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Wednesday, March 28, 2018


We continue with Chucho who just found out that Vicenta is actually alive “So you are alive you bitch! ” he then calls Eldemira an ingrate and reminds her that he got hr out of the streets and gave her a place to stay so that they don't kill her. Vicenta wonders who these people are that wanted to kill her mother. Eldemira tells Chucho that she lied to save her daughter from him so that he doesn't rape her,  Chucho punches her and she falls to the ground. Vicenta tries to fight Chucho but he also hits her with his gun and she falls.  Eldemira tells him that she did it to protect her daughter,  she was only 16, Chucho is all about him and how his family suffered and grieved her death.  He then tells her that he should have let the Aceros kill her as Vicenta who doesn't hear that well kicks the gun off Chuchos hand and grabs him telling him never to touch them again but chucho is stronger and sends her flying to the floor. Eldemira tells him not to touch her daughter as she checks on her but Chucho picks up the gun and tells Vicenta that since she already died ages ago,  no one will mourn her now.  He wants to shoot her but Eldemira jumps in front of the gun and takes the shot.  Albe is with his mother when he hears the shot.  They all figure that Chucho is the one who fired it and he runs with his gun to see what happened despite his mother telling him not to challenge his father. Chucho is still shocked that he shot Elde but still wants you shoot Vicenta to finish her off.  He tells hr that he should have done that sometime back as he points the gun time her but Vicenta pulls out a knife,  disarms him and stabs him in the chest.  She picks the gun and hits him with it.  Albe arrives and checks on his father  Vicenta apologizes for stabbing his father but he had gone crazy.  Albe helps her to get her and her mother out of there.  Her mother tells her to leave her behind,  she can't make it but Vicenta is head strong and will still take her. They leave as Chucho seems to be waking up and cursing at them,  he promises they won't get away. Abelardo takes both Vicenta and Eldemira to the car and tells them to hide well.  He drives them off unnoticed and meet with Erik and bebote from the Aceros. They greet each other casually and Rooster notes how anxious Abelardo seems. He tells them that he is on his way to see an animal he is going to be purchasing .  He manages to leave.  Eldemiras reaction when she hears the name Acero is really suspect. 

Chucho is helped by his nephew who he tells to order the lockdown of all entrances.  He tells him that Vicenta is around and the boy can't believe it.  He tells him that he wants both Vicenta and Elde to kneel before him.  Meanwhile Albes mother is worried sick and her mother in law thinks that maybe Chucho shot at one of the animals. Roosters car arrives and he is asking for Chucho.  Chucho comes back complaining and tells them what happened in a very pissed off way.  They also don't seem to believe that Vicenta is still alive. He tells them that she lied to them and he wants them captured and brought to him.  He will kill her.  Rooster all this time has been asking questions because he was floating throughout the conversation.  Chucho asks for his son and Rooster tells him that he met him in his way out to buy some horse. Chucho doesn't suspect Albe at all and tells his mother to call him to come back immediately.  He is disappointed that his son is never around when he needs him. Rooster offers time help him into the house. Eldemira is bleeding out and Vicenta wants them to stop by a hospital.  Albe gets a call from his granny who actually knows about his love affair with Vicenta and that she was alive all this time.  She is sure that he left with her and wants him time coke back to the ranch so that his father won't suspect anything.  Abel doesn't want time leave Vicenta and Eldemira alone but his granny tells him to come back for the sake of his mother Consuelo,  if Chucho finds out he will take it out on her. (She has a good point. )  she hangs up just as Consuelo enters the room.  Consuelo suspects that the granny knew of Vicenta being alive but she denies and tells Consuelo to go back and tend to her husband. 

Vicenta tells Abel time stop the car,  he needs time go back.  Abel doesn't want to.  Vicenta tells him that she would have wanted things time turn out differently but now that Chucho knows she is a love he will stop at nothing time find her. She tells him that she wants time be with him but not at the expense of his mother being hurt.  Meanwhile Chucho guesses that Vicenta definitely had help getting into the ranch unnoticed.  He tells Rooster and his guys to help him catch Vicenta,  he promises that that would be the best gig of their lives. Later inside his room he calls Indio and asks him to help him as well.  Indio build do it for free because they are partners.  He tells Chucho that that girl Vicenta now has a bulls eye on her head. Abel makes it back hike right after Chuchos nephew gave him directions to Vicentas aunt's house.  Abel pretends to be all shocked by the news of Vicenta being alive and will even accompany his dad in the manhunt but tells him that he will follow soon.  His grandmother finds him alone after calling the house of Vicentas aunt.  He tries to warn them to leave before his father and his men get there but they aren't picking up and Vicentas phone is also dead. He tells his grandma that he will not let them hurt his girlfriend even if his father finds him out,  let all hell breaks loose. Vicenta finally takes her mother to the hospital. 

Tuti is looking at some actress in a magazine and commenting on how too much botox is making actresses look like boxers with disfigured faces πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  the man who came the other day comes back again and this time tells her that she needs time go with him time see someone that will change her life forever. 

Ara is talking to Chava about how much he has grown.  She tells him that prison life was a nightmare but at least she had all of them to take care if her daughter.  She tells Chava that she can't believe she is going to be a mother in law since she is now like his mama.  She tells him that she doesn't really like the daughter ik law that she is going to get but will learn to love her.  Meanwhile they seem to have cut the scene where Chucho and his men kill Vicentas sister and cousin and take away all of Vicentas money.  She arrives with her mother and fins her aunt and niece dead.  They have to hurry and leave that place but she can't find the money she'd been saving all along. Chucho and his men have them cornered.  Her mother wants her time leave through the back door but Vicenta would rather die with her.  Chucho enters and threatens time shout her.  Behind him Abel is pulling out his gun and pointing to him without his knowledge but Vicenta signals him to put it down before his father notices. Elde starts begging for their lives,  Vicenta wants him to shoot and tells her mother that she shouldn't beg him. Vicenta spits on his face and he hits her,  once again Abel points the gun to his father but Vicenta signals him with her hands to put it down.  So things it turns out that Indios men are the one who killed Vicentas aunt and cousin in cold blood and stole all  their money and that's why Chucho tells her that she had nothing to do with their deaths. Chucho tells Abel to close the door,  he wants to rape Vicenta then kill her.  He tells Vicenta some dark secrets about her past and how Chucho apparently helped her mother and her when her father wanted to kill them and Vicenta can't believe it.  

Meanwhile Lorena cokes in and finds Aracely and Chava hugging and starts throwing a jealous tantrum.  She calls Araceley the convinct and Chava tells her to behave,  Ara doesn't mind being called either  that or prostitute,  drug addict etc she is very conniving and throws some shade on Lorena telling her that she shouldn't be that jealous it might hurt her baby and warns her against hurting Chava who is just like a son to her. She reminds Lorena why she was in prison in the first place.  She walks away as Lorena complains about how weird she is.  Chava tells her that she hasn't seen anything yet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. 

Larry recalls pulling the trigger on the woman and her daughter,  they did this apparently behind Chuchos back and they don't want Chucho finding out.  He is outside the hosiery talking to Indio over the phone.  Inside,  Chucho has already started undressing Vicenta and places her on the table as Abel is holding Eldemira back to prevent her from attacking Chucho and him harming her.  Chucho goes on top of Vicenta and starts chocking her while harrasing her and Abel can't take this crap anymore.  He grabs him and takes him away from Vicenta as Vicenta and her mother are now looking on in awe. Chucho is shocked and asks his son if he is capable of shooting him just to defend that woman. Outside the police lead by Daniel arrive and a shoot out ensues.  Abel and his father take cover as Vicenta and her mum are looking for ways to escape.  Indio talks time his men and tell them that they can't let Vicenta escape and look bad in Chuchos eyes,  they must do the impossible to catch her.  Daniel tells his men that he is sure that the coyote is inside and wants them to make sure that they catch the coyote even as he moves closer to the people shooting at them who include Erik and some of the Acero workers. Inside Abel has been able to hold off his father long enough but his father manages to break away and finally has Vicenta and Elde where he wants them.  He points the gun at Vicenta regretting that she will have to die before he has fun with her.  Abel is pointing the gun at his fathers head behind him without him knowing ready to blow out his brains if he dares hurt Vicenta.  Vicenta is signaling him not time do it by shaking her head.  Abel thinks fast and shouts himself in the arm falls down and claims that one of the people outside shot him.  His father Chucho goes to tend to him as Vicenta and her mother escape.  They run outside to drive off with the car as Abel distracts his father even more by crying that he doesn't want to die and he should take him out of there. His father has no choice but to tend to him as Larry and the other guy who just saw Vicenta driving off with the car now follow her. Daniel is shooting when he recognizes Vicenta inside the car that's getting away,  they can't loose her since she is the inethey came for anyway πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he then sees Larry in another car following Vicenta and recognizes him from one of the posters inside the police station next to indios own poster with the label wanted.  He thinks this coyote attracts so much trouble to herself.  He then decides that he need a to follow them himself,  he'll ask for back up later.  

