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Friday, April 29, 2016

Jannine is a sick woman!!!  Daría just arrived with Wewe and Marcos to see Jannine. Jannine scares Marcos and he runs away. He  accidentally falls into a pit. Yvonne's family hears of the accident and Garry orders a search party to search for Marcos. Everyone is anxious and shocked hoping Marcos is still alive.
Garry scolds Daria because of her friendship with Jannine. Daria tells him that she never knew that Jannine would go as far as involving a child in her quest for revenge. Garry tells her that they are family and should stick together, because of her sick friendship with Jannine, Marcos is nowhere to be found. He threatens to forget about her being his mother. Daria apologizes. Yvonne overhears the conversation, she gets pretty angry when she hears about Jannine's involvement in her son's disappearance. Later Yvonne talks to Garry, she tells him that she will not think twice about killing Jannine if her son is not found alive!!!
Albert still doesn't know about what happened to Yvonne and Marcos. He checks his mail and finds an email from his ex Michelle. She wants him back. He flashes back on the time Yvonne had told him that if she had any love left in her heart she would give it to him but she had none. Later he speaks to his friend who encourages him to give himself an opportunity with Mitchell and forget about Yvonne but you and I know that to Albert that is impossible!!!!
The news about Marcos' accident reaches Jannine. The witch is pretty excited about what happened to Marcos. She happily tells Carla that she is happy that Yvonne will finally get to feel what she felt when Audrey was hurt. Even Carla doesn't want anything bad to happen to the boy, he at the end of the day is just a child. She is shocked at how cruel Jannine has become...
Yvonne is still with the search party scared almost half to death. Shakira and Mimi tell her that they are going to see how mum Carmen is doing. Doris also goes home. Sonia wonders where she went to that early in the morning. Doris lies to her that she had gone for an early morning Yoga session. She then lies about the whereabouts of both Garry and Daria.
After almost a day of searching frantically,  there is still no news of Marcos, Yvonne has not eaten or drunk anything neither had she been able to sleep a wink. She wants to help the men with the search but they tell her that they will find the boy. Shakira and Mimi arrive at the scene to keep Yvonne company as she awaits news of her son...
Suddenly there is frantic rushes to the site,  they found something,  Yvonne is still frozen,  not wanting to look
She is scared of what she might see. Mallon shouts,  “My nephew!!!”  The rescue team remove Marcos from the pit, covered in Mud. Yvonne's heart breaks as she sees the guys reviving her son. She cannot take it and she faints. Marcos is revived!!!
Dale finds Nanny Tess distracted and gets into the house. He goes in to see Audrey. At first she is scared of him but after a while she warms up to him. Dale leaves but accidentally leaves behind a photo of him and Jannine on the floor.
Gorgeous Kenjie calls Jannine all the way from Brazil. He just wanted check up on her.
Marcos wakes up from his coma and finds Garry inside his room. He asks around for his mother but is told that his mother is having a rest from all the stress she had gone through looking for him.
Garry goes to visit Victor in prison and tells him about Marcos' accident. Victor thinks Jannine has gone too far. (at least he realizes the type of snake he left Yvonne for!!!)
Carmen is worried about Yvonne's condition. Shakira assures her that Yvonne will be fine, she will wake up but at least Marcos is out of danger!!!
Jannine hears about the news that Marcos is all safe. She is not content with the news,  she wanted Marcos to die!!! (well she has got on my last nerve!!!!)

We made it!!! The big 50!!!

Huhuhuhuuhuhuhu The fight was quite something!!! It was pretty clear who the winner was, I mean did you see how Leo was panting like an overworked donkey and how cool Arturo looked despite the fact that he was the one who got hit by a log!!!  Yeah Gallardo power!!!  How crazy was that last kick from Arturo that left Leo crawling like a pregnant snake on the grass hehehehe!!!  One thing though Pablo's explanations were pretty hilarious “Leonardo wanted to break Arturo's face but Arturo was the one who ended up breaking Leonardo's face”
We are back with Vero and Soledad. Vero tells her she had no idea Sole actually had a daughter. Soledad is there looking as confused and as suspicious as always. She evades the subject. Vero asks about the issue with Sofia and Arturo,  is it really true(what a gossip hehehe Pablo just vividly described the fight to her)  Soledad confirms it and Vero thinks that there's no issue with it. If Arturo makes her happy then it's okay if she goes with him.
Speaking about Haturo,  he is having dinner with Sofia. Notice the Hat!! (I mean who has dinner wearing a sun hat???       Arturo will not kill me before my time!!!! Hehehehe) there is a knock on the door and he goes to get it. Sofi goes after him when she notices him taking too long.  It's Andrea and Cayetana. Sofi is shocked to see her mother and asks her what she is doing there. Cayetana tells her that even though she is disappointed, Sofia is still her daughter.
Arturo is being polite and tells them that they can make themselves at home. Cayetana is being all witchy,  she obviously never pictured her daughter in such a house. Arturo tells Cayetana that she will not allow her to hurt Sofia. Cayetana asks for sometime alone with Sofia and leaves Andrea in the living room with Arturo. Andrea asks Arturo what kind of life he is going to give to Sofi and hid baby, she thinks that beside him they will lack all thr good things in life(is this the same girl chasing after Sammy??    ) . Arturo tells her that his baby will have a home with Parents who adore him and lots and lots of hats he hehehehe hehehehe (hehehe I just can't help it!!!)
Meanwhile Cayetana is talking to Sofia in another room. She asks her if she really left her house for this type of life,  in the ranch she had everything she wanted, she is a princes!!!  Sofia tells her that she is happy in that house,  it's exactly what her baby needs, in short, she is staying with hatman.  (lol)  Cayetana storms out of the room and finds Andrea in the living room staring at Sammy's picture. She tells her that they have nothing more to do there and they storm out. Arturo hugs Sofia letting her know that he is there for her....
At the Palenque,  Patricia is shaking her booty singing vete vete as the crowd goes wild. (let's talk honestly, there is no way Candela can compete with Patricia's African behind!!!... Patricia is one blessed woman!!)  the Figeroa guy arrives all to the dismay and shock of Ulyses.  After Patty's performance,  she goes and talks to the manuel guy who tells her about all the lies Ulyses had told him about her. Patricia is angry and talks to Ulyses. She tells him that he can stay with Candela, she is going to accept Figeroa's proposal.
The Proposal
Sammy has just met up with Beatrice. He tells her that he really admires and cares deeply for her. Bea tells him that she really loves him and asks him to marry her(that is the proposal... Nothing fancy Hehehe) Beatrice is a woman deeply in love,  filthy rich and approaching her grave I am sure some hyenas would jump at such an opportunity but not Sammy. She tells him that she is willing to share him with Patricia, she really doesn't care anymore, he is her only hope!!!! Sammy tells her that she is a great woman and he would not be able to take advantage of her like that.
Sammy goes to the Palenque and finds Patricia talking to Figueroa. Patricia tells him about the contract, it's everything she's ever dreamt of. Sammy is happy for her, but there is a catch, she would have to be away from him for long periods of time. Sammy doesn't want her to go and throws a Jealous fit...
Irina has come over to Juana's restaurant to meet up with Flavio. They are planning on their escape. Flavio is homophobic and there is no way on this earth he will agree to live with that Dario guy. He doesn't want Irina to get married. That's going to be hard for the poor girl, to think that her sister decided to walk out of their house with Haturo!!!
There is a scene where Juana is scolding Flavio for going out with Irina, she is about to get married to another man soon. She is sure that this relationship will complicate things even further for their family.
Okay so Patricia is angry at Sammy for how badly he reacted to her news. She thinks he doesn't want her to fulfil her dreams. Samuel tries to explain himself, he cannot be away from her. That's not good enough reason for Patricia, she tells him that if he can't handle it he is free to go(I think this is his chance ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!! Am I the only one here who sees that this patramuel thing is just not working!!!!)
Irina and Flavio arrive at the boy's crib(hehehe shack to be more precise...  I happen to think the apartment is pretty decent... This guys are anything but poor!!!)  Sofia tells her about Cayetanas visit. They tall for a while. It's bed time, Flavio is in his room with Irina while Arturo is in his room with Sofia. Sofia finds a picture of the boys with Alma.... (oooooooh my goodness...  I am there all panicky over whether she really discovered the truth) Arturo is stammering over his words, the poor thing is so busted!!  He starts to explain himself when she asks him what he is doing with a picture of him and Veronica. She throws a jealous fit and Arturo quickly comes up with a befitting excuse.
Flavio and Irina are fooling around in his room.
Beatriz calls both Ververde and Cayetana over to her house and tells then that her ranch is not for sale. After Ververde leaves, Cayetana thanks her for saving her from that man.
Miranda and her family are having breakfast. Miranda wonders how Sofia can run away with a worker. Dario comments that the brothers are so in love with the del Junco sisters and Octavio and Miranda are worried about that. (he us really screwing up!!!) Octavio asks Vero how Cayetana is doing and she says she isn't doing well. She then says

“I didn't know Soledad had a daughter!!!!” Miranda starts chocking upon hearing that!!!  (choooooooke!!! To death if necessary!!! Hehehe... Things just heated up!!!)


