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The scene opens with big mouth Dante going to the hospital. He goes and offers flowers to Catarina. He finds out that Catarina is also Carmela, the daughter of Amanda. He goes back home and tells Fides what he has discovered. Fides is now sure that Amanda is alive. Yago comes back form the hospital and Fides and Dante are waiting for him. Fides asks Yago if what Dante is telling him is true. Yago is abit hesitant but tells her what she knows. An angry Fides immediately boards her car and leaves without telling anyone her destination.

Meanwhile the results of the Ballistic report are out and the investigators have come to Fernando's office. They tell him that the bullets match his registration. They tell him that they are not done with him yet. Fernando is outraged and makes a direct call to the hospital. Carmela picks up and he threatens her, he tells her that she should have listened to the threat he had made to her earlier, she will pay for soiling his name.(Fernando should go to HELL!!!)

Fides comes into Fernando's office and asks Fernando the truth about what happened to Catarina. Fernando tells her that all that was a plot by Catarina and her mother to destroy his good name. He convinces her saying that though he has not been a perfect husband, he would never want his family destroyed. Fides is convinced that Amanda is the real culprit and Fernando was just a victim of Amanda's seduction(Really?...Fides might be a doctor but she is super stupid)

Speaking about stupid people, we have Dante's little dark girlfriend. She catches Dante alighting his car and wants him to get back together with her. Stupid Dante who now thinks he might have a chance with Catarina rudely rejects her leaving her screaming in the street like a lunatic.

We see a guy with a bomb. Amanda alights her car and goes inside the hospital. The guy is looking at the car, he wants to bomb Amanda or what?

Back to Fernando who still wants Ramon to help him cover up all his crimes. We move on to a scene with Yago and his mother. He tells his mother that Fernando shot Catarina and almost killed her on top of attempting to rape her. He tells her that that is the reason he will not go back to Manila. "Carmela needs me, I will stay behind to protect her"

Fides is also at the hospital. Amanda tells Carmela that she will be right back and decides to go back to the car. Carmela recieves a call from outside that Amanda's car is about to explode. She is following her mother trying to catch up with her(at this point my heart is litterally in my mouth.) Carmela is restrained by some doctors when her wound opens and she starts bleeding again. Amanda is waiting for the elevator when it opens and Fides is standing there. Fides grabs her by the hand and takes her to another desertaed place near the stairs. Fides is blaming her for seducing her husband. Amanda is telling her that Fernando is the one who raped her. Fides is stangling Amanda.





We start off with Carmela. She has come back home. Her grannie Lola is there and she gets her blessing as she heads straight to a room where she will be cleaning. The mean uncle sees this and makes an excuse to his wife. He pretends to be going somewhere. He follows Carmela(this is baaaaaaaaaad!)

Yago and his mother have gone to a bookstore. They are checking out books. Yago wants to get something for Catarina. His mother advises him to get her something that represents their love. Yago remembers the pen that brought them closer. He goes and looks at a bunch of pens and chooses one. He comes to show it to his mother but finds his poor mother standing like a statue. He looks to the direction his mother is facing and sees his shameless father with his stupid girlfriend. His mother sees them and is screaming at them telling the guy that he has no shame bringing his lover to a public mall, she tells him to buy a book on marriage and parenthood and advises the girl to buy a bible(hehehehhehehehehehe) the girl insults her and Tinsey goes all loco on her. They have a fight!!! The insults are flying!!! The girl provokes her again and Tinsey jumps on her again. The crowd is gathering... Yago's dad who is protecting his little girlfriend tells Tinsey to move on already. He apologizes to his girlfriend as they leave....(ooh noooo....what a showdown!!)

