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Tuesday, February 27, 2018


We start off with Leonardo speaking to Caya. They are arguing over the Gallardos visiting them. Leo tells her that he needs to keep those damn Gallardos out of the house. He is angry that Caya even allowed them in. Cayetana thinks its absurd that Leo wants to keep her away from her daughters. She tells him that Sofia and Arturo can cine over to see her whenever. The dogface Leo continues his yapping about killing each other with the Gallardos because he just cannot stand them anymore. Cayetana doesn't think it has gotten to that point, Leo is exergarating, If the Gallardos try anything fishy the police will deal with them. Leo then tries to jump the gun by suggesting that they sell the ranch and travel to Europe where they can live their lives in peace without having to sorry about fighting with their neighbours. Cayetana obviously thinks that he is joking but when she finds out he is dead serious, she asks himhowhe could even consider a thing like that. Leo is all, peace, they will be able to live without anyone getting in their way. Caya thinks it's overboard. She might be gullible but she definitely isn't going to deprive her daughters of the ranch that rightfully belongs to them. She tells Leo that she cannot and she will not sell the ranch, that's hr final word. She walks away and as she climbs up the stairs the idiot Leo tells himself that she will either do it the easy way or the hard way but the ranch will belong to him then gives out one of his signature laughs that is both ridiculous and stupid!!!
The wedding reception is still on and Pablo approaches Cabruer to speak to him about he and Rocio being over. He wants Cabruera to get back together with Rocio but Cabruera is not one to force things. He tells Pablo the he tried but Rocio chased him away and he is not going to force himself on her....
Candela talks to Felipe during the party and they had nothing but compliments for each other. Later Edward introduces Candelita who sings for the crowd delighting the bride and groom. Everyone is happy including Edward who is smitten by Candela...
Matilde and Eliezer are still on the ranch??! Badmouthing Nieves to Leonardo. They tell Leo that Nieves is to blame for Cayetana acting up. She is the one who put ideas in her head. Me wants them to bring her in and the idiot Eliezer drags her inside the study like a dog. Leo asks to be left alone with Nieves. He then pushes her around harrasing her asking her what she was telling caya. Nieves swears she had nothing to do with Cayas hostility towards Leo. Leo asks her to kneel Dow and ask for forgiveness. I am there thinking ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, SOMEONE GET ME A GUN!!! Nieves kneels down and asks Leo for forgiveness. He then asks her to to get out and fires her. Nieves cries and pleads but the idiot just shuts his ears.
Cayetana scolds Leo for firing Nieves for no cause at all. She tells Leo that Nieves was the only one who could help out Felipe around the house. Leo couldn't care less and tells Caya that he is in charge of the house and the employees, she wouldn't like to question his authority. Cayetana is secretly pissed off but she keeps her mouth shut!!

Leo speaks to Mendez at the stables about taking Caya out and taking hold of everything she owns. Back to the AC ranch, everyone is saying their goodbyes to Sofia as little Arturo is trying to utter some words hehehe... He looks more active than ever. Nieves comes over at the ranch and tella the girls that she has been thrown out by Montalvo. The girls are obviously pissed off by Leo's idiotic actions once again. Arturo and his brothers welcome Nieves into the ranch telling her that she can consider the ranch her home and the people their her family. Meanwhile hugs and kisses to the newly weds!! Carlifinia here we come!!!
Ines talks to Vero about Rocios situation. She happens to be Rocios aunt and wants to know who the father of her baby is since it's not Pablo. Veto at first doesn't want to tell her but after much persuasion she gives in and tells Ines that the father of the baby is Cabruera. Ines is not happy at all and thinks that Cabruera took advantage of her niece.
JosΓ© Antonio Gallardo, Fernandez and Cabruera are discussing the Isadora issue and figure that someone is probably helping out Isadora. They put two and two together and discover that probably Linda is the accomplice. Meanwhile Linda is at the Palenque and is talking to Leo. She tells him that Isa is not well in the head. Leo couldn't care less and tells her that it would be best for her to leave the country before its too late. Nieves is being shown around the house by Rocio. They talks about the ranch, how at home they both feel in the alcazar ranch. Nieves then tells Rocio that she should tell Cabruera that she is pregnant.
The girls arrive at the DJ ranch and scold their mother for letting Leo chase Nieves out. Cayetana gets into a nasty fight with Andrea and Irina because they supposedly do not respect her husband. She then asks them to leave the house if they cannot respect her hubby and insist on getting into fights with Leo. Irina emotionally tells Caya that they stayed in the house for her sake and the sake of her grand pa but she can see that Caya doesn't even appreciate that. Irina walks away and Andrea tells her mother that the Gallardos are so much more of real men than her puppy Leo. Caya wants to hit Andrea but the general will not allow her do such a thing.
Leo is talking to Ulyses at the Palenque about his stupid plans again. Sofia and Arturo are enjoying themselves in their honeymoon with Arturito who is becoming cuter by the day!! Cabruera is flirting with a journalist inside his office when Ines comes burging in. She tells him straight that she wants him to take responsibility for Nieves child. Cabruera is confused, he tells Ines that that baby belonged to Pablo and that if Rocio has something to say she can come over herself. Let's just say its a shouting match with Ines interpreting the whole situation badly. Ines goes out but swears that she will not stop until he takes responsibility.

Linda Is caught by the police and taken in for questioning. Eliezer argues with Andrea. She finds some papers incriminating Leo and shows them to Caya who despite all the evidence smiling at her refuses to see the rat that is by her side. She insists that Leo has a good explanation for the papers. Sofia and Arturo continue to have fun, kissing and running after Artirito who seems to be crawling outta control!!
Irina confronts Leo at the stables. He takes advantage that he is all alone with her to grab her telling her that from now on she is going to respond warmly towards him. Hope he is not thinking what I think he is thinking!?! Shamless dog!!!! Ooh hey the black pig is also at the stables hehehe hi piggy!!
Thoughts... Am I the only one frustrated that as late as now we still don't have a proper kiss between Caya and Fernandez?? It's the least we deserve, he looks like a very passionate man and it will be a disaster if they let the novela end without putting that bearded mouth into good use hehehe... Bummer!!!

