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Alex arrives at Carolina’s house, he tells her that he left Natalia and he asks if it’s okay for him to stay with him for some days.
Diana is with Luciano in the hospital, he thanks her again but he says he will never forgive Martin. Diana says she loves him but they won’t be able to be together until he settles his score with Martin. Ezekiel comes in and tells Diana to leave, he says her family and his family are officially enemies. Diana says Martin isn’t a murderer and he was loyal to him but Ezekiel says Martin became his enemy the moment Martin betrayed him.
Martin thanks Alicia for helping him but he says he doesn’t think Ezekiel is capable of hurting Mariana. Alicia says she knows Ezekiel can do crazy things when he is jealous. Martin asks what she knows about Ezekiel and Alicia says Mariana told her a lot.
Valeria calls Ezekiel, she tells him that now that his protegé has betrayed him, she hopes he will help send Martin to prison. Ezekiel says he is willing to do anything and she tells him to use Katherina to draw Martin out.
Marcos visits Luciano at the hospital and Luciano says he is going to send both Martin and Alex to prison. Marcos asks what Alex has got to do with it and Luciano says Alex was Martin’s accomplice. Marcos informs Luciano that he is getting married to Veronica and he tells Luciano not to do anything to try and get Veronica back.
Martin tells Alicia that if Katherina wasn’t pregnant, he would have gone after Ezekiel but since she is carrying his baby, he is going to do things the right way. Alicia supports his decision and says she will help him anyway she can.
Federico visits Laura with flowers. Laura thanks him but Katherina scoffs at them. Ezekiel calls Katherina and tells her that he is going to help Martin get out of the country.
Natalia arrives at Carolina’s house, she barges in and asks Carolina if she is having a good time with Alex. Natalia undresses and says she is willing to join them. Natalia breaks down and tells Carolina that Alex has never made love to her and she wants to know what Carolina does to him.
Martin calls Katherina, he asks her how she and the baby are feeling and she says they are okay. Martin says he is going to find a way to get out of this mess. Katherina informs him that her father is willing to help him. Martin tells Katherina to save his number and asks her not to give it to anyone else.
Ezekiel brings Luciano back home, he tells Luciano that he needs to rest but Luciano says the doctor said he could go back to work. Alicia comes in and Luciano thanks her for saving him. Ezekiel asks what he is talking about and Luciano informs him that Alicia was with Diana and they rescued him. Ezekiel is surprised and asks Alicia what she was doing there. They go into the study and Alicia says Diana knew she was Mariana’s neighbor and asked her for help. Ezekiel says there are too many coincidence and asks Alicia whose side she is on? He says there are only to sides, his side or Mercedar’s side?
Martin disguises and visits Veronica. She sees him and tries to shut him out but he forces himself into her house. Veronica asks Martin what he wants and he says he needs her help to prove that he is innocent. Veronica goes through the security footage at the hotel and Martin and Veronica are seen at the reception but their backs are facing the camera. Martin tells Veronica that the man in the video isn’t him.
Natalia and Alex get back home and she apologizes to him for what happened. Alex says it’s time they face reality, he says they don’t make each other happy and they need to break up.
Katherina asks Laura what is going on between her and Federico but Laura says nothing is going on between them, they are just friends. Laura gives Katherina some pills for her pregnancy and asks if the doctors gave her any pills? Katherina lies and says she forgot it at home.
Katherina meets her father,s he says she has Martin’s phone number but she will give it to him when he tells her how he plans on getting Martin out of country. Ezekiel says she doesn’t have the right to give him conditions, he says he is doing her a favor by helping her sneak out a criminal out of the country.
Martin sneaks into Alejandra Marina’s AA class, he introduces himself and asks Marian to tell everyone how she is responsible for sending him to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Marina realizes he is Martin and runs away. Martin goes after her and catches her, he demands to know who hit him at Federico’s house. Marina says she doesn’t know but they hear sirens approaching. Martin asks who called the cops and she says maybe one of the members. Martin asks for her help to escape and she shows him which way to go. The cops meet Marina and ask which way Martin went, she says she doesn’t know who Martin is but she saw a man running in that direction and she shows them. Martin hears footstep approaching and he hits the cop from behind.
Detective Tomas arrives at Ezekiel’s house and he is surprised to see Alicia. He asks Alicia what she is doing here and she informs him that she is working as a nurse. Katherina asks if they know each other and Tomas says he and Alicia worked in the same prison. Tomas asks Katherina who she is and she says she is Ezekiel’s daughter and Martin’s pregnant girlfriend. Tomas asks her some questions ans the gives her is card. Katherina leaves and Tomas asks Alicia what she is really doing here. Alicia tells him to lower his voice. Tomas says they need to have a talk.
Veronica shows Marcos the security footage, she says the man never turned his back and it’s as if he is hiding his face from the camera. The man signs with his left hand and Veronica tells Marcos that Martin is right-handed, not left-handed. She says that man isn’t Martin Mendez.


