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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Episode 3

Lucia and Elena Duran

Lucia and her friend are thrown into the police van.  Lucia is upset with her friend forgetting them in trouble. Daniel watches as they take them away. Meanwhile, Radames scolds Liliana for leaving her lipstick stain on him. He hits her and says she did it on purpose so her sister Helena will see it but Liliana says she didn’t do it on purpose.
Radames throws her on the bed and tries to make out with her but Liliana is cold and doesn’t move. This upsets Radames and he says he already has a statue at home, he doesn’t want Liliana to be another statue. Radames says Lucia has always been the fiercest among the Duran sisters. This statement seems to have touched a spot as Liliana speaks and says Lucia is not better than her.
Lucia and her friend are thrown into a cell and an inmate tries to intimidate the newbies but Lucia shows her that she’s been in jail for a long time as she threatens the inmate to stay away from them. Daniel arrives at the station and asks his men to release Lucia and her friend. Daniel then decides to go back to the hospital to check on the drug dealer he captured. As he enters the hospital, he senses something wrong and he brings out his gun. He sees a thug dressed as a nurse and they both open fireat each other. Daniel chases the disguised nurse but the guy gets away in a car waiting forhim outside. Daniel shoots at the car but it’s too late as they drive away.
Luica and her friend arrive home and she apologizes to Lucia once again. Lucia accepts her apology and tells her to go back home, she needs to sleep. Lucia picks a photo of little Roxana and says “tomorrow,I’m going to meet you.”
Next day, Lucia is seen walking on the street as she looks forRoxana. Inside a store, Roxana steals a loaf of bread and tries to run away but the store keeper catches her and asks her to pay for it or he will call the police. Roxana pleads with him but as the man is about to hit her, Lucia stops him and says Roxana isn’t a thief, she is her god-daughter and she took the bread because knowing she was coming to pay forit. Roxanna is surprised that this stranger knows her name but she follows Lucia anyway. Lucia takes Roxana to a restaurant where Roxana eats a good meal. Roxi asks Lucia how she knows her name and Lucia tells her that her mother sent her. Roxana asks why her mother isn’t here but Lucia keeps silent. Roxi speaks and says she knows her mother isn’t coming back because she has a bad dream about her last night and her mother told her that she will send another mother to her. Roxana asks Lucia if she is the one her mother promised to send and Lucia says yes. She takes Roxana to her house and Lucia is not pleased with the condition of the house. She asks Roxana about her aunt but Roxi tells Lucia that her aunt doesn’t love her. Roxana’s aunt stumbles in with boyfriend and asks Lucia who she is. Lucia informs her that she’s here to take Roxana and she shows Rosalie’s last wishes to her sister. Rosalie’s sister reads it and says she will share a joint custody with Lucia.
Radames meets Cesar and tries to talk him out about divorcing his daughter Debra but Cesar says he won’t change his mind. Cesar’s secretary comes in and informs him that his aunt is outside and Cesar tells his secretary to let her in. Radames leaves in anger and says Cesar will regret his decision. Cesar’s aunt comes in and informs him about the deaths that occurred at the hospital. She tells Cesar that she will like to meet with his colleague to talk about charity donations forthe hospital.
Lucia arrives at the hospital for work. Sister Milagross tells Lucia that her work will be to change the bed sheets but Lucia tells Milagross that she was hired as a certified nurse, not a maid to change bed sheets. Sister Milagros informs Lucia that the maids have been on strike and there’s no one to do it. She asks Lucia if she can handle it and Lucia says yes. Meanwhile, Daniel thinks about Lucia. He remembers something and jumps out of bed. He makes a call as he gets dressed. At the hospital, Lucia resumes her maid duties.As bumps into Cesar with her janitor truck and he falls down. Lucia rushes to his side and apologizes for hitting him. Cesar looks at Lucia and says”Wow, what a beauty. even ifi had to die, it will be nice dying in front of such beauty” Cesar gets up and says he’s okay but Lucia insists that he should be checked by a nurse.
There’s an attempted murder on a witness at the station and Daniel and his team arrive just in time to save him. Daniel asks the witness who wants him dead and the witness says Diablo. Meanwhile, Diablo informs Radames that he has taken out the witness and they laugh saying” Dead men tell no tale”
The doctor checks Cesar and tells Lucia that the young man is alright. The doctor leaves and Cesar introduces himself to Lucia. Lucia also introduces herself as Lucia Duran and Cesar says he knows the Duran sisters. As they are about to engage in a conversation, Sister Milagross walks in and asks Lucia what she and this gentleman are doing alone. Cesar introduces himself and says that Lucia was just checking up on him. Lucia quickly leaves and Cesar gives Sister Milagross his aunt’s phone saying she left it in his office when she came to see him earlier.
Lilana meets Daniel and they meet Radames and Diablo. Radames isn’t pleased to see Daniel and he leaves with Diablo after a brief discussion with Daniel. Alone with Liliana, Daniel tells Liliana that she has to be careful with Radames. Later, Radames meets Liliana and asks her if Daniel said anything about him but Liliana says no. Liliana asks Radames who Diablo is and he says Daiblo is just a business acquaintance.
At the hospital, someone sends a bunch of flowers to Lucia and Sister Milagross is not happy about this. She scolds Lucia and says Lucia has contaminated the hospital. Daniel walks in and asks Lucia why she can’t stay out of trouble.

