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Friday, February 02, 2018



We start with Patricia begging Ulyses to stay alive for her, the paramedics arive and ulyses tells them that it was an accident and they rush him to the hospital. Soledad is telling Veronica about her father, that he was a good man. Vero wonders if she ever told the so called father about her existence and Soledad tells her about the man being married and having a wife. His wife did not want him to know. Vero is still not convinced and feels that Soledad gave up too easily. She tells Soledad that Miranda is the only mother she knows because Sole didn't have a place for her in her life or heart. She walks out angry...

Hehehe... so the Dj girls still cannot believe that their mother is going to marry the jerk Leonardo. Cayetana finds them and tells them that they should really stop plotting against her happiness. She then advices eah of them to go be with their respective Gallardos and leave her the hell alone hehehe...

Sole is crying telling Arturo that she knew it wasn't the time to tell her. Sole thinks that Vero will only end up hating her. Arturo tells her that it's better that way, Vero is very intelligent and will end up forgiving her eventually.

Pablo goes outside to try to talk to Vero telling her to try and understand Soledad. Vero is not ready to listen and figures out that Pablo also knew that Sole was Vero's mother. Vero feels that her entire life was a big fat lie!! Pablo tells her that Sole sacrificed her entire life because she loves her, all she wanted was to protet her and give her the very best in life. He tells her that she is the most important thing to him. Vero feels that everything she had grown to love as hers is not even hers anymore. She asks Pablo to leave her alone.

Meanwhile, Nieves scolds Rocio for the big fat lie she told Pablo about her. She tells her that it wasn't right for her to lie to Pablo like that and put her in trouble like that. Nieves warns her that her secret will come out soon enough.

Leo the pig and his sidekick Mendez the roach are celebrating Leo's achievements. Leo tells her that his plan is to get rid of the DJ girls , take possesion of all of the Dj fortune and end up as a widower hehehe They raise their glasses to that. Felipe finds them and asks them why they are celebrating. roachman leaves them alone and Leo is braging how he will get the old man out of there. Felipe grabs him by the hands, tackles him to the floor with a knife to his stupi neck and warns him not to think that since he has no gun he can't protect his family.  WOOOH THAT'S MY GENERAL!

It looks like all the drama Ulyses played last episode paid off and we have Patricia kissing him telling him that she will never leave him. It looks like they have finally made up. Miranda is speaking to Ines telling her that though Edward is a good man, she doesn't want to pressure her daughter. Vero comes in with the news that she already knows that Soledad is her real mother. Miranda confirms it and tells her that she never wanted to hurt her. Meanwhile Isadora is living the life of a queen somewhere in a hotel, Leo calls her and gives her the great news that he is going to be the husband of Cayetana. Leo tells her that she has o fulfil her part of the Plan and Isa tells him not to worry. Everything is going smoothly.

Emilio is in Palenque talking to Marco and Nico about Isadora. The stupid roaches Matilde and Eliezer are discussing Emilio's relationship with Beatrice. The police arrive and and Emilio tells Marco and Nico to leave through the back door. Fernandez has come over to talk to question them about Ulyses whereabouts and is shocked to see the snakes Eli and Mati there. They promise that they never wanted to harm Samuel. Fernandez still thinks that is up to the authority to find out. He then talks briefly to Emilio then has a brief chat with Cabruera. They think that it's weird that Emilio is the one looking after Palenque. They are sure now that Patricia might actually be in danger.

Meanwhile Patricia is worried sick about Ulyses and is pacing up and down in the hospital. Candela arrives and Patricia tells her everything that happened. Candela thinks she should go to the police and tell them about it but Patricia doesn't want to. She is staying with Ulyses.

Dario tries to talk Vero into going to the Alcazar ranch for the party to celebrate that Vero and Arturo are alive. Vero then tells Dario that she has found out who her real mother is. Dario is obviously dying to find out who her mother is and Vero tells her that Sole is her mother. Hehehe Dario overreacts and goes crazy over the news. After recovering from the shock, Dario tells her that Soledad is a great woman and she could not have asked for a better mother. He consoles Vero...

