want it...hehehe) Daniel Passes out on her couch. Anselmo has come to get Diablo out of the hospital.



Its the fisherman on the door. Lucia hides as Daniel gets the door. The guy has brought him some fish he got from the ocean. He recieves them and is happy about them. He gets back into the house and Lucha shows up out of no where. He asks her where she was and she makes up a lame excuse. He buys it (Doesn't he always?) They share a little kiss I think Lucha tells him that she knew his brother cesar or she has been there before She is almost telling him the truth(I do not know if I want her to just yet!!) .... There is another knock on the door. Its Carlos and Deyanira who have come to join them. Deya is happy about the place. She later talks to Lucia who is not as excited as she is. Lucha tells her that she was not able to confess the the truth to Daniel. Outside Carlos referrees a swiming competition between Roxana and Memin(hehehehehehehe no that was a funny scene...huhuhuh) He goes over to talk to Daniel. Daniel tells him that Lucha has been behaving funny. Carlos advices him to talk to her.

Liliana is looking fabul in her grean dress that is actually the same colour with Lucha's top. She goes over to Radames and I think she needs help killing Roxana again. Radames turns her down. She leaves but tells him that his wife has a lover and Olegario has some photos to prove it. (THE DOG INSIDE HAS BEEN AWAKENED...I alway find Radames' character hillarious as a jealous sconned husband...hehehehe) Liliana goes over to her new besty Nuria...(hahahaha they make a great couple!) She tells her she needs someone murdered. Nuria has got just the guy for that job. We see them treding across the slums, She introduces her to a henchman who looks like he is more interested to roll in the hay with lily than th job at hand.

Adriana has come over to the Duran's house. She wants someone to accompany her for dress picking.  Consuelo has plans, Elena too. Vicky offers to do so. They are at the shop. They have foun s perfect dress(Who are they trying to kid here?? that dress is horrific!! but since I am not allowed to kill dreams...how gorgeous!) Vicky tells her its beautiful. Adriana is just crying out of guilt. Vicky asks her what the matter is and she opens up to her. Vicky (the most open minded person in this soap) Thinks its not that bad. She however asks her if she will be telling Abel about it...(hehehehe drama ooh!)

Pablo and Elena are in bed...(feeling the hot...unedited passion! under 18...you can edit this part out...this is only for the adults...hahahahaha)Pablo caresses Elena's leg She turns around(mark you they are totally naked...uuuui) They kiss passionately...Elena is on top...(my poor eyes and hormones ooh...PABLO!! PABLO!!) They roll in bed, wow what a scene...Pablo is such a marvelous lover!! I am sure Telemundo Africa will tots edit that out and thats why I ask you to visit our website (link in comment section to watch the full unedited version).

Olegario calls (stupid guy...our lovebirds are not done yet!!) He tells Pablo to come with him. Pablo has to go. Meanwhile Radames Echevierria is going loco. He goes through his photos to look for clues on Elena's allegedHe then goes over to the Duran house. this time carrying a pistol(He does not want Nacho to surprise him with his humogous gun. He is threatening to shoot if they do not show him where Elena is(hahahaha mr. I might have a clue where your little wife is...does heaven ring a bell?...coz ladies you will agree with me that Pablito's arms...hehehehe) Fer ties to explain to him but he does not get it.

Meanwhile Chelo and Ramon are going out (finally!). Ramon has taken her to a restaurant. They are about to eat. Guess who they meet there?? Stupid Gaston and whore Nuria...Gaston is in disbeliefe that his chelito is already going out with someone. Ofcourse Chelo does not tell Gaston that her new guy is a taxi driver(that ladies is a secret that you cannot reveal!!!) They leave Gaaton is in shock and Nuria is happy for them(or atleast she looks happy...but smiling for Nuria is not always happiness...)

(What in the world am I seeing?? is that Olegario, Pablo and Anselmo heading over to Daniel's beach house(hahahahaha this cannot be good). Olegario is going to take his Santa(hahahahahahahahahahaha Oleg has gone completly crazy!!) Meanwhile Lily and her henchman are on a hill facing towards Daniel's beachhouse. Lily is giving the guy instructions, they are waiting for the perfect opportunity to shoot the girl. The Hench man is only thinking about getting into Lily's skirt(what a perv...FOCUS MAN!) He has lots of opportunities but wastes all of them, either Daniel is on the way, or Memin. (Is she also targeting Lucha? ooh no she didn't!!! I am gonna get her...) Olegario has arrived. He is tellign Daniel that Santa is his woman. She cannot be with him. Daniel is almost loosing it. Oleg is talking, Daniel loses it and PUNCH!!! Oleg goes flying down. He gets up, the kids are being taken away by Deya. The fight continues fight(fight fight fight...hahahahahaha so much drama) Liliana and her Henchman are surprised. "All these for her!! damn you Lucia Duran!" He tells the hench man to shoot her. Olegario now has the upper hand. They continue fighting and Daniel manages to putl him down on his knees. He is almost strangling him to death. Oleg's men want to shoot Daniel, Lucha goes infront of him preventing them from shooting...A shot is fired from Lily's henchman's gun(who the hell has been shot?) ooh thanks heaven...its only Olegario. 

 Liliana tells her henchman "You dummy, you have shot Olegario" They flee from that place. Lily asks the henchman if he knows who it is he has just shot. She then takes out a gun and ends the poor imbisel's life. But let's face it...the guy was damn... Anselmo runs over to the hill and finds clues of a woman's heels. (with only three women who wear heels in that town...it can only be the Diabla) Lucha runs over to help Olegario as he is bleeding while Daniel is just feeling unessesarilly jealous of Oleg(grow up Daniel...that Is what Nurses do you dummy!) He later asks Lucha what her real relationship with oleg is....(fifty shades of Drama!! Loved it)





Liliana is at it again. She wants Genaro to kill little Roxana. Genaro thinks that is a stupid idea and does not want to go that far with the girl. Liliana tries to threaten him telling him that he will fall too if the girl opens her mouth. Genaro is not falling for that. He tells her no and leaves. Lily is left there calling him STUPID(hahahahaha so funny!) Liliana is back at home. She is talking to Anselmo and when he also scolds her she calls him stupid(hahahaha lily will kill me) She goes to Diablo's office and snoops around inside his draws. She manages to find the compromising pics of Pablo and Elena. She goes to find Pablo and questions him about his relationship with Elena. Diablo comes into his office and finds that someone was snooping around. He angrily goes to get Lily. He tells her that he does not want her hurting Lucha or any of her loved ones. When diabla tries to contradict him, he even strangles her and Diabla has to apologize to him(Oleg has gone LOCO!!)

Abel and Lucha finish talking. They share an affectionate hug. Lucha leaves him and goes to say goodbye to her father. Adriana comes in looking for Abel, her father comments on how in love those two are and Lucha who knows better(that her idiot brother is gay) doesnt seem too convinced. Back in the hospital, Roxana sketches the crime scene and shows it to Carlos...(Roxy is too cute...) Carlos realzes that Roxana is a witness to a crime and shows the drawing to Daniel. He suggests its better if Roxana left the place for sometime. Daniel tells him that he will take both Roxy and Lucha to his house at the beach....Lucha hears this and is terrified(Daniel is smilling goofily...hehehe...the poor guy unaware of the nightmare this will be for Lucia) He asks Roxy about it and she is okay with it. Lucia does not want to go but Daniel tells her he is not taking no for an anwer. Its a done deal. Lucha and Deyanira are back home and she tells an very excited Deya that the house is the same one Cesar was murdered in. Daniel brings Memin to also go with them. 


Meanwhile Radames (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha) is crying like a mad man. He is dead drunk and is looking at a picture of Elena and Crying. Elena comes over and Radames runs towards her saying  "I have missed you so much my love!" Elena pushes him away and makes it clear that she never wants to see him again.


It looks like the Duran JUJU has rubbed of on Adriana. Rodriguez cannot stop thinking about her. Leon suggests they go for a movie telling him that his obssesion for Adriana will drive him insane. They go. Rodriguez spots Adriana and Abel and the drama begins(hahahaha) Adriana sees him and starts feeling uneasy. Rodriguez is super jealous and wants to go over there and fight for Adriana. "I cannot sit back while this jerk is going out with MY WOMAN!(hahahahahaha what did you say? it was just a one night stand...get over it dummy) Leon stops him from making a complete clown out of himself. They are now in the Cinema. Rodriguez is bringing some popcorns for Leon but spots Adriana and Abel again. He dodges Leon and goes to sit next to the pair. Leon has no choice but to follow him. He starts harrasing Adriana. Abel cannot take this and wants to beat the guy up. The people in the cinema see this happen and they are yelling (shhhhhhhhhhh!!) Rodriguez has clearly lost it coz he is not done with Adriana. Leon thinks he is being a jerk. They almost fight again. The cinema guys come over and tell them to calm down or leave. Abel says it is the stupid guy harrasing his girl(hahahahahahha) the cinema guys are yelling ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Abel and Adri are forced to leave...(hahahahahahahahaha how hillarious...pretty refreshing to see Abel fight for Adriana)


The unexpected happens...Olegario is drunk and is knocking at Lucha's door. "Lucia, my santa, open up my love!! I love you" He is yelling and crying at Lucha's door. Deyanira is in the house Solo and cannot stop laughing at this spectacle. (I am laughing my head out...Olegario is cracking me up....seriously!!) Deyanira tells him that Lucha has gone with Daniel to the beach house. Olegario is angry and is yelling "SHUT UP!" Deya is laughing. Olegario is still crying(my poor ribs!!) He goes back home and is feeling down. He opens up to Anselmo about his strong feeings for Lucha. He tells him "I am in love with Lucia...I love my beautiful santa" "mi bonita santa" He goes on and on about how he feels lost without her and how Daniel is a lucky man to have her. He is devastated. Lily is listening in on their converstaion and does not like it one bit. She even sheds a tear. She goes back to the room and swears to herself that Olegario will never be happy with Lucha. Oleg burges in with his gold watch. He has bought it for Lilly. Liliana rejects the watch and throws Olegario on the bed. He sleeps immediately(hahahahaha)

Elena is talking to Pablo, who tells her how much he loves her and misses her on the phone. She misses him too. He sends her a huge kiss and hangs up the phone. Consuelo comes to her and as they are talking there here Mariachi music. Someone has come to Serenade someone but who could it be?? They rush to the door and find RAMON (the baldy...chelito's admirer...I was wondering where he went) He is standing outside his taxi and the Mariachi music is coming from his Taxi. He tells her a bunch of sweet things(awwwww) Chelito blushes as she listens to him. He goes away. Chelo and Elena come in the house happy about the occurences...trust Fer to spoil the mood by spreading her Venom. Nothing she says now can change her daughter's mind.

Lucha and Daniel are inside the beach house. Lucha is feeling unesy and is behaving very suspiciously. Daniel (the dummy is too in love to catch on with Lucha's strangeness) Lucia wants to tell Daniel something but Roxana's scream interupts him.She goes over to send the night with Roxana as Memin and Daniel bond. Daniel is now watching as Lucha and Roxy are sound asleep. She wakes up and sees him just staring. She does not have the heart to tell himm...(who would...Daniel looks so adorable when he smiles like that...awww) The next morning Lucha is preparing the breakfast table and a knock....She goes to the door and she sees the old guy from the beach!!! Lucia is in deep shit!!



Rodriguez is telling a surprisingly jealous Leon about this passionate woman that he met in Cancun. He describes her as the perfect woman for him. (hehehehehehe Leon...you ar loosing) Adriana cannot get her thoughts past that night she spent with Rodriguez. She is very distracted as Abel is excitedly telling her about their marriage plans. She tries to kiss Abel telling him that she wants him to make love to her right now!!....(hahahahahahahahahahahahaha LOCO...) Abel tells her that it is better that he leaves.
Octavio and Vicky have left the cell phone on the table as they make out. The cleaning lady is hear, Daniel and Octavio leave for the reading of Cesar's testament. The cleaning lady sees the cell phone and puts it back in the draw...yeeeiiiy phew!! It better stay there for a couple more days...I am not ready for heartbreaks right now. Abel has gone to a club and runs into...guess who?? that gay doctor... He sees the doctor and cringes(in his mind he must be thinking..."what in the world is this doc doing here"
At the reading of the will. Cesar has left his new york apartment to his wife Deborah, the rest of his properties to Octavio and imagine this...the beach house to Daniel Ponce. Deborah is infuriated by this and wanted Cesar to leave that house to her. Daniel reminds her that the beach house belonged once to his late father.
Daniel is at Olegario's house. One of the guards tries to shoot him and Pablo pretends to want to beat him up(hahahahahaha funny) He takes out his badge adn says he has come to see Olegario Morero. Pablo tells the guard to let him in coz he is a poilce (hehehehe more like your bff) They other goon makes a call on his Walkie Talkie(wait a sec is that even used these days?) to Olegario to inform him that Commander Daniel Ponce is coming to see him. Liliana and Genaro who were with Oleg plotting run for dear life to go to hide so that Daniel does not get to see them. Daniel gets into the house and confronts Morero. He blames him for his brother's death and a bunch of other stuff. Morero brings up the Lucia subject...(We all know that our guy goes Loco when it comes to Lucia) He ends up telling Morero "I know that she loves me" He leaves him there speachless...Liliana was eavesdropping on them(probably wondering why why in the world are all these guys fighting over Lucia while I am around...I might have an answer to that...maybe the reason is how good she looks in that Nurses' attire...being a nurse has never looked soo beautiful)
Speaking about the nurses' attire...Lucha is back in it...looking deliciously curvy...as always...She has come into Carlos' office to tell him to give her more time to think and to be able to tell the entire truth to Daniel...I am thinking the more you postpone this truth, the more obssesed Daniel is becoming with you...the more messier the situation will be!!!!....The other goon thinks that Daniel took a long time to come back. Pablo tells him to calm down. Daniel comes out of Morero's house. He is making a call. Gets to his car and kind of signals something to Pablo. He drives off. Later on we see the two having a drink at a restaurant. Daniel takes out the picture of Roxana and asks Pablo if she is the same girl he saw the other night. He confirms his suspisions. Pablo tells him that he is sure that the little girl must have witnessed Roque's murder. Daniel leaves him and goes back to work...
Meanhile Oleg is all worked up about Daniel's visit. He is talking to Liliana probably asking her what Daniel has that he doesn't. Liliana who we know has been drooling over Ponce(shameles witch...but I guess that makes two of us...Ponce is worth all the drool!...hahahahahahahaha) Tells Olegario "Daniel Ponce is a complete man with alot of priciples...with him, you do not need anything else" (for the first time I agree with this witch) but she also goes on to flatter Olegario and I think they make a wager.
Abel is in the hospital. Lucha sees him (did I mention that that dress has done justice to her curves....coz it has...hehehehehe) He wants to tell her something...(is he finally coming out? or will he chicken?) He tells her that Adriana has been behaving strange since she came back from Cancun. Just when he is about to tell her about his other matter...the problem comes by...the gay doctor. Lucha's attention is drawn to him as sh happily introduces him to Abel as the new assitant director of the hospital. Lucha leaves those two alone...If the doctor looked more gay right now...he would be a woman!!!!...his face has never looked more hideous!! (SHUT THAT FACE DUMMY!) he is about to leave whaen Abel calls him back. He apologizes for hitting the docto...I don't get why...the guy deserves it...The doctor tells him that if he wants to speak to anyone, he is always available. Abel declines this telling him he knows nothing. (hahahahahaha he knows something or else you wouldn't be this affected...)
Meanwhile Liliana comes to ask Nuria to accompany her to Roxana's school. Daniel has also gone to talk to Roxana and Luch receives a call from the school director to give him permission. Deyanira and Carlos are becoming dangerously close and they almost hit the canteen together if not for the gay doctor coming in to spoil that. He needs to talk to Carlos. Daniel is talking to Roxana. She looks out the window and sees Liliana. She gets uneasy. Daniel looks out and does not see a thing. Lucha overhears a convo between Carlos and the doc. He wants Carlos to help Abel accept his gayness...Lucha is stunned.
Daniel manages to calm Roxana down. only until she catches a glimpse of Liliana. The director refuses to let Nuria see the child and even threatens to call the police on her. Nuria and Liliana are forced to leave but not before Lily calls the director stupid. Abel has a fight with Fernanda. Lucha has gone to ask for the day off..(or atleast that's what I think...but they end up arguing with Milagros. Daniel has taken Roxana to Carlos. He is very concerned about her....He thinks she is seeing stuff...(yeeeessss stuff with blonde hair and a big buttt!!! heheheheheh)
Abel is in a bad mood and does not want to open up to his dad. Meanwhile Roxana is drawing a Cartoonized ilustration of the night's events...Daniel goes over to the hospital to talk to Amparo...finds Milagros sitted and in a bad mood. Amparo comes and assures her that she can handle this job. Liliana comes to speak to Genaro in the AFIAD and Leon finds this weird. Meanwhile Rodriguez is daydreaming about Adriana. Lucha comes home and goes to speak to Abel. She tells him that she already knows what is troubling him. Nacho is trying to Listen in on the convo but they do not give out details...



Memin talks to Daniel but does not mention Liliana. They finish talking and they hug. He goes out. Amparo comes into Daniel's office. She has come to talk to him about Lucha and him. He does not want to listen. She tells him anyway that Lucha loves him alot. She hugs him, he seems to have been convinced as he smiles. She also leaves.

Deya is in the office. Carlos walks in. Deya asks him something, he keeps silent. She is disapointed and annoyed and leaves his office. He cringes in his head probably thinking (why the hell did I have to cowar?) She comes inside again and is crying. She is carrying her bag and is about to leave. "Goodbye" She says as she almost walks out. Carlos calls her back. He tells her that he is not firing her. She goes over to him and surprisingly kisses the wits out of the poor guy. Theyyy kiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssss!! its a sweet deep kiss...hahahahaha...They stop. Carlos looks shocked. Deya apologises to him. He tells her that it is okay but it should not happen again inside the office. He tells her to forget it ever happened. They laugh (No one is going to be forgetting that kiss anytime soon! hehehe...STOP FOOLING YOURSELVES!)