commander Daniel Ponce and Lucia Duran...

At the hospital, Lucia tells Daniel to arrest her but a doctor quickly interferes and informs Daniel that Lucia is an effective nurse and he needs her. The nun asks Lucia to follow her and Lucia does. The nun asks Lucia why she was in prison and Lucia swears by the child that she lost that she was innocent but because she was a naive girl who was in love, she was wrongly accused for the drugs Pedro left in the car.
Octavio walks in on his mother sleeping with another man. His mother sees him and goes after him but Octavio drives off in his car.
At the hospital, the nun informs Lucia that the pay isn’t much but Lucia says it will okay for her. She thanks the sister for hiring her and promises to be a good nurse. Lucia changes into a nurse uniform  and introduces herself to a fellow nurse.
Octavio visits his father Cesar in his office and informs him of his mum’s infidelity but his father doesn’t seem so surprised. He asks Octavio if he knows the man his mother was with and Octavio says it’s her Yugo instructor. Later, Debra meets her son Octavio and asks him why he didn’t wait for her to explain. Octavio says what does she have to say after what he saw but Debra says it’s Cesar’s fault. Cesar walks in and asks Debra how is it his fault when she was the one caught cheating. He asks Octavio to excuse them. He then tells Debra that she just made things easy for him. Debra asks him what he’s talking about and Cesar tells Debra that he’s leaving her. Debra gets hysterical and begs him to stay but Cesar gets into his car and drives off.
Daniel meets his aunt, who’s the nun who hired Lucia and tells her about his displeasure of having Lucia work on Marisela but his aunt says Lucia is an efficient nurse and that’s why she hired Lucia. She tells Daniel that he deserved the slap from Lucia because he was acting like a jerk.
Liliana meets with Helena’s husband, Echeverría and asks him to help look for Lucia. He tells Liliana that he doesn’t know why he should help her look for her sister. Liliana kisses him and says because Lucia is his sister in-law but Debra storms into her father’s office and tells him that Cesar wants to leave her. Radames asks Liliana to excuse them and she leaves. Outside, her brother in-law(The one who saw her kissing Radames at the event) blackmail her,asking her to convince Radames to give him the job or else he will expose their secret.Debra asks her father to help her talk to Cesar and persuade him to come back to her but her father tells Debra that he warned her about getting involved with the son of his worst enemy. Debra reveals to her dad that she knows about his affair with Liliana Duran and if he doesn’t help her, she will expose his secret. Radames finally accepts to help her and says he will speak with Cesar.
At the hospital,  Marisela is okay and Daniel talks yo her by her bedside. Lucia is about to leave but the other nun who doesn’t like her tells her that she isn’t happy that a criminal like Lucia was hired to walk in the hospital She tells Lucia that she will be watching her.
Back at home. Daniel remembers when Lucia and the slap. Cesar comes in and informs him that he left Cesar. Meanwhile, back at Cesar’s house, Debra laments and blames Octavio for Cesar leaving her. Cesar tells Daniel that he’s furious with himself for being stupid. He tells Daniel that it’s also partly his fault because he neglected Debra and pushed her away. Cesar also tells Daniel that he and Debra haven’t made love in six-months. Daniel laughs and taunts his brother, then they toast to Cesar’s freedom.
Radames gets back home and tells Helena that Cesar left Debra and Debra came to his office acting all crazy. Helena sees lipstick stain on his shirt and asks Radames where the stain came from.  He lies and says it was his daughter that probably left the stain on his shirt. He tries making love to Helena but Helena doesn’t give in. Radames gets upset and tells Helena this is why he always beat her.
Lucia is with her friend at a pub. They talk about their lives and Lucia tells her friend that she’s sterile and can’t have children. Daniel and Cesar walk into the same pub to drink but Cesar doesn’t feel comfortable and tells Daniel he has to leave. A song comes up and Lucia’s friend grab Lucia to the stage to go and sing. As the sing, Daniel sees Lucia and says”Why do i see her everywhere i go” as he watches Lucia singing. After the song. Lucia’s friend gets into a fight and then everyone in the pub starts fighting each other. Daniel picks up his phone and makes a call.
The cops arrive and arrest everyone including Lucia and her friend. Daniel walks up to Lucia and says “now you are in my hands. If you ask me nicely, i might let you go” but Lucia says she doesn’t ask for favors from thugs like him and Daniel tells the cops to take them away

