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We are quickly approaching the end of this novela that has broken and mended our hearts in more ways than we can say...The novela that has made true the saying..."Love forgives all things, bares all things" The most successful novela on this page...all I can say is thank you for your visits....


what to look forward to:
  1. Daniel gives up on chasing Lucia and decides to settle for Marina
  2. Vicky finds the flash disk
  3. Anselmo is killed in the AFIAD and all fingures are pointing towards Daniel.
  4. Vicky dies
  5. Daniel is captured
  6. Lucia confesses her undying love to Daniel as things between him and Marina end
  7. He escapes and is helped by all his close friends
  8. Lucia is close to finding out who her husband really is....



We have made it!!! see you in our next page!!! ...on the link above!!!


EPISODE 105 (01/01/2016)


EPISODE 105 #losmiserables105recap...
Happy New Year!!!!

So its a new year... And it seems old habbit die hard... Hehehe am still crazy in love with My commander❤❤❤....


Daniel has just turned Lily's offer down. He is not interested in her help...
“Are you sure of this Daniel"
“Yes... You killed my brother and your own niece and you expect me to negotiate with you?"
“Daniel... You know very well that justice is not fair"
“Its only because power is in the hands of corrupt people like you"
“That's so nice and romantic but you know very well what awaits you when you get caught"
“I would rather remain a fugitive the rest of my life than accept help from you... You know what, when all this ends, I will recover my life and everything that I lost but not you"
“Okay... Then I have something that would interest you more... Its something that you are obsessed with"
“What is that?"
“Olegario Morero's head"
“I don't need your help... Sooner or later we will capture Olegario"
He walks out on her... She was not expecting this


Carlos is wondering why Marina is in the nursery... He asks her if she wants to have a baby and she tells him no.... She starts complaining about life as a nun
“They spend the whole day singing... Working without resting... There is no making love Never( serves her right) its like these women don't have feelings...
Milagros hears that as she walks into the nursery area...
“But of course we have feelings my daughter..." She continues explaining to her about life as a nun and that the women there dedicate themselves to God and forsake all other men... Mari is a bit embarrassed (hehehe if she ends up as a nun...)


Meanwhile Rodriguez is fast asleep in the office. Leon wakes him up. They have to get going. Ale finds them and wants to scold them but they make sure to leave before he could ask them any questions


Chelo, Elena and Abel are having breakfast with their parents. Nacho and Fer are behaving as if everything is okay but Elena is not having any of it...
“You are going to forgive Liliana??... After all she has done... Lucia had to live her life as a criminal and was sent to prison for a crime she did not commit and you are going to forgive Liliana for killing Vicky? Our Vicky?"  She puts Fernanda in her place and walks out of the room!!( I am loving this new no-nonesense untamed Elena!!!)


Carlos comes to see Deya... He wants to be part of his son's life... He tries ti explain himself to her and she says...
“I accept ... I accept you to be part of my son's life"
“Our son's life"
“Yes our son"


Daniel hands over the flash to Pablo and tells him to give it to Alejandro... He feels like Ale has come to believe he is innocent...
Leon and Rodriguez arrive and have something to show Ponce. They show him the video with the gay senator. Daniel decides that it would be best to play the same game his enemies are playing... They decide to use the video to force the senator to do whatever they want


Genaro is there with the same old blackmail asking the senator to do him and Diablo another favour... The senator is covered and has to give into Genaro's whims...


Lily thinks she can get the information on Faraon's computer... Diablo is not sure of that...
“Are you completely sure you can do this?"
“But of course Diablo... I worked with Radames for years and I knew where he kept all his information... Trust me"
She starts checking the computer...
“No this cannot be!"
“What is it?"
“Let me check again.... No... Its no longer here... All the information has been erased"
“I can't believe this... Did Radames decieve us?"
“No... This was not Radames"


Pablo has gone with the flash disc. He hands it over to Alejandro... “It has information on Cesar's murderer"


Elena is back at work so soon and Marina sees her. She tries to talk to her in a move to help her overcome her trauma... Ele is not in the mood and chases her away....


Diablo still cannot believe that they have lost all the information(well he better believe it soon) he wants to call Quique with his phone but it's not with him. He borrows Lily's phone and makes the phone call... Quique cannot help him. He starts cursing all his men calling them a bunch of imbisels(is he noticing that now?? He is so rounded by a group of dummies parading themselves as Henchmen)


Lu has arrived in the house and us looking for Rafael. She calls out his name severally but Rafa is nowhere to be found... She however finds His phone...


The senator arrives and finds Daniel seated at his table... The senator asks him what he is doing there and Daniel tells him that he has something to show him. He shows him the video of him comiting indecent acts with his ‘Nephew'
“How did you get this?"
“I found it in the computer of your good friend Radames"
“What do you want from me?"
“I want you to tell the truth, to explain why you decided to collide with my enemies and set a trap for me, ruin my career and send me to prison"
“It wasn't my fault... Those guys used this video to threaten me"
“I know you were being threatened...I want you to tell the entire truth"
“Alright but first let me speak to my secretary"
He goes to his suitcase and takes out a gun... He points it at Ponce. Ponce uses his quick hands to swiftly get hold of his gun and points it at him...
“Put the gun down!!"
“I am not going to hurt you...But if you force me to confess then I would rather die..." He is now pointing the gun to himself( I hope he actually pulls the trigger)


Rodriguez and some othet guys come and transfer Radames to prison
“Radames Let's go!!"
On arrival to prison he finds some perverts lusting over him(oooiii that old thing... Some people have no sense of taste) I think Pablo is making true his promise


Lu decides to check through Diablo's phone. She sees that he has just called Liliana, Genaro and Quique. She takes her phone and takes photos of Diablo's phone....
“I have to show this to Daniel"( more like I need to see Daniel if you ask me!!... Ooh yes she knows she has missed him)


The guy is threatening to shoot himself.. Daniel is coming closer...
“I cannot let the truth come out and my wife and kids find it out"
“So dying is your solution?"
“Yes, if you force me to"
Daniel puts down his gun and then disarms the guy as the professional that he is....(yes... Feeding my obsession for him...)


Diablo is talking to Genaro and Lily. They are trying to figure out what happened with the information on the computer... Genaro asks
“Do you think its Ponce?"
Diablo is not sure of anything. Kitty cat enters with her golden short dress that she has overworn throughout Flaj and says something about Ponce being hot (don't even ask... ...) Diablo tells him...
“Shut up!"
“Ay my Diablo... (She gets up and goes to him holding him by the waist and grabbing him towards her)... You know very well you are the man in my heart my life and my bed"()
Lily thinks its ridiculous that he replaced her with Nuria... The two women almost fight but Diablo breaks it up telling them that they have bigger fish to fry!!!


Daniel manages to calm him down
and knock some sense into him. He tells him something and then leaves... The man is left there with thoughts....


ale finishes watching the video....
“How is this related to Cesar's murder?"
“Cesar was killed because he had the flash"
“And Victoria?"
“Vicky had seen the flash"
“She killed her own niece?"


Deya and Carlos finally get to see their baby. Elena is still very traumatized from what she experienced with Radames...


Genaro and Liliana are trying to knock some sense into Diablo telling him that his obsession witg Lucia will be his ruin. Diablo gets into a verbal fight with Lily ... Genaro tells him that keeping Lucha by his side is very dangerous....

Lu calls Daniel and tells him to meet up with her in the hospital....❤❤❤


Daniel arrives and meets Deya
“What are you doing here Daniel? You are exposing yourself way too much"
“Lucia called me... Where is she"
She directs him...
“Everything will be alright"
He walks away to look for Lu...
Lu sees him passing by...
“Hey Mr,"( hehehe I love this game... She is pretending not to know him)
He turns around...
“Yes you"
He goes to her and she leads him into a room....❤❤❤
“I called you here because I have something very important to show you"
“This place is very romantic and we are alone"(he grabs her by the waist and gives her a kiss on the cheek....❤❤
“No Daniel... We don't have time"
“Okay tell me how you and the kids are... How that imbisel has been treating you..."
“We are okay... The kids are very happy and Rafael has treated me very well..."
“Well how?"
“Of course he wants me to be with him but I refused" “Lucia why don't you just come stay with me in my house as my wife"( he has gone Loco)
“Danie enough of that... She hands over a paper... This is going to show you who Diablo talks to"

Daniel smiles at her... She blushes...❤❤❤ ooh yeah!!!


Radames sees people leaving but the warden doesn't let him go. “Why don't you let me go?"
When everyone has left, two men arrive with another warden and they Rape Radames and thoroughly beat him up for what he did to Elena the idiot



Lucia is still with Daniel...
“This are the contacts of my husband"
“Hey hey hey... Don't call him that"
They continue talking ...
“This is the best news for the AFIAD"
“You can now go back to being an honorouble policeman"
“I only want to be your spouse " At this point Lu is blushing away
“The truth is I want to be with you because I love you, because you are the love of my life"
She tells him to stop saying all that... “Okay..." He starts praising her, that he is  grateful that she forgave him and that she is helping him clear his name... “I am a better man because I know you Lucia... Thank you so much... "

He takes her lips towards hers and indulges her in a fantastic kiss slow tender but super intense!!! ❤❤❤❤ ooh yeah.....

So idiot Diablo is at the hospital and asks to see Lu. Deya tells him to wait for her in the cafe. She takes the microphone and calls Lu... The wonderful kiss by Danluc is interrupted by the message. Daniel is there obviously not wanting Lu to leave but Lucia tells him that she needs to expose Rafa...
Deya teases her about the delicious kisses she must have shared with daniel and says that Rafa can go to hell....

Marina finds Daniel walking out of the room he was in  with Lu and throws a jealous fit (get a life Mari!!!)
Rafael talks briefly to Lu.... The usual nothing out of the ordinary...
On their way out.... They are going towards the hallway that Mari and Dany are standing at... Daniel looks back.... Will Rafa see him??...

My highlights... The kiss.... And Radames raped

EPISODE 104  (31/12/2015)


EPISODE 104 #losmiserables104recap

Today I understood why I am so crazy about For Love and Justice!!! saying the episode was blockbusting is actually an understatement!!! It was that and much more!! What a way to close the year!!

We start off at Deya's house. Lucia has just found the flash disc. She wonders about the flash then has three flashbacks, one one Cesar's murder, the other one with Vicky before she died and the other one with Roxy and her inexplicable attachment to the big eyed doll... She finally realizes that the flash might be the one that caused all the problems she had been through...

“I have to find a computer.... I need to see the contents of the flash!"

Deya doesn't understand Lucha's urgency....

Speaking about computers.... Daniel, Rodriguez and Marisela are disguised as Hotel staff and are on an undercover mission to expose Radames as the front man of the northern Cartel(huhuhuhu this is way too exciting!! Popcorns!!!) They go over to the CCTV cameras in the hall way spray them with Black paint then enter Radames' office Rodriguez is trying to hack into the hotel computer system with no lack. Leon who happens,to be the computer guru among them decides to try her luck as Rodriguez is manning the door. After a few minutes she manages ti hack the system and transfers some files to her flash(yeah that's my girl... To think I disliked her at first when she was drooling over Ponce) She then uploads a virus into the computer making the entire system fail... They sneakily make their way out!!!

Lu is in Milagros' office and asks to use the computer. Milagros gives her to use for a while... Lucia places the flash in position and presses play... She is shocked to see Lily emptying her gun on the innocent tied up guy... “What  is this?? Liliana is a murderer!"(What is she going to do next!!)

Pablo goes to Alejandro and literally begs him to allow him to question Radames... Ale allows this irregularity after a wonderful speech from Pablo...  Pablo interrogates Rada and its not pretty!!!

Lu goes into Elena's room and finds Abel....


Abel goes into Elena's room to see her... Its evident that he adores his sister. As he is inside Mallorca comes in and finds them...
“I am sorry for interrupting...."
Abel is still heartbroken by what Mallorca alledgedly did to him...

Present time....

Lu is inside Elena's room and asks them to all be gathered at the house... She needs Abel to keep her father busy so that he is not around to hear what she is going to show them... He promises to do so. Abel asks her why all the mystery and she tells him he will find out soon...“You have to trust me!"

She makes a call to Daniel... At this time he was still in Radames' office...
“Yes Lucia"
“I need you to come to my father's house this afternoon"
“But of course I will be there(when is he never there??) But why all the mystery... What's going on?"
“Its something very important... You have to trust in me"
”Okay, I will trust you on this... I am coming"

At Hotel Faraon.... Diablo has just arrived with Genaro and they are planning to get all the information contained in the computer what they don't know is that they have already been beaten to it... Genaro looks for documents and when he doesn't find them, he decides to carry the computer and they walk out with it....

All roads now lead to the Duran house where all the drama is going down... Chelo, Fer and Elena are wondering why Lu decided to gather them all there... Lucia tells them its something very important... Lily bounces in(doesn't she always) complaining like she usually does... (I am surprised that she actually came)
There is a knock on the door and Lu goes to open... Daniel and Pablo enter the house and Lily has started to smell a rat...

“What the hell are they doing here"
“I have something very important yo show you all!"

She gets the flash places it in the computer and presses play... The entire crowd is watching with her... Everyone is stunned when they see Lily emptying her bullets on the poor guy... After the video stops... Everyone turns around to look at Lily.... She has never looked more busted!!!(ooh yeah!! Karma... It must hurt!!)

Meanwhile at the restaurant, Ignacio is wondering why Abel decided to take him out...
“Why did you decide to do this?"
“Can't I want to spend quality time with my father?"
“I know you very well... Is there another reason why you brought me here?"
He realizes Abel's plan and runs back to the house... (Lu should have known that Abel is the worst liar!!)
Back at the house... Lily realizes that she is so busted...

“I can explain"
“We want to here you"

Lily gets into her purse and grabs a gun immediately pointing it at Lu. The two guys retaliate by almost immediately by pointing their guns at Lily......

 Lily is pretty much screwed and has to act fast... Ignacio comes in at that moment and tries to shield Lily... Lily jumps at the opportunity to escape and holds her father at gun point, forces Danny and Pablo to lower their weapons, takes her father to the car and drives off with him despite the plees by her family not to... Daniel goes after them... Lily forces Nacho out at some point and drives off alone... Daniel picks up Nacho somewhere on the road and takes him home.....

At the house everyone is a nervous wreck... Lu has tried to call Danny severally but he hasn't been picking up his phone... Dannt arrives with Ignacio who is shocked that his daughter is actually an assassin, he goes into his room to rest...

Pablo tries to talk to Ele to  no avail... Daniel and Lucia have a short conversation❤❤❤

“What about me and you"
“We are okay... We are just not together... Take the flash... It will help prove my innocence and her guilt... I hope it will help"
“But of course it will help"
“Okay, I have to go now"
“Lucia... Please don't go back to live with that man... Do it for our love"
“Our love?? Daniel please... Right now more than ever I have to go back to stay with Oleg... I am sure he will commit a mistake and I want to be there to see it...goodbye"

Lily is back at the warehouse. Genaro has been trying to get information from the comp no avail. Lily tells them that everyone knows that she is a killer. She gets into a fight with everyone and finally tells Diablo that he us to blame for turning her into a damned killer.... Genaro goes to see her in her room and tells her to run away... She is already doomed. Lily tells Genaro that she still has something that can help her out!!(ooh yeah... The video!!!)

Lu is back at the house and Diablo is waiting for her. She tells him about what happened earlier in her house and Diablo feigns concern and is even hugging her Lu is very distressed and cannot stay and hang with him especially knowing that he is Oleg. She goes to her room to rest

Back at the Duran house, Fer and Nacho are both very heartbroken. Fee feels responsible for destroying her daughter's heart and Nacho is in so much pain knowing that his own little girl was capable of pointing a gun at her and even attempting to shoot him...

Carlos is at the hospital... Has a brief chat with Gonzalo on who knows what... Then later goes to the nursery to check the babies... The thought of being a father actually excites him Mari comes to psyco-analize him as usual!!!

Radames looks like a train wreck in prison remembering about Pablo's interrogation...

Daniel is at his apartment. He shows Octavio the flash disc and now Octavio has clarity on who killed his Father and girlfriend... Daniel assures him that they will get justice for his father's death... Liliana calls Daniel and asks to meet up with him... (What does she want now?"

Finally after a long night of hacking(Leon) and a night of sleeping(Rodriguez) they finally managed to retrieve all the files that implicate Radames as the front man of the northern cartel!!

Lily tells Daniel that she has the evidence to free him for good....(_obviously she wants the stupid flash in return!!!... this could have worked better if she tried threatening Lu... )

Let's catch up in 2016




EPISODE 103... #103

Let's start off by saying RADAMES A SCUMBAG!!!! He is planning on finishing off Elena by wearing her off with the guys he wants to take to her Elena has made her way out of the room and is painfully walking down the stairs(the poor girl can't even walk properly) She meets up with a female and male hotel staff and ask for their help... Judging from the way she reacted when the male staff almost touched her I think we are facing a very severe case of trauma She asks for an taxi....
Meanwhile the fatty scum Radames and his little friends arrive at the room Elena was supposed to be in. Radames realizes that he is in trouble when Elena is nowhere to be found!!!
“The woman is not here!"
“Just get out!!! Get out!!"
Radames goes to the wall and takes down a picture exposing his safe. He takes out bundles of notes and is planning on escaping!!...

Pablo comes to Faraon Hotel... He is angry and determined to find Radames!
“I am looking for Radames Echeverria"
The male staff member who had given Elena a hand earlier on comes in...
“SeΓ±ores do you know the wife of Radames?"
“Yes have you seen her?"
“I saw her get into a taxi... She did not look well at all... She was really bad"
“I am going to kill that cursed imbisel!"

Pablo and Daniel go upstairs to look for Radames... Pablo is angrier than I have ever seen him... Ever... (Its normal when its our favorite irrational commander but when its rational Pablo... World war 3!!!) Daniel makes a call to Alejandro who keeps on telling him to hand himself over. He tells Ale about the issue with Elena. Pablo takes the phone and tells Ale that if they don't find Radames.... He is going to kill him with his bare hands....!! (I love this side of Pablo!!!)

Lucia and Deyanira are busy praying for Elena to be safe... There is a knock at the door and a man comes in telling them that Elena is in the hospital... They all go running....

Radames is back at his house. Ivana tells him what had happened earlier with Pablo. Radames starts insulting Ivana calling her a worthless tramp just like his daughter.... Ivana does not understand where this sudden attack of hate came from... (Serves her right!!)

Elena is at Deyanira's house and is acting hysterical (I really love her acting... Beautifully done!! I think this is her best performance yet!!!) Lucia is trying to get through to her...
“Elena... I am a nurse... I am your sister"
“Dont touch me!!"
“Dont touch me!!!"
Deya is there stupified... Lucia doesn't know how to help her sister... Elena curles  herself on the couch and is crying uncontrollably...

Daniel and Pablo arrive... Pablo sees this and starts crying(I don't know if he is actually crying....I am not sure I want him to cry he he anyway moving on) Elena is moving me to tears....

“I am sorry my love, I could not protect you....(he gets up now addressing Lucha danny and Deya...) I am going to kill Radames!!!"

“No... You are not going to kill anyone... I am the one who wants to denounce him... I want to kill him with my own hands"
Pablo comes close to her trying to touch her...
“Don't touch me!!!"(pobrecito!!)
A few minutes later... Elena is more relaxed...
“We have to take her to the hospital"




“No... What does Elena want to do?"

“I want to denounce him in front of the entire world... I want to go to the TV so that he us not allowed to hurt any other woman ever again!!"