Pablo comes and finds Elena waiting for him inside a park. He tells her "I did not know you were such a vile driver!"  She gets up and they kisssssss(what a kiss ooh...this soap today...hehehe PG 16) Wait a sec...someone is watching them and taking photos of the two lovebirds. They walk around holding hands and enjoying their love sealing it with fantstic kisses! (who says you cannot die from passion?) Hehehe its Olegario. Anselmo asks him what he will do with the photos and he tells him that he iskeeping them for a rainy day...he might need them someday!

Daniel is back at home. He is remebering what Amparo had told him earlier. He lloks over to his side and sees Vicky and ctavio playfully teasing one another and kissing. Octavio notices Daniel's stare and comes over and asks him what he is doing there instead of being with Lucha. Daniel gets up, takes his keys and tells OCTAVICKY "Wish me luck!"They smile as he is going after his heart...The only woman that has ever driven him crazy. Amparo comes to visit Lucha. They talk briefly in Roxana's presenceShe leaves. Deyanira and Roxana  Lucia are talking while eating Dinner. Deyanira tells her that Daniel loves her so much and he will forgive her. There is a knock on the door...who could it be?

Meanwhile whore Nuria has paid Liliana a little visit. She tells her that she has something that might interest her. "a video" Liliana tells her she needs to watch it. Gaston who is overthere acting like a scaredy cat opens up the laptop and shows the video to Liliana. She sees it and asks Nuria "What is it that you want?" Nuria tells her she wants to do bussiness with her. Gaston is asked to leave the two Mujeres speaking. He does so. Liliana asks Nurita to tell her everything that she knows starting with where she got the flash. Nuria tells her Roque had got it from Deyanira's house(shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt! this is not good...Lily will put two and two together and its bye bye to Lucha!) Liliana is shocked to learn that the flash comes from Deya's house.


Lucia goes to get the door. She opens it...Its danny boy....(wait wasn't he the one who said "look for me when you are ready to tell me the truth" what happened... who is looking for who now?) "My love...forgive me..."Lucha tells him. He tells her "Promise me that you will not tell me half truths or ever lie to me again"  Lucha tries to talk to him "its just that...its..."(at this point all he can see is her delicious lips...Lucha what did you do to my guy!!) He grabs her, connering her on the door and kisssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss her(its passionate...its sweet!! its deeeeep its long... kisses for dinner!!...totally rewinding it...wohoooo...fifty shades of AMAZING!) So Lucha stops the kiss (I am yelling shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiitttttt why did you have to do that..hahahaha) she tells him she need to tell him something. "You do not need to tell me anything..."he tells her something that totally escapes me since I am fully focused on when he is going to kiss her again. "I love you so much" He goes over and kisses her again....OOOH MY WORD!! THESETWO WILL KILL ME WITH THESE KISSES OOH...Lucha wants to tell Daniel the truth. She really wants to open up to him. He is litsening but he recieves a call from the office. Its an emergency. (damn it...) Lucha begs him to stay but he leaves.

 The durans have dinner. Elena is pissed off by her mother's insistance that she goes back to Radames. She tells her she detests hi, Nachito who was outside talking to his woman beater dad, comes in and hears his mother's statement. He is angry and runs up the stairs. Elena goes after him. She explains the situation to him why she must leave Radames. Meanwhile Octavio and Victoria are talking in his bedroom. She is about to leave but spots THE CELL PHONE!! "isn't this your dad's phone?" She asks Octavio...(Everything is falling apart for Lucy)

In other news...Lily now knows that Nuria is Roxana's aunt, Gaston warns Nuria against dangerous Lily. A very important witness in Daniel's case dies...without spilling the beans about Oleg!!!!!!



Daniel is in Lucia's house. He asks her something and then takes it back and is about to leave. (I think Lucha asks him "not even a kiss") He blows her a kiss and leaves(what in the world has come over him??) Lucia is left there worried.

Fer is still in Pablo's house. They are discussing on Elena. Fer is telling him that Elena is the woman of Echeverria, he should stay away from her(stupid...more like Eche's punching bag!!) Pablo not being one to be intimidated by a good for nothing mother tells Fer that untill Elena asks that of him, he is going no where(hhhheeeeeehhhheee!).

Adriana and a bunch of her friends are in a club in cancun. They are having a girl talk and drinking themselves silly! Adriana seems to be high on something (boredom coz Abel is boring personified!! hahahahaha) She is letting loose and looks awefully great in those shorts and that crop top...Rodriguez (who by the way is getting hotter and hotter by the day) is seated across the girls. One of the girls notes that Rodriguez is always checking Adriana out. Adriana (high on alcohol) goes over to Rodriguez and kisssssssssssssses him (finally dry season is over...moreee) She turns around to her girls showing them a sign (yes I did it!!) Rodriguez who just seems to have recovered from the shock, grabs hold of her and gives her a proper kisssssssss(mmmmmhhhhhhhhhmmmmmhhh thats more like it....!! What a kiss) Adriana is shocked!...hahahahahaha Abel with his gayish vibes is totally going to be cheated on!
Adriana wakes up the next morning totally (desnuda!) naked next to Rodriguez. She tries to leave quietly but her phone rings. Its abel. She tells Rodriguez its her Fiance calling. Rodriguez cannot hide the guilt he feels...(on the bright side atleast Adriana got some...hahahahaha).

Lucia and Deyanira along with the lawyer have gone to the court room. They have gone to hear the judge's verdict. Roxana who is being brought by the mean SW sees Lucha and runs over to her hugging her tightly!! (awwwwwwwwwww its really affectionate so sweet!) The mean SW grabs Roxana from Lucha's hands as the judge walks in. The judge makes his verdict, "Given all the evidences and how the child reacts whenever she is around Lucha, I grant full custody of the child to....(drum rooolllls...oka this stupid SW is smiling already and the verdict has not yet been read...idiot!) Lucia Duran!" Lucha is overwhelmed by the decisoin...the mean SW wakes up to protest the judge's verdict, saying its impossible that he overlooked all the incriminating evidences against Lucha. The judge says his decision is final. Roxana runs to Lucha. As they are moving out of the court, the lawyer is telling Lucha that something is up...they won the case too easily(I am smelling Morero's filthy stench all over this one...I love this guy!) Morero shows up and tells her, I had promised you and I fullfilled my promise "Mi Santa" Daniel who is arriving just after Morero asks him "What promise did you make to my woman??"  there is a very intense exchange of words between the two men who are both very obssesed with Lucha...The look on Daniel's face hehehehehehe if looks could kill...Olegario would be history. They argue and Deyanira tells Lucia that she should stop these two before they fight (In my head I just screaming FIIIIGGGGGGHTTTTTTT!!!!) Daniel drows closer to Olegario HEHEHEHE the look on his face hahaha. Lucha jumps in between the two. She tells Daniel to calm down and tells Olegario that she is a committed woman. She takes Roxanita and tells Daniel to come with her. Olegario is still provoking Daniel and if not for Lucha's tender hands on him...Olegario would be history by now. 

Adriana gets a call from Abel. They talk for a while. She is talking with Abel calling him my love infront of a now very jealous looking Rodriguez...(hahahahahaha wait a sec...hehehehe funny guy) She hangs up. They are talking with Rodriguez. He tells her that she is a very passionate woman, he tells her that she is the one who was insisting they hook up that night. Adriana was too dunk, she has lost memory of what transpired that night(but lets face it, she does deserve this night of passion considering the fact that abel kept on rejecting her!! And given how exhausted she looks, alot must have occured that night! hahahaha) Rodriguez tries to kiss her again, she pushes him away and leaves. (Adriana sure did a number on him!) Abel notes to Consuelo that something must have happened to Adriana in cancoon coz she is behaving weird.
Nuria is snooping around inside Gaston's diary. She gets the password to his laptop and is snooping around inside. She finds a video and is pretty shocked at the contents of the video...Its that stupid flash video (hehehehe hopefully this is the death of her!) meanwhile stupid Gaston is pretty much blowing his cover. He is behaving like a scared puppy infront of a very suspicious Liliana.Liliana is in Radames' office. She is asking Radames on the progress of  Roxana's case. Radames decides to make a call to his Judge friend who informs him that Olegario Ordered him to return the child back to Lucha. Lily is in desbelief(hahahahahahahaha) Why would Radames do that?? (Dummy...He likes your sister fool!) Radames tells Lilana that Olegario is probably interested in her sister Lucha. Lily is super angry and tells him that her imbilsel of her sister cannot be a diabla. "I am the only woman of Olegario Morero!" (hahahahaha what??)

Meanwhile, Danny boy is as mad as hell! They are in Lucha's house. Lucha tells him to wait in the living room as she takes Roxana to sleep. He even rejects Deya's offer of coffee! (Lucha is in deep shit!) Deya tries to talk to him and he tells her harshly to shut up (hahahahahahahaha) he is totally fuming. Deyanira goes over to Lucia who is putting Roxana to bed and tells her it would probably be best if she goes over to talk to Daniel.  Lucha has come to talk to him. She tells him that Olegario has been after her for sometime now. She tries to explain everything to him but he is beyond explanations. He tells her that she lied to him. He is about to leave. "Please do not leave Daniel" He comes back, "Call me when you are ready to tell me the truth" He leaves...what type of shitiness is this??)

 Liliana confronts Diablo and asks him if he likes Lucha. He tells her "What wrong if I like her?" hehehehe. He scolds Liliana for butting into his bussiness. Liliana wipes of a tear from her eyes and tells him "Lucia Duran is completley and madly in love with Daniel Ponce" she tells him, it was a stupid idea for him to help her with the girl. Diablo talks to Anselmo who is trying to convince him stop the whole chase after Lucha but He tells him he will not leave a free way for that idiot Ponce. Fer Chelo and Elena are still on the "Should Elena leave or stay with Radames" topic. Ofcourse Fer is insisting that she stays with him. Daniel is handed over a  paper with some info by one of te guys he has interrogating, Genaro cannot make out the contents of the paper (hahaha traitor) Adriana burges into LA REINA and asks Abel never to leave her. Abel is confused by her certain surge to stay with him but he promises to always stay with her. Meanwhile Elena realizes that she is being followed. Thankfully hero Pablo comes and blocks the follower saving the day for poor Elena. Meanwhile Daniel is inside the office feeling low. He is delighted that little Memin has come to speak with him. He has come to tell him what occured the other night(finaaaallly!) Lucha tries to get some information out of Roxana about what transpired the other night. Roxana is too scared to tell her because of Liliana's threat.

Meanwhile Daniel is inside the office feeling low. He is delighted that little Memin has come to speak with him. He has come to tell him what occured the other night(finaaaallly!) Lucha tries to get some information out of Roxana about what transpired the other night. Roxana is too scared to tell her because of Liliana's threat. Memin tells him that he has some very crucial info on Roque's murder. (will he spill out that it was Lily or will he chicken?? )



Lucia is crying her eyes out in the chapel. Milagros comes and comforts her telling her that everything will be okay. Daniel is talking on Tv about the recent AFIAD discoveries. He is telling the journalist that the information they have is confidential. Meanwhile Liliana is watching the TV and is drooling over Daniel. Fernanda comes burging into the room and tells her that her schemes against Lucia should stop. She is absolutely sure that Lily is behind the recent plan to seperate mother and child. As they continue talking about Roxana's situation, Olegario who is almost walking in on their convo overhears them and immediately leaves...(where is he going?)

The gay doc is talking to Amparo as he is helping her walk around the hospital. Amparo assures him that she feels better. He meets up with Abel. They start talking. He sought of implies that Abel is gay...(hahahahha okay this next part I was not expecting) Abel punches the doctor straight in the face. "I am a man...I am nothing like you!" The doctor who seems like he was waiting for a different response (a kiss maybe...hahahaha) ia just recovering from the blow "what are you doing? are you crazy?"(yes maybe he is just trying to keep his sanity stupid!) The scene attracts some of the people around the hospital. Abel is back home. He gets a call from Adriana " I miss you so much Abel" "I miss you too Adriana" As they continue talking, The HOT cop rodriguez passes by the place where adri and the rest of her girls are...(WHAT SEXUAL TENSION HEY!) his mere presence distracts the daylight out of Adriana. There is a very intense exchange of glances between him and Adriana. Abel is still on the line "Adriana, are you still there?" Adriana gets back to reality...a very boring one at that...(sooner or later something is bound to happen btwn these two)

Liliana is on a roll...She has gone over to the social worker to bad mouth Lucia's mothering ability. She tells the woman that Lucia is an ex con living with a former prostitute. She thinks that is reason enough for the court to take the girl away from her. Meanwhile the mean SW realizes that Liliana's statement has vested interests...Olegario is at Lucia's house. He has come to accord her his help in Roxana's case. Lucia admits that its a very tempting offer but she has to turn him down even though Olegario tells her that she will have the kid by tommorrow. There is a call, Lucia is being summoned to court. Lucia apologizes to Oleg but she has to go. Olegario is left there with Deyanira. He mildly threatens her and leaves.

Daniel is interrogating some of the guys from the ZODIAC group inside the AFIAD. He is asking them if they are involved in Millan's death. They tell Daniel that it is probably a set up by Olegario Morero. Meanwhile Lucia is in court. Her lawyer is pleading her case. "There is no better person to accord the costady of Roxana than Lucia Duran" The Social worker objects her statement by saying Lucia's ex con issue makes her unsuitable to raise the child. Carlos is put to the stand and there he finds out that Deyanira is actually a Prostitute. (he looks shocked!) The judge adjourns the case. Lucia and Deyanira are back at home. Carlos enters the house and tells them that they made him look like a complete fool. He is angry and leaves. Deyanra starts crying that she has lost him. Lucia tells her that she has not, Carlos is a good man and he will understand. Meanwhile Olegario and his men have gone to pay a little visit to the judge in charge of the case. I don't know what they want but I am hoping its something along the lines of Roxana and Lucia back together.(hahahahahaha I think he is threatening the poor judge who looks like a scared mouse...)

Memin goes to visit Roxana and refuses to leave even when they chase him out. The attendant tells the social worker that she cannot chase Memin because Roxana is more relaxed when she is with him. (we see memin in the background doing God knows what...hehhehehe) Fernanda hears Elena's phone ring and takes it. Its a message from Pablo. she sends him a fake message from Elena's phone(what is this woman up to now?)

Carlos comes to Daniel's office and finds a picture of Olegario. He opens his big mouth and tells him that he has seen him chasing after Lucha


The social worker is in Lucia's house. She demands to see Roxana claiming that she found out(smelling Liliana's stench all over this one...witch!) that Roxanita did not spend the night at home. Lucia tries to explain the entire scenario to the social worker. She tells her that she has treated Roxana as her own Flesh and blood and has loved her as no less than her own daughter. She explains that Roxanita left the house the other night and only arrived in the house the next morning traumatised. She does not think its a good idea to see her yet. The social worker tells her that if she is not allowed to see the girl she will call up the authorities...Roxana comes from her room. She is holding on tight to Lucha. (the kid has already been traumatised enough) Lucha and the social worker fight over Roxana. The social worker grabs Roxana forcefully and tells her she will take her away from Lucha. Roxana is terrified, She is crying. They call Daniel over but there is very little he can do since its not in his Jurisdiction to stop the worker from taking the child. Two policemen drag a crying Roxan into a police car as Lucha is left there devastated. 

Dan and Pablo have a conversation in a restaurant. Pablo is not sure that he has been able to gain Olegario's trust yet since he is always being chased away whenever Olegario and his goons are having meaningful conversations. He is however worried about Liliana who he claims to be more involved that she is lettiong it show with Olegario and his dirty busineses. He tells Daniel that Liliana is a sexy and beautiful woman who is overly ambitious and he will not be surprised if she involved with Oleg. Meanwhile Nuria is in a blonde weave(hahahahahahhahahaha looking hideous as always) They have gone to the funeral home where Roque's body is being kept. Nuria looks at Roque's face and is crying over him "Roque...my Roque..." Gaston thinks its ridiculous. Nuria tells Gaston that she wants Roque's face fixed...coz he looks funny!! Gaston refuses to spend a cent on Roque. Nuria insists that Roque's face has to be fixed. Gaston tells her "If you want to fix his face, do it on your own...I will not spend a single peso on him" Nuria is angry, she goes over to Gaston and holds him by the collar, she tells him "Imbisel...you will fix his face or I will tell everyone that you were the one who sent Roque to blackmail Liliana" Gaston is left there helpless...

Gay Alert!!

The Doctor (The gay one) tell Adriana and Abel that Nacho only had indigestion, nothing to serious but he has to stay in the hospital to help him run more tests. They are relieved. Adriana gets a call, someone is inviting her to cancoon for the weekend. Adriana asks Abel if it will be okay if she left him for the weekend...The doctor who is still there exchanges uncormfortable glances with Abel(veeeeeeeeryyy awkward!!) when he hears that Adri is leaving(am thinking what in the world is he up to? I hope its not what I thinks it is) Abel kisses Adri as a sign that he approaves of her leaving(in my his i think he is going....yeeeeeeeeeesssss! finaaaaaaaaaallyyyy...me and doc time!!!...uncormfortable!!) The doc tells Adriana that if it were him, he would never go anywhere and leave Abel behind..."Abel is a good man"(more like a hot piece of roasted beef for you doc!!!!hahahahahah)

Olegario and Liliana plan to Frame another Gang The Zodiacos for Millan's death. They plan to plant his corpse on the Gang's property so that Daniel and the rest of the police might find it there and blame Millan's death on those guys(cleaver plan hey!) As the Zodiacs rot in jail they plan to take over their drug markets in Arizona and Texas...(prety smart thinking Oleg!)

 Meanwhile Liliana meets with the Traitor Genaro and asks him to give her the name of his informant in the police department. Genaro tells her that she has no scrupples these days. He has noted how she has advanced in evil and the dark side(yeeeeeeeeees Lily is becoming irreconizable!!) Liliana tells him that she has no remorse for her victims these days, the more she kills the less guilty she feels...killing makes her powerful! "Killing is power!" Genaro now tells her. Lily amiles and says "A toast to power!" Menawhile Octavio burges into Radames' office. He wants to enroll his mother into a rehab center. Radames tells him" Just live your life and let your mother be" He tells him that he will not risk everyone tainting his reputation on account of his alcoholic daughter. Octavio tells him " Everyone already knows she is an alcoholic"..."Besides this will only prevent her from going to an early grave" Octavio now says sincerely worried about his mum. Radames tells him "She will do us all a favor if she dies"...Octavio who is now shocked tells him "I now understand why my mother is the way she is ...You are a despicable person!!" He says as he storms out of the office! Radames a bit shocked but not moved by this...