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Episode 1

Araceley Arambula as Lucia Duran

Part 1

The scene starts with the cops chasing a car. Inside the car, a lady called Lucia begs Pedro to stop the car. Apparently, Pedro is a drug dealer running away from the cops. Lucia tells Pedro to do it for the sake of their unborn baby but Pedro doesn’t listen. A helicopter intercepts Pedro’s car forcing him to stop. Pedro sees there is no way out, he kisses Lucia and carries a gun. He steps out of the car and attempts to shoot at the cops but the cops beat him to it as they rain him with bullets. Inside the car, Lucia holds her belly. she looks at her hand and sees blood and she wakes up, It’s one of her nightmare.
 Fast forward to eleven years later, Lucia is in jail for a crime she didn’t commit. Apparently, she was arrested for possession of drugs. Pedro stashed his drugs and she was caught with it and she’s been in jail ever since that day. In prison, Lucia is informed that the director wants to speak with her.

Eric Hayser as commander Daniel Ponce!

Part 2

In Mexico city, guest arrive for 25 year memorial service of one Mrs Matilda. Maltilda gave up her live to save her son Daniel Ponce, who’s now the chief police of narcotics department. At the memorial, Daniel flashes back to the day two men attacked his home. His mother fought them off and as one of them tries to hit Daniel, his mother is shot trying to defend him. One man then introduces Daniel to a little boy, almost the same age as Daniel. He tells Daniel that from this day hence forth, Cesar will become Daniel’s brother. Back to reality, 25 years later, Cesar tells Daniel that father will be proud of whom he has become. After the memorial, guests pay their condolences to Daniel.

 Aylin Mujica as Liliana Duran


Licia sisters, Elena and Consuelo  are together. Consuelo sees bruises on Elena’s back and asks her if her husband hit her again but Elena tells Consuelo that the bruises on her back are not serious. Consuelo is moody and says it seems like her daughter hates her. She says she loves and misses their sister Lucia . She wonders why Lucia ran away with”that man”.Elena says Lucia and their mother didn’t get along very well but she’s sure that Lucia is okay wherever she is.

Alexandra de la mora as Helena Echeverria Duran

Part 4

Meanwhile, Lucia is informed that she will be released the following day and is certified a nurse. She’s so happy and she talks to a cellmate and friend,Rosalia Pérez who is in her dying bed. Lucia says she will fulfill the promise she made to Rosalia and meet her daughter ten years old daughter, little Roxana in Mexico city when she gets outs. A prison warden comes in and informs Lucia that it’s time for her to go