At this moment Deya looks more traumatized than Elena ( the pregnancy is making her amplify her emotions) Well looky here... Daniel and Lucia are all cudly in each other's arms❤❤❤ (this is how I love to see them...finding comfort in each others arms in the middle of a tsunami)

Talking about Tsunamis and finding things... I have a feeling that a tsunami is about to break out at Montez house... Rafael comes back from ‘Work'(trying to kill Daniel) and is calling out for Lucha... She is not in the house. Rosa tells him that she has not come back yet... Rafagario is ANGRY!!!(... its not where she is he should be worried about its in whose arms she is in)

Elena, Pablo, Daniel and Lu arrive at the station. Pablo goes to talk to the agent. Elena tells Lu to stop crying and be very strong for her. Obviamente Daniel's arms are right there for her... he is holding on to her until she gets a call... Its Rafael. He inquires on her whereabouts(asking the wrong question again)... Lu tells him what jerk Radames just did... He understands and hangs up....

Pablo has brought the woman who will help Elena...
“This is,quite irregular"
“If you don't help me denounce him in public, the next time I see him... I am going to kill him"
“Look miss I work in a public hospital and everyday a woman is brought in with such a case, having been beaten up by her husband or lover or otherwise... This will not only benefit my sister"
In the warehouse a very drunk Liliana is celebrating Radames' inevitable downfall. It looks like she is the only one in a celebratory mood....

Canteena.... Marisela and Rodriguez are talking about the rescue Octavio mission. Rodriguez wants Marisela to fill him in on how she rescued Octavio. Just as she is about to explain.... Lopez and giant quique( big for nothing!!) Enter the canteena...

Diablo is in his house... Complaining as usual....
“If there is anything I hate in this world is to eat alone... But Lucia's sister has a problem"
“Ooh sir... Elena is a very good person... What happened to her?"
“You know what Rosa... Leave me alone!!( the poor thing!!)

Radames is somewhere watching Tv and drunk. There is a news report on domestic violence and Radames cannot believe his eyes when he sees a beat up Elena on screen!!
Elena starts her speech after a brief introduction by the broadcaster....(only bits and pieces of that heart warming speech!!)

“I will speak slowly... Today I decided to come out... I have been suffering in silence. This is what thousands of women go through daily and today I suffer with them coz today more than ever before I understand that toxic relationships are a big mistake... Love attracts respect... It involves trust,  understanding and a lot of care... It does not attract the kind of treatment I have received today.... That is why I am here today"
“Why did you decide to come here today ?"

“Because I want to denounce the man who did this to me.... He will not be able to harm any other woman like this again.. His name is Radames Echeverria.... I am doing this for my son"

Radames is blowing it... He is screaming.... “Its a lie!! That woman is the biggest liar ever!!"( he looks guilty enough to me!!)

Elena collapses and Pablo rushes her to the hospital. Radames is still hysterical denying everything when Ale comes with his guys from homicide to arrest him....  Diablo sees Radames messing everything up on TV, gets up on his feet....as he walks towards the TV....“Imbisel Imbisel Imbisel!! You are an imbisel Radames!!!"
Meanwhile Leon and Rodriguez are in the canteens celebrating Radames' arrest and saying that its only a matter of time before all his accomplices are arrested as well...
At the Duran house, Ignacio is shocked to see his daughter in that state....
“How could that imbisel do that to my daughter?"

He looks at Fer....

“Did you know what was going on?"
Fer tells him the entire issue with Pablo and how she did not tell Elena Pablo's message...
“Until when will you continue causing harm to your own children? Until when will you start understanding?"
He walks out angrily as Fer is there crying her eyes out...

Daniel is still in the hospital and Pablo tells him its way too dangerous for him to be exposing himself like that... 

“I wanted to stay and check on Elena and also talk to Lucia but you have a point.... If anything comes up tell me... If you see Lucia tell her that..."
“Nothing... Don't tell her anything"

He leaves...
Elena undergoes numerous check ups and later breaks down in Lucia's arms
Radames is being interrogated as Leon and Rodri watch happily!! There is no way he is getting out of this one...

Later Daniel, Leon and Rodriguez are at Daniel's place... They know that Radames might be the key to capturing Diablo....
Lily is having a blast on hearing the news of Radames' downfall... To be fair she is a witch but also went through her fair share of beatings in the hands of the scumbag radames...
Ignacio is in Elena's room...

“My precious daughter... Tell me what I can do to help you!"
“I don't want you to feel any pity or guilt for me father... That man will rot in jail!!"

Pablo comes in...

He tries to explain to her what happened but her trauma cannot allow her to see reason. She doesn't want to hear anything from any man!! “GET OUT OF HERE PABLO!!"
Diablo is complaining about Radames to Genaro. I dont know what he is saying but I don't think it will be good news for Radames...
Pablo later talks to Carlos who tells him that Elena is going through a lot of trauma and will need time to heal...

“Tell me how I can help her Carlos...."
“Be patient and understanding... This is your opportunity to prove to her how much you love her"
Meanwhile Lily is at the hospital and sees Fernanda...
“Hola mama"
“Liliana what are you doing here?"
“I came to see my sister or can't I?"
“No you can't its your fault that your sister is suffering so much"
Lu is eavesdropping on their conversation....
“I know you told that Radames that Elena and Pablo were getting married... Why would you do that to your own family"
Lu decides to join
“Because she can never accept that someone else is happier than she is... Same as always!!"
They argue until Elena,
comes in and scolds Fer and Liliana for ruining her life...

Faraon's lawyer is telling him to plead guilty but Faro cannot. Ale comes in and tells him that traces of his DNA have been found on Elena matches his... Ale is sure he is guilty... Even his lawyer doesn't think that there is any chance of him getting out of this one!!!
Lucia is back at Deya's house. Memin and Roxana call her... (I must admit I have missed those little trouble makers!! )....

Rafael goes to see how Elena is doing and they talk for a while. Elena tells him that she will make sure Radames and all his accomplices pay for all the harm they have caused her.... Yeah Rafa looks surprised but knows very well Elena also means him....
Lu and Deya are searching through the kids things and bump into a doll. The flash falls out if the doll and Li picks it up...
“What is this??"





Let's start off with retard Genaro. Daniel and Pablo are watching a video of him pointing a gun at Octavio and telling Daniel to come within an hour or Octavio will get it!! Daniel is worried that Genaro will heed his promise of killing Octavio but Pablo tells him to calm down...

“He is not going to kill Octavio coz in reality he wants you"

Meanwhile Diablo is scolding Lily for who knows what??

At the AFIAD, Rodriguez comes with his usual vulgar declarations to Marisela but she is not having it. She tells him that he attracts her the same as any other guy in the office. He is not romantic at all and she is not having it... Rodriguez wants to continue the conversation but it is interrupted by a call from Daniel who tell them to come up with an excuse and go help him.... (I insist Daniel has loyal friends... They would literally lay down their lives for him❤❤❤❤)

At Daniel's hiding place, he is thankful to Pablo for postponing his wedding to Elena for just a short while to go help out with Octavio(I am guessing that was not a good Idea)

At Deya's house, the girls are getting all dolled up for the wedding. They have hired make up artists to come and they are being made up as they talk about Elena's marriage.... it seems Pablo is not exactly the richest guy in the world.... She tells Lu, Chelo and Deya that she is not even sure where they will be living but is just happy to be getting married... Deya thinks its complete madness to get married in such a hurry and without any money but the other girls don't think so....

Elena wants to call Pablo but coincidentally(horrid coincidence at that) her battery is dead, she cannot get through to him. Chelo receives a call from the woman at the house who tells her that Octavio went out and has not returned since then. Lucia has a very bad feeling and asks Chelo to tell her immediately Octavio returns....

Daniel and the rest of the Fantastic Four are preparing themselves for mission RESCUE OCTAVIO OR DIE TRYING!!! the retard Genaro calls on Pablo's cell and gives Daniel the direction of where they are holding Octavio warning him to go there alone... (Bad move how dumb can Genaro get??)
At the hospital, Ignacio comes to see Abel. He talks to him about life in general. Being the ideal father he is he tells Abel that he knows even more than Abel thinks... Abel doesn't have to explain himself or give any excuses for who he is... He only needs to love.... (I am telling you  Ignacio was God's gift to children with a poor excuse of a mother)

Back at Deya's house, the girls are taking selfies.... They are very excited about the entire wedding. Elena still cannot get through to Pablo because of her stupid baterry... She asks Lu if she has heard anything from Daniel but Lu tells her that she hasn't heard anything new from Ponce.... Lucia has a bad feeling again but ignores it and they leave for the civil registry...

Pablo heads to the Duran house and finds Fernanda. He suggests they put aside their hard feelings and she inform Elena about the mission he is in to rescue Octavio since he cannot get through to her. He leaves in a hurry but my hunch is Fernanda will not be telling Elena about this coz even after everything... Class and social status seem to mean way too much to Fer (how immature!!!)

Lucia, Deya and Elena arrive at the registry but Daniel and Pablo are not there yet... They find it very weird... Outside is a vehicle carrying Radames and several men... His driver says...
“I have done so many jobs for you sir but none like this"
“Just shut your mouth!"
Radames looks pretty tense... 

Deya goes inside to check if Daniel and Pablo are inside and the goons inside the car including fatty Radames think its the best opportunity to attack those two  helpless sisters(who by the way happen to have superhero boyfriends and idiot obsesive jerk husbands!!!)

The goons put on their masks and run over to take Elena as Lucia is screaming for help!!! (How sad!!!!)
Meanwhile at the site where they are holding Octavio, the fantastic four arrive and are on a mission to rescue Octavio. Octa is in one of the cars all tied up. He takes out a pen knife he had in his pocket and frees his hands... Takes something from the ground and hits the good for nothing fatso that is guarding him. He gets out of the car and meets up with Marisela.....

A huge ten minute clip is missing here so I have no clue what happens here(suspense... Must watch!!)
Octavio is safe and he tells Daniel and the fantastic four how Genaro confessed to killing his father... He needs to get revenge. Daniel tells him that they are after justice and not revenge.... Pablo wants to get back to Elena since Octavio is safe and sound now. Lucia calls with Elena's phone, Pablo thinks its Elena but before he can explain, Lucia tells him what happened to Elena. Pablo is devastated and Daniel takes the phone from him... He tells Lu to stay put, he will be right there...

Meanwhile... Poor Elena looks like something out of a horror movie() poor her... Radames must have behaved like a complete jerk with her... She is all beaten up and out of breath.. It looks like he raped her  She is tied to the bed(how horrid!! I am guessing that part was too gruesome to be added... Rada is a real moron!!!)

He unties one of her hands and tells her he has no use for her anymore...
Pablo and Daniel arrive at Deya's house... Hehehe it looks like danluc are in good terms right now judging from their greeting.... Pablo asks Lu what happened, Lucia is worked up as she explains what the worthless guys did. Daniel tells her not to worry... As he holds her, they are going to find Elena(ooh yeah!! I trust my guy!!)

At the AFIAD Leon and Rodriguez are trying to convince Ale that Rafael is Olegario because of what happened to Octavio. Octavio arrives and backs them up saying Genaro together with Lily and Diablo wanted to kill him and his uncle.
“How can you accuse a dead person? Did you see him?"
“No but I heard him talking to Genaro"
“And did you see Liliana?"
“No but I heard her voice and her aroma, its really hard to confuse it"
Ale is still hard headed....(how slow!!! )
“I have told you that those guys tried to kill me... What more do you need to arrest them?"

Abel is in a better mood and ready for some action. He gives all credit to his father who talked to him like no other person had...

Pablo arrives at the Echeverria mansion ready to skin Radames but doesn't get him. Daniel tells him its better if they left....
Elena has managed to free herself and is slowly walking out of the damned hotel room Radames kept her in... I have a feeling he is not getting out of this one easily!!!




Episode 101...19 more to go...

First of all... I just want to cry... Can't believe we only have 19 more episodes to go before the finale😭😭😭... I am really going to miss FLAJ

we start off at the Penthouse... Daniel has just disguised himself as a repair man and has sneakily made his way into Lucha's house
( he has come to repair the washing machine)

(I loved this little fight they had ❤❤)

“Have you gone completely crazy Daniel?... You know very well whose house this is!"
“No... The only crazy one is you... What are you doing here?"
“You know very well why I am here"
“No I don't know why you came back to be with Olegario Morero.... Are you trying to kill me... Is that what you want Duran?"
“Aah Duran... Is that how you call me?"
“You are doing something very irresponsible"
The guys all around decorating the house leave, leaving behind Daniel and Lucia who continue their dramatic and intense lovers argument after Rosa has left... Lucha grabs Daniel's hand...
“How can you come here and scold me when everything I am doing is for you.... I need proof"
“You are not a detective, what you are doing is very dangerous, you can loose your life... Please Lucia, think of Roxana, think of Memin... Think of...."
“Of who?"
“No one! I am just worried about you... Did you see the news?"
“That imbisel is the leader of the northern Cartel"

“I don't understand why you are still by his side after all he has done"
“The one I don't understand is you Daniel... I am doing this to save you"
“I am the police not you!! Stop this and save yourself... Let me do my job!!!"

“I won't let you or anyone else tell me what I am going to do"
“Ooh is it because you are perfect and never do anything wrong?"
“No... Marrying Rafael was my wrongdoing.... (She mentions something about Danny taking her to jail for a crime she didn't comit)"
“So you haven't forgiven me?"

“Yes I forgave you but you need to understand that Rafael is obsessed with me... I have to find a way to finally free myself from him"
Rosa comes in...

“Madam Rafael is on his way up..."
Daniel hides his face behind the ladder on his hands as LUCIA distracts Rafael with the new curtains... Daniel has made a smooth clean exit!! Oooh yeees!!!
Am I the only one with the opinion that Abel is way too old to be pulling this types of tasteless pranks??πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”« Carlos is trying yo talk some sense into the dummy but Abel doesn't seem to care... He is just there... Feeling depressed over Mallorca's denialπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (be a man!!! Estupido!!!!)
Carlos later tells Elena, Nacho and Fer that Abel's condition is very bad. Fernanda is still playing the blame game blaming Adriana for her son's condition(if she only knewπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ”«)  She runs off forcing Nacho to go after her... Elena tells Carlos that she needs to speak to him....
Carlos goes in to see Mallorca...(we all know what this is about!! Abel...😠😠) Mallorca tells Carlos that he only lied about getting back together with Abel to protect him... He hides his shaking hands away from Carlos... I might not have heard the name of the disease Mallorca is suffering from but given the uncontrollable involuntary movements of his arm muscles, I am guessing it might be multiple sclerosis... Or maybe they might just lie that its cancerπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but enough of Mallorca.... On to better things...
Liliana is acting hysterical... Doesn't she always... Nuria tries to talk to her but she only gets insulted in the process... Genaro Also tries to calm her down but no one is getting through to her... Lily is a mess...
Daniel is back in his hiding place... He is very annoyed at Lucha's insistence to help him...he says to himself
“I don't get Lucia... Why does she insist on putting her life in danger?" 

There is a knock on the door....

“Who is it...?" (He goes towards the door with his gun)
“Its me Marina"(ooh no my worst nightmare... What in the world is she doing there?)
Daniel opens the door...
“Marina, what are you doing here?"
“Are you okay?"
“Yes I am fine"
“I don't support being like this... I want to be by your side" She literally grabs him forcefully by the waist and hugs him.... Daniel being the perfect gentleman cannot push her away...
At the hospital... Pablo shows up and finds Elena... They kiss (the nuns better close their eyes... It reminds me of a video I have of Amparo and Milagros singing ‘My boyfriend is back') 
The cause of Lily's hysteria is revealed... She is completely sure that Diablo will kill them and she does not want to die.... Lopez comes in the warehouse and is talking to Genaro about everyone's suspicions at the AFIAD. lily takes out her cell phone...(what sorcery is this?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ her obssesion for Ponce will be her UNDOING!) She is recording the entire conversation between Gen and Lopez.... Quique calls Gen..

It looks like Adri is meeting up with Octavio for who knows what reason... Faraon has found a buyer for his hotel who offers him a meager amount... He kicks out the guy Pablo and Elena are outside the hospital. Elena thinks getting married in such a rush is madness... Pablo doesn't think so... The two kiss(so this is their famous kiss I like it!!)

Back to needy Mari....she is consistent on getting on my last nerve!!! She tells Daniel about never imagining that she could ever live her life as a nun...
“If it wasn't for you Daniel, I couldn't have done this for any other person..."
“I am really sorry for having been the cause of you passing through so much... You want to go to Paris?"
“Without you?"
Mari starts telling him that she had imagined a life with no pain and hurt...
“What's stopping you from living that life?"
“You are the only thing seperating me from that life"... She says something else and almost jumps on him... She steals a kiss from him(I have had it!!! MARRRINAA!!! MARRINNNNA!! How many times did I call you??? Don't make me use this on you)

Hehehe another needy one is diablo. He has had enough of all this Lucha business of waiting until she has fallen in love with him...

“I prefer not being with an animal"
“You know what I prefer that you act like my wife... Even once will you say.. ‘Yes baby whatever you want.. Whatever you say'"
“I think it was a mistake coming to live with you again"
“No... Forgive me.... Once again... I have not been having a good day"
“What's wrong?"
There is a knock on the door... Lucia offers to go get it as Rafagario goes over to rest... Its Genaro....Lucia has never seen his face...
“Halo... "

“I have come to see Rafael Montez... Is he in?"
Lucia almost freezes at the sound of Genaro's voice she flashes back to the voice she had heard on the beach house the day of Cesar's murder
“Sorry is there something wrong?"
“No... I thought I heard Rafael... Come on in"
“What's your name?"
“Genaro... Genaro Cabello"
Lucha   is in a state of shock... She runs over to her room and picks up the phone...
“Its him... Yes he is Cesar's murderer... I have to tell Daniel...(she halts for a second and remembers that they had a fight with Daniel earlier) but at this moment I don't think he wants to hear anything from me...."(will she call??... She has to... Marina needs to be stopped!! Ooh and Genaro)
Daniel tells Mari...
“I cannot go with you... I definitely cannot do that right now"
“Understand that I love you Daniel"
“I have nothing to give you"(because his heart beats for another...me I mean Lucia)
Daniel receives a call... Marina asks
“Who is it?"
Daniel doesn't answer her but goes ahead to answer the call...
“Although you want nothing from me, I am calling to inform you that non other than Genaro Cabello has come to see Rafael"
“You are still there?... Lucia those people are very dangerous and your life is constantly at risk there"
“I called because I have something very important to tell you.... Genaro is the one who killed your brother Cesar"
“Lucia get out of that house right now!"(she hangs up on him)
“Lucia... Lucia!"
Daniel picks up his coat... “Sorry Marina but I have to go"
“As always... Lucia interrupts us"
“I am very sorry"
He walks out....

Diablo thinks it was pretty stupid of Genaro to go see him in his house and to expose himself to be seen by Lucia....Genaro tells him what he has to say is pretty important....
Liliana is watching the video she just took of estupido Genaro confessing to killing Anselmo and she smiles... She thinks that her little super woman stunts will work on Daniel....(poor woman... She never learns)

Nuria comes and the two women get into a cat fight with the taller stronger cat getting the last laugh. Lily slaps Nuria and reminds her that not even Diablo can stop her from hurting Nuria....
We have another part of Adriana and Octavio talking in the restaurant... Don't ask me what they are saying coz I am forwarding to more important parts

Back at la Reina Consuelo is talking to Elena and realizes that Ele looks way too joyful... Elena tells her that she is getting married to Pablo this very afternoon. Fernanda comes and overhears this, the old witchy Fer(its been quite a long while...) Is back.... She doesn't want her daughter to get married to Pablo. Lily enters just at that moment. Chelo and Elena leave Fer and Lily. Fer in her stupidity just happens to mention this little detail to Liliana and judging by her face, I have a feeling that Radames will be hearing about this very soon....nkt!!!

Pablo is talking to Daniel asking him to be present at his wedding to Elena. Daniel looks pretty worried about Lucia's stay with Rafa... He will obviously go to Pablo's wedding...
I am wondering why is it significant to show us a scene of Octavio going to buy things for little Vicky? Then I remember that Its Octavio with a high affinity for getting himself into trouble.... I am sure he is in some form of danger( the dummy!!)

