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If you are a fan of superb love stories...fantastic scripts, beautiful women and drop dead finger licking men, then this December you are in for a delicious treat!!! Land of honour is a telemundo remake of Telemundo's super-hit novela "Hidden passions"(Pasion de Gavilanes)... The story of three brothers and three sisters who fall in love....
Tierra de Reyes(Literally Land of Kings) English: Land of honor clinched almost all the awards in this years PremiosTu Mundo in the Novela category including but not limited to "Novela of the year award!!"
I do not know about you but I am pretty anxious to see Sonya smith as an antagonist alongside the breathtaking Fabian Rios.
With a Rating of 8.8 one of the highest given to any of the Mundo novelas... December has never felt further...(I guess its a Merry Merry Christmass....)



















We start off with Arturo visiting Isadora at the party. Is a is all excited about the visit until she finds out that Arturo only came to confront her about the lie she had told Sofia. She beats around the bush but finally gets to confess that yes she did exergerate a little. Arturo makes it clear, he doesn't want her near him, his son or his mujer(woman!! It sounds sexier in Spanish!!) He leaves. Isadora is dead drunk and is talking like a crazy person. She wants Sofia out of her way. Lines who tries to kick some sense into Isadora's mind by contradicting her gets shouted at with Is a breaking some glass on the floor and telling herb that Arturo belongs to only her. Linda probably figures that Is a has gone loco and decides to agree with her just to pacify her... Which begs me to ask the question Is love by force? Or fire? He he he coz this woman has lost it!!!

Back at the DJ ranch, the girls are still inside with their mother who has just had a quick recovery almost miraculous from her mild heart attack. They are speaking about Sofia and Arturo and all the dynamics surrounding Arturitos visitation. Sofia tells Cayetana that since Arturo won't be setting foot on the ranch, she has to be taking the kid to him and Cayetana warns her again that she hopes the visitations are only because of nachito. Sofi wants to contradict her mother once again but Irina holds her hand to calm her down and tells Cayetana that they will do whatever she wishes. She then apologizes for her marriage to Flavio( Irina until when will you baby around in this relationship?? Woman up!!)

Back at the Alcazar ranch, the boys are telling Flaviobto trend carefully with Irina. They don't want him to continue making scenes that would end up hurting him and Flavio is retaliating that Irina is his wife. Arturo just warns him and leaves for his room. Meanwhile back in the DJ ranch, Irina is speaking to Sofia about fighting for Arturitos's right to be with his father and Sofia tells her that it's not only Arturito that she is fighting for here. Irina asks if she is back together with Arturo and Sofia confirms it and tells her how good it felt to be in his arms again. Irina is glad for her but is worried about his issue with Isadora. Sofia explains that it was all a plan by that woman to break them apart...

The next morning the boys notice that Arturo is more jovial than ever before. They try to ask him what the reason if for his joy and Arturo refuses to tell them that he is back with Sofia. He leaves coz apparently he has to go to work and Flavio mentions to Sammy that though he might be happy about Arturito, that smile on his face is not because of the child, that is something else... He he he he leaves and Samuel gets an idea, he wants his secretary to do him a favor... He he he Andrea!!!

At Palenque Patricia is overjoyed that Ulyses is going for a couple of days to Mexico and she is telling Candela that she can't wait for Ulyses to go so that she can be with he Samuel. Uly is telling Rodger that he can't allow Patricia to be alone so he will need Rodger to be his eyes and ears 24/7 over Patricia. Patricia comes over to pretend she is sad over Ulys departure but he tells her that she will be with Rodger throughout. Obviously Patricia doesn't like it and tries to contest but Ulyses tells her not to make him think that she might be chasing after Sammy. Patricia agrees to the awkward arrangement just to make Uly happy.

Isadora is checking her gun when Linda comes in. She hides it so that Linda doesn't catch sight of it. Linda tells her that she thinks Is a should get some help from a doctor but Is a lashes out at her screaming that she is not sick!! Linda leaves when the bell rings. It's Sofia. I am pretty sure the gun is meant to shoot her brains out. Is a confirms if she is alone and tries to talk to her about Arturo. Sofia tells her that she will never believe any word Isa speaks against the father of her baby and the man she loves. Isadora then goes crazy telling her that a woman enamorada(in love) was capable of anything, she then tells her that she loves Arturo more than her own life and would do anything to have him. Sofia tells her that she is sick in the head and Isa calms down for a second. She then reaches for the gun telling her that Arturo preferred Sofi and the babu over her but just when she is about to make her move, Emilio enters. He saves Sofia from death and tells her that she is always welcomed to his house. Sofia leaves and Emilio confronts Isadora for her craziness and tells her that she will not allow her to destroy his hard earned empire and make the police disturb him all the time!!

Meanwhile at el spa, Vero is speaking to her mother Miranda and as usual Miranda sounds like an annoying mosquito with her comments against Flavio who she refers to as stole Beatrice's mula and Pablo who she refers to as a penyless bum!! Vero as usual won't let her speak I'll of either Pablo or Flavio, both men are very important to her and mostly Pablo who is the love of her life. Miranda thinks its ridiculous that she is hanging on to a man with nothing on his name except a baby from another woman. ( hehehehe that was kind of funny) Vero asks her how she fund out and Miranda tells her that she was told by Rocio. Miranda doesnt want to argue any further over the issue. Pablo then calls Vero and tells her that he needs to see her just one last time he he he :-* :-*  Vero arrives in the beach, they walk holding hands, they say their goodbyes when Pablo tells her that he cant abandon his responsibilities, Pablo is walking away veeeeeeeeerrrrry slowwwwly (I bet you if a giant tortoise was placed beside him it would go faster hehehehehehehehe pablooo hehehehe) As pablo is moving at a baby snails speed hehehe kikikiki jajajaja so funny!! Vero is moving swiftly into the deep ocean... Pablo looks back , no Vero, she has dissappeared into the ocean! Lo and behold is this Pablo moving with the speed of bolt or are my eyes decieving me!?? Hehehe he is one touch in the water, one touch, swiming around. He finally finds her, one thing leads to another, kissing, bam no clothes, and yes, shit happens... Hehehe.. That was quick for a guy who can barely walk hehehe...

So Andrea is talking to her grandfather in the living room when Felipe comments that there must be someone special for Andrea to be looking more gorgeous than ever. Andrea denies it but given how fantastic her shoes are, I doubt if Feli actually buus that lame story. Nieves goes to the door to recieve a package and hands over the well wrapped expensive box to Andrea. Andrea recieves at as Cayetana the snoop ckimbs down. She wants to know wo the admirer is that wants to steal her only remaing sane daughter. She tells Andrea to open it and when she does she finds a dress identical to the one Samy had ruined. Andrea is freaked out about Cayetana finding out about the sender. Cayetana wonders who sent the dress but Andrea is all fidgety and telling her that it was probably a mistake. Cayetana fiends the card and Andrea is frozen for a while thinking that Cayetana already knows that it was Sammy but luckily for her the card doesn't have a name. Andrea is relieved and almost twists her ankle literally running away with the dress. 

Dario is telling Irina about his new partner when Flavio arrives to introduce himself as the new Partner. But of course Irina overreacts, throws a fit telling him that he will call the police for him violating the retraining order. She then threatens to quit and brags about having a commercial coming up about Abys perfume and having a better partner than Flavio... Irina is such a baby!! 

Andrea goes into the room to check out the dress and is all excited, she is talking to herself asking herself what Sammy intended by giving her the dress. Nieves comes into the room and obviously has the idea of who the mystery man is. Meanwhile in FBH, Samuel asks the secretary if she did what he asked and she tells him that she did. Samuel then calls Andrea to just confirm if she liked his gift buy of course she did given how big the smile on her face is. He doesn't allow her to speak much to avoid fighting and he hangs up. Andrea is blushing but notices that Nieves is looking at her and asks her whether she has nothing else to do than look at her... :-* :-* 

Meanwhile Sofi comes back to the house and takes Arturito out for a walk. Cayetana tells Leo that she has a feeling that those walks are not genuine at all. Sofi meets up a with Arturo and they are lingering in the DJ side of the fence. Leo shows up with his ridiculous hat to cause trouble!! 



