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Wednesday, April 27, 2016



Fio walks in and finds Benito talking to someone. She asks him what he is talking about and he says that he was just telling Rey about the whole issue with Anibal and Rey was also shocked. He thinks Fiorella could use all the help she could get. Fio thanks him for his concern but reminds him that she could take care of herself... 

Osvaldo has been summoned to the station. They are still investigating the accidental shooting of Pedro. Dante still hasn't told old lady Eloisa about it and tells Osvaldo not to worry about a thing,  they have the while thing under control!!! Sonia listens in on the conversation. 

Gael asks Giana out in the entertainment room then takes it back. A bit confused I think. Giana pretends not to have heard the request but is inwardly happy that he asked her out. She tells him that she needs to take her medicine and leaves. Roxana who was eavesdropping on the conversation mocks Gael about his thing for the sick Italiana. Dante is now eavesdropping on the conversation and starts video recording it. Roxana says that she will do the impossible ti get those italianas out of her way. Gael warns her not to hurt Giana. Dante runs away when he sees Roxana approaching the door.... 

Adela talks to Vittorio and tells him to be careful with Diana. She is not being very truthful about her family. Later Vittorio speaks to Diana and tells her that Adela had come over because she had lost an earing. He then tells her that he is inviting her entire family to dinner that night. Diana gives him an excuse that they can't make it and he reschedules the dinner telling her that he needs to see her entire family!!!!
Pedro looks a bit to happy for his own good. Fidel doesn't think it has anything to do with his quick recovery and thinks there is a different reasons why he is so fired up. He admits to Fidel that he is happy because of Fiorella,  he loves her. Fidel then suggests taking Fiorella on a date,  why the heck didn't he think about that!?? 

Sonia meets up with Fabio. She doesn't want their partnership to break and I doubt he does. She suggests that he threatens Osvaldo with a law suit that way Osvaldo will try to avoid any trouble and continue with the partnership. It's a genius idea!!! 

Fiorella talks to Giana after a long day of running around after Eloisa. Fio tells her that the lady does too much in a day and she has been running around the entire day. Giana tells her about Gael asking her out,  she thinks she likes both Gael and Beni. Fio tells her not to play around with both men but Giana doesn't think she did anything to encourage them. YOLO!!!!  A letter is slipped below the door,  Fio is a bit suspicious but Giana goes for it. It's from Pedro... He tells her that since she stole his heart,  she should allow him to steal her away for the night...., “Dinner maybe???”

Can you turn down such a request???
Awww it's a jungle out here,  Fiorella wonders what dress she is going to wear,  she is a bit confused looking for things all around. Pedro is equally confused,  he is inside his room wondering what suit he is going to wear. They all find the perfect outfit. Eloisa is outside Pedro's room and realizes immediately that Pedro is going somewhere. She tries to get info out of him but Pedro is in a hurry and leaves. Eloisa calls Aitana,  some girl is trying to steal Pedro, they got to get things going before it's too late!!! 

Wohooooooo speaking about hot dates,  Pedro arrives at the gate to pick Fiorella up,  riding on a horse. Fiorella is impressed but she is wearing a dress,  the horse will do for tonight,  he helps her hop on the horse as they ride into the horizon!!!  Beautiful!!!!. #relationshipgoals!! 

Dante is up to destroy Roxana to keep face with Eloisa. He shows her the recording and tells Eloisa that probably Roxy is behind every bad thing that has been happening to poor Fiorella. Eloisa confronts Roxy with the video,  she clearly has a lot of things to explain. 

Julieta is drinking alone when Sergio comes over. He tries to tell her that drinking will not solve her issues, he knows that there is still hope for her and tries to push his luck by asking her to accept him in her life....
Fiorella and Pedro arrive at  La Dolce Vito and have claim their reservation. They sit down together as they have a drink,  Fiorella toasts to“Us”  Pedro asks her not to continue calling him sir Pedro,  Fiorella agrees to call him Pedro but only for the night. Fio tells him that that is the best night of her life and they toast that there would be no more sadness in their life. They both burst into laughter which attracts Vittorio. He looks into the direction of the laughter and is shocked at what he sees,  Fiorella and Pedro laughing and having an absolute great time!!!  The old man is angry and jealous!!!! 



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