As I had earlier predicted... Estupido Liliana who has no respect for family is inside Faraon's office...
“What are you doing here Liliana?"
“I have come to help you"
Faro goes and grabs her by the waist... (This guy doesn't need any help... What he needs is a booty call!!) Lily tells him she is not there for that....
“Then what do you want?"
“I have come with news that you are not going to like"
“Tell me"
“Your wife... My sister Elena is going to get married"
“What??... I would rather die first than allow her get married to that imbisel"
“Then you better hurry... The wedding is today... This very afternoon!"
(Lily has no limits!!!)
Genaro and Diablo are up to something... Needless to say it's something dangerous for Ponce....
Fer is still in denial over the whole Elena and Pablo thing.... Daniel is pacing, the thought of Lucia with Rafael is driving him crazy... Pablo tells him to trust her. Daniel is not sure what to do to help her... Meanwhile Elena and Lucia are talking. Elena is preparing for her wedding, they have ti go to the boutique....
“Daniel and you are going to be our witnesses"
“Daniel... Don't even talk to me about him... Today we had a horrible fight he doesn't understand that what am doing is for him, to help him... "
“But Daniel has a point... You are risking way too much"
“But I don't have any other choice, I have to do this, for him for Roxana and Memin"
“You are capable of doing all that?"
“I am capable of doing it all....I have something very delicate to tell you...  I saw Cesar's murderer today"
“Did you tell Daniel"
“Yes I did but you can imagine how he reacted... I can't talk to him right now... I need you to call Pablo"
Elena makes a call to Pablo and informs him of what Lu saw. Pablo tells her that Daniel already told him.... Daniel overhears that Elena is with Lucia...
“Is she with Lucia?"
“Are you with Lucia?? Daniel wants to talk to her"
He takes the phone from Pablo...
“No Daniel its me Elena"
“Can you put Lucia on the phone please?"
She hands over the phone to Lucha and whispers...
“Its Daniel"
Lucia doesn't want to pick the phone up but she has no choice...
“I am not interested in talking to you" she hangs up...
A frustrated Daniel
“This woman is impossible!!"

(I am guessing that was his main attraction to her... )

Genaro finally manages to capture Octavio... He takes him to the warehouse and plans to use him to trap Daniel then kill him.... (This is the formula for failure!)
Adriana leaves little Santi with Deya and goes in to see Abel... She tells him that she will be there to help him. Carlos admires the sight of Deya holding a baby...
Flash forward in Deya's house, Chelo, Deya and Lucia are talking. They remember Vicky and what a hopeless Romantic she was... Elena soon after comes out wearing her wedding dress( is that it? She is planning on wearing that to her wedding) obviously Lucia and the rest think she looks wonderful!!!
Daniel and Pablo are still talking. Pablo receives a file on his phone. He opens it... Its a Video of Genaro holding Octavio at gun point as I told you... Octavio has the tendency of getting everyone in trouble!!!




Abel is found unconscious in his room and is rushed to the hospital. Upon reaching the hospital, he is rushed to the ER with Gonzalo more determined than ever to cure him...
Diablo is in the warehouse scolding Quique and Lopez for being incompetent. They tell him that Pablo must have known about the Veracruz mission but he has been given a false lead and thinks the cargo is being transported to the pacific. Diablo scolds Quique for loosing Pablo... Now he cannot keep an eye on him...
Radames comes in the warehouse and also thinks that Lopez and Quique are the dumbest policemen he has ever seen. He suggests to Diablo to change the position of the Cargo just to be safe. Diablo doesn't think that is necessary “Liliana and Genaro are professionals!" The two men later get into an argument on who is better at keeping a woman than the other

Meanwhile Daniel and Pablo are in Veracruz. Pablo spies on Liliana and Genaro as they supervise the Cargo.  He makes a call
“Daniel you were right.... Genaro and Liliana are here... That woman is nuts.... Let me go set the traps"
Pablo goes and puts road blocks in form of nails on the road. The trucks carrying the cargo are trapped in the blocks

Carlos is inside his office with Marina who is forever whining about how being a nun is so boring... All they do is pray, sing and eat fruits( she better get used to it coz that's all she gets. Carlos is informed informed of the plan by Elena. An anonymous call is made to the police informing them of the trucks carrying drugs that are stuck. The police busts the trucks and destroy the entire operation...

Quique knows he is a dead man when he hears that all the trucks carrying the cargo have been intercepted... Later Quique is sacked by his superior for being an incompetent dummy who has ruined the reputation of the AFIAD....(its about time!!)

 So Olegario is back and goes into Lucia's room. He finds her watching the news...
“Sit down... This is very interesting"
Olegario hears about the police taking custody of all the drugs they had.... He cannot hide his disbelief... LUCIA on the other hand is just observing his behavior.... There is no doubt now that he is Olegario Morero.....

Lucha gets a call informing her about Abel's latest dumb doing.... She cannot believe that her brother is in the hospital....
“I have to ho to the hospital"
“Let me come with you"
“No there is no need to you stay here"
“I am your husband and If there is a family problem I want to be with you... Unless you are leaving for other reasons..."(not again with his stupid jealousy fits)

“No of course not... Okay come along"
Daniel and Pablo are celebrating their victory over Olegario. Daniel decides to make a call to Olegario... At the time of the call, Olegario is in the hospital with Lucia and Nacho. Nacho asks him as a good son in law to get him some water (he actually does) he almost busts Marina but receives a call just as he is about to... Its Daniel calling asking him
“What did you think about what happened in Veracruz?"
“It was you you bastard!"

“Yes... I will always be one step ahead of you Diablo... I will make sure that wherever you stick your head... I am there to chop it off!! You are just a failure... A wannabe criminal..."(you can only imagine Diablo's little face!!!)

Daniel and Pablo continue their celebration....
“I am beginning to like this undercover cop thing"
“No Daniel, you have to come back to the station... Being a cop is your Carma... You cannot escape it"
“Hehe maybe I was a criminal in my past life and now am paying for it"
“To the best cop I know!"

Daniel is back to Mexico... He is at Deya's house... He has brought Lucha and the kids things from Veracruz... “Where is Lucia?.. Lucia!!"
“She is not here"
“Okay... I will wait for her"
“I don't think that's such a good idea"
Daniel now gives her the “Tell me where she is" look
“She went back to stay with Diablo"
“What?? What in the world was she thinking?" I cannot believe this...
He walks out determined to find her....

Diablo pays a small visit to Radames. Radames reminds him that he warned him. Diablo doesn't care.... He wants Radames to pay back all the money he ows him....
Lily and Genaro are standing on thin ice... Diablo is obviously going to kill them. The two lovers are worried for their lives. As predicted a very angry Diablo arrives holding a gun. He wants to shoot them caring less about their explanations. If not for Genaro's timely intervention promising to recover the cargo... Liliana would have been prostituting in hell

Abel is in critical condition in hospital(not even moved... He wanted this... He got it!!) Gonzalo is depressed thinking that it was all his fault... Fernanda thinks that Adri is the only one at fault.... 
Daniel is back to his hiding place. Pablo is with him...

“I don't believe LUCIA went back to live with that idiot... I have to go and see her"
Pablo stops him....
“Daniel... That's completely crazy"
“Yes... But Lucia drives me completely crazy... I have to see her"
“Yoy know that it is Diablo's house?"
“Yes I know"
Lucia is back at the penthouse. He finds the repairmen working on the curtains... “Thats very nice"
Rosa comes
“Madam there is also a washing machine repairman who wants to see you but there is nothing wrong with the washing machine"(hehehe Daniel he is the only one who can pull this off)
He shows up wearing an overall... “Can I speak to you?"
Lucia could not be more surprised!!!



This one is going to be short... The holiday makes me lazy...
We start off with Lucha and Daniel. He is furious that Lucia did not tell him about Rafael's brutality towards her...
“Why didn't you tell me?"
“Because I knew this is how you would react"
“What did he do to you..."
“Nothing happened"
“How do you know?"
“Because I am a woman... I know when something has happened"
“Did he kiss you... Did he hurt you?"
“Calm down Daniel"
She sees Rafael making his way.
“Thank you doctor I will do just that"
Daniel makes his way out without being sited by Rafa
Lucha goes to speak with Rafa...

Meanwhile at the AFIAD Pablo is doing some digging into Lopez. He finds Lopez's file and figures out his last name is Cabejo. He realizes that Lopez and Genaro are related...
Hospital, Lucha is lying to Rafa that she wants to get back together  with him. Estupido Rafa is buying Lucia's sudden need to love h Daniel almost blows his cover by trying to interrupt Lucha and Rafa's convo but Carlos catches him right in time....
In Carlos' office, Carlos scolds Daniel for almost blowing their cover reminding him that Lucia is intelligent and can handle the situation. Daniel is still unsettled and angry.... Pablo calls and informs Daniel about Lopez...Carlos asks Elena to go get Lucha for them.
Elena comes and takes Lucha with him... Diablo is way too happy to smell a rat. Everyone in the ‘Opetation rescue Daniel' is inside Carlos' office as they talk to Leon, Rodriguez and Pablo via Skype.... About the plan...

Later Elena arrives home and Nachito who has heard about a certain campsite asks her if she can pay for him, Elena doesn't have the money... Little Nacho suggests asking Radames but Elena thinks its a bad idea.....

Chelo informs her about Pablo. Pablo has come over to see her
He confesses his undying love for her that he describes as ‘More than love' after a brief conversation, they get back together with fantastic kisses....

Lucia and Diablo are talking in a restaurant and Lu is telling him about how she wants to get back together with him because he loves her and provides her the type of security and stability she needs... She wants to learn to love him. estupido Diablo is buying all of it(Lucha is a fantastic liar) all this time Daniel is somewhere in the restaurant wearing a hood and keeping an eye on Lucia... He is also asking some guy about the northern cartel....

Lu comes back to Deya's place and tells her about her plans to get back with Diablo in order to get some info from him she also asks Deya to take care of her kids if something happens to her...
Elena and Pablo finally make love as Pablo asks her to marry him❤❤❤

Daniel texts Pablo as Guerrita and asks him to help but Pablo who is obviously in the middle of a hot reconciliation cannot help just yet...
The next day Lucia is back at Diablo's house without the kids and asks him to be patient with her and take things slowly... He agrees to do so... She tells him she will only be able to be with him intimately when she is completely sure of her feelings for him....(more like never....!!)

Meanwhile Daniel and Pablo are cooking up a plan.. Didn't hear much since I was focused on how amazing they looked with the dark sunglasses❤

Adriana comes to the Duran home.  She is worried about Abel... Fernanda asks her why she brought her bastard child to the house. Adri tells her that her son has a mother and father who love him. They leave the child with Fernanda as Chelo and Adri go up to get Abel... Fernanda falls in love with the baby instantly.....
Adri and Chelo are going crazy knocking at the door.... Inside Abel has swallowed a bunch of pills!! (The stupid jerk...!



It seems like there is no slowing For love and justice down... It keeps getting better and better!!!
In today's episode... 


We begin with Liliana being in hot soup over her knowledge on Daniel's whereabouts... Diablo asks her
“Do you know a certain Marina Valdez?"
“No... I don't know her"
“Don't lie to me Liliana... I will send you straight to hell"
“Daniel has been with a lot of women, how am I supposed to know who he is  with?... I am not an angel to know who Daniel is with all the time"
Diablo's anger is ignited!! He goes and is almost about to strangle Lily....
“Its okay... But right at this moment, your litte boyfriend is burning in hell!"
Terenteren!!!!..... (Diablo Diablo has some of the worst hitmen I have ever seen.... How many times has he attempted to kill Ponce and failed??)

Speaking about angry men... Radames is one angry out of control bull dog that needs a bone right about now... I will tell you why...

He and Elena have gone to see a judge and because of his aggressive and obsessive actions towards Ele in the presence of the SW he has not only lost custody of little Nacho but also lost all holds on Elena.
Elena's lawyer....

“Congratulations Elena, you are now a free woman"

“Thank you so much... I want to get out of here'

Radames to his lawyer...

“You must be the most incompetent and inept lawyer I have ever seen!!"
“I am sorry but its your fault... I told you not to be aggressive when around Elena!"
He goes outside screaming and almost wants to attack Elena but thanks to Pablo, he is forced to leave.... Elena is still continuing with the stupid absurdity that she will not forgive Pablo(I am sorry but what for?? The only thing he is guilty of is being a protective hunk )

It looks like Mallorca's illness is really serious coz he is speaking ti another doctor about it. Chelo is speaking to little Vicky about her crazy mother. She wonders why Vicky has not appeared to her and communicated with her the way she did with Lucha... Hehehe Octavio is wondering the same thing(I wonder why... He has never been one to believe in ghosts)


Lucia and Deya are talking. Deya is drinking a lot of coffee which Lucha thinks is bad for her health. Deya is happy that Lucha is back to live with her since she was feeling lonely in the house. Lucia tells her that she will always be there to take care of her little babicito and hopes that the kid will be just as beautiful as its mummy. Deya starts crying....() Later Deya asks her about her husband...


Marina is on her way out. Daniel wants to go out to... He cannot risk placing her in harm's way...
“Daniel... Are you crazy? You cannot go out there when the police are after you?"(to me all it translates to is “Stay longer so that I can continue seducing you!" No way Missy)
“No... I feel fine and I cannot allow you to come to any danger"(what I am hearing “I love Lucia...being with you is not helping my agenda")
Marina receives a call...
“Hallo... Its me Liliana Duran... I am calling to inform you that they are coming to kill Daniel!"
“Who was it?"
“Liliana... She said some people were coming over to kill you!"

There is a movement around the door and Daniel smells a rat!! SUPER COP ALERT!(ooh yes this is one of the reasons I adore Daniel!!!... )

He grabs Marina and rushes her to cover. He takes out his gun and is waiting to take out the guys after him. He shoots down the first one easily and the other one takes cover. He throws his gun away making the idiot hitman think the cost is clear, he grabs another one and has the upper hand when he comes face to face with the idiot parrading himself as a hitman. He doesn't kill this one, just gives him a message and hits him so hard on the head. He takes Mari and they run away... (Diablo is not going to like this one bit... Its his fault for going after a protagonist!!)


Pablo and Rodriguez are talking about Rodriguez confusion. He is still saying that he likes both Leoncita and Adriana and if it was up to him he would marry both of them (how stupid!!) Pablo asks him who he sees himself with and he tells Pablo that he might sound crazy but sees himself with Leon... Leon is somewhere in the Canteens listening in to their conversation... She is delighted to hear how Rodriguez feels about her!


Diablo is so mad that these emoji  cannot capture the full extent of his wrath... But one man is really getting it... The hitman who is being kicked and shouted at by El Diablo that he wishes he had died instead.
“What happened hombre!!... How could he have gotten away?!!!"
“Its that...!"
“Its like the commander was waiting for us"
Genaro is also there...Diablo now directs his anger towards Gen...
“Its all your fault you idiot!!"
He walks out hysterical and angry... Genaro follows him...(hehehe I am really going to miss Diablo and his hysteria!! )
Daniel and Mari arrive at an unknown apartment. Daniel asks her if she has any friends or family and Mari tells him none. He apologizes for putting her life in danger... In the midst of this crisis Mari goes towards him and attempts to steal a kiss from him..(I know what you are thinking... So this is the kiss you were making such a fuss about?? Well no... This is not it!!...) Daniel pushes her gently trying so hard not to come across as rude!!


Its very late and Lucia asks Nancy to cover for her as she goes to pick up the kids from school...
In the nursery, Adriana is visiting her little Santi when Leon arrives. They seem to get along very well and are even jovially talking about Santo looking a lot like Rodriguez. The mood changes when the subject shifts to Everisto. I really don't know why Leon is not happy that Adriana has decided to let go of Rodriguez... The two women get into a verbal cat fight that results in Leon getting out of the nursery and Adriana with her cute annoyed face


Talking about annoyed people... Lulu is quite the annoyed one today... She gets to school and finds that Rafael pulled a fast one on her and took the kids with him. She goes to a nearby restaurant and finds the kids eating their hearts out with the Now calmer Diablo trying to charm his wah into their tiny hearts through their hungry little tummy's() Lucha scolds Rafa but Rafael doesn't see anything wrong with what he did... Besides the kids look happy enough.... Lulu is not liking this at all!!!


Speaking about people and likes... We all know that Abel likes men... In this case, one certain man...Gonzalo... What he dislikes is the strange distance between them them these days(I am enjoying the distance... Distance is good!!) He confronts Mallo about his strange attitude and Mallo tells him something about them not being able to be together for much longer...


Lucha has gone to pray... She is speaking answers from God...she flashes back to the time she spoke to Rafael. She thinks he is trying to capture the kids just as he had captured her once...
“Tell me what to do God"
Some strange hunk enters the chapel... He is dressed in hospital attire... Ooh I know the guy... Lucha sees him...
“Lucia Duran?"
He takes off the mask on his face...
“Can I know what you are doing here?"
He leans towards her  as the song ‘Los miserables' is playing in the background...
“I came to thank you for what you did for me"
He kisses her.❤❤.. She has never been one to resist his sweet lips... She drowns herself in his kiss... Obviously enjoying it... I am guessing this is how Mari had hoped he would kiss her!!
The kiss is over(so soon?) 

“I came to talk to sor Milagros to see if she can help hide Marina"
“Okay, I will go tell her"

Lucha is in a hurry to leave...Daniel grabs hold of her...
“My love, what's wrong"
“Its that I am worried... What if Rafael finds out that I know about you"
“No... He is not Rafael... He is el Diablo"
“I cannot allow myself to call him that... I have to expose him...(she says a bunch of things there... Then) That's why I have to get back together with Diablo"
Hehehe You know how Daniel is like... He doesn't like this one bit!!
“Of course not... I will definitely not allow you to get back together with that guy..."
“Daniel you are in no position to forbid me anything"
“But I can protect you... Can't I?"
They argue over the issue then... 

“And what about the kids... Will you allow them to live with a murderer?"
(Hmmm guess she hadn't thought of that...)
  “Right now they will stay with my father..."
“Whay will you tell Morero when he asks over them?"
“I will come up with something then"
Daniel now with his puppy doll concerned face...
“I can't let anything happen to you (as he tenderly carreses her neck and face❤❤❤) if anything happens to you, I would rather die..."

“Enough my love... Please stop worrying about me... Can we go talk to sor  Milagros now?"(LUCIA has a very unique way if taming Daniel... She so gentle with the guy... Its hard for him not to be so crazy about her!!)


I do know a guy who would not be too delighted to find out about the little forbidden meetings and stolen kisses between Daniel and Lucia... Diablo is going nuts telling Nuria that its possible LUCIA knows who he is....he is going on and on about “Ooh Lucha has to be mine... Ooh for her I can do anything... I changed into another man... She has to be mine... This time I promise I will have her... He will take her to Europe... "
Nuria is trying to calm him down telling him that LUCIA is not the woman for him, and she wants to be the one to go with him to Europe
Diablo has had enough for a day and he decides to kick Nuria of of the house.... Rosa also gets scolded for being in the right place at the wrong time


We have another part of Abel and Gonzalo talking... I think Gonza is sending Abel to hell... I think Abel is heartbroken... Truthfully I didn't have the time nor patience to find out stupid depressed Abel is walking around the hospital. Meets up with Elena
“Is something wrong?"
“No nothing is wrong"
He goes into Adri's room
“Is something wrong Abel?"
“No... Why does the whole world think that something is wrong with me"...
(Its not the whole world coz some of us know exactly what's going on with you! )


Diablo has sent his little associates Gen and Lily on a mission and this time he wants no mistakes. Lily asks him to trust her... He mentions that she was his greatest apprentice... Gen tells him to put his trust in them....



