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After the dance at the club which was super edited by KTN, Mia goes back to the changing room. Her boss now better known as aunt Dess wants her to take clients and work the tables. Mia reminds her that she is only dancing to pay off the debt she ows her for helping out her father Ramon. (Ramon has diabetes) Dess tells her that the next time her father collapses, she shouldn't run to her for help.
Mia comes back home and finds Gael still working on the bones. She feigns unappreciativeness  and tells him
“Is that all you could do?" He walks past him and tells him
“You better finish that!"

Gael continues to work on Mia's bones even though she refuses to allow him get close to her. She tells her gay dad (Ramon)that soon Gael will get tired and give up. Ramon doesn't think he will. They check him out as he works on the bones. Ramon admires him for reading while working.
“Do you know that he is an architecture student?"
“Hehe do you really believe that...look at him, he is way too old to be a student"

Gael works on the bones overnight and falls asleep. In the morning Ramon wakes Gael up and gives him a clean shirt and then tells him to take a bath upstairs. Gael is now in the bathroom taking a shower when Mia wakes up. She goes up to take a shower and upon opening the door let's out a scream
Gabriel also turns around and screams
Mia is still shocked as she looks at Gael. Gael looks back and tells her to close the door also in a state of shock. 
Gael peeps out of the bathroom, he only has a small towel covering him up. He comes out of the room. Mia scolds him.
“Why didn't you close the door?"
“I wanted to but the door is broken"
“So you just let me see it? Is that it?"
“You are the one who was staring"

Gael now tells her
“I could stay and continue arguing with you but I have a place to go"
He takes his shower and goes to school to take his exams. Hr looks pretty inspired as he finishes the exams in front of everyone. When he takes the paper back to his beautiful proffesor.
She notices his smile
“I have never seen you smile before"
“I smile because I am happy"

Meanwhile Mia is working on polishing the bones and making some necklaces. She is done with some and takes them to her closet. She finds a note left there by Gael. It reads
“I now understand what you meant when you said it takes time for something worthless to become beautiful"
A glass falls down. Mia has a bad feeling.
Ramon is sick, he has been rushed to the hospital. Gael comes over and is informed about Ramon's condition. He goes to the hospital. He finds Mia and Venus with her dad. “I really want to help but right now I am broke"

Mia runs to aunt Dess who tells her that she is not going to help her this time round. Gael goes over and takes some of the jewelry made by Mia to his lady professor. He tells her that his friend is in dire need of money. The professor buys the jewelry.
Gael takes the money to Mia who had lost all hope of getting money.
“Where the hell did you steal this?"
“Its all yours... Take it
“What do you mean its mine?"
“I took some of your jewelry and sold it to my rich friend...so the money belongs to you"
Mia is overwhelmed with joy and hugs Gael. 

The next day Gael takes Mia to a bridge. He tells her that his brother and him used to live under a bridge and coming there makes him think that his brother might be with him somehow. He also tells her that this is the place he comes to breath. He jumps into the water and asks Mia to jump in with him. She does so after much persuasion.

After the swim, they almost kiss but Mia says she has to go to the hospital. Mia takes her father out of the hospital. Gael confesses his intentions to court her. Ramon later talks to her about Gael, telling her that she is a good man but she tells him that he is only after her because he doesn't really know who she is. If he knew about her real job, he will surely leave her.

Gael goes home and from his huge smile his father figures right away that he is courting a girl. He gives Gael a bit of advice in that sector telling him never to give up.
Gael goes over to Mia's house later on and Mia decides to put an end to his advances by telling him that the next time he wants to go see her, he should have something to be proud of. She lies to him that she wants a man with money and since he is poorer than her, he obviously has nothing to offer her. Gael is heartbroken and tells her
“ You know what? You are not the person I thought you were"

The familiar stranger!!

He leaves with his bike. He is now on the bridge talking to his small bro's spirit he is complaining about Mia mocking him coz he was poor. A car fast approaches. It almost hits him. Its drunk Carlos who is driving the car. He gets out and is checking his car as Gael is scolding him. They look at each other... For a moment there they seem to remember each other....
“Get your bike out of my way!" Carlos now says arrogantly. Gael seems stricken by his arrogance. Carlos seems to be in a hurry. He gets into his car and drives off.

Carlos arrives at a party. A woman approaches him
“Hurry up your father's speech is almost through"
He goes inside. His father later talks to him about a certain bidding that they have to win. Carlos tells Lorenzo that he has got it covered. We see him sharing some inappropriate glances with an older woman who we later get to know is Alexa, the wife of their biggest rival in the bidding.