Carmela is working on the room. She is wearing a short dress that barely covers her and is bent down...she is cleaning. The mean uncle is watching her lustfully. looking at her cleavage that is merely showing, her legs, her neck,,, this guy is hungry!! He enters the room. He turns up the music of the radio. Carmela wants to run but he grabs her, holding her mouth on the flooor. She is screaming for help but he takes out a knife. He tells her to keep calm. He uses his knife and cuts off a part of Carmela's dress, exposing her cleavage. He runs the knife through her body...(ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Carmela is disgusted) she looks to the side and sees dust. She picks up the dust and throws it on his eyes. She manages to get away but he catches her again. He puts her on top of a chair and is ready to rape her, she reaches ou ton the other side , grabs hold of a fork and stabs him with it, once then twice!! She



Carmela arrives at the hotel where Fernando stays and bumps into Yago. Yago who feels happy to see her says "Catarina"...Carmela looks at him and says(not reciprocating the enthusiasm) "Yago". He wants to introduce her to his grandfather but Fer and Jennie have already left. She leaves him just standing there. She goes to meet up with her friend who teases her on her feelings for Yago.

Carmela gets home. The guys including her mean aunt's husband are all drunk outside. She hears one of the guys saying that she has a male visitor. She goes into the house. Her mean aunt's husband is looking jealously at her as she enters the house. He is lusting over her...(this guy is beggining to scare me!!) Carmela enters the house and finds Yago.She is not pleased and scolds him for visiting her. Yago tries to explain but she does not give him the time of day. She chases him out. As he leaves she goes to the doorand sheds a couple of tears as she watches him go. The kids are sad at how she treated Yago. The all seeing mean uncle is just watching as Yago leaves...helooks jealous!! This is bad for Carme.

Fer's wife finds out from a source that Fer plans to leave his entire legacy to their adapted daughter Jennie. She is very concerned and wonders why he would do that. She calls Nida who is now working for them as a help and asks her about this. Nida knows she will be in big trouble if she opens her mouth. Fer and Jennie are from shopping. They come in and find Yago sitted in the reception. They approach him. Jennie looks at him "You seem sad" She tells him. Fer gives Jennie the key to the house and stays behind to talk with Yago. He knows this has to do with a girl. He is acting like the expert in women(haaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa...he knows nothing about women...thats for sure!!) He advises Yago on what to do next.

Back in Carmela's house, Carmela explains why she is the way she is towards Yago. She tells them that she is hurt about everything thats been going on. The kids come closer to her and hug her. Yago gets home. He is sad. His mum asks him if its about Catarina. He says yes and explains to her that he has not been able to get through to her. His mother tells him not to give up. She pours juice and toasts..."To Catarina...andmy son who loves her so dearly!" They drink(awww nice mum there)

In the morning Catarina is unhanging clothes and the mean uncle is just lurking around lurking over her. She goes to school. She goes over to the hotel and gets to meet Jennie. They exchange pleasantries and instantlylike each other with Jenie telling her that she has a beautiful name. Fernando comesand finds them talking. "Yes...your name is very beautiful" Fernando (The dirty man) is trying to flirt with her, making her so uncormfotable. Jennie notices Catarina is uncomfotable. She says "Dad you are flirting with her infront of me?"




Carmela and Yago alight the train. She notices Yago following her. They play around with each other and then go their separate ways. She heads over to her mean aunt's place. The aunt scolds her(for who knows what!!) They argue for a while and then Carmela leaves for her house.

Yago is inside an eatery. He is waitng for someone. OMG!! Is that Fer and his wife coming over(Help us lord!! Yago has some sought of relationship with Fer. They sit down next to him. He asks them for help. They are calling him grandson!!... They give him money and Fernando tells Yago that his mother(Fer's daughter Tinsey) is not welcomed to their home until she apologizes to them. Yago goes back home and hands over the money he got to his mother. She is not pleased that he went and asked for help from her parents. "Mun why don't you just apologise to your Parents...." She tells him she will not do it. No matter how bad his father is she will not give up on him coz she does not know how to live without him.

