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Thursday, April 28, 2016


Hehehe popcorns people!!! WWE is about to ensue in today's episode...  Ooh and by the way, I have already accepted that Arturo and his hat are inseparable so my new nickname for him Artuto+Hat =Haturo (hehehehe hehehehe)
At the Del Junco mansion is where all the drama is taking place. Sofia has just announced to her shocked mother that Arturo is the love of her life. Cayetana is still shocked and in disbelief. She thinks she didn't hear well,  her beautiful established eldest daughter is in love with a worthless fake worker, Haturo steps in to expound on what Sofia was saying. Cayetana wants to hear nothing of this. She tells Sofia that she cannot be in love with one man while expecting the child of another. Sofi tells her that  the child she is expecting is Arturo. That does it for Cayetana,  she slaps Sofi. (okay I just don't get Cayetana. One minute she is fantasizing in the pool with Leo and the next she is hurting Sofi for abandoning him???  She ought to be jumping for joy Leo is as free as an owl!!!) 

Arturo steps in shielding Sofi. He tells Cayetana that he will not allow her hurt Sofi.  Cayetana is just shocked that her daughter would chose a man like Haturo. She thinks SOFI has lost or scruples (she has clearly forgotten the pool incident! The pot calling the kettle black!!!!) the general intervenes. He is obviously relieved that his great grandchild doesn't have an ounce of Leonardos blood. He tells Cayetana not to treat her daughter like that and says that although he doesn't agree with how the while Sofuro thing took place,  he wants Haturo to keep his Nieta happy. Cayetana is surprised that her father is encouraging them, she tells them to leave but not with anything from the house they should leave empty handed!!! 

Arturo and Sofia are saying their goodbyes and are on their way when someone stops them... It's Leonardo!!! He is angry with a freaking gun in his hands. (okay let's stop pretending, we all knew this would happen!!! Let's face we were kind of praying this happens yeeeeeei!!!)
Everyone is frozen on their feet. Cayetana jumps in front of Sofia and Arturo shielding them with her body! She is telling Leo to stop,  to drop the gun! Leo is defiant,  not even his pretty lady's soft voice will appease him this time. Arturo is not goinh to hide behind CAYETANA'S skirt,  he throws himself in front of Sofia her sisters and her mother and dares Leo to shoot. 

“Go ahead and shoot!”
Sofia crying desperately in the background  “No!!!”
Me sitted comfortably knowing full well that there is no way he is going to kill Arturo,  he is the star of the show but hopefully the hat will not survive this!!!.... Hehehe.
“Now you are pretending to be all macho and you were sleeping with another man's wife behind his back!!!”
“You mistreated her,  I prefer we settle this thing as men...“Hombre a hombre”( man to man)  Leo drops the gun,  takes off his coat and prepares himself for the fight. Arturo is also prepared. Leo gets the first punch,  the hat survives, Arturo punches him so hard he goes flying down. Leo gets up. Arturo goes behind him to strangle him into surrendering. Leo throws him down!!  The hat finally falls off. Arturo gets up this time hatless looking smoking HOT!!! The fight just begun.
Arturo finally knocks out Leo. He collects the hat(booooo!!) Leo gets up and hits him with a log(really)  Arturo goes down,  The hat off(yeeeei) Leo comes over to hit him again with the log but Arturo kicks it off his hands and kicks him down. He gets up looking great with some of his hair falling on his face. (hatless Arturo's hotness cannot be overemphasized... He is one fine looking hombre) 

He picks up the stupid hat again as the sore loser Leo gets up. Leo picks up the gun and points it to Arturo. He tells them that the fight is not over until he says so. Sofia runs towards him and tries to fight him off,  cayetana also goes to help her daughter. Leo is contained. Arturo and Sofia finally leave together.(Believe it or not, the hat got out of that one untouched!!!)
Fernandez questions Flavio and Sammy about their real intentions with the Del Juncos. They tell him that they had no intentions of hurting them. They tell Nestor to relax and humor him with their crazy relationships with the girls. Fernandez is shocked to know that the child Sofi is expecting is Arturo's.
So Beatriz health is not doing well and his heart can stop at any moment. Beatrice calls Sammy and I think she asks him out. She then calls her lawyer and is making some changes to her will!!!  He hehehehe the poor excuses of servants she has in her house did not see this coming...

Patricia meets up with the agent guy and she invites him to her show at PALENQUE that night.
Arturo aquints Sofia with his house telling her that she is la dama de la casa(the lady of the house)  Sofia looks around the house, she is happy here. She finds a closed closet,  I am guessing that's where all of Alma's things are hidden. Arturo takes her attention from it. He has to go out,  she doesn't want him to go,  the kiss it out but he really has to go. He leaves...
Cayetana talks to Leo who is pissed off that she never believed him when he told her that Sofia had a lover and even humiliated him. He wants to leave the house but Cayetana begs him to stay. (please leave!!!)

Cayetana goes up to her study still wondering why Sofia would hurt her like that. Fernandez comes over to show her a picture of the baldy believed to be involved in her daughter's kidnapping. He notices she is not exactly herself and asks her what might be troubling her. She doesn't want to confide in him but thanks him for his concern. He leaves and the general comes over. He tries to talk her into not alienating Her daughter.

VerΓ³nica comes over to the ranch and is surprised to hear about Sofuro. She then enters the kitchen and finds Soledad talking about her daughter....  She then asks Sole why she never speaks about this daughter of hers????


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