Later on Alexa comes over to Carlos' place and they share a night of passion. Alexa is helping Carlos win the bid instead of her husband Tony. They are planning to make sure the bid goes to Antonio holdings then they disappear to Dubai. Alexa seems to be enthusiastic at the idea while Carlos' plan is to use her and dump her.

He comes back to his house in the morning and tells Lorenzo that he is making strides to ensure that they win the bid. Lorenzo tells him that he hopes so...if not he would have to pass down presidency of Antonio holdings to a certain Franco guy.

Gael goes home and tells his parents about Mia's rejection. His mother tells him not to give up on love. He comes back to Mia's place and tells her that he is going to be successful in life and he is going to be rich. He tells her that he is not going to give up on her. And every time something good happens he will be bringing her a bone.

Gael's female professor is very impressed with Gael's work and asks him to go work as an apprentice in her family's firm. She introduces him to her rich Architect father Mr. Padlilo who welcomes him to the family. He later talks to his daughter in private and tells her that Gael seems like a good catch. He is not getting any younger and wants grandchildren Gael is about to leave and addresses her as proffesor. She tells him now that they are going to be colleagues, he should drop the formalities and call her Camile Mia has some competition.
Mia dances again and Dess is forcing her to go sit next to an oldie. She does so but her friend Venus helps her escape. Gael has come with news of his new job but doesn't find Mia. Mia arrives later on in a fail mood.



The scene opens with a wrestling match.  Muloy, a friend of Carlos Antonio (Paulo Avelino) is watching as the two wrestlers battle it out. He looks happy that the wrestler he had bet on had won. Meanwhile the other guy is not pleased at all...

Carlos Antonio(Paulo Avelino) is being tied up and blindfolded. He is taken to a mansion full of girls with bathing suits and drunk men. He is led by some guys to a place near the swimming pool. There he finds his friend Muloy tied up and beaten up on the floor. The other guy who looked annoyed at the match is the one who had tied Muloy up.
“Carlos, look I have no issue with you, the world is big enough for the two of us.... But your good for nothing friend thinks he can go against me....His life must be worth something..."
“One million...my offer only lasts 30 seconds"
“Look there is no need to blackmail each other"
“Ten seconds left"
“Carlos, what game are you playing at"(the guy says as he thoroughly beats up Muloy)
“Carlos I am not joking"
“three...two...one" he has already broken free from the ropes around his hands and thoroughly beats up the guys holding him.

They are in the car going back with Muloy. Muloy tells him that he gave up a huge amount just for him, he promises to pay it back. Carlos is lost in thoughts. He is now in a club full of women... In his thoughts...
“Everyone has a price in this world... First you get the money, then you get the power and then you get the women" As he walks past the girls in the club are all giving him little pecks on the cheeks (hehehe he is living large) he then goes into a private room with a girl whom he has a passionate night of immense pleasure with❤❤ After that he heads over to a bridge and starts caressing it gently...

Gael,(Jerico Rosales) has a completely different life from his younger brother Carlos. He is standing on the bridge, he looks down, takes off his shirt(needless to say...he has aged gracefully!! Even cuter than when I first saw him) he jumps into the water...“Woohooo!!!" After his swim...he is thinking in his mind....
“My life is not my own, it belongs to the ones I love"
He goes over and looks at a picture of a small boy. He is talking to it
“Brother!! I finally did it....(he shows him a newspaper)...I am finally a famous architect... It has taken me ten years but patience is all I needed"(we presume the brother to be Carlos)


Two little boys are riding around on a bike. They are brothers. The older plumber one Gael and the younger slimer one Manuel Junior better known as JR. Gael is teaching JR how to escape from ropes. They continue bathing in the river and afterwards head home. They arrive back home after riding and their father who looks angry takes Manuel and ties him up. He also Gael is trying to defend his little brother
“Next time when mum makes a long distance call, I will tell her what you do to us"
“I pretty sure your mother already has another husband"
He is now beating up poor Gael as Manuel breaks free from the ropes around his hands. He goes over and attacks his dad. The two Boyd overpower their drunk father and run away....
They are now living under a bridge

They suffer for sometime but Gael always manages to feed his little brother Manuel. They go into town and are running away from the police. One police guy nabs Manuel and Gael in a desperate attempt to free the little boy bites the arm of the policeman. They run away and bump into another street kid who happens to have lots of food and clothes. He offers them some
“So how did you get so much food and clean clothes?"
“I am selling myself, a certain rich family wants to adopt me so they are giving me all this"
“Ooh are you sure they are genuine?"
“Yes...one of my friends was adapted and now he has lots of toys and food"
The boys' mother is back and scolds the father for not taking care of his children just because he was jealous.