 Gabriel Porras as Olegario Morero el diablo

Part 5
Somewhere in Mexico city, At an event, Debra Echeverría, daughter of Elena’s husband is with Cesar and complains about her father’s marriage to Elena. Daniel walks up to meet them.  It seems like Daniel and Debra don’t get along very well as Debra’s mood suddenly changes and she leaves the brothers alone. Liliana Duran is on stage and she welcomes the guest to the inauguration of their hotel.  Later, Liliana tries to talk to Daniel but Daniel shuns her off saying he needs to meet someone.Liliana meets Elena’s husband. He asks her what took her so long and kisses her. Liliana is worried that someone will see them but he continues kissing her anyway. A man watches them from a distance.
 Macarena Oz as Roxana Perez

Part 6
Back at prison, Lucia is released. She ‘s happy  as the sun hits her face. She boards a train to Mexico. Later, Lucia arrives at a motel room and flashes back to a conversation she had with her mother while in prison. Next day, Lucia goes to her family house. She watches from outside as she flashes back to the day her mother threw her away from the house because she was pregnant for a drug dealer. Back to reality, Lucia wipes her tears and walks up to the house. She rings the bell and her sister Liliana opens the door. Liliana is shocked to see her sister and asks her what she’s doing here. Lucia says she came to see her parents and asks Liliana to go call them but Liliana tells Lucia that no one wants to see her after the shame she brought to the family. Lucia says she wants to see her father and her sisters, Elena and Conselo, she is sure they miss her.

 Javier Diaz as Radames Echeverria

Lucia tells Liliana that both of them never got along but her other siblings will be happy to see her but Liliana doesn’t accept and tells Lucia to leave. She tells Lucia that their father has a heart problem and he hates her. She says if their father sees her, he could die.Lucia finally leaves. Later, Liliana meets her mother at the restaurant and informs her of Lucia’s return. The mother is worried that her husband might find out about Lucia but Liliana assured her that she’s taken care of it.
Lucia goes around looking for a job but she is denied at several places she applied to.
At the station, Daniel and Marisela are on a stake out as they try to capture some criminals. They get into a shoot out and the bad guys overpower Daniel and his team. Marisela is shot in the process.

 Aaron Diaz as Cecar Modragon Bianchi

Lucia is at a hospital and tries to apply for job. Daniel and his team arrive at the same hospital with Marisela bleeding. Daniel shouts at the doctors and asks them to attend to Marisela. Lucia gets into action and tries to save Maresela. Daniel is not pleased that a lady who does not look like a nurse is trying to treat Marisela. An argument ensues between them and in the heat of the moment, Lucia slaps Daniel. The scene ends here

Friday, August 07, 2015



Raquel and Blanca are still talking. Raquel wants to get rid of Blanca once and for all. Blanca has already lost a lot of blood and is pretty weak. Raquel is pointing a gun at her. 

Eduardo and adriano reach the ware house. Eduardo goes in to save Blanca. Adriano wants to come with him but Eduardo tells him not to follow him. He wants to face his mother alone. Raquel contacts her hit man. She tells him to prepare an extra container to transport Blanca's body to Europe. She then tells Blanca to say her goodbyes and just when she is about to pull the trigger she hears Eduardo calling her. She wonders how he got to know where they were. She is closing all the entrances. Eduardo finds the room and is peeping through the window. He tells Raquel to let him in saying he already knows that she is not his mother. Raquel is taken aback by this and rushes to open, denying that truth. She rushes over to point the fun at Blanca's head. 

Meanwhile everyone else is at Rafael's funeral. Simona and Rafa's mother completely break down upon seeing his body. They are saddened by his death.

Eduardo is inside the room. He is telling Raquel to let Blanca go. That his love for her has always been unconditional. Raquel is touched by that and is moves away from Blanca. She goes towards Eduardo but insists on killing Blanca. She hears the police and starts crying that Eduardo had betrayed him. Eduardo goes and stands between Blanca and Raquel. Raquel without really looking for turns back and shoots Eduardo straight through the heart. Eduardo is shocked. He falls to the ground and tells Raquel that she has always been the imposter. He he faints. Raquel cries and runs off.

Hugo and Karina go to visit George. Hugo has some evidence against Raquel. They later go to the police station to testify against Raquel. He hands over the recordings he had of Raquel's crimes. The police rush to capture Raquel but do not make it in time. Raquel is able to escape. Adriano and the police run into the warehouse only to find Eduardo lying on the floor and Blanca passed out on the chair.