Thursday, April 28, 2016


We start off at a restaurant. Albert has taken Marcos as he had promised for Ice cream. Carla also arrives with Audrey. Carla has to rush to the bathroom while Albert has to take a call. The kids are left alone. They start giving each other dirty looks. Marcos approaches Audrey,  Audrey starts mocking him that he is poor and cannot afford a place like that. Marcos tells her that he doesn't even like the place. Audrey insults Yvonne calling her a monster and Marcos cannot stand for the insults and ends up pushing Audrey down. Audrey sustains a serious injury in her eyes.
Albert takes Audrey to the hospital and calls Yvonne. Jannine is waiting outside Doris house watching Sonia when she recieves a call that Audrey has been badly injured. She walks out of the car and goes to confront Sonia not caring about the state of her fragile health. She tells Sonia that her son is in jail. Sonia's heart breaks. Jannine rushes to the hospital.

Albert calls Yvonne and tells her about the incident. He tells Yvonne that it would be better if she let Mallon come for Marcos,  he is trying to avoid an inevitable confrontation between the two women. Jannine comes in and upon seeing Marcos goes to him shaking him and threatening to get back at him for hurting Audrey. Yvonne finds Jannine hurting her son and goes crazy threatening to kill her if she tries to hurt her son. Albert breaks them up and takes Yvonne out of there.

Jannine talks to the doctor who tells her that Audrey will be temporarily blind in one eye. Jannine VOWS to make Marcos pay. Yvonne speaks to Albert. He apologies for not being able to protect her son but Yvonne tells him that he has nothing to apologize for. He has gone out of his way to help her and Marcos and she is eternally grateful to him. They speak about Albert going back to Sbu and Yvonne tells him that she would really love it if Albert were to give her good news the next time he visited. Yvonne hopes Albert would introduce her to his girlfriend. Albert asks her if she didn't read his letter,  he asks her if she was able to throw it away. Yvonne evades the subject.. . It must mean something...
Yvonne sleeps next to her son and vows to protect him even if it kills her. In what seems like morning,  Yvonne goes out to the dock and has the letter in the bottle from Albert. She says to herself that she is being unfair to him by holding on to it and needs to let him go. She is about to throw the letter into thr ocean when a voice behind her shouts “No!”
She looks behind and sees Albert. He tells her that he will never be able to let go of her and asks her not to let go of him. He will never give up on her,  he wants her to give him a place in her heart“Love me back Yvonne”  he approaches her and kisses her(it's absolutely perfect,  the soap can end right now....) what???  Yvonne wakes up,  all that was just a dream but it must mean something,  does she love Albert???..
Marcos gets into a fight at school with a big boy who mocks him about his father being a criminal and being in jail. With Marcos being the first one in his class, he will not be able to be with his father in recognition day at school. Yvonne cannot take Marcos to see his father in jail and Marcos runs away and goes yo Garry's house. Daria who has always been selfish is waiting for her date Wewe. She has ml choice but to wait up for Wewe with Marcos. Yvonne learns that Marcos is in Garry's house and goes over to get him promising to punish him thoroughly.
Albert pays his aunt a visit and asks her why Jannine won the case. His aunt tells him that Yvonne and Victor had a pretty strong case but the fact that Victor had noted down that he had made love to his ex wife during the time they stayed together made them lose the case. Albert hears that and is heartbroken that Yvonne fell into Victor's hands. His aunt asks him who Yvonne really is to him and Albert remains quite. What is clear to me now is that the Yvonne Albert thing is far from over!!!!
Garry tells Victor that they are appealing the case in a higher court. They promise that he will not overstay in prison.
Daria is supposed to meet up with Jannine who is supposed to give her her commission. Daria tells Jannine that Marcos has come over and she cannot make it. Jannine maliciously tells Daria that she can bring Marcos with her to the meeting. It's payback time baby!!!!


Hehehe popcorns people!!! WWE is about to ensue in today's episode...  Ooh and by the way, I have already accepted that Arturo and his hat are inseparable so my new nickname for him Artuto+Hat =Haturo (hehehehe hehehehe)
At the Del Junco mansion is where all the drama is taking place. Sofia has just announced to her shocked mother that Arturo is the love of her life. Cayetana is still shocked and in disbelief. She thinks she didn't hear well,  her beautiful established eldest daughter is in love with a worthless fake worker, Haturo steps in to expound on what Sofia was saying. Cayetana wants to hear nothing of this. She tells Sofia that she cannot be in love with one man while expecting the child of another. Sofi tells her that  the child she is expecting is Arturo. That does it for Cayetana,  she slaps Sofi. (okay I just don't get Cayetana. One minute she is fantasizing in the pool with Leo and the next she is hurting Sofi for abandoning him???  She ought to be jumping for joy Leo is as free as an owl!!!) 

Arturo steps in shielding Sofi. He tells Cayetana that he will not allow her hurt Sofi.  Cayetana is just shocked that her daughter would chose a man like Haturo. She thinks SOFI has lost or scruples (she has clearly forgotten the pool incident! The pot calling the kettle black!!!!) the general intervenes. He is obviously relieved that his great grandchild doesn't have an ounce of Leonardos blood. He tells Cayetana not to treat her daughter like that and says that although he doesn't agree with how the while Sofuro thing took place,  he wants Haturo to keep his Nieta happy. Cayetana is surprised that her father is encouraging them, she tells them to leave but not with anything from the house they should leave empty handed!!! 

Arturo and Sofia are saying their goodbyes and are on their way when someone stops them... It's Leonardo!!! He is angry with a freaking gun in his hands. (okay let's stop pretending, we all knew this would happen!!! Let's face we were kind of praying this happens yeeeeeei!!!)
Everyone is frozen on their feet. Cayetana jumps in front of Sofia and Arturo shielding them with her body! She is telling Leo to stop,  to drop the gun! Leo is defiant,  not even his pretty lady's soft voice will appease him this time. Arturo is not goinh to hide behind CAYETANA'S skirt,  he throws himself in front of Sofia her sisters and her mother and dares Leo to shoot. 

“Go ahead and shoot!”
Sofia crying desperately in the background  “No!!!”
Me sitted comfortably knowing full well that there is no way he is going to kill Arturo,  he is the star of the show but hopefully the hat will not survive this!!!.... Hehehe.
“Now you are pretending to be all macho and you were sleeping with another man's wife behind his back!!!”
“You mistreated her,  I prefer we settle this thing as men...“Hombre a hombre”( man to man)  Leo drops the gun,  takes off his coat and prepares himself for the fight. Arturo is also prepared. Leo gets the first punch,  the hat survives, Arturo punches him so hard he goes flying down. Leo gets up. Arturo goes behind him to strangle him into surrendering. Leo throws him down!!  The hat finally falls off. Arturo gets up this time hatless looking smoking HOT!!! The fight just begun.
Arturo finally knocks out Leo. He collects the hat(booooo!!) Leo gets up and hits him with a log(really)  Arturo goes down,  The hat off(yeeeei) Leo comes over to hit him again with the log but Arturo kicks it off his hands and kicks him down. He gets up looking great with some of his hair falling on his face. (hatless Arturo's hotness cannot be overemphasized... He is one fine looking hombre) 

He picks up the stupid hat again as the sore loser Leo gets up. Leo picks up the gun and points it to Arturo. He tells them that the fight is not over until he says so. Sofia runs towards him and tries to fight him off,  cayetana also goes to help her daughter. Leo is contained. Arturo and Sofia finally leave together.(Believe it or not, the hat got out of that one untouched!!!)
Fernandez questions Flavio and Sammy about their real intentions with the Del Juncos. They tell him that they had no intentions of hurting them. They tell Nestor to relax and humor him with their crazy relationships with the girls. Fernandez is shocked to know that the child Sofi is expecting is Arturo's.
So Beatriz health is not doing well and his heart can stop at any moment. Beatrice calls Sammy and I think she asks him out. She then calls her lawyer and is making some changes to her will!!!  He hehehehe the poor excuses of servants she has in her house did not see this coming...