We start off where we left off. Leo bringing his stupid self to the fence to reproach Sofia for meeting up with Arturo(FyI Leo she is not your wife!!) “Arturito Galardo!!" I have no clue whether he was referring to the big one or the little one.He reminds Arturo that Cayetana had prohibited him from setting foot on the ranch. Arturo hands over Arturito to Sofia as he gets ready to settle things man to man with Leo. Leo punches him first. Sofia complains, Arturo retaliates and punches him back with so much power that Leo falls on the floor with a thud. Arturo wants to continue punching him and grabs him by the collar to give him another when Sofia signals to him to stop. He let's Leo go ( Shit!! I thought he would hit him more!!!) Leo leaves and Sofia and Arturo move closer to the Fence. Arturo tells her that he is tired of being away from her and their son. He thinks the three of them should be together. Sofia tells him all in good time, her mother had a scare when she heard about the marriage between their siblings and this news would hurt her even more. Arturo is convinced and let's her ho but not without a great kiss!!! Mwaaaaaaa!!! Sweet. :-* :-* 

Cayetana is talking to Andrea about the mystery man who sent her the dress. She wants to know who he is but Andrea is not letting out any information. She then tells Andrea that the man who sent her that dress must be very interested in her. Andrea is shocked and asks her mother “You think that that man is interested in me?"

“Yes my love"
“You are exergerating"
“Wait my love, when a man sends a woman a dress it's because he has her body engraved in his mind"(hehehehehe good advice he he he if you only knew Cayetana!!) Andrea evades telling her mother the name of the man and she tells her she has something really important to do. On her way out she bumps into Leo who looks beaten up. Leo tells them that Sofia was with Arturo on the DJ side of the ranch.Cayetana is not happy at all with this and says all the Gallardos are Bastards and down goes all hopes of her ever accepting this beamimg attraction between Samuel and Andrea!!! 

Meanwhile Arturo tells Soledad about his encounter with Leo and how he provoked him into fighting. Sole dad thinks that he should back acting like a dad. He then breaks the news about his reconciliation with Sofia and Sole dad is so happy that she even prays( From her mouth to Mundo God's ears!! Sofi and Arturo can't break up again!!)

Back at the DJ ranch, Cayetana is talking to Leo and telling him that she hopes Sofia is not back with Arturo but Leo tells her that he is almost sure that Sofia got back together with Arturo. Cayetana swears that Sofi will hear from her and Sofia enters just then and asks her to tell her everything she wants to say. Cayetana asks her why she let Arturo set foot on their ranch and Sofi turns to Leo calling him a coward and asking him if it was necessary for him to go with the info to her mother. She then calls him a coward but Leo tells her that she and Irina are going to kill Cayetana one day. Cayetana tells her that Leo is the one who cares more the the ranch that her and she doesn't want Arturo setting foot on it. Sofia reminds her that Arturo is the father of her baby and she is also part owner of the ranch. Cayetana tellls her that she doesn't want any Gallardo setting foot on her land and Sofia tells her that in that case she will take her son to live with his father. Sofi goes upstairs and Leo tells Cayetana that he is sure that Sofia is back with Arturo.

Flavio is talking to Dario about the whole Irina and the commercial thing and he doesn't want her to be naked with any other man. Dario doesn't think its an issue since at the end of the day Irina is his wife and a lot of people would appreciate her beauty but he is the only one who will have her. Flavio well do whatever it takes to get Irina yo stop the commercial. He is willing to spend all his money. Meanwhile Bianchini is telling Irina about the commercial. He tells her that she will have to be naked but Irina doesn't want to do it naked. Bianchini thinks that since she is a proffesional, it shouldn't be a problem for her but when Irina hesitates, he thinks its because of Flavio. Irina lies and tells him that her family is old fashioned, Oooh her grandpa, they might not understand. Bianchini agrees to change the settings but tells her that she would have to kiss the male model at the end...

Rocio and Nieves are gossiping about the secret marriages between Flavio and Irina. Nieves then asks her what she is planning to do about her issue with Pablo and she tells her that she wants to marry him and then get pregnant so that he doesn't find out about the miscarriage. 

Soledad has gone to visit Alma and Jose Antonio's grave when Juan finds her. Juan is shocked to learn that Sole was Jose Antonio's mistress and Veronica's mother.

Linda talks to Emilio and tells him that Isadora is not well. She might have a mental illness. Ververde thinks that Isa's issue is Arturo but Linda thinks it's much worse. She warns him to take care otherwise Isa might end up doing something crazy. meanwhile Sammy receives a gift from Andrea. It's a vest identical to the one Andrea had been keeping very early in the show and had made Sammy wash her car with. The gift is accompanied with a card. He reads it and is left saying “Andrea, Andrea..." Ooh Iike it!!!... 

The captain receives a witness, thebguu gives the a clue on where the arms trafficking happens. They leave for Palenque and meet Emilio. Fernandez asks him whether he knew anything about the arms trafficking that happens in the Palenque...

Andrea is back from shopping and has bought herself new clothes including some sexy lingerie in preparation for her thing with Sammy. Irina comes over to her room and starts pouncing on the clothes Andrea bought grabbing them and telling her she is going to keep them. Andrea and Irina struggle for the clothes while laughing and making a lot of noise when Sofia enters and seals their lips with hare hands. Irina then tells her about Andrea's new wardrobe and they grab the clothes while playing catch with each other trying to pressure Andrea into telling them who the mystery man is. Andrea runs from them and they are left there wondering who the man is that has made Andrea so happy!!

Back at the Alcazar ranch Sammy is wearing the vest that Andrea sent him hehehehe Arturo comes over and the three brothers talk for a while.Flavio is wondering why Sammy decided to wear that outdated vest again.

Cayetana and Leo call a family meeting to discuss among other things how they want to withdraw all their cash from FBH. everyone including Andrea thinks its a bad idea. Cayetana makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with the Gallardos and Sofia tells her that she has forced her to move the baptism of Arturito to the Alcazar mansion!!

Flavio is determined to remove Irina from the commercial and he is willing to do anything. He goes to Bianchini and has a proposal he can't refuse. A partnership with FBH that will benefit all parties. 

Meanwhile, Arturo is sitting on his own in the livingroom thinking about Sofia when she arrives all fired up. He gets up from his seat and gives her a well deserved deep kiss... He the asks her about Arturito and she tells him that she left him with Nieves to come and see his father... Kisses...sweet lord!! He he then tells her as he grabs her by the waist, “I always need you this close to me, so that I can make love to you over again"

“I am yours Arturo, make me yours tonight and every other night after!!" Wohoo kisses... More kisses... Clothes off, more kisses... A lot of censored scenes that obviously will be cutt off by Telemundo... I can attest to feeling the uncensored passion hehehehehe... They end up making love :-* :-* :-*  after the hot scene they are in each others arms in bed when Sofia inquires about Sammy and Andrea, Arturo doesn't think it's possible!!!

Back to the DJ ranch, Andrea receives a Skype call and when she finds out that its Samuel Rey Gallardo calling she gets all craxu trying to fix herself up but look more natural but her idea is to shake her head up and down and mess her hair up. She finally receives it and Samuel looks up “Andrea hi"


The episode just has to end with a distasteful episode of Cayetana and Leo getting fresh with each other and someone knocks at the door... Hope they get busted for pits sake!!!


We start off with Cayetana and Leo and thier brief irky love sene being interupted by an Unsuspecting Irina. Cayetana tells Leo that he needs to hide in the back. Irina enters and starts telling her mother how she understands her decision to not accept Flavio for her. She just wants her mother to reconsider accepting Arturo for the sake of her Sobrino but Cayetana sticks to her motto. No Gallardo is allowed in the house or around the lands. 11144980_904483009608082_5103096899046722073_o

She tells Irina that she is tired and wants to rest and is literally kicking her out of the room when the eavesdropping Leonardo suddenly drops something that catches Irina’s attention. Irina asks Cayetana if she heard that and Cayetana discards it. Irina leaves as Cayetana and Leo get into a second round of smoooging that is even more disturbing than the first. Cayetana stops it. She cannot loose her head and sleep with him with her daughters lurking around. Leo tells her that he wants to spend the night, oooh he loves her and they can do it just like before. She tells him that it’s impossible. Leo gives up and tells her that soon her girls will leave and they will remain just as they were before, alone… “Mi senora bonita” hehehe He leaves… Phew!!

Back to Andreita and Sammy boy. They are still skyping. Andrea asks him why he called her and he tella her he just wantse to say thank you for his returning his favorite shirt. Apparantly it was his favorite. He then asks her about the note, What exactly did she mean by it?? It had sounded to him like he still owed her. Andrea wants to rweply when Irina burges into the room and throws herself on Andrea’s bed. Andrea hurriendly shuts down the laptop to prevent Irina from seeing who she was talking to. Irina wants to spend the night there and talk to her about alot of issues. Andrea is wondering why it all has to be that particular night hehehhe (She was living her own love story whyyyyyyyyy??) Irina is telling her about so many issues and all Andrea can do is to look longfully at the laptop. Samuel on the other side of the line is shocked at himself and his weird feelings for Andrea and wonders “Samuel…What happened to you with Brujita?” Irina finally falls asleep and Andrea wakes up. Sammy left her a message… “Good night Andrea, You still have to explain to me what you meant” Andrea is there feeling all high in love!!! oooh Sammmy…

ooh Sammy high in love!!

ooh Sammy high in love!!