Raquel is driving off inside a police car she stole. She is crying her heart out that she has failed and Blanca and Adriano have beat her. Ivan's ghost appears to her and consoles her not to cry telling her that she is a strong woman. She agrees with the ghost and drives off. She later calls her hitman and tells him that she will be the one to be transported inside the container.

Raquel gets inside the container and is locked inside. Just then the police arrive and odder the shipment to be thrown into the ocean. Raquel is seen struggling inside the container. She Cry's a lot begging them to stop but they proceed to throw it inside the water. She drowns hurting herself and then finally dies...

Several months later, its the new years eve. Blanca and Eduardo have been able to survive along with the child. They look happier now. Adriano makes a speech and everyone remembers the memories of the year past. They all decide to let go of the past and move on. Blanca and Eduardo moves away from the crowd. They go to the place they first kissed. The new year reaches. Everyone is happy. Simona and Chrisyobal kiss, Karina and George, Katalina and Ramon and Valentina and Adriano. Happy new year and Adios!!

Valentina y Adriano!!

Karina y Gorge!!

Simona y Christonal

Ramon and Catalina

Eduardo y Blanca!!



Blanca and Raquel are talking. They are standing in front of a grave. Raquel tells Blanca that the grave was made especially for her. Raquel points the gun towards her head. Blanca is scared. She urges Raquel not to kill her saying she is carrying a part of her. Raquel laughs and tells her that she is the one she hates the most. Raquel is about to pull the trigger when Blanca tells her that she is pregnant and she is carrying Eduardo's baby. Raquel tells her that she is a tramp and that she might have gotten involved with Salvador. Blanca swears that the baby belongs to Eduardo. She asks for mercy but Raquel doesn't seem to care.

Valentina adriano christobal Eduardo and George are talking. Valentina wants to tell the whole truth to the entire family. Adriano tells her that he already knows the son they had was christobal. Valentina narrates the whole story of how much Raquel was envious of her ever since she was born because their mother died while having her. Valentina then became her father's favourute, when Raquel was jealous because Adriano was always in love with Valentina. Valentina then narrated how Raquel seduced Adriano, slept with him, both got pregnant at the same time. Valentina's child was born healthy and beautiful. Raquel took the child but Valentina begged her to keep him since Raquel had already convinced Her father that Valentina had lost her mind. Raquel's baby was born weak and sickly and that's why she gave all her love to Valentina's baby. Valentina then tells Eduardo that he is the baby she had with Adriano. Eduardo is shocked.

At the gravesite, Raquel also narrates to Blanca her story with Valentina and the reasons why she has always despised her. She tells Blanca that she will still kill her because the baby she is expecting is not her grandchild. Blanca is confused because her only hope of surviving Raquel's wrath was for her to have compassion for her own grandchild. She asks Raquel why she is saying that and Raquel tells her that Eduardo is not her son but her nephew. Blanca concludes that Eduardo and christobal are twins but Raquel tells her that Chris is really her son because Adriano got both of them pregnant at the same time. Now Raquel is ready to shoot Blanca. Blanca thinks fast and tells Raquel to tell her everything before she kills her. Raquel thinks its a good idea to tell her everything before she kills her. She takes her to an abandoned house.

Eduardo is still taken aback by the news. Christobal confirms the news. He tells Eduardo about the call he had received from the hospital about Eduardo and Adriano's DNA being a perfect match. Adriano is delighted at the news. They all agree that Raquel was sick in the head. Christobal says Raquel had no heart because she was able to deny her own son to protect her a secret. Christobal calls Raquel.

Raquel is talking to Blanca. Blanca is telling her to stop the madness and give herself up to the police. Raquel is telling Blanca to shut up. Blanca refuses to shut up. Raquel shoots her on the arm. She is loosing a lot of blood. Raquel tells Blanca that she will suffer more than her past victims. Blanca urges Raquel to let her go for the sake of the child she is carrying. Raquel can't seem to hear this. Just then she receives the call from christobal. He asks her where Blanca is, telling her that they already know the whole truth. Blanca sees that Raquel is distracted and decides to run. Raquel tells Christobal that she has always loved him, she realizes that Blanca has run, she let's go of the phone and shoots the roof calling Blanca's name in anger. Eduardo, his brothers and Adriano hear this. Eduardo is afraid that Raquel will kill Blanca. Adriano tells him that Blanca is pregnant with his child, and maybe Raquel will show some compassion. Eduardo is more determined to find them. They decide to go to where Blanca and Raquel are after tracing the call. 

