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Thursday, September 10, 2015



Constanza's husband is talking with a concerned Gonzalo. He is pretty worried about Renata hiding her relationship with Rafael, especially from him and Pepa.Constanza's husband assures him that Renata will never lie or hide anything that crucial from him. However he points out the fact that Gonzalo might be a bit jeaoulus and scared of oosing Renata's love once she falls in love. Gonzalo admits that he is terrified of loosing Renata being the only reason he married Pepa. Renata is preparing a welcome feast for Matias. She wants him to feel at home once he comes back to Mexico. Adriana tells her than soon enough the entire world will be aware of her undying love for Matias. She thinks its a good idea and will be the best way to know what Matias feels for her.

Regina is nostalgic. She looks at a picture of little Renata as a toddler. She still thinks that Roberto left her and the baby. Renata tells her idea of organizing a welcome back party for Matias to Roberta and she says she wants to be in charge of the planning Gonzalo is okay with the idea Renata also agrees with Roberta being the planer . He says today was a great day, they closed a deal at the office and Rafael came to the office to see Renata. Roberta and Pepa have a look of surprise on their face as they listen to Gonzalo says he was jealous at how close Rafael and Renata were talking to each other in the office. Roberta says she didn’t know Rafael and Renata were close and Renata says he came to tell her that he has a surprise for the family. Pepa and Roberta are alone and she tells Roberta to call off her relationship with Rafael before he comes and informs the family that they are engaged. Roberta says she won’t do that, she is not like Renata who does everything to please Pepa.Roberta goes into the bedroom and calls Rafael. She tells him that her parents don’t approve of their relationship, the only solution they have is to elope. Rafa says no, he won’t elope, he will face her parents and fight for her. Rafa is upset and says her parents are so proud but he will show them who he really is!
Renata asks her father if he is going to pick Matias from the airport and if she can go with him. Gonzalo says of course and hugs her. Renata dresses up and asks Adriana to wish her luck.
At the airport, Gonzalo waits for Renata who’s running late. He calls her and asks where she is and Renata says she is almost there. Renata runs into the airport and she bumps into Jerónimo and falls on him. She apologizes and says she’s running late. She helps him up and continues running. Jerónimo sees her bracelet and tries to go after her but he doesn’t see Renata, he decides to keep it. Matias arrives at the airport and sees his father. Things get emotional as they hug each other. Renata sees them, she stops running and walks towards them. Matias looks up and sees Renata, he is surprised at how beautiful she is. Renata hugs him and says he looks handsome just as she imagined he would. Matias says he doesn’t know how to address her, as sister or step sister but she says,” Just call me Renata.”
Jerónimo is in a cab and he thinks about his encounter with Renata. Meanwhile, Regina tells Ines that Jerónimo called and he said he is personally coming to give his donation to the Regina hope foundation. Back at the airport, Renata and Matias tease each other about their childhood and how mean he was to her. She asks if he remembers that bracelet dad forced him to give them. Matias laughs and says he remembers that horrible bracelet. Renata says she never took it off, she wears it everyday and she rolls her sleeves to show it to him but it’s not on her wrist. Renata is confused and swears that she wore it this morning. Matias laughs at her but Renata is serious and says she wears it everyday, she feels incomplete without it. Matias  asks if she really means it and she says yes.
Jerónimo calls Maltida and asks to speak with Rafael but she tells him that Rafael isn’t at home. Jerónimo says she should inform Rafael that he is in Mexico, he’s been trying to reach him but he can’t get him. He also calls Regina and informs her that he is Mexico and asks if they can meet. Later, he meets Regina and they go to a coffee shop. He tells Regina that his brother Rafael is getting married and that’s why he came to

