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Friday, April 22, 2016


Dante just saw Fiorella and Pedro kissing and slowly closes the door behind him hr makes sure that they don't see him there. Pedro still doesn't want Fio to leave. He is a bit delirious. He tells her that he wants to marry her and shout out to the world that he loves her. He promises to get his grandmother to accept het as part of the family,  he would do absolutely anything for her to accept her. Fio knows that Pedro is unwell and goes out to call the doctor....

The detective is very suspicious of Osvaldo ever since he overheard him and Sonia. He starts to ask alot if questions. Gael jumps in with his version of the story. He tells the detective that he saw everything and that it was all an accident. Osvaldo had no intentions of shooting Pedro. The detective tells them to go down to the station and make formal statements. Osvaldo later thanks Gael for helping him out and Gael tells him he only did it to avoid the scandal. He warns him that he will tell Pedro everything when he wakes up.
Roxana is at the Sauna seducing Benito. When he is all fired up,  she tells him that she can never be with a man like him.

Pedro wakes up,  Gael and the doctor are there. He asks for Fiorella. Gael tells him that she has not been there,  Pedro is sure that Fio was there. Afterwards,  Gael and the doctor leave. He finds the saint Biachi card on his bed. He smiles and says he knew it, Fio was there...

Sergio still insists that he wants Frederica to tell him what the papers were about. Frederica won't tell him anything. Sergio tells her that he knows eventually he will find out what she has  been hiding from him. Frederica receives a call,  its Dante whi tells her about the secret love affair between Fio and Pedro. Frederica tells him that they have to get Fiorella out of the way!!!

Back at the hospital,  Fio wants to see Pedro again but Sonia chases her away telling her she ought to be doing chores in the house. Osvaldo thinks that Sonia chased Fiorella out because she was jealous. He asks her if she is also going to chase away all the nurses too. Osvaldo tells Sonia to go home. Gael comes over and tells Osvaldo that he must tell Pedro everything that happened.

Osvaldo tells Pedro about the shooting and a suspicious Pedro asks him loads of questions about how it all happened. Osvaldo begs him not to tell Eloisa that it was him who pulled the trigger. She would never forgive him. Gael doesn't think that it's a good idea to tell half truths but Pedro thinks that he will give Osvaldo a second chance.

Eloisa later talks to the so called Aitana and tells her that she will help her get back Pedro. Meanwhile, Fiorella tells Giana that she wants to see Pedro again and takes off to the hospital. Benito asks Giana where Fio is going to and Giana tells him and Benito hurriedly runs after her. Giana is not so pleased.
Osvaldo and Sonia finally break the news to the entire family about Pedro's shooting. Sergio is annoyed that he wasn't told about this until now and runs over to the hospital.

Ramiro and Osvaldo talk in the office. Ramiro tells Osvaldo that he is not sure whether Sonia was really with Pedro. She just saw her coming out of the hotel and concluded that she must have been with Pedro. Osvaldo thinks that Ramiro is an idiot,  he almost committed murder because of him but he still needs him to keep an eye on Sonia.
Fiorella arrives at the hospital and Dante tries to prevent her from seeing Pedro but Sergio helps Fio out by chasing Dante away.  Fio  goes in to see Pedro and he thanks her for returning. Fiorella tells him that he must have been delirious when he told her all those things earlier but Pedro tells her that none of what he said was a lie. He loves her. Fiorella thinks about his family and  Pedro assures her that he will make them all accept her. Forella is not so sure anymore!!

Eloisa is on Julieta's case. She thinks that Julieta should not let go of Annibal and should go after him just like Aitana want to do with Pedro.

Ramiro follows Sonya to the hotel and sees her with their Italian partner Fabio. He calls Osvaldo to inform him about the latest news....a crazy jealous Osvaldo attack Fabio in the parking lot kickin and punching him like a mad man for sleeping with his wife!

Gael is crazy about Roxana and goes in to tell her in her room!!!...

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