Everyone is leaving for the Alcazar ranch exept for the idiot Leo and his naive fiance Cayetana. Cayetana is very angry that her entire family has a relationship with the Gallardos and even her own dad is going to the party. Sofia tells her that this will give her the chance to spend a romantic night with her new fiance. They leave them alone and go over to the Alcazar ranch.

At the ranch, rturo is bonding with his son hehehe awwwwwwwwww I have really missed this baby!! After they all sit down, Arturo tells Sofia that she cannot continue to stay at the house with that idiot Leo and her mother. Samuel thinks so too, he wants his little witch to live with him and Flavio also asks his doll to move in with him. The girls refuse to and tell them that now more than ever they need to be with their mother to protect her from Leo. Flavio is not happy with the news and goes into his room. Irina follows him.

Meanwhile Leo arrives in the Palenque, starts giving Candela flirty looks and then goes into the office. Marco and Nico follow him and they are threatening him with a gun. hehehe hope they blow his brains off!!!

Irina and Flavio have an argument and Irina has had enough. She gives Flavio a mouthful and then feels dizzy, she collapses in Flavio's arms... Is she pregnant?? Back at the livingroom, they are all talking about something when Dario comes over. The boys hug her and welcome her warmly telling her that she is part of their family. Arturo then tells her "Veronica you are part of the family, and right now I am going to tell you why i say this... There is something that you really should know!" END OF EPISODE!!!

This episodes got me dancing!!! wohooo Love love love!!!
EPISODE 137...

We start off with the Arturo telling Vero that there is something that she ought to know. Everyone is pretty shocked and Vero is even more confuses. She wonders what they might want to tell her. Arturo takes her to another room while Sammy goes to fetch Flavio. Meanwhile Irina has come around and Flavio wonders what was wrong with her. He thinks that she is getting fat but in a good way hehehe. They then start making out hehehe Sammy seems to have realized this and decides to give the couple some time. He goes back to Arturo and tells him that Flavio can't join them. It seems that it will have to be the two of them telling Vero the truth. Vero wondres what truth they are talking about since She already knows about Soledad being her mother. Se warns them not to try and force her to accept Soledad. They tells her that that is not it. They want to tell her how she is related to them... But how?

Meanwhile there is another confused party in the living room. Dario, Soledad, Felipe and Pablo know part of the truth. Dario wonders how the girls don't have a clue and Pablo sought of tells him that it's not his story to tell. Irina and Flavio are finally done making out and they join the group. Flavio wonders what happened and Soledad tells him that Vero is around. He better go join his brothers. Flavio runs to the room and Irina joins the kamukunji at the living room... Everyone is now gathered around Soledad to hear what she has to say. She starts crying and Felipe cannot handle this, he comes out with it and tells them Vero is Soledad's daughter as Soledad continues to cry. Sole then tells them the whole truth about how she ended up giving up Vero and the girls are shocked that their mother would go to such absurd legnths. They thinks what their mother did is cruel. But Dario has a relevant question, " If Vero already knows the truth why is she in another room engaing in a legnthy discussion with the Gallardos? mhhhh great questions, we will have to get back to that.

Wooh the captain, my goodness... I don't know but there is just something about this captain that I like, no love!!! Gosh he is speaking with Cayetana in the study. He tells her that he doesn't believe that a woman like her can get married to a moron like Montalvo. Cayetana seems pretty tense She doesn't want the captain to speak badly about her futuro esposo. The captain asks her a frank question. Is she in love with Monatlvo. Cayetana tells him that she is profoundly in love. The captain tells her that he does not believe her. She then tells him that she doesn't feel comfortable talking about this things with him. Fernandez goes "With who... with this policeman who is madly in love with you?" Cayetana is even more tense and anxiaous. She tells him that she doesn't want him to speak of love He asks her why when its a beautiful feeling. She answers him with a question "Do you think I am in love with you?" He tells her no but he also doesn't believe that she is in love with that Montalvo guy. He tells her that he thinks she is commiting a huge mistake and he will always be here, very close to her to help whenever she needs him awwwwwwwww.... He grabs her hand gently and kisses it. OOh my nerves!!