Meanwhile Tuti is complaining to the man who came.  She won't go with him blah blah πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the man takes out a huge chunk of money and Tuti seems to change her mind instantly because she knows the fat guy on the dollar notes. She decides to go with that guy bit first asks if she can change.  She is in there thinking of his her life could change. Later she is all dressed up and leaves with the guy.  The moment she sees the vehicle they are supposed to get into a he wants to back out thinking that they are probably one if Indios men and this is probably a trap from them. The man doesn't know this Indio and figures maybe Tuti has a tragic past. He wants her to tell him what happened to get in the car,  there is plenty more where that money he gave her came from. Tuti agrees to go with him eventually. 

Araceley feels like them being together is a betrayal time Sara. Doria thinks that life should move on,  they met at a very difficult time for both of them and fell in love while consoling each other. She shouldn't feel bad because they are free time love one another.  Araceley tells him that there is the issue if Mario and the thought of him being alive gives her goosebumps.  Doriga tells her not to mention that Mario ever. Ara tells him that he is very different from Mario,  very transparent,  she is sure he'd never hide anything from her.  They kiss but am not so sure he's not hiding things from her πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ though how cute are these two 😍😍😍😘😘

Eldemira is not sure they will make it,  Vicenta wants her time hold on,  Eldemira tells her that the treasure box is very important to her and it seems like she is saying goodbye but Vicenta tells her to hold on,  she assures her that they will cruise safely.  Indios guys are shooting at them. Daniel is also following them and Indios guys think that Daniel is just part of Chuchos men who have coke time help them capture Vicenta.  Vicenta notices yet another car coming after them. She also recognizes Larry as part if the narco guys who killed Ignacio at the river. Daniel is sure they are headed to the frontera (border)  and asks for reinforcement at every spot as he continues the chase. One of the guys tells Larry that he can't keep shooting at Vicenta because Chucho wants her alive. Meanwhile Abel wants Chucho to get him out if there and the two of them come out bravely shooting.  

The chase for Vicenta continues πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so funny how this small girl is being chased by all these big people.  Larry and his men decide to drive faster and corner her...  They are catching up to her... Daniel is behind them...  Am nervous to know what happens next 😱😱😱

End of episode πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘

Monday, March 26, 2018


Max cannot understand why Camila is saying she doesn’t want to get married, and he thinks itsa  joke. She doesn’t tell him tht she wants to get revenge on his crazy mom and th other women, and lies tht she just wants to look for her mom who sent her another message. Ezequiel is smoking his cigars (and looking all so handsome as usual) when Javier comes to ask him why he is depressed. “I never thought I wld see th great Ezequiel Lopez Mendez depressed over a woman” Javier tells his dad. Amelia tells Axel tht she is no longer wth Sebastian and wants to forget about him, but Axel knows she is up to sth and tells her he is not going to let her use him or even humiliate him. Elda goes to tell Patricia about th notebook Camila got frm Rosa.
Max is so angry, and tells everyone there will be no wedding. “Did she tell you why?” Luciano asks. “Go ask her, but there is no love here!” he says. Amelia tells Axel she wants his help to forget about Sebastian and wants them to start dating gain. “Camila can have a bad temper and be a savage, but she wont just abandon her life to get revenge on us. She doesn’t have much power to hurt us!” Patricia tells Elda, adding tht Camila will fail if she wants to get revenge. “Wht if Rosa wants us to feel her daughter’s fury so tht we can be weak?” Elda suggests. Rosemary and Joey give Sheila th gossip tht Camila th savage left Max at th altar. “Of course, you shld have stayed there to hear about th gossip. Oh, oh my Maxie didn’t get married. I shld get ready to go comfort him” La Chila Perez says. Shelly doesn’t understand why Camila sabotaged her own happiness. “It was because of tht stupid notebook you gave her, right? Wht did it say about Max? No wonder she wasn’t happy when she was getting ready for th wedding” Shelly tells Luciano. Sr Isabel runs to th office to see how Camila is doing. “You always knew tht I cldnt marry Max” Camila tells her, but Sr Isabel wonders why she didn’t tell Max th truth. “Oh, you think so? Marcelina Esquivel is my enemy, and you think tht he wld have supported me taking revenge on his mother? Unfortunately, Max is th love of my life, and now he is my enemy!” Camila says, her eyes all red frm crying and ready to start her revenge. “Darling, don’t destroy your life like this” Sr Isabel says, but Camila tells her tht its them who destroyed her life. “I’d rather break Max’s heart now before I start my revenge” she says. Julia goes to deliver th news to his dad tht the wedding didn’t happen cause his firecracker broke it off. “Wht did you say? God exists, and I must be a lucky man!” Ezequiel says, lifting his hands up, saying its th best thing tht cld be happening. “I cant believe you like Camila this much for you to ignore Max’s suffering. You’re so selfish!” Julia tells him.

Max goes to a bar to drown his sorrow in whiskey. At th gorgeous Aragon de la Rosa mansion, Patricia continues wine guzzling as Elda gives her th gossip about Camila leaving Max at th altar. “You might be right, now I will be careful of her” she says. After Elda leaves, Amelia comes to tell her mom she is going to pass off her baby as Axel’s. “Quiet, th walls have ears” Patricia tells her. Max calls Javier to tell him where he is. “Go take him before he does sth crazy!” Julia tells him. Ezequiel goes to th office all cheerful, and Octavia asks him why he is happy. “Its like its Christmas, and Baby Jesus has given me th best gift. My firecracker didn’t get married to Max, and now its my chance” Ezequil says, laughing, as Octavia tells him tht he is acting like an old fool. Fr Tiziano comes to ask Camila why she didn’t want to marry Max. “I have been looking for th truth this whole time, and life has been so unfair to me tht th mother of th man I love is a monster who tricked my mother” Camila says. “Do you really plan on hurting Marcelina?” Sr Isabel asks her. Javier finds Max drinking straight frm th whiskey bottle. “I suppose you’re happy tight? Max and Camila didn’t get married. Sth happened cause they postponed th wedding” Octavia goes to tell Astrid th bimbo. Patricia tells Amelia she has no other option but to pass off her baby as Axel’s. 

Th bimbo Astrid goes to tell Marcelina tht Camila left Max at th altar and her prediction came true. “Then it means tht Camila found out everything tht happened” Marcelina says. Patricia tells Amelia tht if she marries Axel, the she will be protecting her child. “I have always wondered about your relationship, its more like friend and accomplice. Wht do you plan on doing?” Fausto asks them as he walks into th sitting room and finds them whispering. In tears, Camila admits tht she will love Max more than she will love anyone else. Elda asks Luciano why Camila didn’t marry Max. “She must know wht we all did to Rosa, she will never forgive us” Elda says. Fausto pours himself some whiskey and wants to know why his wife and daughter are talking secretly. “Woman stop wth th scandal and stop th drama. Let me warn you  will do whatever it takes to seduce Camila” Ezequiel tells Octavia. “And I’m still waiting for th warning part” she hits back. “I wanted to tell you ahead of time to start looking for an apartment and move out cause Camila will live wth me when I marry her” he says. Javier brings Max home all drunk as Marcelina says she knew sth like tht wold happen.  Camila swears to get revenge on all those who hurt her and her mom.