Daniel asks Milagros to help him hide Marina and she says she can hide her under the disguise of a nun. Lucha and Daniel try to convince Mari but she utterly refuses the offer because of obvious reasons.... Later when Carlos is talking to Elena, a certain nun approaches. Elena turns back and doesn't recognize her at first sight so she greets her
“Hallo sister!"
Carlos on the other hand recognizes her immediately and bursts out laughing. He later goes over to Milagros office, greets Daniel and goes introduces the new nun... Daniel exclaims “wow" Milagros names her “Sister Querida!"
(At this point my laughter cannot be contained... Making Mari a sister is like giving me a medal!! Thank you director)
So somewhere in between my laughter I saw Abel wearing some ridiculously big sunglasses that I presumed were meant to hide the tears in his eyes(lol...this is too much!!)... Pablo beating the crap out of a Karate maestro and Marina being introduced as sir Querida to the mercy hospital staff....

Daniel comes into Carlos' office...
“I don't understand why you left a very beautiful and educated woman like Marina"
“I don't love her.. Me and Lucia approached her to help her hide and she accepted"
“Are you and Lucia back together?"
“No... And you know very well why"
“What you are doing is dangerous... Chasing after Lucia when you know full well she is married to that dangerous man... I can't believe he was capable of raping her"
“What was that?"
“You didn't know... Rafael montez abused Lucia"
Daniel is raving mad!!! He is losing his head “Where is Lucia.... Where is Lucia???" He runs our like a mad man trying to find her...
Lulu is in another room tending to a patient... Daniel budges in... “Lucia!!!"
“Doctor this is not the right place to talk"
“Did Rafael Montez rape you???"
yes... Cannot wait for the next episode!!!!


Hehehehe so yesterday Diablo called Genaro sweetheart(dead for ages!!!)

We start off at the warehouse. Diablo is talking about the numerous reasons he has to kill Ponce, Genaro also takes out his frustrations saying Ponce was the reason why his career in the police force never progressed and the reason why he was kicked off the force(booohooo I think the reason lies in his big fat belly... the poor guy cannot run fast enough)
The two men later discuss about Daniel's father and mother's death, it seems like Diablo might have been involved(or maybe I am seeing ghosts) Diablo is saying something about reincarnation.... But mentions that today they stop the cycle!!!


Octavio has come back with Mallorca and a couple of nurses who help Adriana out. They rush her to the ER as she calls out for Rodriguez(forget it Adri... I doubt you will find him)
Carlos is sneaking into the drug store at the hospital. He is saying to himself...
“This is the most stupid thing I have ever done in my life.... Its all for you Daniel!"( things people do for friends... But I can think of stupider things Carlos has done)


Quique is determined to get on Pablo's last nerve. He is asking him stupid questions about his closeness with Daniel. Pablo doesn't have time for this bully.
The kids are still worried about Lulu still being asleep. They talk about her being sleeping beauty and waking up only by being kissed(hahahahaha children and their wild imaginations) Roxy asks Memin
“What are we waiting for?"
She goes and starts giving Lucia kisses on her face. Lucia wakes up but is still thinking that the idiot Diablo is the one kissing her...
“Please stop..."
“Its us mama...wake up"
She opens her eyes and looks inside the sheets... She finds her clothes torn and figures the estupido might have raped her... She hugs her kids....


Liliana comes to the hospital... She is wearing her white shorts and a black wig(I am wondering if that can even be called a disguise) She finds Elena...
“Liliana what are you doing here"
“Shhh! keep your voice down"(she says almost in a whisper)
“Lucia is convinced that you had something to do with Vicky's death"
“How can you even think that... She said that because she obviously hates me"
“Then what are you doing here"
“I came to warn you all that they want to kill Daniel today"
“How do you know?"
“Please Elena stop pretending"
“Who then is it that wants to kill Daniel?"
“I can't tell you, I only came because I don't want to see him dead... I know your boyfriend is a policeman"
“Yes Pablo I will warn him right away"
“Thank you"
Carlos comes back from stealing and sees Lily...“Liliana!"
She flees....
He addresses Elena...
“What was she doing here"
“She came to warn you that they are going to kill Daniel today"
( that disguise is worth nothing... )
“Then let's hurry up and tell Pablo"


Pablo is frustrated... He has now been reduced to a paper arranger. He is telling one of his colleagues that he is used to action. The guy tells him its only temporary. There is no reception in the place he is working at... This is not good at all....
Chelo brings little Vicky to see her abuelito Nacho. Ignacio is very happy to hold his great granddaughter in his arms. Fer also comes and is pleased to see Vicky...


Elena comes to the office. She asks for Pablo and one of the guys go and get him. Quiqito the big fat dummy bully commander comes and upon seeing Elena...
“What can I do for you baby?"
Pablo hears him...
“This is not your baby... This woman here is my woman"
“What are you doing out of the archives? This is Mrs. Echeverria and you are not supposed to be receiving visitors"
The stupid bully walks away...(hopefully he will hit his stupid head on a door!!)
Elena tells Pablo about what Lily told her. Pablo is happy that she came to tell him...
“Thank you Elena... This is very important information"
“I cannot allow Daniel to die because if Lucha... I have to tell her, you know exactly how she feels about Daniel"
“Okay but be very discreet"


Alejandro is talking to Rodriguez and Leon. He received an order to transport Daniel to the federal prison. He tries to reason with the boss to no avail... The issue is final. Rodriguez and Leon run with this news to Pablo.


R and L are talking to Pablo about the transfer... Pablo is giving them instructions on how to act fast and save Daniel.... Lopez is just there with his monstrous pinochio nose trying to listen to their conversation. After the trio are done, idiot quique orders Pablo to go back to work as he signals lopez to keep an eye on the trio...
It looks like finally estupida Adriana realized that her cowife Gonzalo( gets funnier every time!!) Is the most qualified to deliver her baby. She asks for both Abel and Everisto to be present during the emergency C-section...
Octavio comes to see Chelo and tells her about Adriana's situation. He also asks about the Abel and Rodriguez ‘Father of the baby' issue and Chelo tells him that its way too complicated....


Leon wants to be part of the team that will transport Daniel. She begs Alejandro to let her go with the team but estupido Ale refuses... (Imbisel!!! )
Rodriguez has gone in to see Daniel. Alejandro comes and tells him that he will be transfered to the federal prison. Daniel tells him that he is handing him over to be killed but idiot Ale tells him that he will be transported by people he completely trusts....
(If Daniel dies(which is highly unlikely since he is the starring) I will strangle that idiot Ale with my bare hands!!!!)


Lopez tells Quique that it seems that Pablo, Leon and Rodriguez are cooking up a plan to rescue Daniel... The estupido Quique calls Diablo and informs him about the plan by the fantastic trio.  I think Diablito wants to change the route....
Pablo is waiting for Carlos who arrives with the drugs they wanted to use on the transporting police. Pablo gives both Leon and Rodriguez big sniper guns and tells Carlos that the excersise is way too dangerous... He has to stay in the car
(hehehe he is missing out on some wonderful action..... There is nothing better than seeing Pablo in a black leather jacket holding a huge sniper gun... Its a sight to behold!!❤)
Adriana is in critical condition in the hospital... Hope she makes it...( if she falls for Octavio I will die of laughter!!)


Celebrations are in order for the estupido, the bulldog, the whore and the witch... The only person missing in this is the fatty to complete the Dangerous Pentagon!!(estupido=Rafa, Bulldog=Faraon, Whore=Nuria, Witch=Lily... Fatty=Genaro)

Diablo is beyond excited and is kissing his Bedwarmer. The only person who looks sad by all that is happening is the witch.... She feings happiness and toasts with the excited trio....


Poor Lulu is bathing, crying her eyes out on the thought that the jerk could have raped her.(She has a fabulous body how do you compete with that for Danny's heart!! Work out pap!!)
She finishes bathing and is combing her hair looking at herself in the mirror.... Elena arrives with horrible news....
“Elena... What are you doing here?"
“I have come to tell you something but you have to promise not to tell your husband"
“What is it?"
“They are going to kill Daniel"
Lucia's heart breaks.....
She starts crying... Elena tells her that Liliana told her...
“I already told Pablo and he will not allow anything bad to happen to Daniel"
“If anything happens to him then I am going to die... He cannot die"❤

Scene of Crime....

Genaro and his lame buddies are waiting outside for Daniel to be brought.... Daniel is being transported and he has a bad feeling... He tells the guys inside with him...
“This is a trap"
No one believes him....
They drive off for a couple of miles and their car is intercepted by Genaro's buddies.... Genaro is giving the order.....
“Daniel has to die!"
Daniel is inside the car with the police guys...
“I told you its a trap by Olegario Morero... Remove these cuffs and I will help you both escape!"


Mallorca looks very anxious while operating on Adriana...


Liliana starts telling Olegario that he must be very jealous of Ponce because Ponce is way better than him. She also tells Radames that he is being Pathetic, since Riobueno will always beat him. She says men are pathetic Nuria tells her that she is only saying that coz Ponce rejected her...Diablo backs Nuria up and tells Lily that Lucia will always be better than her....

Scene of Crime...

The idiots parrading themselves as policemen decide to ignore Daniel and face the criminals head on... Daniel gets out of the car... Sees the guys dying and takes keys to uncuff himself then takes a gun and starts fleeing. Genaro sees him and shoots at him. Daniel falls in the most dramatic manner then picks himself up and starts running.... I doubt Fatty Genaro can catch him even with his injured hands(now do you get why the jerk was kicked off the force)
  Meanwhile Pablo and his team realize that they have been fooled. They are worried that the other team might have got to Daniel first... They receive word of the attack and rush to the scene. They. Find out that Ponce has escaped and are more relaxed saying he  might get in touch with them.....
Meanwhile Lucia is hysterical... The thought that something could happen to Daniel is driving her insane... She tells Elena what happened to her, that Rafa drugged her...
“Did he abuse you?"
“No... I don't think so but I don't trust him anymore"
“What are you going to do now?"
“I have to separate from him... I can't stay with that man anymore"


Genaro is still chasing after Ponce saying that this time only God can help him...“ he can say that.... With his big self... I doubt God will have to do much)
Daniel hides himself well. Genaro receives a call from Diablo who upon hearing of Ponce's escape sobers up and is back to his usual annoyed self.... Genaro promises to catch Daniel coz he is injured... He cannot get far...


Mallorca is able to save Adriana and her baby's life.... I guess he will be the godmother
But he has been acting strange throughout the operation... And Nancy notes this...
Abel arrives and asks about Adri, he hears Adri is with Mallorca and comments...
“She is in good hands"
Chelo says...
“Good hands..."
As she is giving Abel the strong.... “I don't approve of your behavior look"


The party is over as Diablo is all hysterical about the Daniel issue... Liliana tells him that he may have celebrated before time... They get into a fight with Radames reminding h that Lily is not the enemy...
Genaro comes back to meet the wrath of Diablo who lashes out at him for ruining a great plan. Lily tries to help Genaro but she can't... Gatita...is being pushed around Diablo orders Genaro to go out and kill Daniel....
Hospital ...
Adriana and her baby boy are okay.... There is something seriously wrong with Mallorca... Abel goes in to see him but he says he wants to be alone... Abel and Octavio have gone into Adriana's room, Adriana asks Abel to get in touch with Rodriguez...
Rodriguez goes crazy when he hears about Adriana's baby and Leon is angry... Fernanda finds Rodriguez in the nursery and finds out about the baby's real paternity from Abel... She suffers a panic attack.....
Pablo is back and stupid Quique arrests him for aiding on Daniel's escape




This episode was epic!! it had too many highs that I really hope I capture in this spoiler!!!


Daniel is worried about Lucia's safety now that she already knows who her husband really is... He tells Pablo
“I am worried for her now that she knows who that guy really is"
“She is pretending not to"
“I hope nothing happens to her"
“Don't worry, Lucha is a very intelligent woman, nothing is going to happen to her"
“If that idiot finds out that Lucia knows who he is, there is no place Lucia and the kids can hide.... That idiot is completely obsessed with her"


Estupido Quique is being manipulated by Rodriguez and Marisela to sign the transfer documents...
“You two have nothing on me"
“If that's what you believe, that's not our problem...prepare yourself for a scandal"
The estupido takes the papers quickly believing that Leon and Rodriguez have some incriminating evidence against him... He signs....
“Get out of here!!"


Deya brings breakfast for Carlos. Carlos throws a huge tantrum, telling her how much of a looser he is he gets up and says that that is the last time he will let himself be used by her(I doubt that) He gets up and leaves. Deja laughs


Abel is devastated that Adriana doesn't want him involved in her life or the life of her unborn baby. He is telling Mallorca that she is his ‘Wife' the woman he loves most in this world (I guess that doesn't count for much) Mallorca reminds him that its Adriana's life and she can do whatever it is she pleases....


Daniel is still talking to Pablo when Marisela and Rodriguez arrive. Pablo tells them that they have to plan Daniel's escape. Daniel thinks that it is a bad Idea and very dangerous but Pablo insists that he needs to get out of there because his life is in danger(Super Pablo!!!)
Back at the offices, Rodriguez has his doubts about this plan but Leon reminds him that they owe everything to Daniel.....


When Marina is not busy chasing after Daniel and drooling all over him, she is actually quite an intelligent lady.... Carlos is in her office. He tells him....
“I am addicted to sex, with only one woman"( estupido!!)
“Do you like that woman?"
“Ooh yes... I like her.... She is beautiful and whenever I am with her, she makes me feel like super man"
“So what's the problem.... I don't think you are addicted... I think you are in love"
“I cannot be in love with her...coz she was a prostitute"
“I am telling you this as a friend and not a psychiatrist.... You are a big imbisel for letting the woman you love go over something that doesn't even matter!!"(you tell him sister!!! He is a big jerk!!!!)


Lucia is back to work at the hospital and sister Milagros could not be happier. Deyanira goes over to Mallorca's office and tells him that she has been trying to have kids and she needs a check up... She later enters into Milagros' office and starts hugging Lucia and Milagros...
“Whats's going on Deya?"
“Its the best news I have ever received in my life... Its gigantic and immense!!"
“Tell us"
“Its that.... I am expecting a baby"
Lucia goes over to hug her...
“Ooh that's wonderful sister!"
They celebrate for a while then the father issue comes up. Milagros thinks that she should tell Carlos about the baby but stupid Deya doesn't want to.
Carlos is back at the hospital. Elena greets him... She asks if he would like some coffee. He starts telling him about this ‘Friend' he has who happens to be addicted to a certain woman... Hehehe I am guessing he is looking for a second opinion
When Carlos enters his office, Pablo shows up and Elena is a nervous wreck... Before she starts with her ‘I don't want to see you again' nonesense Pablo tells her that he actually came to see Carlos..... she looks disappointed to hear that...
Pablo enters Carlos' office and tells him about the escape plan. The coward in Carlos surfaces for a while and he says the plan is completely illegal (as if escapes are legal anywhere?)  then he agrees to the plan. When Pablo is coming out of the office, he tries to make small talk with Elena who lies about being so busy chasing Pablo away with her indifference (its your Loss sister!!! )

Lucia receives a call from Rosa...
“What's going on?"
“Its your husband, he is not doing well"
“Okay... I will be right there "


Lucia is back at the house and manipulative Diablo is pretending to be feeling very bad... He tells Lu that he has a splitting headache. Lucia asks why he didn't ask Rosa to  help but he says that she is his wife and remembers how well she treated him in Monterey. 
Lu checks his temp and pressure and they are alright... She doesn't see anything wrong with him. Rosa brings in two glasses, one with milk and the other with juice. Rafael tells Lu to get him something and when she isn't looking he pours something into the juice...
Lucia comes back, he tells her...
“Let's toast... Drink with me!"
“No... I don't feel like it"
“Please Lucia... Ever since we got married we have never toasted"
She picks up the glass with juice and they toast
“To us... For many years ahead"
. She drinks....he is watching her..
He wants her to finish the glass and says...
“To our children... So that they grow up strong!"
She drinks....
A few minutes later Lucha is not feeling well. She is weak and Olegario is taking advantage, putting her down on the bed and kissing her... She is trying to fight him off but is way too weak...
“Let go off me!!"
Diablo is on top of her missing her forcefully... She is trying to push him but cannot do it....
She is now out of breath and is unconscious. Diablo is looking at her lustfully...
“You are so beautiful mamacita... Today you will be mine..."
His hands are climbing up her skirt.... He is now kissing/eating her mouth He now goes and tears off her T-shirt exposing her perfect chest... A delerious Lucia starts calling out Daniel's name....
“Daniel!! Daniel.... My love... Daniel"
Diablo is pissed off.... “Shut up!! Shut up!!"
“My love!... Daniel"
“SHUT UP!!!"
Rosa hears this from outside
“Is something wrong?"
“No nothing"
Diablo is angrier now....
“I am going to kill you Ponce!!! I will kill you Ponce!!"
He gets out of the room pissed at everyone and doesn't even stop to look at what the kids were trying to show him.... estupido!!! He blew it big time!!


Leon and Rodriguez have come to tell Ponce that they have everything he will be needing to escape. He thanks them telling them they are good friends...


A surprisingly sober Lily comes over and horny Genaro starts filling her head with praises... Nuria comes and finds the duo... Lily doesn't think that Nuria is Oleg's official woman but Nuria tells her that all that matters is the money he gives her...


Needy Marina is back!! nkt!!! She has come to visit Ponce...
“How are you?"
“Not well"
“I can imagine"
“I thought you were not eating well so I decided to bring you food"
“Thank you"
“I believe you... I will not leave you alone at this moment especially now that we are together!"( too late honey!) She grabs his hands towards her (Let go of his hand or you get it!!)
“I think its time we make things clear between us"
“Ofcouse this is about Lucia... I am tired of you asking me to forgive then going on to do the same thing.... Your obsession for Lucia is a disease"
“This is not the right moment to discuss this"
“Then when is the right time? You are chasing after a woman who is married to another... You never want to talk about your life with me!"
“Whats between me an LUCIA is bigger than that... I hurt her deeply and killed the love between us"
“But that's not love... Its a love full of guilt!"(That's it!! I have had it with Mari... Someone with a ticket to Mexico I go shoot her!!)
“This is no time for a jealousy fit"
“I am not jealous... I am a rational woman(it looks like jealousy to me!!) All I need is for you to react to start a new life with me"
“All I care about right now is my freedom, what I want and don't want can wait"
“You know what... You can go chasing after Lucha, at least she will make you feel what I feel right Now daniel... I don't ever want to see you again Daniel... Goodbye"(oooh yeeeees!! Finalmente!!! and I didn't 
even have to lift a finger)
The kids enter Lucia's room and find her unconscious... They panic and start trying to wake her up...


Rodriguez is in all soughts of trouble... Adriana calls his cell phone and Leon picks it up... She tells Adri to leave Rodriguez alone if she cannot make up her mind about being with him...
Rodriguez also comes and Leon scolds him telling him she is tired of his indecisive ness... Hehe stupid Rodriguez is in deep hot soup!!


Chelo has come to se the doctor with Little Vicky and Octavio... Chelo goes to take the baby for a diaper change. Octavio sees Adriana and follows her to the chapel. He finds her crying over the whole Rodriguez issue. Adri explains that Abel is not the father of her baby but is pleasantly surprised at how discreet Vicky was that she even didn't tell her boyfriend about it... Adriana gets sick and Octavio rushes to get her a doctor....


Diablo comes to the senator with his ussual threats of exposing his secret gay life to the public and forces the idiot to push up Ponce's transportation to the penetentiary.... “Its going to happen this very afternoon..."


Diablo comes back to the warehouse and tells Genaro
“Today they will be transporting Ponce"
“I want him dead... Whether you use explosives, or electrocution... I don't care... He has to die today"
Liliana is listening in outside....




