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Wednesday, August 12, 2015



commander Daniel Ponce and Lucia Duran...

At the hospital, Lucia tells Daniel to arrest her but a doctor quickly interferes and informs Daniel that Lucia is an effective nurse and he needs her. The nun asks Lucia to follow her and Lucia does. The nun asks Lucia why she was in prison and Lucia swears by the child that she lost that she was innocent but because she was a naive girl who was in love, she was wrongly accused for the drugs Pedro left in the car.
Octavio walks in on his mother sleeping with another man. His mother sees him and goes after him but Octavio drives off in his car.
At the hospital, the nun informs Lucia that the pay isn’t much but Lucia says it will okay for her. She thanks the sister for hiring her and promises to be a good nurse. Lucia changes into a nurse uniform  and introduces herself to a fellow nurse.
Octavio visits his father Cesar in his office and informs him of his mum’s infidelity but his father doesn’t seem so surprised. He asks Octavio if he knows the man his mother was with and Octavio says it’s her Yugo instructor. Later, Debra meets her son Octavio and asks him why he didn’t wait for her to explain. Octavio says what does she have to say after what he saw but Debra says it’s Cesar’s fault. Cesar walks in and asks Debra how is it his fault when she was the one caught cheating. He asks Octavio to excuse them. He then tells Debra that she just made things easy for him. Debra asks him what he’s talking about and Cesar tells Debra that he’s leaving her. Debra gets hysterical and begs him to stay but Cesar gets into his car and drives off.
Daniel meets his aunt, who’s the nun who hired Lucia and tells her about his displeasure of having Lucia work on Marisela but his aunt says Lucia is an efficient nurse and that’s why she hired Lucia. She tells Daniel that he deserved the slap from Lucia because he was acting like a jerk.
Liliana meets with Helena’s husband, EcheverrΓ­a and asks him to help look for Lucia. He tells Liliana that he doesn’t know why he should help her look for her sister. Liliana kisses him and says because Lucia is his sister in-law but Debra storms into her father’s office and tells him that Cesar wants to leave her. Radames asks Liliana to excuse them and she leaves. Outside, her brother in-law(The one who saw her kissing Radames at the event) blackmail her,asking her to convince Radames to give him the job or else he will expose their secret.Debra asks her father to help her talk to Cesar and persuade him to come back to her but her father tells Debra that he warned her about getting involved with the son of his worst enemy. Debra reveals to her dad that she knows about his affair with Liliana Duran and if he doesn’t help her, she will expose his secret. Radames finally accepts to help her and says he will speak with Cesar.
At the hospital,  Marisela is okay and Daniel talks yo her by her bedside. Lucia is about to leave but the other nun who doesn’t like her tells her that she isn’t happy that a criminal like Lucia was hired to walk in the hospital She tells Lucia that she will be watching her.
Back at home. Daniel remembers when Lucia and the slap. Cesar comes in and informs him that he left Cesar. Meanwhile, back at Cesar’s house, Debra laments and blames Octavio for Cesar leaving her. Cesar tells Daniel that he’s furious with himself for being stupid. He tells Daniel that it’s also partly his fault because he neglected Debra and pushed her away. Cesar also tells Daniel that he and Debra haven’t made love in six-months. Daniel laughs and taunts his brother, then they toast to Cesar’s freedom.
Radames gets back home and tells Helena that Cesar left Debra and Debra came to his office acting all crazy. Helena sees lipstick stain on his shirt and asks Radames where the stain came from.  He lies and says it was his daughter that probably left the stain on his shirt. He tries making love to Helena but Helena doesn’t give in. Radames gets upset and tells Helena this is why he always beat her.
Lucia is with her friend at a pub. They talk about their lives and Lucia tells her friend that she’s sterile and can’t have children. Daniel and Cesar walk into the same pub to drink but Cesar doesn’t feel comfortable and tells Daniel he has to leave. A song comes up and Lucia’s friend grab Lucia to the stage to go and sing. As the sing, Daniel sees Lucia and says”Why do i see her everywhere i go” as he watches Lucia singing. After the song. Lucia’s friend gets into a fight and then everyone in the pub starts fighting each other. Daniel picks up his phone and makes a call.
The cops arrive and arrest everyone including Lucia and her friend. Daniel walks up to Lucia and says “now you are in my hands. If you ask me nicely, i might let you go” but Lucia says she doesn’t ask for favors from thugs like him and Daniel tells the cops to take them away

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