He says he would rather die than take anything from Martin. He tells Martin that he should have never attended the school because it was meant for rich people. Luciano calls Martin a murderer, he says Martin murdered their classmates, Mariana and Tania. Martin says anything is possible and he holds the knife in front of Luciano.
Katherina runs away from her father’s house and lives with her mother. Laura is very happy that Katherina is with her but Katherina says she hasn’t forgiven her. Manuela asks Katherina why she ran away from Ezekiel’s house.
Natalia is scared of Martin and she tries to convince Alex to turn Martin in to the police. Alex says he will never betray his best friend but Natalia says if Martin is innocent, the law will find out. Alex insists he won’t do it and then Natalia threatens to call the police by herself. Alex says he knows she won’t betray Martin either and walks away.
Ezekiel meets detective Tomas and asks if he has found anything. Tomas says he has many doubts about this case and he thinks Martin didn’t commit the murders.
Veronica arrives at Ezekiel’s, she gives her condolence but Ezekiel says he wants to know what her people are doing about finding the psychopath who killed Mariana.
Katherina asks her mother about the shootings, Katherina says she is sure it was Martin who killed those children. Marcos calls Laura and informs her that Martin has kidnapped Luciano.
Detective Tomas arrives at Natalia’s house. He questions her about the last time she saw Martin.
Alex arrives at Martin’s hideout, he sees Luciano tied up and he asks Martin if he has gone crazy.Martin says Luciano set him up and he is going to pay for what he did to him. Martin aims his gun at Luciano and Alex begs him to stop but Martin tells Alex to leave him alone. Alex tells Martin that he isn’t a murderer but Luciano says Martin is a murderer. Martin tells Luciano to shut up or he will shoot him but Luciano says he isn’t scared of him. Alex reminds Martin about his promise to Antonia but Martin says he doesn’t care. Luciano yells at Martin and tells him to go ahead and kill him. Alex tells Martin that Luciano isn’t worth him spending the rest of his life in prison but Martin tells Alex to go away so he wouldn’t see what he is about to do to Luciano.
Natalia tells Tomas what happened at the party. Tomas says it’s strange that Martin and Tania could disappear from Federico’s house that is heavily surrounded with guards. He tells Natalia that he knows Alex is close to Martin and he hopes she isn’t an accessory to murder. He says goodbye to Natalia and leaves.
Alex is desperate and calls Diana, he tells Diana everything that is happening and she asks to speak to Martin but Martin says he doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Alex grabs Martin and begs him not to kill Luciano but Luciano says he isn’t scared of dying and he has enjoyed his 28 years on earth. Luciano reveals to Alex that he slept with Natalia. Alex loses his temper and hits Luciano.
Katherina calls Martin, she leaves a message saying she supports him and she will help him get out of the mess he is in. She asks him to call back when he gets her message.
Laura barges into Ezekiel’s office and demands to know where her son, Luciano, is.
Alicia and Diana arrive at Natalia’s house. Alicia asks Natalia to tell them where Martin is, so they can get to him before he does something crazy. Natalia says she is tried of defending Martin and she informs them that a detective already came to question her. Natalia says it’s better they turn Martin in but Alicia begs her to tell them where Martin is so that his sister Diana can talk to him. Natalia tells them where Martin is and they beg her not to tell the police anything. They leaves and Natalia picks up Tomas’ card to call him but she changes her mind.
Ezekiel and Laura arrive at Sonia’s house. Laura tells Sonia that Ezekiel is willing to help Martin get out of the country but she has to help them. Sonia asks what they want her to do and Laura says she needs to help save Luciano.
Natalia eventually calls detective Tomas and reveals Martin’s location to him. Alex comes in and hears Natalia talking to someone. He asks who she was talking to and she says she just told the police where Martin is. Alex is furious with her, he says she is probably more worried about her lover Luciano than Martin. Natalia realizes that Alex has found out the truth and she asks for his forgiveness but he walks away.
Tomas calls Ezekiel ad informs him that they have Martin’s location.
Diana and Alicia arrive at Martin’s location, they knock on the door and beg him to let them in but he ignores them. Martin outs the gun in Luciano’s mouth and he is about to pull the trigger but Luciano finally begs him not to kill him. He asks Martin for forgiveness and Martin pulls the gun from his mouth. Martin hears sirens approaching and he receives a text message from Alex saying Natalia told the police and they are coming to arrest him. Martin tells Luciano that it’s not over and he runs out. He is confused and Alicia says she will cover for him. Martin heads to the roof but he is trapped. He looks around for a means of escape.
Diana runs into the room to help Luciano, the cops arrive and surround the building. Alicia checks Luciano’s wounds and the ambulance arrive to take Luciano to the hospital. Luciano thanks Diana for saving his life but he says he is going to kill Martin.
Martin manages to escape.
Alicia gets back home and someone grabs her from behind with a knife to her throat. Martin tells Alicia not to scream….



