Let me start by saying... For approximately twenty episodes(#53_72), we have cried, got angry and even fought(verbally) because of Lucha's hard predicaments, her pain has been our pain and her loss our loss😭😭. Today I can gladly say that THE STORM IS FINALLY OVER....
Rafagario is inside Daniel's office. He is narrating to Daniel the issue with his supposed twin brother Olegario Morero.
“So, you are the good twin, while your brother is the bad one?"
“That is the historical argument but to be honest with you Mr. I did not know of my brother's existence(he narrates to Daniel about Rafael's past)"
“What about your paralysis?, I heard you could not walk?"
“That was just post traumatical, but Thank God for Lucia...she helped me overcome the trauma Olegario is so convincing that even I believe he is rafael
“How did she help you?"
“She took care of me, nursed me until I was up on my feet... Lucia is a good woman... Very good woman (he has this dreamy look that makes Daniel so mad

Elena is still shocked upon seeing Ivana barely covered with only a bra and panties with Pablo's shirt.
“Who is at the door?" (Pablo comes in and is surprised to see Elena there. Elena sees his gorgeousness with only jeans on and nothing on top to cover those breathtaking arbs
and she gets angry. She wants to leave. Pablo follows her but Elena tells him that she never wants to see him again (too bad... I would like to see Pablo again and again Ivana is obviously upset that Pablo had to run after Elena and she was right there but Pablo just ignores her
Deyanira is making small talk with the doctor who seems to be super interested in her while Carlos looks on jealously
Lucia is informed by Camila and Nacho that her case has been reopened. This is fantastic news for Lucha. She tells her father that her situation is only temporary and asks Camila to look for Rafael,
“He is the only one who can help me get out of here"

Back to Olefael and Daniel. Daniel asks him
“The relationship between Lucia and Olegario?"
“They were never an item, Lucia is a woman with the capacity to captivate any man, the good ones and the bad ones." Daniel looks shocked(is that guilt I am seeing??
Rafagario continues to tell Daniel about his brother being a psyco and how much he was obsessed with Lucia.
“Why didn't you escape with them?"
“I had gone somewhere but on my return, they had already left"
Rafagario hands over to him some videos he had and tells him that they will confirm all that he is saying. Pablo arrives at the station and is shocked to see Rafagario. Leon tells him that the resemblance might be stricking but in reality the man inside the office is Rafael Montez
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Daniel calls Leon and tells her to send Pablo in as he continues to interrogate OlefaelπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Chelo is telling Elena to leave the idiot Radames. Elena tells Chelo that she cannot :case and reason he is the father of her son(πŸ”« one bullet is for you Elena Estupida!!)
The three triumphant muskateers come out of the room smiling from ear to ear, they are finally taking over Olegario's business. They are coming out of the hotel when witchy Lily spots Rafagario. She stops and using her hand to get Genaro's attention, she asks,
“ I dont believe this!! Are you all seeing what I am seeing?"
“What in the world is this?"
They all have that stupid busted look as Rafagario looks back at them and pretends not to even know them

Doc Mallorca tells Adriana to be calm and positive and to trust him. They vow to always be like that. Leon and Rodriguez are also coming to see the doctor and they are kissing at the door, Adriana finds them and exclaims “Everisto!!" Forgetting about Abel who is right behind her. Rodriguez looks so busted!!
(Hehehehe Olegario is something else after handing over the documents to the receptionists, he walks past the three shocked to their teeth. “good afternoon" as he passes by and they fearfully reply... Immediately he disappears, they rush over to the receptionist and ask who the gentle man was. The receptionist tells them that his name is Rafael Montez, which Genaro later confirms from his police informant
Nuria is upstairs sunbathing in a bathing suit. Rafagario alights from the elevator and gives out a victory dance as he laughs at the three reactions upon seeing him.  some guy happens to witness this awkwardness and Olegario asks him...
“What?(he he
“Noting sir"
Nuria also sees him and is shocked. “Good afternoon" she runs over to the three muskateers and tells them that she saw Olegario. They tell her that he isn't Olegario.

Lily pays a visit to Rafael and notice that he is different but still has her reservations. They send Nuria to investigate. Leon and Rodriguez have a fight over Adriana and Leon decides to break things off with Rodriguez
Daniel comes over to the doc's office and gives her a slight kiss(the woman could not be happier)
“I needed to talk to a friend"
“Talk to me Daniel...what happened?"
“What happened is that I was wrong, what happened is that Lucia and Olegario had no relationship...what happened is that Lucia is innocent"
“I am the most stupid and heartless man in the entire planet for doubting the woman that I thirst for justice drove me crazy... Lucia had nothing to do with Olegario or anyone else"
the poor guy looks like he could use a hug)
Lily and the gang are celebrating their victory. Lucia's trial has commenced with deya, Daniel and Rafagario all testifying for her. Nuria snoops around Rafagario's things and finds Olegario's boots.
“I knew it!! You are Olegario!"
The verdict is handed over to the judge

“After much deliberation on the case, Lucia Duran is declared, INNOCENT of all the charges against her" Everyone applauds, Daniel's guilt is killing him" Lucia embraces everyone and ends up with Rafael, Daniel is right behind him and is he is heartbroken seeing Lucia thanking Rafagario
“Without your testimony, I would not have been released this soon..gracias" Daniel can only watch as the two friends hug...