Back to the idiot Montalvo, the guys find him and beat the crap out of him. They then take him to Emilio. Emilio is bent on killing him for going through with his marriage to Cayetana. He asks him how he prefers to die and Leo has some leverage. He tells Emilio that he knows all about his dirty bussinesses and if he dies, Emilio's organization and bussinesses would go downhill. Leo manages to turn things around and ends up punching Emilio right across the face. He leaves hehehe....OOh how I had hoped he died hehehe...

Back to the boys, they break the news to Vero that she is their sister. She doesn't get it at first, how could this be, they explain slowly how everything was and she manages to understand. Then Arturo asks her if she accepts them as her new family. She tells them that yes she is a bit confused and shocked but she never had a brother and life gave her three! They hug awwww One huge happy family. The boys tell Vero that Soledad is a great woman, she only gave her up for adoption because she did not have anything to offer her then.

SOle is telling the people in the living room the other half of the truth that only her and the Gallardos knew. She tells them that life is full of surprises and it turns out that the man she was in love with was Jose Antonio Gallardo. Wohooo, everyone is shocked but I like the exergerated shock on Dario's little face hehehe so funny. Now they understand the ressemblance to Alma. Soledad then goes on to tell them how they ended uo finding out the truth. The Gallardos are out of the room happy and Vero tells them that he is happy to be their sister. He tells Sole who is broken down right now that she will need time to accept the fact that she is her mother. Vero and Dario say goodbye to all in attendance and leave. Poor Soledad had hoped for a hug but all she got was a handshake. After Vero leaves, the entire crew goes on to hug a sobbing Soledad.

Everyone is happy, Felipe goes back t the house and they get into a nasty exchange with Cayetana about the whereabouts of her so called lover. Emilio asks Candela to help him out with the wounds and not to dare call the authorities about this. Irina and Flavio are finishing up on what they had started, Sofia and Arturo are also in another room kissing and Arturo wantrs her to stay. Sofia tells him that she will not allow the fool Montalvo to finish destroying whats left of her family. Andrea and Sammy also share a sweet moment.

So we are back with Cayetana. She is in bed and is dreaming about the captain hehehe it's a wedding and the groom is out beloved Nestor. She is asked if she takes him as her husband and she accepts. The Nestor recites his own vows. The priest then tells him to kiss the bride and they kiss... well its not those deep passionate kisses we have between the young lads but at this point, I am desperate, I will take what I get hehehehe... oooow yesssss.... Cayetana wakes up screaming "Nestor!"
Leo is there and asks her " Nestor, are you dreaming about that cop??" Teren!!


    Leonardo asks Cayetana about her dream, but she is more worried about the bruise on his face. Leonardo tells her that he fought with Emilio over Cayetana. She encourages him to turn in Valverde in, but Leonardo refuses.

    The next day, the brothers arrive to visit Juana, who has become delusional. They are taking her to get a psych evaluation. Juana thinks that Alma and Lucia are still alive, studying to be teachers.

     Back at the Del Junco Ranch, Cayetana tells Leonardo that it is time for her to live her life and to stop worrying about the lives of others. Leonardo makes a shady phone call to Isadora, letting her know what Emilio did, but that the information she gave him saved his life.

     The girls worry about their mother, and are disgusted by Leonardo’s efforts to make her fall in love with him. Irina has a theory- that Cayetana has been in love with him from the beginning. Sofia agrees- after all, her estrangement from their father began when they met Leonardo. Suddenly, Irina passes out.

     Emilio pays another check, this time to make Julia disappear, as Arturo arrives for Juana with his brothers.

     Isadora orders her two men to find out everything on Julia Ortiz. Meanwhile, Leonardo pays a visit to Ulysses in the hospital to give him an invitation to the wedding and to ask him and Patricia to be the witnesses at his wedding with Cayetana. However, as Leonardo reveals his evil plan to chase away the sisters and kill Cayetana and Felipe, Candela overhears.