Mexico. Regina asks what’s the name of his girlfriend and Jerónimo says he doesn’t know, Rafael has been very secretive about his relationship with this girl.
Matias arrives home and Costanza and her husband are there to welcome him. He sees Pepa and says ” Hello Maam”. Pepa smiles and says he shouldn’t call her maam, he can call her Phina but Matias says when he was little, she told him to refer to her as Maam so that’s what he will keep calling her. Pepa smiles and says it’s okay, she hopes in time, he be able to less formal with her. Matias asks where Roberta is and Pepa says she will go upstairs and get her. Renata says it’s time for Champagne and they all go into the living room. On the stairway, Pepa looks at them and says Matias thinks he has come back to his house to claim his right but she will shatter that dream of his

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Roberta tells Renata that she found out she and Diego were kissing last night at the party. She tells Renata to stay away from her boyfriends but Renata tells Roberta that she has nothing to do with her boyfriends, they are the ones coming after her. Gonzalo gets a message from Mathias in which Mathias says he is coming back to Mexico. Gonzalo is excited and he shares the news with Renata. Later, Gonzalo informs Pepa about Mathias arrival but Pepa isn’t too pleased about this news.

Roberta visits her boyfriend, Rafael and he proposes to her. Roberta is nervous as she wonders if she should accept his proposal. Roberta tells Rafael that she is confused, she doesn’t know what to say but Rafael tells her that he really loves her and can’t do live without her. Roberta finally accepts his proposal and says she will marry him. Renata goes to the office and tells her friend, Adriana that Mathias is coming back. Apparently, Renata likes Mathias and that’s why she is excited that he is coming back but the feeling isn’t mutual because Mathias dislikes the sisters.

Rafael calls his brother Jerónimo and tells him that he just proposed to Roberta and she accepted. He’s so happy and he tells Jerónimo that he is getting married. He asks Jerónimo to come and formalize his engagement. Jerónimo is happy for his little brother and says he will come to Mexico to meet his fiancee. Meanwhile, Roberta informs her mother that she is engaged to Rafael but Pepa says Roberta will only marry “that social climber” over her dead body. She tells Roberta that Rafael is poor and he just wants to marry her for her father’s money but Roberta says no one has done what Rafael has done for her and no one has ever proposed to her. Pepa laughs and says so she is marrying Rafael because he chose her and not Renata, she tells Roberta to wake up and see the light, Rafael just wants to marry her because of her money.
Costanza arrives at Gonzalo’s house, she tells Pepa that she wants to decorate Matias’s room with his car collections but Pepa stops Costanza and tells her that Matias is not a child anymore that needs his room to be decorated. Constanza gets upset and says she regrets introducing Pepa to her brother and marrying him. Pepa says it doesn’t matter what she thinks, Costanza is jealous that she and Gonzalo are happy with their daughters while she is still trying to have a child of her own. Constanza is so upset that she leaves the house.
Jerónimo calls Matias to inform him that he will coming to Mexico. Apparently, Jerónimo was Matias’s professor. Matias is happy and asks Jerónimo to visit him whenever he gets to Mexico. Jerónimo’s girlfriend, Lorea comes in and he asks her if she will like to go with Mexico with him but she says she can’t, she has a shoot. Jerónimo isn’t too pleased and says what will happen when she gets pregnant, will she keep going for shoots? Lorea smiles and says when she gets pregnant, she will take a sabbatical leave and go to Mexico with him. Suddenly, Lorea holds her stomach and winces in pain. Jerónimo holds her and asks what’s wrong, Lorea says “It hurts!” Moments later, They arrive at the hospital and Jerónimo tells the doctor that he doesn’t know what happened, one minute she was fine and the next, she was in pain. He tells the doctor that they have been trying to have a baby but it never worked. The doctor tells Jerónimo to wait outside, she will inform him of any news after she checks the patient. Minutes later the doctor comes out and informs Jerónimo that the IUD Lorea inserted, penetrated her flesh and that’s why she was bleeding. Jerónimo is hurt and confronts Lorea, he says now he understands why she never accepted his proposal,it’s because she never wanted to have a future with him. Crying, Lorea tries to explain but Jerónimo says he has made up his mind and it’s better they end things between them.
Rafael arrives at the company and he hugs Renata. He tells her about his engagement with Roberta and Renata is excited about the news. She congratulates him and says she is happy to have him as her in-law. Rafael asks her if the family will accept him as a son in-law and Renata says of course, her father loves him. Later, Renata meets her daddy and he asks her if there is any relationship between she and Rafael. Renata laughs and say she and Rafael are just good friends. Gonzalo says there is nothing wrong if they are in a relationship but people think he is still upset about Rafael leaving the company. He admits he was upset when Rafael suddenly quit and said he was leaving the company and he even told Rafael never to step his foot in the company again but that’s in the past and he has forgiven Rafael. Renata smiles and says she knows he has forgotten about the past but there is really nothing to worry about, she and Rafael are just good friends.
Somewhere in California, two men plot on how to take Rafael’s land.
Rafael calls Roberta and she asks him if he found her necklace(It’s the necklace Roberto got for Regina when she was little). Rafael says he has the necklace. He tells Roberta that they will be getting married in one month. “In one month!!”, Roberta exclaims and Rafael says yes.
Matias flashes back to when he was little and Pepa scolded him for using his ball to hit her. Back to reality, he says peop
le never change but he is not ready to give up on his father’s love. He says he will fight for his father’s love, damn the consequences…..