Sofia made such a lovely bride.
Sofia is led to the altar by Felipe, where a beaming Arturo is waiting. Felipe tells Arturo that he orders him to be happy with Sofia, and that he is giving Arturo a precious flower from his garden. Arturo replies that he accepts her with open arms. Arturo and Sofia finally marry in front of their friends and family.
Isadora is still furious that she failed to kill Arturo and Sofia. Cayetana is mourning the way things have turned out- she remembers when Sofia was born, and knows that it will be difficult to get used to not having her or Arturito around. She’s not sure how she will live now without seeing them every day.
Arturo and Sofia celebrate their wedding and proclaim their love for each other, as their siblings throw rose petals on them and they begin to dance together, their first dance as husband and wife.
Leonardo arms himself and heads out, but not before ordering Eleazar and Matilde to watch Cayetana carefully, and to stop her if she tries to leave the ranch.
Arturo toasts to his family, and takes the opportunity to welcome Veronica’s adopted family into his. He toasts to Sofia, and the happiness of finally being able to live each day with her. At Irina’s encouragement, Sofia toasts to Arturo, for helping her become a brave woman, and for giving her their son. Overcome with emotion, Sofia runs out of the room. She is crying for her mother, because it pains her to know Cayetana refuses to come see her. Andrea and Irina try to encourage her, but Sofia is devastated- she had hoped Cayetana would set aside her hatred. Arturo arrives, saddened to see Sofia crying. She tells him that she misses her mother, but that Cayetana doesn’t want anything to do with her now that she married him. Arturo is sorry- he confesses that he invited Cayetana to the wedding in person, but that she declined. Sofia thanks him for doing so, but Arturo only tells her that he would do anything just to see Sofia smile. He tells her that Cayetana was at the church they were going to get married in. Sofia is surprised- she can’t believe her mother really went to see her. Arturo says he knows the remedy for her tears, and asks her to accompany him, which Sofia agrees to do.
Andrea greets Edward, who pays her a compliment by asking her what she does to get prettier every time they meet. Andrea is glad that Edward is still maintaining good relations with the Saldivar family, and tells him that she’s heard he’s looking at investing in Houston. Edward answers that yes, but he’s trying to be discreet. Andrea warns him not to be swindled, and lets him know he can count on her for any advice about the investing climate in the area. Edward thanks her, but Samuel appears, displeased that Edward was touching Andrea’s face.
Soledad asks Rocio about Veronica, who is with Pablo. Soledad goes to find her so they can take a picture with Jose Antonio. Rocio is left alone with the glasses but not for long, as Cabrera soon enters the room.
Isadora appears to be in pain, perhaps from her wound. She swears that Arturo will pay for every minute of happiness he’s having with Sofia. Leonardo comes to threaten her- he’s not happy with her most recent stunt. Isadora tells him he can’t kill her- they’re allies. Leonardo replies that she made a huge mistake at the church, and now the police are investigating more than ever. Her reply is to draw a knife at him. Leonardo complains that she could have killed him with that knife, but Isadora isn’t phased. She reminds Leonardo that he too wants to end Arturo and Sofia, so he’s in no place to criticize her, but Leonardo replies that it is different, because he knows how to plan things so they don’t fail. Leonardo warns her that from now on they will do things his way or she will be on her own, and orders her to await his instructions.
Cabrera tried to help Rocio but she refuses. She cuts herself on the glass, and Cabrera insists on helping her. As a former nurse, Rocio tells him that she can take care of her own wounds, but Cabrera keeps insisting, so she humors him.
Andrea scolds Samuel for his jealous outburst, and Veronica comes to help. Samuel says that Edward was disrespectful, but Andrea shuts him down. But Samuel turns the tables and asks Andrea why she’s defending Edward- does she like him?
At the Del Junco Ranch, Arturo and Sofia arrive with a mariachi for Cayetana, playing her favorite song. Arturo encourages Sofia to go talk to her mother while he hangs back and lets them have their time. Sofia and Cayetana hug, and Cayetana tells her daughter she looks beautiful as a bride, like the princess she is. Sofia thanks her and tells her mother that she had to see her. Cayetana replies that she did well- she wanted to see Sofia and give her the blessing. Sofia worries for her mother at the church with the shooting, but Cayetana doesn’t regret going. Sofia says that if something had happened she would not forgive herself, but Cayetana tells her not to worry- because it would not have been her fault. Sofia tells her mother it would mean a lot to her to have her come to the Alcazar Ranch to celebrate with her, and Cayetana replies that while she would love to indulge her daughter, but asks that Sofia please not ask that of her- it’s impossible.
Andrea tells Samuel that she doesn’t like Edward, she likes him. Samuel apologizes- he doesn’t know what came over him. Andrea teases him for being jealous, which he reluctantly admits is true. He asks her, teasingly, if she liked seeing him jealous, and she replies that maybe…a little.
Sofia asks Cayetana to come to the ranch, but it’s not possible. Cayetana thanks Arturo for bringing Sofia to see her. She apologizes to Sofia, and tells her she wants her to be happy. Cayetana asks Sofia to show her she’s wrong, and that the day she can do so, Cayetana will come running to ask for forgiveness. She gives Sofia her blessing, and tells her to be happy.
Cabrera tells an exasperated Rocio to take care of the wound. They are interrupted by Grace, one of Miranda’s reporters, who wants to interview Cabrera about the shooting at the church. While the wedding reception is going well, Rocio talks to her aunt Ines. Rocio tells her aunt she’s pregnant again.
Felipe meets Jose Antonio and the two hit it off immediately. Jose Antonio thanks Felipe for taking care of his sons, and hopes they haven’t caused him problems. Felipe jokingly replies that maybe one or two problems, but he’s glad his granddaughters are with men who befit their last name. He tells Jose Antonio that he should be very proud of his sons. Veronica encourages Edward to please make up with Samuel, and calls him over with Andrea. Edward tells Samuel that he didn’t mean any harm, but apologizes. Samuel apologizes as well.
Ines is freaking out over Rocio’s pregnancy. Ines demands to know the father, but Rocio is hesitant. Ines insists, but Rocio is sure that the father would not want anything to do with her. Ines sees Soledad in her, and encourages her not to commit the same error.
Sofia tells her sisters about her and Arturo’s visit to the Del Junco Ranch. The girls are thrilled to hear everything went well, and they hope that Cayetana will reconsider.
The episode ends with Leonardo hearing that Arturo was at the ranch, and he demands an explanation from Cayetana.

Thoughts: I loved the moment between Cayetana and Sofia. How thoughtful of Arturo, it was a beautiful detail.

So back to Is a who has just got her gun from a shaking Linda. She didn't want any part of this but with Is a, anyone who isn't with her is against her.
Felipe asks Arturo what he’s doing wasting his time at the enemy’s ranch. Arturo replies that Cayetana is not his enemy, and that he is there to get Cayetana to go to her daughter’s wedding. Cayetana, however, refuses. Arturo tells Cayetana that he and Sofia will marry whether or not she attends- but what will Arturito think when he sees pictures and realizes his grandmother was not there? What will she say to her grandson when he asks why she was not with his mother on the most important day of her life? Arturo tells her, as she walks away, that she should be there for Sofia and her grandson, because he knows she loves them. Felipe congratulates Arturo on his gesture of goodwill, and Arturo asks Felipe if he will please give Sofia away at the wedding.
Later, Felipe calls for Nieves to bring his uniform so he can be ready for the wedding, but Nieves has bad news- his uniform has been burned through with an iron.
Irina and Andrea are saddened that Cayetana let Leonardo rip the invitation to the wedding, and are sure Sofia will be saddened by it if she finds out. The girls hear Leonardo talking to Edward and hide to listen, and overhear that Leonardo has effectively sold something, and wonder what it could be. Leonardo asks Cayetana where she is going, so well dressed.
Fernandez is talking to Jose Antonio about his rekindled love with Soledad. He is happy for his friend and their daughter. Veronica joins them but leaves quickly- there will be five weddings that day, so if they are late they will lose their time slot. Fernandez and Jose Antonio talk over the details of the operation to guard the wedding, as they are sure Isadora will try something that day. Sofia arrives and tells them Arturo left early for the church, which worries Jose Antonio and Fernandez, though they don’t say why.
Arturo arrives with Soledad and a watchful Isadora, who cannot get a good shot.
Sofia wants to know what is wrong, but Jose Antonio and Fernandez reassure her that it is only a precaution- Isadora is still on the loose. They leave, but not before Jose Antonio secretly arms himself.
Leonardo is mad that Cayetana wants to see Sofia’s wedding. Cayetana tells him that Sofia is her daughter, but Leonardo tries to paint Sofia as a selfish daughter. Cayetana tells him that she only wants to go to the ceremony, but Leonardo replies that he is forbidding her to go.

Irina and Andrea investigate Leonardo’s sale, and Felipe learns that Matilde ruined his uniform.
At the wedding, Isadora continues to try and get a shot of Arturo, but can’t. Instead, she sees Cabrera and realizes that the place is probably crawling with police. She is still determined, though, to carry out with her mission. She escapes the tower just before a police officer reaches the spot to check.
Cayetana is incredulous, and Leonardo tells her as her husband he has a right to demand respect. If she goes, he says, she will be mocking him. Cayetana is not moved- she doesn’t see it that way. Sofia is her daughter and was born from her- though she doesn’t agree with her decisions, she will not miss this day. She asks him if it really costs him that much to understand her feelings as a mother. Leonardo replies that if she is not with him, she is against him, but Cayetana is not moved.
Matilde denies that she did it. Felipe is saddened that he won’t be able to wear his uniform, but Nieves has an idea.
Irina and Andrea try to open the locked cabinet. but unfortunately are caught by Leonardo. They have a confrontation with Leonardo, who orders them out and asserts his position in the house. The girls promise him that won’t be for much longer. Felipe tells the girls about his uniform, but Nieves had washed the extra uniform that Felipe had told her to throw away. Samuel and Flavio arrive for the girls and Felipe, but Leonardo enters the living room to ruin the moment.
At the wedding, Miranda, Dario, and Edward all arrive, fearing that they are late. Isadora takes out the police officer keeping watch on the balcony, and takes position to shoot Arturo and Sofia as they come down the aisle. Meanwhile, Cayetana arrives as well, and takes a spot at the back of the church. Fernandez also sees Cayetana at the wedding, and goes to greet her. She admits that she is there to see her daughter. Fernandez encourages her to enter, but she politely refuses. Isadora takes her shots, killing the bride and groom. Jose Antonio gives chase.
Leonardo orders the boys out, but neither the Gallardo brothers nor the girls fold to his demands. He threatens to call the cowboys, and Felipe challenges him to do so. Flavio tells Felipe not to worry- and tells Leonardo that they have a score to settle. Back at the wedding, it is absolute chaos. Cayetana is panicking because she thinks Sofia is dead, but in reality it’s not them- because they are late, the next wedding got bumped up.
Linda worries for Isadora, who arrives quickly back at the hideout, thinking she killed Sofia and Arturo. Linda is upset by her cousin’s actions- Isadora killed the bride, groom, and guests.
At the Alcazar Ranch, the families prepare to have the wedding at the ranch, as a church is not secure enough. Isadora calls the ranch, and unfortunately Sofia answers, revealing to Isadora that she is still alive. Sofia is furious, but her family encourages not to let anything ruin this day. The girls take Sofia to her room to touch up, and Veronica goes to ask Rocio to make tea.
At the Del Junco Ranch, Leonardo is sick of Felipe and the girls. Matilde and Eleazar tell him he will have to do it himself, and Eleazar tells him about Arturo’s visit, and about Irina’s pregnancy. Leonardo thinks this is the perfect thing to use to get the disturbance out of his life.
At the Alcazar ranch, the priest is arriving with Soledad. Irina and Andrea, with Veronica, ready Sofia for her wedding. Sofia appreciates her sisters, but wishes Cayetana could be there.
Leonardo asks Cayetana about her trip, but Cayetana wants to know what the disturbance is that he is talking about. He tells her that the Gallardos were at the house, but Cayetana is not in the mood to argue. Cayetana tells him about Isadora’s assassination attempt.