     At the Del Junco ranch, Irina wakes up surrounded by her sisters. Sofia asks Irina if this is the first time she’s passed out. Irina admits that she fainted the other night with Flavio, and asks her sister if it could be something serious. Sofia doubts that it is- Irina has always been healthy. Rocio brings Irina some tea, which she refuses, saying it makes her nauseous. Sofia is suspicious- Irina thinks its strange, she has never felt like this before. Sofia agrees- Irina wouldn’t have felt this way before, because she had never been pregnant.

     The psychiatrist lets the brothers know that Juana likely has PTSD, and is delusional. He recommends they begin treatment to gradually return her to reality. Tomas worries about costs, but the brothers tell him not to worry about anything. Arturo has a disturbing encounter with Julia, who asks about her daughter Isadora. Juana begs the brothers to take her home- there are many bad people here, and the devil is in this place. Flavio and Arturo reassure her that she will be ok, that they will see her often.

     Irina doesn’t think it’s possible to be pregnant, but Sofia lists her symptoms- nausea, dizziness, fainting, appetite changes- and Andrea raises further suspicions when she asks Irina if her period is late, which it is.

     Fernandez and Cabrera wonder what could have happened to Isadora. Fernandez is looking at the security footage from the night Arturo was injured, and find Leonardo in the hospital at the same time.

     The girls are waiting impatiently for Irina’s results. Sofia reads the test- it’s positive. Irina and Flavio are having a baby.

     Fernandez and Cabrera compare the footage of Leonardo and the suspicious figure leaving Arturo’s room. They are similar, but it’s not enough to prove anything. At the psych hospital, Juana is put under by the corrupt nurse and psychiatrist.

     Irina wonders at the thought of a child with her beloved Flavio. Andrea and Sofia are happy to be aunts. They wonder if it will be a boy, or maybe a mini-Irina with curls. Andrea is dying to see Flavio’s face when he finds out, but Irina tells Andrea no- Flavio can’t know she’s expecting their first baby. He will undoubtedly drag her out of the house to live with him, and she doesn’t want to abandon her sisters in their war against Leonardo. She makes Sofia and Andrea swear that they won’t tell anyone.

     Leonardo didn’t find anyone, but he is nervous that someone will ruin his plans. Patricia arrives and is thrilled at the invitation to the wedding, even going so far as to offer to sing.

     Cayetana receives a visit from Fernandez, who is there to question Leonardo on the video. Cayetana replies that Leonardo is not at home, but agrees to see Leonardo instead. The girls ask Felipe about Fernandez’s visit, and Felipe lets them know he was there for Leonardo.

     Soledad is surprised see an upset Tomas at the ranch. She consoles him for his mother’s illness. Tomas is grateful to the Gallardo brothers, who vow they will not rest until Juana is better.

     Cayetana accuses Fernandez of having a personal vendetta against Leonardo. Meanwhile, Felipe thinks Fernandez has feelings for Cayetana, which surprises the girls. Leonardo arrives at that moment. Felipe lets him know the police are looking for him. 

    Cabrera sees Rocio at the ranch, and tries to talk to her, though she tells him that the night they spent together was a mistake. Cabrera kisses her but Rocio rebuffs him. Cabrera insists that there is something special between them, and tries to invite her out on a date, but Rocio refuses. 

    Leonardo receives the news with a cynical smile. Irina encourages him to go to the office and sees what Fernandez wants, while Andrea hopes that he will pay for whatever it is he has done. Fernandez tells Leonardo that he has enough evidence to take Leonardo in for questioning for the attempt on Arturo’s life.

episode quote!!!!
Samuel: Whatever happens, I want you to know that I will always want to be with you. And that’s why I think we should think about us.

Andrea: I’m always thinking about us.

Samuel: Yes, right? Well, I’m talking a little further in the future. Like you said, I don’t want to waste any more time. My little witch, I want to wake up every day to your beautiful eyes, and enjoy that smile that you always gift me. So, you would make me the happiest man in the world, if you let me accompany you your whole life, as your husband. My little witch, will you marry me?