We kick off this episode with Emilio searching frantically for the mic around the office. He finally finds it and as he is looking at it,  Ignacio gets into the room and he hides it under the table.  Ignacio cokes with news that the Columbians are arriving earlier than their scheduled planed date and they are already in Mexico somewhere in Guadalajara. Centaur is listening in on this conversation with Julia and Ceasar. Ignacio doesn't want anything to go wrong,  he is sure they changed the dates because they don't want any surprises.  Ignacio then talks about his fathers contact in the police anti narcos department and his he is handling everything.  Emilio wants to know who the contact it and pretends to be out if sheer curiosity. Ignacio tells him that he has no idea who the person is and only his father knows the identity of that informant.  He wonders why Emilio is all of a sudden interested in knowing the infomant and Emilio tells him that he wanted to know whether his father trusts him enough time tell him about that. Ignacio doesn't want any mistakes.  After Ignacio leaves,  Emilio speaks into the mic,  he knows very well Centauro is listening time him and tells him that he only let him listen in to let him know that he is thinking about his offer.  He then drops the mic and crushes it. Inside the washrooms,  Lola is talking to Yola about them never being in the same side.  She knows that Yola is a spy and still thinks they have a score time settle with her in the ring.  She tells Yola that Emilio wanted time talks to her. Back at the ranch,  Centaur is talking to the family about the plan,  Cesar doesn't really trust Emilio,  he might just be playing them. Centaur is pretty sure that Emilio is on their side and tells Cedar that he wouldn't have let them listen in on a conversation that would potentially ruin them if he wasn't.  Julia agrees. 

Bianchini reaches his desk and is shocked to see some of his documents are missing.  He double checks all of his drawers and they seem to be missing.  We are still wondering what these documents are when Alvaro comes with some documents to Aguilars office,  he apparently went through Bianchinis file and found some documents that prove that Bianchini requested for some guns from a closed case some time back.  Aguilar finds this strange but both of them find the coincidence to be a bit too much since the dates coincide perfectly with the dates when Lucho was taken from them.  They all have the same conclusion that Bianchini might be the infomant for the surgeon.  At Gers place they are fixing a phone into his shoes,  the phone he is supposed to give Christina. Lucho and Gato are so cute with this mini argument going on between them. Gato wants to see Lucho walking balk and forth to determine whether he won't raise any suspicion. The whole thing makes Gerardo want to die of laughter.  Lucho calls Vicente and tells him that he already killed the informant and even sends him the photo. Vicente feels bad that Lucho seems to be in too deep, he is disappointed at how fast and cold Lucho was in doing the whole thing and talks to Tania about trying to warn him. Tania tells him that it isn't his fault, he tried to stop him. They don't think it's convenient for him to be bear Christina now that he has joined the big leagues. He tells Centauro about this and Centauro wants Lucho to go get picked.Meanwhile Centauro tells Vicente that he is going to be taking the toothbrush for the DNA test as Felix goes to take Lucho. 

Yolanda goes to talk to Emilio and they talk about how she is a spy,  he asks about her daughter and Yola tells him that her daughter stayed behind with Centauro,  he thinks Centauro mist have very little trust in her.  Yola still keeps up the fuss that she is Claudia and she's known Centauro all her life when her father the godfather used to work for Centauro but only started working for him after her father died..  Emilio what's to know how they found the gym and Yola prefers him asking Centauro directly and hands over the phone,  Emilio wants to hear the story from her instead and threatens that he might call Centauro and tell him that he isn't taking the deal because of her. She tells him that they found the gym thanks to the golden gun.  Emilio calls Centauro and asks him the same question and their stories seem to coincide perfectly.  He tells Centauro that they need to meet up in an hour. They then talk about the police informant and who that person might be and Emilio prefers they talk about this in person.  Emilio then tells Yola that the fight between her and Lola has been moved to tonight and she should be very careful because Lola could kill her if she got the chance. Bianchini is freaking out in the office with good reason (why they heck did he keep those documents in the office πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’πŸ˜’)  he calls Gerardo and tells him about Aguilar finding him out,  he wants to know why they will do now. Gerardo hangs up,  obviously he didn't plan for this. 

Felix is picking up Lucho and Lucho isn't happy at all about this. He frisks him and when we think it's almost over he asks him to take off his shoes 😱😱😱  Lucho takes them off any way as am over here praying to the heavens that he isn't caught.  Felix checks the shoes and am relieved that he found absolutely nothing.  He returns the shoes to him and the usual cover your face with a weird black mask in the middle of a huge road so that you don't see where you are going shenanigans happen. (How nobody ever sees this thing as weird is lost to me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)  they leave for the ranch.  

Centaur is about to leave and Julia is over there being needy wondering why he isn't attracted to her anymore and why he doesn't trust her.  Centauro makes convenient apologies and makes statements that would make him look like a bad ass and that would shut her the hell up for a few as he goes to meet with Emilio. He kisses her as he leaves. If she was a turd bit human with Christina I would feel sorry for the way he treats her πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but she deserves it for being a literal evil stepmum from a Disney movie. Yolanda speaks to Diego,  I can't really remember what they are talking about but it seems they are really getting close. It seems to be about the duel between her and Lola. Yolanda heads back home and talks to the Landlady.  She tells her about the mysterious man that didn't want to be seen by her and Yola lies to her that the man was her father. The woman asks if her father is a narco and Yola tells her that her father isn't,  he sells contraband and is a very violent man.  The woman tells her that he seemed nice and was very generous with her.  Yola asks her to always give her a heads up when he is around. She is there for her. 

Aguilar goes to talk to Salgado who just received a message that the Columbians will be arriving earlier than usual. He tells Aguilar about it and how they need to move up their operation.   Aguilar tells Salgado about their suspicions on Bianchini and how they think he might be the mole and Salgado pretends to be shocked telling him that he would n have never imagined.  They need to keep Bianchini out of the operation but can't terminate him completely since he has an uncle in high places. They will not involve him in the operation.  Aguilar comes and tells Bianchini that he is assigning him to some job that Bianchini complains is bound to take him the whole day. There is nothing he can do about it.  

Emilio overhears part surgeon's phone conversation with Salgado.  They joke about how they are blaming some kid in the office for being the mole and have no idea that its actually him.  They think the confusion will work in their favor.  They then talk about the whole operation on getting the Columbians etc.  Emilio will be planning the after party for the success of that mission. Surgeon asks him if he wants to know who the informant is but Emilio tells him that he doesn't think he needs to. He leaves but with a grunt on his face,  it seems he just got what he needed.  He later talks to Centauro about the whole issue. They talk about the informant and how he might be someone very influential in the police department. They talk about their plan to eliminate both Surgeon and Ignacio and Emilio tells him that he will be handling that part since he knows his uncle and his superstitions,  his uncle seems to believe in partying after the success of every mission and when he organizes the party they will go in and strike.  They have to make it seem like their deaths were all Cebtauros fault and that way Emilio gets to keep Surgeon's business. Emilio isn't so sure that he can convince them to hand over the business to him and Centauro tells him that they have to convince everyone that that was his uncles plan all along and that's what they will be needing Lola for. Emilio will get the business,  raise everyone's salaries and pretend that he is going to avenge the death of his uncle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sounds like a good plan. 

Lucho arrives at the ranch and refuses to give over the information he has to Cesar. Cesar is pissed but Lucho tells him that he works for his father and not for him. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ He is loitering around the house. Christina heRs Felix saying that he brought Lucho there.  