At the Palenque, Fernandez and Cabruera are there looking for La Dona. They think it might be Patricia since her anme was mentioned by the witness in relation to some crimes. Patricia is singing one of her songs and men have I missed Palenque queen!! Later Fernandez and Cabruera interogate her on where she was during a certain night and if she knows a certain La dona. Patricia tells him that the only issues they have is with the drunkards who like to disrespect them all the time but they have never heard about this La dona person. Her statement is echoed by Candela and Rodger. Later Patricia and Candela inform Emilio that Fernandez is looking for La Dona and Emilio who looks Fidgety and worried leaves in a hurry!!


The next Morning Sofia wakes up and finds herself with Arturo. She gets up in a hurry and jumps out of bed. Arturo gets up after her. He is wondering why she is in such a hurry. Sofia tells him that she doesn’t want problems with her mother. Arturo gets up without the hat looking as hot as a freaking furnace and asks her if she isn’t even going to greet him… She smiles and kisses him “Good morning my king!” (aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww….) They almost fall on the bed but Sofia who is buttoning up tells Arturo that she has to go. She is running towards the livingroom. He is coming after her. He grabs her and tells her he wants her to stay with him. Kisses, she has to leave, he is holding on to her, more sweet kisses, Flavio and Samuel who are coming from their rooms realize that Sofia and Arturo are in their elements and they decide to go back and  give them some room. Artuto grabs her and wants to go back to the room but Sofia has to go. More sweet kisses!!! She tells him that he is Crazy and “Enough!” She laughs as she leaves.

Sammy and Flavio tease Arturo about the hot reconciliation he must have had with Sofia and Sofia. They start tickling him hehehe so funny!!!

Sofia sneaks back into the house and if caught by Felipe. She tries to beat around the bush about the issue with her spending the night out but Felipe is not stupid. He knows she spent the night with Arturo. She tells Felipe how she is super happy that she is back together with him. He is her life. Cayetana comes over and asks them what they are up to. Felipe covers up for Sofia making up an excuse for Sofi.

Later that morning, the whole DJ family is having breakfast and Sofia tells them that the next day will be the Baptism of Arturito in the Alcazar ranch and the entire family is invited “Except Leonardo of course” Leo is not surprised at the news in the least. Cayetana tells her that she cannot attend the party at the house of those men. Sofia is dissapointed but the show must go on. She tells Andrea that she will be the godmother of the baby. Everyone including Cayetana is happy well until Sofia mentions that the Padrino(God father) will be one of the Gallardo brothers hehehe… Pablo comes over to take instrutions from Sofia. Nieves then brings and envelope for Andrea and she almost runs out of the living room.

Andrea is in her room when she reads the contents of the letter. It’s the president of FBH writting to inform her that he has increased the amounto for the charity… “Yours truly Samuel Gallardo Leon” Andrea who is overjoyed Summersaults in her bed and starts rolling around excited saying that he likes her when Irina and Sofia enter. She uses her acrobatics to hide the letter. They ask her why she got so excited and ran off. She tells them that it’s because of her foundation. Andrea then asks which of the Brothers will be the Padrino and Sofia tells her Samuel. Irina thinks that Andrea always had a problem with Samuel but Andrea surprisingly is okay with it hehehehe Love changes people!

Back at the Alcazar Ranch, Arturo tells Samuel about him being the Padrino. He is super excited and Arturo expects him to be angry when he tells her that Andrea is actually the Madrino but he takes it very well hehehe

Cayetana meets up with Leo and apologizs for not giving into him the previous night. Leo tells her that he is already used to being humiliated and insulted by her family. Cayetana assures him that she respects him.

Arturo has gone to try and Urge Emilio to sell him that Gallrdo ranch because it has a lot of sentimental value to him and he can buy whatever ranch he wants. Emilio though very hesitant, tells him that he will have to consult with Crazy Isadora because the ranch is her property. Arturo doesn’t look pleased with that!

Patricia asks Candela to help her escape to see Samuel and Candela tells her that she doesn’t want trouble with Ulyses. Patricia tells her that she is just being a big Coward and Candela tells her that she prefers being a alive and owardly than dead and brave hehe…

We are back with Cayetana and Leo. Leo asks her is she would rather sacrifice her own happiness to please her daughters. Leo asks her if she has changed her mind and doesn’t want to marry him anymore, she tells him that it’s impossible. Irina finds them holding hands and shouts “Mama!… I hope am not interrupting anything important”

Leo with his big mouth “Whether or not you are interrupting depends on what you saw”

Cayetana changes the subject when Leo leaves. Irina begs her to attend the baby’s baptism.

Emilio speaks to Marcovich and his baldness (I have no idea what the name of this other baldy is hehehe) The guys are telling him about Isadora being the Dona. He is not happy about that and thinks Isadora will destroy all their plans

It’s the day of the baptism and everyone is looking spectacular but no one beats Sofia, She is looking incredible in those shorts that I just got to have!!! Sofia asks if Cayetana is coming and Irina tells her not to hold her breath. Felipe is adding his input in the matter when Cayetana who is also looking spectacular comes over and says she is not going to miss the baptism for nothing. She then tells Leo that she would die first before allowing the Gallardos to baptise her Nieto without her consent.

Isadora and Ulyses are talking in an old shack. Isadora decides to shoot open a lock probably put up by her father and they bump into a man who looks abandoned like he has been held hostage for a while… Could it be Jose Antonio??

The Boys are all dressed up in suits waiting for the Del Juncos. The DJ’s are running late and Arturo is worried about what could be happening. Cayetana makes her triumphant Entry into the chapel holding the baby in her arms and tells Arturo that she only came for the baby!!!




Let’s start off with Cayetana making her grande entrance into the chucrh and making herself very clear that she is only there for a nieto and nada mas!!! She tells Arturo that she will not allow anyone to separate her from her grandson and Arturo tells her that no one intends to do that. She then tells Sofia that she should make use of her time there because it’s the only time she will ever been seen close to Arturo. Cayetana goes over to sit near her daughters and the brothers are sitting on seats opposite the girls. The arrangement is… On one side Cayetana carrying baby, Andrea then Irina

The djs

The djs
and on the other Flavio, Samuel then Captain Fernandez… woohhooo it’s meant to be. The boys are admiring the baby. Cayetana is telling Irina


“Stop exchanging looks with that man(Flavio)… And you too Andrea, stop looking at them, it’s either you are with me or with my enemies”

“But ofcourse I am with you mama”

Felipe who is wheeling beside them tells Cayetana to stop talking about Enemies in the church. Cayetana continues to comment about the boys and even tells the girls, “Look who is with them?… That damned captain, their accomplice” Samuel is telling Flavio to stop looking at Irina or her mummy dearest will show her claws. The boys have a good laugh at Cayetana’s expense but Samuel notices that Andrea is looking at Samuel an awful lot!!!

Patricia is sneaking out of Palenque to go looking for Samuel. Candela thinks it’s a stupid idea and she will get into major trouble but Patricia thinks that it’s the only way she can get out of Palenque. Candela tells her that if anything happens to her she should know that she is her bff and Patty tells her that she is not going to die, she is only going to escape… She is going to get her man heheheheh!!!

Meanwhile Emilio goes to the mental institution to pay Julia a visit. Julia asks him what he did to her husband and her daughter. She asks him where her daughter is and Emilio tells her that her husband died in an accident. Julia doesn’t seem to think that he is telling her the truth but Emilio tells her that she is being indenial. Her husband died. She asks him about her daughter and he tells her that she died. Julia gets hysterical telling Emilio that what he is saying is not true. So it turns out that Julia had left Emilio for an imbisel who I happen to think is Jose Antonio Gallardo. Isadora is actually the product of an affair between Julia and the imbisel according to Emlio, he couldn’t accept being left for Jose and decided to capture both of them and adapt Isadora as his own daughter!!!Isadora might actually be a Gallardo!! hehehe…

No one ever dumps Emilo Ververde!!