Andrea: Yes…yes!

Another proposal, and Irina kills us all with emotions.

The episode picks up with Candela’s visit to warn Felipe that Leonardo is planning something against him. Felipe won’t be intimidated- it’s his duty to stay with Cayetana and protect her. Candela insists that Leonardo is planning something horrible, and even offers to take Felipe to live with her at her apartment. Felipe thanks her but replies that he must stay and protect his family. Nonetheless, he thanks Candela for her help.

 Rocio and Nieves gossip about the goings on in the house, with Leonardo being taken to the station. Rocio notices that they have a little mouse in the house- Irina has been eating the fridge empty. She conjectures that Irina is pregnant.

 The boys worry about the girls’ decision to stay at the ranch. Arturo remarks that his situation is more complicated, because it’s not just Sofia staying, but Arturito too, but really all they can do is wait. Flavio replies that if he had a child with Irina, he would get them out of the ranch without caring what anyone says. (!!!!!!!)

 Fernandez questions Leonardo about his visit to the hospital, but he can’t prove anything even though Fernandez is 100% right about his theory.

 The girls go to the Alcazar Ranch to see the boys and tell them that Leonardo was taken for questioning, though they don’t know why. Back at the police station, Leonardo continues to deny his involvement, instead provoking Fernandez. Fernandez swears that someday Leonardo will make a mistake and he will be there. Leonardo replies that they will never have anything on him, and leaves. Cayetana enters to give Fernandez a piece of her mind, but he corrects her suppositions that all of this is from jealousy. He tells her that the badge he wears he earned through hard work and study, and that he would never do anything to compromise the responsibility he has to the law.

Ulysses celebrates his discharge from the hospital, and tells Leonardo he has planned a bachelor party for him in the back. Candela sees the opportunity to warn Sofia and Felipe what is going on.


  the sisters arrive to tell their men that Capitan Fernandez has taken Leonardo to interrogate him. Samuel and Andrea are having dinner and Andrea tells Samuel that whenever she's with him she's happy and Sam asks her then why does he sense her different and she tells him that she can't stop thinking about her mother and the tragedy of tomorrow that she will be marrying Leonardo and that she fears he will hurt her Samuel tells Andrea that no matter what happens he always wants to be with her and that that's why they should start thinking about themselves and Andrea tells him that she's always thinking about them together Sam tells her that more like together in the future Sam tells her "My Brujita I want to wake up every morning to see those beautiful eyes that you have and enjoy that smile that you always gift me so that's why you would make me the happiest man in the world if you allow me to be with you as your husband Brujita will you marry me?" Andrea says "Yes" Ulises interrupts them. Samuel tells Ulises to leave and Ulises tells him that he is rude and that with all that money he will never change and tells Andrea to watch her money and Samuel gets mad and tells him to shut up. Ulises tells Samuel that he doesn't scare him and Patricia tells Ulises that they should go sit that they shouldn't waste their time with ignorant people and Andrea tells her that she must be saying it for herself. Andrea tells Samuel that she doesn't like Ulises that he is a bad person and is friends with Leonardo and Samuel tells her that he would be his only enemy Andrea tells him that she doesn't want him to have problems with Ulises and that she thinks he knows that Patricia still like him and Samuel asks her if she thinks so and then says she's right and tells Andrea to prove them that Samuel Gallardo doesn't have eyes for any other woman he tells her to come closer and they kiss. Ulises tells Patricia he can't stand Samuel and Patricia tells him she can't stand Andrea.

 Irina visits the ranch to see Flavio, and is cheering up Soledad over her sadness for Veronica’s rejection. Soledad tells Irina that she knows her so well that she can tell something is wrong- Irina’s appetite is all over the place. Irina makes the excuse that because Flavio wasn’t home, she didn’t feel like eating. Soledad tells her not to exaggerate- Flavio was only supervising construction of the fence. She asks Irina if she’s alright, really alright. Irina finally folds- she tells Soledad that she shouldn’t be saying this but it’s not fair when Soledad is so worried and Irina is so happy she could shout. Soledad instantly realizes that Irina is pregnant, and the two share a moment of happiness. Flavio finds them squeeing over the baby, but Irina confuses Soledad when she doesn’t tell Flavio about the pregnancy, saying instead she is worried about her mother’s wedding. When Flavio shares her worry, however, Irina consoles him, which confuses and frustrates him.

