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Saturday, May 26, 2018



Patricia and other staff at Caprice try to stop Celso frm shooting Gregory. “Drop tht gun and see how I will beat you to a pulp, I’m not afraid of you!” Gregory tells Celso. Th security team there finally manages to restrain Celso who swears to one day kill Gregory. SLAPPPPP! “Who are you to threaten my son, get out of my sight right now!” Patricia slaps her lover Celso, but Gregory is still furious over his threat. Ezequiel doesn’t understand how he is still getting messages frm th mourner, and he wonders who it cld be. When he smells th note, he realizes its frm a woman, but it cant be frm Rosa Blanco since she is dead, and as he smells th perfume, he still cant figure out whose it is. Fernando tells Astrid he can help her get pregnant. “Thanks, but I need tht child to belong to Max so tht he can be his heir” Astrid says. Fernando tells her he met his son at th hospital and he even carried him in his arms, but Astrid doesn’t care about his problems. “I don’t care tht you met your son, I don’t have time to humor your stupidities today!” Astrid tells him. Camila is wth Sr Isabel and tells her how she misses her mom and she asks Sr Isabel to tell her more about her mom. “Your mom was beautiful, and she looked a lot like you” Sr Isabel tells her. Camila then realizes tht she hasn’t talked to his cousin Henry in a while, and wants to talk to him to find out more about her mom. Sr Isabel gets nervous cause she knows tht Rosa is still alive. Fausto is mad at th security staff at Caprice for allowing a  crazy deranged man to come and try to threaten his son. “I’m fine crazy old man, luckily we were able to get rid of Celso” Gregory tells his dad. Fausto doesn’t understand why Celso came to threaten Gregory and how Patricia allowed someone who threatened to kill her son go free. Elda receives flowers frm Alfred and she orders her maid to throw them out, but Luciano walks in and asks her who sent her flowers. Fausto tells Patricia th way she let Celso go its as if he ere protecting him. Patricia gives an excuse tht she didn’t want to cause a scandal, and he asks Gregory if he has sth to do wth Julia still, and thts why Celso came to threaten him. “You shld know tht if Celso came here to kill you, he can do it elsewhere, so be careful” Fausto tells his son. “You still haven’t convinced me Patricia, why did you let tht man escape?” Fausto asks his wife. Camila finally finds Henry’s number and she calls him and they agree to meet up. “You’re an uncivilized animal! Celso was about to take advantage of  your daughter in yr own hse, but luckily Sebastian was there to protect his sister!” Octavia comes to tell Ezequiel, telling him tht he is responsible cause he served Julia to Celso on a silver platter, and tht she had repeatedly told him Celso was an abuser of women and how he mistreated her, but he never listened. “this is all your fault!” Octavia tells him. Julia is at th boarding hse crying, and Gregory is there to console her as Julia tells him tht Celso tried to abuse her. “I’m going to kill tht animal, I wont let this one go!” Gregory is so furious and he is ready to go out to kill Celso. Gregory tells her how Celso went to Caprice to kill him too. “If sth happened to you, I wld die” Julia says.

Elda tells Luciano tht th flowers are for Astrid, and tht maybe they’re from a secret admirer of hers. Elda is relieved Luciano didn’t read th note tht came frm Alfred. “You are always saying how your children are precious to you, but look how you mistreat them” Octavia tells Ezequiel. Ezequiel asks Octavia to look for Gregory and find out if he really married to Julia, and look for Celso cause he wants to have  a serious conversation wth him. He then shows her th message frm th mourner.  “But it cnt be, Rosa is dead” she says. Julia tells Gregory she told her dad she is married to him. “I got tired of this situation of being in a dead end. My father is furious, and your dad will be as well” Julia says. “If wht came out of this was Celso tried to abuse you and kill me, then whts coming will be worse” he says. “Julia, wht a surprise to find you here wth your husband” Leandro tells her as he walks in wth Shelly. Max gets a mysterious call frm someone providing him wth info. Fausto asks Roger to watch over his aunt cause he knows she is having an affair wth her. “No, how can my auntie cheat on you uncle?” Roger asks him. Fausto tells Roger how Celso used to work at Caprice before and he used to bother Patricia, but she ended up sleeping wth him, and thts why he got fired frm th company. “It looks like Patricia is at it again, and I want this to be th last time, understood!” Fausto tells his nephew. “I will not allow this to happen a second time, I pretended I didn’t know before for th sake of th family” he says. Roger asks his uncle why they don’t just get rid of him. “If Celso tries to ruin my family, its sleep forever in th cemetery for him” Fausto says. At Caprice, Axel runs into an old girlfriend of his who he dated for 3 yrs before and is currently pregnant. His ex-girlfriend reminds him how they tried to get pregnant when they were together but they never managed, and after they broke up and she went to th fertility doctor, she was told she didn’t have a problem. After this, Axel realizes tht he needs to revisit this if his ex-girlfriend wasn’t th one wth a problem, then he might have been th one (so how did Amelia get pregnant?)Elda goes to give th flowers Alfred gave her to Astrid. Astrid tells her mom how she is stressed cause of all th tests she has been taking to enable her get pregnant. Patricia finds tht idiot, disgusting Celso waiting for her in her gorgeous living room. Patricia is about to throw him out for almost killing her son, but Celso tells her tht Gregory married Julia. “then I shld go to Fausto and cause a scene and tell him everything1” he threatens.  Patricia begs him not to, but he doesn’t care. Patricia grabs him by th shirt, warning him tht he better not go to cuse a scndal at Cprice or else he will regret it. Celso doesn’t care if Fausto ends up killing Gregory, but Patricia gives him another hard slap in th face. Roger walks in and finds them together, and he asks his aunt wth he was doing wth Celso.

