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Thursday, December 21, 2017



The scene opened with Clark shown at his workplace, and is given an important assignment of taking care of Filipino guests. It's a big time businessman I'm guessing, and so he tries to make them feel at home. He speaks in Filipino to his guests. The guest is impressed, pointing out that he doesn't look Pinoy. "Clark referee to the guest as "Jebs" (recalling what Leah said)" and the guests leaft because of the insult. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Aww poor Clark. At home Jack was preparing for the two to meet up. She asked Leah to freshen up, to prepare coz Clark was on his way Denzel breaks the news that he is resigning (because of PSY, Thou?), Clark told them about the incident while he's fixing up for the meet-up, so he will look more "jebs" and this results in Denzel and Cullen laughing uncontrollably at the term. Clark realized that the Leah chick who taught him that almost cost him his job and is royally pissed. And Leah was  praying again to the Lord for a good person. Clark is hesitant too as seen in his walk and facial expression. At first both have their backs to each other when they are introduced. And when they turn, bang. "You?" "She's the one you want me to marry?" Hahahaha! Their facial expression was priceless and Jack was confused. Leah saying me they  have already meet and Clark was a complete assholeπŸ˜‚ and Clark told her of the hotel incident
         Jack was confused and asked what was going on an indignant Clark emphatically declares, "She's the one you want me to marry? Aunt?  that girl is trouble." And Leah said  back right away, "I didn't do anything to you.   ." And they were arguing infront of Aunt Jack until Jack butts in and tried to make sense of it all.But Leah is on a roll with her tirade, ending with,    And finally Clark revealed the Filipino word that Leah taught him,Leah was surprised and wracks her brain as to what she actually told him in Tagalog that it turns out he fully understood. Hilarious! And she even recounts it. And he stared at Leah. Even Jack was amused at the exchange because apparently, the attraction is there. And when the word, "Jebs" is mentioned, the stare and nod turns ominous and Leah slaps herself.
And now Clark is on a roll," And Leah forgot about her embarrasment, and shouted at Clark And they continued bickering until Aunt Jacks yelled for them to stop. And all the chemistry feels are all over the place.
        Jigs was throwing a tantrum again because Leah was not answering his calls. His grandma was trying to appease him saying she might be at work, but he insisted that she is doing it on purpose, and he can't figure out why she is acting this way. The grandma pointed out that maybe she just needed space and how girls react when they get fed up. She told him to just let her go, but he is stubborn, e why Leah broke up with him. What an ass.😎
Back in SanFo, CLeah are throwing each other dagger looks. πŸ˜‚ . Clark told Leah that she just brings all sorts of bad luck to him. And he details everything she's done, including accusing him of being a thief.Jack has had enough and laids out the terms. Leah needs to marry a green card holder so she can get to extend her stay. Clark has agreed to marry Leah for Jigs and for his Aunt Jack. But Clark said he has changed his mind because he's seen whom she wants him to marry. 'You're gonna have to pay me to marry her." Same goes for Leah. , they don't have to push through with it anymore, and Claek left. Jack tried to convince Leah that Clark is her best option, and that he's really a nice person, they just got off on the wrong foot. But Leah wanted to try other options, and Jack presented one more, (but as fate would have it,) he doesn't even stay alive long enough to get married to Leah. He died, (The twists in this story are so refreshing I swear) Mr. Sol was shown drinking his medicine and is condition is worsening but tried to hide it from his family and Tolayts but they noticed his tiredness. Even Tolayts saids the sickness is no longer a joke. Tifany tires to divert it by complimenting Tolayts. Toylats tried to make the scene light by his  jokes to his Tiffany my love!.
          Leah no choice but to consider Clark again. And we are treated to the first time Clark is shown topless in his apartment being harrassed by Barracuda and his goons and he's getting desperate
as well because he is threatened with violence now.(He's hot😁)
Jack arranged a picnic meeting again, and lays out the terms again. An arranged marriage for $3k. Leah grudgingly says she is already open to the idea but Clark doesn't want to hand it over to her that easy. He wanted her to beg him to marry her. And because she's desperate, she does it in her pacute way, but he says she has to be sincere in her begging. ☺And threatens to back out again., unless she makes him want to marry her. "Make me say yes." And Leah draws out the drama card. And Leah goes down on her knees "Clark, please please marry me." He is shown being uncreasingly uncomfortable because she has completely changed from annoying to earnest, with matching teary expression. And says "Yes I will" hurriedly because he wanted her to stand up already. She is surprised by his answer and hugs him tightly until she realizes who she's hugging and says thank you yet again.
Clark lays the terms out again, but now he wants 10k. "You need me more than I need you. The haggling follows, (these two are so cute when they're fighting.) Jack stepped in with a 7k offer, with the 3k as downpayment and the others to be paid in installment until Leah gets her green card. Finally Clark agrees, with free breakfast thrown in, because  Jack is like a mother to him. They shake on it, with Leah smirking. (Wow. I haven't seen this kind of chemistry in years) .Mr. Sol was shown looking for his wallet, and Tiffany helped him and they realized how much they have been missing Leah's help with the housework, and Gabby noticed his grandpas wallet was in his back pocket.
         Meanwhile, Jack was orienting the two about the immigration officers investigation, to see if they are truly married and in love and it is not a fake marriage. Leah points out that they have no history together and so Jack says they have to fabricate one.
(The next scene has me in stitches.)  They are forced to strip down at a cold SanFo beach area because they wanted to prove that they met each other while Clark was vacationing in the Philippines. (What James is topless again,😘 and Nadine looks super hot in a swimsuit) but they have to pretend they are in love, including Leah sitting on Clark's lap. She warned him of taking advantage of her and he does the same, adding if she does, she has to pay him extra! (The dialogue is so witty!) πŸ˜€πŸ˜ James touched her face and touches her cheek, and Leah was unconfortable with his stare. with Leah's. Is this considered their first kiss? Jack captures this on film. Leah pulled back immediately and says,And Clark is back to his mode, "You wish." They are exasperated with the sweetness demanded of them in fairness the pictures look great. Leah called her father and asked how he is, and promised to send him money, asks if he is getting by and he assure her that they are fine. He just asks her to take care of herself, and she told him to take care of himself. He also said  the same. (It is a tender moment between father and daughter,)
        Jigs was furious when he learned of the arranged marrej of CLeah But Aunt Jack lays out the terms to him and told him it's all for show. He is scared that Clark will take advantage of the situation, but Jack assured him they really don't like each other. Jigs still doesn't buy it, not one bit. (Yeah Jigs go to hell)
         The next scene was  with Clark on his knees making proposals that are so flat, they are far from believable, complete with bored looks and rolling eyes. 😭Jack is exasperated at them,and asked them to make it more believable  When Leah reminded her that there really are no feelings involved, she directs the scene telling them how they should be doing the scene. This leads to more bickering between the two with Leah harping on how she cannot bring herself to show love to this person and Clark saying she cannot act to save her life. They even bicker as to who has the harder role to play, Clark who has to show his love, or Leah who has to accept his love with matching tears. And this leads to an all-out acting challenge. Clarks asks her to choose,. Even Jack picks up on the intensity of feelings in their argument and asks them to channel that into the scene. Then Clark turns on the acting.The moment he started you can actually believe he is genuinely feeling all the sweet words he's saying.  Up to the part where he gets down on his knees and looks imploringly at Leah, Leah was lost in her memory and again Clark he goes "Boom. Top that." and she rolls her eyes yet againπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Jack continued to motivate her to think of a moment when she's really really happy she's moved to tears. She thinks of her dead mum hugging her. Clark repeated the cue line, Leah Olivar will you marry me? And she puts all her feelings into her tears and hugs Clark saying she will marry him. The expression on Clark's face in incredulous as well. "Boom" Said LeahπŸ˜‚. Roll eyes to Clark.
          Clark breaks the news to Cullen with the matching story that they have rehearsed. His friend doesn't buy it one bit. But Clark sticks to his story. Leah on the other hand is having difficulty and complains incessantly to Jack. Jack told her that her nephew is really a great guy, and she needs him more. Cullen guesses the real reason and Clark cannot deny it anymore. Jack reminded Leah that she is doing this for her family. Then cut to Clark Cullen teased him.Leah yold Auny Jack she was doing ll that coz of her family.
        Meanwhile, in the Olivar household, Mr. Sol was caught taking herbal supplements and Tiffany asked  him when he had become so health conscious. He is taking this to replace his maintenance meds and Tiffany looks suspicious that he is hiding something. She reminds him that he has to take maintenance meds still.
Clark and Leah are put to the test. They are brought to this party with other OFWs. And they have to pretend in front of other people that they are this happily engaged couple. She reminds them that if they get caught by immigration even Clark's green card will be in jeopardy, so Clark is quick to put his arm around Leah and when they are told to smile, it is automatically pasted on. They are introduced as a couple and when Jack faces a lot of questions about how Clark met Leah she wards them off by sayin In the middle of feigning sweetness they look at each other with pointed looks. When asked where they met, they build up on a story that they met in a resort and Leah takes this opportunity to make up this story about how they met one beautiful morning...πŸ˜‚and we have a fantasy sequence which has Clark romantically falling in love at first sight with her. reaching out to her and .Clark gave his own version how they met and Leah had stain on het shorts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. And only to give his shirt so Leah can cover a stain. We ended with CLeah pinching eachother and arguing who met who first and Aunt Jack came in btwn so the two could stop the argument.

