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Friday, April 29, 2016


We made it!!! The big 50!!!

Huhuhuhuuhuhuhu The fight was quite something!!! It was pretty clear who the winner was, I mean did you see how Leo was panting like an overworked donkey and how cool Arturo looked despite the fact that he was the one who got hit by a log!!!  Yeah Gallardo power!!!  How crazy was that last kick from Arturo that left Leo crawling like a pregnant snake on the grass hehehehe!!!  One thing though Pablo's explanations were pretty hilarious “Leonardo wanted to break Arturo's face but Arturo was the one who ended up breaking Leonardo's face”
We are back with Vero and Soledad. Vero tells her she had no idea Sole actually had a daughter. Soledad is there looking as confused and as suspicious as always. She evades the subject. Vero asks about the issue with Sofia and Arturo,  is it really true(what a gossip hehehe Pablo just vividly described the fight to her)  Soledad confirms it and Vero thinks that there's no issue with it. If Arturo makes her happy then it's okay if she goes with him.
Speaking about Haturo,  he is having dinner with Sofia. Notice the Hat!! (I mean who has dinner wearing a sun hat???       Arturo will not kill me before my time!!!! Hehehehe) there is a knock on the door and he goes to get it. Sofi goes after him when she notices him taking too long.  It's Andrea and Cayetana. Sofi is shocked to see her mother and asks her what she is doing there. Cayetana tells her that even though she is disappointed, Sofia is still her daughter.
Arturo is being polite and tells them that they can make themselves at home. Cayetana is being all witchy,  she obviously never pictured her daughter in such a house. Arturo tells Cayetana that she will not allow her to hurt Sofia. Cayetana asks for sometime alone with Sofia and leaves Andrea in the living room with Arturo. Andrea asks Arturo what kind of life he is going to give to Sofi and hid baby, she thinks that beside him they will lack all thr good things in life(is this the same girl chasing after Sammy??    ) . Arturo tells her that his baby will have a home with Parents who adore him and lots and lots of hats he hehehehe hehehehe (hehehe I just can't help it!!!)
Meanwhile Cayetana is talking to Sofia in another room. She asks her if she really left her house for this type of life,  in the ranch she had everything she wanted, she is a princes!!!  Sofia tells her that she is happy in that house,  it's exactly what her baby needs, in short, she is staying with hatman.  (lol)  Cayetana storms out of the room and finds Andrea in the living room staring at Sammy's picture. She tells her that they have nothing more to do there and they storm out. Arturo hugs Sofia letting her know that he is there for her....
At the Palenque,  Patricia is shaking her booty singing vete vete as the crowd goes wild. (let's talk honestly, there is no way Candela can compete with Patricia's African behind!!!... Patricia is one blessed woman!!)  the Figeroa guy arrives all to the dismay and shock of Ulyses.  After Patty's performance,  she goes and talks to the manuel guy who tells her about all the lies Ulyses had told him about her. Patricia is angry and talks to Ulyses. She tells him that he can stay with Candela, she is going to accept Figeroa's proposal.
The Proposal
Sammy has just met up with Beatrice. He tells her that he really admires and cares deeply for her. Bea tells him that she really loves him and asks him to marry her(that is the proposal... Nothing fancy Hehehe) Beatrice is a woman deeply in love,  filthy rich and approaching her grave I am sure some hyenas would jump at such an opportunity but not Sammy. She tells him that she is willing to share him with Patricia, she really doesn't care anymore, he is her only hope!!!! Sammy tells her that she is a great woman and he would not be able to take advantage of her like that.
Sammy goes to the Palenque and finds Patricia talking to Figueroa. Patricia tells him about the contract, it's everything she's ever dreamt of. Sammy is happy for her, but there is a catch, she would have to be away from him for long periods of time. Sammy doesn't want her to go and throws a Jealous fit...
Irina has come over to Juana's restaurant to meet up with Flavio. They are planning on their escape. Flavio is homophobic and there is no way on this earth he will agree to live with that Dario guy. He doesn't want Irina to get married. That's going to be hard for the poor girl, to think that her sister decided to walk out of their house with Haturo!!!
There is a scene where Juana is scolding Flavio for going out with Irina, she is about to get married to another man soon. She is sure that this relationship will complicate things even further for their family.
Okay so Patricia is angry at Sammy for how badly he reacted to her news. She thinks he doesn't want her to fulfil her dreams. Samuel tries to explain himself, he cannot be away from her. That's not good enough reason for Patricia, she tells him that if he can't handle it he is free to go(I think this is his chance ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!! Am I the only one here who sees that this patramuel thing is just not working!!!!)
Irina and Flavio arrive at the boy's crib(hehehe shack to be more precise...  I happen to think the apartment is pretty decent... This guys are anything but poor!!!)  Sofia tells her about Cayetanas visit. They tall for a while. It's bed time, Flavio is in his room with Irina while Arturo is in his room with Sofia. Sofia finds a picture of the boys with Alma.... (oooooooh my goodness...  I am there all panicky over whether she really discovered the truth) Arturo is stammering over his words, the poor thing is so busted!!  He starts to explain himself when she asks him what he is doing with a picture of him and Veronica. She throws a jealous fit and Arturo quickly comes up with a befitting excuse.
Flavio and Irina are fooling around in his room.
Beatriz calls both Ververde and Cayetana over to her house and tells then that her ranch is not for sale. After Ververde leaves, Cayetana thanks her for saving her from that man.
Miranda and her family are having breakfast. Miranda wonders how Sofia can run away with a worker. Dario comments that the brothers are so in love with the del Junco sisters and Octavio and Miranda are worried about that. (he us really screwing up!!!) Octavio asks Vero how Cayetana is doing and she says she isn't doing well. She then says

“I didn't know Soledad had a daughter!!!!” Miranda starts chocking upon hearing that!!!  (choooooooke!!! To death if necessary!!! Hehehe... Things just heated up!!!)


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