No one ever dumps Emilo Ververde!!
The  Baptism goes on so well… Sammy and Andrea are over there looking adobs holding the baby together.

you are as beautiful as your aunt!

you are as beautiful as your aunt!
The baby is baptised and everyone is happy… After the Baptism Cayetana is holding on to the baby.

mummy daddy and baby!!!

mummy daddy and baby!!!
She doesn’t want him going anywhere with Arturo and is causing a scene telling them how much she wants to get Flavio and Irina divorced, and how much the baby is at ease with her and wants to stay with her. Sofia begs her mother to let Arturo go to his party but Cayetana objects. Arturo grabs Arturito genty from Cayetana’s arms after she realizes that she cannot win that war. Everyone leaves… Fernendez tells her that she missed an opportunity to be closer to her daughters because of her insistance on being hateful.

and who is th

I am leaving with my nieto!!
Meanwhile, Samuel is leaving the church and meets Sammy outside. She pounces on him trying to kiss him by force. Samuel tells her that he already said no and he doesn’t want to be with her but Patricia is convinced that he wants her just as much as she does. She is trying to take Sammy’s clothes off and Rodger happens to see her. Sammy tells her that he wants nothing to do with her!!!

is it by force??

is it by force??
Isadora and Ulyses find the hostage and wonders why he has been kept there. Some guys tells her that it’s better if she didn’t know anything about that. She asks who the guy is but the guys refuse to tell her.

Back to the Alcazar ranch where the party is going down. Everyone is playing with little Arturito. Sofia is a bit down that her mother and the rest of her family did not attend the baptism andJuana tells her that it doesn’t matter what her mother thinks about Arturo as long as she knows that he is a man who can lay down his life for her. Arturo who is on the othere side looks at her and comes over to where she is at. He asks her how the party is going and Sofia tells her that she likes it but would have loved if her family attended. She leaves and goes inside the room and Juana tells Arturo to follow her…

Back at the DJ ranch, Cayetana makes a toast to her grandson “Ignacio Del Junco”

Felipe tells her that the boy’s name is Arturo Ignacio Gallardo DelJunco(What a name…hehehe sounds like a bacteria…too many characters) Cayetana tells Felipe to stop contradicting her all the tme and Felipe tells her to stop all her hatred. He thinks it’s impossibel to eat with Leo the leach always sucking their blood around there. He leaves the table and Andrea and Irina chase after him. Miranda, Cayetana and Leo are left seated there. They speak about Dario’s partnership with Flavio and how it worsens things. Cayetana is sure that both Vero and Dario are in the next ranch.

Meanwhile Felipe thinks that it’s impossible to celebrate in that house. Cayetana comes over to tell them that she will be storming the Alcazar ranch to give Sofia a piece of her mind.Felipe then tells her that he will not allow her to cause trouble during his great grandson’s party. He will be the one to go. Andrea quickly offers to take him and Irina wants to go too but Cayetana tells Irina that she is going nowhere!!! hehehe You kick a problem out the door, another is quickly entring using the window hehehe Cayetana will die when she finds out about SamAndrea!!!

Arturo follows Sofia inside. She tells him that she wishes her mother had accepted him and Arturo tells her that if she wants her mother so badly he would go to the DJ ranch and get her even if it meant he would be shot at by her men and Sofia tells him he doesn’t have to. All she needs right now is a kiss “Can you kiss me?”

But ofcourse he can and he does… smoooooooooooochhhhhh!!!

Samuel and Flavio are talking. He tells Flavio about having an incident with a woman earlier. Flavio is curious to know who the woman is and Samuel tells him…

“There is only one woman who is driving me crazy at the moment and it’s because I understand her less each day” (oooh Sammy!!! sammy sammy!!!)

Andrea arrives with Felipe and Flavio welcomes them at the party.

“ General, I give you my respects, welcome.”

“ If you really respected me, my rebel soldier, you wouldn’t have secretly married my granddaughter.”
“The only choice in the face of injustice is rebellion.
“ There’s no justification for traitors.”
” Except reason, truth and love.”
Sofia and Arturo who were smooching inside the house are found by Flavio who informs them that the general has arrived and Sofia runs to welcome them. Meanwhile Sammy is trying to convince Andrea to stay in the party… I am telling you he so obvious… She is not sure about staying but Veronica and dario convince her to stay just a little bit longer. Sofia comes over when Andrea recieves a call from Cayetana. She wants her home immediately and Andrea who has gone inside to pick up the call tells her that they will be coming back. Samuel shows up behind her and almost startles her to death…

“ Hey. I think we have an unfinished conversation.”

“Really? About what?”
“Yeah, we were talking and got interrupted, remember?”
” Hm, no, I don’t. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“ Are you sure? Well, I’ll remind you. So you can see I have a good memory. You were implying that the dress I bought you to replace the one I ruined isn’t the only debt I have with you, and that I have many others. So, what are they?”
“ Well, there were all the bad times you put me through.”
“ Ok, and what else?”
“ Well…all the times your cabaret singer came to my house to accuse me of being with you, when she was the one publicly throwing herself at you.”
“ Oh, does it bother you she did that? Are you…jealous?”
“ Samuel, please, don’t make me laugh. I would never fight over a man with a woman like her, especially if it’s you.”
“ Miss…the more you tell me that, the less I believe you.”


the more you say it, the less i believe it!!!

the more you say it, the less i believe it!!!

Pablo and Rocio are talking about their baby when Pablo asks if he can kiss him not knowing he is kissing an empty tummy heheheh Leo shows up and wants to force Pablo to go to the Alcazar ranch and take Sofia and the baby. Pablo tells him that he will not do anything against Sofia and Leo tells him to leave his ranch(The nerve!!!!!!!)

Flavio calls Irina and asks her why she did not show up for her nephew’s babptism. She ends up annoyed and cuts him off.

Cayetana thinks that Isadora is the only one who can help her separate Sofia and Arturo!! Welcome to the darkside Cayetana!!!

AND WE CALL IT A WEEK!!... things heat up next week!!


Cayetana agrees that she should contact Isadora and plot with her to keep Sofia away from Arturo. Meanwhile, Ulysses discovers that Patricia snuck out to see Samuel. Roger con He tells Roger to call Emilio’s men to the bar the next day. Roger also reveals that Fernandez is looking for “the Dona” at the Palenque, and that he wants Ulysses to report to the station.

Arturo asks Sofia to stay with him, but she tells him that she doesn’t want to confront her mother. Arturo offers to go now with her to the Del Junco Ranch to confront Cayetana- he wants to reunite their family.

Irina demands to know how Flavio managed to sneak onto the ranch. Flavio replies that if he was able to get into her bedroom various times, this was no problem, and the only reason he didn’t go to her room again was because of the restraining order she made him sign. Irina reminds him that he needs to be 50 meters away from her at all times, but Flavio subtracts 25 meters because she’s his wife, 20 for the commercial she did in lingerie, and the final 5 for her leaving to Paris without telling him. Irina kisses him and is about to seduce him, but suddenly “remembers” that Cayetana and Leonardo were supposed to meet in the barn to discuss a remodeling plan. She ushers Flavio out amongst his protests that he won’t take long and that he promises to be quiet. We then learn that this is her plan of revenge- Flavio will have to wait a long time until she’s his again, because her revenge against him is only beginning.

Andrea defends Pablo, but Leonardo defends his position. Cayetana is furious when Andrea says that if Pablo goes, she will go as well. Cayetana asks Andrea why she spoke so defiantly, and Andrea replies that it’s because it was the first time her mother doubted her word- and all because of Leonardo, who is committing an injustice in firing Pablo. Though Andrea points out all that Leonardo did wrong, Cayetana, instead of supporting her daughter, fires her from her position as manager of personnel. Andrea repeats that if Pablo leaves, she will as well. Felipe tells Cayetana that she is supporting Leonardo only because he’s her lover, and that she should be ashamed of herself- one day she will regret having mistrusted

Emilio tells Isadora that Fernandez is once again looking at the Palenque as the center of the arms trade. Emilio orders Isadora to talk to her contact in the police to find out. As he leaves, Isadora asks him about the prisoner he has in Mexico. Emilio tells her that it was someone who betrayed him, but tells her not to interfere. Emilio also tells her that Arturo wants to buy the Gallardo house. Isadora replies that if he wants the ranch, he needs to talk to her.

Sofia doesn’t think it’s prudent to go to the ranch today, as much as she wants to. Soledad arrives to tell Sofia about Leonardo’s problem with Andra and the slap Cayetana gave her. After Sofia leaves with the baby, Soledad tells the brothers that Andrea must be changing the way she thinks. Samuel wonders that Leonardo is still at the ranch, and Soledad admits that she suspects Leonardo and Cayetana are lovers. She begs the brothers not to say anything. The brothers are disgusted, and are sure that Leonardo is going to put Cayetana against the sisters.

Cayetana talks to Pablo- she refuses to accept disrespect from him. Andrea arrives to defend Pablo, though he tells her it isn’t necessary. Cayetana tells her to leave, but Andrea refuses. She tells Cayetana that if she’s being fired she will need that in writing, and until she receives that notice she will be there, defending her employee. As Leonardo tells Andrea that his decisions are above hers, a furious Sofia arrives to tell him that Leonardo is their employee, and that the sisters’ decisions are above his. Pablo says that if Cayetana wants him to leave, he will- he doesn’t want the sisters to put their hands in the fire for him. Sofia and Andrea stop him- Sofia says that he will continue to be the ranch foreman, and that she will take him to the police station immediately to report Leonardo’s assault. Andrea says that they will not allow someone to take their father’s place. Cayetana allows Pablo to stay on the condition that he obeys Leonardo’s orders.