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It is in SΓ£o Paulo trends, fashion and consumption that begins the story. Still small, Bento (Marco Pigossi), Amora (Sophie Charlotte) and Fabinho (Humberto CarrΓ£o) met in foster care Gilson (Dantas) and Salma (Louise Cardoso), in the House district Verde.6 The three friends had subsequently traced their destinations. While Amora was adopted by wealthy actress Barbara Ellen (Giulia Gam) and Fabinho by a bankrupt family in the countryside, Bento grew and founded his cooperative flowers, "Yellow Acacia", with the help of her childhood friend, the brave Giane (Isabelle Drummond), passionate about football and his friend Bento, in secret. Fabinho, in turn, decided to return to SΓ£o Paulo in search of his biological family and follow the same successful path of Amora, going over everything and everyone to achieve their goals.

Amora raised surrounded by luxury and glamor, living with Barbara, a famous actress, but decadent and troublemaker who, with famed filmmaker Pliny Campana (Herson Capri), had their only biological child, sweet Malu (Fernanda Vasconcellos). Later, adopt three more children - Light (Aline Dias), Kevin (Marcus Rigonatti) and Dorothy (Ayumi Irie) - as a media form of promoting yourself. Malu is contrary to this whole world of consumerism and futility of his mother and sister, is trained in pedagogy and makes graduate in social work. Just and right, just escaping from its precepts to fall in love and later, living a romance with Playboy Mauritius (Jayme Matarazzo), groom Mulberry. But the reunion between Mulberry and Benedict trigger a series of events and turns in the life of this loving quartet.

Malu's father, Pliny, Barbara dropped because of their constant attacks of stardom. Ends up reliving a love of the past to reconnect with Irene (Deborah Evelyn), a former actress who changed the name to Rita and working as alive and reading stories to children statue. Irene guard mysterious secrets in relation to its past: among them, his sudden disappearance that occurred after the catch and filmmaker Barbara kissing, unaware that it was all a frame of actress. She was expecting a child of Pliny.

In addition to caring for young people who have been abandoned, Gilson and Salma are owners of "Sing", a fun area where the work Rosemere (Malu Mader) bar. Typical suburban temper, is a struggling woman who works as a waitress, being famous for getting involved in fights. Created the child alone, away from his father that he is unaware, the frustrated artist PerΓ‘cio (Felipe Camargo), by whom Rosemere is still in love, even though he was married to Brenda futile (Leticia Isnard). PerΓ‘cio is bankrupt son of socialite Gloria Parents (Jonah MagalhΓ£es), which in the past has left her grandson, Benedict, in a railway train still newborn, who keeps this secret from everyone.

Extremely kind, Gilson is a serene and welcoming man. Older brother of arrogant businessman Wilson (Marco Ricca), ex-husband of Damaris rich (Marisa Orth), Gilson is the husband of Salma, who shares the same ideals. With her, it had honest Erico (Armando Babaioff), the groom struggling Renata (Regiane Alves), right-hand man of elegant Veronica Vasquez (Leticia Sabatella) in their successful marriage events company "Forever".

Veronica is a strong, modern woman who quit her dream of being a singer to marry publicist Nathan Vasquez (Bruno Garcia), owner of "Media Class", one of the largest advertising companies in SΓ£o Paulo, who got pregnant and had his only son, Maurice. Seductive, authoritarian and womanizer, Natan betrays his wife, who believed he had the perfect marriage, with several lovers, you enter them Barbara Ellen. Upon discovering the betrayal of her husband, Veronica gives a turning point in his life, starting with the resumption of his career as a singer.

Tina Leon (Ingrid GuimarΓ£es) is a major antagonist of the plot, is an unbalanced, dangerous, wicked and cunning girl, however competent secretary's art director Silvia (Mila Moreira) on "Media Class". To be abandoned by her fiancΓ© Vicky (Rodrigo Lopez), the altar and find that even abandoned because of an old case with actress Barbara Ellen, and because of his past, it was big fan of Barbara Ellen, but was despised and abused by this, Tina decides to take revenge and destroy the lives of women who blame be responsible for all their unhappiness. She sneaks into the home of Barbara Ellen as one of its employees, by Barbara unrecognizable due to the time that has passed since that attacked Tina. The villain will bring complications to the family life of Amora, only causing destruction and destabilization. Far from admiration for Barbara Ellen had one day, Tina will do anything to destroy Barbara, learning about life that the mere sight of means to do evil already makes evil is done by soaking in obscure ways and learning that revenge always exacts a high price to pay.

End of Plot Benedict finds the frames of Mulberry and divorces. Amora becomes the victim of a frame to incriminate her for having sabotaged the buffet Wilson, Malu push of a staircase and try to kill Giane. Amora's sister, Simone (Andreia Horta), life returns Mulberry carrying a serious illness and dying chapters after leaving her two children in the care of her sister. The saboteur's identity is kept secret until the last chapter, but it turns out that was Tito (Romulus Neto), who did all the behest of Lara Keller (Maria Helena Chira), with the help of Socorro (Tatiana Alvim) Lara thought as Amora like a stone in your path and chose to destroy the girl before she destroys. Already cleared, Amora regret the things you did wrong and passes be an English teacher. Benedict gives up and tries Amora engage with Malu, but she discovers that love and Maurice sees it only as a brother. Giane gets Fabinho, Malu with Mauritius, Veronica with Erico, Rosemere with PerΓ‘cio, with Damaris Lucindo, with Charlene Wilson, Filipinho with Xande. Tina, Barbara Ellen, Vicky and Sandrona participate in a reality show. Honey gets the ex-boyfriend of Lara, who managed the custody of his son. Lara is a candidate for federal deputy. At the end of the plot, Bento organizes a protest against the works of Bluma, and there is reunited with Amora (an allusion to the first chapter of the plot). The novel ends with both standing up watching, and love have always felt for Blackberry comes up, love the one that was drowned by life's circumstances. Not the end but a new beginning to Benedict and Blackberry.

Tangled Hearts starts December 27 2017 every weekday at 6 pm EAT

We start off with Cayetana and Leo and thier brief irky love sene being interupted by an Unsuspecting Irina. Cayetana tells Leo that he needs to hide in the back. Irina enters and starts telling her mother how she understands her decision to not accept Flavio for her. She just wants her mother to reconsider accepting Arturo for the sake of her Sobrino but Cayetana sticks to her motto. No Gallardo is allowed in the house or around the lands. 