Patricia meets up with the agent guy and she invites him to her show at PALENQUE that night.
Arturo aquints Sofia with his house telling her that she is la dama de la casa(the lady of the house)  Sofia looks around the house, she is happy here. She finds a closed closet,  I am guessing that's where all of Alma's things are hidden. Arturo takes her attention from it. He has to go out,  she doesn't want him to go,  the kiss it out but he really has to go. He leaves...
Cayetana talks to Leo who is pissed off that she never believed him when he told her that Sofia had a lover and even humiliated him. He wants to leave the house but Cayetana begs him to stay. (please leave!!!)

Cayetana goes up to her study still wondering why Sofia would hurt her like that. Fernandez comes over to show her a picture of the baldy believed to be involved in her daughter's kidnapping. He notices she is not exactly herself and asks her what might be troubling her. She doesn't want to confide in him but thanks him for his concern. He leaves and the general comes over. He tries to talk her into not alienating Her daughter.

Verónica comes over to the ranch and is surprised to hear about Sofuro. She then enters the kitchen and finds Soledad talking about her daughter....  She then asks Sole why she never speaks about this daughter of hers????


Wednesday, April 27, 2016



Fio walks in and finds Benito talking to someone. She asks him what he is talking about and he says that he was just telling Rey about the whole issue with Anibal and Rey was also shocked. He thinks Fiorella could use all the help she could get. Fio thanks him for his concern but reminds him that she could take care of herself... 

Osvaldo has been summoned to the station. They are still investigating the accidental shooting of Pedro. Dante still hasn't told old lady Eloisa about it and tells Osvaldo not to worry about a thing,  they have the while thing under control!!! Sonia listens in on the conversation. 

Gael asks Giana out in the entertainment room then takes it back. A bit confused I think. Giana pretends not to have heard the request but is inwardly happy that he asked her out. She tells him that she needs to take her medicine and leaves. Roxana who was eavesdropping on the conversation mocks Gael about his thing for the sick Italiana. Dante is now eavesdropping on the conversation and starts video recording it. Roxana says that she will do the impossible ti get those italianas out of her way. Gael warns her not to hurt Giana. Dante runs away when he sees Roxana approaching the door.... 

Adela talks to Vittorio and tells him to be careful with Diana. She is not being very truthful about her family. Later Vittorio speaks to Diana and tells her that Adela had come over because she had lost an earing. He then tells her that he is inviting her entire family to dinner that night. Diana gives him an excuse that they can't make it and he reschedules the dinner telling her that he needs to see her entire family!!!!
Pedro looks a bit to happy for his own good. Fidel doesn't think it has anything to do with his quick recovery and thinks there is a different reasons why he is so fired up. He admits to Fidel that he is happy because of Fiorella,  he loves her. Fidel then suggests taking Fiorella on a date,  why the heck didn't he think about that!?? 

Sonia meets up with Fabio. She doesn't want their partnership to break and I doubt he does. She suggests that he threatens Osvaldo with a law suit that way Osvaldo will try to avoid any trouble and continue with the partnership. It's a genius idea!!! 

Fiorella talks to Giana after a long day of running around after Eloisa. Fio tells her that the lady does too much in a day and she has been running around the entire day. Giana tells her about Gael asking her out,  she thinks she likes both Gael and Beni. Fio tells her not to play around with both men but Giana doesn't think she did anything to encourage them. YOLO!!!!  A letter is slipped below the door,  Fio is a bit suspicious but Giana goes for it. It's from Pedro... He tells her that since she stole his heart,  she should allow him to steal her away for the night...., “Dinner maybe???”

Can you turn down such a request???
Awww it's a jungle out here,  Fiorella wonders what dress she is going to wear,  she is a bit confused looking for things all around. Pedro is equally confused,  he is inside his room wondering what suit he is going to wear. They all find the perfect outfit. Eloisa is outside Pedro's room and realizes immediately that Pedro is going somewhere. She tries to get info out of him but Pedro is in a hurry and leaves. Eloisa calls Aitana,  some girl is trying to steal Pedro, they got to get things going before it's too late!!! 

Wohooooooo speaking about hot dates,  Pedro arrives at the gate to pick Fiorella up,  riding on a horse. Fiorella is impressed but she is wearing a dress,  the horse will do for tonight,  he helps her hop on the horse as they ride into the horizon!!!  Beautiful!!!!. #relationshipgoals!! 

Dante is up to destroy Roxana to keep face with Eloisa. He shows her the recording and tells Eloisa that probably Roxy is behind every bad thing that has been happening to poor Fiorella. Eloisa confronts Roxy with the video,  she clearly has a lot of things to explain. 

Julieta is drinking alone when Sergio comes over. He tries to tell her that drinking will not solve her issues, he knows that there is still hope for her and tries to push his luck by asking her to accept him in her life....
Fiorella and Pedro arrive at  La Dolce Vito and have claim their reservation. They sit down together as they have a drink,  Fiorella toasts to“Us”  Pedro asks her not to continue calling him sir Pedro,  Fiorella agrees to call him Pedro but only for the night. Fio tells him that that is the best night of her life and they toast that there would be no more sadness in their life. They both burst into laughter which attracts Vittorio. He looks into the direction of the laughter and is shocked at what he sees,  Fiorella and Pedro laughing and having an absolute great time!!!  The old man is angry and jealous!!!! 




We start off  outside the courtroom. Yvonne's mother has just been pushed down. She gets up and places curses on Jannine before leaving with Yvonne in her arms. On reaching home,  Mallon is super annoyed at Jannine and and says that if she wasn't a woman he would have killed her already. His mother calms her down telling him that they shouldn't cause more trouble than they already have. 

At Jannine's house,  Carla tells Jannine that she went a little too far by hurting Yvonne's mother. Jannine doesn't want to listen to reason. She thinks everyone is picking on her.... 

The next day Yvonne takes the witness stand and is cross examined by Jannine's lawyer. She is asked why she is still living under the same roof with Victor,  if she still loves him, and a bunch of other questions. Later that day she receives a call. It's Albert....he just called to check up on her. Yvonne tells him that she took the witness stand earlier that day. Albert asks about where the case is taking place and Yvonne tells him. He says that his aunt is the judge at her case and he will try and put in a good word for her case. 

Victor and the rest of the family comes home and Yvonne tells him about Albert's offer. Victor turns it down saying they can still win without his help. (how arrogant!!!) 

Victor and Yvonne talk to their lawyer who tells them that the fact that Victor stayed with Yvonne even after his recovery is grounds for cohabitation which can put a huge strain on their case but they could use the fact that amnesia patients never really recover to try and bend the facts. 

So the next time in court Jannine takes the witness stand, she is accompanied by that dreadfull diary on her hand. Victor's lawyer tries his hardest to bring up the fact that she also lived with Victor while he was still married to Yvonne and was the mistress first to no avail. Jannine tells the court that Yvonne seduced her husband and everything is noted down in Victor's diary. 

The case drags on for three full months. Yvonne's mother talks to Yvonne some days to verdict day and tells her that she and Jannine have hurt each other deeply because of Victor. She tells Yvonne that if it hurts and destroys,  its really not worth fighting for.
The Verdict is about to be read. Marcos has insisted on going to court to see his father. The judge finds Victor guilty as charged!!! Jannine should be extatic by now but why does she have that bitter look on her face??? 

Victor begs Jannine not to do that to him,  he doesn't want his son to grow up without a father,  he tries to tell her to think about Audrey but Jannine is adamant and ignorant to how this would affect people around her.
Marcos emotionally says goodbye to his father and upon seeing Jannine, calls her a monster, mean lady and a fake wife. Jannine obviously wasn't in love with Victor... 

Jannine gets home, locks herself in her room and starts crying remembering what Marcos called her.
Yvonne cannot get within 25km of Victor Marcos is the one with the responsibility of going to see Victor. Doris comes back home crying. Sonia still doesn't know what happened to her son. Daria almost spills the beans saying it's hard for her to lie but Garry stops her. Garry later speaks to Daria telling her that since she is such great friends with Jannine she should help talk to her to stop her from filing the cases against Doris and Sonia. Daria tells Garry that Jannine is a crazy lady and will never listen to her.... 

Yvonne comes home and finds Albert. He comes over and hugs her(aww perfect gentleman alert!) he asks her about Marcos and Yvonne tells him that Marcos is not doing well . He asks to see him and Yvonne takes him to a crying Marcos. Albert manages to cheer him up with some impressive magic tricks that even impressed me!!! Cute. 

Jannine goes to brag to Victor how happy she is seeing him behind bars. Mallon finds her there and they have a brief argument. Mallon sees Victor and he asks him to take good care of Marcos!!! He surely will!!!!
Mallon comes back home finds Albert leaving, he comments that Albert just never gives up. He then notes that maybe her and Marcus would have been happier with him if she hadn't got back together with Victor.... I agrreeeeeeee!!!
So Jannine is not satisfied,  she wants to see Yvonne, see everyone in jail!!! 