Arturo admits that he’s feeling a little nervous- he can’t believe he’s getting married, even though the whole world was against him.
At the wedding, Flavio practices his hot dad skills with Samuel helping, and the guests mingle. The wedding begins with Arturo entering with Soledad, followed by the girls... Tan tan taran!! .


    Cayetana is starting to panic in the elevator. Fernandez reassures her, and they are quickly found and let out. Fernandez asks Cayetana if he needs to take her home, but she declines. She receives a call from Andrea telling her Leonardo is going to the hospital.

    Pablo meets Jose Antonio and introduces himself as a friend to the Gallardos. Arturo takes the chance to give Pablo the job of ranch administrator. Flavio adds that Pablo is dating Veronica. Veronica tries to shush him, but Samuel encourages her. Pablo asks for Veronica’s hand, which Jose Antonio gives and welcomes Pablo to the family officially.

    Edward tells Miranda about his plan to invest in Houston. He tells her that he would rather keep them secret until the deals are done. Miranda asks him about his love life, which she heard from Veronica, and he admits that he is in love with a woman, but that is also a secret.

    Sofia is afraid of going to prison for what happened Leonardo. Irina reassures her and reveals that she saw Leonardo in the stables with a woman, but he escaped before she could catch him. The nurse comes out of Leonardo’s room but doesn’t speak to the girls. Cayetana arrives and asks what happened. Sofia explains that she was in her room because Matilde had been seen with one of her jewels, and that Leonardo entered and tried to rape her. Cayetana is incredulous but Sofia swears by her son. She explains the rest of the story. Cayetana says it can’t be true, and asks Sofia not to touch her. Cayetana tells Sofia that she can’t believe Sofia would try to lie to get Leonardo out of her life. Sofia begs her mother to believe her, but Cayetana tells Sofia they are at a point of no return- if something happens to Leonardo, she will not forgive Sofia.

    Leonardo, of course, plays the victim and claims that Sofia attacked him but that he refused to leave her side. Cayetana is manipulated to believe that her daughters will do anything to get him away from her. He says that Sofia pushed him when his back was turned, making it sound like it was on purpose. He tells Cayetana he can’t live like this, with so much aggression.

    Felipe tells Nieves to call Arturo on his behalf. Felipe tells Arturo that he hopes he is still the same man who would do anything for Sofia and his son- he begs Arturo to come to the ranch immediately to get Sofia and the baby, even if he has to take her away by force. Arturo asks what happened, but Felipe replies that he will tell him when he gets to the ranch. His brothers go with him immediately.

    At the Palenque, Patricia tells Candela about Isadora and her threats against Ulysses. She tells Candela that yes, she is jealous. Candela talks about Edward, and that he is becoming insistent, and that she doesn’t know how long she can keep him away from her.

    The sisters comfort Sofia. Andrea has lost hope, but believes that some day they will catch him in the act. Sofia can’t take it anymore- she is afraid that the police will come for her. Cayetana enters and tells Sofia that is the least she deserves. Andrea stands up for her sister, and Felipe arrives to defend her as well and accuses Sofia of trying to kill Leonardo. Sofia sticks to the truth, whether or not Cayetana believes her. Arturo arrives, calling for Sofia. Cayetana tells her daughter that she hopes Sofia will leave that day with the father of her son.

    Pablo and Veronica enjoy their time together. Veronica is happy to know her real father, and that he liked Pablo. Soledad is trying to call the ranch to find out about Arturo. She tells Jose Antonio about Leonardo. Jose Antonio wants to go help his sons, but Soledad encourages him to let the boys resolve their issue.

    Cayetana is saying goodbye to Arturito, and tells him that she will die a little each day she doesn’t see him, and that she will miss him very much. Andrea arrives to tell Cayetana that Sofia is ready to go. Cayetana says she will take the baby down.

    Eleazar and Matilde gossip about Leonardo and the family, including Leonardo’s rendezvous with another man.
    Isadora receives a visit from Linda. Isadora’s accounts are frozen, and she has no money- but she will not leave the country until she kills Sofia and Arturo.

    Sofia tells her sisters she feels like she is betraying them, but Irina tells her that’s not true. Felipe tells Sofia not to worry, and that the only thing that should matter to her is her son and her future husband. Cayetana brings out the baby, and coldly tells Arturo that he got his way, and that he is taking a huge part of her life, but that she hopes that it is for the best, even though she doesn’t believe him or his brothers can do that. Sofia is sorry things ended like this. Samuel tells Andrea not to cry, and that he is waiting for her. Flavio tells Irina that he really wants to take her with him- it’s not just her anymore, but their baby as well, but Irina replies that she can’t leave her grandfather and Andrea.

    Cayetana finds Eleazar and Matilde in the room. She orders Matilde to put anything back, and for Eleazar not to touch the crib. Finally alone, Cayetana cries for Sofia and Arturito.

    Isadora finds out Leonardo’s situation, and that Sofia is out of the house. Isadora is not happy that Sofia s living with Arturo, but is still determined to kill them. She also tells Leonardo that the Gallardos now have their father living with them.

    Rocio encourages Soledad to rekindle her romance with Jose Antonio, and Veronica tells her adopted family that she has met her birth father. Miranda is shocked because she thought he was dead. Veronica tells his extraordinary story. Miranda tells her that she’s glad she met her father, and that Octavio would be happy as well.

    Sofia is upset that she was kicked out of her own house. Flavio and Samuel welcome her to the house and Arturo encourages her to think of their upcoming wedding. Sofia meets Jose Antonio, who introduces himself. Sofia is shocked, and Arturo tells her that they have much to talk about, but that Jose Antonio really is their father. Jose Antonio holds his grandson for the first time.

    That night, Irina asks Nieves to make her tea. Nieves has figured out Irina is pregnant, but as she congratulates her, Matilde overhears and decides to try and make Irina lose the baby by putting poison in her tea.

    Cayetana is at the hospital and learns that Leonardo has no broken bones, only bruising. Cayetana wants to see him, but the doctor tells her he has another visit. Isadora captures her and holds a knife to her throat.

    Leonardo’s visitor is Arturo, who has come to settle the debt Leonardo has with Sofia. He demands to know what Leonardo did to her to make her push him.

    The episode ends with Jose Antonio trying to rekindle his romance with Soledad, telling her that he never stopped loving her.


We start off at the Alcazar mansion where Jose Antonio Gallardo is kissing Soledad!?! Heheh it's on people! Sole breaks away from his grip, finally she is feeling some passion. She tells him that she doesn't want to complicate things between him and his son. Soledada wants to play hard to get hehehe, at this point JosΓ© neither has the time nor  the strength to play those types of games. He tells her that love has no time nor distance, its either she wants to or not. But of course Sole loves him. He tells her that he has never stopped loving her... She loves him too... Kisssssss...m ooh lord, he is a great kisser. The rest of the family walkavin on them kissing as they cheer them on. At this point its safe to say that the entire Gallardi fam is love struck!