Tuesday, September 08, 2015



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Regina is hysterical as she tells the cops that someone stole her daughter. Meanwhile, Pepa is seen entering her car and driving away. Isidro goes to the hospital to visit Roberto. He asks Isidro to get Regina, he needs to talk to her but Roberto has a cardiac arrest and the doctors try to save him.
Regina gets home and she tells Ines and Cata that little Regina has been kidnapped. Isidro arrives and tells Regina that she needs to follow him right now but Ines informs Isidro that little Regina has been kidnapped. Isidro is shocked and also tells them that Roberto had an accident and he wants to see Regina. Regina faints! Later, she and Isidro arrive at the hospital and Regina asks the doctor how Roberto is doing. The doctor informs Regina that Roberto’s condition is critical and he has little time to live. Regina goes into Roberto’s room and he is pleased to see her. She hugs him and promises not to leave him again. Roberto says he loves her and he wants to see little Regina. Regina says it’s not possible right now but she will bring little Regina to see him later.
Pepa is with Roberta and little Regina. She calls a guy named Gustavo and says she needs his help. Later, She meets Gustavo and tells him that she will like to register the names of her twin daughters under her name, she doesn’t want them to have their father’s name. Gustavo accepts to help her and asks how she wants their names to be registered and Pepa says she wants them to be registered as Roberta and Renata Alvarez Martinez.
Regina meets Ines and Isidro at the waiting room. Cata tells Isidro that she thinks Pepa is responsible for the kidnapping of little Regina. Isidro also says he thinks Pepa is responsible for Roberto’s accident because her hotel was near the scene of the accident. Regina says they need to inform the police so they can search for Pepa but Isidro says they don’t have proof, all they have are assumptions.
Regina goes in to see Roberto again, he tries to tell her that Pepa was the one who pushed him but he doesn’t get the words out as another cardiac arrest occurs. The doctor tries to revive him but this time, it’s too late and Roberto is declared dead. Regina breaks down and begs the doctor to bring Roberto back but the doctor says there is nothing more they can do.
Pepa takes her daughters to her hotel room and she feeds Roberta. She tells little Regina whose name is now Renata, that if Roberta doesn’t finish her food, she will give the remaining to her.
Roberto’s funeral is here and family and friends gather to bid him farewell. Pepa reads the newspaper and sees the news of Roberto’s death. She laughs and says finally he is dead and no one will be able to find her and the girls. She says when the girls turn twenty-five, she will go and get their inheritance.
Regina tells the commander that it’s not possible for her daughter to just disappear like that but the commander says they have searched the whole city and the little girl and Pepa are nowhere to be found.
Nine years later, Isidro and Ines are getting married, Regina and Cata are there to celebrate with them. Meanwhile, Renata is all grown up and she runs into the house excited and calling out Roberta’s name. Renata sees Roberta and shows her some blouse she bought for her from her baby sitting money. Roberta doesn’t look so happy as she takes the blouse from Renata. Pepa comes home and hugs Roberta. She asks her how she is feeling and Roberta says she is okay.  