End of Episode

Saturday, March 24, 2018


We continue with Daniel frisking a very pissed off Abelardo and Vicenta asks him if she could show him her passport. He agrees and sees that she is called Margaret Thompson and was born in Kansas City πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it looks legit. She pretends to understand very little Spanish πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ .  Daniel continues to interrogate them as he gives one of his colleagues the passport to investigate. Albelardo can't stop attacking him on the gringos dislike towards Mexicans and Vicenta has to tell him to calm down. He checks Albe’s passport and finds that its in order.  Albe is angry that Daniel would even think of him as a Drug trafficker.  Aida and her mates are being taken to a bus to be deported back to Mexico. Aida who is heavily pregnant happens to see Vicenta and Vicenta sees her  she stops and for a second she looks like she recognized her. Vicenta looks agitated now.  Aida starts calling out to Daniel Philips,  she has something to tell him.  The cops are busy dragging her to the bus and Vicenta is pissed.  She starts reproaching Daniel,  telling him that he needs to attend to that woman.  She thinks it's kind of disgusting that the woman has been coffee and she is pregnant,  Albe is the one telling her to calm down now,  she might sell herself out.  Daniel looks smitten by this Margaret Thompson πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he tells her that her things are in order ,  she can leave now and they both get into the car. Vicenta can't stop looking at Aida angry at how they are treating her.  Albe tells her to stop looking at Aida because she might raise suspicion,  he thinks that she is already being deported and the important thing is that they all believe that she is actually American.  Vicenta isn't too fulfilled.  She tells Albe that the most important thing is going for her mother then she will be back to help Aida. 

Meanwhile Indio is with his main guy Larry and a couple of other guys with funny name I can't even pronounceπŸ˜‚ they are looking at a vast field of ripe opium flowers and Indio thinks that they did better after Teca died.  Infio comments that the flower is like a woman,  the more beautiful they are the more dangerous they get.  Larry assumes that he is talking about a certain woman in particular and Indio confirms this but tells him that the woman is dead now (is he talking about Berta or Sara??  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)  the kidnapped guys are taken out of the truck and Larry tells some guy chincu or something πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ to give them knives to extract the opium,  the knives better not be too sharp to give them ideas πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  then indio instructs them on how to extract the large amount of opium.  The kidnapped guys  aren't too happy about this new life. Chucho shows up at the fields and greets Indio telling him that they finally met face to face confirming Manuel's suspicions that they have dealings with each other. 

Back at the border, Daniel goes after Aida and finds his colleague Martin pushing around and mishandling Aida.  He's not too happy about this and orders Martin to stop.  She takes Aida and asks Martin for the keys I think to the office and Martin doesn't want to hand them over until Daniel insults him (Abeg how much swag is Daniel having right now πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š☺)  He hands over the keys.  Daniel leaves with Aida as Martin is over there telling his other colleague that Daniel's mother is actually a Mexican and that also makes him one. (He is using some abusive word to describe them)  his other friend thinks he's being stupid . 
Meanwhile Tuti is talking to her fans selling bras online and we all know she was miss talk twenty million words per minuteπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ one of her fashion from Argentina asks her time to look for a size 42 D and Tuti is shocked πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she didn't know they make those sizes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she recommends a surgeon that can get several kilos off them boobs but promises to burn her any if she ever finds them. Her old admirer who looks rich writes to her and tells her that soon her life is going to change.  Tuti is happy about the message of optimism. An employee of the man coke in and this guy who's name is Jaime tells him that he wants that woman to be brought to him that very day. 😱😱😱

Chucho is meeting up with Indio and he is selling him the famous police killer gun which is said to penetrate even bullet proof jackets.  Indio is happy to have it and it's golden so you can imagine how the legend of the golden gun is being passed from one super series to another πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Chucho tells him that when Tech was the head of the Tijuana cartel they never got along because Teca loved to play with guns and he considered them sacred.  Indio tells Chucho that Teca isn't anyone's boss now and they have inherited everything from the Tijuana cartel except his bad manners,  Indio is Indian (explains the looks and the obvious name πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)  he forgives but never forgets.  Chucho tells him that because he is a special client he decided to deal with him personally. Indio is happy and will be ordering from his again soon enough. He leaves. He argues hike and finds sick Eldemira dressing up and tells her to stop dressing.  Eldemira isn't feeling well understandably the woman is ailing from cancer.  Chucho doesn't care,  he tells her that though she is a bag of bones now there is still a hint of that woman that could stop traffic. He starts kissing her and throws her on the bed.  She complains that she isn't feeling well.  Chucho reminds her of how they used to make love and from a flashback their love making scenes have always been a nightmare for her ever since she was healthy,  him always forcing himself in her and being aggressive. Eldemira tells him that she isn't feeling well and Chucho is angry.  He thinks she is useless if she can't even do this and throws Vicentas picture down.  They talk about her and apparently this chuchomonkey thinks that Vicenta is dead,  from a flashback we are shown how Chucho was pedophilic and very indecent with the girl and how he was grabbing her ass.  Eldemira tells him him that he can do anything hr wants with her but he should stay away from her daughter. Back to present day Eldemira pretends that she is happy her daughter died because now he can't touch her but Chucho tells her that her death will torment  meet forever. 

So Vicenta is going into the ranch for the first time on so many year (according to her)  and since they don't want his father or any of their men to see her she hides under the back chair covered by some duvet until they get past the security point.  They arrive inside and Vicenta is quick,  she wants to go in and save her mother.  Albe is worried that she might be recognized but she tells him that she doesn't think they will,  she would fight the devil just to save her mother.  Albe reminds her that the fa t that she is bad ass and really smart is one of the many reasons why he fell for her.  They run inside. Albe’s mother is still in the house and she is instructing some woman to take better care of the flowers when Chucho comes to her,  he wants to know where his son Albe is and his mother thinks he is probably taking care if the animals.  It seems Chucho blames Albes mother for him not v wanting to involve himself in the family business.  Some old woman comes over,  she might be Albes grandmother and Chucho quarells with both of them. This woman seems to know Chucho and thus concludes to us that something is definitely wrong with him. Meanwhile Albe and Vicenta are almost caught by his cousin but he takes off his shirt and shealso takes off her coat with her back turned against the guys that they can't see her face. Albe pretends that its just one if those girls he picked up from some club and he was hooking up with and tells the guys time excuse them so that they finish off.  The cute cousin tells him that his father is looking for him. The guys leave as Albe and Vicenta run to the house to her mother's room.  Meanwhile back in the states,  Daniel is questioning Aida,  he wants her to tell him all about the coyote and he will help her out. Aida is being difficult πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Daniel is frustrated. 

Tuti is looking for a job in the news paper and is busy talking twenty million words per second πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  she sees some ads and doesn't even want to think about them because in as much as she wants to get out of poverty,  she doesn't want to work like a slave.  She sees an ad on the paper that seems to appeal to her.  Then another ad on some missing kid and she remembers the child that was in her tummy but got killed by Indio.  She cries as she stabs Indios picture on her wall with some nails calling him a killer.  Then the guy who works for that old man Jaime shows up at her door and she let's him in.  She wants to know who he is and how he found out about her. Pepito seems to be living miserably working on some constriction site,  those guys cut their pay and Pepito tries to protest but the idiots don't give a hoot.  He picks up some hammer and destroys part of the construction they did and tells them that that will be for the money they owe him.  Apparently he can't even pay his rent 😱😱

Vicenta goes in with the help of Albe to see her mother.  Takes her in but goes outside time keep guard as Vicenta and her mother talk.  Vicenta wants her mother to help her pack,  they are going to leave that place.  Eldemira seems very concerned about how she is planning on pulling this escape thing off since the whole ranch is surrounded. Vicenta tells her that she will cross the border with her this time. Her aunt is waiting for them in the US.  Eldemira is worried that someone might recognize her,  Vincenta tells her that no one knows of the gringa with blonde hair. Her mother thinks she has grown more beautiful. Vicenta thinks her mother is also beautiful,  probably why her father fell for her.  Eldemira doesn't like the father topic so she tells Vicenta that she is her father and mother.  Vicenta tells her that for there to be a child she needed bite man and woman and she brings up the fact that she wants to know her father. Eldemira isn't up to discussing that issue. Vicenta tells her that they have thirty minutes to escape.  