At the Alcazar Ranch, Samuel worries for Andrea. He almost calls her, but stops himself, confused.

The sisters tell Pablo that they will be by his side. Sofia is proud of Andrea for seeing Leonardo for what he is. She urges Pablo to make a report, but he refuses. Sofia makes it clear that Leonardo is an enemy of the house, and that the sisters should get him out of the house.

Leonardo manipulates Cayetana, telling her that he is nothing to her, because he disrespected her in front of the daughters. Cayetana tries reason, but he succeeds in manipulating her emotions as usual.

Arturo calls Sofia the next day to check on her. He tells her that he wants to see her today, but Sofia tells him it’s not possible, but that tomorrow they can see each other. Samuel arrives to ask about Andrea. Arturo tells him that they succeeded in saving Pablo. Arturo tells him about the house- that he will have to deal with Isadora, something that Arturo doesn’t want to do.

Isadora is plotting against her father- she wants to discover his secrets.

Fernandez arrives with a search warrant at Ulysses’ house. He asks Ulysses about his trip to Mexico, but he can’t prove anything. He takes the money that Ulysses claims Patricia received for a show, but can’t prove it’s source (we know it’s trafficking money).

The sisters receive an invitation to the grand reopening of Dario’s spa. Irina wants the three of them to go, but Sofia doesn’t want to, and Cayetana orders the girls that none will go. Irina protests, but Cayetana refuses. Felipe advises her that the day her life will be better will be the day she lets go of her hatred and stops being manipulated by Leonardo. Cayetana refuses to listen to him and walks away.

Ulysses orders Samuel’s death by Emilio’s men. It is decided that it will happen at the reopening of the spa.

The episode ends with the formation of a powerful and iconic alliance between Cayetana and Isadora to separate Arturo and Sofia.

Thoughts: The emotional manipulation Leonardo puts Cayetana under is pretty terrible. I can’t decide if it’s masterfully done or what. It’s just gross. And I know it will only get worse.

Also, I really hope Isadora’s police contact is not Cabrera because that would make me so sad, but I can’t discount the possibility.



The most anticipated episode is finally here people!!!  

Let's start off with Cayetana walking in on a weird conversation among Isadora, the dog and the big witch!!( in case you just liked our page the dog refferimg to Leo and the big witch referring to Cayetana!! ) Andrea is suspicious, what exactly could her mum be planning with Isadora?? The crazy woman Isa excuses herself and to cover up their plot of seperating Sofia and Arturo tells Cayetana that she will be calking her later to even out the details of the colt she is supposedly buying from her. Andrea then speaks to her mother about Leo's bad management decisions. He apparently has been firing their employees and replacing them with others. Cayetana as usual doesn't show any form of decency and outrightly defends her lover. Andrea is furious about her mother taking Leo's side even she he makes some very outrageously stupid decisions. She leaves angry and Leo has the balls to tells Cayetana that he is worried about Andrea. Her sisters are influencing her( yuck!!! This guy gets worse with time!! Cayetana SHAME!!!) Cayetana tells Leo that Andrea is not like her sisters( hehehehe am there saying SHE IS WORSE!!!)

Sammy and Arturo are all dressed up and ready to go to the spa opening. Sole dad shows up from her room looking absolutely stunning!!! I don't even recognize her.... They leave for the party!

Meanwhile Vero, Dario and Flavio are in the venue making sure everything is perfect for the opening!! 

Andrea goes into Sofia's room to tell her about seeing Isadora talking to her mother and Leonardo and Sofia thinks that they are probably up to something. Irina comes into the room. She wants Andrea to lend her her car so that she can go to the event. Sofia asks her to be careful and lends her car. When Sofia leaves, Andrea asks Irina if she is really going to the opening. Irina tells her that she is. Andrea tells her that she is coming along and Irina could not be more thrilled. Irina and Andrea sneak out of their house, they are both looking gorgeous!!!

Meanwhile let's get rid of this Patricia bussines. She is looking at the flier announcing the opening of the spa when Ulyses comes over and tells her that there is no was she will be going. Against all odds she manages yo sneak out with her yellow dress and is outside the venue waiting to see if Sammy will arrive with a woman. Sammy' s Benz arrives and we see the two apfr goons( hehehehe this guys have broken the record he he he they are alwat the ones doing the dirty work!!) Markovich tells the baldy that they will finish Sammy off that very day. Sammy goes on to open the front passanger seat like the perfect gentleman he is who by the way is super loaded, literally swimming in mula!! Patricia sees a woman(Sole dad) and wonders who Sammy's newest conquest is. Patty doesn't get the chance to approach Sammy because Rodger finds her and takes her back. When Ulyses is back, he asks Rodger what happened and Rodger surprisingly doesn't rat on Patricia... (Mhhhh something is not right here... Why did big mouth idiot Rodger keep his mouth shut??)

Soledad is looking super cute today. She goes to speak to Vero who tells her that she is the most beautiful woman in the party. One man walks past them and is a checking out Sole's cute booty hehehehe... The two continue talking with Sole telling her how uncomfortable she feels in those heels... Miranda just has to come over and ruin the moment. She is throwing insults at Soledad calling her uneducated. Vero tells her that the only one who is acting uneducated is Miranda. She leaves and Miranda and Sole go inside to talk. Miranda yaps about Sole being a mere maid and tells her that wearing beautiful clothes and good shoes doesn't make her a lady. Soledad tells her off saying that she will regain everything Miranda stole from her and from then hence forth Miranda has to treat her like what she is “A señora!!" (You go girl!!) She catwalks out of there leaving Miranda confused!! Serves her right!!

Irina and Andrea arrive at the event and Andrea's shoes are stealing the show!! She is looking absolutely gorgeous in that blue figure hugging dress that am sure Sammy will not be overlooking!! People today is the day!! They catwalk through the guests showering each other with praises of how gorgeous they both look. Andrea has to go to the bathroom and Irina points her towards the direction as she greats the guests. On her way to the bathroom she bumps into Sammy. It's a romantic coincidence. Sammy holds on to her arms and they are now very close to each other. He then says...“Miss Andrea!?"....


Irina spots Flavio surrounded by a gazillion girls taking selfies. Irina tries to make Flavio jealous by flirting with some waiter but its no use. Dario comes over and Irina starts using him to drive Flavio loco. It works and Flavio comes over. Dario wonders why Flavio is jealous of him and Flavio tells him that he would even be jealous of his brothers if he was that close to his wife... Flairina are alone, more smoochez, Flavio wants to do it now, Irina doesn't think the should, she tells him he should wait until the event is over. Flavio thinks its way too far but he is willing to wait if it's for his Muñeca. They continue teasing each other...

Arturo stayed behind. He tells Thomas about his plan to go to the DJ ranch to finally once ad for all confront Cayetana. Thomas thinks it's suicide and tells him not to do it but Arturo still goes through with the suicide mission. He arrives at the DJ ranch ready to confront Cayetana when Leo surprises him with a gun. Leo orders him to move steadily to the stables. He wants to shoot Arturo but the dummy dilly dallies with the gun giving Arturo ample time to react. Arturo disarms Leo, takes away the gun and kicks hi, to his knees. I am sure when Leo was planning the assassination he never thought it old be him on his knees hehehehe... Leo looks like a big loser and Arturo looks determined to shoot him right in the face but Sofia arrives and stops him. Arturo first beats up Leo before he leaves... He he he well as we guessed, Leo runs with the information to Cayetana and Cayetana is pissed off at Arturo for daring to set foot on her ranch. (Cayetana you ain't his mama!!!) Leo leaves feigning sadness and Cayetana feels guilty and is cursing Arturo!!(she will never learn... Anyone with a good gun??)

Arturo and Sofi arrive back at the A ranch and Arturo wants Sofia and Arturito far away from Leo. Sofia asks him what he was doing in the ranch, 
“Have you gone crazy?"
“I wanted to speak to your mother"
“But you know it's impossible"
“You and my son belong here with me!"
“You have a point, Let me be the one to talk to her"
“I always want you like this, close to me so that I can make love to you"
“Kiss me... Caress me... Make me yours "

Smooches.... Bed...more smooches... Cut!! Shit!!! He he he


they just bumped into each other... 
“I am sorry forgive me señorita Andrea, but I just can't stop looking at you... Wow you look spectacular"
“Is that really what you think or you are jus saying that"
“I mean what I say"
“Well I find it hard to believe you"
“Maybe I can show you without words"

He gets dangerously close to her and they are almost in kissing position when Sammy's senses resurface and he apologizes to her...
“I am sorry, I don't even know what can over me!"( love my friend, you are jus in love!!!)