Arturo is at the hospital talking to Leo. He is interrogating Leo in his fight with Sofi. Arturo is no fool, he is sure that the idiot was the one that provoked Sofia and when he tries monkey business Arturo squeezes his hands just to be clear. The idiot Leo cringes in pain and Arturo warns him that the pain will increase .
At the hospital, Isadora is holding a gun to Cayetana's head and leads her to a separate room where they can be all alone. She wants money, she is out of it. Cayetana reaches for the bag that she has placed on the hospital bed and is telling Is a to calm down. Just when she gets Is a to put down the gun, she pulls out her own and is pointing it at Isa. Isa cannot imagine that she has been played for a fool. Cayetana tells her that she is not going to let her kill her like that. She orders Is a to put the gun down. She then gets herself out of the room and is running away when Is a picks up her own gun to unliah hell inside the hospital. She is shooting aimlessly at just anyone. Thankfully captain Fernandez is around and first checks on Caya and after he confirms that she is doing just fine, he aims at Is a and shoots at her injuring her arm. Isa hides. 

Meanwhile Matilde happily tells Eliezer how she has poisoned Irina's drink because it's not cinvinient for them to have another child in the house. Nieves has taken the coffee to Irina but thanks to Felipe's complaints, Irina doesn't drink from the cup!! Phew. Needless to say I love the look of complete failure in Matilda's face!!

Meanwhile at the Gallardo house its lots of love and celebrations. Soledad feels Embarrased about being caught kissing JosΓ© since she always pretends to be a nun he he he he he!!!  The family wants to see more of the couple. Jose is not in any way embarrassed to grab Sole and kiss her right in front of the family. Hehehe now I understand where the boy's guts come from.  They sit down and start talking about family stuff, Sole brags about JosΓ© being a policeman, Irina and Andrea arrive and are for the first time introduced to Jose. So we clearly without a shadow of a doubt can say that the previous time Andrea was introduced to a river hehehe. 

Meanwhile back at the hospital, I see a man with a hat inside the hospital?? No way, isn't this night time?? It just can't be.. But it is!! Arturo is caught in the crossfire with Is a. SHe tells him that she would rather see him dead than happy with Sofia. She wants to shoot him but Fernandez intervenes. Is a manages to escape and Fernandez is angry at his men for being incompetent.
Arturo comes back from the hospital and finally the coupling is complete. Love us reigning supreme in the Alcazar mansion. He tella them about the incident at the hospital and they are shocked. Meanwhile Mati and Eliezer celebrate inside the mansion eating chicken and saying that one day all that will belong to them!!! Bunch of bloodsuckers!!!

At the hospital, The captain goes into Leo's room and  interrogates him on what happened between him and Sofia. He later scolds Cayetana for thinking that Sofia would want to kill an imbicel like that dummy Leo.
Everyone is together at the Alcazar ranch getting some love.... I must say the younger couple have no form of consideration for the older people in the house and are kissing and hugging each other right indront of their dad. That would not be the case if the dad was African hehehe

Isa goes into hiding inside Ulyses house. Patricia doesn't like this one bit. The police surprise them but they manage to hide her and get rid of Fernandez and his guys.

One week later.

It's Sofia and Arturo's wedding day and Irina and Andrea try to talk their mother into attending the wedding but when Leo finds out he is not invited he tears the invitation into pieces and assumes that thee is no way that his pretty Lady will attend. Cayetana is secretly hating what Leo has just done. Sofi wakes up to petals all over her bed and is super excited about her wedding. She later dresses up in her wedding gown but is very sad that her mother won't attendm Meanwhile Arturo has gone to the DJ ranch with Soledad and half a limo, half Mercedes Benz to pick up the mother of his bridem needless to say he had the hat on hehehe...


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So let's highlight the important bits of today's episode.  First we kick off with Christina still shocked at what Lucho and his friends are doing and she tries to get them to stop as they tell her to shut up. At this point she should have been running but the shock of finding out what these guys we're into paralyzed her.  Another guy comes out if the garage and sees the boys running away with the money and he goes after them.  Christina can't keep up with the guys pace and she is caught by the guys.  Meanwhile Gerardo and Rafael are in their way to deliver the letters they took from Christina when they find her being arrested for Robbery.  Her grandma doesn't give a hot about her and tells them to taee her away so that she can learn.  Christina tries to bleed with the police to let hr go but it's futile. Her grandmother is sure that Lucho had a lot to do with this. Gerardo and Rafael ask the police what they are going and they tell them that the girl is headed to juvenile fire robbery.  They decide to return to the station with their letters Rafael thinking that the whole returning letters journey was futile. He thinks that Christina is following in her mothers footsteps.  There is nothing these two can do for the girl.  Gerardo is contemplating leaving this whole policeman thing behind to make his marriage work. Rafael doesn't seem him as being anything else other than a police man. (Am sure we all suspect that Bianchini might be gay and a bit in love with Gerardo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hey it's just a suspicion)  Gerardo needs to start thinking of what his life will be after because he can't be a policeman forever.  Bianchini doesn't think it's a good plan. 

Centauros guys dress up as gas repair guys to go and inspect Gerardos family.  They meet his wife and she is oblivious to the fact that they are criminals. They finally have a face to work with. 
Meanwhile back in jail,  Yolanda and Centauro are speaking through the fence about the escape plan, La Yola doesn't understand how he still has so much influence given his privileges we're stripped but he tells her that he might not have his privileges but he still has his brain which is still working.  They continue cooking up the plan.  A police guy comes over and interrupts them telling them that they can't be using that medium to flirt. Centauro then talks to Vicente and offers him a  good life and money that guarantees he won't be earning pennies any more. He wants Vicente you help him escape from there.  Vicente isn't sure at first but after he offers him great cars with women and to even write a song for him,  Vicente is sold to the idea.  Yolanda comes back to her room and finds that Dominga has left for a while. She writes her a letter (which she probably shouldn't have).  Vicente comes into her cell and puts in a show which he tells Yolanda to play along with.  Yolanda hits him as part of the show and the cops come to take her to solitary which was part of the show. Vicente finds the nite to Dominga and gives Centauro.  Since no one can know about the plan Centauro wants Dominga to be dealt with even though Vicente thinks it's too harsh a punishment. Beast and his guy talk about how he secured his family and how now they can attack Centauro.  All this would have looked more serious if beast wasn't dressed in an apron πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ working the kitchen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

That night in Juve,  some girls come over to Christina's room to bully her. (Cliche prison shenanigans 😫😭)  Christina could have fought back if the other minions of the top girl didn't try to pin her down. The kids even have knives to threaten their mates with.  The next morning Dominga is taking her food and from the looks of it it's poisoned.  Dominga notices that Vicente is looking at her strange and has her suspicions. Vicente plays it cool and she ends in eating the food.  Beastia and his men at this point confront Centauro and his men and seem to be challenging them. Centauro plays it cool but it seems one of his men is done with this.Later while talking to Tania and Negra and telling Tania that she is ungrateful because she is trying to badmouth Yolanda and she is the one who helped her when she was bleeding not caring about the fact that she had stolen from her (Tania is busy denying the obvious)  Dominga gets really sick and it looks like she is hyperventilating and looks weak.  She tells Negra that she is only tired and needs sleep 😴.  Centauro goes to speak to God father and his men who are outside Gerardos house waiting for Bibiana to come out.  They talk about the plan and Centauro seems pissed that he is still in prison up to now,  he wants Godfather time hurry things along and get him out of there. His men are outside,  Chancho and the other one.  The other guy thinks that they are done for.  Chancho tells him that the boss always has a plan.  The guy tells Chancho that if the boss has a plan it probably involves La Yola and not them.  Chancho tell him not to speculate.  A cop comes over and the guys signal to Centauro that a cop is around and he hides the phone.  It seems like Centauro was stripped of all his privileges during the raid.  

Centauro is taken to where Yolanda is and it seems he is the only one escaping from their conversation. They talk about the escape route and plans.  He even has a map of the city which he had earlier asked Vicente’s for.  He then asks her about Christina's father and she tells him that she has no idea who he is.  Apparently when she was younger she had to steal from people to survive and one day she some of these guys raped her and she ended up pregnant with Christina. She has never told anyone about the incident and doesn't want anyone to know especially Christina.  She's only told him and Centauro is happy that she trusts him.  Bibiana is on her way out from the house as Centauro men time her with masks when Aguilar shows up.  He wants her to go with him but Bibiana refuses.  She sees those guys coke to them with guns and beat up Aguilar (was kind of hoping they actually shoot the useless jerk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)  they take Bibiana as Aguilar remains behind feeling like the idiot he truly is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  he comes over to the station to report the incident and Gerardo and him almost get into blows.  Ger winders how a big cop like him could have someone taken from him like that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ their boss wants to know what their beef is and Gerardo tells him as he leaves that the jerks been f******* his wife!!  The boss doesn't want Aguilar even involved in that case.  He wants him to stay away because he disrespected his surbodinate by messing with his wife.  Aguilar wants to explain about neglect blah blah but the boss doesn't want to hear any explanation.  