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Just when we thought things couldn't get any crazier,  they actually do!!! Hehehehe this just made my top ten best episodes,  crazy truths are about to come out!!! Backle up....  Bumpy ride ahead people!!!
So Arturo and his crazy hat just made their majestic entrance into the night club,  Sofia looks up at him,  there is a dangerously passionate exchange of glances as he draws closer to her, right now nothing matters but the two of them. He reaches her   grabs her and they start dancing,  staring into each other's eyes oblivious of anyone or anything. This is their night. He caresses her face, professes his love to her, (they are turning me into a Poet ooooooh!!!)  she looks intently into his eyes, she wants him maybe even more than he wants her. He kisses her, “You are crazy!” she says jokingly “Crazy?? For kissing the love of my life and the mother of my child?”,  “it was Irina right?she is the one who told you”
“It doesn't matter now”  he twirls her round, then engages her in a kiss!!! Beautiful.... They continue dancing... 

Meanwhile,  in another part of the club,  Dario and Flavio are arguing about Irina. Irina comes over and breaks it up scolding them for making a scene. Dario tells Flavio that no matter what he does,  he will get married to Irina whether he likes it or not. Flavio storms out of there,  Irina wants to chase after him buy cannot because of Dario. I am guessing it's safe to think Irina will not be putting on those sexy lingerie for anyone tonight!!!! 

Soledad tells Felipe that she thinks it would be better if she left,  Felipe says he would die if she left,  Sole tells him she would die first....
Andrea is not okay!!!  I think she is even crying. Soledad approaches her and she tells her that at least everything will be like before. Andrea screams that nothing will be like before and storms out of the living room. Soledad is left there wondering  whaaaaaaaaaaaaat??  (holding that thought)
(releasing) The heck???  Cayetana tells her father that she could never have any carnal feelings for Leo(tell that to someone who didn't see you drooling and melting after Leo while in the pool!! Best drowning moment ever!!!!)  she runs to her room and as we all thought can't stop thinking about the incident at the pool(huhuhu) 

Meanwhile at PALENQUE night,  Patricia is kissing poor Sammy. He tells her that he will not be working at the Del Junco ranch anymore. Patricia thinks that he did it for her but Sammy tells her that he didn't,  it's a long story that ended with him fired heeeeeeee eeeh (let's not get into the embarrassing details hehehe)
Irina is back at the ranch,  without Sofia. Cayetana is wondering where Sofia is. Irina lies that she left her in the club with some of her friends from school. She will be coming home later. Well Andrea is not buying Irina's white lie and asks her to spill the beans. They only end up in a verbal fighting match with Irina refusing to tell her where SOFI is. Cayetana goes back to her room and starts fantasizing about Leo... The pool thing,  it's getting kind off old.  Andrea comes in to sleep beside her mother,  both burning inside with the desire for the forbidden!!!  It's crazzzzzzy!!! 

Speaking about Sofia,  she has just arrived in Arturo's house ready to get her groove on. Arturo tries to tell her the whole truth about him being a Gallardo but Sofia refuses to listen to him telling him that she would never forgive him if he was to lie to her again. He shushes!!! 

One thing leads to another and Arturo and Sofia are in the bedroom. Arturo kisses her the hat!!!!!! I can't see their lips!!! Someone do something!!! (the stupid hat is totally killing the passion!!!) Sofia tells Arturo... “I love you!”  Arturo takes off his hat, I am there shouting Yes!!!! They kisss!!  There is sound of poetry in the background as Sofuro lose themselves in each other's arms!!!  They make love so unbelievably passionately....  Feeeling the passion people!!!  It's refreshing to see Arturo without his bafafa(bff  the hat!!!)
So Flavio arrives at home but has to make due
With the couch,  he doesn't want to interrupt his brother. 

Sammy is with Patricia. He promises that he will get a good job and leave that dump!!! He tells her he loves and needs her. They hug!!!
The next day Juana and her daughter arrive and find it strange that Flavio is sleeping in the couch. They leave quietly and arrive later,  yes Flavio is but where the heck us Arturo. Juana wants to clean up the house and wants to start with Arturo's room. They walk towards it open in and almost let out a light scream. They find Sofia and Arturo covered lightly with those blue sheets. They apologize and walk out. Arturo later explains to Juana that Sofia is carrying his child and that the baby is his. Juana understands...
Sammy wakes up and finds Patricia gone. She has gone to talk  Ververde into hiring Samuel. Ververde tells her he will think about it. 

She later by chance bumps into that agent who wanted to sign her. He is shocked by how different she appears from how Ulysses described her.
Cayetana and Andrea are worried about Sofia. She is nowhere to be found,  they have tried to call her and all her friends to no avail. Leo comes in and says that Sofia is not with her friends, she must be with another man. A car approaches the ranch,  it belongs to Arturo. Cayetana wonders what Arturo's jeep is doing in her compound. They all go out to receive him. Cayetana goes out shouting. What the hell is that man doing in her house. She sees Sofia coming out of the Jeep,  they are holding hands with Arturo... Cayetana screams “Que es esto???” (what's going on here???”
Sofia walks in front of Arturo,  looks her mother in the eyes and tells her “Mother, this man here is the love of my life!!” 

Huhuhu Cayetana almost faints from the news!!
Suspense people,  You can't live with it and can't live without it!!!
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


This is going to be short but extremely sweet!!! If you are a lover of drama then you.
Hehehe so I absolutely adored this episode... It was a dramatic comedy....
We start off with Cayetana telling Sofia that she needs to see the Rey brothers immediately. We are obviously alarmed (how the heck will they get themselves out of this mess, its huge considering the architect has already been called (lolest!!!  Hehehe hehehehe)  this boys are so busted!!!! So Sofis calls Arturo and his brothers,  apparently they are urgently needed to go over to the del Junco ranch.  (this is the part where I yell Ruuuuuuun!!! They know the truth!!) Arturo obliges her and tells her they will be there right away.

Captain Fernández comes in to talk to Cayetana... Oooh they are alone in the bedroom... He interrogates her on the recent tragedy on Nena's ranch. The conversation swiftly leads to Cayetana's issue with ververde. The captain tells her maybe Emilio feels passion for her. Cayetana thinks it's a disease. They end their conversation on a friendly note!!!

A manager comes over to PALENQUE night club. He is interested in Patricia and wants to sign het up for a real show. Ulyses puts on his selfish face and tells the guy that Patty is bad news. Pobrecita,  Patricia will never get her break!!! All thanks to baldy!
The boys arrive at the ranch,  wooooooipsi!!!  Even Felipe is annoyed, this cannot be good. The architect is asked and about the whole issue and says that he was told by Sole that the construction had been held off!!! Hehehe Sole is in deep hot soup!!! Arturo is all dramatic... “It's time to tell the truth!!” ....  Me and the rest of viewerville have our hearts in our hands right now!!! He then gives out a lame excuse about him and his brothers not having work,  oooh they needed work....  Cayetana thinks they betrayed the trust of the entire family. She never wants to see them in the ranch again!!!! (what I don't get is how bitter Andrea is behaving throwing insults at the reys.... Women,  who gets us!???) anyway one cannot go without noticing the malicious joy in Leonardo's face.

They leave with their heads held high,  arrogant as always. Irina and Sofia talk about what happened with their lovers. Sofia is very confused as is always. Irina is throwing a bridal shower with her party friends and wants Sofia to be there with her!!! How can she refuse???
So on to crazier things,  Sole is off the hook,  apparently the Rey brothers made her look like the victim and our General wants her to stay. Cayetana then finds Leo swimming looking smoking hot!!! He gets out if the pool and tells her about him leaving Sofia. Cayetana is shocked that hr would leave his wife and son. Leo tells her that the baby Sofia is expecting is not his. An offended Cayetana throws a tantrum and ends up swimming in the pool. Leo dives in,  woooooooi these two are now dangerously close. He is holding her calling her his beautiful madam (is he seriously hitting on his madre in law???  Sooo baaaaaad!!  I like it! And hate it at the same time!!) Yeeeah the general sees this circus and stops it before they almost get to kissing  heeeeeeheeeeheeeee crazu stuff!!!  He warns her against this thing with Leo!!!
Speaking about diseases,  This thing Sammy has for Patricia is a freaking disease,  after all we talked about I still see his stupid face in Palenque night!! He is hopeless!!!
Irina goes to Nena's ranch and kisses Flavio,  she really doesn't care whether they were not real obreros she still loves him. She goes and talks to Arturo and tells him the baby Sofia is expecting is actually his!!!! Arturo doesn't know how to react and wants to break Leonardo's face but is extremely happy about the news....