Carmela is at home. They are doing chores with her little cute siblings. The kids are asking her questions. She tells them about Fernando. Bambam goes to her later and asks her about this Fernando guy that she keeps on talking about. She tells Babmbam that Fer is the guy who killed her mother and father. She needs to get revenge. Her care giiver tells her to put the past behind her and focus.

Yago is at the train station. He is waiting up for Carmela but she does not show up. He takes the train. Carmela takes the bus. They are over at the noticeboard. Looking at scores. The two guys who bully her show up and with their insults. She is not buying it. She wants to go but one of the guys grabs her. He is hurting her. Her friend tries to intervene but she is pushed away. As the guys continue to harm Carmela, we see footsteps aproaching....(hahahahhhahahahahahahahahaha GMA and mystery!!) hehehehe its Yago!! He sees this guys mistreating Carmela and goes over to them. He beats them both to a pulp. The administrator comes and Carmela's friend explains to him what happened. They two boys are taken away. Carmeal thanks Yago for this gesture and they pinky promise each other to be best of friends(awwwwwwwwwwwww!!)

Yago goes over to Carmel'a market spot and they get so many female buyers(what a HOT!!! SALESMAN!!) Carmela and Yago are glancing lovingly at each other. this is love!!!!!....Meanwhile Fer and his wife arive home. They find their adapted daughter at home. She looks like she is very spoilt. She tells them that she wants to go to Manila with them. She wants to meet this Yago they always talk about(I have a feeling she might like Yago...and this might force Fer to tell the truth!!) Amanda is talking to one of her friends at the club. She later comes over and is spying on her youngest daughter!!...


We start off at Carmela's house. Yago has been invited to share the meal with the family. He is having a wnderful time with everyone one in the family. Carmela says grace and Yago is juts staring at her. Bambam's eyes are open and he is observing those two. Carmela is a bit shy, Yago is just loking at her "Thank you for letting me know your family" Afterwards, the kids tease her about her relationship with Yago. They think she is in love(I also think so!...hehehehe they got me smiling from ear to ear!" Carmela sprinkles water playfully at the children, deniying the claims...Her caregiver comes to her and advices her about love...how it comes unexpectedly and blah...blah...blah... Yago is back home. He tells his mother about Catarina. How he enjoys time with her...his mother asks hm"Tell me the truth...are you in love?" Heeeeee(daaaaaaaaaaaa but ofcousre woman...think!!) His mother tells him how his father also swept him off her feet...

The next day, Carmela comes to the market and sees Yago helping the kids sell the fruits. She is there just staring at him as Bambam and the girls convince him to buy them icecream. He plays around with the kids as Carmela stares from a distance. She remembers her grannie's advice. She goes towards him. She is trying to avoid him. They talk for a while, but Yago notices that somehow Carmela is a bit cold towards him...

Meanwhile Amanda is around the school where her bratty daughter with Fer is. Her daughter is looking around and admiring other  kid's relationships with their mother. Amanda sees her and aproaches her. She tries to make small talk with her but the girl puts her off "Sorry lady but I do not know you...so I will not talk to you. " Amanda is shocked. The girl's chauffer arrives to pick her up. She sreams at him for being late even though the guy is trying to tell her that there was insane trafic. She leaves. Amanda goes back and talks to her barfriend. She thinks her daughter has not turned out right raised by that Demon Fer.Carmela is now in her bed. She cannot stop thinking about Yago...(heeheheheheheheheh)

Yago's mum is makig herself up. Yago asks where she is going and she tells him she is going to wish his father a happy birthday. Yago tells her not to do this to herself. He will oonly hurt her. She says she has to. Yago later meet up with Carmela. He gives her a friendship bracelet. They go to an eatery but have an argument.

Meanwhile Fer's bratty daughter asks her parents who her biological parents are. Fernando remembers the time he stole the kid away from Amanda. His wife tells the girl that the woman who brought her to them told them that she had been abandoned. "I have not stopped thanking God from then...you are the obedient daughter we never had!"