Gerardo receives a message to go to the nearest restaurant and not tell anyone.  He heads there and the guys have left him a gift.  He opens it and finds a phone which he uses to call the number knew the box.  He immediately recognizes the hit as godfather and the godfathers demand are clear,  he wants everything they have on Centauro in the next three hours his wife will suffer.  Godfather hangs up.  Meanwhile Vicente comes in and takes Centauro out telling him that its time. Meanwhile Beast and his guys are arming themselves with knives ready for war πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  Godfather calls back glad that Gerardo is shaken up and tells him that he can't do any of his monkey business. He wants the documents in just a few hours!!  

End of Episode... Not too Valentiny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Soledad has passed out after seeing Jose Antonio alive. She wakes up and the boys leave her alone to talk to Jose Antonio. He reassures her it’s really him, he’s really alive.

At Dario’s spa, Miranda comes see Veronica. She had just been to her lawyer to fix her will. Dario hopes she hasn’t forgotten him, but Miranda teasingly replies that it’s confidential. He offers some treatments for her, when Veronica gets a phone call from Arturo. He asks her to come by the ranch, and she readily agrees.

Soledad is sorry that Mrs. Gallardo is dead and that Jose Antonio lost so much time. He asks her how and why she left him, and Soledad tells him the truth- that his wife asked her not to take him away from his sons. She shows him the photo that the boys’ mother showed her, but a picture of a young Veronica falls out as well. He asks her how she has a photo of Alma- and Soledad tells him, again, the truth, that Veronica is their child.
Flavio wonders if Jose Antonio knows about Veronica, but Arturo doesn’t think so. He realizes now that the relic he saw in Valverde’s office really belonged to his father. Samuel replies that Emilio got his, and the brothers decide it’s time to celebrate their miracle. Jose Antonio learns about Veronica, and that Soledad found out she was pregnant after she left him, but that she promised the boys’ mother she would not take the boys away from their father. Jose Antonio tells her he had to also to respond for his daughter. Soledad explains that Veronica did not grow up with her, and explains her story with Cayetana, including that Veronica now knows who her real family is.
Isadora is enjoying the death of Emilio, but Ulysses reminds her that he was her father. Isadora replies it’s not true- he stole her from her real parents. However, the police is after Isadora, and Roger advises her not to return to the Palenque. Isadora offers them triple what Emilio used to pay if they keep working for her, and asserts that she is not afraid of the police.
Leonardo tells Cayetana that Emilio is dead and that he was an arms trafficker. Cayetana is surprised but now understands why he made her so uneasy. Leonardo tells her she’s a good judge of character. Cayetana asks about the party and Leonardo says everything was fine until the girls return, and that Sofia yelled at all the guests to leave and that she will not ranch until Cayetana kicks him out. He manipulates Cayetana into thinking that Sofia is attacking her directly, not him. The girls enter at that moment, with Andrea saying that Leonardo should go to work because the workers are waiting for him. Sofia tells her mother they need to talk. Cayetana accuses the the girls of abandoning her during the party and leaving rudely. She can’t understand why she sees Leonardo as an enemy. Sofia tells her mother that there were passed out on the floor. Andrea tells her mother that she found Matilde with her jewels, and Sofia reveals that Leonardo was having sex with a woman in the basement.
Leonardo meets with Edward, who is there hoping to invest in Houston. He wants to buy a horse, but Leonardo does him one better- he offers him the entire ranch for sale. He is surprised, but Leonardo is willing to give him a good price. Edward admits that it would save him a lot of years of work, but asks if Cayetana is willing. Leonardo replies that after their honeymoon, Cayetana wants to move there. He asks Edward to keep the sale a secret since the girls may not agree. Edward, fooled, agrees. 
Cayetana doesn’t believe Sofia’s story, and think the girls are just trying to sabotage her happiness. She tells her daughters that they are just trying to get revenge on her for meddling in their affairs. The girls are baffled and furious at Leonardo for setting them up.
Cabrera, in the hospital, receives a visit from Rocio. She asks how he is doing, and Cabrera replies that he is fine. Rocio is glad- she is about to leave, but Cabrera asks for help moving his pillow. He grabs her hand, and asks if she was worried about him. Rocio replies of course, as anyone would be, and leaves in a hurry.
Irina follows Leonardo and is about to walk in on him and Isadora but Eleazar stops her. He grabs her and drags her but she kicks him, but it’s to late- Leonardo and Isadora escape, while Eleazar swears he will tell Leonardo. Irina has caught Eleazar in a lie, since he said that there were workers in the stall and there aren’t.
Cayetana complains to Miranda about the girls, but Miranda encourages her to make up with them. Cayetana doesn’t want to listen, and thinks Miranda is against her. She refuses to give in- she accepts that her daughters go one way, and she goes another. If she could not separate her daughters from the Gallardos, she will not let them part her from Leonardo. She tells Miranda that maybe they should put their friendship on hold, since Miranda obviously doesn’t think the same way she does. To her surprise, Fernandez is in the elevator. They argue, and Cayetana accuses him of being a frustrated man who drowns himself in his work. The elevator stalls, and Cayetana begins to panic- she turns out to be claustrophobic.
At the Alcazar Ranch, Veronica arrives to see her family. Flavio explains that something very important is going to happen that day. Arturo agrees. Soledad explains that she thinks Veronica will be very happy with the news she’s about to receive. Flavio and Samuel explain that their father is alive. Jose Antonio enters the room, to Veronica’s shock. He calls her daughter immediately, and Soledad introduces him as Veronica’s father. Jose Antonio comments that she looks just like her, and Veronica asks if he means Alma. Veronica says now she understands why her brothers are so handsome. Jose Antonio says he is so happy to be with his family again, although Maria Theresa will always be a missing part of him.
At the Del Junco Ranch, Nieves and Sofia check Cayetana’s jewels and find them intact. Nieves leaves to give Felipe his medicine, and Leonardo enters the room. He demands to know what Sofia is doing in his room. Sofia challenges him- shouldn’t he be working? He grabs her and tells her he desires her, but Sofia kicks him and runs. Leonardo chases her, and the ensuing struggle ends in Leonardo falling down the stairs. Irina rushes in to Matilde’s cries of murder. They call emergency services, and Matilde and Eleazar accuse Sofia of murder. Felipe arrives to defend his granddaughters.
Ulysses goes to see Isadora a the safe house and bring supplies. Ulysses tries to seduce her to be her associate and get a bigger cut, but Patricia walks in on them, having followed her husband out. Ulysses calms the situation. 
At the Alcazar ranch the Gallardo family sits down to catch up. Jose Antonio asks about the girls, and his grandson. Arturo shows him a picture of Arturito, and Jose Antonio wants to meet the girls. Jose Antonio thanks Soledad for taking care of the boys, and Veronica wonders at the huge family she suddenly has. Finally, Pablo arrives to speak to Arturo, and meets Jose Antonio.
The paramedics carry away Leonardo. The episode ends with Fernandez helping Cayetana through a panic attack in the elevator

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


We continue with Lucas wanting to leave Lucia.  He has a final episode of a telenovela to write and talks about how many people are watching his shows and counting on him including people in Korea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The psychiatrist tells him that that's great but he is the only connection that Lucia has with the world and Lucia is pretending like she doesn't remember a thing.  Vale announces to Jesica and Adrianas mother that she and Gabriel are together.  Kike is hitting on Luisa in the restaurant πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Diego is having a hard time at the football club where Adriana is couch??  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ meanwhile what in the world is Julio Caesar from TPOF doing here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Miriam doesn't think that she is at Benicio's level but Benicio is seriously asking her to marry him😱😱 Back in Columbia.  He is lied to by Lucia's friend that her condition is very serious and she will go to LA and stay with him. Lucas isn't really digging this. Lucia talks to her friend and he tells her that everything is going according to plan.  Lucia is worried that Lucas doesn't look at her the same. She thinks that She will be like a good dream to Lucas but her friend thinks that she will be more like a nightmare. Meanwhile Vale is telling Luisa that it seems Lucia has a twin somewhere according to what she was told by Gabriel.  Gabriel comes over and they announce their relationship to Luisa. Gabriel and Vale are still looking for Ursula.  Meanwhile this character acted by Julio Caesar from TPOF seems to be challenging Diego.  He is having an easier time with the football classes and they seem to have their little competition going.  Diego tells the guy bit yo forget that before being a coach she is his woman first. 