Anselmo begins the plan to frame the Zodiac gang. Carlos and the lawyer helping Lucia go into the social worker's office and tell her out for tramautizing Roxana and making her live in very aweful conditions. They point out that this eems to be more personal than proffesional for the worker. They threaten her by telling her to hand over Roxy immediatley or they will report her to the industrial court which will in turn end up ruining her career...(serves that witch right!!!) Adriana is in Cancun with her girlfriend having a good time on the beach. She meets up with Rodriguez...the cop pretending to be Leo's boyfriend.(Is this the guy she will cheat on Abel with?? how coooool) Meanwhile Olegario is still drooling over Lucha...his Saint Lucia...How will he get her to love him even just a little bit? He feels like everyday she draws further away from him. (hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa with Daniel around...Olegario you will never have her!) Meanwhile Lucia is visiting her  Dad in the hospital, she tells him about Roxana's condition. Nacho encourages her to get some influential person to help her and notes"That's the only way to get things done in Mexico" (I am thinking Cesar!!!!!!!! why did you have to die?? Why do I feel like the only other person who can help her is Olegario?) 

The informant tells Daniel about his theory and Daniel doubts his story stating that Millan was investigating Olegario's gang and not the Zodiacs. He however decides to look into the story with the help of?? Guess who?? traitor of the year!! Genaro, they end up in the dump on Zodiac's property. it smells of a dead body all over. Genaro looks at the body and tells Daniel he isn't sure its Millan, Daniel takes a look at the body...No way..."It was way too easy to locate this...this whole thing is false...its a set up" Daniel notes(It looks like you have to be really smart to fool Daniel!) Daniel tells Genaro that the informant must have been fed with false information to frame the Zodiac for Millan's Murder. He tells him a special forces Police crew will be set up to investigate the matter and ensure Olegario's downfall. Lucha prays in the hospital chapel and tells God that she believes him. She tells him that Roxana need her..."I need you!"



Lucia and Carlos are talking inside the office, Lucia is very disturbed over Roxana's condition. Carlos tells her that he has no idea what happened to little Roxy but it must have been very traumatic. Lucy cannot hold back her tears, she starts to cry as she listens to Carlos' words. Deyanira who is sitting outside with a very disturbed Roxana who only finds solace in holding on tight to her little doll(That little big eyed trouble making doll!!) is trying to cheer Roxana up but Roxy is not listening to her. She is just holding on to that doll.(oooh my if I get my hands on that doll!!) Deyanira realizes that nothing s working with Roxana. She tries to grab the doll away but she reacts by holding it tight!! (the novela's name should be changed to "THE MYSTERY DOLL " hahahahahahaha) Deyanira is now worried about the state of mind of little Roxy and asks "Roxy my girl what happened to you?"(poor Roxy!!...I just wish Memin could open his little mouth...where in the world is this boy?)

Has Elena become stupid overnight?? Can she not notice her nosey mother poking her nose into her convo with her lawyer? The lawyer is telling her to make sure to talk with Radames on the fate of her son. Elena is pretty sure her son will remain with her (why in the world is witchy Fer smiling..please don' t tell me she has got one of those brilliant ideas of hers...which can only mean trouble for Elena). Fer watches happily as Elena walks out with her lawyer as Nacho Abel and Adriana climb down the stairs. Everyone is surprised about Fer's mood change "Why do you look so happy Mother?" Abel asks her. She just gives him a vague answer and agrees to help Adriana with the wedding plans. (Adriana is just so happy but this gay Abel is not one bit excited about the wedding...I bet his stupid mind is on the gay doctor...hehehhhehehehe this is getting more uncomfortable by the minute!...hahahaha) Nacho is not buying this rush that Abel has to get married. He asks him "Are you sure you want to get married this soon?" (am thinking please tell your dad the truth abel...please...) "yes of course am sure" (shittttt)

Meanwhile Victoria brings coffee to Deborah who rejects it. She does not want Octavio to leave her "Please my son, I love you so much" Octavio tells her something and they hug.(For the first time you can see Octavio being affectionate with Deborah) 


 Please tell me am dreaming!! Is this Nachito running towards the dog??(Radames?) Radames has brought him a new bike. "Papa!!...this is cool" Radames asks him "Do you like it?" (its a bribe kid....do not fall for it!) "yes papa I like it" Nachito says excitedly. Rada mes tells him "Its yours my boy" Nachito is so excited...they are walking towards Radames' car..."I have missed you so much my son...I want you to convince your mother that we need to be one big united family" (Radames is really a damn opportunist!! did I say a dog only begets a dog?) "Yes papa, I want to live with you again"(what type of trouble is this? first the doll and now the kid?) They hug...The hideous smile of victory on Radames' face makes him look sooooo ridiculous.He takes the kid inside the car as they go to eat!!...

Meanwhile Deya is still trying to cheer Roxana up. She asks her if she would like to eat chocolate and she finally agrees. Deya is happy as she runs towards the cafeteria to get Roxy the chocolate. She tells Roxy not to go anywhere. She leaves. Witchy Lily is in the hospital...(Hide the doll Roxy...hide the doll!) Roxy hears her voice and immediately hides the doll.(good girl!) Liliana comes directly to Roxana and tells her "Hi Roxana, I am Liliana...its a pleasure to meet you" Roxy is just scared and looks at Liliana Horrified. Lucia is still inside talking to Carlos and he tells her " I understand how you feel Lucia but you should relax, what happened to your daugther is temporary" Carlos tells her that he will help her in anyway he can, but traumas are ussually temporary(Now Carlos looks and sounds as intelligently as he is supposed to sound...not like those days when he used to drool over Lucia!) Lucia thanks Carlos very much...Liliana is still trying to torment Roxana. She wants her to tell her what happened that night when she went missing...mysteriously. Roxana is just looking at the doll under the desk hoping and praying that this pysco Lily does not get to see it. Liliana tells her that they are family and families talk about their secrets...She asks "Do you want to share your sectrets with me?"(did I mention that lily is an unscrupoulous witch?) She is now demonstrating with her hands what happened to "The bad man" Roque and threatens her that if she utters a word, the same thing will happen to her mother dear, who she loves very much(Someone give me a gun...I shoot this witch!) Deyanira arrives and is scolding Liliana. Lucia and Carlos hear the comotion outside and run outside. Lucia asks Lily what she is doing there and she tells her "This hospital is very big and you are not the center of the universe" They argue for a bit and Liliana tells them "Goodbye" as her hands are demonstrating what happened to Roque all to the devastation of poor Roxana. She wears her stylish sun glasses " have a beautiful afternoon...with your permission" she cat walks out of there. (Her dress is looking fabulous!

Liliana calls Diablo... she is pretty sure Roxana was the girl who saw her make Roque fall. Diablo tells her to inform him of anything that happens with the little girl. Him together with Traito Genaro and Loyal dog Anselmo are canniving to get rid of Ponce...(hahahaha he is the main prot...he is not going anywhere you dummies!) Roxana is so scared that she pees on herself...Lucia tells Carlos that she has never done this before...

Gaston and Nuria are talking. He is askng her why she never bothered to tell him that Roque was never her brother. She tells him that she was running away from the law. She had to lie about Roque. Gaston wails that he has been living with a criminal...Nuria reminds him that he is also a criminal...(hahahahahaha...two lost souls...) The big dog and now little dog arrive at La Reina. Radames tells his son "This place is bad" The little dog tells him "But it belongs to my grannies" The big dog "To your Grannies...not you, you belong to a different category as my son"....(how low can this guy go??...)



The little dog is back, He tells Elena that he wants to live with the big dog. Fer gets into a fight with Elena over that little scene made by Nachito, Elena tells her she is not going back to Radames. She walks out, Nacho who was ltsening in on the convo scolds Fer for wanting her daughter to go back to Echeverria the dog. He feels weak after the talk. Fer wants to help him. The little witch burges into the house "I want to talk to you mama!" 

Ramon is helping out Chelo with some of her stuff. He is totally hitting on her. Chelo is enjoying it but does not let it show. Daniel goes to visit Amparo. Lucha and Roxana go into Amparo's room. Daniel kisses Lucha briefly(why oh why...these scenes are rare these days...who misses feeling the passion as much as I do??)
Amparo notices that something is off with roxy's behaviour. Daniel leaves and goes to the police department. He and his collegues want to find out what happened to Roxana that night...Memin is their only hope...they have to find him. "Roxana the daughter of my girlfriend" Leon is pissed at this words...Radames is being informed about the daily happenings of his now enstraged wife by his all seeing eye(his spy) Meanwhile Pablo and Elena are talking on the phone sooooooooooo lovingly... "I miss you so much my love" pablo tells her "mee too pablo" Elena replies. He tells her that he is now working for Olegario Morero. Elena is shocked at the news. 

Little witch and big witch are talking. Liliana wants Fer to tell her everything she knows about the litle girl Roxana. "She is obviously not Lucha's real daughter" She tells her a bunch of stuff, Liliana tells her she is stupid because she seems o have forgotten who Lucha is. She sarcastically tells her "What a beautiful family...how romantic!" Fer asks her why she seems so interested in the kid of Lucha.  Roxy is having nightmares and Lucia is there with her, to help her out.
Daniel Leon and the other police have gone hunting for Memin. They are searching the streets for Memin. Daniel spots him and catches him. Memin is fighting him and when Daniel has lost his guard, Memin hits him (On his Fundamentals) and runs off. Daniel is left cringing in pain(hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa) 

Octavio and Victoria have gone to see Carlos.  Carlos tells him to get over the death of his father's death. He promises to do everything he can.



 Liliana is talking to Ignacio. "What can I tell you papa? Lucha is the only thing that intrests you these days" Ignacio tells her "No...I am interested in your work, your friends...tell me my daughter" Lily tells him that right now she is living like a queen. Nacho tells her that if she has a boyfriend, why wont she introduce him to them. Lily tells him that she has learnt to live without him. She leaves


Carlos and Deya are talking inside his office. They are all smiley...Carlos wakes up from hs chair and comes closer to her. He tells her that he is very pleased with her work...Deyanira cannot stop smiling...They are now standing in the perfect kissing position(in my head am screaming KISSSSS HER YOU DUMMY!) He realizes that they are dangerously close and says he is going to the cafeteria. (what a kill joy!)

Adriana and Abel are talking about their Honey moon plans, when Nacho comes to the room. He is almost abut to fall. They run to help her. Liliana is in Radames' office. She needs his help to take away Roxana from Lucia(this witch!!!!!!!arghhhhhhhhh!!) Liliana tells him that she does not want the kid to talk because if she is implicated she will make sure to drag Radames.She reminds him that she is the Diabla, the only person he cannot control. They talk abit and she leaves.

Lucia and Daniel are talking inside Lucha's house. Daniel tells Lucha that they had caught Memin but he escaped.He assures her that they will find out what happend to Roxana. They hug. Nacho has been rushed to the hospital. Fer tells the gay doctor to save her husband and he tells her "We will do everything possible to save him"  Liliana goes back home and finds Diablo sleeping in the couch "Diabloooooooo....Diablooooo..". She wakes him up. He sees her and grabs her making her sit on his lap(funny part) She tells Diablo that she is sure the little girl will not speak a word. Diablo asks her what she did to the kid and she tells him nothing drastic just what she needed to do. She asks Diablo why he is so interested in the kid...(busted?)...He tells her he is only interested in her as he hugrily looks at her lips...No one else...They playfully seduce and kiss each other...(Diablo is such a liar!)

Roxana has a nightmare about a giant Liliana holding her tiny (doll like size) mother and throwing her down(hhhhehhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) She screams, getting the attention of Lucia who comes running to where she is. She assures her that she is okay, "You are alright my love...here with me" She hugs her tight.Diablo and Lily are still trying to figure out who it is that was working with Roque. Genaro lies to Daniel that there are no leads to his brother's murder. Daniel thanks him for the infomation. Pablo calls Daniel, he has somthing Urgent to tell him... A social worker comes to Lucia's house. She wants to see Roxana and take her away...the trouble has just began for Lucia...




We start off with Roque having the doll and spaeking to Liliana on top of the building. Liliana wants the memory stick. Roque is trying to disguise himself with a piece of clothing that Liliana manages to remove. She now tells Roque to give her the stick. Roque tells her that he needs to see the money first. Lily goes ahead to open the suitcase and stupid roque mesmerized by the enourmous amount leans in to see the cash...all this time, the kids are watching everysingle thing that is going on. As stupid Roque is leaning in to see the money Liliana points the gun at his head.(serves him right ....the dummy!)When Roque faces up...he is shocked to see traitor Lily pointing the gun at him...(nothing shoks me about Lily these days the look on Roque's little unkempt face...hehehe priceless.) Lily wants to force Roque to give her the doll...Roque is telling her to calm down. When Liliana makes her intentions clear and Roque realizes there is no way of getting out of this one, he throws the doll down the building (hahahahahahaha...) Memin our super hero runs after the little doll leaving Roxana behind to watch the horrific show...(the toture that this kid is about to undergo...poor kid) Liliana is now forcing Roque to tell her the name of the woman that had the doll. She is coming closer to him while Roque is backpeddling. He is now dangerously close to the edge but Lily is still with her stupid gun and is still coming close "Give me one name...just one name!" As she steps closer, Roque trips and faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllsssssssssss!! Roxana screams and catches the attention of witchy Liliana.Gaston who was waiting outside in his car sees Roque fall and runs for dear life, I think he even trips over the flash stuffed doll on his way out. Liliana is now looking at poor Roxy who is beyond terrified.

Meanwhile Daniel and Lucia go out to watch a movie. Lucia had a bad feeling about Roxana earlier but Daniel had told her to ignore it. They are sitting inside the cinema and Deyanira calls her all panicky and tells her that Roxana is missing. (Lucia wants to die) Liliana is chasing after Roxana calling her "little girl...sweet little girl...where are you (like those witches in horror movies) Roxy is scared but runs for dear life. Memin manages to find the doll and is coming back for Roxana. He meets her along the way on the stair case. They are both now running away from the witch Liliana.Memin creates a diversion that is able to confuse Liliana. Liliana is determined to catch the girl at all costs. Liliana makes a call to Diablo asking for back up "Things got a little complicated here" Diablo asks if she has the memory stick and she tells him no. (Am sure he is beyond pissed!)

Meanwhile Witchy Fer is back to her caniving ways. She has gone to see Radames to help him and Elena get back together.(someone give me a gun I shoot this woman). She tells Radames that she will help him get back with Elena but no more of the physical assualts on her daughter!!(its like telling a dog...I will give you a bone but no eating it...stupid) Roxana and Memin are hiding. Memin tells her she will always be safe with him(awwwwwwwww) Diablo's guys arrive at the scene even Diablo's pretend Gladiator, our dearest Pablito is also around. Memin and Roxana are almost found by one of the guys but Memin is holding Roxy's mouth not to utter a word. The guy does not catch them. They are running and bump into pablo who shows them the way. They are able to escpae! phew!... Whore Nuria has prepared wine for her, Roque and Gaston. She is pretty excited about the wealth they are about to acquire. Gaston comes into the room, He is out of breath. Nuria asks him DESPARATLEY where her"brother" is. Gaston tells her  "ROQUE IS DEAD!" Nuria almost collapses. Gaston now knows that Roque was not Nurita's brother...(haaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa)



Radames the dog and Fer the witch are still talking...He tells her that he will never divorce Elena and will never let any other man have his queen(more like punching bag) Radames also gets a call from Diablo and rushes to the scene of the crime. Deyanira is trying t explain what happpened but Lucia is still angry at her. Daniel tells her he is going to look for Roxana and Lucia tells him that she must come with him. Daniel calls a search party to help him with the search. Liliana tries to explain what happened to a frustrated Diablo and a worried Radames. Daniel and Lucha and the other police guy are inside Nuria's former house and they do not find a thing there. Lucia is just worried about Roxy "Where is my daughter?" Daniel asks her if she has a photo of Roxana and she does. The photo is used to search the neighbourhood for Roxy. As the other guy moves out of the room, Lucia and Daniel embrace as Daniel promises her that nothing will happen to Lucha under his watch.

Diablo asks Liliana who the little girl was and at first she cannot really make out her face. But then she is able to remember a little and recalls the face of her sister(Lucia's) Daughter. She tells them that maybe it was her but Diablo does not want to believe it...they think Lily s making things up because she hates her sister Lucha. Memin takes Roxana to the streets where he sleeps and they spend the night there.Lucha and Daniel are back at home and Lucha feels it is her fault that Roxy is not back home. Daniel tells her to calm down. He will make sure to find Roxy. Nuria is destroyed by her lover's death. They have not yet found the little girl by morning.



Daniel is informed about Roque's death. He tells this to Lucia and Deya who look equally surprised. Lucia tells them the most important thing now is finding little Roxy. Gaston and Nuria watch the news and the headlines are about Roque's murder. Radames is implicated since Roque was his employee. The journalists come over to his office to question him but he points them to the direction of Gaston who is apparently the one who had hired Roque.
Lucia and Daniel are in the house(sadly no smooches today because our angel has gone missing.) Daniel assures her that they will find little Roxana. She is sad but tells him that she will wait. He kisses her and tell her "I love you" She tells him "I love you tooo" they kiss and he tells her goodbye. As he is about to leave, he meets up with Roxana and Memin. He hugs the little girl as he ushers her inside the house. Lucia is so excited to see her angel and thanks God. She asks her what happened but Roxy is tooo traumatised to speak. Daniel tries to ask Memin what happened but Memin runs away. He chases after him but the young man is too fast even for superman Daniel. He gives up.Gaston is being questioned on who Roque is but he pretends not to have any association with him. They tell him that he was involved with his lover Nuria Perez and he is asked whether he knows Nuria. He refuses to say anything on the matter. Meanwhile Deborah is brought to Octavio's apartment by Victoria. She is drunk, she tells octavio how much she loves him but Octavio tells her that he needs time away from her to be able to reccuparate, to recver and heal from his father's death. 
Genaro is still safeley spying inside the police department. Daniel Leon and the other police have gone hunting for Memin. They are searching the streets for Memin. Daniel spots him and catches him. Memin is fighting him and when Daniel has lost his guard, Memin hits him (On his Fundamentals) and runs off. Daniel is left cringing in pain(hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa) Lucha has brought Roxana to the office to be examined by Carlos Deya recieves Roxana excitedly but Roxy is not her ussual jovial self today...Today she is dull and is holding tight to her little doll. Deya is worries and asks "What happened to Roxy?" ...Carlos tells her that whatever happened to Lucia must have been very traumatic!