Let me start by saying I cannot believe the guts of estupido Marina Who does that??? Arrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh!!!!!
Lulu and Mari are talking in the canteena. Estupido Mari has just told Lucia to leave Daniel alone....
“Ofcourse Daniel is going through a very bad moment in his life, I will only leave his life when he leaves mine"( I am guessing that's a no)
“When you love someone for real, you want them to be happy... Why can't you let Daniel start his life over or at least try with someone else?"
There is a heated exchange of words
“Are you planning to keep him by your side as your lover?"
“I respect my marriage but I will not leave Daniel at a time like this... I know he needs me and until he tells me otherwise, I will not leave him...understand?"
Hehehe Mari wants to die....Mari continues making an imbisel out of herself...
“Let's talk like two intelligent women if not we can do it the hard way"
Lucia laughs...
Mari continues
“Don't think that I won't fight for Daniel"( I wouldn't do that if I were you)
The two women continue with the exchange of words until Lucia cannot take it anymore... She gets up and wants to leave....
“I am not done talking to you"
“But I am done talking... (She tells her something about love not being part of something something Spanish is hard!!!)
“With your permission Doctor" Lucia gives her the crazy eyes and then leaves


Estupidez Quique and Lopez are discussing Pablo while looking at his file. They pick up the next file, it belongs to Marisela. Lopez tells Quique that she used to be in love with Ponce. Quique thinks Ponce was damn to let her go....


Abel is talking to Adri about her pregnancy and why she needs Mallorca to help her. Adriana wants to discuss the issue with Rodriguez....
“But I am your husband!"
“You are my best friend... But a husband? We all know this marriage is based on a lie.... Stop playing the role,of the jealous husband coz it doesn't suit you and pass me the phone...


Pablo is talking to Leon and Rodriguez. Rodri receives a call from Adri and takes it. Estupido Lopez and his buddy come over and invite Marisela to lunch...she accepts their invitation just to spite Rodriguez....


Abel meets Rodriguez in the hallway...
“And you what are you doing here? Don't you get it?"
“ I came because Adriana called me . why don't you relax and accept that the child Adriana is carrying is mine!"
Abel is holding Rodri by the collar...
“I won't repeat myself!!"
“The only ones am interested in are Adriana and my son got it??"
He leaves to go inside as Elena finds Abel...
“What was going on?"


Quique and Lopez could not be more obvious.... They are working together!! Quique asks Marisela why she decided to work as a police. Marisela tells him that she had always to do that ever since she was young. Quique gets rid of Lopez and immediately starts throwing his big grossy self on Marisela. She gets up ....
“I have a lot of things to do"
She leaves him....


Adri's newest doctor who looks an aweful lot like Rosa is talking to Adriana and Rodri about the situation with the baby. The doctor stops for a while...
“The last time we spoke to your husband....isn't he the father of your baby?"
“Its a very long and complicated story... Right now all that matters is my baby..."
Outside Elena is hugging Abel. She already knows that he is gay...the whole world already knows that ....
“You are my brother, no matter what you do or who you are.... What I don't understand is why all the lies, why would you tell everyone that the child Adri is expecting is your?"
“I was really ashamed to admit it"
“Sooner or later the truth will always come out... Who else knew about it?"
“Lucia....and also Vicky"


Lucia is back from the canteena. She meets up with Pablo...
“Daniel asked me to talk to you... About my husband"
“Yes....I know it might sound crazy but your husband is not who he says he is... Your husband is really Olegario Morero"
“How can you say that with so much surity?"
“Rodriguez overheard them when Daniel was being taken away... He is the only one who hates Daniel and has enough motive to want him destroyed"
“You are really confusing me...."
“I will let you think on the issue... But be very attentive from now on... In case of anything, give me a call... You have my number don't you?"
“Yes I do"


idiot fatty Genaro comes and pays a little visit to Daniel's lawyer. He shows the guy his gun....Takes the picture he has on his desk of his family...
“You have such a beautiful family... You wouldn't want to lose them?"
“What do you want?"
“I want you to leave Daniels case or your beautiful family will suffer!!"
Poor man!!!


Lucia is back and Rafagario has brought an interior decorator. He tells her that she can decorate the house however she wants.... Lucia is not exactly pleased at how pushy Rafael is being....Rafa you are really blowing it!!!
later during dinner Rafael tells them that he wants to take the kids to Velacruz the coming week. Lucha doesn't think its a good idea since they have school but Rafagario insists....


Estupido Quique is watching Marisela going about her work. He desires her.... He goes towards her and suggests that she spend the night with him(what an imbisel!) As he tries to grab her by the waist. She detaches from him. He takes out his gun and points it at her, if she tries to resist him he shoots... He is now moving closer to her. Rodriguez arrives and finds this going on....he uses his gun and threatens Quique with it... Marisela also takes out her gun... They tell him  to leave them alone...

Lucia is in her bedroom. She is preparing herself to sleep. She has on a black nightdress that exposes her perfect chest. Rafael comes in... Upon seeing him Lucia puts on a robe quickly...
“Rafael...what are you doing here"
“I just came in to see my beautiful wife...can't I?"
“Everytime I am convinced that our marriage was a big mistake... I only see you as a friend nothing more"
“Ooh as a big imbisel and idiot...."
“Lets cool off and we will talk tomorrow"
“No my patience has its limits..."(he says something else that escapes me) He grabs her by force and kisses her!!
Lucia breaks away from him....
“What's wrong with you? Why did you kiss me?"
“Because I am your husband"
“You know very well that our marriage was not a normal one"
“Well am very sorry but we are married and we will do what married couples do?"
“What do you want? To take me to your bed by force?"
“No... Aren't we man and wife? Yes or no?"
“Understand that I am a man, a man who is in love with you, I want you, I want to kiss you"
“But I am not interested in all that"
Their arguments catches the attention of the kids...they come and listen in...
“I want to be with you..."
“I am not interested!"
They burdge in....
“Mummy....we saw a ghost!!! "
Rafael is pissed...
“Aren't you just making things up?"
“No... It was really a ghost! Can we stay with you for the night?"
“But of course you can.... These are my kids and they always come first!"
“Okay... That's your problem!"
He bangs the door....
LUCIA kisses the kids....
“Thank you my loves.... You two were very brave!"


Rodriguez and Leon are drinking. Rodriguez tells Leon that the issue with the phone was just a trick to get Vidal to leave them alone. Leon is very pleased and pulls him over and kisses him....(sweet kisses!!) On the lips.... Pablo finds them...
“How sweet!!"


Alejandro is watching the video of Daniel speaking to his lawyer... He comes to talk to Daniel. Daniel is sure that Diablo threatened his lawyer , he doesn't want him out of that place.... Alejandro makes a call to Pablo, he is very worried about Daniel. He tells Pablo that Daniel believes that Diablo threatened his lawyer. Pablo later tells him about Vidal sexually abusing Leon....


Deya is on a mission.... Get pregnant by Carlos at all costs. Carlos knocs on the door and Deya is only wearing a robe.... She welcomes him. Carlos does not understand the game Deya is playing. He tells her he only came to tell her that he won't be part of it.... Deya drops her robe... what was estupido Carlos saying? Or the cat caught his tongue??? Deya comes close and kisses him.... Ooh yes he cannot resist....


Daniel is seated remembering his lawyers words.... He then remembers what Lulu told him... That she has faith in him and won't be living him alone...
“I was such an imbisel"


Lucia is sleeping... She has a bad dream about Rafael and Olegario...its literally a nightmare.... She wakes up convinced....
“Yes... It is him... I am married to Olegario"
She gets up and paces around the room. She remembers Daniel's words and also Pablo's . She calls Pablo and tells h that she also believes Rafael is Olegario.(wohoooo! Finally!)
Nuria is mocking Lily for swaping Diablo for fatty Genaro. She indults Gen and he points a gun at her. Diablo comes in, pissed... Lily asks him what his Marvelous wife did to him, he doesn't want to talk about that, he takes both Lily and Nuria out....


the drunken trio along with quique and Lopez are celebrating Ponce's future death. Genaro comes and gets Lily....telling her she has class and shouldn't allow herself to be treated that way by Diablo.... Quique gives Diablo a drug that he will use on Lucia to force her to be with him


Rodriguez and Leon make Vidal sign a written statement that he will not be harassing  Leon anymore....


estupido Diablo completely blows his cover by coming home super drunk and calling Lucia his Angel once again... He realizes how stupid he has behaved when Lucha scolds him.... BUSTED??


Pablo has come with news for Daniel...
“I have good news"
“What's going on?"
“Lucia is convinced that she is married to Diablo and not Rafael"
“That's great news!! Now I only want to get out of here to protect her!" things are moving.....




Rafagario is acting hysterical after Lucia telling him
“ I am still in love with Daniel"
Lucia tells him...
“I don't want to disturb you neither do I intend to hurt you with this..."
Diablo continues complaining that she is still in love with Daniel....
“Any other woman would be happy to live in this house"
“But am not any other woman Rafael, and I am not happy to live here because Liliana and that jerk Morero used to live here!"
“Again with that?"
They continue arguing and it looks like it will take forever until the doorbell is rung. Lucia goes to get the door and its Elenita with the maid who was slapped by Radames( its still funny!!) Rosa. They have picked the kids up from school and the kids like Rosa immediately. Rafael goes and plants a kiss on Lucha's lips which is very dry and he leaves....( this is my not only but also moment Rafael is blowing it!)


Lily is high on something... I don't know what it is but her crazy tormented soul act deserves an Oscar Genaro comes back to the warehouse and finds her staring into space....... She gets up and tells him to dance with her...


The three remaining members of the fantastic four are digging up logic on who could really be capable of framing Daniel. They think of Genaro but all agree he is way too dumb and cowardly to come up with such a brilliant idea even if he had the motive. They conclude....
“ Its Diablo.... He is alive!!"


Octavio has come to visit his uncle Commander Ponce...(he actually looks good in that suit...Octaviooooo you should loose that stupid pink T-shirt!!!) He finds Lopez...Idiot Lopez starts telling him that Ponce is no longer a commander. He looks so happy, Marisela and Pablo note how happy he is and put the guy in his place.... They explain to Octavio what happened to his uncle! Octavio cannot believe that his uncle is a murderer....


Elena is telling Lucia how much of a great worker Rosa really is. Lucia says that since she trusts in Elena, she will also trust in Rosa to take care of her kids... Rosa is hired!!


Pablo pleads with Alejandro to let Octavio see Daniel claiming that he is the only family Octavio has left. They both go in to see him...
“Octavio... I am innocent"
“You don't even have to tell me that... I know you are innocent"
Pablo joins the conversation...
“I think that I am as crazy as you are but I believe Diablo is alive... Rodriguez overheard Rafael and Radames celebrating when you were caught!"
Octavio now pissed at his grandad's evilness
Daniel joins in...
“Octavio promise me that you will not stay at your grandfather's house...go with your daughter and stay at my place"
“Okay uncle"
“I love you...you know that"


Elena asks Lucia...
“I really don't know how you can stand living in the same house where Liliana and that man lived"
“I don't know either why Rafael insists on it but every hour that passes I like this place even less"


Lucia is very affected by Daniel's arrest... She tells Elena that she is worried about Daniel.... Elena is shocked...
“ Lucia, you are an exceptional woman... You are this worried about a man who caused you soon much pain?"
“I can't be happy to see Daniel disgraced because I love him"
“You love him and you are a great woman... I am sad to see how much this has affected you"
”I want to see Daniel free"
“Do you think that maybe he might have killed that man?"
“No... Daniel is incapable of murder... He will only kill in self defense but never premeditated murder!"


Liliana shows up dressed in her white and black dress...“Don't I look like a goddess?"
”Yes... A very stupid goddess"
He continues to scold her for her crazy and stupid behavior that almost blew their cover... He then introduces the new commander...I think his name is Kike... A very huge dude who you don't have to rack your brains very hard to realize that he is the biggest dummy of all!! ... They now have an inside man in the 


The kids are playing around the house. Hide and seek. Memin decides to go hide inside Rafagario's  Office. He sees a gun... Takes it...
“A gun?" He starts to play with it... Rafael comes and upon seeing Memin with the gun goes completely crazy....
“What are you doing here!! Leave that...get out of here get out!!" He is now blowing it by pushing the boy out...
“You are bad Rafael...just as bad as El Diablo...just as cold as him!!"
“Shut up you stupid kid!!"( and Daniel didn't even have to lift one little finger) Lucia enters and sees this...
“I will not let you treat my son like that!!..Don't you ever in your life lay a hand on my kids!"
“I only wanted to discipline him"
“That is not the way to do it! Frankly speaking Rafael everyday, I know you even less"
She burgers out of the room as Rafael puts on that crazy-evil Diablo expression!!...
He gets up the next morning and is told that Lulu left early with the kids, he is wondering where she went... We on the other hand are not left in the dark.... You can guess where Lucia is....


Alejandro receives word that there is a mystery woman who wants to see Daniel.... He allows the woman inside....


Everyone is gathered around as the secretary announces the new commander...(what sorcery is this?)
“Let me present your new boss... Commander Enrique Vidal!"
The rest if the fantastic four are not exactly extatic about this....
The idiot comes and is smiling like s stupid illiterate jerk!!... This is not going to end well....


Daniel is seated, feeling sorry for himself (looking cute as always) he hears someone coming... He looks and sees the person he least expected but who he wanted solo badly to see... Its Lucia....
“Lucia!.... (He gets up from the floor) what are you doing here?"
“I came to see you"
“I didn't do it... I swear I didn't"
“I believe you"
“I feel like the biggest imbesil in the planet"
“Don't feel that way... I only came to tell you that you are not alone in this... Its not fair what's happening to you... I have so much faith in you and I will not abandon you"❤❤❤(I am in the background singing “My love is unbreakable.... If you need my love am available")
Daniel turns his face away in shame...
“I can't even look at your face right now"
She uses her hands and gently turns his face towards hers...

“Don't feel that way... I spent the entire night without sleep thinking about you... I cannot get you out of my mind because...(a slight pause...❤❤ my heart is now beating like the tum tum drums of West Africa)... Because you cannot tell the heart what to love.... I love you Daniel!!"_❤❤❤(someone hold me.... This is too good to be true)

With the song ‘Los miserables playing loudly in the background... They both approach the bars as they enjoy rythimically the taste of each others lips with a sweet kiss.... Oooh yes its not too hard to tell that each one was dying for that delicasy... (Christmas has come early this year!!)


Idiota Nuria has come to see Diablo. Diablo kicks her out of the house before anyone except the maid sees her.... They later meet up outside with needy Nuria confessing her undying love for Diablo. Diablo gives her money and warns her not to go near the house again...She tells him that she knows he will be calling her..


Liliana wants to go out. Genaro thinks its a stupid idea... Lily tells Genaro that she will not take orders from anyone, especially that miserable jerk Olegario. She tells Genaro
“You are and will always be a cowarldy lap dog"
“I better be a  cowardly dog alive than a dead brave dog"
She walks away with her black dress and those animal print framed sunglasses


stupid Enrique is giving orders and makes some chauvenistic comments that women as beautiful as Leon should not be in the force, they are supposed to be at home... Leon contradicts him by giving him the ‘Women are just as capable as men' speech.... Quique doesn't like to be contradicted.... Lopez is so happy to have this new boss and he calls him over to his office as he disperses the rest.... Lopez and quique Remain behind talking about how fiesty Leon is... Rodriguez is there wanting to BREAK THEIR LITTLE SORRY FACES!!!


Consuelo tells Nacho and Fer that she will be living with Octavio and little Vicky in Daniels house. Fer I'd wondering why Chelo wants to live with that man... Chelo clarifies that Daniel has been incaserated  for murder... Even Nacho is surprised....


Lucia puts an end to the sweeeeeeeeeeeet Kiss.....
“No... Daniel this is not right...."
Daniel goes on to tell her that her marriage is not valid because she is married to Olegario Morero... Lucia still doesn't want to believe this but she can't help but wonder...
Daniel is happy that Lulu believes in him, even after all he did to her... He tells her that she is wonderful....
Lucia thinks its God's plan for them not to be together, Daniel doesn't believe so... He thinks that their love still has a chance
“Because you are the love of my life, and Rafael isn't who he says he is"
Lucia tells him...
“That's just you and your obsession with that issue..."
“You have a point but everything that I have done I have done because I love you..."
“I would like to think that you are wrong...that Rafael is,who he says he is"
He later makes her promise to talk to Pablo....
“He also thinks that what I am saying is true"
She does promise to do so....
At this point, their hands are locked together.....❤❤❤
“If anything happens to you or the kids, I would die....look at his eyes... You will see that he is not who he claims to be"
“Nothing will happen to us... I promise"
He takes her hand and kisses it....
“Thank you my love! You have left me more at ease"
The visit has drained them both but strengthened their hearts❤❤❤
“Goodbye Daniel❤❤"
She walks out as he smiles....☺☺☺.... At least he knows she loves him....


Lopez and Quique are talking inside the office. Quique tells him that he knows that he and Genaro ate related. He asks Lopez to tell him everything about everyone....They are talking about Pablo then Marisela who both men seem to be very much interested in... Marina walks in...
“Can I speak to Daniel Ponce?"
“No... He has been arrested... You can talk to me"(Quique with his stupid voice!!)
Marina is now talking to Pablo. She cannot believe that Daniel has been arrested...“Why didn't he call me?"(is she seriously going to start with her fits now?)
Pablo tells him
“He is not allowed to"
“Its incredible that they would think a man like Daniel would do such a thing"
“Yes... But someone is trying to frame him"
“I can't live him alone at a time like this... Do you think I can see him?"
“I don't know..."
Just then...
Lucia is happily coming out of the cell area... Marina sees her...jealousy strikes her!!!
“Lucia?...what are you doing here?"
“I really need to speak with Pablo "
“Okay... I understand but can I talk to you for a moment?"
“Yes with pleasure"
“In the cafeteria?"
“Let's go"
(let the games begin


Oleg, Nuria and Genaro are plotting something....it can't be good... Gario is not happy that Lily has MIAD on them again...


Liliana is visiting Vicky's grave and tells her that she never meant to kill her...She figures out something about the doll... Octavio sees her...she almost escapes but he catches up with her and tells her that he knows she has something to do with Vicky's death... I am only hoping that his bravery doesn't lead him to an early death........


Adriana's pregnancy is still at risk and it looks,like Dr. Mallorca is the only one who can help her...(swallow your pride and let co+wifey take care of you...)


estupido Octavio is forcing Lily to admit that she killed Vicky() Lily takes out her gun and is pointing it at him.... Telling him to go or else she will be forced to use it on him... The stupid guy is not shuting up. Lily gives him a kick in the wrong place and he falls on the ground... She drives off....


someone has come to see Daniel... It doesn't look like he has good news....
Rafael makes a call to Faraon... He wants Daniel eliminated for good!!


Lucia and Marina are having a civilized cat fight...
“You know that I am interested in Daniel"
“Interested or in love?"
“I love him...and he is going to love me... But he can't forget you if you are always by his side"
“Just get straight to the point"
“You are a married woman... Why don't you concern yourself with your life and leave Daniel's life for good!!"
(I don't feel sorry for Marina... She deserves it!!!)



Let's start off by saying how excellent Ponce looked in that black suit!!❤❤ hehehehe... We start off at the Cemetary. Daniel has just told Lulu that he arrested her husband the previous night because he had confessed to being Olegario Morero....
“ Once again Daniel, you are condemning an innocent person, a good man like Rafael Montez"
“ I am telling you, he is not Rafael, he is Olegario"
“ I don't believe you"
“ Why?... Are you trying to punish me for what I did to you?"
“ No Daniel, I am not like you"
She starts to walk away...
“ Where do you think you are going Lucia"
“ I am going to my husband, to be with him..."
Daniel looks hurt...
“ Someday you will know who you are really married to"
Lucia looks at him and leaves...
Meanwhile, Marina who has been looking at the two Lovey's talking from a distance tells Carlos...
“ When do you think Daniel will ever stop thinking about Lucia... Can't he just leave her in peace?"
Carlos looks at her...
“ I did not want to repeat this but I told you so... What he feels for her is strong"
At the AFIAD, things just got complicated for Ponce. Rafael's and Radames' lawyers are talking to Leon and Rodriguez about their client's situations.
Lucia arrives later and demands to see Rafael. Leon and Rodriguez don't want to let her in but the secretary of state arrives with the bribed senator and demand that they let Lulu in to see her husband....