Eloisa doesn't tell her bf about Kike’s advances towards her.  Kike goes an extra mile and sends the Mariachi to serenade her with Cielito lindo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and Luisa at first starts to enjoy the music but senses when she sees that he isn't amused.  Meanwhile Natalia is dancing away πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (this girl Natalia πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)  Salma and Gabriel are celebrating finally getting their way πŸ˜‚  Miriam tells Jessica about her and Benicio and she is happy for them buy Jesica has her own issues,  she can't let Adriana and Diego be happy. She thinks he can't make her happy.  Vale is seeing Lucas everywhere πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this dissapearing Lucas is even kissing her πŸ˜‚ Lucas brings Lucia to her house with this fake doctor lying to him about the seriousness if her condition. Miguel is talking to this new girl in the restaurant and they are discussing about how money is important.  He tells her that he is the biological son of her mother's boyfriend.  Adriana comes to Diego's house at night and jumps his bones πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they end up in bed.  Jessica acting out like a villain in a novela and lies laughter is ridiculous.  Meanwhile Lucia is trying to seduce Lucas by acting like a victim,  she only remembers him and she feels strongly for him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Lucas reads the traps and gets away from he room.  Vale is in her house cutting off pieces of magazines when Lucas calls. He is back and wants to tell her something.  He asks if she missed him and she goes crazy...  “Did I miss you?!! ” she tells him that after leaving without a word that's all he could ask??  She ends up telling him that she has started a new life with Gabriel and hangs up!  Lucas who is trying to speak in low tones seems angry and calls Damian.  He has an emergency. 

Meanwhile back in the mansion Natalia is even wearing a Mariachi hat as both she and Luisa sing along loudly with the mariachi.  When Carlos looks at Eloisa she pretends she was coughing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚(that scene killed me)  Carlos asks the Mariachi to stop but Natalia wants them to continue. She tells them to keep going but Carlos wants them to go.  He chases them out.  Salma is having a small family get together with her son and his father πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they talk about Vale and Salma all of a sudden thinks that Vale was cute. The guy seems to think that she is only happy because Vale and Lucas are no longer together.  Kike comes to talk to Vale and he is happy .  They talk about him and Eloisa.  Kike tells her that Eloisa is the love if his life but Vale tells him that its an impossible love ❤😘 she asks him not to bother them because Eloisa is very much in love with Carlos.  Meanwhile Gabriel has coke to Felicia’s to talk about Ursula but felicia tries to seduce him telling him that what he needs is a sexy and wild woman.  Gabriel tells her that he is in love with Vale and wants to respect her. Back at the mansion Carlos tales a trumpet and wants to chase away the Mariachi but not before they tell him who sent them. The Mariachi don't know. He chases them away but Natalia is busy asking them to call her.  Carlos goes upstairs as Eloisa and Natalia start celebrating.  When he looks at them they pretend they are coughing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

Jessica has dark extensions in her hair and tells Vale that she is going to be playing a role but in real life πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she is even talking weird like a villain.  Lucas comes over and the director comes over to scold him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Gabriel also comes and they all want to know what he'll make up next.  Meanwhile Jessica is asking Salma how she can be a villain and Salma tells her that villains do absolutely anything to defend their love πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she then turns to us and tells us not to try this at home but tells Jessica that she can try πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Vale seems anxious ever since Lucas came back and Gabriel notices this.  When Lucas comes Iver and finds them almost kissing he tells him thay he and Vale would be getting married as spin as they get their divorce and Lucas overreacts with the heartbreak.  It seems he will be playing a villain in the next novela starring Gabriel and Salma πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and he has a horrible looking mask that makes him look absolutely ridiculous saying he will seek revenge in the novela just like he will be in real life πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

Meanwhile Benicio tells his father that he and Miriam are getting married.  Adriana tells Diego that she can live with him but not in that house and not with Jessica always coming between them.  On her way home Jessica who was u conspicuously eavesdropping waits for her to start driving and throws herself in front of the car.  The car doesn't actually touch her but she is dramatic even when going down to the floor πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Adriana actually thinks she's hit her... 

End of Episode...

We continue with Vicente talking to an unconscious Tania.  He promises her that it won't hurt,  he wonders why she had to come up with the stupid plan with the pictures in the first place. He has no other choice,  he needs to do the necessary.  He stabs her eyes as blood oozes out and his face is covered.  He sheds a tear.  He takes a picture of it and sends it to Julia then starts wailing.  Meanwhile Chancho and the other guy have dragged the dead Juvenul to the store room where they hang him and pretend that he has committed suicide.  They are talking about how he looked skinny and they did not expect him to be that heavy. He struggled to live.  They strip him of all his valuables and split them amongst themselves. Vicente comes in and takes the knife rubs it against Juvenuls hand then let's it drop on the floor to make it look like he stabbed Tania and killed himself.  Back at the mansion,  Julia is talking to Padrino wondering why it's different when she catches Centauro with another woman than if she catches her with another man,  she doesn't understand why it's acceptable for him to be able to kill the man but it's but the same when it's her case.  She receives the photo and tells Padrino that's she can finally sleep in peace.  Meanwhile back in the prison,  Yolanda is the first person time find Tanias body and she calls for help.  La Negra finds her and thinks hat she is the one while is responsible .  Yolanda swears it wasn't her.  Negra doesn't believe her. She is behaving as if Tania is her wife wanting to hold her.  The cop cuffs both of them until they find out which is responsible and leaves Yolanda inside with Tania as he takes Negra away to avoid any fight between them. Negra is not happy about this. Tania gains consciousness in the middle and starts telling Yolanda that she is in pain.  Yolanda tells her to hang in there,  she will get better soon as she calls for an ambulance.  Meanwhile the cop who was with them was called for an emergency in the storeroom and Vicente comes in pretending that he doesn't know  what's going on.  He is told about the suicide and about the stabbing. Vicente acts shocked ⚡⚡πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ They take an ambulance that would take Tania to the hospital.  Gerardo spends the night at Bianchinis place πŸ“.  He is devastated. 

The next day Centauro is acting like he didn't plan the whole bloodbath the previous night trying to talk to Yola but she doesn't want time talk to him and neither does she want any of his notes. He asks her what she wanted to talk to him about since she was looking for him.  Yolanda tells him about ybe escape,  the will talk later but if they plan well and if things don't work out with the lawyers they can both escape... Gerardo is packing his stuff and is about time leave and Bibiana is begging him to stay,  she was serious about giving their relationship another chance and her relationship with Aguilar was over,  she was confused.  Gerardo wants to hear none if that.  He's gone. 
The guy that was visiting Tania is visiting her in the hospital and Tania asks him to show her how he left her,  he gives her the mirror and she sees herself.  She tears up.  She has no idea what she might have done to provoke Juvenul.  Meanwhile Centauro is talking to his lawyer and he tells her that things might get more complicated because of the lawyer Castro.  The lawyer wants to know how much Castro knows and Centauro tells him that Castro knows too much,  enough to make sure he stays in prison.  Centauro is pretty pissed if Castro dares to talk.  Meanwhile Lucio has finished his investigation in Perez and tells Christina that the man works for Centauro who happens to be her mother's friend in jail. Chrustina asks Lucky not to tell anything to her grandmother.  Meanwhile Lucky thinks she looks great in a minidress.  One thing though,  some weird looking idiot was taking pictures of Christina... πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Gerardo is talking to his boss with Bianchini when Aguilar enters and when the boss asks him what happened to him he tells him that some jerk did it. There is obvious bad blood between them and the boss wants them to work together.  Gerardo updates him on the moves they are making to finally apprehend centauro and the boss seems pleased at how fast they are getting results.  He invites them out for some drinks but Gerardo turns him down and tells that he can't.  He even mentions that at least as a boss he has his mind completely I'm his work unlike others and they almost get into blows for that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The boss asks Gerardo to leave.  Outside Centauros men are checking out the gate and see Bianchini,  they all agree that that's not the cup and even think they might be mistaken until Gerardo comes out. These guys want to follow them and see what they are up to. 