She tells Irina that she is tired and wants to rest and is literally kicking her out of the room when the eavesdropping Leonardo suddenly drops something that catches Irina’s attention. Irina asks Cayetana if she heard that and Cayetana discards it. Irina leaves as Cayetana and Leo get into a second round of smoooging that is even more disturbing than the first. Cayetana stops it. She cannot loose her head and sleep with him with her daughters lurking around. Leo tells her that he wants to spend the night, oooh he loves her and they can do it just like before. She tells him that it’s impossible. Leo gives up and tells her that soon her girls will leave and they will remain just as they were before, alone… “Mi senora bonita” hehehe He leaves… Phew!!

Back to Andreita and Sammy boy. They are still skyping. Andrea asks him why he called her and he tella her he just wantse to say thank you for his returning his favorite shirt. Apparantly it was his favorite. He then asks her about the note, What exactly did she mean by it?? It had sounded to him like he still owed her. Andrea wants to rweply when Irina burges into the room and throws herself on Andrea’s bed. Andrea hurriendly shuts down the laptop to prevent Irina from seeing who she was talking to. Irina wants to spend the night there and talk to her about alot of issues. Andrea is wondering why it all has to be that particular night hehehhe (She was living her own love story whyyyyyyyyy??) Irina is telling her about so many issues and all Andrea can do is to look longfully at the laptop. Samuel on the other side of the line is shocked at himself and his weird feelings for Andrea and wonders “Samuel…What happened to you with Brujita?” Irina finally falls asleep and Andrea wakes up. Sammy left her a message… “Good night Andrea, You still have to explain to me what you meant” Andrea is there feeling all high in love!!! oooh Sammmy…

ooh Sammy high in love!!
ooh Sammy high in love!!

At the Palenque, Fernandez and Cabruera are there looking for La Dona. They think it might be Patricia since her anme was mentioned by the witness in relation to some crimes. Patricia is singing one of her songs and men have I missed Palenque queen!! Later Fernandez and Cabruera interogate her on where she was during a certain night and if she knows a certain La dona. Patricia tells him that the only issues they have is with the drunkards who like to disrespect them all the time but they have never heard about this La dona person. Her statement is echoed by Candela and Rodger. Later Patricia and Candela inform Emilio that Fernandez is looking for La Dona and Emilio who looks Fidgety and worried leaves in a hurry!!


The next Morning Sofia wakes up and finds herself with Arturo. She gets up in a hurry and jumps out of bed. Arturo gets up after her. He is wondering why she is in such a hurry. Sofia tells him that she doesn’t want problems with her mother. Arturo gets up without the hat looking as hot as a freaking furnace and asks her if she isn’t even going to greet him… She smiles and kisses him “Good morning my king!” (aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww….) They almost fall on the bed but Sofia who is buttoning up tells Arturo that she has to go. She is running towards the livingroom. He is coming after her. He grabs her and tells her he wants her to stay with him. Kisses, she has to leave, he is holding on to her, more sweet kisses, Flavio and Samuel who are coming from their rooms realize that Sofia and Arturo are in their elements and they decide to go back and  give them some room. Artuto grabs her and wants to go back to the room but Sofia has to go. More sweet kisses!!! She tells him that he is Crazy and “Enough!” She laughs as she leaves.

Sammy and Flavio tease Arturo about the hot reconciliation he must have had with Sofia and Sofia. They start tickling him hehehe so funny!!!

Sofia sneaks back into the house and if caught by Felipe. She tries to beat around the bush about the issue with her spending the night out but Felipe is not stupid. He knows she spent the night with Arturo. She tells Felipe how she is super happy that she is back together with him. He is her life. Cayetana comes over and asks them what they are up to. Felipe covers up for Sofia making up an excuse for Sofi.

Later that morning, the whole DJ family is having breakfast and Sofia tells them that the next day will be the Baptism of Arturito in the Alcazar ranch and the entire family is invited “Except Leonardo of course” Leo is not surprised at the news in the least. Cayetana tells her that she cannot attend the party at the house of those men. Sofia is dissapointed but the show must go on. She tells Andrea that she will be the godmother of the baby. Everyone including Cayetana is happy well until Sofia mentions that the Padrino(God father) will be one of the Gallardo brothers hehehe… Pablo comes over to take instrutions from Sofia. Nieves then brings and envelope for Andrea and she almost runs out of the living room.

Andrea is in her room when she reads the contents of the letter. It’s the president of FBH writting to inform her that he has increased the amounto for the charity… “Yours truly Samuel Gallardo Leon” Andrea who is overjoyed Summersaults in her bed and starts rolling around excited saying that he likes her when Irina and Sofia enter. She uses her acrobatics to hide the letter. They ask her why she got so excited and ran off. She tells them that it’s because of her foundation. Andrea then asks which of the Brothers will be the Padrino and Sofia tells her Samuel. Irina thinks that Andrea always had a problem with Samuel but Andrea surprisingly is okay with it hehehehe Love changes people!

Back at the Alcazar Ranch, Arturo tells Samuel about him being the Padrino. He is super excited and Arturo expects him to be angry when he tells her that Andrea is actually the Madrino but he takes it very well hehehe

Cayetana meets up with Leo and apologizs for not giving into him the previous night. Leo tells her that he is already used to being humiliated and insulted by her family. Cayetana assures him that she respects him.

Arturo has gone to try and Urge Emilio to sell him that Gallrdo ranch because it has a lot of sentimental value to him and he can buy whatever ranch he wants. Emilio though very hesitant, tells him that he will have to consult with Crazy Isadora because the ranch is her property. Arturo doesn’t look pleased with that!

Patricia asks Candela to help her escape to see Samuel and Candela tells her that she doesn’t want trouble with Ulyses. Patricia tells her that she is just being a big Coward and Candela tells her that she prefers being a alive and owardly than dead and brave hehe…

We are back with Cayetana and Leo. Leo asks her is she would rather sacrifice her own happiness to please her daughters. Leo asks her if she has changed her mind and doesn’t want to marry him anymore, she tells him that it’s impossible. Irina finds them holding hands and shouts “Mama!… I hope am not interrupting anything important”

Leo with his big mouth “Whether or not you are interrupting depends on what you saw”

Cayetana changes the subject when Leo leaves. Irina begs her to attend the baby’s baptism.

Emilio speaks to Marcovich and his baldness (I have no idea what the name of this other baldy is hehehe) The guys are telling him about Isadora being the Dona. He is not happy about that and thinks Isadora will destroy all their plans

It’s the day of the baptism and everyone is looking spectacular but no one beats Sofia, She is looking incredible in those shorts that I just got to have!!! Sofia asks if Cayetana is coming and Irina tells her not to hold her breath. Felipe is adding his input in the matter when Cayetana who is also looking spectacular comes over and says she is not going to miss the baptism for nothing. She then tells Leo that she would die first before allowing the Gallardos to baptise her Nieto without her consent.

Isadora and Ulyses are talking in an old shack. Isadora decides to shoot open a lock probably put up by her father and they bump into a man who looks abandoned like he has been held hostage for a while… Could it be Jose Antonio??

The Boys are all dressed up in suits waiting for the Del Juncos. The DJ’s are running late and Arturo is worried about what could be happening. Cayetana makes her triumphant Entry into the chapel holding the baby in her arms and tells Arturo that she only came for the baby!!!