We start where we left off. Roque is making a call to Liliana. He tells her that he has the flash disk with some very damaging information on her. Liliana asks him"What do you want from me?" (now a bit shaken up) Roque who sounds like an obvious amature tells Liliana that he only wants 1.5 million pesos.  Liliana tries to mess with them but they warn her that if she does not have the money by tonight, the flash will be handed over to the police...She tells them that she will come up with by tonight. He hangs up. Gaston seems to be very impressed with Roque and he cringes in excitment just imagining how rich they will become. (In my head I am thinking what sought of idiots are we dealing with??...Are they seriously messing with El diablo? Amatures! you should see Gaston's face...he has never looked more hideous!!)

Amparo is being taken to the emergency room, She has to be operated on and fast. She is in so much pain. Milagros is by her bed side as she is about to be taken to the emergency room and she is concerned...it looks like the only one not worried about the outcome of the operation is Amparo. She tells Lucha something and is taken to the emergency room when the pain intensifies.  Daniel and Genaro are talking in the office(Why does Danny trust this weird looking traitor...he looks guilty to me...how can he not see it?) I think Daniel is scolding the guy on wasting too much time doing who knows what? Its looks like Genaro is in hot soup coz Daniel is now interrogating him...(please Daniel...he is the culprit!! cuff him now!!)...His phone rings...its Lucia. He picks it up "Hi my love"(awwwwwwww!) Lucha tells him "My love you have to come to the hospital" Daniel is now concerned "Why?? what happened?" Lucha tells him "I don't want to worry you but its your Aunt Amparo, She has to be operated on" He tells her he is on his way and hangs up...he is very troubled. He tells Genaro(the guilty looking double faced traitor...hahahaha....I had to add that) That he has to go to the hospital. He leaves in a hurry. (I told you I do not like this Genaro character...)He is making a call to some ugly looking hitmens, informing them that Daniel is on his way out. 

Chelo is carrying something out of her former Kitchen. She goes out to tell the Baldy (the adorable guy who looks like he is soooo into her.....(awwww I a feeling that we are in for a new love between chelo and the baldy!) Chelo goes into the house after the Baldy tells her he is coming. Nuria comes holding a kitchen knife threatening to stab Chelo if she does not leave. Chelo takes out a bigger knife and threatens Nuria with it. She sounds crazy. Nuria freaks out and tells her "You are crazy!" as she runs away from her like a scared mouse.(I am thinking ..."now that's a real duran woman") 


Daniel is out in the parking lot. His keys fall down and just as he goes down to pick them up, the stupid hit-men (who look fat and meaty...do they really think that running over Daniel is going to kill him? Olegario really needs to get smarter goons) So they are driving their car towards Daniel and he notices it, He stands up and just like a goal keeper dives his way to saftey (Super man style!!) He goes and hides behind one of the cars. Its a shoot out, one of the goons gets out of the car but when Daniel fights back, they get into their car and flee...Guess what our martial arts master is not done with the two goons yet...hahahahahahahahaha (has he totally forgotten that his tia Amparito is fighting for dear life?)...He gets into his car and immediately chases his assailants. (hahahaha drama drama drama)

Elena is talking to  her new lawyer this time a woman (most of the time, trust no man...hahahaha). They talk about the technicalities of her case and the lawyer tells her that the case will not be easy given the beliefes of their community but they will put up a good fight against Radames(I hope this is not a death mission for the poor lawyer who has no idea what type of dog she is messing with!) 

Back to action... Daniel is able to shoot the tyre of the goon's car and it is flat. The goons pull over as Daniel pulls over behind them. He hides his head as the goons shoot at his car. They are trying to escape as Daniel gets out of his car (And I am thinking carrying all that weight, they will not get far) Daniel gets out of his car and shoots one of the Assailants at his leg. The guy fall down. Daniel now has the upper hand...(I have no idea where the other goon is, it looks like he just disappeared into thin air(hahahahaha everyone for himself and God for us all I guess...hahahahaha) Daniel tells him to Put down his gun. The goon does as he is told. As Daniel appraoches the thug carefully(why do I have the gut feeling that this thug will just pick up his gun and try to pull a fast one on our dearest commander?)


There is a complication in Amparita's Operation. Her pulse on the Cpu is reading zero...Everyone is concerned and they try to revive her (I am praying that she gets well...she can't die just yet..) Whore Nuria is making a call to her Papito Gaston to complain about Chelo. She tells him that Chelo has no right to come burging in her house(hahahaha who's house again?) like that. He is in a good mood...probably thinking that at the end of the day he will be a millionaire.(more like a dead millionaire wanabe) He tells her that She will be able to buy anything that she wants. She should not pay much attention to Chelo.


Chelo has finished parking everything that she needs. The Baldy asks her if she needs anything else taken from the house, he is available to get it for her...(awwww...is it just me or is this soon to be love between baldy and Chelo just adorable) Chelo tells him that he wants nothing from this house. She is repulsed by it now...nothing but really bad memories here. (Has the baldy just turned into a poet overnight? or are my ears decieving me?) He tells her "Your voice is like music to my ears, and the day I hear you call me 'my love' I will be the happiest man in the word" Chelo is now blushing away. (hahahahahahaha wow this is adorable!) He continues..."For you I will write poems, because you are the most beautiful, the most pretty and most precious of all the women in my life!" (hehehehehehehehe hold up Baldy...you just made my day...wohooooooo). He tells her that her Husband has no brain...Chelo cannot hide her happiness..I think a man like this one is what she has always deserved. She tells him, "Lets go" He carries the heavy stuff and they leave that forsaken house.

Where were we?...The action is getting hotter. Daniel is pointing a gun at the guy who is according to my calculations about two metres away "Don't move" He approaches him... when Daniel is close enough, the guy picks up the gun(kind of reminds of the saying out of the frying pan, into the fire...I have a feeling this is the end for the poor goon). He tries to shoot at Daniel but our guy who has proved to be a pro in dodging bullets summersaults his way to safety. He immediately shoots the guy thrice(but I told you guys...this guy was born to die! RIP goon) What happens next surprises me...three more police, jealous lady Leon, her pretend BF and Traitor Genaro have all come. (Genaro probably dissappointed that Daniel is still alive and kicking, shooting, diving and summer-saulting...hahahahahaha) But seriously why did they come just now? Daniel did all the work himself!! He tells them that he is okay and leaves...leaving them to clean up the mess...(wait now he remembers his dying aunt?) Genaro recieves a call. Its Lilana. She has called him to tell him about her little problem with the amature blackmailers. She threatens him that this can also be damaging for him.

Diablo hears the bad news...Daniel is not dead. He is beyond angry. He just wants to kill everyone. (his outburst is sooo believable!! hahahaha poor Anselmo is getting the sharp end of the knife today) Diablo is so angry that he throws a glass Directly at Anselmo's face and Anselmo is quick to dodge it...He really has incompetent goons. Menwhile, Amparo's life is hanging on a thread. The doctors are struggling hard to revive her "one two three"..."one two three" She is still not responding. Lucia is almost in tears, (her soon to be aunty in law is in such a condition...its understandable.) The doctor tries one more time...Lucia praying inwardly that she survives (love really changes people...she has faith in God now) There is a pulse. Lucia cannot hide her joy and she says "Thank you my God!" They continue to operate. Anselmo is trying to convince Diablo that it is very dangerous to go after Daniel for his little "Saint" Lucia. Diablo is having none of that. No man can have his Lucha. As Anselmo continues, Diablo picks up his gun (is he really going to shoot at him?) He shoots at some glasses in the corner (phew!) He puts the gun down but Anselmo pick it up. H talks to him but there is no convincing Diablo. He puts the gun down.

Elena is out of the office and Radames is waiting for her. She sees him and wants to go past him. He begs her to talk to him. She refuses "I have nothing to say to you Radames" Radames begs her to come back home with him. He knows he has not been good to her but he will try to change. She tells him that he is a wife beater and she has had enough of him. Radames is now getting physical but Elena braks away from him and runs to a nearby police officer. Daniel has FINALLY arrived at the hospital. Milagros asks the doctor who has come with Lucha if Amparo is alright. He tells her yes. Daniel is pleased with the news. Lucha (with her cute and adorable smile) tells Daniel happily that his aunt survived. She goes and embraces him tightly.Meanwhile Milagros is in the chapel praying and Lucha comes to pray with her. (I feel la patrona is being replayed here...Gabriela and her stepmom together again awwwwww) Chelo and her baldy have arrived at the restaurant. Fer is giving the guy an evil look...( your eyes better not be on my daughter chelo) Vicky arrives with good news. She tells her mum that the stamps are worth a fortune. They can open up a restaurant with that kind of money. Fer is just spreading her venom, But Nacho thinks iots a good idea. The baldy is just saying sweet things to Chelo, and she is clearly uncormfortable... He calls vicky aside and asks her to help him wooo her mum(hehehehehe...) Vicky and the baldy seem to get along perfectly...the type of father the girl has always wanted(hehehehehe adorable future family...and don't you just love victoria?)

Daniel is holding his arm, as if he is in some kind of pain. Lucia notices this and asks him what happened. He tells her that he ran into some of Olegario's goons and they attempted to kill him(that is not anyway to break such horrid news...heheheh Daniel is just soo macho...) Lucia just freaks out, hugging Daniel. She tells him how helpless she would have felt if anything had happened to him. Daniel is just pleased about how concerned she is about him. She tells him to be careful, Olegario is very dangerous...Now Daniel gives her the "Wait a minute" look. He asks now jealously how she seams to know details concerning Oleg.(Lucia this is your chance to tell hi the truth...Oleg is totally chasing you!) She tells him, its from all the news flying around the hospital concerning Olegario. He tells her something then hugs her...(a tight hug!!).

Gaston is saving the contents of the flash in his comp. The funny teddy bear is infront of him. He wants to have more than one evidence so that he can squeez more money from Liliana. He returns the flash into the doll...Memin is at Roxan's school. They are plotting a way of getting back the doll. Deyanira accidentally pushes down some documents which the gentleman Carlos is more than happy to help her pick up...they have a short but sweet moment... Diablo is siiting inside his office and thinking about Lucia. Liliana comes in and tells him about the threat. She is sure she is dealing with amatures. Diablo tells her that he will deal with that. Anselmo tells Maria to get herself a new man, she is no longer a diabla and Maria asks him if he is single(hahahahaha funny woman) Fer is listening in to a convo where Elena is confessing her feelings to Chelo and Vicky for Pablo. She is pissed... She goes and tells Nacho about Elena's love. Nacho thinks its good that Elena wants to start her life over (what a father!!) Fernanda thinks that its not right for Elena to leave Radames for that miserably poor Pablo. Nacho is having none of this...he leaves fernanda there (She just looks like a balloon with loads of neon inside...)about to burst out with rage!!

Abel is in his own world while Adriana is talking about how handsome the Doctor was(woooooooooi Adriana does not know what she is doing...are you aware your guy is super gay?...You are giving him something to think about!) Adriana realizes that Abel is not paying any attention to her. She shouts "Abel!" Abel looks up and tells her he wants to move up the wedding. Adriana is excited and goes to hug him. Abel just looks like a goat heading to the slaughter house...(in his head he must also be thinking how hot was that doctor?? ohhhh why oooooooh why?) Liliana and Diablo are naked in bed... They want to lure the amature blackmailers into meeting with them. Liliana calls Roque and asks him to meet with her. They plan to kill the blackmailers. Roque is just happy that Lily is obliging him(There is a suspicious aura of death around him...I have a feeling we will not be having PAPITO around for much longer) Amparo is up and everyone is happy. Especially Daniel. Lucha and Daniel are there by her bedside and are happy in eachothers arms.

Lucha and Daniel kiss Roxy as they leave to watch a movie. Deyanira goes out for a sec and its operation save the doll! Roxy goes out and find Memin and they leave to Gasto's place. They enter Gaston's car. Gaston and Roque are leaving to go collect their millions (more like their daeth certificates) Nuria hugs Roque so inapropriatley and only gives Gaston a kiss. They enter Gaston's car and leave...(not knowing the two kids are just hidden at the back. Roque gets out and the kids follow him up. They see Roque holding the doll and waiting for someone. Then Liliana arrives. Roxana recognizes her "Isn't that Liliana, Lucia's sister??"

The Drama has just began!



It looks like Liliana is turning out to be quite the Murderess! Maria falls and is screming for help. Eusenia hears her. She comes running to Liliana "do you hear that madam" Liliana tells her ofcourse I can hear it. She tells Eusenia to go check it out(Not even an aunce of concern on her face) Eusenia runs and sees Maria down on the stairs. Maria tells her "Help me please" Eusenia who seems to be geniuenly concerned goes to her and tries to pull her up but Maria sends her to Liliana to go and call an ambulance.(mind you they have already wasted too much time there) Liana feigns concern "What's wrong?" Eusenia tells her to call an ambulance. The other Miss has fallen and is loosing alot of blood. Liliana is now wasting alot of time, pretending to want more details "seriously?" She asks. She tells Eusenia to hurry up and get the telephone. As Eusenia leaves, she is smiling...a victory smile(hahahahaha I would not want to have her as an enemy)

Daniel and Leon are in the office. It looks like Leon has really pissed off Daniel by talking (badly) about Lucia. Daniel chases her out of his office. Amparo calls Daniel and tells him"I want you to tell me everything you know about Olegario Morero" Radames is scolding Gaston on who knows what. Diablo enters his office. He asks Gaston to leave(Gaston really looks like and idiot) Diablo also tells Gaston to leave. He leaves like a scared puppy. Pablo enters the office and Radames sees him. Pablo is giving him the "you got to be scared of me now" look. Radames exclaims "What is my ex gardener doing here?" Diablo tells him that the guy is his new gladiator..."he fights very well and possesses incredible stregnth" Pablo is just giving Radames the evil eye. Radames is also looking at him funny. Both of them have beef...Diablo's phone rings. He is told that his monterey diabla has had an accident. He is stunned, "how can this happen to her?".

Memin has sneaked into the house of Gaston, he has come to get the doll, he is not leaving without it...(superhero memin). Lucia and Daniel are both in Amparito's office. They are telling her that diablo is a bad guy. Gaston goes back to his office, he is pissed that Oleg and the bull dog are treating him like a child. He goes and seats down...looking at his comp...(don't let him see it...please for everything sacred in this world) He sees the flash disk and is curious about the contents of the flash. He pulls the watch button and sees a couple of guys toturing someone...it looks like the person is poor Millan. He is shocked and says" Liliana?" and we see Liliana holding a gun. She pulls the trigger once and then many more times... Gaston is shocked as he puts his hands all over his mouth in shock!! 

Daniel and Lucha are talking in a secret place in the hospital. Daniel is telling Lucia to be careful(or atleast that's what I can translate from the conversation. Daniel holds her(awwwwwww his hands destroy me...what stregnth! how jealous I am of Lucha) He kisses her...(and what a kisss) Lucha tries to stop him (though by her smile she is really enjoying this kiss) "Enough Daniel, I need to get back to work" but there is no convincing this love struck Daniel. He goes on kissing her and she gives in....they kisssss(awww!) Olegario Morero is walking around the hospital( Why do I have the feeling this is the day he sees them kissing...lets wait and seee..) 

Olegario is talking to Anselmo. He talks about how poor this hospital is...are you ready for this?...Yessss...he sees Lucha and Daniel deeply( and I mean deeply) Engrossed in the kiss...(wait the place is not so hidden)...wow they look so involved with Damiel's hands all around Lucha's waist...they are soo damn close...(WHAT A KISS...) Olegario's reaction is just as we had expected...a mixture of jealousy and spite, helplessness and shock!lets..pause and appreciate the spectacle!
 Olegario is now a bit composed and says"What is that imbisile doing kissing Lucia Duran?"....

Gaston is now standing up. He saves the file and and remembers how badly Radames and Olegario treated him. Back to our guy Olegario. Lucha and Daniel are still kissing(and I am rewinding this kiss like a gazillion times...wow!! this kiss is amazing) well Daniel does not want to let Lucha go. Lucha tells him tha she has a tone of work to do. Olegario is raving mad...as he watches his worst nightmare walk away with is sweatest dream. Anselmo jokes about the scene to him as he laughs admiring the kissing pair.. Oleg tells him to shut up. He immediately shuts up.

Gaston fins Roque and asks him where he got the disk.Roque (though in a suit and looking abit polished...I must admit he has some looks coming out) Tells him he has no idea what he is talking about. Gaston shows him the disk. Meanwhile, Olegario who is obviously pissed by the spectacle he witnessed between Lucha and Daniel is creating quite a scene in the hospital. He is told that the baby Maria was having is dead. Maria now hears this and says "Its a lie...Its a lie" Diablo seems to be frustrated and takes it out on the poor adorable doctor who tries to explain to him "It was impossible to save the child" Diablo is having non of that. He walks past the doctor pushing him away. Liliana calls Genaro and I think they are discussing Lily's plan and how it worked. She is sure that no one knows that it was her. Genaro asks her "Are you completely sure of this?" She hangs up and goes to the scene of the crime. It seems that Eusenia has noticed the saop all over the floor. Hahaahahahahaha Liliana comes with mop and finds Eusenia. She warns her not to tell anyone about this and bribes her(she looks funny holding a broom) She tells Eusenia to leave. Oleg is still causing a scene at the hospital, saying how poor the damn hospital is. Olegario tries to get Maria out of that hospital and Maria trie to bleed. He is now yelling at the poor doctor and pushes him away. Milagros and Lucia arrive just in time.Olegario is screaming about who knows what. Lucha confronts him "Shut up" scolds him on his behaviour...for the first time, the devil shuts up and even calms down! (hahahahahaha).