Outside Chucho just came to talk to his son. Daniel is still looking for compatible matches to this coyote. He wants support from his superiors to enter Mexico .  He gets a call from his house help telling him that his mother is no where to be found.  He runs time go find her and finds her in the cemetery claiming to talk to his father.  They talk about him and how good he was.  It seems his mother has a problem remembering stuff and poor Daniel seems to have lost his wife and daughter too from some accident.  He tells his mother about the death if his wife and daughter who seem to have died alongside his father,  she doesn't seem to remember.  He tells her that sometimes he thinks not remembering is good because it reduces the pain. He manages to convince her to leave that place.  Meanwhile Chucho talks to Albe about a bunch of stuff mainly complaints,  he also has complains about the horse that he seems to not like because it seems its as rebellious as Albe.  He wants to shoot the horse. Albe tells hiim not to. Chucho leaves as Albe meets up with his mother.  He realizes that she has a black eye and guesses that probably Chucho did it.  He wants to confront his father but his timid mother doesn't allow him to ,  he then asks her to run away from there together but his mother refuses and tells him that regret is no place on earth they can run from Chucho. Chuchos mother who is drunk tells Albes mother that no woman is supposed to suffer that much for a man,  even if the man happens to be her own son!! 

Pepito gets an eviction notice and is busy blaming the Acero family for his misfortunes. Chava talks to Manuel about Lorenas pregnancy, he obviously doesn't like Lorena but will take responsibility for her and will stick to his word of honor just like his mother taught him. Manuel thinks his mother would be so proud of him now. Erik and Josephina seem to be arguing a lot because Erik goes out and parties with women a lot. Erik greets Araceley who just found out is out if prison and Ara tells them that they can't keep fighting since they make such a great couple and they helped raised her daughter.  Speaking about her daughter,  the kid is super cute 😍 bit she seems to be sick since she is nose bleeding.  They all seem to be downplaying what is happening to that child.  She asks Doriga and he tells her that its nothing to be worried about but he has something that should probably worry her,  he thinks Mario is still alive.  Speaking if the devil Mario seems to be somewhere under the son speaking Spanish that I can't even comprehend πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ alive and kicking πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

So Vicenta and her mother continue packing their stuff.  There seems to be a special box which her mother tells her to take and keep very safe.  They finally pack all they need which is a small bag and Vicenta is rushing her mother along the way urging her to go faster. Her mother can't go any faster.  Vicenta is frustrated and tries to move her along but she quits and stops only for them to be caught by Chucho.  At first Vicenta pretends to be a white doctor but Chucho isn't buying this,  he knows that Elde was trying to escape to the US. Vicenta tries to lie to no avail.  Chucho finally grabs Elde as Vicenta protects her,  he hits her and pulls out a gun as Vicenta now shields her mother with her body.  She suddenly speaks fluent Spanish and tells Chucho not time dare hurt her mother.  Chucho realizes that its her and takes off her wig...  “So it's you,  you are alive... You have been pretending to be dead all along!! ” 😱😱😱

End of episode... 


Camila is so upset, furious, and ready to get revenge over everyone who humiliated and hurt her mom. Luciano tries to calm her down, but she is so disgusted by th betrayal she only feels rage. Amelia is freaking out because her pregnancy test has come out positive. “The only thing I regret is tht savage coming into my life” Astrid tells her mom, as Elda tells her tht there is no way Camila will marry Max once she finds out wth Marcelina did to her mom. Camila swears to get revenge on everyone who hurt her mom, cause now she understands her mom’s hate, but doesn’t understand why her mom hasn’t skinned them alive yet. In th evening, Patricia goes to visit Amelia and th first thing she starts doing is serious wine guzzling. “I need to distress cause this whole thing wth Rosa Blanco has me on edge” she says as she pours herself some more wine. At Christ the Redeemer orphanage, Sr Isabel asks Luciano why did he have to give Camila th notebook frm Rosa cause now she is filled wth hate. “Oh sister, please, you look fabulous, just like me. Its not just any dinner, its dinner at the Lopez Mendez mansion!” Sheila tells Rosemary who is all dressed up to go to dinner at Javier’s. Max goes to deliver flowers for Camila for th wedding, but she is super sad. Amelia tells her mom she is expecting Sebastian’s child. “No, tell me this is a bad joke!” Patricia says. “A child is a blessing, but not in your case. I don’t know whts worse, tht you are having a child wth a priest or wth a Lopez Mendez!” Patricia says as she pours herself more and more wine. Max stares into Camila’s eyes and repeatedly tells her he loves her, even if she went to th moon and grew antennas. Sheila and Rosemary show up for dinner at th Lopez Mendez mansion all dressed up. Sheila introduces Rosemary to Ezequiel. “Oh my dear friend, you look mwah, exquisite!” Sheila tells Octavia after she comes to welcome them. At th dinner, Octavia takes th opportunity to make a toast for Max and Camila’s wedding. “Oh girl, just mentioning that savage’s name made my stomach turn!” La Chila says, but Julia replies tht Max and Camila are really in love. 

After wht she read, Camila is looking more confused as she confesses her love for Max in tears. Back at th dinner at th Lopez Mendez, Rosemary puts a dinner napkin in between her breasts and Sheila has to take it off. Ezequiel tells Sheila tht he will go to her saloon once she gives Masquerade an exclusive contract. “Take advantage of tht good mood of his, because he fell in love wth Camila, and he isnt happy she  is marrying his son. Wht do you call her, firecracker?” Octavia says. “Oh really? It cant be that, no, I cant believe wht you see in tht badly educated woman. You need to see tht you need a strong, complete woman, wth dangerous curves. “In those curves of yours, one can take a vacation in there” Ezequiel tells her, smiling, and Octavia looks annoyed at how Sheila is flirting with him. Celso makes an announcement tht he has found an apartment where he will live wth Julia once they get married. Ezequiel is happy to hear th news, but Julia says tht Max and Camila are getting married cause they are in love & tht its great to marry for love, and nothing else. “Oh, I agree wth you girlfriend. Marrying without love is like putting on bad makeup. You look good on the outside but suffer on the inside” Sheila says, and then asks Celso if he is faithful. “He is faithful like me” Ezequiel says. “Haha, then in tht case he is a scoundrel” Octavia says. Nxt day, its wedding day, and crazy Marcelina refuses to attend th wedding. Octavia finds Ezequiel very casually dress (but looking very manly and sexy) and asks him if he is going to th office, and he says tht since he is th boss, he doesn’t have to. “Don’t tell me you plan on going to th wedding!” Octavia tells him, and he says tht maybe he will show up at th wedding.

At th orphanage, Shelly, Joey and Rosemary are busy getting Camila ready, but she is so on edge cause everyone of them is one one part of her face. “Listen Camila, yesterday we had dinner at th Lopez Mendez and we learnt tht Ezequiel is in love wth you” Rosemary says. “Oh yes I know. He has even asked me to marry him out of th blue, he always tells me” Camila says, and th two saloon gossips, Rosemary and joey, call her “firecracker” and then they laugh. “Max is more thn a temple to me. He is like a cathedral. I never thought I wld love him like tht” Camila says. 
Camila tells Sr Isabel she is going to get revenge cause of th pple who turned her out to th streets, separated her frm her mom, stole her childhood. Sr Isabel tells her she didn’t tell her th truth cause she never wanted her to turn into a demon full of hate. “Don’t you ever call me your daughter ever again, cause thts one of th hugest lies!” Camila shouts at Sr Isabel who is now crying a river. Amelia meets up wth Axel to tell him tht she wants nothing to do wth Sebastian. Outside, Max is getting nervous cause Camila is taking such a long time to get ready and come out for th wedding ceremony. Max walks into th office and tells Camila she is beautiful. “Max, I cant, this is much bigger than me, forgive me, but I cant marry you” Camila tells Max.