Andrea is moving away and Samuel tries to apologize once again. Andrea tells him that he has nothing to apologize for since he hasn't done anything wrong. Samuel then says...“In that case, can you dance with me" (porsupuesto que sii!!!) 
“Why not!"

They are dancing and Sammu finds it unbelievable that the are dancing since they never thought well of each other before. The dancing is going well she suddenly Samuel says something stupid that puts Andrea off and she wants to go.

Dario and Vero wonder why Miranda despises Sole so much. Sole comes back from her conversation with Miranda and assures Vero that all is well. Irina comes to them and they comment on how she and Flavio make such a cute couple. Iriinaand Flavio are exchanging looks... Andrea comes over and tells Irina she wants to leave, Irina obviously doesn't want to go because of the later meet up with Flavio. Samuel comes over and I think offers to walk Andrea off. He holds her hand and they walk away... Outside the idiot goons are still waiting for the opportune time to abduct Sammy. He comes out with Andrea.

“ I’m not going anywhere with you. I’m a witch, right? So I’ll go alone, on my broom" “Hey!"
“Leave me alone!"
“ Miss, don’t be stubborn. I told you I was joking, I didn’t mean to offend you."
“Well I didn’t like your joke"
“Look, I didn’t mean to ruin the moment. At least let me accompany you to the ranch."
“No thanks, you’ve escorted me enough, don’t you think?"
Samuel: Well I don’t think it was enough- "
He grabs her back to himself and they kissssssssssssssssss!!

“W-why did you kiss me?"
“ I don’t know."
“If you don’t know why did you do it, idiot?" 

She slaps him!!! She IRA about to drive off when she sees two men taking Sammy into a black van... What to do... She drives after them...

Sofia and Arturo are making love... Intense... Obviously TA will cut... 

Flavio is so taken by Irina that he turns down taking Sole home. Vero offers to do it and Sole is more than glad. The heels were killing her( small observation, she walked really comfortably for someone who doesn't wear heels ever!! Hehehew eyes roll!! He he he telewonder)

Andrea sees the guys taking Sammy into an abandoned house, its the same damn one everyone is taken to in APFR he he he. She wants to call Fernandez but her battery is dead. She takes out her gum ad goes inside. Meanwhile the guys are having a great time beating up Sammy whose face has been covered. One of them goes to the other room to take a call when Andrea bravely hits him with a gun on the head. The guy collapses as Andrea moves into the room where Sammu is being held. She then tells the masked idiot... “Let go of him!!"
Samuel exclaims... “Señorita Andrea!!!" As we all wait patiently for the next episode!! beautiful episode!!




 Andrea takes out the two men and single handedly saves Samuel like the bad ass she is. Samuel asks her why she did it, and she replies she doesn’t know. He tries to kiss her again but she urges him to follow her out so they can get the hell out of there.

 Finally alone Irina and Flavio enjoy each others company. Irina manages to hold him off until they get to his office, and convinces him to give her a striptease. He asks her to do the same in return, but she tells him she has a “surprise” for him, and to wait in the next room. Unfortunately for Flavio, he’s fallen for Irina’s tricks again- she makes off with his clothes, leaving him naked and waiting for her.

 Arturo wants to accompany Sofia to confront her mother, but she wants to do it alone. She asks him to leave her at the ranch, and that she will call him after to get her and their son.

 Ulysses arrives to claim his prize and is furious when he finds the two men instead of Samuel.

At the Alcazar Ranch, Samuel is extremely grateful to Andrea for saving him. She offers to call an ambulance, but Samuel stops her. She also urges him to call he police on those men, and Samuel asks if she really worries that much about him. They kiss, and Samuel is left wondering how he never noticed or realized his feelings for Andrea before.

 Sofia confronts Cayetana about Arturo. Cayetana can’t believe Sofia would let Arturo onto the ranch, and Sofia tells her it’s because he is the man of her life, and that she is getting back together with him. She had withheld making a decision for her mother, but now she realizes that there is no reason for her to sacrifice her happiness for someone as selfish as her mother. She calls Cayetana out for keeping Leonardo around when he hurt her so badly, and having him take her father’s place.

 Dario thanks his staff for all their hard work, and says goodbye to them. He goes to his office to get his keys, and hears Flavio, who thinks it is Irina returning and enters the office in his underwear. Dario is shocked and Flavio is mortified. He demands to know what Dario is doing in the office- he was waiting for Irina. Dario replies that Irina left, and in a hurry. Dario thinks the situation is hilarious, even more so when Flavio realizes that his clothes are gone. He tells Flavio that he saw Irina with a large bag when she left, which makes Flavio realize that she has once again made off with his clothes. Flavio is furious that Irina got the best of him again, but Dario advises him to calm down, and promises to find him clothes. Flavio calls Irina and asks her how she could do this to him again, but Irina replies that this was her revenge for Flavio revealing to Cayetana that they were married.

 Meanwhile, Samuel tells Fernandez what happened, and readies his men to confront Ulysses at the Palenque. At the Del Junco Ranch, Andrea is daydreaming about her kiss with Samuel when Irina arrives carrying her prize. Andrea wonders why Irina is so flustered, but before Irina can tell her sister, Sofia enters and tells her sisters about the conversation she had with her mom, and that Arturo had come to the ranch. She admits to her sisters that she has gotten back together with Arturo.

 Miranda is furious at Soledad, and tells her maid that she suspects that Soledad will tell Veronica that she is not Miranda’s daughter. Unfortunately, Veronica overhears the last part of the conversation. Miranda tries to cover, but it’s too late- Veronica finally understands why Miranda wanted her raised overseas, why she wanted her to be a perfect lady- she was embarrassed of Veronica’s origins. Veronica is horrified that her life has been a lie, and that Miranda was ashamed of her. Veronica demands to know who her parents are, but Miranda replies that she doesn’t know.

 Dario finds clothes for Flavio, but they’re Veronica’s clothes. Flavio of course refuses to wear female clothing, despite Dario’s assurances that no one would see him and it isn’t a big deal. Flavio challenges Dario- if it’s so easy, why doesn’t he wear it? He convinces Dario to give him his suit, while Dario will put on Veronica’s dress.

 Samuel confronts Ulysses at the Palenque. Ulysses pulls a gun, but Samuel challenges him, and Ulysses orders him to leave. But Samuel accuses him of trying to kill him, and challenges him to a fist fight.

 Arturo arrives, summoned by Sofia. Cayetana asks him what he’s doing there, and Sofia arrives with the baby, telling her mother that he’s there to take her and the baby. Cayetana demands to know what right Arturo has over her daughter and grandson. Arturo replies that Sofia is the love of his life and the mother of his child, and though Cayetana doesn’t think that is important, he is nonetheless there to take his family home with him. Sofia agrees. Cayetana asks Sofia how she can forget everything Arturo did. Arturo answers that it’s not about forgetting, but about forgiving, just as he used the love he feels for Sofia to forgive all the pain and lies Ignacio Del Junco gave Alma, and the mistreatment Alma suffered at Cayetana’s hands. Cayetana still thinks she’s in the right, but Sofia is equally firm in her position. Cayetana, when she realizes she’s about to lose Sofia, throws a final gambit. She accepts Arturo, and says that she will allow them to get married.

 The episode ends with Arturo back at the Alcazar ranch, suspecting (correctly) that Cayetana is planning something devious, and that she accepted him only to buy time to separate him from Sofia definitely.

 Thoughts: This was such a good episode. I loved how dumbstruck Samuel was, and the scene between him and Andrea was EXACTLY LIKE PDG I mean even the dialogue was almost identical thank lord. Also the situation between Flavio and Irina was masterful, and also very like it was PDG. Now shit is about to get real and I am incoherently gleeful. The only thing that worries me a bit is that we are already on episode 113, and that we are moving a snail’s pace. Is this going to be a long novela? (I wouldn’t mind at all) PDG was 196 episodes of telenovela perfection- at the pace TDR is going, it should run at least to episode 230.

 Things to look forward to the next episode: Arturo finding Flavio with Dario and thinking the worse, Flavio calling Irina out on her shenanigans, Isadora and Cayetana putting their evil plan into action.