Daniel arrives in the office. He is in a good mood. Leon is still so jealous of Lucia and her partner and pretend boyfriend notes how happy Daniel is nowardays. Leon is not moved by his attempts to cheer her up.Olegario is now talking to Lucha and Lucha continues with her scolding. Maria is telling him "Save me Olegario" Olegario tells her to shut up...(Lucha is talking).Milagros tries to calm him down but he also tells her to shut up. Lucia tells him to have manners and he tells her "How beautiful you look" Lucha tells him "You either respect this hospital or leave" she continues to tell him that she is Lucia Duran, a worker wt this hospital and she will not allow him to make a mockery of it. Milagros is just standing there...in awe at what is transpiring.(Where are all her insults now? or did the cat bite her little sharp tongue?) Hahahaha Olegario is facinated by this woman. He just wants to continue arguing with her and even admits it to her. Lucha gives him a piece of her mind and leaves. Olegario is left there in dream land... He starts talking about Lucia to himself in the presence of Maria. Maria seems offended and he tells her to relax...

Lucia is talking to herself. Milagros comes "is all well nurse Duran?" She wipes her tears and tells her "I am okay" as she walks away. Roque finally tells Gaston where he found the flash and Gaston thinks its worth a fortune.Liliana threatens Eusenia. Lucha is talking to deyanira. She tells her how badly she feels that the devil is after her. Deyanira tells her to tell Daniel but she refuses.
Milagros tells Amparo how Lucia Confronted Olegario with courage. But it looks like our poor Amparito is sick. She asks Milagros to leave and just as Milagros is gone, she holds her stomach in pain. She tells herself "I dont like this at all"  Olegario goes to Amparo's office. She tells him the dicontent she feels with his behaviour and scolds him. She gives him back the stupid cheque." Thank you for your contribution but we will not accept it." He smiles as he takes the cheque away from her.

PART 3...

Olegario threatens Amparo as he tears up the cheque infront of her. Amparo looks very shaken up and scared. The pain in her stomach intensifies when he walks out of the office. She makes a call for help. Olegario is mad and goes up to Lucia. He is shouting while holding her hand. He tells her somthing and walks out mad. He goes out and informs Anselmo that he is no longer becoming a daddy. They leave.

Fernanda...arggghhhhhh!...the witch is back. She is condemning her daughters for leaving their respective husbands. Elena tells her to stop pointing her fingures at Consuelo for leaving Gaston( What kind of mother is this woman?? ) She tells Elena that she does not understant why she would up and break up with a man like Radames Echeverria!(why not?? damn witch!) Fernanda continues to spill her spells on Consuelo telling her that maybe she did not satisfy Gaston and that's why he left her. Chelo gets mad and leaves the kitchen angrily(when will this woman stop??) Olegario tells Anselmo to send Maria back to Monterey as soon as she recovers.


Abel and Adriana have gone to visit the doctor...(the one looking at Abel funny) Abel is now pacing bck and forth, he is clearly uncormfortable being there. Adriana tells the doctor that Abel and she have not been able to have sex for a while, but it seems the comment annoys Abel and he apologizes for Adriana's stupid comment.

Chelo is crying inside her room when Victoria walks in. She sees her mamita crying and consoles her, telling her that she is a great mother, a wonderful sister and a woman with principles( its sooo touching...Vicky is totally my bff) She tells her mother to start a restaurant. Her mother asks her how? she has no money. She says she might have a solution, goes to her bag and takes out the stamps she stole from her dad. Chelo smiles....

Genaro and Liliana are talking inside Diablo's house. Diablo walks in. He totally rejects Liliana's advances towards him and asks Genaro to follow him to his office. He tells him he wants him to get rid of Ponce. He is done with him always getting in his way....(hhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa) He si pissed...Meanwhile Roque and Gaston are conspiring....


Genarito is done talking to Diablo. Liliana sees him and says" at last...what were you talking about with El Diablo. Anselmo comes in and refuses to tell Liliana a thing. He asks Genaro to leave. Meanwhile Roque and Gaston are talking and Gaston is telling him to repeat something after him...blah!...Victoria and Chelo are leaving the restaurant with the stamps. Nacho comes and asks where they are going. He embraces his girls as they leave. Chelo stops a taxi and it seems she is flirting with the bald taxi driver...He calls her precious...(hhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!)

Its seems today we get the unmerited pleasure of seeing a shirtless Abel and the discormfort of seeing how uncormfortable he gets when the doctor tends to him....(yaiks!)...He tells the doctor that Adriana is indiscrete...etc...Adriana and Lucha meet in the hospital and as they are talking Amparo comes screaming "Lucha! Help me! the pain is unbearable!" Lucia and Adriana run towards her...Back to our gay pair... Abel is asking (super uncormfortable now) "Doctor are you...are you...? The doctor interupts him saying "Yes..I am gay." Saved by the bell guys...The doctor is being called upon for an emergency...phew!!

Poor Amparo is in a tone of pain. They take her to the emergency room. Menwhile Radames' eyes is still following Elena around.The adorable baldy has accompanied Consuelo to her former house. The whore Nuria opens the door for Consuelo and says "YOOOOUUU'" Consuelo says "Yes me!" Nuria does not want her to get in. Consuelo pushes her away (Super womanish) and calls her stupid. Nuria falls down and Consuelo goes inside.Pablo calls Elena and tells her to beware of Radames. He tells her how much he loves her and how much he is dying to form a family with her. Elena hangs up and enters the building. Radames' eyes is following her and makes a call to Radames. Back to the hospital...The doctor tells Lucia to prepare the theatre...She has to be operated on. 

Stupid Gaston has told Roque to call Liliana. They are threatening her about the contents of the flash.....the drama has just begun!!

End of capitulo



We start where we left off. Ignacio asking Daniel “what kind of boyfriend are you?" Daniel now has a bit of courage and tells Nacho “Lucha is my girlfriend, Liliana and I were simply friends" Ignacio understands but does not let him go without warning him not to hurt his darling Lucha. (Phew Daniel survived!! 😁😁 Nacho is in a hurry. He is going somewhere. Lucia now asks him “Where are you off to dad?" Abel who is on the other end of the room with his hands over Adriana's shoulders (why in the world is he lying to the poor girl) tells Lucia “its a mystery" Victoria chips in “He does not even want anyone to go with him" Roxana, now leads the whole group except of course for Daniel and Consuelo into a song ...They are trying to convince Nachito to break his silence. Consuelo asks him to tell them already. He goes over to kiss Victoria and little Roxana and tells His daughters to mind their business jockingly. He leaves them now more curious than before. 

Roque has stepped out of the house and is holding the dolll!!!!! He is shaking the doll and its making a very funny sound. He is enjoying this (makes him look like a big toddler)! (Nooooooooo!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­) Memin comes running after him. He knows how important the doll is to Roxana. He tells him “Give it back, it does not belong to you!" Roque is now holding the doll up. Our Superboy Memin is now jumping up to where Roque's hand is “Give me back the doll you imbisel!" Roque takes his little head and pushes him down. He walks away almost in a whistle. Little Memin is left there on the ground, helpless. As he watches wizard Roque  walk away with the doll.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ignacio is walking out of an elevator holding Fernanda's Luguage in his hands. Fernanda is walking beside him(happy as a teenager who just fell in love...they look cute together!!) Ignacio stops for a bit and just smiles at her. He tells her “You are very beautiful, I regret not telling you that earlier and how much I love you!"  Fernanda is excited and almost runs towards him and gives him a big kisssss. She tells him “thank you " and they hug very tightly. Some minutes later they arrive at a fancy restaurant. As they sit down, Nacho is holding her hand. Fer is in awe at what is going on. His phone rings and its Consuelo telling him he needs to take his medicine. He hangs up and says jockilngly that Fee's kids are bothersome. (Awakening the little witch Fernacita) she starts complaining that he always loved Isabel more...etc etc(I am thinking did you really have to spoil the romantic mood Fer?) He tells her that he love Isabel passionately but she is a,part of his past. “You are my present...and if you let me I can be your future!!😍😍😍" (if only the guy wasn't that old!! What sweet words!!) She smiles...

Olegario and Anselmo are in a pub. They are talking about Olegario's predicaments. Olegario is becoming dreamy talking about  Lucia Duran. “Lucha Duran is a strong woman, pure in heart noble and not a lover of money... She is the type of woman I would bring breakfast in bed to everyday"  Anselmo is shocked by Diablo's words. He inquires “What about the other diablas? Maria who is with child?" He tells him he would be sending them allowances every month, they are just his side bars, Lucia is his cathedral, he would place her on an altar and worship her as a saint. Anselmo then says “Salute to the new diabla!" Olegario tells him “Lucha Duran is a saint, Salute to the woman of Olegario Morero" He raises his glass they cheers!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ˜ His words wololo!! He asks Anselmo if he knows anything about Lucia's status...is she married?? Does she have a man in her life?? Anselmo tells him he knows nothing about Lucia, her life is a complete Enigma to him. Diablo tells him “If she is married, we will make her a widow, if she has a man, he will have to die we are born to die...all is fair in love and war!!" They laugh as they toast.

Elena arrives at home. She came alone in a car. One of The dog's men is following her and he is making a call to Radames as Elena gets into the house. Pablo is hiding behind the bush keeping a close watch on Elena. (No one will hurt his queen tonight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ damn I wish men like Pablo existed!!) Elena gets into the house. She finds Lucha and Daniel. She congratulates them on their relationship and they congratulate her on her breakup with Radames. Lucha admits that she has never liked her husband one bit. They ask her why they broke up and she admits that the dog was beating her. “Why did you never say anything?" Lucia asks, now a bit concerned. Elena admits that she has always been afraid of Radames. Daniel tells her that she is right to be scared “your husband is a very dangerous man!" Elena tells him “You are not the first person to tell me that" Lucia is concerned and asks who else warned her, she says no one important. Elena asks Daniel “Why do you say Radames is a dangerous man?" Daniel tells her that he is associated with Olegario Morero. “Olegario?" Lucha exclaims in shock. He tells them that he is a very dangerous man and “I am sure he is the one behind my brother's murder" Lucha is in awe. Elena now says all the luxuries she has been enjoying were bought with dirty money?(but of course!!) Daniel tells her that Radames had covered his tracks well but very soon they will fall “together with the blonde they used as bait" Lucia is in big trouble, she cannot hide the discomfort in her face. Daniel notices it “My love what's wrong??" He us sorry for bringing up such an uncomfortable subject. Lucia approaches him, runs her hands through his waist...she tells him there is no problem. Elena tells them to stop the whole subject. They agree. Lucia and Daniel smoooooooooooch!!😍😍😍😍😍 then they are about to leave, they meet up with Victoria and Octavio.
(You should see the way Daniel's hands wonder around Lucha's waist!! Muy delicioso!!)
Victoria exclaims “My aunt and your uncle are dating" Octavio hugs his uncle lovingly. He is very excited about leaving with Daniel who tells him“ You will have to starve to death since I am a pathetic cook" They laugh. Octavio congratulates Lucia on catching the uncatchable Daniel Ponce!!☺☺☺ Lucky woman!! They all laugh.

Roque  and Nuria are back together, apparently Gaston was able to believe Nuria's stupid story!! (Hope he dies soon, Gaston is an Idiot!!)


Genaro had called up Liliana to meet him. They meet in an old bar, full of dirty drunks. Genaro hands over the poison Lily asked him to get her. He tells her to be careful, Olegario cannot find out she was given the poison by him. She tells him that she is no dummy.Roxanita and Nachito are bonding...(poor memin) Elena, Consuelo and Lucha are talking. Lucha tells her how happy she is with Daniel. Consuelo comes and tells Lucha that Elenita has a secret fling. Elena doesnt want to admit it but she does so eventually. She tells them its Pablo.They go ahead to tease her but Lucha is in disbelief. Olegario is back in the house. His help old lady iseya opens the door for him, He enters sng grabs her and starts dancing with her (hahahahahahahhahaaha funny dance indeed) He asks about his Diablas. Maria comes dressed in her rendish pinkish lingerie, he kisses her and carries her to bed(hahahahahaha I swear diablo is a cartoon) Daniel comes and finds Lucia. He goes behind her and holds her waist...telling her something(sweet) he walks up and is now infront of her...he kisssssssessssssss her(awwwwwwwwwwwwww) Chelo and Elena are watching them, they look so in love. Radames is at home...alone and lonely, he asks around about Deborah but his drunk daughter is also not around (dysfunctional family indeed). Now everyone is gathered around, laughing (lucia, daniel, roxy and the rest of the family including octavio)  Abel and Adriana are just having a ball...making fun and laughing away...Fer and Nacho walk in. The mood changes! Everyone of Fer's kidsstarting with Chelo goes to hug Fernanda except of course Lucia. Nacho tells them to try and get along. Lucia moves closer to her but not too close and tells her "welcome to your house Fernanda"...(its pretty tense in here) Lucia tells her dad that she will not cause any problems from her part, Ignacio tells her that this house belongs to her too and Fernanda agrees(though its not a convincing agreement...she still despises Lucha very much) Fernanda says that she will also try to get along with Lucha...just then problems walk in...

"Mama can you explain to me...!"...Guess who? Liliana has just burged into the recconciled family shouting. She stops and pauses when she sees Daniel and Lucha also there. The look on her face as she looks at Lucia...pure jealousy!...Wait is this Radames crying??(hahahahahaahahahahahaha what in the world did I do right?) The bull dog is holding Elena's clothes and crying...(hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa) He looks so miserable as he remembers his family...Elena and Nachito, apparently they meant the world to him...He now tears up the dress in anger...hahahaha crying like a baby...(BACK TO THE TROUBLE MAKER LILY) She is trying to provoke Lucha, Daniel tells Lucha that its time to go. She agrees and they goes to kiss her father goodbye. As she is about to go...Liliana says something and Lucia almost looses it and wants to go back and give her a piece of her mind.Daniel restrains her. Elena confronts her sister Lily for treating Lucha badly. They argue for a while. Liliana now tells her mum "Come with me mama" Fer tells her "I am staying here, in my house by my husband's side"(Kudos Fer...) Lily says she has settled for the crubls of her husband"The next time your husband and the rest of the family belittles you, don't come crying at my door" She leaves

Roxana is asleep and Daniel takes her to bed. Deyanira tells Lucia that Roque was there(apparently they do not want daniel to hear them.) Liliana arrives and hears that Oleg is with Maria, she is angry and promises to destroy both Lucha and Maria. The next morning she makes a delicious breakfast with juice and coffee but make sure to put the poison inside the coffee. She bribes and threatens the maid not to tell anyone she is the one who made it. The maid does as she is told but Maria does not take the coffee.. Liliana is angry and promises that Maria will not escape...Olegario is at the hospital again. He wants to donate a large sum of money to the hospital(hahahahaha an excuse to see Lucha) Nun amparo complains of pain, Lucha is uncomfortable around Olegario and leaves to attend to Nun Amparo. Oleg donates a large sum and tells them that the next time he wants Lucia to personally recieve the cash.

Are my eyes decieving me or is Roque wearing a suit?? He is inside Gaston's office(hhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa) He wants to check out the contents of the flash using Gaston's comp. Gaston gets him in the act and throws him out....can you believe the idiot left behind the damn flahdisk? on Gaston's the backfired blackmailer's comp?? (this flash sure does fly around, I am thinking Gaston is about to die...having the flash is a curse) Lucia confesses to Daniel that she feels like she is lying to Daniel by not telling him that Olegario is chasing after her, Nun Amparo doesn't feel right accepting the donation from Oleg but Milagros is redy to pounce on that money.

Lily's deadly mission is on, Operation kill Maria and Little Diablo, She pours water on the marble floors and makes sure that Maria will not take the elevator y asking Genaro to put off the lights. Maria is climbing down the stairs and she faaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllsssssssss! Liliana sneaks in to catch a glipse of the dying Maria who is now screaming"heeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllppppppppp!" She smiles...happy that her mission has been accomplished!...(There is no stopping Diabla..)





Liliana enters Daniel's office and is surprised to find him smooching away with Lucia. She exclaims"what is the meaning of this? They get into a heated fight with Lucia. She tells Daniel she cannot believe he would do this after everything she had told him her. She says Lucia is a criminal and does not understand why Daniel would overlook that. The staff members are all snooping in on the spectacle inside Daniel's office. Lucia tells her that she will no longer fall for the traps and scheming ways of Liliana. The fight continues as all the guys inside the office are now gathered to listen in. They seem to be enjoying the show of course except for witchy Leon who now has two gorgeous blondes to contend with for Danny's heart. Liliana leaves but promises to make Lucia's life miserable. As she walks out of the office(she looks dashing!! that black dress with those sun glasses suit her!) all the office gossips are staring at her. She says"what?" and catwalks out of the office. Daniel and Lucia remain in the office. Lucia is talking to Daniel but realizes the look on his face as he looks at her. Pure doubt. She asks him "You believe me dont you?" as she carreses his face. He looks down. He tells her "Lucia understand me..." she interupts him and says "I have nothing to understand" She scolds him a little and then burges out of his office. Daniel thinks for a while and comes back to his senses, He follows her imediately and catches her mid-corridor. He grabs her on sight of all his collegues and kisses her...the kiss seems to have convinced Lucia coz she is now kissing him back....they kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssss!! meanwhile Leon is looking at them...staring at them kissing...(I am thinking she is wishing the ground would open up and swallow her hehehehehehehehehe) They pause for a while....(water!! cold water please)... Daniel tells her "please forgive me"( he then says something in espanol so fast I cant translate) then Lucia tells him "mi amor(my love) as she reaches her lips up to kiss him...The kiss continues...at this point I just want them to get a room and continue...Leons's toture continues as she looks down, she cannot continue watching the two love birds anymore.