That night Irina throws a bash with several of her friends. She gives Sofia the surprise of a lifetime!!!
Dramatic entry of Arturo and his best friend The Hat!!! Hehehe hehehe Sofia looks up the staircase and smiles when she sees sexy Arturo climbing down(trying my best to ignore the hat, hehehehe) .... Forever has just begun!!!!



Let's start off with a brief recap of Friday's episode.
start off with crazy Jannine at her lawyer's office. She wants to see Victor in jail right away but the lawyer tells her that the police were unable to capture Victor because he just couldn't be found. Jannine tells him that thry have to do their best to make sure Victor is put behind bars as soon as possible.
Doris just asked Daria to take care of Sonia. Daria recieves a call from jannine. Daria mentions Victor might just be at Yvonnes house at that very instant. Jannine quickly makes a call to the police informing them the whereabouts of Victor.
Victor is in the house with Garry,  Doris and the rest of the family talking about the way forward.  The police arrive in Yvonnes house and arrest Victor for his refusal to honor and respond to the Sapina.  Victor is taken to jail.
An angry Doris storms Jannine's house. She has come to tell her that she thinks Jannine is the biggest scam of the earth she has ever seen. Jannine blames Doris for her baby's death. Doris tells her that perhaps wearing six inch heels and walking bitterly around threatening people is what caused her miscarriage!!! (hehehehe #dead!!)
His bail is set and Yvonne and her crew follow him to the station. Yvonne wants to pay the bail but Doris and Garry insist on paying it. Once Victor is out,  his attorney tells him that it is not advisable for him to be living under the same roof with Yvonne,  that might strengthen Jannine's case. Doris and Garry offer Victor one of their apartments,  he can stay there for the time being.
Jannine later talks to Kenjie. He  asks her again whether she would like to go with him to Brazil and Jannine turns him down,  apparently she is too preoccupied flashing lawsuits around to take  any time off!!!
Marcos goes to visit his father. He wants him to come back so that they form a happy family!!!
Jannine goes to her lawyer and finds out that the Sapinas against Yvonne,  Doris and Sonia are almost out. She arrives with copies of the Sapinas on her hands at Yvonne's house flashes them at Yvonne and Doris then throws them down telling them that they will pay dearly for her baby's death
So all Jannine needed in this episode was a broom to turn into a full blown witch!!!
We start off with Victor. He is talking to one of his friends. They talk about his situation with Jannine. His friend tells him that he had warned him that no one can replace the first wife,  first come first serve. Victor tells him that Jannine is now acting as his legal wife forgetting that she was the mistress before. He thinks Yvonne is a better woman than Jannine....
Speaking about Jannine,  Dale has come to see her and is asking her to give him a chance. He will never hurt her. Jannine tells him that he already wasted his chances, she has absolutely no feelings for him! Dale goes back to his house,  starts drinking himself silly wondering why Jannine rejects him so much,  he has clearly repented. His mother comes and finds him in that state and figures out that its all because of Jannine. As dale sleeps, his mother swears that she will get her revenge on Jannine for ruining her son's life!! A son for a son!!!
Speaking about Revenge,  Mallon is not happy about how his family has been going about the whole Jannine thing. He wants her to pay for disrespecting his sister. Yvonne warns him against doing something drastic that might jeopardize the case. Mallon is now with Shakira and Mimi. They are helping him to coll down Mimi telling her that he is already too hot to be angry.  Shakira tells Yvonne that Mallon is with them...
Sonia is still very oblivious to what's going on in her surroundings,  meanwhile Daria cannot stop yapping about how large the hospital bill is.  Garry later talks to her about her bad behavior and tells her that she wasn't there while he was growing up. Doris and Sonia made him feel like he had a family for once in his life. He tells her that he is now part of them!!!!
Jannine,  Yvonne and the rest of the family arrive at the hearing of the cases filed against them by Jannine. Jannine is also there. The two women exchange dirty looks. Inside the room the magistrate reads the accusations. Yvonne denies them. Jannine tells her that she did everything to seduce her husband when they lived together. Yvonne stands up to oppose her,  the judge orders them to calm down. Outside,  Jannine and Yvonne confront each other. Yvonne tells her that she will not allow her to make false accusations against her.  Jannine tells her that that was just the beginning,  she would let everything go if Yvonne would kneel down and beg her. Yvonne tells her that she will never lower herself and lose her dignity in front of Jannine. Jannine tells them to prepare themselves to suffer!!!!
Yvonne and the family talk about Jannine's attitude. Yvonnes mother has had enough. Victor doesn't want the issue to drag on any longer, he wants to speak to Jannine at least to knock some sense into her but YVONNE thinks it would be a bad idea to do that.
Jannine goes back to her house angry! Carla thinks she is handling the issue all wrong. Jannine wants them all to pay for the death of her baby. Audrey comes down holding a trophy but Jannine is way too angry to entertain her.
Later that night Kenjie comes over to say goodbye and even hugs Jannine in the process.
Jannine has too many bills to pay. Carla blames the build up if bills to her numerous amounts of court cases. Jannine tells her that she started the war and she will make sure she finishes it!!!!
Yvonne and the rest of the family talk to their lawyer who tells them the consequences of Jannine winning  the cases against them. Jannine also talks to her lawyer who tells her that she needs concrete proof of the concubinage case against Victor. Shr remembers the diary where Victor had written about how he spent the night with Yvonne. She is determined to get her hands on that diary!!!

The day of the concubinage trial arrives. The two women have another shouting match this time more personal and right outside the courtroom. Jannine tells Yvonne that she will make sure they all end up in Jail for killing her baby,  she will make sure that Yvonne ends up in jail and leave Marcos without either a mother or father. Yvonne tells her that she has had enough,  Jannine is the one who destroyed her family. She asks Jannine how she got this bitter that she would even send a sick woman like Sonia. She tells Jannine that she will fight tooth and nail to win.  Jannine wants to attack her,  Yvonne's crew wants to eat Jannine alive! The guard comes and stops the fight as the two women continue exchanging dirty looks.  Jannine calls Yvonne a monkey as she enters the courtroom. Yvonne fuming mad at this point!!!
The atmosphere is tense in the court room!!!  Witnesses of both sides give their emotional heartfelt accounts of how things actually happened. Yvonne's side claiming that Jannine stole Victor from Yvonne whereas Jannine's side claiming that Jannine really suffered enough on Victor's side. Yvonne's mother takes the stand and emotionally narrates how her daughter suffered at the hands of Victor and Janine and how she generously offered her house to accommodate the man who cheated on her. Jannine's stupid lawyer kept on objecting as the judge shuts him down!!!
After the draining session inside the court room, Jannine approaches Yvonne's mother telling her that she is a hypocrite telling her that Yvonne is a mistress. Carmen tells Jannine that she is the one who destroyed and hurt her daughter so deeply yet all this time she has tried to understand her but cannot put up with her anymore. Jannine tells her that she only taught her daughter to be a mistress,  Carmen tells her that she taught her daughter well,  it's Jannine who has no grooming at all! Once again Jannine proves that class and humanity are lost to her as she pushes Carmen to the floor!! Yvonne runs to help her mother as she looks hatefully at Jannine!!!!  The war has just begun!!!!



 Let's start off at Julieta's room. She is with Anibal talking about the recent retreat they just went to and how helpful it was escpecially to ols lady Eloisa when she realizes that her emerald ring is missing but who has it??

In the living room, Fiorella just brought water and medicene for Pedro. Simoneta had asked her to bring it.

Fio gives Pedro the medicine as Frederica comments on how attentive Fiorella is to Pedro just like in a soap. Pedro leaves,  Eloisa thanks Fio for how well she treated her grandson. Roxana just thinks that Fiorella is putting on a show to get closer to Eloisa... Just then Julieta storms into the room to claim her necklace has been stolen. Eloisa comments that the house is filled with a bunch of crazy people but doesn't think that there are any thieves among them.

Dante says that he would go through hell and high water to find the ring. He goes to search in the servant's room starting of course with Fiorella and Giana's room.

Frederica is with Julieta in Julieta's room. Frederica thinks that maybe Anibal is the one who took the ring to give it to one of his numerous lovers. Julieta doubts he would actually do that.

Dante, Joaquína,  Giana and Fiorella are in Fiorella's room. Dante is searching through the drawers and encounters the ring among Fio's things and gives out an evil smile,  obviously happy that finally they will be rid of Fiorella.

Meanwhile Sergio and Pedro are speaking in the study. Sergio asks him what's reallu going on between him and the Italian girl Fiorella and Pedro opens up about his feelings for her telling him that he has been with a lot of women who have sparked all sought of emotions in him but none has made him feel the way Fiorella does. Sergio tells him that he is definitely in love!!! Simona budges in and tells them that the ring has just been found.

