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The Emmy nominated show is about to premier and will be feauturing the grand return of people's favorite boss lady Araceley Arambula alongside a fantastic cast.  Together they bring this show of injustice,  betrayal and revenge to life in the most dramatic manner,  it will be bringing back people's favorite timeslot 6: 00 pm CAT 🙌🙌🙌 which is a more reasonable time slot considering the sleepless nights we are having because of the super series 😭😭😥😢😂😆 The boss will be starting on Telemundo Africa in April 23 2018🙌🙌 the anticipation is real. 

La Patrona is a modern Telemundo adaptation of a Columbian show.  It was adapted in 2013 and aired in the states about that time in the US and was later sold to other countries including African countries like Kenya,  Uganda and Ghana about the same year. It was written by Valentina Parraga and not only set record breaking ratings in the US but also in most of the Latin American countries. La Patrona swept almost all the categories in 2013 Premios tu mondo and even got nominated for the prestigious international Emmy Award alongside El Señor de los Cielos (Lord of the skies)  and Pasíon prohibida (Forbidden passion) but lost out on the award to Lord of the skies. It was Araceley Arambulas debut project with Telemundo and propelled her career with the production house to greater heights. 

Synopsis ❣❣❣ (SPOILER ALERT!) 

La Patrona tells the story of a rivalry between two females for the ownership and control of the gold capital of Mexico San Pedro del Oro. Antonia Guerra (Christian Bach)is married to Marcelo Vidal,  the boss of the monopolized gold mine in San Pedro del Oro. She has two sons who were a product of her first marriage to Mr. Beltran,  Alejandro(Jorge Luis Pilate) and Fernando Beltran. Antonia  kills her first husband in the presence of her youngest son Fernando and this affects Fernando mentally.  He grows up to become a useless woman beating alcoholic. She later marries the best friend Beltran Marcelo but also causes him to have a heart attack due to her indecent affair with one of her boy toys Engineer Alberto Espino(Christian De La Campa).  She gains the reputation of the black widow and also the most feared boss of the San Pedro del Oro mine. The death of his step father causes Alejandro to abandon his secluded life in the city and moves back to the small town to burry his dear step father. Alejandro who always seemed to have a distant relationship with his overbearing mother doesn't seem to want to stay in town times avoid being manipulated by his mother,  little does he know that his destiny is tied very closely to that town. 
Gabriela Suarez is the daughter of the best miner in town,  Thomas Suarez better known by the locals as the tiger. She therefore is referred to them as the Tigress. She is a woman who underwent a traumatic experience at the hands of Fernando Beltran back when she was a teenager. The man being obsessed with her raped her with a mask on his face. Gabriela being very secretive never told anyone about the incident even her father who never understood how a young ambitious smart girl got fooled into pregnancy by a nobody. She goes missing for sometime but comes back to raise her son alongside her father who at the time has a new family. Tiger being a widow meets Fransica better known as Pancha in a whore house falls in love with her and keeps her as his woman. They have a son called Maximiliano Suarez,  a few years older than Gabrielas son. Gabriela and Fransisca don't get along at first because Gabriela believes that she's stealing her father's love from her. 

The grown up Gabriela ,single mother to a suspiciously spoilt son David,  starts working inside the mine filled with thristy men who taunt and harass her on a daily basis but can't touch her because she is the god daughter of the boss Marcelo Vidal.  Both Marcelo and Mr Beltran seemed to have had a close relationship with Tiger who had married their late cousin Lucia but with Marcelo dead things get a little bit interesting. 

Anibal is a corrupt senator of Mexico City. He has a very tight knit relationship with Antonia Guerra being lovers for over thirty years,  they have ever also engaged in shady dealings together and them together with Julio,  the mayor of San Pedro del Oro have taken over power of the small gold town. Anibal has one son Ricardo who is the godson of Antonia and best friend to Alejandro. Anibal had married an heiress of a great fortune Constasa who is Ricardos mother, when Constanza finds out the kind of man Anibal is,  he locks her up in a mental asylum and lies to little Ricardo that his mother abandoned him and left them for another man. Ricardo grows up insecure with temporary sterility.  

Julio on the other hand is the mayor of San Pedro.  He is married to an overbearing wife and is the father of three daughters,  Irene Montimar (Erika de la Rosa)  who thinks she is the queen of San Pedro,  she is spoilt and needy.  She later gets manipulated by Antonia Guerra into seducing Alejandro. Julia is the oldest. She is married to Fernando Beltran,  she is miserable and endures his blantant disrespect,  his beatings and obsession with Gabriela all in the name of love and submission.  Julia is insecure and unbearable 😂😂 Patricia(Alexander de la Mora)is seemingly the youngest,  she is a free spirit,  a feminist.  She is known as the ugly one in the family by her overbearing sisters. She doesn't believe in society standards. Her parents are trying to marry her off to Ricardo because of his prestige but she seems to be hitched at first to the dumb engineer Alberto Espino(Antonia’s Lover)  who dumps her when she gets pregnant and Ricardo offers to marry her to cover her shame 😨😰😔😂 their marriage will be Rocky to say the least 😂

Antonia tries to keep Ale in San Pedro fell Oro as the manager of the gold mine but he refuses the offer until he meets Gabriela,  the towns most gorgeous woman. She fascinates him from the get go,  they live through a traumatic and intense life and death experience of being trapped in a collapsed mine and this is the beginning of their crazy affair. Antonia has other plans and plants Irene as the secretary of the mine to work hand in hand with Ale and though their relationship is even sexual he makes it clear it's nothing serious.  Her presence there doesn't stop Ale and Gabrielas relationship from blossoming. 