Friday, March 23, 2018


So today's episode got me LOL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ We kick off with a scene that seems to have been added out of the blue,  Mario reporting to Centaur about the dealings between Julia and Felix.  He thinks they are up to something shady.  Centaur then calls Yola and the whole Emilio Story scene is repeated and we are back to Centauro shocked over the news of who Emilios mother is. He asks Yola if she is sure and she tells him that she is certain.  She gives him a bit if a back story on Emilio and his relationship to Surgeon and after she hangs up Centaur gets a picture of some woman from some book that we assume to be this mysterious woman.  It seems that the born if contention between Centaur and Surgeon was the sister. Centaur comes up with a plan,  he goes and tells Julia that he wants to go and talk to this Emilio and strike a deal with him.  Julia and his stupid some think that its way too risky and unnecessary.  Centaur needs to see this boy face to face of course because he suspects that its his son,  with all that swag πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.  Julia insists that he takes Felix big Centaur doesn't want the dictating who he takes to his ventures,  they then suggests he takes Cesar and Centaur succumbs to pressure and decides to take them both,  Cesar and Felix.  Felix is talking to Vicenteand wants to know why the boss likes him so much,  he seems to always get away with everything.  Vicente tells him that its just a matter if being smart.  They are outside Emilios house. Emilio arrives and walks in only to find Centaur and Cesar sitting comfortably on his sofas waiting for him.  He pretends that he doesn't recognize Centaur but Centaur tells him to stop pretending,  he is the one who had his face on posters all over the city.  Emilio feels cornered but doesn't try to run away “What do you want?? ” He asks as Centaur tells him to sit down and listen.  Cesar is over there looking stupid as usual πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Yolanda is inside Gers apartment and they are talking about the documents they got from Bianchini on Surgeon. Yola feels so guilty for what he is doing to Diego since she seems to like Diego a lot and confesses that I'm that place he seems to be the only good one. Ger tells her that she shouldn't feel guilty,  she is doing this for Christina and Diego definitely knows what slight of people he got himself involved with. Yolanda tells him that Diego is only there because he is in love. Gato and Lucho arrive with Pizza and chinese food. It looks like things were about to get really hot in that place πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

Christina and Tania are busy discussing in the kitchen talking about Yola and the whole messy situation they seem to be mixed up in and Christina accidentally calls Tania Tania and Julia comes in “Who is Tania?? ” Tania cokes up with a ridiculous explanation that Julia seems to buy but I think she will resist this. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ She asks Christina and Tania to slave around for her the witch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  Centaur makes his case to Emilio,  he wants him to be on his side and work for him instead if the surgeon.  He is very eloquent about his plans and makes sure to remind him how the two people,  Surgeon and his son have sidelined him and obviously makes him believe that between the two of them they can take control of the surgeon's cartel and a lot of other confusing things I can't comprehend , Emilio figures out almost immediately that Claudia is Centauros contact in the gym and Centauro doesn't deny this, she works for himπŸ˜‚ He seems to make such a good case and it looks like between him and Emilio thee is a mutual understanding and a respect and chemistry that exists naturally.  He asks to use the bathroom but he is really interested in getting Emilios DNA sample which he gets from taking his toothbrush.  He then pretends to flash the toilet.  He goes out and he is on his way with Cesar.  He explains his case more to Emilio and wants him at his side so that he can get the recognition he needs.  He aslo makes sure to mention how intelligent Emilio is.  After he leaves Emilio tells Lola about his visit,  he was impressed by the type of man Centaur is,  he thinks his charisma and personality is magnetic and his soon who came with him seems like a poor devil πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ which is accurate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he thinks Centauro made a good case and he already and his plan is good.  Obviously he wants Lola to jump into this plan with him.  Lola asks about her uncle,  well unfortunately the capo needs to kapish πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

Aguilar goes into his office feeling tired and happens to bump into one if the pages if the documents belonging to Surgeon's file. It's a photocopy.  He calls Alvaro and when he comes in he asks him if he was the one who did the copies but Alvaro tells him that he didn't.  Aguilar thinks it's Bianchini,  he's been acting strange it his fiancee who Aguilar can bet money on her not being real.  Aguilar thinks that Bianchini is the leak in the office that has been giving information to Surgeon. Alvaro finds it hard to believe but Aguilar tells him that Bianchini has been lying a lot lately.  He lied about not knowing where Gators was and he recently saw him with Gato.  He thinks they need to investigate Bianchini and who he talks to to make sure that he is clean and nite lying to them.  

Gerardo decides totake Yolanda to her house after eating and Lucho thinks they will be doing more than just talking. They head o her house and instantly start kissing and ripping each other's clothes of. Things get super steamy in bed as he us eating her up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Centauro is on his way there, he already told Cesar and Felix and they weren't so sure it was a good idea.  They use money to bribe the landlady and get Centauro inside without anyone noticing.  Vicente guards the entrance as Centauro goes in.  Yolanda and Ger are getting it on when Centauro knocks and makes sure You knows it's him.  They hurry as  Ger slidss under the bed as Yola gets the door. Centauro starts undressing her on the door and he is in heat.  Gerardo tries to get in touch with Lucho and Gato from under the bed to no avail.  They are busy locking inside the house. Yola tries to resit but she can't be too obvious as Centauro takes off all her clothes and they get down to it.  Ger is pretty constipated under that bed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he wants to die poor thing.  He finally gets in touch with Lucho and Gato and tells them to come up with something because Centauro is in the building and he is trapped.  The boys think fat and invent some fire I'm their room forcing everyone out.  Centauro seems to be done with the business because they are completely naked at this point 😭😭 Centauro is led out of the building and Ger survives being discovered.  The boys are happy for the work well done.  Gerardo gets out from under the bed heartbroken.  They talk about the whole scene,  Yola tells him that it was humiliating for her especially since he was just under them. Gerardo wanted to kill that son if a bitch but he held his own because of Christina...  He loves her... She loves him too... 

End of Episode πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Thursday, March 22, 2018


We kick off with Cesar and his mother talking in her bedroom.  She tells him that they need to be careful with his father because he can smell betrayal from miles away. Gerardo is still freaking out about Gato,  UT's way too late and he is still not home.  Lucho has an idea about why he might be acting that way.  He tells Gerardo that he might be acting that way because he is jealous if his relationship with Yolanda. Ger doesn't see it that way but decides to take that lead and go out to look for him. Gato has time to talk to Bianchini. He has a good bye letter that he's written time Ger and wants Bianchini to deliver it.  He tells Bianchini that he doesn't want to be a burden on Gerardo and that's why he needs to go away. Bianchini convinces him to go to his house for a goodbye dinner , they leave together and Aguilar sees them. They reach home and Bianchini callls Ger without him knowing.  Get arrived and Gato thinks Bianchini betrayed him.  Bianchini excuses them and asks him why he decided to go.  Gato tells Ger that he didn't want to be a burden to him. Ger doesn't understand who the heck told Gato that he is ever a burden,  Gato tells him that he overheard a conversation between him and Bibiana some time back. Ger tells him that that was a different time. What they have is a strong father son bond and if Yolanda is to be in his life she has to accept that Gato is part of his life as well. They make up.  

Centaur listens in in a conversation between Lola and Emilio as they speak about strategies that Surgeon might have against them and if he knows what they are up to. Lola is pissed that they are trying to take her away after the fight with the coming if the Colombians. Emilio thinks it's Ignacios plan.  They need to do something,  they need time find something they can pressure Ignacio with. 

Christina come to bring Centauro some tea and Centaur tries to be nice with her,  he seems to genuinely care for her but has a funny way of showing it don't you think πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚ he asks Christina what happened to her hand and Chris tells her that its all his wife's fault.  He then asks her if she is happy in the ranch and Chris sought of smiles but she doesn't really mean it.  Centaur tells her that one day the three of them,  her,  her mother and him will live happily in their own house.  Christina is smiling but as soon as her face is away from his you can see that she is pissed!!  Later Centauro is sitted in his study listening to a lover's quarrel between Diego and Emilio.  Diego is mad that Emilio seems comfortable with Surgeon's plans right marry him off to Lola.  Emilio thinks Diego is overreacting to the situation.  Diego thinks Emilios insensitiveness is reason enough for them to start thinking about going their separate ways. Centauro calls Yola,  he wants her time find out more information about Emilio,  Yola understand why,  Centaur tells her that her questions should be about Christina and not about his dealing with the surgeon.  Yola doesn't see the point because he still doesn'tallow her to call her.  Centauro is playing with Yola asking if she missed him,  of course she didn't but she wouldn't dare tell him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ He doesn't want her asking questions,  he just wants her to do what he asks. 