The entire Angeles clan is waiting in the dining room. Fiorella is also there,  Dante comes in and announces that the ring was found among Fiorella's things. Everyone is pretty shocked at the news,  moreso Pedro who is already madly in love with Fiorella. Dante who looks pleased at the discovery hands over the ring to Julieta. Frederica takes the ring and comments on how expensive it is. Eloisa is disappointed by Fiorella and comments on how shameful she has become.

Fiorella starts saying that she wasn't the one who stole the ring,  she is innocent!!! She is shut up by family. She starts crying and Pedro pacifies her and tells her that crying won't solve the problem,  she needs to tell them what happened.....

Fiorella tells them that Anibal was the one who had given it to her. Julieta upon hearing that gets up from her seat calling Anibal a lying jerk and rushes to her room.  Unscrupulous Anibal denies the claims calling Fiorella a liar!  Dante then tells Eloisa to fire Fio for being a flirt.

Fiorella runs to the study still crying and Pedro goes after her. He confronts her there calling her a flirt and a liar,  apparently to him,  she abused his family's trust. Fiorella crys wondering why even he would mistrust her. Pedro almost walks out when Fio stops him and reminds him of the time he had offered her money for Tanya's diary and she refused. She then tells him that if he really thinks it's her she will leave the house immediately but asks him to allow her sister to stay with them until she is able to come back for her...

Back in Julietas room,  she asks Anibal whether what thr Italian girl was saying was true and anibal denies it calling Italians cynical liars. Pedro comes in and interupts them. He asks to speak with Anibal outside.

Gael comes into the kitchen and takes Giana telling her that he wants to take her away from all the drama and accusations in the mansion. Giana obliges him as she accepts his offer for a walk awww!!  Benito is left there feeling jealous!!!

Fiorella talks to Eloisa. She tries to explain her situation to her but Eloisa's mind is made up, Fiorella betrayed her trust and has to go.

Fio runs outside and sees Pedro fighting with Anibal. Pedro confronts him on Fiorellas accusations against him and Anibal admits to trying to woo her but she turned him down. He tells Pedro that she is just a maid and is not worth his concerns. Pedro is angry and tells Anibal that he won't allow him to disrespect Fiorella. He wants him out of the ranch. Anibal is that at least he tried his chance with Fiorella and asks Pedro whether he also wants to pursue her. Julieta who was also listening in on the conversation tells comes closer to them and tells Anibal to get out of her life. Frederica and Dante happily kiss after watching the scene thinking that maybe they will be getting rid of both Anibal and the Italian girl!!!

Pedro is with Fidel in the study when Fiorella walks in and Fidel excuses himself. Fiorella thanks Pedro for depending her against Anibal. Pedro feels bad that he hadn't believed her earlier and asks Fio to forgive him and she does. Fiorella ends up dressing his wounds lovingly. They almost kiss when Simona walks in and tells them that Eloisa wants to see everyone in the living room.

Eloisa in front of everyone reinstates Fiorella to her job but this time Fio would be her personal assistant. Fiorella rushes over yo her and kisses her happily,  I don't need to tell you how Frederica and Dante are looking at this point but I will anyways!!! Pathetic!!!  Huhuhu!

Eloisa thinks Fiorella needs a new uniform. Later She almost catches Fiorella and Pedro almost kissing in the study. Fio gets her new uniform fitted along with Eloisa. She makes Eloisa laugh and Eloisa thinks that Pedro needs a woman like Fio,  someone to make him laugh all the time cause she admits that her grandson is a bit bitter. Fio thinks that Pedro must have alot of women because hr is attractive and asks Eloisa if she has a perfect girl for Pedro in mind. Eloisa tells her that shr does.... Oooh Fio must think it's her while all this time Eloisa is thinking about Aitana!!!  Hehehe poor thing

Gael is teaching Giana to play golf. They are talking about Fiorella's recent promotion to Eloisa's personal assistant. Gael tells Giana that it's a huge deal since everyone wants to always be in good terms with Eloisa because of Maximo's inheritance. Giana thinks that the family hates the old woman. Gael jokingly agrees with her but notes that he is nothing like his family, he just never felt like he belonged!!! Gael and Giana are getting along.  Benito later tells Giana not to set her eyes on Gael or any of the family members!!!

Fiorella them talks to Giana in the kitchen. Gi tells her about Beni's outburst of jealousy earlier upon seeing her with Gael. Fiorella tells her that Beni has a point,  she cannot fall in love with anyone in the house. Giana then asks about her and Pedro and Fio thinks its a different case cause Eloisa has started to like her. Fio remembers her engagement and just as Giana mentions it,  Pedro walks in and asks them what thr heck they are talking about. They lie to him that they are discussing a telenovela. Pedro has come to see Fiorella,  they cannot be seen together but he can't stay without seeing her. He is completely sure that her new position will make Eloisa like and accept her....

Rey pays Vittorio a visit. Vittorio asks him one more time about Fiorella's whereabouts but Rey tells him that he doesn't know where she is... Liar!!!

Osvaldo cancels the partnership between tgr company and Fabio for Fabio's utter disrespect of his marriage despite Sonia's warnings against it!

Adela goes to see Vittorio. She wants to confirm the whole issue with Diana.  Rey calls Benito to tell him that maybe it's time for Fiorella and Vittorio to meet. Benito tells him that he will never allow that to happen!!! Ever!!!


Monday, April 25, 2016

Oooh I call this week discovery week!!!  Sooo a major secret is about to be unleashed!!!  Hint : Baby Arturo .... Ooooh yeah!!!
We start off with Sofia pissing me off by telling Irina that her relationship with Flavio totally ruined her plans with Arturo. (she just wants to enjoy the Gallardo goods alone!!)  Irina tries to tell her that nothing should change between her and Arturo. Sofia tells her that it would be close to impossible for their mother to accept her relationship with Arturo, how much harder will it be for her to accept the relationship between FLAVIRINA???  She tells Irina to pack all her things,  they are going back to the ranch and she will cancel her engagement to Dario... Huhuhu oooopsi!!!.
We are quickly led to SamAndrea stuck on the road.  Sammy is trying to fix the car,  Andrea is asking him some questions. Samuel is trying to ignore her.  Andrea comments that she thinks he trusts Nena too damn much. Sammy stops what he is doing...
“Do you have a problem with that miss?”
“No... But since you got back with your dancer girlfriend”
“How did you know I got back with her...  Why are you so interested in my life,  my relationships with Nena and Patricia(he throws the jack down)  one might even think you are jealous... Are you in love with me?”
Andrea is dumbfounded as she looks at him,  some crawling thing moves and a scared Andrea jumps on Samuel's arms..
“What's wrong miss?”
“it's that thing,  its down there, (she says panic stricken)”
Sammy sees it and points to it, “is that it?”
He starts laughing as she sees it,  it's a harmless amphibian. He laughs at her,  she tells him to let go of her,  he puts his arms across as a sign that she is the one holding on to him. She jumps down hehehe craziest pair ever!!!

Verónica is still thinking about her kiss with Pablo.  He definitely left a huge Mark in her brain. Her father  Octavio comes to talk to her about the scandal between her and her mother at the ranch. After a long talk of whether Miranda was right or wrong,  Vero tells her father that she feels free at the Del Junco ranch(we all know that freedom has a first and a last name hehehe) and the rey brothers sought of feel like family to her...
Leo budges into Cayetana's study to speak about how badly she treated him in front of the workers. Cayetana tells him that he lost his place as the man of the house the moment he slept with that prostitute. 
Andrea and Sammy arrive at Nena's ranch. All the while they are there,  Andrea is secretly jealous of the affection between Nena and Sammy.  Night time arrives, Arturo stays behind just incase there is an emergency. Sammy has to leave. Andrea is also leaving but this time they are traveling separately. Sammy thanks her for offering him a ride. He notices a sad look and asks if she is okay. She tells him that she is but immediately he leaves she says
“But of course am not okay knowing that you are only running to be with that woman!!”
Cayetana asks where Andrea is and she is told by Nieves that she left with Sammy to deal with a problem in Nena's rancho.
Arturo calls Flavio who by the way caught a cold from being on the beach. He asks where he was and Flavio tells him that he had gone home. He wasn't feeling well. Flavio calls Irina and she also has a cold. Awwww!!
Sammy gets to his love nest with the nag Patricia who cannot seem to get neither baldy Ulysses nor his expensive jewelries out of her head. She does not want to make love to Sammy. The next day she is still playing hard to get with Sammy telling him that he should try and give her a better life, she is nothing now. He tells her that he is trying. When he realizes that there is no way Patricia is backing down, he tells her that what she needs is a millionaire boyfriend,  she is not interested in either him or his love. He leaves.
Irina and Sofia arrive at the mansion. Sofi tells the family that Irina has something to tell them. Irina tells them that she is canceling the wedding. Cayetana tells her that she is getting married no matter what! Felipe thinks that Irina might end up as unhappy as Sofia.
An exchange of curses between Felipe and Leo in the study ensues,  but both are gentlemen and do not attract any attention to themselves. Idiot Leo makes his way into Sofia's bathroom and starts threatening her. Sofi is scared and wants him to leave. He eventually leaves but not before telling her that she has to treat him well if she doesn't want him to rat on the real paternity of her son.
Miranda,  Octavio,  their queer nephew's and Vero arrive at the ranch and Cayetana takes Miranda and Octavio for sight seeing. They arrive at the construction site. Cayetana is picturing how the house is going to come out. Octavio thinks that there is something horribly wrong with the walls. (my gut feeling  or rather an advert tells me that this is not going to end well  hehehe)  so Cayetana is busy Hitting the walls to show them how strong they are,  Wall one  boom boom safe,  wall two boom boom safe  wall three boom!!! Cayetana goes flying and lands on the stones  Hitting her head in the process. Ooops the reys are in trouble!!!