The scene open up with Jack and Leah venture out and they see an immigration officer accosting an illegal alien and Jack warns her about the dangers of being reported when her visa expires. She is taught not to be a show-off, not to borrow money all the time and to be invisible, so that people will not notice her. And the word DEPORTED is repeated over and over again, so she will be careful. The sequence is made funny because they are shown hiding behind their hands every time they witness someone investigated by the immigration officers. Jack tells Leah to just follow everything she says and she will be fine. It's probably more difficult in real life but
they portrayed it well, that life is not always easy even in the land of plenty.
Clark is shown at another job of his, being a waiter at a bar. His friend Cullen comes over and asks him to join them because he's so busy. It's Talent Night at the bar, and a chance to win some money. Cullen wants him to join, but he says he's a waiter, and can't. Clark, was forced to sing...of course...it's the theme song again otwol. And yes Clark has a pleasant voice, it's a bit on the thin side but he can certainly carry a tune. 
Leah is introduced to her new job and now she knows what "invisible" means because she is literally made to pass the back passages. Jack helps those without papers but they have to do it incognito. She gets the salary, she pays the tax but she passes on the money to the one who really worked on the job. Leah finds out how tough it is when she is made to clean the whole building, which will take the whole night. Leah tells herself."I can do it and proceeds to do her job, cleaning one room at a time. Meanwhile, Clark is doing the same thing, and the superimposing and interspersing of scenes makes for a great montage, both are cleaning up in the late night. There's even a short horror clip for special effect. (I loved the scene where both are lying on the floor exhausted and made to appear that they are facing each other) .
When Leah got her first pay, she was overwhelmed and Jack told her to go reward herself, but Leah refused because she had to send it to her family back to the Philippines. Jack told her that she reminds her of her nephew Clark. Leah computes her earnings, and it amounts to 51k a month, a lot better than what she gets in the PH, Of course she's interested in getting a green card, because that will mean better-paying jobs, but it will really take a while before she gets it. Jack told her to persevere in the small paying jobs, swallow her pride for her family. Leah sad she doesn't want to fail...for her Tatang. And Jack is touched by her love for her family, and they share a tear-filled moment as she is called anOFW(over seas philipino workers) , that which sacrifices everything, blood, sweat and even honor for the families they left behind.
Clark apparently also has that heart because he wanted to buy a gift for his sister, despite his money problems. Denzel reminded him of this but he saids he's going to get her one anyway because she's expecting.and Clark says "Story of my life." Aww. (The special handshake between the two friends is well-choreographed.) 
Meanwhile, Leah still can't find her mother's grave but promises to never stop looking. She Skypes with Tiffany who asked her how she was and she proudly says she has a job already. Tiffany reminded her of her promise and she respectfully says she will keep it.
Clark's payment of the month is given to Barracuda. Threats are made and he promises to keep his promise.
Leah's different jobs are shown, babysitting brats, (the little girl looks like Yassi Pressman) boys throwing food at each other with her in the crossfire. And yet, she is shown being able to literally in different corners of her room, for different people and purposes. She walks to work and she's really tired, and rests for a while but her bag is stolen. Then the old person she is caring for is cranky and blames everything on her, and verbally abuses her. This drives her to tears, as she cleans up the mess. . It is a hard life, as she's learning fast and one thing that helps her is talking to her Mum who probably experienced the same thing. She appreciated what her mother has done for her even more. A bird flies out the windown and she takes it as a sign that her mother is listening.☺
Jack greeted her brother a happy birthday through Skype. It looks like her brothers Romy and Abet are good for nothing bums, πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚who are only out for a good time and not really helping the grandmother Pachang. Jack, turns out is supporting all of them, A lot of people depend on them for everything. Even small items are put inboxes for their families in PH. They talked about Jigs, how Jack has spoiled him and that's why he's rough on the edges, she even asked her to consider taking Jigs back, but this is disregarded by Leah. Jack informed Leah of a new employment opportunity of someone who can attend to her working visa.
Clark comes along to visit Jack and she used this opportunity to tell him to try to get to know her boarder better. He grudgingly agreed. 
(This is an eye-opener of an episode which really shows the other side of working abroad. It's not always a bed of roses and only the strong survive.) 
Leah meets up with a prospective employer. This sleazy-looking sketchy man who has a goatee and looks like a Chinese mafia. Leah promised to do everything, and so he threws her a skimpy attire and asks her to audition for sexy pole dancing. (What!) Needless to say, the offer is rescinded.
Clark is tired of waiting for this boarder of Aunt Jack, and said he has to leave, but not before he is cornered by his Jack about why he only has $30 to send to his siblings in the Philippines. And he is forced to say he is paying the loanshark. As expected the Aunt Jack is mad, and told him so, that the next time he has a problem with money he has to come to her and no one else. Clark and Jack have this cute greeting and leave taking thing going on, they bump their foreheads together. There is a strong bond between the two.(I adore them) 
Meanwhile we have dejected Leah walking home, tired and frustrated, and someone dumps water on her from above. Then all wet, she bumps into Clark, yet again.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Clark is angry again, "Great you again. Look at what you did to my clothes. " "Sorry Sir." He continues "Are you doing this on purpose?" "Why?" the wet Leah asked. "I'm going to get a restraining order against you." Leah. Why are you always angry at me?" "Cos, I don't even know you, you're making my life hell." Leah answered "My life is already hell today too!" Clark again said "Who cares?" (Zero chills Clarky boy!) to which Leah just shouted after him, "Sorry!"
Jack is so apologetic to Leah for that job recommendation. And now the only course available for Leah to take, because she doesn't want to be a illegal is to marry an American so she can get a green card. She is only too willing, until she finds out what it is. It is repulsive to her, and even asked Jack if it's illegal. But Jack is just calling it a "shortcut". Many Filipinos have resorted to it in the past, including her. She had to pay an old bald American guy to marry her just so she can get a green card. Leah says she cannot do it, because she cannot fall in love. But the term marriage of convenience is introduced to her, and explained. She doesn't have to be in love to get married. This is still unacceptable to her because of what her father has ingrained in her this whole time that marrej is all about love.
Mr. Sol receives the bad news that he needs a heart bypass surgery from his doctor. He doesn't have the resources. "Health is wealth" from the doc and "Health is for the wealthy"
The upside is the good news from Leah that she is now able to send money to them but she sugarcoats her condition and says she is in a good state and they shouldn't worry about her. This is relayed to Tifan when she called her but he doesn't tell Tiffany of his own troubles.
Leah was deliberating her choices on whether to explore the marriage of convenience in a church, and when a bird flies into the church she gets her answer. I like it that she does this in prayer o amount of computing is solving it. Leah is computing on her own, because she is starting to warm up to the idea of an arranged marriage, all for the price of $3500 And Jack and Leah is becoming amenable to any just to get a green card but Jack doesn't want her to get into trouble. Leah speaks of destiny, maybe she wasn't destined to be married to someone she doesn't love, and Jack sees this as an opening to push forward the option of Jigs again, but realizes that they have to find one in two weeks.
This problem is shared with Clark, who just says she should just go TNT, because that won't kill her, and there are people with bigger problems. Jack asks him about his situation, he says he's handling it. But Jack knows he's working himself to death with 4 jobs just to be able to pay. And it hits her..."What if, He gets marred, running, this is getting exciting!)
Clark actually chokes on his water but Jack was determined to be heard out. It is a perfect plan...Leah is willing to pay money, and he needs money. But Clark has the same reaction as Leah, "No way" to getting married to someone they don't even know. But his aunt pleads for him to think about it, she has been in America long enough to know the system and how it works, and she pulls the family card. Do it for your cousin Jigs. This will help him a lot. And we see a whole other side to Clark, he is not always sungit after all. Clark gave in.to the idea.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


We kick off this episode with Ana acting out and feigning devastation in front of her mother and Renato who obviously knows the plan but is playing shocked πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  Adan and Conrado are inside their car dealing drugs.  They have a little cop scare and decide you act like normal people chilling in a car.  Riquelme is giving the damned press conference that he has been trying to avoid giving since πŸ˜‚ he is pissed off and as the press keeps pressing for answers after he tells them that ten people passed from the restaurant incident he looses his cool on the journalist and tells them that for the respect of the affected they shouldn't ask so many questions. He gives them the basic facts and tells them that he doesn't have any more information to give  he leaves.  Meanwhile Conrado and Adan are selling the coke to some client who irritates Adan by calling him a driver πŸ˜‚  Conrado assures him that the Coke they are selling b him is 100℅ pure and it's straight from Columbia.  The guy will try it and see if he will be ordering more. 