At this time Tomas who had lied to the residents that the land which his wife Lucia had inherited from her family was haunted by the devil discovered the presence of abundant amount of gold in that land and starts boasting of how rich he will be. Antonia hearing the news sends her right hand man Macario to follow tiger around and he soon discovers the gold that Tiger had discovered in his lands. Tiger uses Max to hide some of the gold that he had already taken from his land. Alejandro starts pursuing Gabriela and his brother tries to sabotage them by revealing that he is the father of Gabys child and the man who abused her all those years ago and this fuels Tigers hatred towards the Beltrans but still remaining very warm towards Alejandro who had proven exemplary. He blesses their relationship and Ale defies his mother and decides to continue his relationship with Gabriela. 

Antonia has a plan to kill two birds with one stone. Gabriela let's herself be provoked by the slander some of her male colleagues are pushing against her son and publicly threatens to kill them all if they continue. At this time Tiger is already talking to a famous town Journalist Gaston to register his mine. Gaston has a girlfriend but because of how upright and anti corruption he is,  husband girlfriend is killed by Chacon,  the chief of police 😱 Antonia kidnaps Tomas and makes Gabriela go to the mine which is pregnant with explosives. Fernando funds out his mother's plan to finish off Gabriela and runs to the mine. Gabriela who finds her father tied up and bruised tries to help him but Fernando grabs her and dies saving her life. Gabriela who is now pregnant is accused of killing five miners along with her father,  by causing the explosion in the mine and is locked up in a mental asylum from hell.  Antonia finds out that the is expecting her grandchild and sends Macario to beat the child in her womb to death. Alejandro falls into a deep depression and Irene uses the opportunity to seduce him to bed while drunk,  she gets pregnant and Ale is forced to marry her.  Gabrielas situation looks hopeless because of the treatments they are giving her inside the devil's hospital that everyone believes she has lost her mind. She promises Antonia who comes to see her misery that the Will be back to take back everything that she's taken from her. Gabriela gets locked up in a dungeon next to rats for over four years and only her thirst for revenge and love for her son keeps her alive. Meanwhile Alejandros marriage is a living nightmare. So is Ricardos who has never been able to bed his wife 😂 Patricia.  

Antonia uses her head of Police Gaston and her connections to the government via Anibal and Julio to make sure Gabriela stays in mental institution. Lucho Vampa, (Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco)  a known con men arrived in San Pedro and almost cons Julio with fake dollars but is caught and placed in prison. Thinking that escaping a mental facility will be easier than escaping prison he pretends to be insane 😂 eats a couple of Coacroaches and convinced everyone that he is crazy not knowing that he is jumping out of the frying pan into the fire 😂😂😂 the MH is pure hell. Gabriela who has already been released from the dungeon meets up with Constanza who despite being confined for over twenty years had refused to give up any information about her inheritance knowing that that was the only thing keeping her alive.  They start helping each other out,  the arrival of Lucho pumps in a lot of energy and the three end up causing an explosion in the MH and manage to escape. Thanks to a nurse stealing her medalian,  everyone thinks that the woman who died in the fire is Gabriela.  They use the gold Max had hidden to escape to another country where they manage to take ownership of Constanzas fortune. Gabriela recovers and plans her revenge for a couple of months with the help of Con,  Lucho and Gaston. 
All this while,  both Patricia and Alejandro are depressed and they start having a sexual affair because of Ricardos sterility,  Ricardo funds out about it but doesn't have a say because he is at fault. 

Gabriela finally makes her grand return to the gold capital of Mexico with a new identity Veronica Dantez,  a widow to an Arabic millionaire. Her grand return as a beautiful sophisticated millionaire investor throws the town into a frenzy.  Her resemblance to the late Gabriela Suarez is striking.  She has on her list 12 enemies who she plans to eliminate one after the other and it's extremely easy because all of them expect one are either too greedy or too perverted. All the men want her , all the women envy her but she seems to still be very interested in the love of her life Alejandro... The rivalry for ownership of San Pedro del Oro and finding the love again in the midst of such pain!!!  

It's an intruging story of revenge,  vindication and a love that overcomes it all!!  La Patrona starts Monday 23rd (17: 00 WAT, 18: 00 CAT, 19: 00EAT)  only on Telemundo Africa 
DSTV channel 118,
GOTV channel 14 ❣❣



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