Gael seems to think about this idea even as the other kid offer them lots of food. They are back at their sleeping place. Gael promises Manuel that one day they will be rich, he will build houses...“And bridges?" A now very enthusiastic JR asks....“Yes"...they continue talking about their dreams. JR Tells Gael...“It doesn't matter if we are rich or not..as long as we are together, I will always be happy"
Later JR falls sick and Gael rushes him to the hospital. The doctor tells Gael that he will need a lot of money to purchase JR'S Medicine. Gael has no choice than to contact the children buyers and makes a deal with one of the guys. The guy tells him that JR's adoption would be easy since he is very young but he cannot be adopted since he I'd older. Gael takes JR out of the hospital and to his surprise they have lots of food and new clothes. They eat to their hearts delight.

Its raining heavily at night and people all around are screaming “The water is rising!! The water is rising!" Gael gives up a sleeping JR to his new adopted parents asking them to take good care of him. JR wakes up inside the van and runs after Gael...
“Wait for me"
“Go back in the van....they will take you to father!"
“No you are a liar!! You wanted to sell me"....“You are bad!" He goes running towards the other side of the bridge
“JR come back here!"
“You are baaad"

The bridge cracks open and JR goes falling down into the river. Gael's efforts to rescue JR prove futile. Gael goes back home crying and finds his mother... He tells her about Gael's fall. After some time searching they come to a conclusion that JR actually died. Their father apologizes to Gael telling him that its all his fault the accident happened.
Meanwhile JR survived the fall. He boards a truck saying “If you don't like me anymore then I don't like you either Gael." The truck leaves and arrives days later in the city. JR gets hungry and another boy Muloy offers him some food. He eats the food and Muloy takes him to his house. The two boys are taken care if by an old woman called Nancy.
Nancy later dies after teaching JR the importance of school. JR earns enough money to go to school. At school he finds himself sleeping in class but since he is pretty smart, the teacher asks him a question while sleeping and he answers it correctly.
“It is a piece of cake to me"
“You were able to get the question correct even though you were sleeping?" The teacher is impressed by JR's skills but still thinks that that is no excuse for sleeping in her class.
A few days later the teacher finds JR in the streets. She learns about his situation. She offers to take them to social workers but they tell her they can manage. He just asks her
“Whenever you see me sleeping in class its not because I want to, its just that I am tired from all the work I have been doing throughout"
The teacher offers to help him study. She tutors him until he graduates and secures a scholarship in a national school for him.
JR is a bit older when Nancy leaves for HongKong. Muloy gambles and away some if his money. He goes and gets Muloy and as he is warning him, there I'd a man in a car. He is looking at them for a while then he gets into his car.
“Was that man looking at us?"(JR asks)
“Yes... He might be one of those gay guys who picks up boys... I think he likes you JR"
“Don't be stupid"
JR is reading when some prostitute comes to flirt with him.
“I am just a boy"
“When you are ready...I promise I will be your first."
He sees some guy stealing from a car and runs after him taking back what he had stolen. He brings it back and coincidentally the car belongs to guy who was checking him out. He hands over what he got from the thief..
“This must be yours.... I am Manuel Nacbil Junior" As the man is shaking his hands, he flashes back to a time when he was beating up JR's father....(who could this guy be? And why is he interested in JR??)


The guy gives JR his card and thanks him for saving him. Muloy is reading the card's content out loud...“Sir Lorenzo Antonio...CEO and President of Antonio holdings" Muloy doesn't get it and JR explains that he is an owner of large buildings.

The next day, they come back after school and find their homes being destroyed. JR and Muloy's memories growing up are all destroyed by those people.
JR pays a visit to Sir Lorenzo. He is willing to do anything as long as he can help him study. Lorenzo is willing to help him with anything he needs. He allows Muloy and him to stay in his house.
The nanny instructs them on where they will be sleeping. She later goes to ask Lorenzo why he is letting street kids stay in his house. Lorenzo tells her the name of JR. She is shocked and asks what plans he has with the boy. Lorenzo tells her
“I am not sure yet"

Lorenzo later talks to JR and clears up the fact that he is not gay He tells JR that he is willing to adapt him and name him Carlos Antonio. JR looks pleased...he is selling himself to the devil....
Muloy back at the house is stealing from Lorenzo. Jr stops him. Muloy tells JR that he should know that Antonio is the one who destroyed their neighborhood. JR confronts Lorenzo about this and his response
“If you want it all, you cannot let yourself be soft...not at all" JR promises to stick with Lorenzo.