Centauro agrees to Yolandas escape plan.  Castro will give them a harder time and he needs to get out as soon as possible. It seems Lucky is into some bad things and wants you initiate Christina.  Meanwhile witch Mariela is the knee who ordered the creep up go take pictures of her granddaughter and speaks to a potential client over the phone. She wants to sell her granddaughter πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ Lucho is using the fact that Christina is naive to try and get her into his robbery business.  He even gives her a kiss. This one seems like the story if her mother and the dog repeating itself.  Meanwhile Hola and Centauro are talking about their escape plan while Beast and his main guy are talking about how they will destroy them... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  Julia talks to Centauro over the phone and he wants her to help him with the escape.  Of course he doesn't mention Yolanda.   His wife thinks that he wasn't born to be in prison and she will help him.  He wants to hang up but needy Julia wants to hear the I love you from him,  he has no pressure in lying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he then picks the call from godfather (padrino)  he tells him about the cop and his men coming over to the prison and Centauro thinks immediately that its an operation. He his his weapons and conveniently has Vicente frisking him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Vicente hides all the weapons he is carrying including cellphones,  knives πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  

Gerardo and Bianchini plays the rest if the anti narcotics group is there to check everyone's rooms and they start off by the office.  They want the director to identify the guy in the pictures but he can't help them.  They have to go check the rooms but he doesn't let the director go with them. Dominga isn't exactly crazy about the whole escape plan that Yola is planning with Centauro but she promises not to tell a soul.  Gerardo is inside Centauros room and they think it looks like a hotel.  They font find anything that could implicate him but the note that Yolanda refused to take.  With that they conclude that Yolanda La querida del Centauro πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚(Centauro’s Lover)  The lawyer is telling Centauro that things won't be very easy for him from biweekly hence forth because the cops are on his neck πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 


Centauro is talking to the godfather and he tells him that the cop is determined to catch him. He tells him about Gerardos brother who had infiltrated them and get some info and his the cop wants revenge. Centauro tells godfather to investigate whether Gerardo has a family 😱😱😱 just then we see Bibiana and know she is probably his only family.  She is calling Gerardo,  she wants to meet him for five minutes,  she thinks they need to talk and have closure.  Gerardo obviously doesn't want to but will be going the because she insistst. 
Tania is back and Vicente is all lovey and doesn't think k she is ugly at all.  He loves her the way she is (probably because he is the one who stabbed her eyes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)  he actually looks like he genuinely fell for her though. Actually Tania is cute when she's all humble.  She later tells him in her cell that she only has two months left to stay locked up.  

Bibiana wants a second chance with Gerardo coz apparently he also cheated on her but Gerardo doesn't think it's the same because his was a one night stand while she literally had a relationship with that imbicel Aguilar.  She tells him that it wasn't easy for her to forgive him but she did.  She is being sincere and Gerardo thinks that that is ironic coming from her. She wants him to at least think of giving their relationship a second chance.  She asks him if he wants the apartment but he tells her that he is doing well at Bianchinis place.  He wants to pay but she already paid so he walks out.  
Yolanda and Centauro seem to be making progress in their escape plan that involves explosives πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the are having these private meetings πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

Tania is in her room when her friends come to invite her... La Negra comes mocking her playing blind jokingly πŸ˜‚ she sstill thinks she is the cutest one there and she seems to genuinely care for Tania.  Rent guys have come to take money from Mariela.  Christina escapes and goes to meet with Lucho, Yolanda tries to call her through Lucho but she isn't picking up and she leaves her a message telling her to stay safe.  They use her to distract the guys who they are about to rob and then one guy comes to hit the guy who's about to be robbed as Lucho grabs the money.  Christina is in the middle of the whole drama looking shocked. 😱😱😱 

End of  Episode.... 

Monday, February 12, 2018


Linda communicates to Isadora that Emilio has died. Isadora is pleased- her plan worked, though Linda is upset that her uncle is dead.

At the Del Junco Ranch, Cayetana is enduring hanging out with Patricia. Patricia tells her she wants to be her unconditional friend, and that it can’t be easy having her whole family against her marriage- but she tells Cayetana that it’s because people are envious. Cayetana replies that her daughters only think of their happiness, and not how long she has been alone. Patricia tells her “Caye” that she should stand up for her happiness. Cayetana accepts her hug gingerly as Patricia tells her that she values her new friend.

Eleazar and Matilde plot to kick out the girls. Ulysses tells Leonardo that the girls have declared war, and it’s a good thing he’s got Cayetana under her control. Leonardo replies that it’s easy, when a woman has spent so long alone. Ulysses gets a call from Roger, reporting that Emilio is dead. Ulysses is shocked, and tells Leonardo, who laughs and says a new era is about to begin.

Veronica and Pablo enjoy reviving their romance. Meanwhile, at the Alcazar Ranch, the girls tell the boys that their house is filled with people who are obviously just there to enjoy Cayetana’s money. The boys sympathize, but warn that this is now the new norm for the Del Junco ranch. Sofia is shocked that her mother has fallen so low and is so easily fooled. Arturo replies that her mother wants to be in the right even if the world is falling apart around her. Flavio takes the opportunity to say that though the world may be falling apart, he and Irina have an announcement to make. Arturo urges his brother to tell them, but to watch himself because he’s full of surprises. Flavio announces that he and Irina are going to be parents. Arturo hugs them both, and Samuel does as well, greeting his niece/nephew at the same time. Sofia says it’s good that Flavio knows- Irina was nervous as to how he would take it. Flavio replies that there’s only one way he would take it- he’s happy, the happiest man in the world. Irina, however, doesn’t want to leave the Del Junco Ranch. Flavio and the crew try to convince her but she won’t be swayed. Fernandez calls at that moment to deliver the news about Emilio, which Arturo relays to his family. They all now know that Emilio was the head of a dangerous organization, and that Isadora was his right hand woman, and is a dangerous fugitive.

Cayetana tells Leonardo that it’s late yet more guests keep arriving. Leonardo, drunk, tells her that she will soon get used to these kinds of parties, and he just wants her to have fun. She replies that she wants to go to bed, and asks him to come with her. He replies that he will have one more drink and be right to bed. Convinced, Cayetana goes to bed as Leonardo stakes out one of the party guests to sleep with.

Pablo and Veronica continue to enjoy their date, while Isadora meets with her men. They encourage her to leave, because the police is looking for her. The police arrive, led by Fernandez, on a raid.

The girls arrive home to see Leonardo’s party guests sleeping in the living room. Disgusted, they split up- Irina goes to check on the baby and Felipe, Andrea goes to find Cayetana, and Sofia goes looking for Nieves. Andrea catches Matilde putting on her mother’s jewels. Sofia hears from Nieves that Leonardo disappeared to the guest room with a woman in a blue dress. Sofia catches him sleeping with the woman, but is met only with cynicism from a drunk Leonardo who tells her that he can do what he wants in his own house. He tries to assault Sofia but she overpowers him and escapes.

Andrea confronts Matilde who claims she is only there to attend Cayetana. She is rude to Andrea but Andrea kicks her out of her mother’s room, not buying her lie for a minute. Matilde struggles with Andrea but Irina intervenes. Irina warns her not to touch her mother’s jewels or her sisters and kicks Matilde out. Meanwhile, Sofia kicks out at the guests, with the help of her sisters.

At the Palenque, Isadora shoots Cabrera and escapes. Veronica checks on him, and encourages him to get checked. Roger comes to find out what happened and Cabrera tells him what happened. He tells Roger that they will have to go to the station to file a report.

Back at the Alcazar Ranch, Arturo is celebrating the prospect of a cousin for Arturito. Flavio teases Samuel that he needs to catch up. Samuel recalls their father, and Flavio thinks he would have been a great grandfather. Fernandez arrives, apologizing for the hour. Arturo assumes he’s there because of something to do with Emilio. Fernandez replies that Emilio is dead because of the work of one great policeman, who spent years after him, a man who everyone thought was dead. The boys ask who it is, and Fernandez tells them to remain calm. He calls in their father, to the boys absolute shock. Jose Antonio enters and tells his sons that he is there, after ten years of captivity, to hold the most sacred thing he has- his sons. Arturo, Flavio, and Samuel hug him after ten years of believing their father was dead. Jose Antonio wants to look at them- he exclaims that they are all fine men now, and that he has been blessed with wonderful sons. The Gallardo family sits down to catch up as Fernandez excuses himself. Jose Antonio thanks him for his help and for taking care of his sons. Fernandez replies that they can be stubborn but he cares for them deeply. Arturo asks his father about their mother- Jose Antonio tells him that Emilio killed her, and kept him hostage but that Isadora helped him escape, no doubt to get revenge or overthrow her father.
Eleazar and Matilde talk about the girls and how they kicked the guests out. Matilde tells him about the room but Eleazar tells her that she must be careful- they can’t go to jail again. Sofia tells her sisters about the woman and Leonardo in the basement. Andrea and Irina are disgusted.

The boys show Jose Antonio a photo of Alma, and tell them about her death. Jose Antonio mourns his daughter, but Flavio tells him that life has given them back some things. Samuel tells Jose Antonio that Soledad is living with them. The boys tell him that they know the whole story about him and Soledad, but they can’t judge him. Flavio warns that this will be a difficult meeting for Soledad. Jose Antonio is amazed that Soledad is there and taking care of his sons.