Elena goes to talk with her lawyer. She wants a divorce from the bull dog. The lawyer vows to help her in any way he can. She thanks him at tells him to pass her regards to his wife. As soon as she leaves, The traitorous lawyer picks up his cell and is making a call to...guess who?...The bull dog. He tells him that his wife was there. They have to meet up. Elena drives off to Nachito's school and wants to pick him up. She is speaking to the watchman who tells her "your husband...(points to Radames)...has already come to pick him up. Elena panics. She looks to where the man is pointing and sees her little innocent boy entering an overjoyed Radames' car( hahahahaha he looks funny when he is smiling) She gets out of the car first and just looks at him, Radames finishes to close the door of the car then notices a somewhat terrified Elena looking at him. She goes completely loco(craaazy) She is saying "no...no...(she is now approaching Radames and I am wondering where was all that courage hidden all this time? she continues)...He is my son,( Radmes tries to hold her off aproaching his car with his imposing body but she breaks off)...help me!! My son" She goes and opens the door and gets Nachito out of the car. Radames is telling the guys "wait, wait  she is crazy, he is also my son" as Elena goes past him holding Nachito's hand, Radames gives her a moving slap but is restrained by the guars in the school. Elena is able to escape!! (phew!! super mum indeed!) Radames is still barking away, wondering whats happening with Elena. (calm down bull dog or no bones tonight.) He is scaring everyone around. He finally ups and leaves...(I thought he was going to bite someone this time) 

Fernanda is at Diablo's house. The bell rings and its a woman. She says she is the diabla...wife of Olegario. It cannot be. Fernanda (the chicken) is trying to defend her little chick Lilian. How can El diablo do this to her. They get into a verbal fight with the mujer. The woman tells her that she is expecting Diablo's baby. She wants to call Liliana and inform her about the developments. Diablo warns her not to do such a stupid thing. She is sturbon. Diablo calls on one of his goons. He points the gun at Fernanda(hahahahahahaha) she is stupefied. The guard is signaling her with his bald head to hand over the telephone. She does so...scared to death. Diablo tells her something and leaves smiling maliciosly. She is left there dumpfounded. 

Genaro had followed Liliana outside. She wants him to kills someone. He asks  who it is. She tells him that the person is Lucia Duran. He is stunned at how cold Lily is "Isn't she your sister, have you gone crazy" He tells her he will not stain his hands over a woman's whims. He understands how she feel for Daniel but no sir!! He will not do it. She says its fine if he wont do it but warns him using Olegario's name. Meanwhile Octavio has packed his things. He is leaving for his uncle's house. Deborah tries to stop him but the boy's mind is made up already. For the first time I feel sorry for Deborah, she has her flaws but she does love Octavio. She is left there crying. 

Back to love...Lucha and Daniel are kissing muy appasionado!! Everyone starts to clap....hehehehe its super funny by the way. They stop kissing and smile at everyone. Daniel takes Lucy and introduces her as "mi novio" (my girlfriend) Everyone is excited and happy to meet her except Leon who is still jealous of Lucia. Lucia is happy to meet everyone. Just then, Genaro walks in. Daniel excitedly Introduces Lucia as his Girlfriend to him. As they shake hands Lucia realizes that Genaro is the same guy that was in the beachouse that time and finished of Cesar. She gives him the evil look...Daniel notices it and asks her why she is looking at him like that. She cannot answer his question and pretends its nothing. They leave together but Lucha still got her eye on Genero...(if looks could kill, Genaro would be in hell this instance). 

Elena arrives with Nachito at the restaurant. She is shaken up by the occurences...Nachito narrates the entire ordeal to his super Grandpa Ignacio. The bull dog Rada is speaking to his lawyer(the stupid lawyer who sold out Elena...buthead!) They are stratergizing on god knows what... they are just mentioning something to do with the divorce...(I guess this blank will be filled once the episode is aired) Fernanda is so shaken by what happened to her earlier. She is pacing back and forth, trying to figure out what to do next. She is still in awe, how can Diablo point a pistol at her. The goon tries to make Maria(the name of the other diabla) leave but she refuses. He goes to tell this to El diablo....


Olegario cannot deal with Maria right now. He tells Anselmo(his goon) that. Lucia and Deyanira are speaking. She is telling Deyanira how snake Lily was spreading her venom to Daniel about her. Thankfully Daniel did not buy that story. Deyanira is pissed at Liliana's behaviour. She cringes her face while cursing our Diabla. But Deyanira still thinks Lucha ios not done with the story. What is it that Lucha is not telling her? Lucia's face lightens up. She tells Deyanira "He introduced to his collegues as his girlfriend!!" They are now laughing as lucia is repeatedly saying how happy she is now." His girlfriend!" Just then Carlos comes out of the office and hears what the two girls are saying. He ruins the mood by reminding Lucia that she should make sure to be honest with Daniel. He feigns happiness and says "Congratulations on that". Deyanira is ready to pounce on him and tells him to Let Lucia be happy just for once but Lucia tells her that Carlos has a point. She promises to tell Daniel the truth later on and thanks him for cautioning her. She really does not want to spoil this happiness they are both experiencing. Deyanira also chips in and tells Carlos to let Lucia and Daniel have just a bit of happiness. Lucia tells Carlos that she has a lot of work and asks him to come over to the house that night so that they can continue the convo...(bad move chica...Daniel will not be pleased to see him with his woman... Is Carlos second name perhaps ANNOYING?? coz he is starting to give me Yair vibes....)

 MORE FIGHTS!!(I love this soap!!)

Liliana comes back home. She has had a long day trying to destroy people's lives and is now in the only place she can relax and unwind! hehehehehe the other Diabla, Maria is waiting for her there. She is comfortably seated down. Liliana sees her "What demon are you!" she exclaims as she comes into the room.(note its direct translation...the english version might have a different phrase). They start talking. The woman tells her that she is the wife and the Diabla of Olegario. Liliana tells her "This is my house and it means absolutely nothing to you, I am the only legitimate woman of Olegario Morero!!" (hahahahahahahaha at this point am laughing my lungs out, wasnt she just from fighting with Lucia over Daniel?? I love this woman) Maria is telling her that she was the first woman, and a lot of other nonsense. She is now standing up to face her.(fight, fight fight) Liliana is telling her that she does not believe a word she says. Fernanda comes in and tells Liliana that this is the house of your husband and this is his other love interest from Monterey. (I am thinking has this stupid woman totally forgotten the Gun?) Fernanda tells her that her husband is a biggamist. Liliana tells her to leave the house but she tells her "The house of my man is my house and is he wanted me to leave, he would come and tell me!" Liliana tells her "This is my house stupid" She goes on to tell her that Olegario likes classy women like her and not shabby women like Maria "Look at you". The woman is getting out of hand, Liliana goes and grabs her hand as she pulls her out. "Get outof my house!! this is my house!" Fernanda tries to restrain her. Maria tells her that the one who will leave will be her. Liliana has had it. She wants to get physical now!! Anselmo runs to Diablo's office and tells him the women are almost killing each other. They leave to go and stop the war. Diablo arrives and comes in between the two ladies. He tells Liliana to come down. Liliana asks him if he lied that she was the Diabla, He tells her "Here in Mexico, you are my Diabla, but in Monterey she is my diabla" (what a stupid thing to say....Diablo is soo cunning)  Fernanada tries to get into the fights but Diablo shuts her up harshly. As Liliana continues to complain, he tells her its enough, He is diablo Morero and gives explanations to no one. If they want to stay they should do so calmly, but if they want to leave, the door is open. The two women stop fighting.( What a scene)

Stupid Gaston is calling up his whore to complain about Roque. He is angry and hangs up the phone. The woman goes and wakes up Roque angrily complaining about Gaston's threats but they end up having early morning passion(funny characters). Fernanda tells Liliana that Olegario is not the man she had hoped Lily would end up with. He does not even respect her, Liliana tells her that Ignacio did the same with her. He was with another woman but she never left him. She tells her she will not leave Diablo, she does not want to end up like Fernanda( for the first time I feel sorry for the woman...poor fer) She tells Fernanda this is who she has become. Fer tells her that there is completely no need for all this. She leaves the room devastated!) Liliana is left alone, she syas that everything in that place belings to her and no one, absolutely no one will take anything from her. She breaks down. Fernanda is in her room wondering what happened to her precious Liliana. She is crying saying that her daughter has turned into a murdress because of her. Gaston and Roque and the whore are talking again. Gaston is complaining again. Elena goes into Pablo's apartment...



Elena tells Pablo about what happened with Radames and she aks him to embrace her. He does so(goosebums....butterflies....wow!) Ignacio is talking to his daughter Consuelo. He tells her that all he wants is for her to be happy. They hug...awww! what an awesome dad... Elena and Pablo are still talking and she is asking how will she be able to protect her son from Radames. They finish talking and Elena approaches him. She runs her hands through his waiste and goes in for a kiss... A short albeit sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet kiss. (Butterflies...what a lucky woman).

Our annoying monkey Carlos is in Lucia's house. They are talking about Cesar's Murder. They need to find the culprits. Carlos tells her that she cannot keep lying to Daniel, she has to come clean with him. She agrees but not now...after he has overcome his sadness and solitude. Deyanira comes with a juice and is talking about being careful with such crucial information. The doorbell rings. who could it be? Lucia goes to get it. Its Daniel!!!!!!!!!! " Hallo my love" He says as he leans over to kiss her." Halo" she says as she recieves the kiss....(What a kiss! short but sweet!) Lucia is talking to him but his eyes are on stupid Carlos...( He must be thinking what in the world is this guy doing in my woman's house" He is giving carlos the suspicious "try anything and I will shoot you" look. Carlos sees Daniel. He says "Hi, how are you Daniel?" (He looks like a scared mouse( hahahahahahaha) "What are you doing here Carlos" Daniel just asks him(If looks could kill Carlos would be burried right now) Carlos lies that he had brought Deyanira from the office but Daniel is not completely buying that story. Deya helps Carlos out by backing up his story and they leve with Deya. Lucia asks him if he has a problem with Carlos since he was giving him the evil eye but just as he is about to tell her about his reasons, Roxanita comes into the room screaming " Daniel! Daniel" She goes in for a hug. It lightens up the tense mood that had reigned in that room. She asks if he is back together with her mama and he says yes. They agree to go visit Ignacio.

Fernanda is remembering her good times with Nachito. She takes a picture and carresse it. She then picks up the phone to make a call. She calls Ignacio, Ignacio tells her to talk" talk woman" he goes on to tell her a few things and then tells her "talk to me" Fernanda is sorry and she wants to return home. Ignacio tells her that she can come back, he has already forgiven her. Fer has never been happier. She is happy that Nacho has forgiven her. 

What in the world just happened? Palbo and Elena are completeley naked in bed...(Did they just edit out that scene??)  It looks like thay had quite a night. Elena is simply laying her head in those wonderful arms of pablo as he slowly carresses her hair( wooow!) Talking about her precious son. They talk about her marriage and his past etc.Roque is fed up. He stands up to Gaston when Gaston tries to kick him out. "Get out of my house" Roque tells him " I will go but just as soon as I tell you the truth, I am not the brother of Nuria, I am her lover" He also gives Nuria a piece of his mind and leaves the house. Gaston is shocked! Nuria is sooo busted! (Kudos Roque!)

Liliana makes a call to Genaro. She wants him to get her abortion pills. She wants to kill the little Diablo in Maria's belly. Olegario is with Anselmo in a pub. they are talking about his little problems. Deyanira and Carlos are also talking in another pub. They are starting to get along and are even smiling at each other...(Carlos should love this woman and gain my respect) Memin has come to look for Roxana. Roque is also there looking for Deya. Memin is holding the flash disk doll...(OOH NOOOOOOOOOOO! ) Roque manages to grab the doll from Memin and notices the flashdisk. Deya finds him in time. He leaves the doll but I am not sure the flash disk is still in the doll. Ignacio is about to leave when Roxana ariives. She embraces him. Lucia and Daniel are right behind her. Ignacio hugs Lucia and Shake Daniel's hands. Lucia says "Father Daniel is my...my boyfriend" He is shocked and says to Daniel " The other day you came with my daughter in your hand and now you are my other daughter's boyfriend?" Daniel is in deep shit.....End of capitulo! 



Carlos is still at the house with deyanira...he is praying that by some miracle, Lucia will be back(we all know lucha has gone to get a dose of passion after a long dry season). He gets tired of waiting and leaves the house. Deya sees him out. "he might be handsome but its not me he likes, he likes lucha" (Carlos is damn if he thinks he has a chance with Lucia...I hate to say this but I told you so...) Meanwhile Lucia is still in Daniel's arms. She tells him that it would do him a lot of good if he just let his feelings flow a little. "Forgive me for ever doubting you...you know what I love you" he hugs her a little. they talk lovingly with his hands covering part of her face and neck. she tells him..."I love you Daniel, I love you very much" They kiss...(and what I kiss!!! I need some ice...its getting too hot in here!!)
Radames gets home, he asks the maid about Elena and discovers she is not around. She left(you should see his face...awestricken!) Consuelo asks Elena to tell her the truth about what really happened with between her and the goat Radames. Vicky is also there. She tells them that she left because Radames hits her. Vicky is disgusted by Radames' behaviour. Just then, Radames calls her cell, then the home mobile of the durans. No one picks up the calls. Pablo calls a bit later. Elena hurriedly picks up the phone and goes out of the room. Vicky thinks that something is off with her behaviour...(who is this pablo guy? Consuelo smiles. Pablo tells Elena that he is waiting for her. Elena tells him that he is crazy(am at the edge of my seat praying that she meets up with the guy) the talk is quite passionate. She cannot meet up with him just yet, besides Radames might come over anytime. He understands her reasons but still says that he loves her. (they are calling each other my love...so amazing...Radames go sink in the pacific!!)

Deya gets a call. Its from Lucia. She tells her that she will not be coming home, she is with Daniel...something like" you know he needs me very much now that he lost his brother" Deyanira is not a dummy. She knows exactly what happens when those two are together. "Of course I will take care of Roxana, you take care of Daniel" (huhuhuhuhhuhuhu iiicccceeeee!) Lucia is helping Daniel pack some of cesar's things. He tells her that Octavio wants to live with him, which is good because he had hoped to be a father figure for Octavio. He picks up cologne and tells Lucia..."Cesar was crazy about a woman, I would give anything to know who this woman is." (daniel has the tendancy to say some stupid things...listen to what he says next) "she must have had something to do with my brother's death, she was with him in the beach house when he was killed" Lucha is panicky. She drops the t-shirt she was folding in a panicky way, a cell phone falls from the shirt(why do I have the gutty feeling that this might be the phone with Roxana's picture of cesar and Lucia kissing??)...Daniel does not notice this. "Maybe she had nothing to do with his death" She now says picking up the shirt. Daniel thinks that if the woman is innocent she should come forward and identify herself. Lucia does not respond. Daniel is determined to find the mystery woman.(Lucha is in deep shit!)
Nuria and Gaston are at it again...kissing like deranged monkeys. Roque is too jealous and walks out of the couple at dinner. Gaston asks Nuria if his half brother( Roque...hahahahahaha) is crazy. (how he can keep a straight face while saying that escapes me...true defination of crazy!!)
Amparo has had a dream. She says God has spoken to her in her dream and told her that her time to go back to him has reached. Milagros thinks its just a horrid dream but Amparo is convinced about this.
Meanwhile Radames-the bull dog, is barking hard at the Duran door. He wants Elena to go with him to the Echeverria mansion ASAP. Elena and Consuelo are agitated about this. Ignacio comes down with his favorite Granddaughter victoria. The noise has woke him up. He tells Vicky to fetch his Riffle. Pablo is just keeping an eye on Radames. When the barks intensify, he wants to go and give Radames a piece of his mind...sadly Ignacio beats him to it. He comes out with his riffle and points it at Radames. Radames wants Elena but Ignacio is serious about pulling the trigger. Radames the cowardly bulll dog leaves...(hehehehehe what a show!) Elena is standing at the balcon. She catches a glance of Pablo. He is now standing at the gate. She blows him a kiss...He sees it and gives out an adorable smile....(feeling the passion people!!)
Our power couple are done packing. They move the boxes downstairs. Daniel asks Lucia to stay with him that night. she agrees, they kiiissss!!(I wont lie to you the kiss is what I call perfect!)...all of a sudden they are in the bed chamber, still kissing, they fall on the bed...things are getting heated, hotbed of kisses....they are getting cosier and cosier,,, someone knocks, its stupid Pablo...Daniel has to get this...(nooooooooo!) he comes back, kisses Lucia and then goes back lying that a neighbour needed his help. They are talking with Pablo, Pablo tells him that Radames fired him and that He is love with Elena. its bad because they will not have an insider to keep an eye on Radames. He goes back to Lucia, back to bussiness. They kiss...Lucia goes on top of him....kiss kiss kiss( am enjoying the show) Daniel is now on top....kiss kiss kiss....CUT!

(How annoying.) They only wake up naked next to each other...Daniel asks her to marry him. She wants to take things slow. He asks her to stay with him, she cannot, Roxana will miss her in the morning. They kisssss............. as they joke and make fun...they are laughing and having a blast... the scene ends
Adriana tries to seduce Abel but the guy is not having it....(hint...the stupid guy is super gay) Olegario does a background check on Pablo. it looks he is serious about hiring him...He wants to see him the next day...
in other news...deyanira will be working for Carlos as his assistant, Fernanda calls abel and nags the poor guy. Olegario is wearing a new cologne and Liliana asks him where he is going. He dodges the question. He arrives at the hospital and wants to make small talk with Lucia telling her nonsense like she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Thankfully Milagros comes with an urgent call. Lucia is urgently needed...saved by the bell....Amparo has to take an medical exam because she is convinced that she is dying. She is okay. Lucia tells Amparo that she and Daniel are back together. Pablo is happy that Olegario wants to hire him. They leave together and go to a place where Pablo's skills are put to the test...At first Olegario laughs at houw Pablo is beaten up by the vast numeber of challengers. He is later imperresed by his comeback and how he takes them down one by one. He hires Pablo as one of his Gladiators...(yeeei...he is back!)
Lucia comes to Daniel's Office. She has brought him lunch. They kiss...witchy Lily walks in on the two lovebird smooching...shocked and disapointed she exclaims "What is the meaning of this?