Meanwhile the hotel calls to confirm Adans checks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ his wife doesn't understand why he has checks there so naturally her oversabi self takes her to the hotel where she meets up with Alejandro and Adan and Conrado who just got back from their work πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚

Anastasia is really acting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she can't even get into the house because she is apparently very devastated πŸ˜‚ her mother is trying to calm her down but I have a hint she already knows this one is just a play.  The police arrive and Anastasias acting gets even more intense πŸ˜‚  we already know that we have only two detectives in Miami about now so they approach her,  they need to take his body.  Ana who is crocodile crying on the steps rushes over to where her husbands body lay and is shouting to them as she fake cries that they can't take him πŸ˜‚  she is crying over her husband's body that even Renato is shocked and he I am giving her that chicken meme look of you know you lying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  OMG she is even asking who could have done this to Nathaniel πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #offuciallydead .  The police are buying this story πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’ as Renato chicken meme look intensifies πŸ˜‚

Meanwhile Adan is in hot soup as the two other guy leave him to explain what it is they are up to in the hotel.  As Adan stammers upon his words and beats around the bush without really v saying anything,  inside Conrado and Ale are cleaning up the place as Ale wonders how it is that Vero knows nothing about the business πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  fortunately Ale had bought some perfume for his wife and Conrado gets the fantastic idea and saves Adan by lying to Vero that they are into the perfume business.  The story still doesn't add up because Vero doesn't get why they need to hide.  Conrado who seems to be the fast thinker of the three tells her that because the perfume they are selling are knockoffs.  Vero still think a it's a felony and throws a tantrum as she leaves,  imagine the scene she would have thrown if she knew what they were actually dealing with πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Vero talks to Adan outside about the perfume business and she thinks he should have stuck to his job but there is nothing Adan can do anymore about it,  what's done is done. She married an looser period.  She leaves in a fit.  Meanwhile Ignacio is working out inside his apartment when he receives a message.  He goes over to his phone or is it a pager and gets the news that Nathaniel is dead.  Immediately he calls Columbia πŸ˜‚ Leandro has already been thinking about replacing him with another hitman when Elizondo tells him confidently that he killed the king πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (yeah yeah take the credit for what you didn't doπŸ˜’πŸ˜’) 

Meanwhile the cops are still in Anastasias house trying to get more information from them and Ana keeps acting affected πŸ˜‚ the tears keep flowing as she accuses the Copano not doing their job and wasting time doing irrelevant things instead of focusing in the murder of her husband.  She kicks the cops out pretending to be the aggrieved wife. Meanwhile Conrado ans Adam are back home and Adan feels really bad about lying to his wife but Conrado tells him that they can't even dream about telling Vero because she will freak out.   The cops come over yo question them again the two cops πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ this time about Kimberly AKA Daisy.  They tell them that she doesn't really live in that apartment but in one close to it.  The cops want to check through their bags and they are almost bursted but Daisy walking around the area provides perfect distraction for the cops who chase after her.  The catch Daisy and take her to the station where she tells them about the events of that night.  She does confirm that the guy who committed the murder was Columbian.   (Funniest part is Ana pretending that her husband is actually a good man πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) 

Meanwhile Leandro is happy about Nataniels death and his daughter Paola thinks he should now stop the rivalry but Leandro won't stop until he wipes off all the Conrados from the face of the earth starting with Nataniels widow Anastasia.   Erika goes to the audition and is told to strip naked.  It seems the director is into producing erotic movies πŸ˜‚ He likes Erika and later wants to drive her home but she refuses only to be almost hit by a motorbike.  She accepts his offer to take her home.  Conrado sees her coming with that guy while was obviously flirting with her and gets duper angry.  They get into a fight which leads to Conrado getting hot slaps across his face.  Meanwhile the news about Nataniels death is all over the news.

Back at Ana's house her mother seems to think that its such a pleasant coincidence that Nataniesdied just when Ana wanted to get back at him.  Ana doesn't want her mother even thinking about her as the killer. πŸ˜‚ she asks her to leave her and Renato alone and warns her into to be eavesdropping behind the door.  She tells Renato that her mother might have the face of a saint but she can't be trusted.  They both agree that even Gina need a to be silenced.  Irene goes to talk to Gina and Ana comes in asks Irene to leave them alone.  She tells Gina that she won't touch a hair on her head and will let her do whatever she likes but dare she open that mouth of hers,  she knows what will happen.  Her looks is terrifying enough πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ale is in his house when he hears the news of Nataniels death.   The drugs are doing a number on his and he is telling the tv that it's lying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ his wife wants to get it on with him but he pushes her away telling her what he is watching is important (which it kind of is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ )  his wife is angry bout his rejection πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and almost bursts his head with two glasses of bear as she discredits his worth as a man.  Conrado later calls Ale who confirms to both home and Adan that Nataniels is actually dead.

We start off where we left off. Leo bringing his stupid self to the fence to reproach Sofia for meeting up with Arturo(FyI Leo she is not your wife!!) “Arturito Galardo!!" I have no clue whether he was referring to the big one or the little one.He reminds Arturo that Cayetana had prohibited him from setting foot on the ranch. Arturo hands over Arturito to Sofia as he gets ready to settle things man to man with Leo. Leo punches him first. Sofia complains, Arturo retaliates and punches him back with so much power that Leo falls on the floor with a thud. Arturo wants to continue punching him and grabs him by the collar to give him another when Sofia signals to him to stop. He let's Leo go ( Shit!! I thought he would hit him more!!!) Leo leaves and Sofia and Arturo move closer to the Fence. Arturo tells her that he is tired of being away from her and their son. He thinks the three of them should be together. Sofia tells him all in good time, her mother had a scare when she heard about the marriage between their siblings and this news would hurt her even more. Arturo is convinced and let's her ho but not without a great kiss!!! Mwaaaaaaa!!! Sweet. :-* :-*

Cayetana is talking to Andrea about the mystery man who sent her the dress. She wants to know who he is but Andrea is not letting out any information. She then tells Andrea that the man who sent her that dress must be very interested in her. Andrea is shocked and asks her mother “You think that that man is interested in me?"
“Yes my love"
“You are exergerating"
“Wait my love, when a man sends a woman a dress it's because he has her body engraved in his mind"(hehehehehe good advice he he he if you only knew Cayetana!!) Andrea evades telling her mother the name of the man and she tells her she has something really important to do. On her way out she bumps into Leo who looks beaten up. Leo tells them that Sofia was with Arturo on the DJ side of the ranch.Cayetana is not happy at all with this and says all the Gallardos are Bastards and down goes all hopes of her ever accepting this beamimg attraction between Samuel and Andrea!!!

Meanwhile Arturo tells Soledad about his encounter with Leo and how he provoked him into fighting. Sole dad thinks that he should back acting like a dad. He then breaks the news about his reconciliation with Sofia and Sole dad is so happy that she even prays( From her mouth to Mundo God's ears!! Sofi and Arturo can't break up again!!)

Back at the DJ ranch, Cayetana is talking to Leo and telling him that she hopes Sofia is not back with Arturo but Leo tells her that he is almost sure that Sofia got back together with Arturo. Cayetana swears that Sofi will hear from her and Sofia enters just then and asks her to tell her everything she wants to say. Cayetana asks her why she let Arturo set foot on their ranch and Sofi turns to Leo calling him a coward and asking him if it was necessary for him to go with the info to her mother. She then calls him a coward but Leo tells her that she and Irina are going to kill Cayetana one day. Cayetana tells her that Leo is the one who cares more the the ranch that her and she doesn't want Arturo setting foot on it. Sofia reminds her that Arturo is the father of her baby and she is also part owner of the ranch. Cayetana tellls her that she doesn't want any Gallardo setting foot on her land and Sofia tells her that in that case she will take her son to live with his father. Sofi goes upstairs and Leo tells Cayetana that he is sure that Sofia is back with Arturo.

Flavio is talking to Dario about the whole Irina and the commercial thing and he doesn't want her to be naked with any other man. Dario doesn't think its an issue since at the end of the day Irina is his wife and a lot of people would appreciate her beauty but he is the only one who will have her. Flavio well do whatever it takes to get Irina yo stop the commercial. He is willing to spend all his money. Meanwhile Bianchini is telling Irina about the commercial. He tells her that she will have to be naked but Irina doesn't want to do it naked. Bianchini thinks that since she is a proffesional, it shouldn't be a problem for her but when Irina hesitates, he thinks its because of Flavio. Irina lies and tells him that her family is old fashioned, Oooh her grandpa, they might not understand. Bianchini agrees to change the settings but tells her that she would have to kiss the male model at the end...