Celso tells Roger tht he is Julia’s fiancΓ© and he came there to tell Fausto tht Gregory married Julia. “Get out of my hse Celso, wht do you want? For Fausto to come and find us together?” Patricia asks him as Celso, who is so ugly wth his bruised face, comes near her to grab and kiss her. Meanwhile, Roger spies on them frm th staircase. Axel tells Amelia about all tht happened at Caprice wth Celso trying to kill Gregory. Amelia mentions Sebastian, and he gets mad tht she always finds an excuse to talk about th priest. Amelia goes to check on th baby, and Axel begins to think of th talk he had wth his ex girlfriend. Julia says she wont go back home and will move into th boarding hse. Octavia tells Ezequiel tht Camila was at Julia’s wedding and she never told him. Sebastian tells his dad he is going to loose all his family if he continues not respecting them. Octavia tells Ezequiel she cant find Camila who isnt answering her phone and istn wth Sr Isabel, and tht coincidentally, Max is also not in th office. “This is th Patricia I like, so strong and fierce. I want to make love to you right here in your living room, it really turns me on” Celso tells Patricia and forces a kiss on her (while Roger secretly watches them too). “Youre on drugs, and you are insane. Did you go back to yr old habits?” Patricia asks. Ezequiel goes to ask Astrid where her husband is. “You know wht, I bet you tht Max is trying to have a child right now, not wth you but wth my wife!” Ezequiel tells her. Javier tells Leandro if their dad doesn’t support his relationship wth Rosemary, he wont care. “Fausto hasn’t managed to kill me all these yrs, but my family will kill me in one day!” Ezequiel says, and he shouts at Octavia to look for Camila and for th secretary to find out where Max is. “Max better not be sleeping wth my wife, or else they will have me as an enemy” he says. Octavia is a witch, adding fuel to th fire, telling him tht he shld just accept tht Camila and Max are lovers. “Take me to your bed, th one you share wth Fausto so tht we can make love there” Celso tells Patricia as he grabs her and gives her another kiss. Patricia lets go and Fausto walks in and finds them there together. Fernando goes to th boarding hse, and he tells Shelly he will be there everyday to see his son. Leandro who is at th door finds Fernando there.


Leandro and Fernando get into a fight. Fernando punches Leandro in th stomach, but he is able to retaliate with more force, beating tht Fernando completely and throwing him out of th boarding hse. Fausto wants to know wht Celso is doing in his hse, and Celso tells him tht Patricia was trying to stop him frm going to Caprice to tell him about Gregory’s marriage to Julia, and tht he better watch out for his son cause if he found him, he was going to kill him. “Uncle, can I take th trash out?” Roger descends th stairs, asking Fausto. “Take him out of here before th police come to get him in a body bag!” Fausto tells him. Left alone, Patricia tries to give explanations to cover up her affair, but Fausto isnt stupid, and he knows tht she had an affair wth him before. “Tell me th truth, did Gregory marry Julia!” Fausto asks Patricia wth his hands on her neck, chocking her. When she admits its th truth, Fausto sends out the scream to wake up th dead, and he punches a table and throws things on th floor, including a bottle of wine ans whiskey. Amelia tells Gregory she had warned him tht his marriage to Julia wld bring trouble, and now he has to face th consequences and be careful or else Celso will try to kill him again. Gregory prepares himself to face his dad. Julia is not happy tht his idiot brother Sebastian told their dad tht even Camila was a witness at her wedding. “You didn’t think. Now th worst is tht dad will think Camila betrayed him!” Julia tells him. At Masquerade, Ezequiel will burst out of jealousy because Camila and Max are nowhere to be seen, and Octavia the witch is there adding fuel to th fire, insisting tht Max and Camila are laughing at him and making fun of him. “I’m going to give you some advice, old girl. Learn to take care of your husband so tht he doesn’t look at other men’s wives, especially mine!” Ezequiel tells tht Astrid who has come to ask him if he has any information. Leandro tells Shelly he is th father of baby Ignacio, and he doesn’t care if he is an Aragon, but he asks her wht tht stupid Fernando was doing there and if she was thinking of going back to him.  Shelly tells him tht Fernando came to see her at th hospital and threatened to take th baby away. Camila arrives home and tells Santiago not to tell anyone about their little trip. Camila goes to face Ezequiel, who is ready wth cigar and whiskey in hand, questioning Camila where she was, and she tells him she was just running errands. “I suggest you tell me th truth or else I will ask Santiago, and he wont be tht lucky” he tells her.