Octavio is desperate. He is at the edge of the building. The crowd has gathered outside and people are looking up at the spectacle that this heartbroken boy come orphan is showing. Lucia is also up there. She tries to approach him but he warns her to stay back. He wants to fly. this is the only way he knows how to end all his misery. She tells him that she has been there once, she also despaired once and she doesn't wish that he ends his life like that. She tells him that she is afraid of heights but will not leave that place without him. Olegario and Anselmo are looking up. They are admiring this fearless woman that is risking it all to save Octavio...(Oleg probably lusting over her like a dog on heat.) they spot Daniel and Carlos approaching from the crowd and they drive off.
Lucha looses her balance. She almost falls down, Octavio holds her hand and struggles to savee her. Daniel sees this happening, he panics, and runs up the stairs like a mad man. Octavio manages to pull Lucha up and they sit beside each other.He tells her to stay away from him but she tells him that in the memory of Cesar Mondragon who she only got to know for a short while and whom she is convinced was a great man She will by all means meddle in his life. Daniel is on the roof. Carlos tries to hold him back but he tells him that he cannot let his nephew and the woman he loves come to harms way...(the woman he loves...hehehehe I thought ad never hear those words coming from his mouth again) Carlos is as surprised as you and I are..."the woman you love?" he asks in shock!
The papparazi, the fire trucks are all lined up ready to rescue Lucha and Octavio. Meanwhile Lucia and Octavio talk about their fears and octavio is nostalgic and remembers the time when they went Bungee jumping with Victoria. Lucia tells him that he has to do whatever thing possible to conquer his fear. Octavio tells her that its not cowardice that drove him to such insane limits but despair, he has nothing to live for...Lucia is taken aback, she knows very well his relationship with her niece Victoria, "what about Vicky?" she asks worriedly. " I have nothing to offer her" he says with a strange finality in his voice....Well Deborah is now among the crowd. Octavio hates her with all his might. When he sees her, he tells Lucia that she is his best reason to jump but Lcha tells him that she felt the same way about Fernanda before but now she only feels pity for the mujer. Deborah is lead away from the crowd, out of precaution(but with a mum like that most people would do worse)
In the Restaurant, Chelo makes a call to victoria to watch the news report, the stare at the televisoin horrified at the sight of Octa and Lucha on the edge(we all know those types of news become like a horror movie when they involve our family members) Fer and Lily are also staring at their Tv when Olegario arrives and says Lucia truly has guts!! ( we all know he would die to get his hands on Lucia) The nuns are lined up on the streets praying the rosary while at the house, Deya turns off the set when Roxana arrives. Chelo also does the same when Nachito arrives at the restaurant but Nacho is not an idiot, he knows they are trying to hide something from him. He insists that they turn the tv back on...(at this point I am more worried of Nacho's health than the fact that Lucy could fall down the building...heart attack alert!) The tv is turned on and he is horrified...
Octavio feels that he is to blame for everything that happened to his family, his parents' separation, his father's death...he doesnt think Lucia understands him. Lucia also narrates her horrific story to him, she knows exactly how he feels. She tells him that he does matter to alot of people but most especially to his father. She asks him if he believs in God, he tells her that he doesn't believe in such nonsense. She tells him "Yes God Exists and she believes in him" She then encourages Octavio to cry out his feelings. She hugs him(its a very touching scene) He crys in her arms as she glances over the edge worriedly.
Meanwhile the goons who had taken Pablo pull over and dump Pablo on the ground. The idiots tell him to get on his knees not knowing the guy is trained at combat. He quickly overpowers them and leaves them battered but not dead. He tells them "Tell your boss to hire proffesionals next time!" (hahahahahahahaha only happens in novelas)
Daniel moves closer to the chatting pair, he thinks its ridiculous that they chat at such a dangerous place. Everyone else is gathered outside. Radames gets the news later. Liliana is fuming mad...she wanted Lucia to fall. She thinks that this incident is potraying Lucia as a heroine in everyones eyes. Olegario is pissed off that Daniel has also joined in and he is also being protrayed as a hero in Lucha's eyes. (hahahahahahaha its safe to say that witchy Lily and the devil deserve each other!) Daniel is now closer and wants them to continue their conversation on the ground...but Lucia cannot climb down, she is too scared. Radames spots Pablo outside tending to his rose bushes..."wait a sec isnt this guy supposed to be dead?,,,thats what running in his mind" Pablo tells him that the next time he wants to get rid of him, he should do it himself. Radames insists" you are fired!!" but pablo tells him that he is not going anywhere...Daniel calms Lucia down, he tells her that its okay to jump, Octavio jumps and lands safely. Daniel pushes Lucia and she lands okay(but the poor girl almost died out of fear. Daniel also jumps and lands comfortably. He approaches Lucia and asks" did you enjoy the fall?...Lucha slaps him hard "you scared me half to death" she says as she walks away. Daniel smiles(his smile is to die for) this time a bit slyly as he touches his jaw...

Elena moves out of her bedroom to the guest room and Pablo tells her what Radmes did to him. He warns her that the man is dangerous and that she needs to move out of that house. Vicky and octavio are talking. He promises her that he will never jump without her and she promises never to leave him but makes him swear that he will never abuse her...They kiss and when Nun Amparo and Carlos spot them they get away to give the two some privacy.
Lucha thanks God in the chapel alongside nun Milagros. Rdames wants to get his son out of that hospital, he doesn't want his grandson to be attended to by Carlos. nun amparo joins them and gives Lucia a rosary saying she lost the bet she made with God. Octavio refuses to go with his Grandpa and tells him that he would be living with his uncle Daniel henceforth. Nun Amparo tells Lucha that she knows that her and Daniel will be able to move beyond their hardshipd now. Elena finally moves out of the house and brings her suitcase to the Restaurant. She informs her siblings that she will be getting a divorce from Radames...(FINALLY!!) Olegario's men arrive at the house. They narrate how Pablo overpowered them, They look like they dont even know what hit them. Olegario then says "then I should fire all of you and hire him" He is pissed. Carlos assures Daniel that Lucha is a good woman....
Well at the house, Carlos is visiting again! Lucha wants to go get some asprin. She is not feeling so well. Deya notices how Carlos looks at Lucia as she leaves the house. She asks him if he has a thing for her. (I told you guys...this carlos dude is totally into Lucia)
Daniel gets home. He hears a knock at his door. Its Lucia. He grabs hold of her hand. Lovingly this time... He says "I though you were going to die, and my nephew would kill himself, I would go mad(more like crazy), I can't lose you Lucia, like I lost my brother" a slight pause and..."I can't"( till monday guys....Hopefully one thing would lead to another!! feel the burning passion my chicas!!




Our HOT commander ponce is very distraught over Cesar's death. He is beyond reason, he tries to make a destroyed Octavio cheer up to no avail. Octavio does not believe him. Both of these guys are haunted by guilt, Daniel feels he should have done a better job in safeguarding cesars life while Octavio thinks that it was his fault that his dad even went to the beach house. He thinks Daniel is just as work hungry as his father Cesar was and he fails in raising his spirits. Daniel does not even look fit to handle the pressure and the emotions that come with Cesar's case. His impulses and lack of reason have pushed Lucia far away from him... (Daniel come back to your senses soon, diablo is dead gorgeous and he has got his eyes on your Mujer!!) Well seems to be loosing it. He obviously loved his dad so much. His mother Deborah is feigning sadness and her attitude is not helping the situation. Octavio drives dangerously and almost gets into an accident. He gets into a fight with the other driver and Vicky ends up having the painful end of the knife a black eye! Apparently instead of Octavio hitting the driver, He hits victoria!! How do you think Vicky will react to this??
Meanwhile Genaro the traitor is still prying around the case. (He has always looked like the traitor, I don't know why idiot Daniel keeps that goon around!!) He has accompanied Daniel to check through Cesar's house. As Daniel is dilligently looking for evidence, Genero bumps into some useful info. He finds a receipt from a flower shop. It looks like Cesar was sending flowers to a woman!! He needs to find that woman ASAP!! but who in the world could she be?? (Now counting days to when Lucia's identity as Cesar's mystery blonde will come to light!! What a mess!!!)
Victoria is not angry!! (Which is unlike the girl!) She understands octvy is angry at his fathers death but makes him know that she will not allow herself to be disrespected by anyone, she is nothing like her soft-spoken mom who let her idiot Father bully her and push her around...it will never happen again... She looks for Lucia. During the convo, she let's her know that witchy Fernanda is not her biological mother. Lucia confronts her dad . she needs to understand what exactly happened. He tells her about her love affair with her mother Isabel, how witchy Fer interfered with their relationship, how he ended up marrying Fer and later leaving her because Isa was pregnant, how Isa gave birth and later died and his conditions for hooking up again with witchy Fer. Now Lucy understands. The reasons why her idiot mother never loved her are very clear to her now!! She gets closure...(I guess it was better that Vicky opened her mouth coz Lucia can now have peace!!! Fer tries to convince Nachito that she is the victim and not the villan in this story but Nacho is not buying it. She goes to visit the priest for confession!! Hahahahaha what a joke!!
Memin with his little tricks manages to free the little dolly from the outrageously sad excuse of a teacher. He gives it back to Roxana who is more than happy to have it back. (At least we can exhale too...phew!! The flash is safe!!)
Liliana tries to trick Daniel into working with her but Daniel cannot be fooled easily. He actually wonders if the L Cesar wrote on the floor stood for Liliana. Lucia confronts Lily for her involvement in her misfortunes.
Olegario finally sees Lucia(I smell trouble!!) He is is fascinated by her beauty and her strength. He finds out that Lily and Lucha are sisters...(maybe Liliana is about to become the second lady coz what Diablo wants Diablo gets...and he wants Lucia!!) Radames and diablo noticed Daniels suspicious glances at them and they both agree to get rid of Danny boy, but not immediately, all in good time!! The idiots roque and his little girlfriend rush out when they see Lucia at Cesars funeral. (Remember they still have a pending case on the Roxanna's kidnapping) Carlos is now considering working in the hospital!! Let's just hope he is not after Lucy too..
This is where we start feeling the passion!! Elena and Pablo are talking. He saw the way Radames treated her the other night!! “Is he hitting you?? Tell me the truth!!...Helena hesitates, Then she says “Things would have been very different if you had married me instead" They kiss...(or am hoping for it...!! Hehehehehe) let's just see how it goes!!)



Ignacio tells Lucia that he is here with her and nobody will ever keep them apart again. Lucia is overwhelmed with emotions and hugs her father again. Helena and her siblings arrive at the hospital and asks Milagros to give them Lucia’s address. Carlos asks Daniel what happened to the woman he was seeing and Daniel says Lucia is a criminal who was in prison for drug trafficking.Carlos tries to defend Lucia and says it’s possible Lucia has changed but Daniel gets upset and tells him not to defend Lucia, its people like her that may have killed his mother and now,his brother ( Daniel is blinded by his anger! he will come back to his sences...hopefully soon enough not to loose Lucy). Carlos asks Daniel why he hates Lucia so much and Daniel says because he loved her and she got under his skin and then lied to him. Carlos tells Daniel to stop drinking and think straight.
Diya tells Lucia that she and her father are making her cry and she asks Ignacio what he would like, Tequila or lemonade but Lucia says her father will have a lemonade because he is undergoing treatment forhis heart condition. Roxana offersIgnacio a glass of lemonade and she hugs him saying she has the best grandpa in the world.
Liliana visits Debra in the hospital and asks her if she knows the lady Cesar was having an affairwith but this news upsets Debra and she says ifCesar was alive, she will kill him with her bare hands. Radames tells Liliana to leave his daughter alone. He is upset and tries to hit Liliana but Liliana reminds him that he can’t treat her the way he used to because she is with Diablo now.
Milagros refuses to give Helena Lucia’s address without Lucia’s authorization but Amparo gives it to them saying she knows Lucia will be happy to see her family.Daniel calls Leon and asks her to get all Cesar’s information fromthe office and bring it to his house.
Lucia tucks Roxana in bed and Roxana asks Lucia not to tell her grandpa that she isn’t really her daughter. Lucia says she can’t lie to her dad but Roxana say she doesn’t want her grandpa to love her less when he finds out she isn’t really her daughter. Lucia tells Roxy that grandpa will love her the way she is. Lucia kisses her goodnight and goes to the living room to meet her dad. Ignacio asks Lucia to tell him everything she has been through fromthe beginning. Lucia says the beginning was when they found the drugs in her locker, she says she didn’t do it but no one believed her. Lucia says after she was released for that incident, Fernanda told her not to come back to the house and she also said Ignacio was in agreement but Ignacio says he never agreed to such, Fernanda told him that Lucia ran away with Pedro. Lucia says after that, she was arrested fordrug possession and she spent eleven years in jail. She says she tried to reach him but Fernanda always picked the call and refused to let her speak with him. Lucia asks her father why Fernanda hates her so much. Ignacio is about to reveal Fernanda isn’t really Lucia’s mother but the door bell rings and Lucia gets up to open the door. It’s her siblings and they are all excited to see Lucia as they hug each other. Helena scolds her father forleaving the house but he says he is happy he did because he got to see his daughter Lucia.
Leon and Rodriguez arrives at Daniel’s house with Cesar’s files and they go through the photos of the scene again. In one of the photos, there is a pattern L written with blood and Daniel says Cesar is trying to tell them the person who killed him and the name of that person begins with a L. Carlos is feeling guilty he didn’t tell Daniel the truth but he says Lucia is right, ifhe tells Daniel she was the woman with him, Daniel will brand her a murderer.
Ignacio takes his children to go see little Roxana and they all admire Roxana saying she is a beautiful angel. They argue and says Roxana looks like Helena and Lucia but Lucia informs them that Roxana isn’t her biological daughter, she is trying to adopt her. Ignacio says it doesn’t matter, he still loves her like his granddaughter. He asks Lucia to come back home with them but Lucia says she won’t go back to that house that her mother kicked her out from. Consuelo tells Lucia that there is something she needs to know and the siblings argue with each other on whether to tell Lucia or not. Ignacio tries to stop them but his heart starts paining him. His children surround him and they try to calm him. Ignacio says he is okay, he doesn’t need to go to the hospital. Lucia says he needs to go home and rest and Ignacio says he will come and see her tomorrow. Helena mentions that tomorrow is Cesar’s funeral and Lucia says she will see them at the funeral. Helena says she didn’t know Lucia knew Cesar but Lucia says he doesn’t know Cesar, Aunt Amparo knows him and she was very close to him. They bid Lucia goodnight and they leave.

Next day, Lucia is dressed in black and Roxana asks why she is dressed in black. Lucia says today is Cesar’s funeral, the guy who took them out. The door bell rings and Diya opens the door and sees a good-looking man. Lucia sees it’s Carlos and she invites him in. She asks Diya to take Roxana to school. Carlos tells Lucia that he has decided not to tell Daniel the truth because he knows Daniel will accuse her of killing Cesar. He asks Lucia if she ended up her relationship with Daniel to be with Cesar and Lucia says she didn’t have anything to do with Cesar, he was just helping her to get the adoption process for Roxana. Carlos tells Lucia that right now, Daniel is like a ticking bomb and ifhe finds out that Lucia was the woman with Cesar, he won’t treat her fairly.

  Nun Amparo and Milagros go to Daniel’s house and sees him passed out on the table. Amparo wakes him up and tells him to go take a shower. He is such a bad state. They decide to tidy up the apartment to make it look presentable!

Diya arrives back at her house and she is happy to see Carlos is still there but Carlos says he’s leaving. Diya escorts him to the door and asks Carlos to kiss her. Carlos smiles and kisses her. Diya asks Lucia how she can see Carlos again and Lucia says he will be at Cesar’s funeral.

Family and friends arrive forCesar’s funeral and they pay their condolences to Daniel and Octavio. Carlos walks up to Daniel and tells him that he needs to say some parting words to Cesar but Daniel say he doesn’t like giving speeches especially in moments like this. Carlos asks him to do it for Octavio. Daniel walks up to Octavio and tells him that his father was a good man. There’s so much emotions and everyone cries. Lucia and Diya arrives and Daniel looks at Lucia as she arrives. Lucia sits down beside her father and continues looking at Daniel. Noria and her boyfriend arrive at the funeral,
Vicky sees Noria and gets up to attack her but Consuelo stops her and reminds her it’s her boyfriend’s father’s funeral and she needs to be strong for him. She also warns her not to embarrass Octavio.

Liliana arrives and Diablo comes on moments later. Daniel gives his speech and says the world has lost a great man, Octavio has lost his father and he has lost his brother but he swears that his murderers will be brought to justice and they are going to pay for what they did

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Daniel is looking at the sketch.It looks a lot like a woman but which woman?. Leon thinks the sketch is not accurate because all they have is the word of a poor old fisherman with serious eye problems. Daniel makes a call to Pancho. He wants him inside his office right away. He aks how he is doing...Pancho says he has had countless eye surgeries but he is still as strong as a young man. Daniel is thankful to Pancho for honoring his call and tells Genaro to get Panchito something to eat.( Is Daniel blind? putting Pancho's life in the line like that, Genaro could poison the poor guy...lets face it, this case is not over yet, all they have is a poorly made sketch of a blond woman and the word of a half blind guy...)
At Ignacio’s house, Gaston is begging for his life. Nachito is foccused all he wants to do is push some bullets right through the head of that goon Gaston( I actually wished he had done it). Ignacio tells him to leave his house and never come back to bother his daughter or granddaughter. Gaston runs out of the house and Vicky jumps on her grandpa saying he was awesome( stupid Gaston doesn't even know that the gun was not loaded.) At the hospital, Lucia talks to Octavio and she consoles him on the loss of his dad. She tells him to take care of his girlfriend Vicky and tell her she is very beautiful just as she said she would. Octavio wonders what she means and asks what her name is. She smiles and says Lucia Duran.