 Leonardo begins to enjoy his bachelor party, which apparently consists of a threesome with two strippers/prostitutes. Meanwhile, back at the Del Junco Ranch, Arturo pays Cayetana a very unexpected visit. He tells her they need to talk about her wedding to Leonardo- he warns that it is causing Sofia a lot of grief, and for the good of her daughters and her grandson, she should reconsider this marriage. The consequences, Arturo warns, can be dire for the whole family. Cayetana laughs in his face. Back at the Palenque, Sofia and Felipe confront Leonardo for his cheating. Cayetana is offended that Arturo wants her to stop her marriage. Arturo warns her that if Leonardo didn’t respect Sofia, he won’t respect Cayetana. Arturo reminds Cayetana that Leonardo abused Sofia- what will she do when he does the same to her? Sofia and Felipe leave the Palenque to tell Cayetana what they saw- with no pictures, unfortunately.

Soledad asks Irina why she didn’t tell Flavio about the baby- it would make him ridiculously happy, as he adores Irina and any children they have would be so loved. Irina explains her reasoning, but Soledad thinks that maybe it would be better that Irina just comes to live with them at the Alcazar ranch- after all, she and Flavio are husband and wife, and a pregnancy is a delicate situation.

 Candela apologizes for the awkward situation, but she felt that they had to know what Leonardo was doing. Felipe and Sofia thank her instead, and Candela lets them know they can count on her for whatever they need.

 While Leonardo enjoys his threesome, Cayetana is furious that Arturo came over. She is sure that everyone is conspiring to keep her away from Leonardo. Sofia and Felipe arrive and tell Cayetana what they saw, but Cayetana doesn’t believe a word of it.

 Arturo tells Soledad about his efforts, and his lack of success. He realizes that he can’t reason with her. Soledad admits that she is out of hope- no one will detain that wedding. Later that night, Irina asks Flavio if he’s still mad at her- he’s not mad, he just wants her with him, and she always puts him at the bottom of her list. Irina tells him that’s not true- and that she needs him now more than ever. Flavio is stunned to see her cry, and promises he will never leave her, because they belong to each other. After they make love, Flavio tells Irina that he doesn’t like to see her cry- he’d rather she be angry at him, but not cry. Irina replies that he is everything to him, and that she is filled with light, with love, and with him, and that not only is he in her heart, but he is in her whole body. Flavio looks confused but in love, and the two kiss.

 The episode ends with Cayetana asking Leonardo about his night out, which Leonardo tells her about going to the Palenque to have a drink with Ulysses. He tells her that Sofia and Felipe were there and made a scene in front of everyone. Cayetana places Leonardo on the spot about his night.


We start off with Leo bringing his stupid self into the house. Cayetaha looks distraught and Leo has to work out some majic to get hismelf out of the huge bermida triangle he got himself in when he wanted to sleep with the two chicas from Palenque. He immediately jumps in with a very dumb explanation about being invited by Ulyses and Sofi and Felipe coming to make a huge scene infront of the guests. Cayetana has her doubts, she tells him that they told her that he was in a private room with two women and Leo finds that ridiculous, not one but two women. He tells her that that is just plot to separate them. Cayetana sniffs him and tells him "What a beautiful scent?" Leo is all "It belongs to Patricia Ulyses' wife" he tries to get fresh with Cayetana by wanting to give her a kiss but Cayetana stops him and tells him quite clearly "Not tonight!" She climbs up the stairs and goes to her room.