Speaking about her husband, Rafa and Fara are inside the cell talking...Rafa says
“ I think it was a bad idea take Lucia to the penthouse that I once lived in with Liliana... She doesn't like the place and she wants to leave...What do you think?"
Radames is now annoyed...
“ I really don't care what you do and don't do" he says something else that implies to Rafa being a failure in love...
“Look who is talking, you who your first wife killed herself because she couldn't stand you, your second wife left you for another man, and you couldn't even keep your lover Liliana by your side..."
They argue and Faraon finally tells him,
“ You!! You had to force Lucia to marry you on basis of Artias Mortis... She is not even your real wife... You better be worried because even at this moment, she could be with Daniel Ponce"
Olegario is maddd!

Back at the cemetery... Fernanda spots Liliana. She goes over to talk to her behind that humongous stone... it looks like she is talking to a stone...
“ What are you doing here Liliana?"
“I had to come and see my niece"
“ You killed her!!"
“No it was an accident..."
“ What class of murderer are you?, Killing your own niece?"
“ I said it was an accident"
Back at the warehouse, Genaro has come back and is looking for Liliana
“ Beautiful doll!! I am back!! Beautiful, where are you?" He realizes that Lily is not home and fears the worst...

Daniel and Pablo decide to go and see what's going on...They find Fernanda speaking to Liliana...
“ Turn yourself in Liliana"
Lily panics. Genaro arrives with his car shooting at the talking duo as Daniel and Pablo hide Fernanda. Lily jumps into the car and Daniel runs after them as he shoots at them... He cannot catch them...(I loved that drama!!!)
Fer is grateful to Danny and Pablo for their protection. She meets up with Nacho but tells him nothing about what happened..

Meanwhile Lucia goes into the cells and finds Rafael and Faraon playing chessπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚(they were fighting just now) she tells Rafa that she was worried about him. Rafa is nothing but a hotbed of smiles... Lucia sees the bruises on his face and this is where Rafa messes up big time...
“ Look at your face....where else did Daniel hit you?"
“ Don't you worry.... That man will pay for this even if its the last thing I do"
(By the way, Faraon and Lucia have never really interacted... It was weird seeing the former Tiger Suarez and his little Tigress in a scene together)

Daniel is talking to Pablo in a restaurant. Pablo tells him that he went about the arrest all wrong... He tells him that Faraon and Rafa are trying to set him up and can ruin his entire career. Daniel is still insistant in Rafa being Olegario...

Lily and Genaro are back at the warehouse. Genaro is scolding Lily for exposing herself in that manner and exposing him as well to the police.
“ I had to go she was my niece Genaro"
They continue arguing. Lily tells him
“ Love me...that's all I need... I don't ever want you to leave me alone"
“ I am sorry my love... I love you and will stay with you till the end!"

Daniel is back at the AFIAD. He asks Leon what is going on. Leon tells him its not good at all...he has visitors... The secretary of state along with the senator of Mexico come and see him...
“ Mr. Secretary...to what do I owe your visit?"
“ Your recent behavior has led me to take a drastic step...hand over your badge for the charges of reported police brutality, abuse of power and lack of police ethics..."(Daniel is in deep shit!!!)
Inside Daniel's office, he is trying to defend himself while the stupid bribed senator is trying to shut him up all the time. Alejandro and his men from homicide arrive as Lucia is coming out of the cells accompanied by Rafa and Faraon. She sees Alejandro and his guys entering Daniel's office and asks Leon
“ What's going on?"
“ The commander is in a lot of trouble"

Rodriguez looks at Rafael who cannot even hide his happiness when he sees Ale and his guys entering Daniel's office.
“ This is the moment!"
Alejandro is now inside
“Daniel Ponce, you are under arrest for the murder of Anselmo Benitez"
He cuffs Daniel. As Danny turns around, he sees Lucia through the window pales... Daniel is now being taken out, he looks back and sees Lulu desperately looking at him
“ You believe I am innocent... Yes you believe me"
He is taken away. Rafael could not be happier...

At the interrogation room, Daniel is trying to tell Alejandro that he is innocent... He should trust him. Alejandro tells him that all the evidence points to him. Ale shows him a footage of him threatening to kill Anselmo. Daniel flashes back to the time when he also did not believe Lucia... All the hateful things he said to her... Alejandro asks him
“ Why are you so quiet now?"
“ I now understands how it feels to be accused of a crime that you didn't commit..."

Lucia and Rafa are back at the penthouse. Rafa is happy about how everything turned out. Lucia says
“ This is not good at all"
“I understand that you are not pleased by my insensitivity... But this is exactly what happened to you"
Lucia is not having this and goes ahead to rest in her bedroom.
Rafa is talking to his lawyer about the next cause of action he will take against Daniel Ponce. He later calls Radames for phase two of his mission...
Lucia is seated on the bed. She flashes back to what Daniel told her when he was being taken away...
“You believe I am innocent"
She then says to herself...
“ Of course you are innocent... What is all this my lord"

Rafael enters the room and gives her some pills to calm her down. He leans down and tries to kiss her but Lucha pushes him away...

Ignacio asks Fernanda what is happening to Liliana...why are the police after her... Fer doesn't reveal the issue with Vicky's murder claiming that his heart cannot handle the truth....
Elena takes Chelo and Octavio to see the child and tells Octavio about Lucia's suspicions that Lily killed Vicky. Octavio tells her that he also thinks it was Lily!!

At the AFIAD, Pablo is talking to Marisela, Rodriguez and Lopez. All of them except for Lopez know very well that Ponce even at his craziest is no murderer. Lopez thinks that he had been acting crazy lately and it wouldn't be a surprise if he had actually killed Anselmo....Rodriguez then comments of how extremely happy Rafael looked when Daniel was being taken away....

Pablo is thinking about everything that has been happening to Daniel, he flashes back to what Daniel told him and what Rodriguez observed. He goes and calls Marisela and Rodri...he needs to talk to them in private... He later meets them in a canteena and tells them that he thinks Daniel has a point. El Diablo might be the only one with enough motive to want to see Daniel destroyed...

Meanwhile at the Echeverria Mansion, Radames hangs up the phone and slaps his maid for no good reason. She goes running to Elena and tells her she cannot keep working for that brute anymore, Elena tells her that she has just the right place for her to work ....

Radames continued yo pressure the senator by threats in order for him to promote a certain man to the post of commander...

Daniel is taken to the cells, he flashes back on how badly he treated Lucia...Karma is truly a b*$@tch he then says...
“ This is my punishment for all the pain I caused you Lucia"

We are shown a very hilarious scene of Liliana acting crazy...she puts on some music and starts dancing then is shushing saying something about Vicky... Then she suddenly screams out!! “ Shut up Vicky!! I am not a murderer... I did not want to kill you!!"

Elena makes a call to Lucia. Lucy agrees to let the woman work for her. Rafael is trying to talk to Lucia
“ Why do you insist on defending a criminal?"
“Daniel is innocent, he is incapable of murdering anyone"
Rafael goes all physical on hr trying to knock some sense into her...
“ Let me go!! You are hurting me!"

“Sorry...forgive me Lucia... Why don't you just forget about him... You are mine!"
“No... I am not yours, nor anybody else's... I am your wife because I am married to you, but you know me very well, you know all about me Rafael... You know very well that I am in love with DanielπŸ’“πŸ’“❤πŸ’—πŸ’"
Rafa is angry upon hearing that

 “ Shut up!!! Shut up!!!"




I was wondering when this good boy not obsessing over Lucia act would end and we recover our old Daniel back...well it did not take long


We start off in the chapel. Olegario has just entered and found Daniel hugging Lucia...
“ Let go of my wife!"
Daniel and Lucha are already up... Daniel is fuming with jealousy. Lucia tries to explain the situation to Olegario...
“ Rafael...I can explain"
“ No need to explain anything... I already know what is going on here, you were going through a very hard time and this man though he would take advantage and comfort you!... But its not neccesary commander coz this woman already has a man..."
Daniel looks at Rafael... Rafael is really trying to provoke him
Marina enters the Chapel....
“ Daniel, my love I finally found you!"
The jealous one is now Lucia
Rafael sees Marina...
“ Look at that...are you the girlfriend of this man?"
“ Yes I am...why?"
“ Tell him to stop bothering my wife"
At this point Daniel wants to shoot Rafa in the head
Lucia tells him its enough...
“ Take care of your woman and let me take care of mine!"
Merche comes in... “ Lucia, you are not supposed to be here"
“ I know, I was just really sad... Rafael please take me to the nursery to see my grandniece before we leave for the house?"
“ Of course my love, whatever you like"
Daniel wants to shoot somebody!! Hehehehe...as he jealously watches them leave together.... Marina is Noe with him
“ I believe this is not the time to question you on the issue?"
“Thanks for understanding... " he goes closer and kisses her...


Radames is doing what Olegario had ordered. He has invited the secretary of state as a special guest at Faraon Hotel. They plan on using him to execute their plan of destroying Daniel for good....


Daniel and Octavio are talking to Alejandro. They are explaining to him why they think Liliana was behind Vicky's death. Well Ale is not buying this story and tells Daniel that its one of his theories... Pablo comes in and says he has an easier way of catching Radames....


Deya gives Lucia a gift. She is worried that Lucia moving out, she might forget all about her. LUCIA tells her
“ You will always be in our hearts...you are always going to be with us"
“ You are going to leave me all alone...You might forget all about me"
“How can you think that I can forget about you my friend, Iban very grateful to you for all the help you have accorded me and the kids"
The kids asks her to go with them...she really can't. She asks Lulu if she has any idea of where the new house is and Lucha tells her that she doesn't... Deya finds that weird...


Octavio comes in. He finds Ivana. Pablo and Daniel enter the house as well. Ivana sees Pablo and goes running towards him...
“ Pablo...my love!"
Pablo signals her to stop
“ I did not come here for that...We are looking for Radames Echeveria"
Radames comes towards them like a goat entering a slaughter house...
“ Why did you want to see me?"
“ We want to question you on your dealings with Olegario Morero"
Radames wants to resist arrest... Octavio tells her
“ We know you have also had contacts with Liliana"
“ No way... I have not seen her in a long time!"
Octavio cuts in...
“ Liar!! I heard what you were plotting with Liliana...Vicky also heard you and that's why Liliana killed her... You are her accomplice!!"
Ivana intercedes..
“ Don't talk to your grandfather like that!"
“ You shut up!"
Radames says
“ You are just like your stupid mother...both of you are traitors!!"
“ You call me a traitor because I am speaking the truth?"
“ Why the hell would I want to hurt that witch you had as a girlfriend"
Oooh No... Octavio is raving mad and wants to go over and hurt Radames... Daniel stops him...
“ Go back to the house... Now!!"
Pablo remains behind cuffing Faraon... As stupida Ivana is begging for his attention


Rafael has brought Lucia and the kids to the not so new house he was begging them to go to. The kids are obviously mesmerized by how big the house is. Lucia tells Olegario that she doesn't like the house because
“ Liliana and that miserable man lived here!"
Lucia finally agrees to stay after much persistence from the kids and Olegario...Rafael has to go somewhere... OPERATION DESTROY PONCE...


Daniel and Pablo arrive with Faraon. Daniel tells Rodriguez to look into all the dealings of the northern cartel. A suspicious looking Lopez makes a phone call to his fatty uncle Gen to inform him about Radames' arrest...


Genaro hangs up and tells Olegario...
“ I have bad news boss... The police have just captured Faraon"
Olegario is not one bit pleased with this news...
“ Once again I have to handle things on my own!"
His men come in holding the secretary if state at gun point....The man has no idea what's going on....
“ What's the meaning of this?"
“You have a decent family, a good wife who is a real lady, great children... But you my friend are not decent at all.."
“ I will not allow you to Abuse me like this"
“ Sit down!"
“ I know all about your indecent acts in this hotel... I am sure you would not want your family to find out about everything you have been up to" he shows the man some videos of him indulging in indecency...
“ I don't believe this..."
“its Very clear..."
“ What do you want from me?"
“ I just want us to be friends..."


Lucia and the kids are talking. The children are happy that they are now a family... The kids ask her why people die and tell her that they never want her to die and leave them...(LUCIA has such an amazing connection with these kids❤❤) Lucia tells them to promise that they will never keep anything from her... They promise but are crossing their fingers because they are lying....
Later... Lucia is resting in her room when she has a dream about Vicky's fall. She wakes up and sees Vicky...
“ Vicky?"
“Aunt...it was not an accident... She killed me..."
“Who is she?"
“ You know who it is"
“Liliana?...was it her?"
The ghost dissapears... Our girl is fantastic even as a ghost!!


Pablo and Daniel are interrogating a very unmoved and unresponsive Radames.... Daniel receives a call... Pablo asks him
“ Who is it?"
“ An old friend..."


Daniel arrives and to my surprise, he is meeting up with Rafagario.... Ooh my It might be way too early to tell but I think this is part of the destroy Daniel plan....
“ Why did you call me here?"
“ Sorry if I disturbed you commander... I just wanted to tell you not to go near my wife... Leave her in peace!"
“ I am not going to leave her especially when she is with you..."
“ Lucia is mine now"
“ Only because you lied to her"
“ You have lost touch with reality trying to prove that I am Diablo Morero... What will you do... Put me in jail... Or kill me? How are you planning to prove that?"
“ I know that you you are Olegario!"
“ Ooh Daniel, stop it...why don't you just leave me and Lucia in peace"
“ I know that you will hurt her"
“ No...quite the contrary me and Lucia are going to have a great time"(lame man's translation but I think he meant in the physical sense)
Daniel cannot take Rafa's provocations... He punches Rafael three times and Rafa is on the ground cringing in pain...
The people in the restaurant are now holding the men back...
“ Call the police...this man us crazy!"
“ Let go off me!! I am a police"
“ A crazy policeman!"
“ And you are a criminal!!!...(Daniel goes over and cuffs Olegario) I will not let you go until you confess that you are Olegario" someone pick me up!!
“ No let me go... I have a family who are waiting for me!"
He takes Olegario to the station...


Lily is sleeping when all of a sudden Vicky's ghost appears...
“Murderer...(echo's...murderer...murderer!) "
“ Murderer....!!"
Lily wakes up all scared...she screams
“ Genaro!!!"


Pablo is determined to make Radames confess the whereabouts of Liliana... Radames is very unresponsive
Daniel bursts into the room throwing Rafael around he wants him to confess that he is Olegario Morero. Pablo and Daniel leave the two believe criminals alone... Leon listens in on their conversation and does not find anything incriminating about it.

In Daniel's office Pablo tells him to stop acting like a mad man....Daniel is determined to prove that Rafa is Oleg...Pablo still thinks that he has gone about it all wrong...
Marisela and Lopez who are listening to Faraon and Olegario's conversation think that out of the mistakes Daniel has committed, this one is going to cost him...when Leon goes out of the interrogation chamber into Danny's office, Lopez starts looking at videos of Daniel interrogating Anselmo... Daniel is in big trouble!!


Deya feels lonely and decides to make a call to Carlos...
Carlos comes in
“What do you want?"
“ Ayy doctor cito... I have not been able to forget you... Have you been able to forget about me? Don't you think about me anymore?"
“ How can you think I can ever forget about you... My precious princess" They start kissing.... ❤❤❤ they make love again...


LUCIA cannot sleep... She wakes up in the middle of the night and thinks of how much she dislikes the house...
In the morning, She prepares the kids to go to school. The kids want  to go see Vicky but Lucia tells them that its no place for kids...LUCIA receives a call from Elena who is worried about Chelo... She has locked herself in her room.


Trouble in paradise... Deya might not be able to forget Carlos but she chases him out if her house after a marvelous night of passion!! Carlos doesn't get it he cannot understand her....


Daniel does not release Rafagario...he decides to go to the
Funeral first...


Chelo is locked inside. Lucha arrives (bits and pieces of their conversation)
“ Open the door Chelo...its me Lucha"
“Leave me alone!"
They manage to open the door...
“ I want to die"
“ You have yo get out if that bed and pay your last respects to your daughter"
“You don't understand my pain.... You have never lost a child!"
“ No... I lost everything...my unborn baby, my ability to have children, eleven years of my life, the love of my family... But God gave me the two kids that I now fight for... You have a granddaughter who needs you and you need to fight for justice for Vicky... She was murdered!"
“ I don't have the strength... I am going to die here"
“ Okay die... Die and I will take your granddaughter and raise her, tell her she had a marvelous mother, who was fearless but a grandmother who was good for nothing and couldn't even take care of her...."
Chelo realizes how stupid she has been and hugs LUCIA and Elena.... Abel and Elena ask LUCIA what she meant by Vicky's death no being an accident and she tells them that they might think she is crazy but Vicky told her....


Sturbon Nacho insists that Chelo needs him and has ti be at the funeral and not even Mallorca's precautions can stop him..


Ponce comes and finds Octavio with little Victoria and tells him to be strong for his daughter... She is the reason for him to keep on living....
Lily gets the crazy idea of going to Vicky's funeral but Genaro stops her crazy imaginations...


Ignacio arrives and consoles Octavio and Chelo...
Meanwhile Deya comes and finds LUCIA literally staring at Daniel and Marina...
“ Enough...stop looking at them if it hurts you...where is your husband?"
“ I haven't heard anything from him since last night... He also has not responded to any of my messages" LUCIA continues her death stare... She looks long fully at Daniel... Daniel wants to look at her but with Marina's watchful eyes he can't do it these two are deeply involved... They cannot shake off that burning desire!!


Radanes is worked up... Rafa tells him that all that is a plan... He should relax and see what happens...


Daniel finally gets the chance to talk to Lucia... Lucia is now trying to feign disinterest...
“ What do you want"
“ I came to tell you that I arrested your husband last night... He is Olegario Morero!"

it just got way more interesting!!!


watch english episode here!!


We start off at the scene of the crime in Mercy hospital. Vicky is being taken away by the nurses on a strecher. Octavio is holding on to her feet pleading with her to hold on. Marina is trying to hold Octavio back
“ Let her go... Let them help her"
The nurses take Octavio away on the stretcher. He wants to follow them but Daniel hugs him, restraining him from going any further...
“ I want to be with her" Octavio is crying his eyes out.
“ Calm down "
Daniel tells him as he comforts him....


Mercedes comes with news of Vicky's accident to Lucia. She and Deya are shocked to hear this. Lucia signals to Deya not to alarm Chelo with the news. Chelo comes over and asks Deya
“ What's wrong? Has something happened to my daughter?"
Deya just looks at her...wondering what she will do next...


Olegario, Genaro and Lily are talking in the warehouse. Olegario tells Gen and Li that he is sure the both if them colluded and killed Anselmo. Lily admits to killing both Anselmo and Pepe. 
“ I am sure you had something more to tell me"
“ Yes...its my niece Vicky, she had seen the video and was calling me a killer. I had to shut her up"
Even Diablo is shocked by this...
“ You killed your niece?"
“ No... I didn't mean to...it was an accident"
Olegario starts laughing, he is tormenting Lily with his evil laugh
“ Don't laugh Olegario...stop laughing...it was an accident!! Shut up...it was an accident!!"


Pablo is looking into the evidence Elena gave him and he happens to find one that incriminates Radames
“ You are going down Radames!"


Octavio is still chasing the nurses with the stretcher with Vicky. Lucia also joins in and leaves with the nurses to the emergency room. Mercedes tells Octavio that he cannot go in....