Amparo meets Lucia and says there is someone who wants to see her. Carlos walks in and Lucia is shocked to see him but she smiles and shakes Carlos. Amparo excuses them and Lucia tells Carlos that she already said she will pay him back his money, he didn’t need to come to her workplace. Carlos says that wasn’t why he came, he says he knows she is the same Lucia his friends Daniel and Cesar always talked about. Lucia tries to deny it but he tells her that he knows she was running away from the beach house the day he saw her covered in blood. He asks her to tell him what happened but Lucia opens the door and runs away and Carlos runs after her. After a long run, Lucia gets tired and stops and Carlos catches up to her. He tells her that running away wont stop him. Lucia says she didn’t kill anyone and Carlos asks her why she was running away. She says because she was scared and the killers came back to kill Cesar and they could have killed her too. Lucia calms down and Carlos asks her to sit down and talk to him. Lucia admits she is in love with Daniel but she didn’t know Cesar and Daniel were brothers. Carlos says that is hard to believe and asks her why she was with Cesar at the beach house. Lucia says they were going to meet Octavio and her niece Vicky but when they got there, they had left so they decided to spend the night there. She says the next day, she went to the beach and she met an old man there. They fished and talked for a while and then she decided to go back home but on her way to the house, she heard a gunshot and she sneaked through the back door to see what was happening. She says she saw Cesar bleeding and she tried to help him but he signaled her to hide. Then a man came out and asked Cesar for a memory card but Cesar said he didn’t have any card on him and then the man shot Cesar. Carlos asks if she saw the man’s face and Lucia says she never saw his face but she heard his voice and she knows he is a policeman. Carlos tells Lucia that he tried to convince Cesar to tell Daniel that she was the same girl they liked but Cesar refused, saying he knows Lucia is just a fling to Daniel and soon, Daniel will give up on her. Lucia asks Carlos how he found out she was the girl with Cesar and he says it was more of s suspicion because when Daniel mentioned Cesar was with a girl at the beach house, he remembered he ran into a girl who was covered with blood on the same highway and he figured she was the one. Lucia asks him if he thinks she is the killer and Carlos says he is a psychiatrist and he has profiled Lucia and he knows she is telling him the truth. He tells Lucia she needs to tell Daniel the truth but Lucia says Daniel will never believe her. Just because he found out she was in jail for eleven years, he broke up with her and now, if he finds out she was with his brother on the day he was killed, he will definitively lock her up. Carlos says she needs to tell Daniel or he would and Lucia begs him not to, she has a little girl and she needs to take care of her. She tells Carlos that her life is in his hands, he should decide what he wants to do.
Vicky arrives at the hospital to see Octavio and he tells her that he met Lucia Duran. Vicky is excited and wonders if it could be her aunt Lucia. Later, Lucia and Carlos arrive at the hospital and she sees Vicky and Octavio waiting for her. Not sure she it’s her aunt, Vicky says”Aunt Lucia?” and Lucia opens her arms and says Vicky my love and Vicky runs into her arms. She tells Vicky that she has missed her and they shower each other with kisses. Vicky says they have been looking for her and now, she has found her. Lucia thanks Octavio for telling Vicky and she takes Vicky to a quiet place so that they can talk.
Vicky asks Lucia why she didn’t look for them when she came back to town. Lucia says she came home but Liliana didn’t allow her see anyone and also told her that father was sick and he could have a heart attack if he saw her. Meanwhile, Fernanda visits Liliana and she tells her that her siblings have found Lucia but Liliana says she doesn’t care about that mediocre family. Her mother asks her what she means and Liliana says she is tired of how dependent her mother is on her father. She asks Fernanda to move in with her and her boyfriend but Fernanda says she hasn’t met her boyfriend and doesn’t even know him. Diablo walks in at that moment and says ‘Don’t worry mama, you will get to know me”
Back at the hospital, Vicky tells Lucia that aunt Liliana lied because she knows that father loves Lucia a lot and he has been looking for her. She tells Lucia to come back with her so they can see father but Lucia says she doesn’t think it’s a good idea because of his heart condition. She tells Vicky it will be better if she told her grandpa first before she shows up. Sister Milagros walks up to them and askss Lucia if she is going to take the whole day off again and Lucia says no, she is going back to work.
Meanwhile, Ignacio’s family are wondering if they should deliver the news about Lucia to their father because of his heart condition but unknown to them, Ignacio eavesdrop on them and listens to everything.  When they leave the room, Ignacio takes the folders which contains Lucia’s information and goes in search of her. He arrives at Lucia’s house and knocks on the door. Roxana asks who’s there and Ignacio introduces himself as Lucia’s father. Behind the door, Roxana says his mother never told her she had a grandpa and Ignacio says maybe it’s because Lucia thinks he is upset with her. He asks Roxana to open the door so he can see if she is as beautiful as her mom. Roxana thinks for a while and then she decides to open the door. Ignacio comes in and he hugs little Roxana.

Liliana visits Daniel and reveals she is working for Diablo. Daniel asks why she will be working for such an evil man and Liliana says Radames asked her to work for Diablo as his PR. She tells Daniel that she doesn’t trust those two people, they always ask her to leave whenever they want to have a discussion. Daniel’s mind drifts to the sketch of the blond woman and he wonders if Liliana could be the blond lady who was with Cesar. Liliana asks why he is looking at her that way and he says it’s just a stupid idea. He tells Liliana that a witness saw a blond lady with Cesar and for a moment, he thought she could be the one. Liliana says so he thinks she was the one who murdered Cesar and Daniel apologizes saying he didn’t mean to. His phone rings and Octavio informs him that his mother fell down the stairs and she is pretty bad.

Vicky arrives home and informs her family that she saw her aunt Lucia . She also reveals that Lucia came home to see them but Liliana and Fernanda forbade her from coming to the house again. They all turn around and look at Fernanda who tries to ignore their stares.

The doctor informs Radames
and Octavio that Debra is okay but she will need rehabilitation.
Daniel gets back home and he replays Cesar’s message again. Carlos opens the door and comes in.
Lucia gets back home and Diya tells her that she came back home and saw him. Lucia wonders what Diya is talking about and she goes into the living room. To her uttermost surprise, she sees her father with Roxana and she runs to hug him. They have a special Father-daughter moment……




Lucia tells Daniel he looks troubled and asks if he is okay. Daniel says if she is asking him, that means she doesn’t know. He says today is the worst day of his life but he doesn’t want to talk about it. Lucia says she was just getting some pain killers for Sister Amparo but Daniel takes the pain killers from Lucia and says he will give it to his aunt since she is going to see her. He goes into Amparo’s office and she tells Daniel to let go of his pain and cry but Daniel says he isn’t weak and he doesn’t have time for tears, all he needs to do right now is get his brother’s killer and he walks out of Amparo’s office.
Ignacio is really affected by the death of Cesar and says Cesar was a very good friend to him and he can’t believe he is dead.
At the hospital, Vicky tells her aunt Helena that she doesn’t know why Octavio has such a terrible mother and now his beloved father his dead. A nurse meets another nurse and asks if Lucia Duran has given the pain killers to Sister Amparo and the nurse replies saying yes. Vicky hears the nurse and asks her aunt if the nurse just mentioned Lucia Duran. Meanwhile, Lucia tries to talk to Daniel again but Daniel says he doesn’t want to talk to criminals like her, they are the reason for his suffering. Lucia asks if he will be able to forgive her and Daniel says she betrayed him and lied to him. Lucia tells Daniel that she tried to tell him so many times but Daniel says he doesn’t care and asks her to leave his sight. Lucia asks Daniel why he is filled with so much hate and Daniel says because tonight, his wounds were reopened and some criminals like Lucia killed Cesar Mondragon, his blood!his brother!! Lucia is shocked to hear that Cesar was Daniel’s brother and she tells Daniel that she didn’t do anything but Daniel blames Lucia for everything saying if he didn’t love her that much and he didn’t feel hurt by her betrayal, he would never have gotten on that plane and his brother wouldn’t be dead. Lucia can’t hold her tears much longer and she begs Daniel to stop saying these things to her but Daniel continues blaming Lucia. Amparo comes out and tells Daniel to stop, he is hurting Lucia and she tells Lucia that she is needed in room 120. Lucia goes to a corner and weeps as she says “Daniel hates me, he hates so much. I Didn’t mean for Cesar to die” Sister Milagros sees Lucia crying and says she can’t work in this state and she tells Lucia to go home and take care of herself.
Consuelo gets an eviction notice from a lawyer saying she needs to leave the house. Crying, Consuelo calls Vicky and tells her. Later she meets Vicky at the hospital and Vicky tells her mother to stop crying, they need to stand together and fight for their right. Lucia arrives home crying and Diya is worried that her friend is getting worse each day. She asks Lucia why she is crying and Lucia says Daniel blames her for Cesar’s death. She tells Diya that Daniel and Cesar were brothers. Diya is shocked and says it can’t be possible Lucia was dating two brothers and she didn’t know. Diya says maybe the brothers knew and made some kind of bet but Lucia says she doesn’t think so. She tells Diya that Daniel never knew who the other man was but Cesar knew she was dating the commander Ponce. She wonders why Cesar never told her although at the beach house, he wanted to tell her something but it was loo late because he was murdered.
Vicky goes to Gaston’s hotel and insists on talking to her father. The assistant tries to stop Vicky but Vicky starts making a scene and the assistant is forced to call Gaston. Vicky sees her aunt Liliana and asks what she is doing here. Liliana introduces Diablo as her boyfriend and tells Diablo that Vicky is her niece. Diablo is pleased to meet Vicky and says she can call him uncle Diablo. Later,  Gaston comes downstairs to meet Vicky and scolds her for coming to the hotel but Vicky says she won’t keep quiet until he explains why he evicted she and her mother out of the house. Noria walks up to them and tells Vicky to stop referring to her as a prostitute, her name is Noria Perez. Vicky and Gaston get into a fight and Gaston asks security to throw Vicky out.
Daniel is at the office and Carlos ,the Samaritan who assisted Lucia comes in to console his friend. He asks Daniel what Cesar was doing at the beach house and Daniel explains everything to him. He says Cesar was at the beach house with his girlfriend. Daniel asks Carlos if Cesar ever told him about the girl and Carlos asks why Daniel is asking about the woman. Daniel says a witness said he saw the woman on the beach and she could be an accomplice because if she was innocent, she wouldn’t have run away, she would have called the police. Carlos tells Daniel that maybe he needs to calm down and think but Daniel gets upset and tells Carlos to leave his office. Carlos says he will leave but he tells Daniel that he is turning his pain to anger and soon, it will consume him. As Carlos leaves, he remembers Daniel’s words about Cesar being with a woman and he says he knows who the woman might be. He wonders if it could be Lucia.
Helena helps Consuelo pack her things from Gaston’s house. Vicky takes her father’s stamps and she tells Consuelo that they may not have the right to live in the house but they have the right to take the stamps because it belongs to Consuelo. Meanwhile, Carlos reads the paper and he reads an article which says Cesar’s beach house was along Acapulco way. Carlos remembers that he passed that way and he realizes that the woman covered in blood was the girl with Cesar.
Lucia arrives at the hospital but there is a strange man who takes photos of her. Lucia sees the man and goes after him but seeing he has been made, the man runs away and Lucia wonders who could have sent that man to take her pictures. Consuelo and Vicky move back to Ignacio’s house and he is happy to see them. Gaston barges into Ignacio’s house and asks Vicky to give him back his stamps. Vicky tells Gaston that she has researched it and her mother has the right to those stamps but Gaston drags Consuelo and says she must give him the stamps. Ignacio comes out with his riffle and tells Gaston to leave his house.
Carlos calls Amparo and says he needs to come to the hospital to see her so
they can talk about Daniel. At the station, Rodriquez gives Daniel the sketch of the woman who was with Daniel. Daniel opens the folder and sees the sketch..




Genaro is very nervous as Daniel replays Cesar’s message. Leon ask Daniel what he is going to do now and Daniel says he has to go to the beach house. Meanwhile, Lucia tells Diya everything. How she heard the gunshot and went into the house and she saw Cesar lying in the room with a gunshot wound. She says she tried to help Cesar but he signaled her to hide and then she saw the man who shot him. Diya says that means she saw the face of the killer but Lucia says she didn’t see his face, all she knows is that the man who shot Cesar is a policeman.
The stranger who helped Lucia turns out to be a cop and he meets Daniel and the rest of the team. Daniel asks about his grandmother and the guy informs Daniel that his grandmother passed away. He also tells Daniel about the crazy woman he ran into on his was back to Mexico but Daniel says he needs to head to the beach house now, he will listen to his story later.
Liliana informs her parents that she is moving in with her lover. Lucia has a nightmare about Cesar. She wakes up saying she can’t go back to jail. She goes to Diya’s room and wakes her up. She tells Diya that she has decided to turn herself to the police.
As Daniel heads to the beach house, he remember the memories he and Cesar shared when they were little. There is a flash back and Daniel’s father asks Daniel to promise to always take care of Cesar. Back to reality, Leon asks Daniel if they are almost there and Daniel says yes. Meanwhile, Diya tells Lucia that she can’t turn her self in, she didn’t do anything wrong but Lucia says she ran away from the crime scene and soon, someone will find out she was there and they will see her as a suspect. As Lucia leaves, Roxana begs her not to leave, she has a bad feeling that she is going to lose her but Lucia assures her that she will back, fate brought them together and she isn’t going to lose her.
Daniel arrives at the beach house and he sees Cesar. In shock, he goes to Cesar’s side and carries him. He says” Not you Cesar, you can’t die”. Daniel says why did he become a police man if he can’t protect him. He holds Cesar.. Leon tries to talk to him but he tells her to leave him alone. Lucia arrives at the station and says she needs to talk to Daniel. An officer says Daniel isn’t around but if she has a complain, she can tell him. Lucia remembers Roxana’s words and changes her mind. She tells the officer that it’s a personal matter and she leaves.
Back at the beach house, Leon tells her other partner, Rodriguez that they can’t just leave Daniel alone with his dead brother’s body but he says they have to respect the commander and give him some time. Leon suggests they call the homicide unit. Inside, Daniel is still holding Cesar and he wonders who did this to him. Things get so emotional as Daniel finally let’s go of Cesar. He blames himself for leaving Cesar and not being able to protect him. He remembers when he lost his mother and he says he wasn’t also able to protect his mother. Daniel holds himself and decides to do his job. He calls out for Leon who runs in to see him. Daniel instructs Rodriguez and Leon to contact the local police while he speaks to the District Attorney and inform him about the situation.
Radames is with Diablo and he tells Diablo that Cesar’s murder won’t go away easily because he was a congressman. Liliana walks in and she kisses Diablo. Meanwhile, Genaro meets Gonzalez and asks him to run a DNA test on the glass. Gonzales says he doesn’t have this case number on his desk and Genaro says it’s a personal favor. He thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him. Gonzales is reluctant and Genaro tells him that he owes him one for getting his brother out of jail. Gonzales finally agrees to do the DNA test.
Leon calls Genaro and informs him that Cesar is dead. Genaro pretends to be shocked about the news and Leon tells him that commander wants him to send a helicopter immediately. Genaro calls Liliana and tells her the cat is out of the bag, they found Cesar’s body. At the beach house, Daniel sees a shell from the gun and discovers it’s a 9 mm. Leon also finds another shell and says it’s a smaller caliber. Daniel realizes that it’s two different gun and two different gunshot wound. He says the wound at the back is from the smaller gun and whoever shot Cesar, was really nervous or didn’t want to kill him. Daniel concludes that Cesar was killed by two people.
Lucia is in the hospital Chapel and she prays to God. Sister Milagros comes in and says so Lucia finally decided to show up for work. Lucia gets up and leaves. Noria tells Gaston she wants to move into his house but he says she can’t do that, his wife and daughter lives there. Noria says he inherited that house from his parents so he has the right to live there, not his wife and daughter. Gaston says that’s true, he deserves to be in his house and not that fat witch he married. Meanwhile Lucia attends to Octavio but she doesn’t know he is Cesar’s son. A doctor meets them and asks Octavio how he is feeling. Octavio says he is feeling much better and he can’t wait to go back home. The doctor addresses Octavio as Mr Mondragon and Lucia realizes that he is Cesar’s son. She leaves the ward. she wonders what will happen when Octavio finds out about the death of his father.
There is a TV broadcast and the news about Cesar’s death is announced. Ignacio and Fernanda watch the news and Fernanda turns off the TV because the news was hard on Ignacio. Sister Milagros runs to Amparo’s office and asks her to turn on the TV. Amparo turns the TV on and she hears about Cesar’s death. Radames meets Debra on the court where she’s playing tennis and says there is something she needs to know. Debra is worried it’s about her son Octavio but Radames says Octavio is fine, the news is about Cesar. He breaks the news to Debra and she faints.
Lucia hears about Cesar’s death and she gets very nervous. A patient comes in and she wipes her tears and attends to the patient. Vicky is at the hospital and she sees Lucia. She wonders if it could be her aunt Lucia. Debra wakes up and she is inconsolable as she cries for Cesar. Daniel calls her to tell her about Cesar but Debra tells Daniel she just heard the news.
Amparo calls Daniel but he says he can’t talk to her now, he is picking up Cesar’s body. Amparo is worried that Daniel is suppressing his pain the same way he did when his mother died. Leon tells Daniel that she thinks Daniel wasn’t alone, he had some company. Pancho the fisherman is brought in by the police who say he is a suspect but Daniel says he knows Pancho, he is a family friend. Pancho tells Daniel that he heard two gunshots on his way home and he knows that Cesar was with a woman. Pancho tells Daniel that he met the woman, she was with him on the beach and they talked a lot and then she went back home and that’s when he heard the first gunshot. Pancho says later he saw the woman standing by a car and then a man came out to meet her. They argued for a while and that’s when he left to avoid being seen. Daniel says so Cesar was killed by someone he knew. He tells Pancho that he needs to follow them back to the station so that the analysts can draw a sketch of the woman he saw.
Lucia goes back home and breaks down. She tells Lucia that she has a bad feeling about all this and she is scared she is going to go back to jail. Diya calms her and says nothing will happen, she is innocent.
Lucia goes to the hospital and she thanks Mercedes for filling in for him. Mercedes tells Lucia that she saw Daniel and he was inconsolable. She tells Lucia to go and see him but Lucia says she doesn’t know what she is talking about and leaves. Daniel meets Debra and gives her his condolences. Debra says she doesn’t know how to break the news to Octavio and Daniel says he will do it. Radames and Elena come in and Radames asks him if they have caught the person responsible and Daniel says they are investigating. He goes to Octavio’s room and Octavio is very happy to see his uncle and introduces him to Vicky. Octavio senses that Daniel isn’t happy and asks him what’s wrong. Daniel breaks the sad news to Octavio and Octavio breaks down. His mother walks in and consoles him. Daniel leaves and swears to get the people responsible for his brother’s death.
Sister Milagros meets Aunt Amparo to console her and Amparo thanks Milagros. Milagros says Daniel is outside, floating like a ghost and Amparo says Daniel must be feeling bad. First he lost his mother and now his brother. She asks Milagros to get her a pain-killer, her head hurts and Milagros goes out to take it. Lucia hears Mercedes and another nurse saying the commander is feeling bad about his brother’s death and Lucia asks who is his brother. As Mercedes is about to tell Lucia, Sister Milagroos walks up to them and scolds them for gossiping. She says Aunt Amparo is
need a pain-killer and Lucia says she will go and get it for her. As Lucia is getting the pain-killer, She sees Daniel and calls out to him


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