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Raquel and Blanca are still talking. Raquel wants to get rid of Blanca once and for all. Blanca has already lost a lot of blood and is pretty weak. Raquel is pointing a gun at her. 

Eduardo and adriano reach the ware house. Eduardo goes in to save Blanca. Adriano wants to come with him but Eduardo tells him not to follow him. He wants to face his mother alone. Raquel contacts her hit man. She tells him to prepare an extra container to transport Blanca's body to Europe. She then tells Blanca to say her goodbyes and just when she is about to pull the trigger she hears Eduardo calling her. She wonders how he got to know where they were. She is closing all the entrances. Eduardo finds the room and is peeping through the window. He tells Raquel to let him in saying he already knows that she is not his mother. Raquel is taken aback by this and rushes to open, denying that truth. She rushes over to point the fun at Blanca's head. 

Meanwhile everyone else is at Rafael's funeral. Simona and Rafa's mother completely break down upon seeing his body. They are saddened by his death.

Eduardo is inside the room. He is telling Raquel to let Blanca go. That his love for her has always been unconditional. Raquel is touched by that and is moves away from Blanca. She goes towards Eduardo but insists on killing Blanca. She hears the police and starts crying that Eduardo had betrayed him. Eduardo goes and stands between Blanca and Raquel. Raquel without really looking for turns back and shoots Eduardo straight through the heart. Eduardo is shocked. He falls to the ground and tells Raquel that she has always been the imposter. He he faints. Raquel cries and runs off.

Hugo and Karina go to visit George. Hugo has some evidence against Raquel. They later go to the police station to testify against Raquel. He hands over the recordings he had of Raquel's crimes. The police rush to capture Raquel but do not make it in time. Raquel is able to escape. Adriano and the police run into the warehouse only to find Eduardo lying on the floor and Blanca passed out on the chair.

Raquel is driving off inside a police car she stole. She is crying her heart out that she has failed and Blanca and Adriano have beat her. Ivan's ghost appears to her and consoles her not to cry telling her that she is a strong woman. She agrees with the ghost and drives off. She later calls her hitman and tells him that she will be the one to be transported inside the container.

Raquel gets inside the container and is locked inside. Just then the police arrive and odder the shipment to be thrown into the ocean. Raquel is seen struggling inside the container. She Cry's a lot begging them to stop but they proceed to throw it inside the water. She drowns hurting herself and then finally dies...

Several months later, its the new years eve. Blanca and Eduardo have been able to survive along with the child. They look happier now. Adriano makes a speech and everyone remembers the memories of the year past. They all decide to let go of the past and move on. Blanca and Eduardo moves away from the crowd. They go to the place they first kissed. The new year reaches. Everyone is happy. Simona and Chrisyobal kiss, Karina and George, Katalina and Ramon and Valentina and Adriano. Happy new year and Adios!!

Valentina y Adriano!!

Karina y Gorge!!

Simona y Christonal

Ramon and Catalina

Eduardo y Blanca!!



Anonymous said...

Wow beautiful!! Thank you!! What a show down!

Anonymous said...

Raquel's death was a big disappointment!!

Crazy millie said...

I was crazy about the impostor!! I loved Raquel to death!! What a villan! My fav always

Lovie said...

Blanca, Eduardo, Sophia , gonna miss my munchkins!!



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