“Uuuuh, its so quiet its scary” Gregory says when he finds a very freaky dinner at th Aragon hse. “Yes dad, I married Julia Lopez Mendez. You have a son married to th daughter of your worst enemy. Isnt tht wht you wanted to ask me?” Gregory asks his dad. There is th look of WHAT THE FUCK all over th table, as Fausto, Roger and Fernando cannot believe tht Greogry had th nerve to admit it to Fausto’s face. “Let me see wht you are telling me Moies, you are breaking up wth me? As far as I know we didn’t have anything going” Sheila tells him. Moies explains he has another girlfriend. “So you have another woman, let me tell you you will miss all these dangerous curves” Sheila says, running her hands all over her body. Moies replies tht his new girlfriend has curves in all th right places. “But look at me, my love, I’m tastier than th skin on chicken, who else has curves as juicier as mine?” Sheila asks Moies. Moies replies tht at least his new girlfriend doestn intimidate him like she does. Sheila is furious and chases him out of her apartment, and later she starts crying why she is getting another rejection frm a man. Leandro promises to protect her and th baby and tht he will deal wth tht pest Fernando. Shelly sees a gun on his waist, and she starts getting afraid, asking him wht he was going to do wth it. “I’m going to prove tht my love for you and my son is very strong. Neither Fernando or anyone else will destroy our happiness” he tells her, but she tries to beg him to reconsider going to confront Fernando. Camila tells Ezequiel not to make Santiago pay for his insecurities and jealousies, but Ezequiel still wants to know where exactly she went, and insists tht she was wth Max cause he was also missing. Ezequiel also asks her how she still continues to do things behind his back, just like supporting th marriage of Julia wth an Aragon. “Those two love each other, and don’t shout at me. Remember tht I am an Aragon, I’m Camila Aragon de la Rosa!” Camila tells him. Ezequiel warns her not to interfere wth th upbringing of his children. “You’re a shame to this family. How dare you tell me co cynically you married tht fluzy daughter of Ezequiel. You will leave this hse and I will take everything I gave you!” Fausto tells him. Gregory tells them tht he married for love, which is sth his family doesn’t know, saying tht Fernando is a coward for not taking his responsibility for his son, and Roger only thinks about revenge, and tht his dad and mom are only together for obligation. Fausto tells him he is thinking like a woman, cause men only stick to loyalty. “I regret ever having fathered you!” Fausto tells him. Julia still cannot understand how her dad wanted to marry her off to Celso who tried to abuse her.

Joey and Rosemary try to comfort Sheila after Moies broke up wth her. SHOCK, SHOCK, SHOCK, it turns out tht Moies is dating none other than Doris, the nurse of th crazy Marcelina. Doris introduces Moies to her before they leave for a date. Max arrives home and Astrid asks him where he was. He says he went to get th tests, and tht she can go for th examination nxt. Nxt morning, Camila thanks Santiago for keeping her secret meeting th previous day (and Camila is wearing such a sexy dress).  As she is talking wth him, Gregory arrives and asks to see his wife. Leandro has brought th baby to th company, and all th staff are drooling over him. Octavia tries to convince Ezequiel to go see his first grandchild, but he doesn’t care. Camila warns Gregory it wasn’t safe for him to be there, but Gregory wants to take Julia away. In Julia’s room, tht ugly Celso tries to take advantage of Julia again, and Gregory walks in and there is a fight. Celso takes a knife to try and stab Gregory, but Julia gets in between, and hse is th one tht gets stabbed instead. Tht coward Celso runs off, and he calls Patricia to warn her if she doesnt help him, he will tell everyone bout their affair. Camila overhears him talking on th phone, and she starts insulting him. “You coward, spineless fool!” she tells him. Celso tries to raise a hand against her, but Camila th savage warns she is going to wipe th floor wth him. Celso runs off, scared of Camila, and Camila goes and sees Julia bleeding. She tells Gregory to take her to hospital cause she knows where to find tht rat Celso. Later, Celso is at Caprice begging Patricia to help him, and Amelia and Axel arrive and find them together. “Mom, pls explain wht you are doing wth this man?” Amelia asks. Octavia finally manages to make Ezequiel carry baby Ignacio. “You inherited th stubbornness of th Lopez Mendez. You insisted until you ended up in my arms” he tells th baby. Amelia isnt pleased wth her mom’s explanation as Patricia takes Celso away. Camila arrives at Caprice and asks th receptionist if Celso was there. There is a long queue at th lift, so she decides to take th stairs. Camila then finds Celso and Patricia kissing like wild animals. “Wht happened little niece, why this scandal?” Fausto asks Camila after th secretary tried to stop her. “Well Uncle, I wanted to invite you to th stairs so you can see your wife having sex wth Celso Urbanea” Camila tells him.