  Episode Quotes

Samuel: Thank you for bringing me home, miss
Andrea: Sure. I hope you feel better.
Samuel: W-wait, don’t go.
Andrea: What’s the matter? Are you ok?
Samuel: Well, yeah, I mean, my side hurts from the hits, but-
Andrea: I’ll call an ambulance.
Samuel: No, no, I’m ok, really. And it’s thanks to you.
Andrea: Samuel, you have to report this. Those men wanted to kill you.
Samuel: You worry a lot about me.
Andrea: No, you don’t matter. I would have done it for anyone.
Samuel: I don’t know anyone who would risk their life going up against dangerous criminals like that for just anyone.
Andrea: Well, yeah, because I know how to use a gun, and…
Samuel: And because you’re very brave. I can’t deny that I liked seeing you fight for me…even though I’ve been so rude to you. (he kisses her)
Andrea: Why did kiss me? To thank me or what?
Samuel: No, Andrea, because I was dying to kiss you. If you want to hit me, it’s ok, it was worth it.
Andrea: I think you’ve gotten enough blows tonight, no?
Samuel: Yeah, a lot of hits, but not enough kisses.

EPISODE 114...

The episode picks up with Soledad and Arturo are debating whether Cayetana is plotting something devious. Samuel arrives, and Arturo demands to know what happened to his brother’s face. Samuel tries to play it off as an accident, but Arturo is still suspicious. He tells his brother that he has something important to tell them, but they need to wait for Flavio. Samuel replies that he saw Dario’s car, so Flavio must be home. The brothers go look for him, and find him in a…unfortunate scene with Dario, trading back clothes. Flavio then spends the rest of eternity defending his “manliness” to his brothers, and Dario thinks the whole situation is Irina at her most devious and masterful.

Irina suspects her mother is up to something, but Sofia thinks it’s all because of Cayetana’s love for Arturito. Andrea agrees. The girls begin to eagerly plan their sister’s wedding. Irina admits that Cayetana brought the family lawyer with divorce papers for her to sign, and tells her sisters that she left Flavio naked at the spa, so he’s probably readying his own lawyers right now. Andrea thinks it’s hilarious, but warns Irina that she could complicate things for Sofia if Flavio tries to retaliate. She also confesses that she met someone at the party the other night, but refuses to say who.

The next morning, Samuel calls Andrea to give her good morning, and to see how she was. He tells her that the kisses she gave him cured him, and that he hopes she likes the gift he sent.

Miranda worries for Veronica, who has locked herself in her room. Veronica finally appears, wearing Alma’s dress that Flavio had lent her months ago. She leaves her id, her money, everything, and tells Miranda she’s leaving like she came into the world- alone, with nothing. Veronica leaves the house, wandering to a park, to think about the strange things Miranda used to say. Meanwhile, Rocio pressures Pablo to marry her- he still doesn’t know she’s lost the pregnancy. Pablo is honest with her, and admits that though you can’t choose who you love, you can choose who you commit to.

Cayetana confirms our suspicions- her acceptance of Sofia and Arturo’s marriage is only to buy Isadora time to separate Arturo from Sofia. Leonardo is furious that he has to tolerate Arturo, and threatens to leave the ranch, manipulating Cayetana further into his hands.

Andrea receives her gift from Samuel- a huge bouquet of roses, with a note (EXACTLY LIKE THE ONE FRANCO WROTE SARITA IN PDG) from Samuel. Meanwhile, Samuel receives a visit from Fernandez to tell him that they found nothing at the place Samuel was taken to. Samuel tells Fernandez about Matamoros- which raises Fernandez’s suspicions.

Flavio arrives to talk to Irina, but Leonardo almost kills him before he has a chance. Irina almost has a heart attack when she realizes Flavio could have been hurt, but Flavio is there to confront her about what she did to him at the spa party. Irina admits what happened, and Andrea returns his clothes.

Emilio raises Isadora’s suspicions about his secrets. She learns that Sofia is coming to the hippodrome to look at the horses.

Arturo asks Flavio why he went to the Del Junco Ranch to make a scene, but Flavio doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Arturo insists that what Flavio did was very dangerous. After Flavio leaves, Arturo receives a call from one of Emilio’s men, calling him to the hippodrome under the pretext that Emilio wants to see Arturo at the hippodrome. Arturo agrees, and lets Samuel know where he is going. Samuel offers to go with him, but Arturo asks him to stay at the ranch and head to the new fence construction site.

Ruiz, the Del Junco Family lawyer, arrives with a order that will allow Ruiz to act on Irina’s behalf to divorce Flavio. Irina, however, refuses to sign the form.

Flavio talks to Biancini about giving Irina a lesson, which Soledad overhears. She wonders why he and Irina are fighting again when they seemed so happy at the party. Flavio tells Soledad what Irina did, but Soledad warns him to think very hard about what he is about to do. Veronica arrives just at that moment, distraught. She confesses everything to Flavio and Soledad- that she found out she is adopted, and that she ran away.

Arturo arrives at the office, and finds a wooden horse that belonged to his father- a one of a kind piece his father received as a gift. Emilio arrives and Arturo questions why he has the horse. Emilio says he bought it in Mexico, which Arturo believes. Emilio tells him that Isadora accepted the sale of the Gallardo ranch, and that she will be in charge of the sale.

Back at the Alcazar Ranch, Samuel arrives to oversee the job of the fence assembly. Tomas points out that the Del Junco Ranch sent armed cowboys to watch them. Andrea arrives, and Samuel tells her she looks like a dream, incredibly lovely. They walk together, and Andrea admits she wanted to see him. Samuel tells her that when she is not with him, he misses her. He tries to kiss her, but Andrea doesn’t want anyone to see. Samuel replies that he’s dying to kiss her, to which Andrea says she doesn’t want him to die, and they kiss. Samuel tells her that there is a lot of tension between his workers and the Del Junco workers. Andrea agrees, and says she will take her men back to the ranch- she doesn’t want Leonardo using their personnel however he likes. Samuel asks her on a date- he wants to see her somewhere else, where he can kiss her and they can talk about what is going on between them. He asks her out to dance, and she agrees with a kiss.

The episode ends with Isadora making her move on Arturo, and Sofia finding them in a compromising position.

EPISODE 115...

Sofia arrives to see Isadora trying to make it look like Arturo is making a pass at Isadora. Arturo is furious- he sees right through her, and knows this is all a setup Isadora tries to make it look like Arturo was threatening her to keep their “relationship a secret”

Irina refuses to sign the order for Ruiz. She wants to resolve her issues on her own. Cayetana pressures her to sign, but Irina stands firm- she will start the process on her own.

Soledad brings Veronica some tea, and asks her what Miranda told her- Veronica replies that Miranda told her she was found at an orphanage, which Soledad knows to be a lie. Soledad is distraught, unable to tell Veronica the truth.

At the Palenque, Ulysses has been arrested for the kidnapping of Samuel. Cabrera takes him away, but Ulysses asks Patricia to get their lawyer. He also advises her to keep her mouth shut, and watch what she does.

Tomas notices that Samuel and Andrea are getting along well, while Andrea orders the cowboys to return to the stables. Leonardo, however, arrives and tells them to stay. He tells Andrea that his orders are above hers, but Andrea refuses to bow her head. She stands up for the employees but he pushes her down. Samuel comes to her defense and beats the crap out of Leonardo before Andrea stops him and begs him to return to his lands. Leonardo swears that things won’t stay like this, and he vows that he will find out what turned Andrea against him.

Back at Valverde’s office, Arturo tells Isadora that she has been planning this all along, and that she probably called Sofia to set them all up. Arturo tells Sofia that Isadora is lying. Isadora tells Sofia that Arturo wants to marry Sofia just for their son, but that he also is marrying her to make her life miserable as revenge for Alma’s death- this infuriates Arturo, but Sofia tells him to step away. Isadora tells Sofia Arturo is not who she thinks he is, but Sofia slaps her and tells her she sees through Isadora’s lies. Arturo is proud of Sofia, and they leave together.

At the asylum, Emilio checks on his ex-lover and Isadora’s real mother. We find out that Emilio has bribed a doctor to keep the woman drugged and locked away. One of his men, sent by Isadora, finds him and takes pictures to show her.

Meanwhile, Isadora is furious that her plan isn’t working. She tells her cousin Linda that if Arturo is not for her, then he won’t be for anyone. She vows that she won’t let Sofia and Arturo marry.

Roger calls Emilio and tells him that they need a lawyer- Emilio agrees to send one.

At the Del Junco Ranch, Sofia thanks Arturo for bringing her home. She invites him back for dinner that evening. They are both anxious to set the date for their wedding. After he leaves, Sofia finds out what happened between Andrea and Leonardo. Leonardo tries to play the victim, but Sofia takes offense to him calling the ranch “theirs” when he is just another employee. Cayetana tries to defend him as the “man of the family” but Andrea replies that they will never accept him as such, especially since he abuses his power. Cayetana tells the girls that she will not accept anyone contradicting Leonardo, or accept the Gallardos interfering with their ranch. Andrea finally confesses what really happened- Samuel hit Leonardo because Leonardo knocked her down. When Cayetana does not react to this, the girls leave, disappointed in their mother. Andrea tells her as she goes, that is obvious that Cayetana doesn’t care what happens to her.