Pepa smiles to herself and says telling Roberta she has a heart condition was a great idea. Roberta tells Pepa that since people found out she is sick, they have been good to her and maybe that’s why Renata got her this blouse. She shows Pepa the blouse Renata got for her and says that the one Renata got for herself is prettier than the one she gave her. Pepa asks where Renata got the money from and Roberta says from her baby sitting. Pepa calls Renata and scolds her for not buying bows for Roberta. Renata tells her mom that she bought a blouse for Roberta because she doesn’t like bows. Pepa gets a scissors and cuts Renata’s hair saying, “now, you won’t need bows.” Renata runs upstairs and weeps in her room. She says,” I don’t know why mother hates me so much, she loves Roberta more than me.” Downstairs, Pepa tells Roberta that they will be moving to Mexico and she will be working for her friend, Constanza Monte Rubio.
In Mexico, Constanza tells Gonzalo, her brother that her friend Josepina(Pepa) will be coming to work for the company temporarily. Gonzalo is a bit reluctant but he accepts to let Pepa work for him. Regina opens a home center, Regina’s hope center, a place where single mothers will be taken care of. Isidro, Ines and Cata congratulate her and says what she is doing is a good cause and Roberto will be proud of her.
Pepa arrives at Gonzalo’s house and she introduces her daughters to him. Gonzolo welcomes them and also introduces his son, Mathias who is also in the same age grade with the girls.
Sixteen years later, Regina is much older and she reminiscence to when little Regina was celebrating her first birthday. Her mum Cata, comes out and hugs her and Regina says she wonders what her little Regina will be like now. It’s the girls birthday and they are turning twenty-five. Pepa is married to Gonzolo and he adopted the girls. Gonzolo’s favorite is Renata and he hugs her as she comes down to celebrate her birthday. Family and friends are gathered and they sing a birthday song for the girls. Renata and Roberta hold each other as they blow out the candles on their cake. Renata meets her friends and Constanza tells Pepa that the boys can’t keep their eyes off Renata, she is definitely having a good time. Pepa says Roberta is the same and she is classier than Renata but Constanza disagrees with her and says Roberta is more like an introvert while Renata is an extrovert. She asks Pepa why she is always scolding Renata, Constanza says if she were a stranger, she will think Renata wasn’t Pepa’s daughter. Pepa tells Constanza that she loves her daughters equally, she is just hard on them so they can be principled young ladies.
Gonzalo tells his friend that he wish his son Mathias was here, since the death of his mother, he has been distant from them. Constanza tells Gonzolo that Mathias will come back home one day, he just needs time. Gonzolo says the day he married Pepa was the day he lost his son Mathias. Meanwhile, Pepa looks at Renata from a distance, she says to herself that she kidnapped Regina from her parents to get back at them and take her fortune when she turned twenty-five. If she had known that she will marry Gonzolo and become rich, she wouldn’t have made Regina her daughter.
Isidro and Ines visits Regina and Cata. Isidro informs them that the investigator has decided to drop the case and stop looking for Regina/Renata. Regina says she will get another investigator but Ines says they have been looking Regina/Renata for many years to no avail. She tells Regina that it’s possible that Renata/Regina’s heart condition got worse and she died but Regina says she will continue searching for her daughter for as long as it takes.
Diego meets Renata and tells her that he really likes her and would like to date her but Renata says she doesn’t love him, she likes him like a friend. Diego pulls her close and kisses her and Pepa sees her. She scolds Renata and says all day, she has been behaving like a slut and dancing around with different guys and now, she is kissing them. Renata says she isn’t a slut and she wasn’t kissing Diego, he kissed her but Pepa tells Renata that she is ashamed to be called her mo