Vicky is being operated on by Mallorca and several other doctors. Mallorca doesn't think its a good idea for Lucha to be inside there. Merce backs him up saying Lulu should be resting. Lu tells them that she cannot rest until she knows Vicky is okay.... They let her stay...
A C-section is performed and Vicky delivers a baby girl. Lu is holding the baby in her arms
“ Its a girl...she is so beautiful...look at mummy...Vicky, you have got to live, for your daughter, she needs you!!"
Vicky's vital signs are destabilizing as her pulse rate is alarmingly increasing. LUCIA freaks out
“ You have got to save her!!..please!!"
As the doctors try to revive Vicky


Octavio is impatient and fidgety. Daniel tells him to calm down, everything will be okay. Chelo also tells him to relax... She is convinced that Victoria will make it! Abel and Adri are also worried sick. Lucia comes walking towards everyone, carrying a baby.... tears are rolling down her cheeks
She approaches them,
“ Look, my little niece, she is so beautiful, God's gift to us"

Everyone is anxious to know how Vicky is doing...
Octavio asks her
“ What happened? Why are you crying? What happened to Vicky?"
Chelo also asks
“ Lucia, tell us, how is my  daughter?"
Lucia is just looking at them, she is in despair
Octavio has already started crying, “ Lucia... What happened to Vicky?"
Chelo is desperate now
“ Lucia, why are you not telling me what happened to my daughter...how is Vicky?"
Lucha is now crying even more... She looks at Chelo...aware that what she will say next will break her heart...
“ Lucia... Tell me... How is Vicky? How was the operation?"... Elena who is right behind her has already understood what Lucha is trying to communicate. She is holding Chelo...
“ Tell me..."
“ Vicky....(she pauses as she looks at Chelo)... Vicky is dead!"

Everyone breaks down but Chelo really made me cry
“ No...No Elena..."
Elena is crying trying to calm Chelo down... “ Forgive me"
“ No... I have nothing to forgive... Vicky is alive... "
Chelo breaks down and wails so painfully in Elena's arms...
“ Its a Lie!!! Vicky is okay!!!....nothing has happened to Vicky...."
Octavio is crying painfully in his uncle's arms... Lucia is also crying and you can see tears in Daniel's eyes.... Lucha looks back at Daniel...its a desperate ‘ I need you' look. Daniel also looks at her...he wants to be with her at this moment...


Liliana are explaining to Diablo how the recovery of that flash will affect him too. Diablo doesn't seem to think so since he is now Rafael Montes. He gets a call...its Lucia
“ Its my Angel!!" He adjusts himself planning to feign shock
“ My love...tell me what happened"
“ Its my niece Vicky, she is dead!"
“ What?? How did that happen?"
“ Come over to the hospital"
“ I am coming right now... Relax my love"(hehehe he made me laugh...what a hypocrite!!)
“ What happened to Vicky?"
“ Your little niece is dead!"
“ Dead?"
“ Don't act like you have a conscious now"
“ You don't understand... Vicky was loved by the whole family...they will never forgive me for this"


Mallorca explains to Abel that they did everything to save her but she had internal bleeding that led to her death. Meanwhile Adri Chelo and Elena are sitted down...Chelo looks withdrawn.... Adriana is wondering why Vicky had to die so early....
Lucia is showing the child to Octavio.
“ Look at your baby, she is so beautiful, she looks just like Vicky...look"
“ I don't want to know anything"
Lucia takes the baby to the nursery telling the kids to wait for her there.
The kids think Vicky died because she found out about the ultra secret formula contained in the flash...
The reality of Vicky's death is just sinking in. Chelo gets up from her sit
“ I want to see my daughter... I want to see Vicky..." Elena is holding her...she is now crying out, screaming painfully as she wails
“ Vicky!!! Vicky...where are you?" Elena is hugging her trying to comfort her.


Nacho hears the wailings of Chelo from outside, he wonders what has happened. Fernanda tells him nothing is going on.
He listens closely and hears Chelo's voice...
“That's Chelito..."


Fer decides to go out and find out. She sees Chelo and Elena hugging... Elena comes in and tells her
“Vicky is dead!"
Chelo gets up and goes to hug her mother
“ Mama... Its Vicky, my baby...how am I supposed to live without her mama...I can't believe it!"
Her mother hugs her...“ Calm down"..as she also Cry's...
Octavio tells Mallorca that he wants to see Vicky, Daniel asks if he needs company and Octavio says he wants to go in alone. Mall takes him...
Marina comforts Daniel, Carlos also comes to be with Daniel and Lucia during this hard time...


Octavio is crying over Vicky's body, asking how he is going to live without her. He tells her that he loves her and wonders what she wanted to tell him that was so urgent... He flashes back to the time when they were at his grandpa's house and remembers hearing Radames, Lily and Genaro talking....he also remembers the last call he made to Vicky....poor guy!!!


Lucia has taken the baby to a nursery and the pediatrician tells her that the baby will be just fine.
“ I am really sorry for your the loss of your niece Lucia"
The Ped leaves and Milagros comes in. She tells Lucia
“ Ooh take heart my daughter, this is one of the mysteries of God"
“ No sister, this is not Gods doing but man's... Someone killed my niece"
Just then she looks across the room and sees the spirit of Vicky...she is shocked and asks Milagros....
“ Have you seen that?"
“ What.... I haven't seen anything"


Ignacio comes in  and finds people crying
“what's happening?"
“ Nothing my love, go back to your room"
“ Stop lying to me woman!! Who is dead?"
He addresses Chelo...
“Tell me the truth... Who is dead?"
“ Its Vicky papa"
He hugs Chelo as he cries along with her
“ No... Not my grandchild"


Pablo is showing the documents implicating Radames in frauds to Rodriguez and a sneaky looking Lopez


Ivana and Radames are discussing Elena's little visit to the house... Radames is cursing as usual...He is always doing that... Ivana is expressing her undying hate for Elena...(as usual!!!)


Deya and Meche are discussing Vicky... How she was a good girl, and didn't deserve to die...Lucia I'd coming towards them...
“ Ohhh My Luchis..." She goes and hugs Deya( Deya is one of those friends who are hard to find...❤❤) Lucia is depressed and is seeing Vicky's ghost everywhere... Lucy tells Deya to take care if the kids....


Daniel and Alejandro are discussing Vicky's death.
Daniel tells him
“ I don't think it was an accident...she had something really important to tell my nephew before she died"
“ That's not the case... There is really no sign of violence anywhere"


LUCIA comes and finds her father there. He gets up and goes over to hug her...
“ Ooh Lucia.... My Vicky...my granddaughter"
“ Yes dad...what happened to Vicky was terrible, but what would be even worse is is something was to happen to you too...you need to go back to your room... Elena please take him"
She tells Deya to take the kids to her house... She notices the doll and remembers that earlier on Vicky had come with the doll and was asking a bunch of weird questions....
“ Sweetheart can I have your doll for a second?"
Roxy reluctantly hands over the doll...
LUCIA is searching the doll....she doesn't find anything
“ There is nothing here"(I think the kids his it elsewhere)


Daniel comes in and finds Carlos and Marina. He tells them about his suspicions. They think Vicky's death was an accident... Octavio comes in...
“ No..it wasn't an accident...Vicky was murdered!! It wasn't an accident!!"


Lucia is praying....
“ God, here I am again...Once again I feel alone... Why Vicky??... My sister Chelo had a terrible marriage and Vicky was her only source of happiness...I loved her like my own child... Why her....why?"
Daniel is slowly making his way into the chapel... Lucia thinks its Vicky's ghost again
“ My love Vicky...is that you?"
“ No Lucia...its me"
He seats down next to her...
“How are you?"
“ Sad... I don't understand a thing....you?"
“I spoke to Alejandro, my friend from homicide... He thinks Vicky's death was an accident but my nephew insists she was murdered...what do you think??"
Lucia explains to Daniel what happened to her earlier with Vicky and the weird story of Roxana's doll.


What the heck is Rafa doing here?? Wasn't he supposed to be in the hospital at this time?? Hehehe Radames and Oleg are on mission trap the secretary of state, blackmail him and use him to bring down Ponce... Faraon gets of the phone with the secretary of stare and then asks Olegario to help him out with his little issue with the incriminating documents... Rafa vows to help...


Chelo is in despair telling Elena that she has nobody and that she wants to die... Elena tells her that she has a little girl who needs her...she takes her to the nursery...


Octavio has come to see his little baby....she is too precious!!❤ he talks ti her about her mother and tells her
“ From today henceforth its the two if us against the world"


The kids are trying to hide the flash away... Deya comes in and thinks the kids are acting weird. She smells Memin's shoes and think his feet stink, she takes him to have a bath. Meanwhile Roxy cuts open another doll and places the flash there


Chelo and Elena reach the nursery and watch as Octavio holds the baby...
“ There is your new reason to live..."
“ Vicky's daughter... My granddaughter"
Octavio comes out of the nursery and hugs Chelo...


Ignacio looks pale and very unhappy... He tells Fer and Abel that he has no reason to be happy, he wishes he had died instead... Fer is carrying a guilt up her conscious...she had seen Lily grab Vicky a while back....


Marina is talking to Carlos
“Who could Daniel be talking to?"
Rafael enters and asks Merche where Lucia is...
“ She is in the chapel"
Marina hears this
“ That's weird... Do you think Daniel and Lucia are together?"
“ I don't know"
“ Carlos... You are a bad liar"
She follows Olegario

Lucia and Daniel are still talking. LUCIA breaks down...
“ Ooh my Vicky... My little niece!"
Daniel brings her closer and embraces her....She cries as she is locked up safely in his arms...
“ I also don't understand a thing"
They are hugging when Oleg walks in... The smile he had on his face fades as he sees them together
“ Let go of my wife!!!"... Danny and Lucy let go if each other as they both stand to face him....

QUIZ OF THE DAY....how long did it take Daniel to forget about Marina and go back to his Lulu obsession??






I am convinced that I was half asleep while drafting Tuesday spoiler hehehehe I was reading through it and I saw the part Olegario said “ Who killed Anselmo??"
I had wrote as
“ Who killed Genaro"
 that's a blooper right there...

Let's dive into Wednesday spoiler!!


Victoria is still in shock after hearing that the doll was in the beach house when Cesar was murdered...
“ So you mean the doll was in the beach house when Cesar was murdered?"
“ Yes my love...why do you asks?"
“ Nothing.... I only wanted to know"
“ But why do you want to know?"
“ Nothing I just wanted you to tell me what you remember"
“ I have told you already... It was in the house where Cesar was murdered"
“ You know who the woman was?"
“ No...the only thing I know for certain was the murderer was looking for a certain flash disc"

Vicky's eyes grow wider when she realizes that Liliana is the assassin...She recovers from her shock and asks

“ Do you know where the flash might be?"
“ I have no idea but I think it contains some very grave information if Cesar was killed just because of it... My dear why are you so interested in this?... What's going on?"

“I only wanted to know aunt"

Rafagario enters as Victoria takes the doll away from Lucia...Vicky sees him and gets even more scared as she tries to hide the doll from him. Olegario asks her
“ Is something wrong Vicky?"
“No forgive me"
“I have nothing to forgive you for... Consider me as your uncle"
“ No...you are not my uncle...I will go now"

Lucia holds her
“ Is anything wrong my girl?"
“ No nothing aunt"

Rafagario is standing there looking suspiciously at Vicky. Lucha tells her

“ I love you... Don't forget that" she kisses her forehead and kisses her tummy.
“ And I love you very much too Aunty"
She leaves... Poor girl...those would be hr final words to her favorite aunt...


Daniel is on a date with Marina. She asks him

“ Are you sure you want to be by my side?"
“ I know that I care about you a lot"
“ But you don't love me?"(Daaaaaaah!!!)
“ No...but I can learn to"( why don't I believe him??)
“ A man as marvelous as you, who has gone through a lot will need a lot if help...I want to help you or at least try"
“ Yes we can try"
“ But how do I help, as your friend... Or doctor?"
“ I don't know maybe as a couple"
 too bad it will only last one episode
Mari could not be any more delighted at the marvelous idea

Mari does not waste any time at all does she Daniel asks her
“So how do you suggest we spend the rest of the afternoon?"
“ Well we could have a picnic....in your bed"

Daniel looks at her... He is shocked by her forwardness
“ What don't you like the idea?"
“ I think its a great Idea...should I get the bill?"
“ Yes"
 I am loving it...she doesn't waste any time


Lily and Ignacio are talking. For the first time, they are affectionate with each other
“ How are you doing with your new heart?"
“ I am doing okay"
Ignacio apologizes for not being there for her and understanding her. Lily tells him that they will talk about that later. A nurse comes in and tells them she needs to tend to the patient. Lily tells her dad
“ I love you very much father"
“ And I love you my precious daughter"
Liliana sheds a tear as Fer tells her to let the nurse do her job...


Vicky is at the chapel. She is praying and asks
“ How can there exist such evil...such misfortune in this small thing"
She returns the flash in the doll and puts the doll to sit beside her. Her phone rings and its Octavio. She leaves right away leaving the staffed doll behind....
Milagros comes to the chapel to pray for all the patients. After prayers she goes to sit down but feels like she sat in something. She gets up and sees the doll...
“ What is this?"( its really weird to see a doll inside a chapel...)


Fernanda and Liliana are outside. Fernanda is asking Lily if she had anything to do with the attempt on Lucha's life...
“ Tell me the truth...tell me you did not have anything to do with it"
“ I am not going to tell you anything mother"
Fer leaves dissapointed. Vicky who was listening in on their conversation comes calling Liliana
“ Murderer!! You are a murderer!
“ And you are crazy...where did you get that"
“ You know very well why I say that.. I found the flash where you killed that man"
Liliana hears this and freaks out grabbing Vicky
“ You don't know what you are saying Stupid!!" She is pushing her along to a more private place.
Fer sees Lily take Vicky and she wants to go after them but a nurse stops her...
“ Can you stay with Ignacio as I try to find Mallorca?"
She goes to Nacho's room.


It looks like the problems with the Durans will not end any time soon. Some guys have come to do something to the restaurant....This has got the evil stench of Ratman Radames all over it!!. The guys are trying to take away the chairs and the furniture as Chelo and Elena try to stop them. Abel comes and pushes them out. Elena is frustrated
“ That cursed Radames Echeveria is attacking my family again!!!


Liliana and Vicky are there
“ Let go off me murderer...leave me in peace!"
“Shut up!!"
“ What you want to kill me like you killed that man in the video and Cesar Mondragon?"
“ Why do you say I did it?"
“ Its obvious... You wanted to recover the video"
Vicky tries to get away...

“ Where do you think you are going??...you will not leave this place until you give me that flash"
“ I don't have it Liliana"
“ Ohh so now I am Liliana and not your aunt"
“Our ties ended when I found out the type of person you are"
“ I already told you to shut up!... Okay its all true, I killed that man, I was the one who tried to kill LUCIA and not only that, I killed Cesar...now you know what I am capable of. Tell me where the Flash is?"
“ I don't have the flash...leave me in peace"
She is trying to get away from her...
“ Vicky where do you think you are going...you really think I will let you get away without giving me the flash?"
She is now holding Vicky's arms forcing her to tell her where the flash is
“ I don't have the flash Liliana...leave me in peace"
“ No...you will have to tell me where the flash is"
“ Let me go Liliana...I am pregnant...let me go"
She forcefully detaches from Lily but goes falling down the flight of stairs...
“ Vicky!!! Vicky??(She goes close to her, feels her pulse and realizes that she could be dead) Vicky!! 
Answer me please...I didn't mean to...I only wanted the flash... Vicky!!...Forgive me please..."
After she realizes that Vicky is already dead, she starts looking for the flash among her things... “e Where did you put that cursed flash?" She looks but doesn't find it...she decides to flee the scene... Poor Vicky is dying....


Deya and the kids have come to see Lucia and they inform her that Rafael wants to take them to live in another place. Lucia looks shocked. Milagros arrives holding the doll in her hands. Roxy sees it and is shocked
“ That is my doll...what is it doing here?"
Lucha tells them that Victoria had the doll earlier but does not understand what the deal with the doll is... LUCIA tells Deya that Victoria's behavior earlier was weird its like the doll represented something very important. The kids here this and decide to go out for some plotting.

The kids don't want anything bad to happen to Vicky. They go over to Ignacio's room. Ignacio is with Fernanda. He asks about Lily and Fer tells him that she already left... The kids come in to see their favorite Granddad...


Diablo and Radames are doing what they do best...plotting against Daniel Ponce. Olegario wants to hurt Daniel. Radames asks if he is going to kill Daniel... They talk for a while as they are coming out of the hotel. Elena arrives. Rafael greets her as he leaves. Radames is left with Elena
“ What the hell are you doing here Elena?"
Elena has gone crazy and is creating a huge scandal calling him a woman beater and telling him that his first wife committed suicide and she will not allow herself to end up like her. Radames tries to grab her by force but their argument had already attracted a huge crowd who tell him to let her go.
“ Why don't we handle this as civilized people?"
“ Do you call what you are doing to my family civilized?..I want you to leave my family alone...or I will come back here and destroy your reputation!!"
(You go girl!!! girl power!!!)


Lucia is talking to Deyanira... Deya asks her
“ What's wrong?"
“ I don't know...but I feel weird, like something bad is going to happen"
“ No... Thanks to God you recovered and your dad is doing better"
Octavio enters the room. They greet him. Lucha asks him
“ Are you with Vicky?"
“ No... I haven't seen her yet..we were supposed to meet up"
“ I guess she must be with my father"


Lucia and Octavio go in to see Ignacio. After the greetings Lucia asks
“ Have you seen Vicky?"
“ No I haven't seen her"
Octavio asks Fernanda
“ And you?"
“ yes... I saw her earlier" Fer doesn't tell them who she saw her with.
Octavio says...
“ That's weird, she had something very important to tell me"
Lucia tries to call Vicky but she is not picking up...


It looks like someone is getting some today...Daniel and Marina arrive in his apartment. Daniel apologizes for how messy the place is. Marina really doesn't care for the place much...she only wants to get down to it they talk very closely and intimately. Daniel tells her he doesn't want to deceive her. They kissssss....its a good kiss...

Marina brings two glasses of champagne. Daniel tells her
“ Let's toast!"
“ To what?"
“ To us"
Marina tells him something. Then Daniel tells her
“ I want to do everything possible to make sure you are content"
They Kiss's again.... Marina is really having a party with my guy this is a nightmare!!!

They are now on the couch... Kissing... Daniel's hands are sneakingly making ng their way up Marina's skirt..She seems to be enjoying it (Someone shoot me!!) she stops him
“ What's wrong?"( at this point I am ad happy as a lad...she is backing outπŸ˜‚)
“ I like your kisses very much... (She gets up from the couch)
But I prefer we take this somewhere else... (She starts unbuttoning her shirt to expose her bra(she has a banging body!! Excersise Pap!!) ) I don't know... Like in your bed"

She back peddles towards the bed. Daniel follows her as he is taking off his shirt... He does it so wonderfully. He is standing I front of her while she is sitted on the bed, she unzips his trouser and they do it....

(So its nothing close to the passion Danluc share but it's not bad at all... Atleast we get to see that strip tease by Daniel Amazing!!)


She is back. She is crying her eyes out, saying she really never wanted to kill Vicky

“ She was my niece, and Now she is dead "
Genaro is shocked
“ You killed your niece?"
“ I swear I didn't mean to...I just wanted to take back the flash"
“ Calm down... And where is the flash?"
“ I don't know how she got it but somehow she happened to see the video but I couldn't find it... I swear Genaro... I never wanted to kill her"
“ Calm down my love.. Did you recover the flash?"
“ No... I killed her for nothing...Vicky forgive me dear niece!"
She is really repenting?