The next day, Cayetana awakens alone in bed. Leonardo brings her breakfast to smooth over the party from last night. Matilde tries to throw away but Nieves refuses to let her. Felipe enters and Nieves tells him what she’s trying to do. Felipe is furious and takes back his uniform. Pablo tells Rocio about Cabrera and that he is in the hospital after being shot. Meanwhile, Fernandez fills in Cabrera on Jose Antonio’s story, leaving Cabrera incredulous. Fernandez tells Cabrera that they must find Isadora before she hurts anyone else. At the hideout, Isadora receives news that her mother has died.
The episode ends with the brothers telling Soledad that their father is alive. She is incredulous and tells them they are making a very bad joke, but Jose Antonio enters the room. However, just as he greets Soledad, she faints.
Thoughts: I love how Samuel was the first to run to his father, and to sit by him when Jose Antonio sat. It was a sweet reminder that he’s the youngest and technically the baby.Also loved his little squee at his unborn niece/nephew. Idk I just really loved Samuel in this episode


We continue this crazy story if ours inside Centauros mansion where his bad ass wife Julia forces Padrino with a gun pointed on his chin to tell her who the vieja in the picture is and Padrino fearing for his life tells her that the girl is Yolanda.  Turns out she already knew about her name from the text she received from Tania and was testing to see if he will tell her the truth. The woman doesn't seem to give a care about the police and she's meaner than her hubby πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (I think I like her πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) She then jokes about never hurting him because he's worked for them for a long time . She wants him to prepare her something to drink.  Meanwhile Yolanda is working in the kitchen and the lawyer doesn't like this at all.  He tells the guard to get her out of there because if anything were to happen time her the will not hear the end of it from Centaur.  The guard is on his way to getting her out after receiving an approval for a plan he had applied for but not be fire getting the lawyer time sign some papers giving Yolanda time to grab the plans of the prison and run.  Yolanda seems serious about escaping. Cetauro is in a bad mood because it seems like the police catching the lawyers made them suspend his heating and he wants time more kW whether the dam lawyers spilled the beans on him. He is talking to Padrino over the phone. His wife doesn't want him knowing that she is back so she's there listening to the conversation. Centaurus what's to know what the cop's relationship to Yolanda is.  Gerardo comes back home and finds Bibiana teaching Gato how to write .  He wasn't expecting to see her and wants to speak to her in private.  They talk about their relationship and how she's going to give him another chance and Bibiana tells him that they have to do it without Gato around even though he's a great and cute kid πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ (just don't get this woman) 

Gato hears about this,  he had high hopes of finally staying with them but he won't be the one to rain on their parade so he makes the decision to leave and leave a badly written goodbye note for Gerardo thanking him and telling him that he's gone back to look after his business in the streets.  Meanwhile Aguilar calls Bibiana, he's outside of the house drunk and wants to go inside to confront Ger. Bibiana tells him in codes that she will see him the next day. Yolanda receives a note from a cop telling her that her daughter called and said it was urgent.  He hands her a number which she apparently has to contact.  She goes out if her cell and Tania takes advantage to go and explore.  She takes the watch that Centauro gave Yolanda and tells her friends that she's win the jackpot (she probably shouldn't have πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Centauro isn't in one of his best moods πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) 

The next day at the office,  Bianchini is inside Aguilars office when he sees a call from Bibiana to Aguilar.  Aguilar walks in oblivious of what Bianchini saw and chases him out.  He then picks up the call and Bianchini listens as they make plans to meet up and talk.  It seems Bibiana it over the whole relationship but Aguilar just wants to insists πŸ˜’πŸ˜’  Bianchini doesn't like one bit what they are doing to Ger. So he takes initiative and decideds to take initiative and goes into the venue of their meet up.  As he awaits them he talks to Her over the phone on a different issue as Her goes to check on Gato.  Her finds Gato in a very dangerous situation as the guys from the cartel were coming for him to get him and use him to trap Ger.  Gerardo rescues him but is unable to catch the fleeing guys. Bianchini is in the  restaurant when the Bibiana and Aguilar arrive. He hides well as Aguilar and Bibiana talk,  he even kisses her as Bianchini takes pictures of them in compromising positions.  Bibiana wants out of the relationship but Aguilar doesn't want to insist.  Bibiana leaves him as he looks behind and spots Bianchini.  He figure that they are already discovered.  Yolanda gets to speak to Christina over the phone, it seems like Lucho is helping her with his own phone. They talk about how they can't communicate at home and Yolanda asks her whether her grandma has introduced to to to anyone older and Christina tells her no. Yolanda is a bit releived and tells her to take care and study and do exactly what she tells her in the letters, Christina is like “Wait what letters??” the line gets cut and Yolanda is pissed off that her daughter never received the letters. Christina can smell her grandmother's dirty hands all over this one.Marcela the witch is acting all goody goody with Christina giving her new clothes.  She wants her to be dressing more like a woman and not a Mariachi. She is doing that to please Otoniel but mostly because she wants to present Christina to men who she can sell her off to. (I mean this woman smh πŸ˜’πŸ˜’) 

Gerardo comes back to the office and gets to talk to Bianchini,  he can't handle the lies any more and hands him the pictures of his wife and Aguilar parroting his way over the explanation of how he discovered the truthπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ( for real he can talk a million words per second)  Gerardo is pissed,  goes into Aguilars office and destroys it,  he almost gets into a fight with the other police on his way out.  In his house Aguilar follows Bibiana and wants them to continue their relationship but Bibiana is against it.  Gerardo catches them and goes for Aguilar face punching the daylights out of it.  Bibiana is busy accusing him of neglect and he wonders why she had to betray him especially with that guy. He beats him up a bit and doesn't let his anger get the best of him especially with the thought that they might have hooked up in his bed.   He leaves them to enjoy their romance as he walks out on them. 

Meanwhile Centauro is told that his wife is there to see him.  He can't believe she came over and wants to go get rid of her.  She is waiting for him in the conjugal visit area.  As Julia makes her way through the corridors,  she bumps into Tania and her group of friends.  Tania is bragging up her friends about the watch as Negra tells her that it wasn't right for her to steal Yolandas watch.  Julia doesn't understand what the girls are talking about but since the watch ks on Tanias hand,  she automatically thinks the girl is the infamous Yolanda πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she meets up with Centauro in the room and he wonders what she is doing there.  Apparently Centauro has a son. Julia swears that if he has fallen in love with that woman she will kill the both.  Centauro lies to her that Yolanda is only a fling and that she is the only one he loves. She threatens to speak to the DEA if he betrays her.  Centauro isn't happy that she is threatening him. He asks her what she wants and she removes her robe “You! ” they have quick round of sex and afterwards she asks him yo send her a before and after picture of Yolanda disfigured or dead. She wants to make sure that there is no one in her way.  Outside she is kissing her with Tania and her group are busy gossiping and Julia shows Centauro the Yolanda that she is talking about πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this is the part where we learn stealing is the devil πŸ˜‚ Yolanda walks in and sees Centauro kissing his wife and feels heartbroken as she walks inside her room.  She tells Dominga that she didn't know he was married because the wife isn't anywhere.  Dominga tells her that she didn't expect a man like Centauro to parade his wife everywhere. She thought he was different.

Centauro and his men call Vicente in and tell him that someone took pictures of him and Yolanda and sent them to his wife,  h now need him to take care of her.  Vicente thinks it's Yolanda but Centauro tells him that he is talking about Tania.  Vicente is reluctant because of how he feels for Tania but Centauro wants Tania dead because he's completely sure that its her who sent the pictures to Julia. He thinks Tania dwarves it. Vicente begs for Tanias life, she doesn't deserve death. Chancho tells Centauro that Vicente likes Tania and Centauro tells Vicente to improvise but he needs his wife off his back and he needs the pictures.  He trusts Vicente.  He will pay he double. Vicente looks conored.  He asks Tania to meet him somewhere that night.  Meanwhile Centauro and his guys drug the other cop using sedatives and alcohol that the guy doesn't see where he is going.  Centauro goes to Yolandas room and tells her about his situation,  his relationship with Julia isn't real and what he feels for her is different.  He wants her to believe him. She is kind off sold to his story because he looks sincere. Meanwhile Vicente grabs Tania from behind drugging her.  He then takes her to a room as he puts on surgical gloves “Am doing this to save your life baby,  this is the only way you can survive... Forgive me... It's for your own good” 😱😱😱 what's is he up to??  ....

End of Episode!!  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ



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