ther. Renata’s friend sees her crying and asks what happened but Renata says nothing. Her friend figures out she had another fight with her mother and she hugs Renata.
Inside her room, Roberta is talking to her boyfriend, Rafael. He tells Roberta that he wants to meet her family today but Roberta says no one knows about their relationship, she has to talk to her family first before they meet him. Rafael is disappointed but he agrees to wait until tomorrow. Pepa walks in and Roberta cuts the call. Pepa is upset and she tells Roberta that she just saw Diego kissing Renata. Roberta gets angry and  says Renata keeps doing this to her, she takes everyone who is interested in her. Pepa holds Roberta and says Renata will never take away the man meant for her, together they will make sure Renata fails. Unknown to the, Renata is at the door and she listens to their conversation…


The scene starts in Mexico, Twenty four years earlier, a woman is in labor as her husband, Roberto tries to get to the hospital. Regina is in so much pain as she says her baby isn’t due yet, she doesn’t understand what’s happening  but Roberto tells her to be calm, these things do happen sometimes. He arrives at the hospital and his wife is taken in to the delivery room. Roberto makes a phone call and somewhere in Cuernavaca, a guy picks up his phone. Roberto addresses the guy as Isidro and asks what’s the meaning of the message he sent. Isidro is glad to hear from Roberto and he informs him that Pepa is in labor. Roberto exclaims What!! Isidro says Pepa called him becauseshe couldn’t reach Roberto. He asks Roberto to come back home now but Roberto says he can’t because he is with Regina. Isidro understands and says he will take care of Pepa.
In the delivery room, the doctor informs Regina that her baby is a breach position and he needs to perform a C-section. After some hours, Regina’s baby is born. The doctor informs Roberto that he is the father of a baby girl and Roberto is very happy. Roberto goes in to see them but a nurse says he can’t be here. Roberto kisses them goodbye and leaves. He goes out and is surprised to see Isidro. He asks Isidro why he brought Pepa to this hospital instead of the one at Cuernavaca . Isidro says Pepa said she won’t give birth in any other hospital except this one. Roberto is confused and says “Oh no! this can’t be happening!” Isidro asks Roberto why he is at the hospital and Roberto informs him that his wife Regina had an early contraction and she just gave birth to a baby girl. Isidro can’t believe this and says how is it possible that Roberto’s wife and his lover are giving birth in the same hospital and at the same time!!
Roberto goes in to see Pepa and she is very happy to see him. She says, “Oh Roberto, I knew you wouldn’t miss this moment. Come and see our daughter.”
Next day, Roberto and his family are back home and Regina’s mother is there to welcome them. Roberto tells his wife that he loves her very much and he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Regina senses Roberto is acting weird and asks him what’s wrong. Roberto says he is worried that someone would harm her and he thinks they should move to another city. Cata, Regina’s mom comes in and informs Roberto that he has a phone call from his office but Roberto says he wants to take a picture with his family before he answers the call. Cata takes the photo and then Roberto answers the call. It’s Pepa on the line and she is angry Roberto hasn’t come to see her and the baby. Roberto who pretends he is on the phone with his lawyer tells Pepa that he can’t be there right now, he is with his wife and daughter. Pepa says his daughter also needs him and threatens him saying if he doesn’t show up, his family is going to pay for it.
Later, Roberto arrives at Pepa’s and she is happy to see him. She tries to hug him but Roberto moves aside and says they need to talk. Pepa ignores him and says his daughter Roberta has been waiting to see him. Roberto isn’t happy that Pepa named their daughter Roberta after him. Pepa said she did it so he won’t forget he has a daughter who carries his name. Pepa says she thought she was the one who gave birth to his first child but Regina beat her to it. Pepa tells Roberto that she has been with him even before Regina  but one day, he showed up married to Regina. Roberto tells Pepa that she always knew he din’t love her and that the pregnancy was a mistake. Pepa tells him not to call her baby a mistake, she tells him to leave Regina and be with her but Roberto says that’s impossible. He tells Pepa that she needs to leave Mexico but Pepa says she won’t leave, she will stay here with the father of her baby. Roberto tells Pepa that he will be giving her a monthly cheque, he will also open a trust fund account and Roberta will have equal rights with his other daughter, Regina.