We start of with a video of a young boy holding a gun in school uniform and at school premises at a hallway, he points the gun to a camera. He pulls the trigger😱😱 As he walks away, a young girl comes in sight, he looks behind, sees the girl, the little girl freaks out on seeing him. The boy pulls up the gun as the girl runs away and shoots😱😱 he walks into a room. The video is paused, two people were watching the video, a gorgeous woman Antonia Villaroel(Maritza Rodriguez) her father.
The two are discussing the video. Her father is telling her that the boy's guilt is obvious. Antonia reminds her father that Diego(the name of the,boy in the video) has already paid for his sins, he was only a boy and spending twenty years of his life in prison was enough punishment.

The boy in question is no longer a boy...a man!! In all sense of the word😉😉. Diego is in his cell inside a maximum security prison. He takes a cup from a shelf. (I must admit that David is fifty shades of HOT!!) An officer comes in and tells him “Diego, you are free" he is lead through the other cells, in one of the cells, a crazy guy is being restrained by some officers the next one, another one is holding a bible and on his knees he is praying, the next one has put up pagan pictures and it looks like he is praying but to the devil. The next cell an old man doesn't want him to go(its hard not to go crazy in there...)

Diego finally meets with Antonia. Antonia is happy to see him and signs him out. She leads him to take back the things he left at the reception when he first arrived in the prison. He only had a bag... A small school bag(the poor thing). She hands over the bah to him, he is staring at her chest(hehehe he still has some of his childish tendencies) Antonia notices this and covers up a bit and tells him “Let's go"

As they walk out of the prison premises, Diego is looking around as if he is shocked to actually be free. He is introduced to multimillionaire business man Ezequiel Aldorado. They shake hands as he is lead into a Limo. He enters hesitantly and rides along with Antonia and Sir Ezequiel.
Inside the Limo, Ezequiel opens a bottle of champagne. He gives one glass to Antonia, he wants to give one to Diego but Antonia is concerned that maybe he doesn't drink, Ezequiel insists and offers a glass to Diego who drinks it all up immediately His somewhat childishness amuses Ezequiel who pours him another glass and tells him not to drink before he makes a toast. He raises his glass “To you Diego, to your freedom and a second chance in life...Cheers!!" They touch glasses with Antonia, Diego on seeing this also decides to join in but childishly almost breaks all the glasses. hehehe he is just sooo adorable. Ezequel opens up a small part of the roof of the limo and Diego seems to be amused, he gets up from his seat and his head is now outside. Antonia and E are enjoying watching him. He has a flashback to when he was a child:

Twenty years ago...
in his father's car, his father warns him to keep his head inside the car. The car stops in a school, he gets out of the car and his father leaves. The guys at the school come at him immediately and start bullying him by pulling down his trousers and laughing at him....


The three of them arrive at a very affluent company that seems to belong to Ezequiel. They all alight but Antonia has to guide Diego who seems to be unaware of his sorroundings, he is wearing that funny looking bag on his back.. They enter the company and Diego is in awe at how busy the company is... He seems to be distracted by all the hustle and bustle inside that humongous building and Antonia has to guide his every step. He stops once he sees another man Luciano Aldorado making a phone call. He seems to remember something, some fire that happened twenty years ago. Luciano is also looking at him. Antonia asks him what's wrong with him. He doesn't answer, Antonia leads him inside Ezequiel's office. Inside he is given a bunch of papers and told that his name will be Martin from then on.
Luciano asks Ezequiel's secretary who the guy is who went with his father into the office and she tells him she has no idea but he must be very important.
A gorgeous lady arrives at the office Mariana(Elizabeth Guiterez)
She is walking towards Ezequiel's office but is stopped by a this annoying Luciano he tells her that his father is very busy and has no time for her.(as early as now I can tell that there is something weird going on between Mariana and Luciano) She tells him that she is never a bother, quite the contrary. He stops her again telling her that he doesn't approve of his dad being with a woman like her. She ignores him and walks into Ezequiel's office
“I hope I am not bothering you"
“Ooh no my love, you are never a bother" Ezequiel wakes up from his seat and goes over to kiss Mariana. He introduces Mariana as his girlfriend.
All this time Diego is in a coner, playing with his puzzle Mariana doesn't get the chance to see his face but notices him and asks Eze “And who is that?"
“He is a client"
“A client?... He doesn't look like one"
“Forget him honey"... Mariana gets a call, she recieves it and suspiciously takes off her earing leaving it on the table. Diego also did not get the chance to see Marina properly. He leaves with Antonia.