Speaking about trouble,  Pablonica would be in a lot of it if they were found kissing!!! Pablo pulls her towards the kitchen and starts passionately kissing her clearly throwing all forms of caution to the wind! Nieves walks in on them and shyly tells Vero that Miranda was looking for her.
Idiot Leo takes advantage of Cayetana's condition feigns concern and tells her that he will always be by her side,  always!! Our dear captain Fernandez is on the job at Nena's ranch. They want to capture the culprit who poisoned the water. The vet is in trouble and is taken down to the station for questioning.
Cayetana tells Sofia that she needs to see the rey brothers.... Oooh oooh trouble trouble trouble!!!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Dante just saw Fiorella and Pedro kissing and slowly closes the door behind him hr makes sure that they don't see him there. Pedro still doesn't want Fio to leave. He is a bit delirious. He tells her that he wants to marry her and shout out to the world that he loves her. He promises to get his grandmother to accept het as part of the family,  he would do absolutely anything for her to accept her. Fio knows that Pedro is unwell and goes out to call the doctor....

The detective is very suspicious of Osvaldo ever since he overheard him and Sonia. He starts to ask alot if questions. Gael jumps in with his version of the story. He tells the detective that he saw everything and that it was all an accident. Osvaldo had no intentions of shooting Pedro. The detective tells them to go down to the station and make formal statements. Osvaldo later thanks Gael for helping him out and Gael tells him he only did it to avoid the scandal. He warns him that he will tell Pedro everything when he wakes up.
Roxana is at the Sauna seducing Benito. When he is all fired up,  she tells him that she can never be with a man like him.

Pedro wakes up,  Gael and the doctor are there. He asks for Fiorella. Gael tells him that she has not been there,  Pedro is sure that Fio was there. Afterwards,  Gael and the doctor leave. He finds the saint Biachi card on his bed. He smiles and says he knew it, Fio was there...

Sergio still insists that he wants Frederica to tell him what the papers were about. Frederica won't tell him anything. Sergio tells her that he knows eventually he will find out what she has  been hiding from him. Frederica receives a call,  its Dante whi tells her about the secret love affair between Fio and Pedro. Frederica tells him that they have to get Fiorella out of the way!!!

Back at the hospital,  Fio wants to see Pedro again but Sonia chases her away telling her she ought to be doing chores in the house. Osvaldo thinks that Sonia chased Fiorella out because she was jealous. He asks her if she is also going to chase away all the nurses too. Osvaldo tells Sonia to go home. Gael comes over and tells Osvaldo that he must tell Pedro everything that happened.

Osvaldo tells Pedro about the shooting and a suspicious Pedro asks him loads of questions about how it all happened. Osvaldo begs him not to tell Eloisa that it was him who pulled the trigger. She would never forgive him. Gael doesn't think that it's a good idea to tell half truths but Pedro thinks that he will give Osvaldo a second chance.

Eloisa later talks to the so called Aitana and tells her that she will help her get back Pedro. Meanwhile, Fiorella tells Giana that she wants to see Pedro again and takes off to the hospital. Benito asks Giana where Fio is going to and Giana tells him and Benito hurriedly runs after her. Giana is not so pleased.
Osvaldo and Sonia finally break the news to the entire family about Pedro's shooting. Sergio is annoyed that he wasn't told about this until now and runs over to the hospital.

Ramiro and Osvaldo talk in the office. Ramiro tells Osvaldo that he is not sure whether Sonia was really with Pedro. She just saw her coming out of the hotel and concluded that she must have been with Pedro. Osvaldo thinks that Ramiro is an idiot,  he almost committed murder because of him but he still needs him to keep an eye on Sonia.
Fiorella arrives at the hospital and Dante tries to prevent her from seeing Pedro but Sergio helps Fio out by chasing Dante away.  Fio  goes in to see Pedro and he thanks her for returning. Fiorella tells him that he must have been delirious when he told her all those things earlier but Pedro tells her that none of what he said was a lie. He loves her. Fiorella thinks about his family and  Pedro assures her that he will make them all accept her. Forella is not so sure anymore!!

Eloisa is on Julieta's case. She thinks that Julieta should not let go of Annibal and should go after him just like Aitana want to do with Pedro.

Ramiro follows Sonya to the hotel and sees her with their Italian partner Fabio. He calls Osvaldo to inform him about the latest news....a crazy jealous Osvaldo attack Fabio in the parking lot kickin and punching him like a mad man for sleeping with his wife!

Gael is crazy about Roxana and goes in to tell her in her room!!!...



We start off at Beatrice 's house. Samuel carries her out to the couch. She regains consciousness and Sammy leaves.

Andrea is talking to Horacio. Horacio is already drunk from too much wine,  apparently that was Andrea's  plan to get him super drunk so that he forgets about making love. A drunk Horacio starts complaining that they have talked too much. He wants to make love. He grabs her,  pushes her to the bed and sleeps. Andrea apologizes to him and tells him that she just can't be with him. She loves Samuel... “I love him with all my heart,  my soul and My body...  But I can't forget who I am,  Andrea Belmonte Del Junco...  But I love him!!!!”

Sammy goes to the Palenque. Patricia is singing her usual queen of the night song. Some guy tries to get fresh with Patricia and Sammy fights with him. Ulyses is angry because he did not want chaos in his club. Patricia later speaks to Sammy telling him that his jealousy is ruining her chance of dethroning the giraffe Cande. Sammy promises to control himself in the future.
Andrea makes up her mind to go tell Sammy
what she feels. She goes to the Palenque and finds Sammy on the fake bull. She happens to think he saw her and smiles. When he climbs down the bull,  he goes over and kisses Patricia. Andrea is heart broken!!!  Poor thing...  To add insult to injury,  Sammy pulls out a ring and asks Patricia to marry him...  Nooooooooooooo!!!  Andrea walks away with her heart in pieces,  Ulysses also sees this proposal...  Baldy no be happy!!  Hehehehe (I think Sammy is making a mistake with marrying this Patricia palenque girl,  she is such a nag moreover I just don't think he loves her,  the guy is just deeply infactuated,  hopefully this nightmare will end soonest!!!)
Back to Cayetana and Ververde. Cayetana just offered to sell him the Gallardo property. Cayetana tells him that she is going to the office to get Leo. Meanwhile in the office Leo is making our with Isadora. Cayetana catches them and throws a jealous fit. Hehehehe.. 
Leo tries to explain himself but for the first time,  Cayetana is not hearing of it. She tells him that he is nothing. She calls captain Fernandez and asks him for a ride back to the
ranch. Fernández arrives and finds Leo trying to harras Cayetana. He hugs her and takes her back to the ranch.