Raquel is now looking for Blanca. She has gone completely mad and is calling Blanca Valentina. Blanca hides but Raquel is able to find her. Blanca is abit weak. She tells Raquel that she isn't Valentina.  Raquel is not listening to her. Her. She takes her and ties her up on a chair. Eduardo and Adriano are coming for Blanca. Eduardo does not understand why Adriano had to use Blanca but Adriano says he doesn't regret it because of that game, Eduardo and Blanca met. Eduardo tells him that Blanca and him had already met earlier. Raquel tells Blanca that there was only one man who had loved her for who she was and Blanca had ruined that too. It was Ivan. She goes over and touches Ivan's ghost. She turns to Blanca and points the gun to her. Now more than ever she is determined to pull the trigger.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015



At the Altamira’s house, Eduardo confronts Raquel about all she’s done. He tells Raquel that she killed their father and also tried to kill Blanca. Raquel says there’s no proof about all he’s accusing her for. Eduardo tells Raquel that he knows that she’s an arm dealer. Raquel laughs and tells Eduardo to stop saying nonsense. Eduardo shocks his mother by telling her that Blanca posed as Leleya’s interpreter. Raquel can’t believe this. Sh remembers her meeting with Leleya. Back to reality, she tells Eduardo that it doesn’t change anything because she never signed any documents. Eduardo tells his mother to confess before it’s too late and leaves. Raquel feels betrayed and hurt. In tears, She tells Eduardo not to ever come back again.
Meanwhile, Jorge and Cristobal find some documents that could incriminate Raquel.
Tita is having a bad feeling about Rafael. She sees the police coming into her shop and she breaks down before they even speak. She says my son is dead right and the detective confirms her worst fears. The customers around hold her as she weeps. Later she calls Karina who’s with Blanca nd informs her that Rafael is dead. Karina breaks down and flashes back to the last time she saw Rafa. She tells Blanca the sad news and leaves to go and be with her aunt Tita. With a heavy heart, Blanca shares the news with her siblings. Simona freaks out and says it’s a lie, Rafael can’t be dead. Blanca holds Simona and says she knows Rafael was her friend but Hugo tells Blanca that Rafael was Simona’s boyfriend. Simona breaks down and says Rafael can’t be dead. Blanca hugs her sister and consoles her.
Eduardo instructs a guard to take care of Valentina. He tells Valentina he’s leaving but he will come back for her. He and Sofia are packed and ready to leave Raquel’s house. Sofia bids her grandma goodbye and they both leave. After the leave, Raquel breaks down saying “not you Eduardo. I did everything for you. Don’t leave me” She goes up to Valentina’s room and shoots the guard. Raquel tells Valentina that she knows she can speak and pierces a pin into Valentina’s skin but Valentina remains quiet. Filled with rage, Raquel slaps Valentina and Valentina screams. Raquel says finally, you speak. Valentina begs Raquel not to hurt her and tries to get up from her chair but Raquel wheels Valentina out and throws her off a flight of stairs. The new maid comes out and asks Raquel what she’s doing but Raquel orders Analdo to take the maid away. Seeing Valentina is still alive, Raquel puts her back in her chair and wheels her to the poolside.
Eduardo meets Blanca and tells her he’s with them. Cristobal and Jorge are happy that Eduardo has finally realized who Raquel is. Adriano asks Eduardo about Valentina and Eduardo tells Adriano that he left a guard with Valentina. Adriano is upset that Eduardo left Valentina alone in the house with Raquel and he goes out to save Valentina.
Meanwhile, Tita mourns the loss of her son. Karina tries to console her but Tita is inconsolable as she remembers the moments she shared with Rafael.
The Altamira brothers goes to the police station. Eduardo tells the commissioner that Raquel killed Rafa but no arrest has been made. He tells the commissioner that Raquel needs to be arrested for arms trafficking. The commissioner listens to them as they each take turns to say what Raquel has done but the commissioner says there’s no sufficient proof to arrest Raquel. Blanca calls Eduardo and informs him that Tita found a note written by Rafa and it says” She did it.” she tells Eduardo that Tita also found a ring and she believes it belongs to Raquel. Eduardo informs the commissioner that there’s proof Raquel killed Rafael.
Adriano arrives at the Altamira’s house and begs the guards to let him in. Arnaldo is at the gate and tells Adriano he can’t come in. After Arnaldo leaves, Adriano begs the other guards to let in. After much persuasion, They finally allow Adriano inside.
Meanwhile, Raquel tells Valentina that she took everything away from her including their mother. She tells Valentina that their mother died giving birth to her and instead of their father to hate her, he loved her. Valentina begs Raquel and tells her not to hurt her but Raquel turns deaf ears on her sister. She tells Valentina that Eduardo will never find out Valentina is his real mother and then, she pushes Valentina into the pool. Valentina struggles to swim but she can’t as she’s seen drowning as Raquel watches