The news about his release reaches the ears of a certain Sabeniego. He is the father of a girl Eva Sabaniego who ‘died' in the fire that Diego supposedly provoked. He cannot believe this but says that at least now that the monstrous boy is out, they will be able to eliminate him for good
Diego and Antonia arrive at Antonia's house. He sees the bed and goes over to it and hugs it. Antonia goes ti the bathroom to prepare him a bath. She is telling him something about his life being in danger and that he should never reveal his real identity to anyone. He comes back to the living room and exclaims
“Diego!!"(I am there shocked wondering what in the world happened) we are shown a very great looking Diego with arbs that could destroy a marriage standing there naked He asks her

“You are naked"
“Wasn't the bath you were preparing meant for me?"
“I was going to bring you a robe, you are no longer the young kid you were"... Diego looks lost, he walks into the bathroom as Antonia is left there looking away... these two surprisingly have immense chemistry

When he is done, she helps him shave extra beard telling him that he needs to look presentable, apparently he will be living in the Alborado mansion. Meanwhile it seems Mariana is either a super model or an affluent designer. Ezequiel is in one of her fashion shows and watches her as she makes her way down the runway severally looking FABULOUS!! later on they have a discussion and he tells her he will go visit her the at night.
Antonia and Diego have gone out to eat when he suddenly sees a woman on TV(Suzanna QOH...In blonde hair looking amazing) He freaks out and runs out of the restaurant like a mad man. Antonia is right behind him. She asks him what happened and he tells her that the woman on TV was a sister to one of the children who died during the fire. Antonia looks at him and tells him nothing bad will happen to him there. He looks at her... Goes closer “Diego, what are you doing?" He grabs her and kissseeeessss her ... She pushes him away “Diego, what are you doing?" Diego has another flashback to a time when he was about to kiss a girl and as he closed his eyes, she was playing a trick with him and got some guys to pour dirty water on him, he starts running away, Antonia runs after him. She catches up with him and tells him she understands that he has never been with a woman. She calms him down.
Meanwhile Mariana is in her apartment and there is a knock at her door...“I am coming Ezekiel!" She says as she is tightly tying her rob around her waist. She gets the door and to our surprise, its short annoying Luciano. He tells her the same old story “I will not let a woman like you trap my dad etc etc" Mariana tells him “Your father is content whenever he is with me, he truly likes me and makes me very happy" she tells him ti leave but he grabs her waist (did this guy drop his manners on his way over??) She doesn't seem to be too angry over this indecency. (My suspicions are getting stronger... These two are involved) He finally leaves but decides to take the stairs, almost immediately, Ezequiel comes inside using the elevator (phew!! That lucky woman...)

The woman in the news (blondie Suzzana) I think her name is Veronica, she gets news from Sabaniego about Diego's release and is desperate. She wants him dead, she asks for a picture of how he looks like and is only given a photo of how he looked like when he was ten Sabaniego tells her to calm down, now that he is out, they can finally be able to get rid of him. Meanwhile Antonia wants to get the list of the children who were affected by the incident 20 years ago. She is told to visit a certain Marcela Llanas(The HIV girl in Cruel love)

Later there is a gathering at Ezewuiel's house. We are finally introduced to Catarina Aldorado(Kimberly dos Ramos) a beautiful young free spirited girl with blonde hair and in shorts. She is on her phone and is barely 21. In the gathering we see an exchange of stares between Mariana and Luciano noooo... Ezequiel then arrives with Diego now polished and looking wonderful... “Let me introduce you all to Martin" He comes in...looking super hot!! Mariana sees him and just stares at him... Catarina sees him and exclaims “What a hottie!"(I like her already!!)




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Why in the hell did Mariana huv to die I'm peaced right now



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