Rocio and Nieves are gossiping about the secret marriages between Flavio and Irina. Nieves then asks her what she is planning to do about her issue with Pablo and she tells her that she wants to marry him and then get pregnant so that he doesn't find out about the miscarriage.

Soledad has gone to visit Alma and Jose Antonio's grave when Juan finds her. Juan is shocked to learn that Sole was Jose Antonio's mistress and Veronica's mother.

Linda talks to Emilio and tells him that Isadora is not well. She might have a mental illness. Ververde thinks that Isa's issue is Arturo but Linda thinks it's much worse. She warns him to take care otherwise Isa might end up doing something crazy. meanwhile Sammy receives a gift from Andrea. It's a vest identical to the one Andrea had been keeping very early in the show and had made Sammy wash her car with. The gift is accompanied with a card. He reads it and is left saying “Andrea, Andrea..." Ooh Iike it!!!...

The captain receives a witness, thebguu gives the a clue on where the arms trafficking happens. They leave for Palenque and meet Emilio. Fernandez asks him whether he knew anything about the arms trafficking that happens in the Palenque...

Andrea is back from shopping and has bought herself new clothes including some sexy lingerie in preparation for her thing with Sammy. Irina comes over to her room and starts pouncing on the clothes Andrea bought grabbing them and telling her she is going to keep them. Andrea and Irina struggle for the clothes while laughing and making a lot of noise when Sofia enters and seals their lips with hare hands. Irina then tells her about Andrea's new wardrobe and they grab the clothes while playing catch with each other trying to pressure Andrea into telling them who the mystery man is. Andrea runs from them and they are left there wondering who the man is that has made Andrea so happy!!

Back at the Alcazar ranch Sammy is wearing the vest that Andrea sent him hehehehe Arturo comes over and the three brothers talk for a while.Flavio is wondering why Sammy decided to wear that outdated vest again.

Cayetana and Leo call a family meeting to discuss among other things how they want to withdraw all their cash from FBH. everyone including Andrea thinks its a bad idea. Cayetana makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with the Gallardos and Sofia tells her that she has forced her to move the baptism of Arturito to the Alcazar mansion!!

Flavio is determined to remove Irina from the commercial and he is willing to do anything. He goes to Bianchini and has a proposal he can't refuse. A partnership with FBH that will benefit all parties.

Meanwhile, Arturo is sitting on his own in the livingroom thinking about Sofia when she arrives all fired up. He gets up from his seat and gives her a well deserved deep kiss... He the asks her about Arturito and she tells him that she left him with Nieves to come and see his father... Kisses...sweet lord!! He he then tells her as he grabs her by the waist, “I always need you this close to me, so that I can make love to you over again"
“I am yours Arturo, make me yours tonight and every other night after!!" Wohoo kisses... More kisses... Clothes off, more kisses... A lot of censored scenes that obviously will be cutt off by Telemundo... I can attest to feeling the uncensored passion hehehehehe... They end up making love :-* :-* :-*  after the hot scene they are in each others arms in bed when Sofia inquires about Sammy and Andrea, Arturo doesn't think it's possible!!!

Back to the DJ ranch, Andrea receives a Skype call and when she finds out that its Samuel Rey Gallardo calling she gets all craxu trying to fix herself up but look more natural but her idea is to shake her head up and down and mess her hair up. She finally receives it and Samuel looks up “Andrea hi"

The episode just has to end with a distasteful episode of Cayetana and Leo getting fresh with each other and someone knocks at the door... Hope they get busted for pits sake!!!

Monday, December 18, 2017


Woohooo… I loved this episode alot because of so much drama yet so much love…
Hope you found someone to make you less bitter
We start off at the party, Samuel messes things up by asking Andrea if she finally found a man who could make her less bitter and she responds by throwing her wine glass to his face hehehehe Sammy really doesn’t know how to act around Andrea. She is angry at him because finally when she started making strides to change and become a better person so that he sees her differently, all he does is hurt her, She tells him that he an imbicel who will never know how to treat a woman. Isadora and Linda tell Andrea that it was rude and unnesesary to do that and we can see Ververde taking out his handkerchief to wipe the wine off Sammy’s fine fine suit on his fine self (hehhehehe) Andrea dashes out of the party and though Flavio tells Sammy not to, he follows her. Andrea is driving wrecklessly and is obviously drunk and out of control. Samuel is genuinely concerned about her and tells her to slow down but Andrea refuses and is throwing insults at him. She finally crashes on a tree and Sammy runs out to take her out of the car… From the look on his face, he feels like a complete fool for once again hurting her…

Bruja, wake up…can you hear me??

Sammy carries Andrea to his house and his house and Soledad is there to help him take care of her.

It was an accident
Sammy calls the family doctor to check up on her and the doctor tells them that she will be fine but warns them thatAndrea shouldn’t have been drunk while driving, it’s a crime. Sammy and Sole tell him that it very unlike her to drink. Sole then adds that Andrea is very responsible and doesn’t drink much but it looks like it overwhelmed her. Sole shows the doctor out and Samuel is left in the room with little brujita. He is looking at her and I think for the first time ever he is starting to see the very gorgeous young woman she is… He takes her hands and places them well.

Bruja you aren’t so bad after all
Andrea finally wakes up. She is shocked to find herself in the Alcazar ranch and Samuel is there looking at her. Andrea shocked Excaims

“What is this? Again?”

“Yes, again. Once again you’re in my room and in my bed. And this is after you swore you’d never return, eh?’

“You didn’t have to bring me here.”

“Well, what did you want? For me to leave you on the highway passed out? And not from the crash, eh? From being drunk.”

“I wasn’t drunk, Samuel. And you didn’t have to put me in your bed. Are there no other bedrooms in this house?”

” Yeah, there are. But I like to be contrary with you, it’s fun, especially after you ruined my suit with your champagne.”

” That was for being rude. Besides, you’ve ruined a dress so now we’re even.”

That’as their most civilised converastion. She wants to leave but Sammy grabs her hands…


Sole comes in and wants to give Andrea some tea or coffee but Andrea tells her that she has to go. She heads for the door but Samuel calls her back and hands her her keys telling her that she wasn’t planning to leave without them…


Sofi goes out to meet up with Arturo and leaves baby Arturito in the ranch with Nieves. Sofi shows up at the Alcazar ranch and is making fun of their meeting at the beach when they first made love. They then leave to the pond area where they kiss and make love!!!

To the woods!!!!

After  making love, they lie on the cold hard floor inside each others arms… man it has been too long. Sofi tells her that she has to leave…

” I don’t want you to leave my side sweetheart”

” I know, but I can’t leave the baby for so long, my love. He’s with Nieves, but that’s not the same as being with mom”

” Of course not. I know you’re the best mother in the world and only for him would I let you leave, I’m only willing to share you with Arturito”

”  It’s like having a part of you. I look at his eyes, his smile, and it reminds me of you.”

“I want the both of you with me. Now nothing stands in our way. Marry me?”

Arturo looking gorgeous with his fine body!!
Arturo looking gorgeous with his fine body!!
Sofi still has her doubts about Isadora and his relationship with her. Arturo swears that he had nothing with her and tells her about the kidnapping. Sofia tells him about how she made a call to Isadora and how Isa told her that he was with her but Arturo swwears that he has nothing with Isadora…


Flavio sends Irina a bounquet of flowers adessing it to his lovely wife from her husband. Cayetana grabs the flowers and reads the card. She thinks it’s a joke and the look on Irina’s face tells it all… She is so busted. There is an enveloped allso attached to the flowers, a copy of the marriage lincese. Cayetana is in shock, disbelief and asks Irina how she can be married to that man. She gives Irina a hot slap right across her face then starts having one of her fake heart attacks. Leo the ever present pain in the ass is there to take Ceyetana to her room hehehehe… Irina then calls Flavio…

” Irina”

“You finally answered, I called you so many times”

“Well, I’ve lost track of the messages and texts I sent you that you never answered. Now you know how it feels love.”