It's morning and Cayetana is already up. She is preparing herself and Nieves is there with her. Nieves has brought her breakfast sent to her by Leonardo accompanied by a red rose. She looks abit down and Nieves tries to console her telling her that she should just do whatever makes he happy. Cayetana thanks her for her concern. The girls then come in and Nieves leaves. They are all dressed up for a good time out in the beach. Andrea and Irina try their level best to convince their mother that Marrying Leo is the worst thing she could do but Sofia knows that at this point there is nothing they can actually do about this inevitable marriage they had tired so hard to prevent. She tells her mother that she only hopes it will not be too late when she realizes that she made a mistake. Cayetana takes Arturito into her arms, at this point I know she knows she is making a mistake but her pride is in the way. Her daughters hug her and leave.

Nieves and Rocio are back in the room and Rocio comments about marriage without love. Cayetana thinks she is talking about her wedding and doesn't want her to be one of those who think of this wedding as more of a funeral but Rocio tells he that she is talking about her own marriage. Cayetana seats down and tells them that this is one of the most important days of her life and she is sad that she will not be spending it with her daughters and again Nievesa and Rocio try to cheer her up. Cayetana thanks them for being by her side. Leo comes in and the two girls leave. Cayetana tells Leo that she can never forgive a betrayal and Leo promises her that she loves her and can never betray her. They hug... what a tragedy, the king of betrayers....

Back at Miranda's house, Miranda is pleading with Vero to accompany her to Cayetana's wedding and though Vero is not up to fiestas, she is going to make an exception. Dario comes into the room with a bang, he has great news and he is dancing all over the place. He tells them he has a surprise guest for them and then introduces prince Edward. Edward is quite huble for a count hehehe he hugs them. He later gets to speak to Vero alone. He asks Vero whether she was able to get back together with her cowboy and Vero tells him that she returned a little too late. It seems that Edward might actually have a fighting chance for Vero's heart.

Felipe goes into Cayetana's room looking for Cayetana and Leo comes in after him and bangs the door behind him. He tells Felipe that they have to talk. He then goes ahead to nastily threaten Felipe that he will pay if he tries anything funny. Felipe clearly ells him that he is not afraid of him. Leo ends up throwing Feli out of the room.

Arturo calls Sofia and Sofi informs them that they are going to be spnding time in la playa to get away from all the drama in the house. Arturo later speaks to Pablo about his loave for Veronica and Pablo tells him that Vero is the love of his life and that will never change even if he is expecting a baby with another woman.

Arturo later speaks to Samuel and Flavio. He tells them that te girls are spnding time at the beach and Flavio is mad that Irina never told him about this. Samuel also thinks it's strange that Andrea never mentioned this to him. He tries to call her but she cannot be reached. Arturo tells them to go easy on the girls, they are suffering because their mummy is marrying the moron Leo. Meanwhile at the beach, The girls are all looking gorgeous in their beach attire. Andrea can't get through to Samuel to tell him where they are and Irina also cannot get through to Flavio. Sofia tells them not to worry, maybe Arturo will bring his brothers with him. They continue discussing thweir mother's dreaded marriage when Sofi sees the boys. She alerts her sisters as Andrea takes to her hills and runs over to jump on Samuel...
"My beutiful little witch"
"My handsom wizard!"

They kisss.... mwaaaaaaaa.... Irina gives Sofi the baby and runs to Flavio
"My handome prince"
"My gorgeous princess...my queen"
They kissssssss.... hehehehe

Sofia doesn't run, rather she waits for Arturo to majestically walk to her. He touches her chin, Sofia
"My king"
"My chaparita!"(sweety) They kiss hehehe

Afterwards each one tells the other how much they missed each other, more kisses.... I am guessing the day is still young, more passion on monday for us though hehe

We are back with Leo speaking to Mendez. Leo tells roachman that he wants to be alone with Cayetana when Miranda overhears this and walks in. Her first impression is Leo is probably in this for the money well util Leo convinces her that he has gone through hell with Cayetana's daughters and he only wants to be alone with Cayetana to defend their love. Idiot Miranda falls for this and even apologizes for offending him.

Meanwhile Emilio is leaving for Mexico. He wonders who in the world told Leo about his dealings and though the two bunnies Marco and Nico know pretty well that Isa was the one, they refuse to tell him. He has some deals he needs to take care of....