Next day, Pepa meets Roberto and tells him that she has accepted his offer. Roberto thanks her and says it’s what’s best for everyone. Roberto is going on a trip and Regina gives him her blessing. He kneels before her and gives her a ring. Regina ass him why he is giving her a ring when she already has her engagement ring and Roberto says this ring is to show that he will always be committed to her. Regina smiles and says he doesn’t need to give her a ring to show commitment, she already knows he is committed to her and she kisses him.
One year later, Roberto is with Isidro in his office. He tells Isidro that little Regina has a heart condition but it’s nothing to be worried about because he also has it and the doctors will be able to take care of her. Isidro asks if he has heard anything from Pepa and Roberto says no, he hasn’t but Pepa cashes her cheque at the end of every month so he knows she is okay. Roberto says he wants to tell Regina the truth but he can’t find the courage to. Isidro advises him to tell Regina before she finds out from someone else. Roberto tells Isidro that he hasn’t been able to change his will yet to fulfill the promise he made to Pepa.
Roberto arrives back at home and Cata tells him that a lady called regarding the plants for her house. (The lady is actually Pepa, she called to speak with Roberto but Cata picked the call) Roberto tells Regina that he got a neck chain for both mother and daughter. The neck chain has a R-shaped pendant which stands for Regina. Regina is happy and thanks her hubby. It’s little Regina’s one year birthday party and family and friends are gathered to celebrate with them. Roberto and Regina are having a moment when someone says good afternoon. Roberto is shocked to hear Pepa’s voice and turns around to see her. Regina welcomes Pepa to the party and Pepa thanks her. She tells Regina that her daughter is also a year older today but she doesn’t have father to take care of her. Roberto is in a state of confusion as he listens to both of them. Regina is happy to know that little Regina share the same birthday with Pepa’s daughter and she tells Pepa that she will like for both girls to cut the birthday cake together. Cata walks up to them and asks Pepa for he little girl’s name but as Pepa is about to tell Cata, Roberto interrupts them and he asks Pepa to come with him. He drags Pepa into the house and asks her how dare she show up on his daughter’s birthday. Pepa says today is also Roberta’s birthday and she deserves to be celebrated too. Outside, Regina can’t find Roberto and she decides to go in and look for him. Cata also follows her. Regina sees Roberto but she stops as she hears Pepa tell Roberto that he needs to go to the hotel and plan for the birthday of his other daughter Roberta. Roberto turns around and sees his wife. Regina is in tears and asks Roberto is what Pepa said is true and he has another daughter. Roberto tries to explain but Regina runs upstairs and he goes after her. Regina packs her things and Roberto frantically begs Regina to listen to him but Regina walks out with her luggage. Roberto is devastated as he watches Regina leave with his daughter. Isidro tells him to let her go, he can’t talk to her now. He gives Roberto the hotel card Pepa left for him and he informs Roberto that Pepa is waiting for him at the hotel.
Regina arrives at Ines house and she tells her friend what Roberto did to her.
Roberto arrives at the hotel and sees Pepa walking down the street. He tells Pepa that he hates her and never wants to see her again. Suddenly, Roberto holds his chest, seems like he is having a heart attack and Pepa pushes him into a glass window. Scared that she has killed him, she runs back to the hotel to get her baby and she flees. Pepa goes to Roberto’s office and goes through his

things. She sees his will and testament and realizes that he hasn’t made any changes to include Roberta. Pepa vows to strike back and she steals some cash and leaves.
Regina talks a walk with little Regina. A man takes her purse and she runs after him but she turns back to get her baby. To her greatest shock, the stroller is empty. Regina screams for help as she says My baby has been kidnapped..



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