“Oh of course! So this is revenge? Right, sorry, I forgot that this is your style, Flavio! Well, let me tell you, you’re turning into the master of backstabbing, but don’t be surprised when I stab you back.”

“That sounds interesting. If I had to die by someone’s hand, I would rather it be you, my love.”

Irina is angry that he had to send the marriage lincese and Flavio tells her that it was his way of paying her back for the restraining order she filed against him. Irina tells him that it isn’t over!!!

Miranda comes to see Rocio to offer her money to keep up with the pregnancy sham on Pablo. Pablo comes in finds Miranda and chases her out but Rocio doesn’t look like she has the heart to tell Pablo the truth.

The girls arrive back home and Irina tells them about Cayetana learning about her marriage to Flavio and her dumb reaction. They all run to her room and Irina tells Cayetana that she will divorce Flavio because her mother’s health is more important to her…

Arturo shows up at the party and wants to confront Isadora for her lies.

What the heck did you tell my chaparita?


We start off with Arturo visiting Isadora at the party. Is a is all excited about the visit until she finds out that Arturo only came to confront her about the lie she had told Sofia. She beats around the bush but finally gets to confess that yes she did exergerate a little. Arturo makes it clear, he doesn't want her near him, his son or his mujer(woman!! It sounds sexier in Spanish!!) He leaves. Isadora is dead drunk and is talking like a crazy person. She wants Sofia out of her way. Lines who tries to kick some sense into Isadora's mind by contradicting her gets shouted at with Is a breaking some glass on the floor and telling herb that Arturo belongs to only her. Linda probably figures that Is a has gone loco and decides to agree with her just to pacify her... Which begs me to ask the question Is love by force? Or fire? He he he coz this woman has lost it!!!

Back at the DJ ranch, the girls are still inside with their mother who has just had a quick recovery almost miraculous from her mild heart attack. They are speaking about Sofia and Arturo and all the dynamics surrounding Arturitos visitation. Sofia tells Cayetana that since Arturo won't be setting foot on the ranch, she has to be taking the kid to him and Cayetana warns her again that she hopes the visitations are only because of nachito. Sofi wants to contradict her mother once again but Irina holds her hand to calm her down and tells Cayetana that they will do whatever she wishes. She then apologizes for her marriage to Flavio( Irina until when will you baby around in this relationship?? Woman up!!)

Back at the Alcazar ranch, the boys are telling Flaviobto trend carefully with Irina. They don't want him to continue making scenes that would end up hurting him and Flavio is retaliating that Irina is his wife. Arturo just warns him and leaves for his room. Meanwhile back in the DJ ranch, Irina is speaking to Sofia about fighting for Arturitos's right to be with his father and Sofia tells her that it's not only Arturito that she is fighting for here. Irina asks if she is back together with Arturo and Sofia confirms it and tells her how good it felt to be in his arms again. Irina is glad for her but is worried about his issue with Isadora. Sofia explains that it was all a plan by that woman to break them apart...

The next morning the boys notice that Arturo is more jovial than ever before. They try to ask him what the reason if for his joy and Arturo refuses to tell them that he is back with Sofia. He leaves coz apparently he has to go to work and Flavio mentions to Sammy that though he might be happy about Arturito, that smile on his face is not because of the child, that is something else... He he he he leaves and Samuel gets an idea, he wants his secretary to do him a favor... He he he Andrea!!!

At Palenque Patricia is overjoyed that Ulyses is going for a couple of days to Mexico and she is telling Candela that she can't wait for Ulyses to go so that she can be with he Samuel. Uly is telling Rodger that he can't allow Patricia to be alone so he will need Rodger to be his eyes and ears 24/7 over Patricia. Patricia comes over to pretend she is sad over Ulys departure but he tells her that she will be with Rodger throughout. Obviously Patricia doesn't like it and tries to contest but Ulyses tells her not to make him think that she might be chasing after Sammy. Patricia agrees to the awkward arrangement just to make Uly happy.

Isadora is checking her gun when Linda comes in. She hides it so that Linda doesn't catch sight of it. Linda tells her that she thinks Is a should get some help from a doctor but Is a lashes out at her screaming that she is not sick!! Linda leaves when the bell rings. It's Sofia. I am pretty sure the gun is meant to shoot her brains out. Is a confirms if she is alone and tries to talk to her about Arturo. Sofia tells her that she will never believe any word Isa speaks against the father of her baby and the man she loves. Isadora then goes crazy telling her that a woman enamorada(in love) was capable of anything, she then tells her that she loves Arturo more than her own life and would do anything to have him. Sofia tells her that she is sick in the head and Isa calms down for a second. She then reaches for the gun telling her that Arturo preferred Sofi and the babu over her but just when she is about to make her move, Emilio enters. He saves Sofia from death and tells her that she is always welcomed to his house. Sofia leaves and Emilio confronts Isadora for her craziness and tells her that she will not allow her to destroy his hard earned empire and make the police disturb him all the time!!

Meanwhile at el spa, Vero is speaking to her mother Miranda and as usual Miranda sounds like an annoying mosquito with her comments against Flavio who she refers to as stole Beatrice's mula and Pablo who she refers to as a penyless bum!! Vero as usual won't let her speak I'll of either Pablo or Flavio, both men are very important to her and mostly Pablo who is the love of her life. Miranda thinks its ridiculous that she is hanging on to a man with nothing on his name except a baby from another woman. ( hehehehe that was kind of funny) Vero asks her how she fund out and Miranda tells her that she was told by Rocio. Miranda doesnt want to argue any further over the issue. Pablo then calls Vero and tells her that he needs to see her just one last time he he he :-* :-*  Vero arrives in the beach, they walk holding hands, they say their goodbyes when Pablo tells her that he cant abandon his responsibilities, Pablo is walking away veeeeeeeeerrrrry slowwwwly (I bet you if a giant tortoise was placed beside him it would go faster hehehehehehehehe pablooo hehehehe) As pablo is moving at a baby snails speed hehehe kikikiki jajajaja so funny!! Vero is moving swiftly into the deep ocean... Pablo looks back , no Vero, she has dissappeared into the ocean! Lo and behold is this Pablo moving with the speed of bolt or are my eyes decieving me!?? Hehehe he is one touch in the water, one touch, swiming around. He finally finds her, one thing leads to another, kissing, bam no clothes, and yes, shit happens... Hehehe.. That was quick for a guy who can barely walk hehehe...

So Andrea is talking to her grandfather in the living room when Felipe comments that there must be someone special for Andrea to be looking more gorgeous than ever. Andrea denies it but given how fantastic her shoes are, I doubt if Feli actually buus that lame story. Nieves goes to the door to recieve a package and hands over the well wrapped expensive box to Andrea. Andrea recieves at as Cayetana the snoop ckimbs down. She wants to know wo the admirer is that wants to steal her only remaing sane daughter. She tells Andrea to open it and when she does she finds a dress identical to the one Samy had ruined. Andrea is freaked out about Cayetana finding out about the sender. Cayetana wonders who sent the dress but Andrea is all fidgety and telling her that it was probably a mistake. Cayetana fiends the card and Andrea is frozen for a while thinking that Cayetana already knows that it was Sammy but luckily for her the card doesn't have a name. Andrea is relieved and almost twists her ankle literally running away with the dress. 

Dario is telling Irina about his new partner when Flavio arrives to introduce himself as the new Partner. But of course Irina overreacts, throws a fit telling him that he will call the police for him violating the retraining order. She then threatens to quit and brags about having a commercial coming up about Abys perfume and having a better partner than Flavio... Irina is such a baby!! 

Andrea goes into the room to check out the dress and is all excited, she is talking to herself asking herself what Sammy intended by giving her the dress. Nieves comes into the room and obviously has the idea of who the mystery man is. Meanwhile in FBH, Samuel asks the secretary if she did what he asked and she tells him that she did. Samuel then calls Andrea to just confirm if she liked his gift buy of course she did given how big the smile on her face is. He doesn't allow her to speak much to avoid fighting and he hangs up. Andrea is blushing but notices that Nieves is looking at her and asks her whether she has nothing else to do than look at her... :-* :-* 

Meanwhile Sofi comes back to the house and takes Arturito out for a walk. Cayetana tells Leo that she has a feeling that those walks are not genuine at all. Sofi meets up a with Arturo and they are lingering in the DJ side of the fence. Leo shows up with his ridiculous hat to cause trouble!! 