Back at the Alcazar Ranch, the brothers comfort Veronica and let her know she is like a sister to them. Arturo arrives and hears the story, and immediately offers to open the house for Veronica to stay with them as a family. Veronica happily accepts, and takes the role of their sister, not knowing how true her role really is.

Miranda cries to Cayetana about Veronica- she is sure that she went to the Alcazar Ranch. Cayetana reassures her friend that she doesn’t think Soledad will open her mouth and tell the truth- she will be afraid that Veronica will reject her for keeping it a secret all these years. Meanwhile, the girls agree that they have to get Leonardo away from their family as soon as possible- he’s ruining the ranch and manipulating their mother. Irina points out that they will need some kind of irrefutable proof that Leonardo is a terrible person- because their mother is obsessed with him.

Arturo scolds Flavio and Samuel for causing problems with the Del Junco family. Arturo asks Samuel- he understands Flavio because Flavio is naturally jealous and he’s married to Irina, but why would Samuel defend Andrea? Since when does he care? Samuel makes up a story that he defended her because she’s his sister in law. Arturo urges Samuel to find someone to love- not Patricia, Flavio advises. Samuel assures his brothers that to him, Patricia is dead.

Patricia goes to visit Ulysses, but she’s not there to be nice- she’s there to demand a divorce. Ulysses denies her, and swears that she will pay for everything she’s doing to him.

Leonardo continues with his ill-intentioned comments to Cayetana. Leonardo leaves as Arturo arrives. He lets Cayetana know that despite Leonardo’s disrespect, he is going to do his best to get along with Cayetana. Cayetana excuses herself to check on dinner, and Sofia apologizes for the situation.

Isadora tells her men that she is willing to do what it takes to ruin Sofia and Arturo’s happiness, whatever it takes. She finds out the address of the asylum, and decides to pay it a visit.

Leonardo meets with Isadora to throw in her face that her plans to separate Arturo and Sofia have failed. He demands that Isadora stops their marriage however she can, and she promises him it will be done.

Irina receives a call from Veronica- she wants to let Irina know that she is spending the night at the ranch, so that she doesn’t get the wrong idea. Irina tells her she doesn’t care, but Veronica tells her that they should talk- they agree to meet tomorrow at the spa.

Arturo and Sofia put Arturito to bed, and Sofia is happy that Cayetana finally accepted him. Arturo reminds her that Cayetana still hates him, and that this peace can be shattered at any time. Sofia urges him not to think about that, and the two go down to dinner, with Arturo asking if he may escort his lady.

At the dinner table, Felipe proposes a toast to the wedding of his granddaughter. The family talks about the wedding date. Cayetana thinks it should be in three months, but Arturo and Sofia don’t want to wait that long. Andrea urges the bride and groom to set their own date, and Sofia and Arturo agree that a month is long enough. Cayetana disagrees, but Sofia puts an end to the topic.

Soledad brings Veronica pajamas to wear, and they talk about Veronica’s situation. Veronica can’t believe a mother would abandon her child, which breaks Soledad’s heart, because Veronica believes that her real mother doesn’t love her. Soledad begs Veronica not to judge the woman who gave her up.

The episode ends with Isadora visiting the asylum under pretext of being a state inspector. She sees the woman Emilio is holding, Julia Ortiz- her real mother.




Isadora learns that the woman, Julia Ortiz, has no family that the hospital knows of, and that she is kept by Valverde. She learns that apparently the woman lost her daughter at birth, and that she had lost the baby a few years before she was brought to the asylum by Valverde. Isadora tries to talk to Julia, and find out why Emilio cares for her. Julia tells Isadora that Emilio killed her daughter.

 Samuel waits for Andrea at a restaurant- they are going on their first date. Andrea arrives, and as they kiss, Patricia also arrives with a date and sees them together. Samuel receives a call from a bank investor, which gives Patricia the chance to confront Andrea. Patricia insults Andrea’s femininity, and accuses her of only admitting that she likes Samuel now that he is rich and on her social level. Andrea faces her head on, but Samuel arrives to interfere. He tells Patricia to stay away from Andrea. Patricia tells him he’s blind, and that doesn’t he remember how she used to treat him. Samuel reminds her that Patricia left him for the same reason- that he was poor, and so now she is permanently out of his life forever. The two resume their date, but Andrea can’t stop crying- she’s consumed with guilt.

 Veronica receives an unexpected visit from Pablo, who arrives asking her what happened. Veronica tells him what Miranda told her- that she was left at an orphanage and Miranda adopted her. Pablo encourages her to make peace with Miranda, but Veronica refuses. Pablo tells her that he will always be there to offer her his support. He tries to kiss her, but Veronica tells him not to try that ever again- how can he when he’s with Rocio. She accuses him of trying to make her his lover, but he denies that- he just wants to see her once in a while.  Veronica tells him she can’t believe he wants to hurt her like that- she doesn’t want him to keep doing that to her. She can’t live a love that is a lie. Fernandez arrives at that moment, and Veronica makes up a story that she’s going to have dinner with Fernandez. Pablo leaves, and Veronica apologizes to the captain- the lie was the only way to get Pablo to go. Veronica tells Fernandez about Arturo’s dinner at the Del Junco ranch. Flavio and Soledad arrive, and fill him in on Arturo and Sofia’s wedding. Arturo arrives, and Fernandez congratulates him immediately. Arturo shares the wedding date with this family, to everyone’s delight.

 The Del Juncos wonder where Andrea has disappeared to, but Felipe urges them to focus on Sofia and Arturo’s wedding. Cayetana wants the wedding to be in three months, but Arturo and Sofia have decided that they do not want a large wedding- the wedding will be in a week. This raises Cayetana’s hackles, who still wants to buy Isadora more time. She and Arturo argue- Arturo calls her out on her false support of their marriage, and Cayetana tells him it isn’t easy to accept that her daughter marries a man who entered her house enact revenge for his sister. Arturo returns her insult by reminding Cayetana who the real victim is- Alma. He outright tells Cayetana that his sister is dead because of Cayetana and her husband. Sofia settles the argument by telling her mother that the wedding will be in a week, and the decision is final. Cayetana storms off, and Felipe follows her to scold her.

 Ulysses gets the crap beaten out of him in the holding cell and is taken to a hospital.

 Sofia apologizes for Cayetana, and Arturo does as well, though he admits Cayetana is stubborn as well and difficult. Sofia tells him it’s all new- and that at least they’ve set a date. In one week, she will be his wife. Arturo tells her they’ll be together in this life and the next. Sofia asks him to be patient with Cayetana- her first wedding wasn’t a grand celebration either. Arturo tells her that their wedding will be beautiful, but that he doubts Cayetana will ever accept him. Sofia tells him the important thing is that she loves him.

 Andrea continues to cry, and Samuel tells her not to pay attention to what Patricia says. Andrea tells him that Patricia had a point- she treated him horribly when he was her employee. Samuel tells her all that is in the past- when he looks at her now, it’s like he’s seeing her for the first time. Andrea tells him he says that because he’s noble. She tries to tell him that they shouldn’t see each other anymore, that he deserves something better, but Samuel won’t have it.  He tells her that what he’s feeling for her is something big, something wonderful, that he’d never felt for anyone in his life. Samuel explains that Patricia wasn’t love. Beatriz was love, but it was an admiration, a commitment to make her happy after she picked him up when he had no hope. Andrea confesses that she knows exactly how she feels about him- she loves him, and she has since the day she met him, and that her feelings have nothing to do with his money. Samuel is taken aback by her confession.  Andrea tells him that’s why she was always so mean to him- to hide her feelings. Samuel confesses that he always thought it a little strange that one minute she would do something nice for him, like the scholarship, and then turn around and be mean. Samuel admits that she always had his attention, but that he was confused by her behavior. They finally understand each other.

 Cayetana continues to wonder where Andrea is, though the girls have no idea. She’s sure that if Andrea hasn’t told her sisters who she’s dating, it’s because it’s not someone who is appropriate. Irina and Sofia calm their mother down, but Cayetana is upset about the whole situation.

 The next morning, Flavio and Arturo tease Samuel about his mystery date. Arturo shares with Samuel the news about his wedding with Sofia. The brothers take off to give the Del Junco sisters a surprise, leaving Veronica to her own devices. She confesses to Soledad that she still loves Pablo.

 At the Del Junco Ranch, Irina tells her sisters about Veronica and their pending meeting at the spa. The girls tease Andrea about her mystery date, but Andrea refuses to tell her sisters about her secret man. But before the girls can pressure her further, they hear music and rush outside- the Gallardo brothers have arrived, bringing a serenade in Sofia’s honor


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