At the police station, commissioner Cruz questions Malenia. He brings out Raquel’s gun and ring and asks Malenia if she recognizes them and Malenia confirms they belong to Raquel. Eduardo is impatient and asks Cruz how long he will wait before he arrests Raquel. Back at the Altamira’s house, Raquel uses the pool stick to push Valentina further into the pool. Adriano comes and sees Raquel and quickly dives into the pool to save Valentina. Raquel walks off saying” You are too late Adriano, as usual’. Adriano brings Valentina out of the pool and revives Valentina but Raquel comes out with her gun and tries to shoot Valentina but her guards outnumber Raquel and asks her to drop her gun. Raquel says she’s the one that gives order in this house but the guards says Eduardo ordered them to restrain her. Raquel manages to get out of the house and goes to Sofia’s school to pick her up.
Eduardo arrives home and is informed that Raquel left the house. He sees Adriano and asks what happened. Adriano says Raquel tried to drown Valentina. Sofia meets Raquel and is happy to see that grandma bought a puppy for her. She tells Sofia that she came to pick her so they can spend sometime together but Sofia says she has to ask her dad for permission. Raquel manages to convince Sofia and Sofia leaves with Raquel.  The commissioner arrives at the Altamira mansion and informs Eduardo that they have sufficient evidence that incriminates Raquel so they are here to question Raquel. Eduardo tells the commissioner that he’s too late. Raquel left the house.
Eduardo tries to reach his mother but Raquel ignores his call. Sofia is worried and asks Raquel where they are going to. Raquel says it’s a surprise. Raquel’s phone keeps ringing and Sofia says she wants to speak with her dad. Raquel tells Sofia to shut up, she’s just like Valentina. Sofia gets upset and tells Raquel that she’s wicked and that’s why nobody love her.Raquel tells Sofia to shut up.
Karina surprises Tita by taking Blanca and her siblings to go see her. Tita is pleased to see they are alive and hugs them. Raquel arrives at Tita’s place and asks Sofia to call Hugo. Sofia calls Hugo and says she’s in front of Tita’s restaurant. Sofia tries to warn Hugo but Hugo excitedly cuts the phone and runs out to meet Sofia. He meets Sofia but She’s not alone as Raquel steps out and says “Hi Hugo”. Raquel tells Hugo to get in the car with Sofia and she drives off with them. Eduardo arrives at Sofia’s school to pick her up but the gate-man informs Eduardo that Raquel came to pick her up. At Tita’s restaurant, Blanca looks for Hugo. Eduardo calls Blanca and tells her be careful. He informs her that Raquel took Sofia from school but Blanca assures him that Raquel won’t hurt Sofia. Simona comes in and tells Blanca that Hugo is missing. Blanca decides to look for Hugo herself despite all efforts by Simona and Jorge to stop her.
Raquel takes Sofia and Hugo to a restaurant. They ask Raquel what they are doing here and Raquel says they are waiting for someone. Hugo asks Raquel if Blanca really shot Miss Valentina but Raquel says Blanca is a saint and can’t hurt anyone. Raquel tells the kids that it was she who shot Valentina. The kids look scared.
At the Altamira house, The doctor tells Adriano that Valentina will be okay. Adriano kisses Valentina and says she’s been so brave. He asks Valentina if she overheard the conversations he had with Raquel and Valentina says yes. Adriano is ashamed and asks Valentina to forgive him. In an emotional moment, Valentina tells Adriano that she thought he didn’t love her and she was very angry when she found out. Adriano swears on their son Cristobal and tells Valentina he never stopped loving her. Valentina tells Adriano that there’s something he needs to know.
Raquel calls Blanca. Blanca makes a deal and tells Raquel to let the kids go unharmed in exchange for her. Blanca meets at their exchange point and Blanca asks Raquel to release the kids. Raquel releases them and Blanca walks up to Raquel and says Here i am Raquel. Blanca tells Raquel that her sons know who she is but Raquel doesn’t care, she says her consolation will be killing Blanca for ruining her life. She tells Blanca to get inside the car.
Malenia visits Valentina and apologizes for all the things she did to her especially giving her those medications.
Sofia calls her daddy and tells him to come and pick she and Hugo up. Eduardo arrives to where Sofia and Hugo are and they tell him that Raquel took Blanca.
Cristobal gets a call from the hospital and he’s informed about a mix up with his DNA test and Eduardo’s. Confused, Cristobal goes up to see Valentina. He tells Valentina that the hospital said the result he got wasn’t his but Edurado’s and Eduardo is the son of Adriano. Valentina tells Cristobal that there’s something he needs to know.
Raquel takes Blanca to an abandoned house and handcuffs Blanca. She tells Blanca to step out of the car