Yago's mother is talking to his dad. She tells him she has come over to wish him a happy birthday. He tells her to leave her alone. " You don't mean that...I know you...me and Yago are your family" He means it alright. He pushes her away and says "Truthfully the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life is marrying you" He gets to the car and drives off... Yago's mum is devastated. Yago was there the whole time...He comes and holds his mum. She cries in his shoulder....End of part one...


Carmela gives the bracelet back to Yago and leaves the eatery. Yago goes back home and finds his mother daed drunk. He tells her that he also feels abandones but that is no reason to lie around feeling sorry for herself. Carmela is back home and Her granny notes that she is sad. She asks him what went down and Carmela tellsh her everything.

Fernando and another guy are talking. (He is the guy who will compete with Yago for Carmela's love) He is just as unscrupulous as Fernando. The midwife shows up. She is excited to see Fernando. Fernando takes her aside and threatens her not to tell anyone their little secret.

Fernando's wife takes jinny(I think that's her name) to the hospital and introduces her to her friend called Ramirez. Ramirez tells her that Jinny looks alot like Fernando. She later goes ans visits Fernando in his shop. The mayor is taking photos with some staff members. They talk for a while...



Amanda has just stabbed Fernando. He tries to get close to her but she does it again(in my head am going that's the spirit sister...make sure he dies) He falls to the floor as she runs away. At the store's door, she meets with Fer's doctor wife. She asks what she is doing there and Amanda does not answer, she runs right past her. The doc enters the store and finds Fer lying there on the floor...with blood all over(now that's the sight I love to seee...I hope he dies...) She hurries to call the ambulance. He makes sure he implicates Amanda as the culprit who stabbed him. The wife calls the chief of police Ramon, who also happens to be Fer's henchman. She tells them to find and arrest Amanda. Amanda is coming to her house. Carmela comes running towards her. She has no time to waste. She needs to escape. They pack a little bag and are on their way. They are stopped by some cars and the police come out, headed by Ramon. He has a warrant of Arrest for her. They take Amanda away as Carmela is left there crying her eyes out....

 Nita (or I think that's her name) takes Carmela inside the mill and follows the car. Carmela also follows her secretly to the hospital. Nita who had witnessed Danilo's death comes and confronts Fernando on his bed on Danilo's murder and tells him to let Amanda go. Carmela hears that Fernando is her father's killer. She comes inside the room and confronts him angrily. Fernando, threatens little Carmela and she leaves.(that guy has a demon inside...such cruelty!)

Fer's wife has come to the prison to Confront Amanda. She is telling her that despite her being generous with Amanda and Danilo, she still went ahead and betrayed her. Amanda tries to tell her that Fernando was raping her but she does not believe her. But atleast a seed of doubt has been planted between her and her precious husband (the idiot Fernando) Carmela also comes to visit Amanda. Amanda tells her to be strong. They talk for a bit. The doctor has come to visit Fernando too.

Fernado has completely recuparated. He goes over to his hench man Ramon and offers him some money to do a certain job for him. Ramon(the greedy hyena) accepts the money happilly and goes over to take Amanda from the prison, taking her away from Carmela again. Carmela now a very angry little girl goes over to Fer's house and infront of his wife accuses him of some outrageous crimes. Fer chases the little girl away rudely. She leaves.]