Verónica is at the beach and waits for Pablo. Pablo is running late and Vero almost leaves when Pablo shows up. They run to each other and kisss I adore their kissing scenes huhuhu feeling the passion ! She asks Pablo where he was and he says he only just got time. We get the delight of seeing Pablo toss her up in the air as she giggles...  Hehehe I love these two...
Sofia has a dream that Arturo came to her at night but Leo found them and shot at him,  this is a premonition,  bottomline,  I don't think she will be telling Arturo the truth any time soon.
Flavio still thinks that they should not let their women escape from their grasp,  they have to find them at all costs. Flavio can't live without his Munyeqita.
Leonardo has been dethroned in the Del Junco kingdom. Pablo has been reinstated as foreman and Andrea is back as the administrator of the ranch. The General Felipe is extatic at the news and says that finally justice has been served he goes to celebrate with Soledad and the boys.  He treats them to some drinks as they talk about Leonardo's predicaments. He then happens to mention where his granddaughters are. By the suspicious looks on Arturo and Flavio's faces,  the boys are going to find their ladies!!!
Beatrice Alcazar has just found out that her horses are dying. Her murderous employees want her to lay all her horses to death,  apparently they think the animals have suffered enough. Beatrice calls Sammy and tells him about her problem. Sammy catches Arturo on his way out and tells him that Bea really needs them. Arturo heads out first to Beatrice 's ranch as Sammy goes to look for Flavio.
Cayetana goes out sight seeing the Gallardo ranch with Ververde. LEO throws a jealous fit. After they scan the ranch,  Ververde tries to get fresh with Cayetana. Caye takes out her gun and points it to him telling him that their relationship is strictly professional. Ververde likes her even more but says that he is ready to wait until she feels the same,  he is a gentleman and never forces himself on a woman.
The battle for supremacy at Palenque is still on.  Ulyses is on a mission to make Patricia jealous. He comes over with Candela arm in arm and announces their engagement. He takes out an expensive ring(from Patricia 's expression it looks like it's worth a fortune) and places it on Candela's finger. Patricia is jealous (you can't eat your cake and have it patty)

Our dearest Arturo gets to Beatrice' s ranch and asseses the animals. The workers insist that the animals are facing an epidemic and have to die,  Arturo thinks there must be a way to save the sick ones.
After observation,  Arturo thinks that the problem might be with the water the animals take. A sample of the water is brought to him and when he lights a match stick the water catches fire,  Arturo tells Beatrice that the water is contaminated with petrol. They try to come up with a solution to this problem. Quick question that concerns Arturo and his hat,  will he die if he takes it off?  Is it glued to his head or is he a member of a religious group called Hatianity?  That thing needs to go... He is even wearing the stupid hat in the theme song...
Flavio asks Nieves for directions to the beach house and takes off. Sammy asks Nieves where Flavio went,  Nieves doesn't want to spill the beans. Sammy shakes Nieves trying to get her to tell him the truth as Andrea walks in. They argue for sometime.  Samuel tells her that he has no time for her, he has an emergency. Andrea offers to help.... Awwwww....
Pablo and Vero are having a great time together kissing and laughing in the del Junco kitchen when Miranda walks in. Pablo excuses himself or rather is chased out by Miranda who insists on talking alone with her daughter. They have a huge argument with Veronica. Miranda hints that Vero is not even her daughter from the way she talks to her. Soledad interrupts them as Vero leaves. Sole tells M that she can kiss their agreement goodbye of she continues mistreating Vero.

Captain Fernandez talks to his sidekick. The guy calls Cayetana a witch and surprisingly Nestor as Caye likes to call him these days is ready to put his hand through the fire for her calling her a fragile and sensitive woman. Hehe the other guy thinks the  captain is warming up to her as so do I but Nestor tells him that he can never be interested in Cayetana hehehehehe.... Only time will tell!
Sweeet Kissssssses ALERT!!!

Irina goes out swimming in the ocean, braless, Flavio shows up and finds her in the water. He takes off his shirt exposing those killer arbs and dives in.  He finds Irina who insists on calling him a jerk,  kisses her by force. They kissssss.... How cute,  she gets out of the water,  he follows her, tells her nothing exists between him and Vero then they kisssssssssssss....  I am guessing Irina finally forgave Flavio. Sofi catches them. She had made up her mind to tell Arturo the truth but now she is not so sure!!!....
..... End!!!


We start off with Yvonne. She is all dressed up and is about to pay Jannine a crucial visit. She needs to try and convince her to revoke the case against Victor. Yvonne doesn't know where Victor spent the night but she thinks he either spent it with Garry or one of his friends.
Meanwhile Mallon gets himself into major trouble with some guys who beat him up almost half to death. Luckily Victor is there and helps him out risking his own life to save him. He takes Mallon to the hospital. He tries to call Yvonne to no avail. He decides to call up Garry to help him.
Shakira gives Mimi advice telling her that she should love herself first. Shaki doesn't think that Mallon's rudeness towards Mimi was uncalled for. Mimi tells Shakira that she loves Mallon. Shakira tells her to love herself first.

Yvonne arrives at Jannine's house. She finds Carla who asks her if she has come looking for trouble claiming that she can protect herself. Yvonne tells her that she doesn't want to cause any trouble,  she has only come to talk to Jannine. Jannine comes out of her bedroom and sees Yvonne. She goes to her angrily and asks her what she wants.  Yvonne gives her her sympathy and tells her that she also has gone through the pain of losing a child and knows full well how hard it is for her.  Jannine blames Yvonne for the loss of her baby,  she tells her that she knows Yvonne is only there to try and Vindicate Victor. Yvonne admits that she came to try and talk her out of sending Victor to prison. She explains her own experience and tells her that eventually she will learn to forgive Victor. Jannine doesn't want to hear this and chases Yvonne out like a dog!!! 
Victor comes home and finds Yvonne in the house after the visit to Jannine. He asks about what happened between them and Yvonne tells him that Jannine is intent on putting him behind bars. She sees the blood stains on Victor's t-shirt panics thinking something serious must have happened to him. Victor tells her that he has been trying to contact her to no avail, he then tells her about Mallon's troubles.  Yvonne panics and rushes to the hospital to see her brother!

Mallon speaks to his mother and she tells him that it's about time he forgives Victor. Saving his life was proof enough. Mallon also thinks so. Yvonne arrives in the hospital. Mimi and Shakira also arrive in the hospital and Mimi the comedian is crying. She comes in to see Mallon.  Mallon apologizes for how he treated her and Shakira before. They tell him they have already forgiven him.
Mimi tells that her aunt from Australia is going to be staying with her for a while. Yvonne tells Mallon that he could always move in with them though Victor is staying with her. He agrees
Victor tries to get a chance to speak with Jannine. Jannine has ordered nanny Vida not to let Victor in.
Albert calls Yvonne and Marcos picks it up. They talk for a while,  with Marcos going on and on about how happy his family is now. He tells Albert that he misses him and his magic tricks and to visit them when he decides to come back. Albert promises to do exactly that. Marcos tells Yvonne about this phone call and asks her if Albert had a crush on her. Yvonne starts teasing Marcos about him having a girlfriend...
Jannine speaks to gorgeous Kenjie who by the way happens to be shirtless. Kenjie talks to her about her issue with Victor. He tells her that she is a beautiful woman and he doesn't want to see her destroyed in the end just because of her desire for payback!!!

Jannine meets Daria in the real estate company and offers to buy some if her jewelry pieces. Jannine asks Daria out for some food and knowing Daria's materialistic nature, she agrees.  Daria tells her about everything that is going on with Victor and Yvonne. She thinks that it would be best for her to forget about Victor. Jannine manipulates Daria by offering to share with her some of the commission she would earn from the sale of some condominium units. Daria accepts but tells Jannine to be discreet,  no one in her family needs to know about this friendship.

Victor receives a Sapina ti appear in court and face the charges of concubinage leveled against him. Victor later goes to Jannine's house to try and talk her out of it. Jannine doesn't want to see Victor in her house and wants him out. Victor is desperate to speak with her. He grabs her hand and Jannine responds by slapping him telling him that she is no longer the frail and fragile girl he used to know. Victor grabs her again and tries to beg her not to go through with the case. Dale arrives just then and punches Victor on the face!  “Stay away from Jannine!!!”


Sonia has a stroke from a the pressure with Victor's problems. She is rushed to the hospital. Daria only carea about her son having to pay for all of Victor's family problems. She wants Garry to focus on buying her a new car instead.

Mallon us back to the house and is living with Yvonne and Victor. Yvonne doesn't want her mother to stop living with them. Victor and Mallon are getting along fine and it looks like there is no more hard feelings left between them.

Speaking about hard feelings,  Jannine habours alot of hard feelings towards the Guevarra clan and wants them all to pay for nevet accepting her starting with Victor. (Jannine should really get a life!!!) She pushes through with the threat to have Victor imprisoned if he ignored the Sapina.  Several policemen go over to Victor's house to arrest him but don't find him there.
Did Mallon just propose to Mimi???  I guess not because he is not ready to settle down yet. He tells Mi that she should wait until they are billionaires before he can propose,  the entire family thinks she will have to wait till forever for that to happen. Hehehe
Albert is in Sbu with his friend. His friend happens to think that Sbu has beautiful girls and he will be able to forget about Yvonne. Albert doesn't think so. His friend tells him that he met his ex Mitchell in New York. He tells Victor that she wants to connect with him. Albert has his reservation.
Yvonne calls Victor and tells him about the police. Victor is shocked to know Jannine pushed through with her threats!!!!!
Jannine swears to Carla that she will put Yvonne and Doris behind bars!!!!




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