Monday, August 03, 2015


Raquel pays Karina a visit at the restaurant picking her up on gun point..obviously making it look like Karina is jumping into her car out of her own free will..
She takes Karina to a warehouse where she and her hooligan have her tied up to a chair demanding to know about Blanca,must be fear ofthe gun Raquel keeps waving at her but our ever dull Karina confirms Blanca is alive..
The game is up forRafaelwhen he learns that Raquel has his dear mother alongside Karina in her custody..the obvious is done when a swap for him in exchange forhis mother and cousin is made.
Rafael and Raquel meet..when he gets a call fromKarina confirming their safety he tries to fight forhis own life by pulling out the screwdriver from his back pocket to stab "mother fromhell" but Raquel is a step ahead when she quickly pulls out her gun and lodging a bullet in his stomach poor Simona.
Unknown to Raquel Rafa has taken her ring and left a note just in case he is killed.meanwhile the Altamira boys continue to struggle with the truth of a psychotic mother.Eduardo learns about the torment Blanca went through in jail.
Eduardo pays a visit to the evil prison guard on Raquel's payroll, she goes on bragging about a bad a saddist she is believing all Altamira's are like Raquel..she gets a shock of her life when he tells her he will be reporting this..now she realises she just shot herself in the foot.
Eduardo warns blanca that Raquel knows she is alive thanx to Hugo and Sofia obviously,he goes on to arrange guards forBlanca's siblings to ensure their safety.he tells Sofia that he would be back forher and valentina believing Raquel wouldn't hurt a child.
Raquel gifts Sofia a doll which she suggests Sofia calls Raquel,she talks about how she was considering getting her a dog.will Sofia ever know how she got rid of the first one?



I got this video from youtube! The most memorable scene in Ikaw lamang! Its only a preview. Feel free to laugh your heart out as you wait for this scene to be aired!



Watch here!...try not to enjoy too much hahahahahahahahahahaha


Sunday, August 02, 2015

Megan young is undoubtedly the most succesful philipino model in all of history. She is the very first one from her country to win the prestigious title of miss world in the 2013 competitions edging out the ladies from Ghana and France who came in third and second respectively.

Well she has been selected to play Marimar in the new 2015 philipino remake.Her breakout into the entertainment scene comes amidst fears that she would not pull off such a huge role. Well that is yet to be seen. Bottom line is she sure is a delight to the eye and we hope her acting skills are as delightful as her looks!



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