Carmela is now all alone and she boards a bus to go to Manila. She is living as a street kid. Meanwhile Amanda who got pregnant from the rapes, is now about to give birth. The midwife is asking her to push but she refuses to. Fernando is also there in the middle of nowhere. Fernando wants his child to be born and is beating Amanda up. He goes over and strangles her. She is struggling to breath and in the process pushe the baby out. Its a girl. Fernando takes the girl away, locks Amanda inside that little house and gives the baby over to the midwife with some instructions.
The nest day, Amanda is taken by the Henchman Ramon and they are in the river. Ramon takes out his gun and shoots the poor wwoman. Amanda drowns in the river (SUCH BAD LUCK!!)
Carmela is in the city with a bunch of street kids. One of the street boys harrases her. A poor woman passing by sees this and takes Carmela with her. Carmela tells her her story. She is such a great sales lady and the woman decides to keep the little girl. Meanwhile (what in the world is this?) The midwife is inside Fer's house telling his wife about an abandoned child(yeah right abandoned my left toe!!!) The wife takes the kid and is wondering how women can be so heartless this days. Her husband does not say a word(He looks as guilty as he feels...the goat!!)
The nice old lady decides to enroll Carmela into a school. She changes her name to Catarina. Years later (halllo!!! Marian Rivera!) Catarina is all grown up. As she walks through her school, her beauty catches the attention of all the guys around(yes she is breathtaking!) well it looks like she has the same fate as her mother because there is a guy who is obssesed with her...He wants to have her by force but she escapes from him....
Next...We meet Yago...Carmela's true love...he is handsome...I cannot wait!!...


(I am not sure but I think this is part two of episode one)

Our photographer is now dead. Amanda is inconsolable. She is crying her eyes out. Fernando is just standing there (as pretentious as always) with his eyes tightly on Amanda. The photographer's mum tries to console her telling her that everything will be alright. The woman who witnessed her husband's death and I think she is trying to warn her but chickens and leave. Fernando arrives as she is standing there and she is clearly terrified of him. "Sir Fernando, what are you doing here?" Fer grabbs her and puts a hankie to cover her face. She passes out and wakes up naked the next day. Sh opens her eyes and sees the old monkey zipping his fly. She already knows what must have happened to her. He warns her never to open her mouth (the baboon!!!!)  She tells this to no one...Fernanado is living his life like a prince whereas our girl is suffering inside.

Years pass. Its 1992. Carmela is all grown up. Fer the stalker is still keeping tabs on them(is this guy stupid? She watches as Carmela and her maid play around. Carmela is a beauiful little girl. As she is taking Carmela inside the house she spots Fernando outside watching her.(was raping her not enough you idiot?) She closes her gates in a hrry as he is lustfully watching her from his huge car!....As her mother combs her hair, she talks about her deseased husband who was also Carmela's father. She tells her to close her eyes. Carmela imagines she is in a field, looks behind and sees her dad. She runs towards him "Daddy!! daddy!! She goes over and he hugs her lifting her up in the air and playing with her. She is very happy. (the background music "SANA Y IKAW" makes me want to cry) She is now talking to her mother. Its a very emotional talk and they hug affectionately. Amanda later lights a candle to her hubby's pic and crys asking him a bunch of stuff(Damn i wish I was philipino...I do not understand this language...hehehehe) Amanda is just looking at her.

The next day Carmela is at her father's grave. She is also talking to her dead dad. Fernando arrives with his huge car. She asks him something and he holds her hand. Amanda sees this and freaks . She comes over pulling Carmels's hand from Fer and akes sure she gives him a piece of her mind. She walks away. Fer is left there feeling like a looser....(LOOSER!) Amanda tells Carmela that she should not hang around Fernando. Meanwhile Fer is behaving like a complete gentleman infront of his wife(the jerk)


The scene opens up with a strange woman in 1985 carrying around a cross while walking in the fields with two women who seemigly have a bit of authority over her walking infront of her. The woman who is struggling to carry that Humongous cross, suddenly fallsdown (more like that Huge cross pushes her down) Some sought of medalian falls down on the floor too. As she looks at it, she has a flash back. 

