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Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Sofia made such a lovely bride.
Sofia is led to the altar by Felipe, where a beaming Arturo is waiting. Felipe tells Arturo that he orders him to be happy with Sofia, and that he is giving Arturo a precious flower from his garden. Arturo replies that he accepts her with open arms. Arturo and Sofia finally marry in front of their friends and family.
Isadora is still furious that she failed to kill Arturo and Sofia. Cayetana is mourning the way things have turned out- she remembers when Sofia was born, and knows that it will be difficult to get used to not having her or Arturito around. She’s not sure how she will live now without seeing them every day.
Arturo and Sofia celebrate their wedding and proclaim their love for each other, as their siblings throw rose petals on them and they begin to dance together, their first dance as husband and wife.
Leonardo arms himself and heads out, but not before ordering Eleazar and Matilde to watch Cayetana carefully, and to stop her if she tries to leave the ranch.
Arturo toasts to his family, and takes the opportunity to welcome Veronica’s adopted family into his. He toasts to Sofia, and the happiness of finally being able to live each day with her. At Irina’s encouragement, Sofia toasts to Arturo, for helping her become a brave woman, and for giving her their son. Overcome with emotion, Sofia runs out of the room. She is crying for her mother, because it pains her to know Cayetana refuses to come see her. Andrea and Irina try to encourage her, but Sofia is devastated- she had hoped Cayetana would set aside her hatred. Arturo arrives, saddened to see Sofia crying. She tells him that she misses her mother, but that Cayetana doesn’t want anything to do with her now that she married him. Arturo is sorry- he confesses that he invited Cayetana to the wedding in person, but that she declined. Sofia thanks him for doing so, but Arturo only tells her that he would do anything just to see Sofia smile. He tells her that Cayetana was at the church they were going to get married in. Sofia is surprised- she can’t believe her mother really went to see her. Arturo says he knows the remedy for her tears, and asks her to accompany him, which Sofia agrees to do.
Andrea greets Edward, who pays her a compliment by asking her what she does to get prettier every time they meet. Andrea is glad that Edward is still maintaining good relations with the Saldivar family, and tells him that she’s heard he’s looking at investing in Houston. Edward answers that yes, but he’s trying to be discreet. Andrea warns him not to be swindled, and lets him know he can count on her for any advice about the investing climate in the area. Edward thanks her, but Samuel appears, displeased that Edward was touching Andrea’s face.
Soledad asks Rocio about Veronica, who is with Pablo. Soledad goes to find her so they can take a picture with Jose Antonio. Rocio is left alone with the glasses but not for long, as Cabrera soon enters the room.
Isadora appears to be in pain, perhaps from her wound. She swears that Arturo will pay for every minute of happiness he’s having with Sofia. Leonardo comes to threaten her- he’s not happy with her most recent stunt. Isadora tells him he can’t kill her- they’re allies. Leonardo replies that she made a huge mistake at the church, and now the police are investigating more than ever. Her reply is to draw a knife at him. Leonardo complains that she could have killed him with that knife, but Isadora isn’t phased. She reminds Leonardo that he too wants to end Arturo and Sofia, so he’s in no place to criticize her, but Leonardo replies that it is different, because he knows how to plan things so they don’t fail. Leonardo warns her that from now on they will do things his way or she will be on her own, and orders her to await his instructions.
Cabrera tried to help Rocio but she refuses. She cuts herself on the glass, and Cabrera insists on helping her. As a former nurse, Rocio tells him that she can take care of her own wounds, but Cabrera keeps insisting, so she humors him.
Andrea scolds Samuel for his jealous outburst, and Veronica comes to help. Samuel says that Edward was disrespectful, but Andrea shuts him down. But Samuel turns the tables and asks Andrea why she’s defending Edward- does she like him?
At the Del Junco Ranch, Arturo and Sofia arrive with a mariachi for Cayetana, playing her favorite song. Arturo encourages Sofia to go talk to her mother while he hangs back and lets them have their time. Sofia and Cayetana hug, and Cayetana tells her daughter she looks beautiful as a bride, like the princess she is. Sofia thanks her and tells her mother that she had to see her. Cayetana replies that she did well- she wanted to see Sofia and give her the blessing. Sofia worries for her mother at the church with the shooting, but Cayetana doesn’t regret going. Sofia says that if something had happened she would not forgive herself, but Cayetana tells her not to worry- because it would not have been her fault. Sofia tells her mother it would mean a lot to her to have her come to the Alcazar Ranch to celebrate with her, and Cayetana replies that while she would love to indulge her daughter, but asks that Sofia please not ask that of her- it’s impossible.
Andrea tells Samuel that she doesn’t like Edward, she likes him. Samuel apologizes- he doesn’t know what came over him. Andrea teases him for being jealous, which he reluctantly admits is true. He asks her, teasingly, if she liked seeing him jealous, and she replies that maybe…a little.
Sofia asks Cayetana to come to the ranch, but it’s not possible. Cayetana thanks Arturo for bringing Sofia to see her. She apologizes to Sofia, and tells her she wants her to be happy. Cayetana asks Sofia to show her she’s wrong, and that the day she can do so, Cayetana will come running to ask for forgiveness. She gives Sofia her blessing, and tells her to be happy.
Cabrera tells an exasperated Rocio to take care of the wound. They are interrupted by Grace, one of Miranda’s reporters, who wants to interview Cabrera about the shooting at the church. While the wedding reception is going well, Rocio talks to her aunt Ines. Rocio tells her aunt she’s pregnant again.
Felipe meets Jose Antonio and the two hit it off immediately. Jose Antonio thanks Felipe for taking care of his sons, and hopes they haven’t caused him problems. Felipe jokingly replies that maybe one or two problems, but he’s glad his granddaughters are with men who befit their last name. He tells Jose Antonio that he should be very proud of his sons. Veronica encourages Edward to please make up with Samuel, and calls him over with Andrea. Edward tells Samuel that he didn’t mean any harm, but apologizes. Samuel apologizes as well.
Ines is freaking out over Rocio’s pregnancy. Ines demands to know the father, but Rocio is hesitant. Ines insists, but Rocio is sure that the father would not want anything to do with her. Ines sees Soledad in her, and encourages her not to commit the same error.
Sofia tells her sisters about her and Arturo’s visit to the Del Junco Ranch. The girls are thrilled to hear everything went well, and they hope that Cayetana will reconsider.
The episode ends with Leonardo hearing that Arturo was at the ranch, and he demands an explanation from Cayetana.

Thoughts: I loved the moment between Cayetana and Sofia. How thoughtful of Arturo, it was a beautiful detail.

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