Back to cayetana, she is preparing herself and Nieves and Rocio are back inside the room. She asks if her father is ready and they tells her that her father will not be attending. She is saddened because she had hoped that Felipe would still be by her side even through this. Soledad comes in as a last desperate attempt to get her to open her eyes. They speak alone with her and Soledad tells her that if she continues on with this absurdity, she will lose everything she has. She tells her to look around, she has no family left, everyone has abandoned her and she is now more alone than ever. She tells Cayetana that of all the mistakes she has ever made, this is the worst and she leaves. Cayetana is left there conteplating....

Emilio has gonme to visit his prisoner and we finally see the face of the guy... Jose Antonio Gallardo... You will recognize him as Chamoy, needless to say I have never been happier to see him! hu... It looks like next week we will have even more drama!!!


Emilio confronts Jose Antonio Gallardo. He cruelly fills Jose Antonio in on all the bad that has happened to them- including the loss of the ranch, which Emilio purchased, and Alma’s suicide. He also tells him that the boys are now rich and that Samuel owns a bank that Emilio is invested in.
 The boys are enjoying the beach with their women as Sofia fills them in on her and Felipe’s trip to the Palenque. They finally have to admit that Leonardo holds power over Cayetana, and that things will get worse before they get better.
 Soledad laments to Rocio Cayetana’s decision, but that is was her duty to come and try and talk sense into Cayetana. Felipe arrives, and Soledad is happy to see him albeit in less than ideal circumstances. Felipe vows he will stay and protect his daughter, even if it means giving his life to her.
 Cayetana receives her friends to the wedding amidst compliments on her look. Edward offers to take her to the altar. Miranda asks to be alone with Cayetana, and asks her friend if she’s sure about the step she is about to take. She expresses doubts about Leonardo which Cayetana does not take well. As Cayetana prepares to marry, Felipe gives her a last piece of advice and a last urging to back out, which she does not accept. She finally asks for his blessing, which he gives, telling her that he hopes God will give him health to defend her from all evil.
 Patricia is excited to be the maid of honor at Cayetana’s wedding, and that she will now have access to exact revenge on Andrea Del Junco. Meanwhile, Emilio gives the order for Jose Antonio’s death. At the same time, Isadora discovers who she is- she is the daughter of an associate of Emilio’s who was married to the woman Emilio was obsessed with. When the woman- Julia- rejected Emilio, he killed the associate- Vicente Ortiz- and took Julia’s daughter- Isadora- and put Julia in an asylum. Emilio remained with the liquor business, which he turned into Valverde enterprises and an illegal arms exporter. Isadora, furious, vows revenge.
 Cayetana marries Leonardo, sealing her fate. Soledad thinks of Jose Antonio, as he wonders in his cell what became of her and his sons. He decides to escape to protect his sons.
 At the beach house, the brothers and sisters settle down to start dinner. Andrea takes the baby with Samuel for a bath while Arturo and Sofia start dinner. Arturo asks Flavio if he wants a beer, and Flavio accepts- with one for his wife. Sofia and Irina decline together, which Flavio wonders, but they invent an excuse that Irina is dieting.
 Jose Antonio’s captor gets ready to kill him, but Jose Antonio tells him he has a cache of money. He offers it to the captor, in exchange for his life.
 At the wedding, Cayetana endures embarrassment after embarrassment- Ulysses and Patricia are not the type of people she would associate with, and she has to endure Patricia’s horrid nicknames for her. Fernandez appears at the wedding on patrol, and Leonardo tells him that he should come to speak to him, not his wife. Fernandez assures him that yes, they have much to discuss, and when the time is right, Fernandez will come for Leonardo. Later, Cayetana has to endure a performance from Patricia, which mortifies her.
 At the beach house, the girls and boys sit down for dinner, but the secret dish the boys have prepared makes Irina sick. She flees from the table to puke with her sisters on her heels, leaving the boys baffled.
 The episode ends with Cabrera courting Rocio in the kitchen, and as he kisses her, Veronica finds them together.

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