She is with the kids when Rafagario arrives
“ Finally you came... I was worried about you"
Rafaga takes advantage and tries to kiss her to the delight of the kids
“ Not in front of the kids"(what she means is not anywhere)
The kids start encouraging Rafa to kiss her( stupid kids... You got to love these two ❤❤)

Lucia is not falling for that. Rafagario tells her
“ Its for the kids...but ooh well, I will stop... Did I hear right, you were worried about me?"
He he They all leave but meet with a very worried Octavio. He still has not been able to get in touch with Vicky.
Lucia says...
“ Something really weird is going on"


Elena has come to get some of Radames' documents that will have implicate him in various crimes. She gets into a confrontation with Ivana but goes past her to Radames' study. She opens the safe and takes out the papers and leaves for the AFIAD. stupid Ivana immediately calls Radames and informs him of Elena's invasion.


Leon is getting herself lunch when estupido Everisto comes and finds her. He wants to explain about what is happening with Adriana but Marisela is not interested... Elena arrives at the AFIAD.... Pablo is happy to see her... But she makes it clear that she only came to drop the documents... (She is making Pablo suffer for nothing arrgghh!!!)
Octavio tells Adriana and Abel about what is going on with Vicky. Rafa wants Lucia and the kids to first go see the new house but Lucia tells him she is very worried about Vicky.


After the passionate rounds, Daniel and Marina are talking. Hehehe loving the sight of Daniel almost naked Marina is wearing his shirt(really??)
“ Should I prepare you something?"
“ Yes"
Octavio budges into the apartment... He tells Daniel about what was happening to Vicky. Daniel and Marina accompany him to look for her.


Lucia refuses to leave the hospital until she has news on Victoria. Rafael receives a call from Genaro that Lily wants to speak to him. The kids secretly check whether the flash is still safe and are happy to find it in the doll... She is now talking to Deya when Chelo arrives
“ Hey Lucha, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be with your husband and your kids in the new house?"
“ I am waiting for Vicky"
“ Why...what happened to my daughter?" (Poor Chelo... Her heart will break into tiny pieces)

Rafagario arrives at the warehouse and is told about the memory flash. Octavio Mari and Daniel arrive at the hospital and Octavio is looking for Vicky. He goes up the flight of stairs and finds her lying down with blood oozing from her head!!
“ Vicky!! Chikita!! You can't die!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!"





Before we jump right into Tuesday's episode... Here are some notes that I might have missed in the previous post...
Diablo pays Radames a visit and tells him to be loyal to him and not Liliana ....
Daniel also says his final goodbyes to Lucia..
“ I won't bother you anymore, when you find out that Olegario is not really the man he claims to be
Give me a call and I will always be here for you... Goodbye Lucia"

Let's start off inside the AFIAD. Daniel, Pablo and Alejandro from Homicide are there examining the crime scene trying to make sense of the whole Anselmo murder issue...
Alejandro asks(lame man's translation...)
“ Who would kill him?"
“Someone with access to to the police"
“ Why would they mess with the electricity?"
“But who would want him dead?"
“Maybe someone from the cartel...but its really weird that they would kill him here"

Someone knocks. Deyanira opens and its Victoria on the door.
“ Hey Deya!"
Deya is pleasantly surprised to see Vicky and goes in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek...
“ Hello Vicky...how are you?? Come in"
“ I have come to help you with the children"
“Are you serious?? Let me call them"
She goes towards the kitchen
“Kids!! Kids!! Come and see who has come to see you"
The kids come running and upon seeing Vicky, run over to her and give her big hugs.
“How are my favorite cousins??"
The kids are excited to hang out with Victoria. Vicky tells Deya that she doesn't mind staying with the kids. Deyanira takes this time to go on a romantic outing with Neno(she thinks about romance literally 24/7)

The fantastic four and the not so fantastic traitorous fifth (Lopez) are trying to make sense of the whole whole Anselmo murder situation... Leon says
“ What happened to Anselmo was very strange"
“ Yes I think so too"
“ And what about the cameras?"
“ There is nothing on them... The person who did this knew very well what he was doing"
Lopez says something that completely off and everyone looks at him funny...(I am just juggling my mind trying to translate what he has said but nothing)

Olegario enters the room.
“ Hallo my love... How do you feel?"
“ Finally you came...you knew about the death of Camila Fernandez and her mother didn't you?"
“ Yes beautiful... I knew about it"
“ Why didn't you tell me?"
“ For the obvious reason that I knew how you would react....look at you?( hypocrite!!!)
“Camila was a very good friend who helped me a lot with my case and Roxana... Why didn't you tell me earlier??"
Lucia right now is crying her eyes out.
“ I understand why you might not want to forgive me but calm down...who told you about it?"
Ponce enters out of nowhere
“ I told her"( I must admit that this confrontations between these two men have been a highlight for me.... They always bring out the absolute worst in each other)
He hands a over a picture of Anselmo to a now very pissed off Daniel...
“ Do you know him?"
“ No... I have never seen him in my life"
“ That weird, he was your brother's right hand man... Today he was found dead in his cell"
Diablo does not seem moved by the news at all....

Back at Deya's house Vicky is playing a very weird catch the big eyed doll game with the kids “ One...two...three!!" She throws the doll over to the kids and it falls. The kids take it and throw it back to Vicky. It falls, she picks it up and sees the flash disc.
“ What is this?"
“ We can't tell you"
“ It contains a top secret formula that could destroy the entire planet!"
Vicky thinks the kids are jocking and tells them
“ Okay let's see this top secret formula that can destroy the entire planet"
She sits down with her laptop. She tells the kids
“ You can't see"
The kids are complaining as they go...Vicky puts the flash inside the computer and presses play....
Adriana and Mallorca get to have the ‘ you stole my man' talk which is weird because the accused is also a ma Chelo who is outside is shocked to hear Gonza tell Adri that Abel is in love with him I am guessing they have enough problems already...they really don't need this...

Back to Deyanira's apartment. Vicky is shocked after watching the video. The kids ask her
“ Tell us cousin, what was the top secret formula hidden in the flash?"
Vicky now looks fidgety and anxious...
“ Have you guys seen it...??"
“I haven't... You Roxy"
“ No...what was in there?"
“ Nothing...just a bunch of mathematics formulas that you wouldn't understand"
“Oooh no...mathematics...I would rather not...you Memin?"
“ me neither"
We are back in Lucia's room. Daniel is asking Rafagario a bunch of questions about Anselmo and Rafagario thinks he is out of line. He warns that the next time he will report him for slander. Daniel tells him
“ I love Lucia and I am here to protect her...to protect her from you...because you are Olegario Morero..I will not rest until I prove that..."
Lucia is fed up of this and Daniel is on the receiving end of her frustrations...
“ Yes...yes just as you were sure that I was guilty of Cesar's murder...once again Daniel you are wrong, neither Rafael and I are guilty of the things you are accusing us of....You know what Daniel...Enough, leave us in peace once and for all!"

Poor Daniel is hurt beyond words as estupido Olegario is smiling like an idiot while kissing Lucia's forehead. Daniel burgers out of the room and as he walks away he is cursing Rafagario
“ Imbisel... I am going to catch you!!!"
 how I love this conflict...
Milagros sees Daniel walking away...
“ Daniel...son what are you doing here?"
Daniel is partially deafened by all the pain and jealousy he feels and just keeps on walking...
“Daniel!! What's wrong?"
He doesn't look back...

We are back to the very uninteresting conversation between Adriana and her co-wife Gonzalo. Adriana doesn't want to listen to any of his explanations and neither she interested in him being her doctor any longer. She wants another doctor to look after her. It's Kapish!!! (I understand Adriana's reaction... Its really humiliating to be cheated on with a man)

Olegario is telling Lucia how Ponce is crazy.. Blah... Blah ... LUCIA tells him that nothing matters...now she is married to him. Diablo tells her
“ very soon, you me and the kids will start a new life... Rest my dear" he kisses her on the forehead. and leaves.

Liliana and Genaro are back to their hiding place. They are celebrating their new partnership with Olegario. Lily is drunk. The phone rings, its Diablo. Genaro tells her not to answer the phone. Diablo is on the other end of the line as Lily and Genaro are drinking themselves silly with “ The best whisky in Mexico"
“ Answer me...Answer me you ingrate..."
He is directed to voice mail. He leaves a message
“ Who killed Genaro...answer me...!!"
( so Oleg was not involved)
At deya's place, Roxy and Memin are so preoccupied with the game they are playing. Victoria is just staring at the big eyed doll.

Leon is convinced that they have a traitor in their midst. She tells Pablo and Rodriguez that the same thing happened with Genaro. She is a little pissed off at Rodriguez. Pablo later tells Rodriguez that he had hurt Leon very bad...

Back in Lucia's room, Milagros comes in...Lucha tells her that very soon she will be leaving the hospital and she will be coming back to work soon...
“I saw Daniel leaving the hospital...did something happen between the two of you?"
“Its that Daniel is convinced that I am married to Olegario Morero"
“ Oh my God he is just inventing fantasies in his head"
“You are very worried about him isn't it?"
“ Yes I am very worried"
“ You still love him don't you?...how will you manage your love for him and your marriage to Rafael"
“Daniel hurt me very bad... I will have to love him in a distance... I hope he will be able to find love with another woman and I will try to love Rafael..."
Ignacio is finally awake and Fer is there to see him. 

Diablo bumps into Radames in a club talking to a certain big shot in politics. He approaches Radames afterwards and they seem to come to an interesting Agreement(really couldn't get the contents of their conversation)

Chelo comes into Lucia's with news about what she has just figured out about Abel and his feelings for Gonzalo and is shocked to find out that Lucia already knew.

Vicky had tacked the kids off to sleep, she talks a bit to her unborn baby and then goes to the doll. She takes it and takes out the flash again to watch it properly.
She hits play and sees the gruesome images of Liliana shooting the man over and over again...

Genaro is having drinks with his ‘Sobrino' Lopez and is congratulating him on a job well done. He assures Lopez that no one will suspect him.
The hot four are playing poker and having drinks in Daniel's apartment (Carlos, Daniel, Rodriguez and Pablo) Daniel is drinking and says
“ You know what? Life is too short...enjoy it!"
The men are liking the sound of that and they drink to it.
“ No more Lucia Duran for me!!"( I would like to see that...like Manuel{HfH} said...that would only happen WHEN PIGS FLY!!)
They continue playing poker...

Chelo is still inside Lucha's room feeling sorry for Abel and Lucia reminds her that Abel is not a child, he is a responsible adult and can make his own decisions and that his parents will have to live with the facts.
Vicky has just watched the video and she is freaking out!! “ She is a murder!! I can't believe my aunt Liliana killed this man in cold blood!... What will I do now... My God please help me... What will I do with this?"(pobrecita... I am starting to think that we are on the verge of loosing our dearest Victoria)

Neno and Deyanira arrive back at home and find Vicky. She asks where Lucha got the doll and Deja tells her she was given by Rosalia in prison. She then takes the doll with her and leaves in a hurry on a motorbike... Deya and Neno think her behavior is very weird. Neno Now  wants Deya to sleep with him but she just can't do it because she starts thinking of Carlos
“Are you in love with him?"
“ I don't know"
Deya asks
“ Are you mad?"
“ Of course not... I want it to be beautiful"
“ You understand me right?"
.... poor him

Mallorca comes into Lucia's room and they talk about the Abel/Gonza issue. Lucy doesn't see anything wrong since she adores her brother and thinks Mallorca is a marvelous person. Mallorca even gives her a kiss in the forehead telling her he loves her a lot. He informs her that she will be discharged the next day..

The guys are still in Daniel's apartment toasting
Daniel says
“ No more Lucia Duran for me!"
The guys mockingly tell him that they don't believe him...there is no way he can forget her. He dares them and picks up the phone to call Marina...he wants her to go out and spend the day with him the next day... Hehehe of course she agrees(the witch... Hehehe I needed to curse her)
“ Oooh how romantic!!"
One of them says as they all laugh at his craziness. Octavio enters the room
“ What's the party for?"
“Your uncle has forgotten all about Lucia Duran"
They burst into laughter
Octavio says
“I also don't believe that"
“ Believe me... I will forget about her"
(Ponce... You are hopeless... Hopelessly in love and there is no cure for that )

Vicky is back at her house with the staffed doll and flash. Octavio calls
“ Halo my love....how were the kids?"
“ They are fine, I am the one who isn't feeling okay"
“ Why...what happened?"
“ I saw something terrible?"
“ Do you want to talk about it?"
“ Let's talk tomorrow my love, I have much to think about, much to investigate"
“About what??"
“ I can't tell you over the phone..its something very terrible"
“ Should I come over?"
“ No... Its very late, stay in your house and I will see you tomorrow... I love you..."
(Pobrecita...those must have been her last words to him)

Chelo comes in and finds Vicky with the flash. She asks what it contains and vicky lies that its an ordinary flash disc. She breaks the news about Abel's sexuality but is shocked to find out that Victoria already knew.

Lily makes a call to Fer telling how how she missed her. Fer thinks she should hand herself over to the police. She tells Lily about her dad's transplant and she promises to go see him the next day...
Abel wakes up in the middle of the night and finds Vicky awake. She is drinking coffee
He comes over and kisses her forehead....
“ You want some?"
“Yes...why are you awake at this hour?"
“ I saw something horrible today"
“ Adriana told you?"
“ I know about your indiscretions with the doctor but its not that"
“ What is it then?"
She says something about a monster and goes back to her room.

Well the devil and his little kitty cat are talking inside his room.
“ Today am moving into the penthouse"
“ Ooh we are moving?"
“ No... I am moving with my angel and our kids"
“ What about me?"
“I will rent you an apartment"
“ I like that" as they get to it...

Daniel meets up with Marina...he goes over and kisses her on the lips... Marina is pleased
“ What a greeting!"
“ If you want me to do it again"
He goes in for another one...
Marina seems content with this new attitude of Daniel as she is smiling like an idiot...

Liliana makes true to her promise and visits her father who is happy to see her.

Vicky comes in to see Lucia and asks about the doll. Lucia tells her that the doll was also in the beachouse when Cesar was murdered!!



part 1! here




Lily has just discovered thanks to the big mouth Nuria that Rafael is really Olegario.
“ Welcome to the land of the living Diablo!"
Diablo seats down in disbelief... He feels conered. He gets up in a hurry and fights Genaro taking away his gun...we see Genaro rushing to take cover behind his diabla while Nuria jumps up the bed and heads to the other side to take cover behind her Diablo.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ both Lily and Oleg are holding guns at each other...
Diabla tells Diablo that she neither wants to die nor does she want to end up in prison. She tells Diablo that he either cooperate with her or his truth will be out..  They all decide to put the guns down together....
“ I want us to come up with a deal"
“ Don't tell me you want us to be friends after all the things that you have done"
The two continue talking. Genaro tells Diablo
“ Anselmo has been caught"
Nuria adds
“ That's what I wanted to tell you boss, the police came to the apartment and took Anselmo"
Diablo looks shocked at the news, he doesn't know whether to trust diabla with not breaking the news to Lucia or trying to harm her in any way. Liliana tells him
“ I am only interested in money"
They shake hands, they are now partners...
Nuria makes things clear to Lily that Olegario is her Lily should not get any stupid ideas....


Daniel tells her
“ I am telling you Rafael is Diablo...you have to believe me Lucia"
“ Is that all you came to tell me?"
“ No... I also came to say that he killed your Lawyer Camila Fernandez and her mother"
“ What Camila...she can't be dead"
“ You shouldn't have gotten married to that man...he is a murderer"
Lucia continues to tell him that she could not count on him to help her with the kids, and he has no right to scold her. Daniel agrees that he has been a fool and has no right to scold her.... He leaves.
Later Deyanira enters and Lucia exclaims...
“ He killed her..."
“ Who"
“Rafael killed Camila and her mother...Daniel insists that he is Diablo"
“ You don't believe him, do you?"
Deya asks... Lucia now confused...she doesn't know what to believe anymore..


Chelo, Vicky and the rest of the family are sitted waiting for news of Ignacio's surgery. Daniel is coming out of Lucha's room. He reaches the waiting area and hears about Nacho's surgery. He wishes them all the best...Chelo who is obviously pissed by his presence tells him off
“Thanks for nothing commander...you should leave my sister alone!"(pobre Daniel... To think he had a chance to be part of the family bit BLEW IT!! I am guessing Chelo's reaction is understandable)
Daniel walks away downcasted as Vicky tells her mother there was no need to be that hostile


A few minutes earlier...
Estupido Rodriguez  has just arrived and Adriana tells Vicky to man the door and make sure no one gets to interrupt them. Vicky does so. Chelo and Abel arrive and Vicky comes up with an excuse to diverge them.
Present time...
Rodriguez is talking to Adriana.
“ Abel has been my best friend for a long time and was my first love but there was never anything between us...You are the father of my baby"
“ What?... I am the father?? Then why did you marry Abel"
She explains the situation that ends up in her confessing that Abel is gay( why did she have to tell him??)
The estupido Rodriguez is now telling Adriana how they could be one big happy family he leaves... Abel who was coming over to Adriana's room, sees Rodriguez coming out of Adriana's room. The two men have a confrontation...


Pablo is in the interrogation room questioning Anselmo... He wants Anse to tell him who aided him to escape. Anselmo has refused to say anything about Diablo being alive commenting that maybe Daniel is seeing ghostsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚(Anselmo is very loyal to Diablo but if I were him, I wouldn't put my trust in the devil!!)
Anselmo is taken back to the cell. Pablo hears someone crying in the bathroom and upon entering, he finds Leon. Leon tells him that she thinks that she has lost Everisto for good... Pablo comforts her like a big bro...awwww❤❤
AT ADRI's Room
Abel gets inside...he is in a bad mood because he just saw ever is to walk out. Adriana tells him
“We need to talk"
“About what??"
“I know the truth...I know you are gay"
“How and when did you know this??"
“You were the love of my life Abel... Why didn't you tell me before?"
“I am sorry Adriana but I also didn't know until I found out I was attracted to the doctor"
They continue talking and agree that they will only break the news of the entire truth to everyone once Nacho is well.


Lucia is still thinking about what Daniel was telling her about Rafael... Looks like she has her doubt's but says
“ No... Diablo is dead"
Vicky comes to her room and Lucia asks her to take care of her children forever... ( thought Lucy was out of danger...why this request??)


Lucia comes over and joins the rest of the family in waiting for news of Nacho's surgery. Elena inquires about Danny's little visit and Lucia tells her that right then the only thing that matters is her father. Mallorca comes with great news...IGNACIO SURVIVED...The Duran clan is excited over the news
Diablo makes a call but we cannot see who is on the other side of the line....


Pablo walks in on Lopez on the telephone(smelling a rat... Diablo making a call to an unknown recipient and Lopez receiving a call from an unknown caller is he working for Diablo??) He sees Pablo and hangs up. Ivana the forcer shows up out of nowhere and starts forcing herself on Pablo... The lights suspiciously go out(someone somewhere is plotting something..) they come back on and Pablo tells Ivana off and she leaves....making me wonder if she was also part of the bigger plan??
Daniel is back at his apartment and Octavio comes in.
“ Hey Octavio"
“Hey uncle.. I have news for you"
“good or bad?"
“ Good and bad"
“ Start with the good... I could do with some good news right about now"
“I am back together with Victoria!!"
“Thats great news!!"
“ The bad news is, I saw Liliane and Genaro hiding in my grandfather's house"
“ What??!"(Daniel exclaims in shock) “Why didn't you tell me about this immediately??"
“ Lily is Vicky's aunt and Radames is my grandfather"
Daniel is shocked to hear the news and heads straight to the AFIAD. He is talking to Pablo in the office When Lopez arrives with shocking news
“ Anselmo is dead!!"
Daniel and Pablo run towards the cell and find a lifeless Anselmo with only a rope around his neck... They are all shocked.... Daniel says almost in a whisper
“ It was murder!!"


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