In the morning Yola tries to get closer to Gato but asking him to do a job for her,  she wants him to get Emilios number from the gym since she can't do it herself.  He needs to pretend to be some vendor and steal Diego's phone time get Emilios number. Gato apparently came highly recommended by Duarte.  Gato needs to lay low and no one needs to know that they even know each other.  Gato tells her that he is a professional. Back at the office Aguilar Aguilar asks Alvaro about the Gato kid,  he wants his description.  Alvaro describes him.  He wants to know whether the kid is the same as the one hanging out with Ger but doesn't let Alvaro know his real intentions.  He then heads out to the his office and starts Googling the name of the boxing gym that he saw Bianchini googling some time back. He wants to investigate this fiance of his Lucy something. He leaves and Bianchini cokes into the office .  He calls Aguilar who lies to him that he is in some bank, Aguilar asks him what the last name of his girlfriend is and Binachini cooks up a name and comes up with some funny name Guernemos πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Lucy Guernemos,  he then takes the files on the Surgeon sitting on his desk and makes copies of them.  He accidentally touches the computer and the monitor wakes up,  he sees the boxing gym on the screen and realizes that Aguilar is on to him.  

Yola is talking to Diego in the gym as Gato steals his phone and goes to get info off of it. Aguilar arrives and as a policeman asks Emilio who greets him to show his the register to check some woman by the name of Lucy Guernemos. At this point my heart is in my mouth,  Aguilar can't possibly see Yola 😱😱😱 though she is right in front of him.  Bianchini calls Yola and tells her that his boss is around and he knows who she is.  She has to hide well so glad he doesn't see her,  Yola doesn't exactly know how this boss looks like and Bianchini describes him.  She spots him and runs to the bathroom time hide.  She bumps into Lola and they get into a small argument. She would like not to attract any attention and ignores Lola. Gato is able to get the information that he needs and goes to put back the phone. He is almost caught by Emilio but gets away.  Aguilar manages to recognize him and runs after him to no avail.  Gato gets away and Aguilar wonders what he is going over there. Emilio tells him that they haven't registered any Lucy Guernemos in that gym. Aguilar leaves and Diego again fights with Emilio because if his situation with Lola. Emilio thinks that Diego is acting like a baby about the whole situation. 

Duarte and Lucho are outside the morgue and they arrange with a morgue attendant to get them a body they can use to get Lucho if the hook with Centaur.  Lucho expresses to Gerardo at how shocked he was because of how cold Centauro was when he asked him time kill his informant.  Lucho is sneaked in and takes pictures of a woman who just got into an accident and ends up staring at her handbag. Later they get all the information on the woman from the morgue attendant and luckily Lucho has the id of that woman from the purse they collected and they don't have to pressure Bianchini for info on the woman.  Yola tells Diego that she already guessed that he and Emilio are an item and they go out for a drink. Diego opens up about Emilio and their relationship and his family ties to Ignacio and surgeon.  

Bianchini calls Lola and Ger with more information on Emilio and she later calls Centauro about what she found out on Emilio.  Everything that she tells him at first,  the fact that he is gay and his uncle doesn't know,  and the fa t that Ignacio is probably using that time blackmail him,  Centauro already knows. Then Yola tells him “Emilio is the son of Surgeon's late sister who... ” Centauro interrupts her “What did you just say?? ”
!!!  What does this mean???  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ can't wait...  


Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Luciano Salamanques is excited to see Rosa Blanco after so many years. Sebastian tells his family tht nothing can happen btwn him and Amelia, and tht is why he is going back to Spain in order to find th right path. “Well son, if thts wht you really want, go on, give us all your blessing and go” Ezequiel says. Camila is disappointed sth happened and she wants able to meet her mom, and tell Shelly tells her not to worry cause she will still have a chance to meet her mom. Elda asks her bimbo daughter if she knows where her dad is. “Oh, so one gets angry at another and you want to involve me? Oh, I don’t care. Oh mom, he left you cause you say he always talks about Rosa Blanco. Oh Elda, your husband left you!” Astrid says. Max asks his crazy mom why Rosa Blanco doesn’t just show up. “She isa bad woman, she will not want you to marry Camila, she doesn’t even want to meet her daughter, I don’t even know why Camila wants to meet that delinquent!” Marcelina says, and tells him tht on th day Rosa was arrested, Sr Isabel was supposed to come and pick Camila, but she never showed up. Ezequiel tells Julia tht she is getting married to Celso before Max has his wedding. “Fine, but I don’t want a reception cause there is nothing to celebrate” Julia says. Fausto and th rest of th family tease Amelia cause she is back home after swearing never to come back cause everyone (except Gregory) was opposed to her relationship wth Seabstian. “Its not good you wanted to make him leave th priesthood, its like picking fight wth God” Fausto tells his daughter. Elda calls crazy Marcelina to tell her she is worried cause Luciano went to see Rosa Blanco and she is afraid tht they might have sth going on. Sr Isabel and Fr Tiziano take Chantal to go see Camila. “And you Frederick, did you break things off wth tht slut who wanted to trap you wth a little baby?” Fausto asks Fernando, and he gets a mysterious call frm Luciano, but when he speaks, there is just silence on th line. “Is that you Rosa?” he asks, and th whole family freezes. “Why are you calling my hse? You are an ex-convict and I am a gentleman, so it will be your word against mine!” Fausto tells Rosa over th phone. “Who was tht woman tht called? Why did she upset you all?” Amelia asks after seeing her parents freak out frm th phone call.

Max goes to see Camila to console her, telling her tht her mom is still going to come back to see her. Astrid th bimbo is at Marcelina’s hse telling her about her parents problems, but crazy Marcelina wants to tell her a secret: tht she had harmed Rosa in th past, and tht Rosa wont allow her daughter to marry her enemies son. “Tht wedding wont happen” Marcelina insists, but Astrid is so annoyed cause Marcelina doesn’t think th obvious. Ezequiel is having dinner wth th family, telling them tht Sebastian is going back to Spain for some kind of spiritual retreat because Amelia Aragon was always trying to seduce him. He also gets a call frm Rosa Blanco. Over at th Aragon’s, Patricia tells Fausto tht th children shldnt know about Rosa Blanco, but they all want to know th truth. “If you did sth to harm her in th past, then she will come to get revenge” Amelia tells her dad. Fausto tells th family tht Rosa threatened to come and destroy his family, especially his children. Elda is still worried about where Luciano is, and she gets a call frm Rosa telling her tht she is wth Luciano. “So you want to steal my husband just like th way you stole Maria Amelia’s husband? Just go away and don’t come back to our lives” Elda tells her and hangs up. Camila talks to her mom on th phone after Luciano connects her. “Finally, I hear your voice mother! I want to meet you, pls cause I have so many questions” Camila tells her, but then she starts asking her who wants to kill her and tht she and Max will go to th police. Camila begs her mother not to leave, and to at least tell her if she will be coming back, as she cries and begs her mom not to leave. “Tht lady is completely demented, can you believe tht she threatened th precious things to me, my children and family?” Ezequiel tells th children, and when Julia asks him how he isnt worried after Rosa called to threaten them, he answers tht she said hello to Octavia.

Patricia suggests tht they turn Rosa over to th police, saying tht Rosa is a wild beast trying to get revenge on them all. Sr Isabel asks Camila wht Rosa told them. “She is going away, and asked me not to reach out to her cause someone is trying to kill her. But she has some important things to tell me” Camila tells them. Crazy Marcelina also gets a call frm Rosa. “No Rosa, I didn’t do it, it wasn’t me” she says, but Doris takes th phone away, but it is hung up. Doris asks her who is this Rosa tht makes her nervous everytime she calls. “Oh no, I’m surrounded by a couple of stupid, crazy ladies, now I find you like this!” Astrid tells her mom after she finds her crying and after she tells her tht she got a call frm Rosa, Astrid tells her tht even crazy Marcelina got th same phone call too. “But wht did all of you do to tht woman?” she asks. Luciano arrives, and Elda goes to ask him if he will leave her for Rosa. “Ok, I will die of boredom and disgust. I want to know wht you did to Rosa” Astrid tells her parents, also asking her dad if Rosa wants him to be her lover.