She is in a sewing factory. She has beautiful hair which falls on her shoulders flawlessly. A woman comes over and intrduces her brother Mr. Fernando.(The woman I am guessing must be her boss) As this ugly looking guy walks around, he stops at where the girl (AMANDA) is. He stares at her little cleavage that is just showing. He then comments that she is being indecent by wearing such a dress. Amanda tries to cover up, not to annoy Mr. Fernando. She goes back to her house at night and goes to sleep. A knock in her house. She goes over and opens up quickly when she discovers its this now Hungry looking ugly Fernando. He comes in and locks the door with a padlock. Amenda tries to ask why he is there but Fernando just grabs her. He wants to rape her. There is a struggle. Amanda fights him off but this guy is huge. He almost gets his way but she grabs a knife, he triescoming closer but she bruises him with it. She opens the door and runs away. Goes to her friend then to a bridge. She throws down the medalian.

In the morning, a photographer iswalking down the bridge. He is adorable...He picks up the Medalian. Meanwhile Amanda is walking on her knees inside the chapel. She is holding a rosary and praying, The photographer is outside the chapel taking picture of flowers. (why do I hv that gutty feeling that these two might fall in love?} Amanda comes out of the chapel just as the guy is pointing his camera to the door of the chapel. He notices she is a bit down and saves her from being hit by a baby cart. They have gone to an eatery and Amanda is just talking Aimlessly. The guy signs to her that he can neither hear nor speak (poorguy) He takes a pen and paper and writes "What is your name?" Amanda writes back "Amanda" They continue conversing through pen and paper (sooo cute)

Meanwhile the mean looking Fernando is talking to a police guy...Who knows what in the world he is saying but my hunch is, it is not good news for Amanda.Menwhile our adorable photographer hastaken Amanda to his home. He shows her how to make rice from the grains. As the rice comes out, he takes some on his hands and shows them to Amanda, she holds some in her hands, they start playing around with the rice.At night Amanda comes out and sees the guy washing his clothes. She sees a dark room and enters it to find his pieces of art. She is pretty impressed, he comes in after her. She goes over to kiss him and men do they kiiiiissssssssssssssssss(wait am I watching a philipino film or a mexican Telanovela? ) hehehehe They continue kissing as they go over to the bedroom. (The rest is history but you don't need a wild imagination to figure out what happened. (hehehe)   In the morning the most adorable thing happens. He is watching her as she sleeps. She wakes up and smiles at him. He wants to tell her something. She is waiting as her puts up a large board asking "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" she goes over throws the burner away saying YES OFCOURSE!. She hugs him lovingly, he is still in disbeliefe.(and the theme song is FANTASTIC!!) 

The guy goes and introduces Amanda to his mother(the guy is filthy rich...I did not know that) She seems to be impressed by Amanda's mannerisms. A car pulls in. The maid goes and gets the door and you will not believe who walks in....FERNANDO!! The mum sees him and says "Fernando...meet Amanda" could this Fernando be our photographers brother?(what a twist of fate hey!)  oooh no (I am not sure if its the brother or the father!! Heavens help...and the fact that they are speaking in philipino is not helping the situation!) Amanda sees him and goes speechless. He pretends he is happy and says "Congratulations" while shaking his brother's/ son's /(whoever I really cannot tell right now) He gives his hand to Amanda, she rejects it ad just says "Thank you, its nice to meet you" Fernando and Amanda are in the room alne. He asks her to forgive him for what he had done before (But if I were her, I would not trust this guy!!!!) Amanda and our photographer are getting married. Fernando is just watching and feeling all jealous.

A few months later Amanda gives birth in the presence of  our photographer And his mother she names the little girl CARMELA!. The guy is happy together with his mother and he takes a picture of the child and the mother. Fernando meets with our photographer and plots to kill him. As they walk he ptetend to have fallen down and throws his oranges on the rail (these two cannot be related!! wicked guy) Our guy is deaf and cannot hear the train's horn. He just lets the train hit our photographer. Luckily a woman witnesses this. He turns around when he realizes someones presence. The woman is already gone but she has left behind her slipper!! How sad is fate? 

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