We continue with Leah who just bumped into Clark πŸ˜‚ 
“I love you! ”
Clark is taken a back, 
“What did you just say? ”
Leah who now seems to be stammering πŸ˜‚
“I love you.. . USA! ”
She insists he didn't let her finish.  Clark isn't being too fresh with her,  he tells her that he doesn't know where she is from but there in America people don't just go hugging random people.  Leah doesn't hear the rest of what he is saying πŸ˜‚ blahblahblah.  He walks away as she hits herself for acting crazy.

Meanwhile Clark talks to Denzel about a certain Marakuta guy who was looking for him.  Clark tells Den that Marakuta is a loan shark and he owes him money.  He wasn't able to raise enough for his siblings tuition the previous month.  They then talk about how Clark met up with a very weird girl outside πŸ˜‚

Leah and the rear of the choir are eating.  The food was catered for by some people Lorenzo and his wife.  Leah asks them to excuse her.  As she is going I think to the loo,  she happens to see Clark and to save herself from embarrassment she starts hiding trying to keep him from seeing her πŸ˜‚ she ends up back at the table and when the coast is clear she joins the others.

Meanwhile Jigz is a moron πŸ˜‚ he sends a group of muscled guys to serenade Leah back at her neighborhood πŸ˜‚ they come and perform a dance number then reveal their messages by holding up letters and with the writings on their chests πŸ˜‚ “Leah I luv you,  am sorry ” High then makes his grand entrance with some teddy bear and flowers.  To his disappointment he is told that Leah already left for the states and is super angry about that destroying the poor teddy.  Leah's father tells him that he is just plain stupid because he knew very well that Leah was scheduled to leave.  He then calls Leah as if everything is okay.  He can't believe that she actually chose to leave without him but he will forgive her as long as their next monthly celebration is on her.  Leah tells him that their relationship is over because he ended it.  She doesn't want him waiting for her because she has no idea how long she will be staying there. She feels like her destiny is the two and just then we see Clark passing behind her πŸ˜±πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

Jigz goes to talk to some of his friends and tells them that Leah left him.  He obviously won't let her leave him πŸ˜‚  so in his head nothing is over.  Clark is talking to his grandmother overskype.  They are talking about his sibling's money.  Jigs comes over and asks you talk to his mother who comes in immediately.  She misses him,  Jigz is just so angry that his visa was rejected again and feels like his mother isn't doing enough to help him out.  His mother already petitioned him but she tells him that she just became a citizen some two years back and he should just be patient because he is already over the age limit. She would like to make it up to him with some material gift but Jigz still hasn't thought about what he wants from her.,  he is however jealous of his cousin.   He asks her time go meet up with his girlfriend who just arrived in the US with her choir.  She will.  He doesn't even let her tell him how she loves him when he hangs up.  Jackline his mother then talks to her mother who asks  her time help her siblings out with some money to start off some business.  Both Clark and Jackline don't know ow where they will get the money to support their families but they are both survivors and will come up with something.

Leah Skypes with the whole entire village πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  even the parrot for pits sake πŸ˜‚ they ask her questions about how she is doing.  She tells them that she hasn't really been around much.  She will also be visiting her mother's grave the next day.  They are all so happy about her being able times reach the states.  She tells them that she is going to get herself a job soon. She then gets to talk to the woman housing them.  The woman tells her about her story of how she came to the US from the Philippines and her story really touches Leah who tells her that she reminds her of her mother.  Unfortunately her own mother wasn't able to fulfill her dream because she died there.  The woman encourages her not to give up on her dreams.  Meanwhile back in the Philippines,  Jigz is looking at an album,  he sees his mother's pictures and pictures of him and Leah.  He tells himself that he won't let Leah leave him too.

The next day after choir practice,  the choirmaster asks them if any of them would want to extend their stay and three of them including Leah would want to.  She tells them not to become illegal immigrants because they will give the choir a bad name.  Outside Leah meets with Jigz mother who is all too happy to meet her and shows her around San Fransisco.  They then head out to the cemetery to see her mothers grave.  Meanwhile Clark bombs into his father in a restaurant.  His father completely ignores him and walks out with his other son.  Clark later goes to his mother's grave to  rant about his father.  Meanwhile Leah and Backline don't really find the grave and have to go back.  Jack takes her back.  Clark remembers when he and his mother first came to the states with hopes that his father would accept him but how they were disappointed when he rejected him and how his mother eventually die of pneumonia.

Clark is back at the hotel working and afterwards Corbel ,  a friend of him who just came back from his vacation in the Philippines tells them how dope his vaca was and how he met dope girls.  He wants to hook Clark up with some ex of his but Clark tells him that he has different priorities and another job time attend to.  Jack already dropped Leah off and she leaves.  Leah is confused πŸ˜•❓ at where she is.  She bumps into Clark again and thinks he just stole her wallet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she runs after him jumping on his back and telling him to return her wallet.  They see each other face to face and get into an argument,  Leah calling him a thief,  him thinking she is crazy,  she tells him that she isn't insane,  she is just angry and roars πŸ˜‚ Clark knows she is new here and tells her off.  She called him a lemme (didn't really get that)  but lies that that's philipino for handsome.  When Clark walks away from her she finds the wallet inside her bag πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. 

The next day as the choir beautifully sings on the wings of love solod by Leah,  Clark who is an amazing singer ❣❣❣ is outside and enjoys the song so much that he even joins in.  When he heard Leah's beautiful voice he wants to go in when Denzel calls him 😑😑 he doesn't get to see the singer πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

Episode 2 continued On The Wings of Love 
The choir makes it to fourth place and they all seem happy about their achievement.  Leah Skypes her dad and tells him about the great news and he is happy about it.  She also reminds him that she is going to stay over in the US and he reminds her what they talked about,  that she shouldn't even think of becoming an illegal immigrant.  Later she talks to her sister Tiffany who she tells about not being able to find their mother's grave.  She thinks that maybe she just visited the wrong grave but will continue searching  for her grave.  Meanwhile Denzel invites Clark out but he can't go with him because he still has a lot of responsibilities waiting for him in Manila and still need a to pay that Marakuta guy his money.  

Jigs is affected that Leah actually dumped him.  He in at sits that she is just throwing a tantrum and she will be back to him πŸ˜‚  he can't accept that Leah left him and thinks that he should be the one leaving her πŸ˜‚ 
On his way home,  Clark is ambushed by Marakuta (is this even his name?  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)  and two of his men but Clark is so good at this and beats the crap out of them.  He still promises to pay a beat up Marakuta his money.  Jigz gets to talk to Leah over the phone.  They talk about his mother and why she still thinks they are together.  Jigz tells her that she hasn't told his mother yet about the breakup.  He tells her that his mother will help her and hangs up before Leah can nag her anymore about the breakup.  .  On the bus she tells Jackie that she and Jigz already broke up and Jackie thinks it's okay as long as they are still friends.  Leah will be needing a job urgently. Jackie can help. 

The next day at the carpentry shop the kids are helping out with the work and they seem to be ready good at it.  They praise their brother clark for also being great at carpentry.  Just then we see Clark who is done with making furniture at some old woman's house who seems to really admire his work.  Back in Manila,  Jack's brothers seem to be bums πŸ˜‚ when their motgwrvwalks in with some cash,  they automatically think it's theirs but she tells them that its money sent by Clark for his siblings school fees.  She thinks that if they tried to work and stopped making their sister slave away in the US maybe they would be far πŸ˜‚ 

The rest of the choir leaves for the Philippines as Leah remains behind.  She meets up with Jacki who will accommodate her.  Jackie takes her yo her humble house and Leah insists on paying her share of the rent.  Meanwhile back in the Philippines her father seems to be having heart problems 😞😞πŸ˜ͺ



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