Next day, we are back at glamour saloon. “Ah, my body is asking for reggaeton. I just wants to kidnap Javier and take him to a reggaeton concert, all he listens to is jazz, and you cant dance to that music” Rosemary says, and they all try to cheer up Shelly. All attention turns to Leandro when he comes to ask Shelly out on a date, and even Sheila agrees to cover her shifts. Marcelina begs her son not to marry Camila, but Max by now knows tht his mom is crazy in th head. Amelia goes to th orphanage to see Fr Tiziano. “Why do you insist on seeing Sebastian if he wants nothing to do wth you?” he asks her. Shelly and Leandro are taking a stroll in th park. Ezequiel tells Max about th call he got frm Rosa. “Tht woman isnt for you. I have 24 hrs to make Camila change her mind and become mine. If aeroplanes can crash, and tht is th most safest transportation in th world, you think I cant crash your wedding? Hahaha” Ezequiel tells Max. Celso takes Julia to hunt for apartments where they will leave after getting married. “No, I cant deal wth her my love, wth tht stupid face. Oh, look wht we have here my love, you are like a pest and we all sneeze. You cant see Shelly my love, cause right know she is listening to all kinds of words of love, frm a real man!” La Chila Perez tells Fernando who has come to look for Shelly. Luciano gives Camila a notebook frm her mom tht she wrote while she was in prison.

We kick off with Christina still looking at the poison.  She has obviously had enough with the humiliation from Julia and she feels like shit for screwing with her mum's escape plan.  She takes a glass of Juice and adds loads if that poison stuff inside.  She is then thinking and rethinking drinking the poison.  Meanwhile Lucho just arrived at the ranch and is making as much noise as usual.  Christina finally decides to sip the toxic think intimate her mouth but spits it all out when she sees Lucho (pheeeww!!)  This disguise Gerardo has on is making him looks so much cuter,  he is walking around the town with bianchini like a walking dead bouncing as if he is alive πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ they are talking about their plan and how much Yola has helped them with the conquests to catch both the surgeon and the Centaur.  They can't believe that their plan is almost a success.  They talk about the risks both Yola and Lucho are taking taking in Centaur and Surgeon and wish them both luck.  Bianchini is still trying to get Gerardo to pronounce his name right,  Biankini πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Naa Ger is gonna remain old fashioned and pronounce it how it's spelt. 

Yola is at the gym and finally sees Emilio and Cesar leaving the office.  She takes the opportunity breaks in using a pin plants the mic then just when she is about to make a clean escape,  Emilio finds her. Emilio is skeptical with her and is interrogating her on the reason she is inside there,  he is pretty sure that the door was locked but Yola tells him that the door wasn't locked,  she found it opened and she came looking for Ignacio because she needs him to provide her with equipment she will be needing for the training. Emilio isn't buying this am poor story but Ignacio has fallen hard for Yola and rep roaches Emilio for the bad behavior he's been showing Yola of late.  He asks Emilio since when was it a sin to be poor and tells Yola that they will discuss the issue privately.  Yola excuses herself.  She goes out into the gym and Ignacio follows her later with some money.  He gives her a large sum land obviously he would like some passion in exchange πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚(this convo escaped me a little)  

Lucho is taken in to see Centaur and he freezes.  Centaur asks why he seems nervous and Lucho tells him that anyone would get nervous just on meeting the Centaur.  Centauro warns him that if the info he is about to give him isn't worth it he will not make it out alive and Lucho tells him that he knows the worth if his information.  He tells Centauro about some codes that Gerardos brother must have left behind and the information seems to be legit and worth it.  Julia comes and interrupts them,  she asks both Vicente and Lucho to leave them for a while and she wants to talk to Centaur.  Centauro isn't in the mood to entertain her and she tells him that he might have kicked him outof his bed but not out of the business.  He tells her about Lucho and the information he brought him.  Meanwhile Lucho being led outside by Vicente.  He asks for the bathroom and Vicente tells him he can't use the ones in the main house but he uses the fact the he thinks Centauro likes him a lot to let him all around the house.  Christina grabs him and she thinks that Lucho is working for the enemy and starts scolding him.  Lucho tells her that he is working with her mother and Duarte to free her. Christina is pretty happy and Lucho promises that he will get her out of there. He tells her that her mother loves her a lot. They hug.  Vicente comes and takes them out of there and takes them to a safe place where they kiss as he tells her that he loves and cares for her and will always be thinking about her. Vicente jokes about the getting married already and thinks Lucho should hurry up with all the corny stuff.  Lucho tells him to wait and kisses Christina a few more times before leaving to wait for Centaur. 

Cesar comes to the study with nothing but praises for Claudia.   He tells them that she managed to place the microphones and though they still haven't been able to get useful information he thinks they are very close.  Centaur seems impressed by the whole thing.  Bianchini speaks to Aguilar about the mission to capture Surgeon and his Columbian guys. They also talk about Gato and how they can help him but Bianchini tells him that he hasn't seen Gato for a long time. I don't get what he's talking to Alvaro about but it seems about the whole issue of him hiding the Gato bank statement drama from Aguilar.  Emilio speaks to Diego about Claudia,  Emilio doesn't like Claudia and has a bad feeling about her.  Diego likes Claudia and feels her audacity to ask for money is really brave.  Lola doesn't like Claudia and Diego thinks that its because they have different tastes .  Lola doesn't seem to think so as she plants a kiss on Emilios cheeks. 

Vicente warns Lucho about that life,  he tells Lucho that bi thing is as he thought it would be and that life isn't as glamorous as he thought.  He wants Lucho to get out while he still can .  Lucho pretends not to care  Cantauro cokes out and gives Lucho a huge sum as a tart off.  He wants Lucho to kill his  informant the female secretary that Lucho lied to him about and send him. her picture. He Welcomes Lucho to the big leagues.  Back at the neighborhood Vicente tells Lucho that there is still time to back out.  He can still save himself. He tells him to think about it. 

At night Yola is speaking to Gerardo inside the house when Gato overhears them speaking about how they will be together after they have solved this mystery.  Gato obviously thinks that Ger would abandon him to be with Yola and just disapears.  Lucho come back with information on Centaur and his meeting.  He tells them about Christina not doing so well because Julia seems to be mistreating her. Yola is frustrated but he tells her that Vicente and Tania are taking care of her. He also hands over the money he got from the Centaur.  (Lucho 😍😍😍😘)  Gerardo notices that Gato has been gone for too long but it's still token early for him to be freaking out. The landlady comes,  she has brought his some food and wants him to let her in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ for real this lady actually thinks she has a shot with Ger??  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  Ger doesn't let her in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he makes something up and the woman canyon stop telling him how available she is (her dreams aren't really valid πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)  Lucho tells Ger and Yola about the woman he was told to kill who doesn't even exist. Ger will organize for a body in a morgue πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Finally Christina is able to eat and Tania couldn't be happier.  Christina finally opens up to her and Vicente about what Cesar tried with her bit fortunately wasn't able to succeed because of his father. Vicente is pissed and tells her that both him and Tania will have their eyes on her 24/7 . Julia calls Tania and goes to talk to her privately .  She wants to know what she did to her husband in bed to make him so distant.  She wants to know how possible it is for her to have only hooked him up with only two times.  She asks him if he has ever sought her there and she tells her no,  and clarifies that he is the one who didn't want her anymore .  Julia asks her if he had any other conquests in prison and she takes her time to answer and tells her that she didn't know of any.  Julia lets her off but warns her that she will be keeping an eye on her. Centaur and Cesar listen in on Emilio and Ignacios fight and it feels like a series πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ They want to know what the heck Ignacio is using to blackmail Emilio but Centaur already likes this Emilio guy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘  

Cesar Coles to talk to his mum who is busy crying because of Centauros indifference towards her.  She tells him about something b she found strange,  she is sure Yolatania was being sincere but when she asked if Centaur had been seeing another woman she went quiet for sometime.... 




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