Several years later, JR...now a very handsome man(Paulo Avelino) well known as Carlos is entering a club along with Muloy....
“How did you know about this place?"
“I told you, I don't pay for girls"

They enter as he tries to strike a deal with another young man. The man shows little care and interest for his offer. JR is not pleased. A solo dancer arrives on stage MIA SANDOVAL(Maja Salvador). She is breathtaking as she dances on stage capturing the hearts of all the men in the club.
JR learns that the man who had turned down his offer was actually
Interested in Mia but she had turned him down and humiliated him in front of his father. The guy tries his luck with Mia to no avail. He leaves the club. Meanwhile the woman in charge of the dancers tells them that they 
are free to leave except for Mia....

“Someone really important has come to see you"
JR now better known as Carlos enters the room.
“You must be Mia right?"
“Yes what do you want?"
“Name your price... Everyone has a price, what's yours?"
Mia is confused by his arrogance but decides to play along with him. He tells her
“Why don't you stop wasting my time raising your price and come with me."
Mia follows him to the car.
“Where are we going?"
“I have a friend who likes you, I want to send you over to him as a gift"
Mia looks at him, “Let me drive, you know to add to the thrill!"

Carlos has no objections. He hands over the keys and let's her drive.
She veers off the road “Are you sure you know the way to the hotel?"
“Of course I do... I frequent there" The two of them drive and Mia pulls over in a highway!!
“What are you doing?...this is not it"
“Not all girls can be bought!! You can leave me here...she says as she hands over the keys to him. He looks shocked. A taxi pulls over and she takes it. She yells to him
“You should probably get your car fixed, its as damaged as you are!!" Carlos will not be forgetting this incident in a hurry. He is back at his house and these words are still ringing in his mind...
“Not all girls can be bought!"
Is he perhaps falling for Mia?
He receives a call from Muloy... “I bet you didn't get the girl"
“No...she said she can't be bought"
“I told you so.."
“I still have a few tricks off my sleeves.

We are introduced again to Gael now very handsome (Jerico Rosales) we are taken through his entire childhood, growing up he had always worked hard to feed his family. He has a younger brother now that he has bought a bicycle for. They are working with his father on a construction.
Gael gets on his employers bad side when a client prefers his suggestion over his bosses' the bisd makes fun of him and his dad wanting to be architects yet they are uneducated. Gael loosed his cool and punches the man in the face who reacts by firing both him and his father. His father later decides to take up a dangerous job offer working as a miner of coal. He tells Gael to let him go
“I want you to study and become an architect, its way too late for me... Let me do this for you and your brother"

Gael enters into the classroom and everyone sits down thinking he is the proffesor one of his classmates whispers to another
“He is too old, who would have thought he was our classmate?"
Gael looks back and just laughs he later presents his project to the class... The proffesor looks pretty impressed.


He is seated down as Mia's taxi pulls over. Mia thanks her friend Venus for the help. Venus tells her
“What if Antonio decides to get you back?"
“That's not going to happen"
Gael sees Mia and gets up from his seat and walks towards her
There is a slight pause as he smiles..“Look at this"
He says giving her the wrapper
“I already know what that is"
“No look at the wrapper"
She looks at it and it reads
“Gabriel Nacbil Mendoza"
He tells her
“My Diligence paid off"


Gael is riding his bike and goes yo an open air eatery flatters the ladies with his dashing looks and they offer him food. He looks across the street and spots a woman dancing. She fascinates him.
Days later he draws closer to the window and hears her speaking to several customers
“Try our dragon soup...it comes with a dance, its so good that you can't help but dance"
She notices him on the window and walks away. Another guy comes to him
“She is not on the menu"
“We notice you come here often to watch Mia dance"
“Mia? Is that her...well no, Ihave come to try the food here... How much is it?"
“Three hundred"
He looks shocked
“Three hundred?"

He goes and works so hard. He also asks his boss to give him a sideline job. He is given a job dressed in a funny costume and finally makes enough money to eat at the restaurant.
Inside he is looking at Mia, this is making her uncomfortable. He gets the menu as he watches mia serving dragon soup as she dances for some customers. He calls one of the waiters
“Do all the foods come with a dance?"
“No its only the dragon soup which is a specialty of the house"
He looks at the price 1250 pesos. He tells the waiter to get him water

Because of his staring, Mia pours the soup on a customer and is suspended for a week. She goes outside and upon seeing Gael, she beats him up calling him a pervett. Gael tells her that he isn't a pervert that every time he sees her dancing he smiles.
“What can your smile do for me...it cannot bring back the money that was taken off my paycheck."
The next day Gael gets her address and goes to pay her a visit. He is practicing what he is going to say
“I am not a stalker... I just wanted to make it up to you"
Mia sees him
“I am not a stalker I..."
She hits him hard with her bag.
...The Drama has just begun!!

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