WILD SKIN EP 100: BYE BYE CELSO, AND GOOD RIDDANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (20 eps to go)

“You’re making things up, little niece” Fausto tells Camila, but she replies tht as she was going down th stairs, she saw th surprise of th century: his wife kissing tht psycho Celso, and tht he needs to go there to catch them before another Caprice employee saw them. “OUT!” Fausto screams, and he pours himself some whiskey and then opens his drawer where we see him take out a gun and proceed to th staircase. Amelia is surprised to see Camila there. “I was talking to my dad, but I didn’t bring good news. Celso stabbed Julia wth a knife when he was fighting wth Gregory. Tht guy is a piece of trash!” Camila tells Julia and Axel. Gregory asks th doctor if Julia will be alright. “If Julia dies, I will die wth her” Gregory says. Camila calls Torrealba asking him to come immediately to Caprice and bring backup cause there will be tragedy. Fausto stands still as he watches Patricia and Celso kissing like rabbits. She then goes to th staircase where she lies silently, takes out her phone and starts recording. “I have to record cause Patricia, you will pay for wht you did to my mother” she says. Ezequiel gets to th hospital and is ready to kill Gregory wth his bare hands. Amelia calls Fernando to come to Caprice cause Celso was there after he had stabbed Julia. Axel tells her it was a bad idea for her to come to th company after just having a baby. Amelia also calls Roger to come, and she tells him she wont leave until th issue has been resolved. “I know tht animal Celso was threatening my mom, did you see how nervous she was?” Amelia tells him. “Patricia, tramp, floozy, thts wht they call women like you, don’t they?” Fausto says, and meanwhile, Camila continues to record. “Remember wth I told you last time, tht I wont forgive another infidelity?” Fausto says. Patricia is so nervous, and asks Fausto to give her th gun. “This is wht a real man like me does to a woman like your wife” Celso tells Fausto, who has zero feelings showing on his face. “Shut up Celso, do you want him to kill us both?” Patricia tells Celso who replies tht Fausto isnt man enough to kill anyone. Fausto orders him to step away frm his wife. “This imbecile cant place his hands on a body like yours, he is just a coward who cant even control his own son!” Celso says.  BANG! BANG! BANG! Fausto shoots Celso as Patricia screams for mercy, and Celso swallows his words as he breathes his last. Camila also leaves quietly, having recorded everything.  Gregory tells Ezequiel how Celso stabbed Julia after trying to rape her. Gregory tells Ezequiel he will love Julia for th rest of his life. Patricia is crying, while a calm Fausto tells her to remain quiet, and he then places th gun he used to shoot Celso in Patricia’s hands.

At th lobby, all the Aragon de la Rosa’s are gathered, and Amelia asks if they heard th shooting. Fausto shows up, gloves still in hand, and everyone sees him place th gloves in his pocket, and Amelia wonders how he can be so calm. But Roger knows his uncle, and knows he is responsible for th shooting. Camila finds Patricia still holding th gun on th staircase and asks her to calm down and put th gun down. Amelia follows her dad to his office, asking him many questions. “You shldnt upset yourself so much, you shld be at home taking cae of my grandson” he tells her. Fernando and Roger come to his office, and he tells them he just killed Celso. “It wasn’t me, it was Fausto!” Patricia cries as Camila tells her tht if she wants to get out of this, she shld listen to her cause she is going to go to jail cause th police are on th way, and everything will point to her. “By th time th police take th gun and match it wth yours, you will be far away, and I am th only one who has seen you. If anyone asks me, I will tell them tht I haven’t seen you” Camila tells her. “Of course no one will believe I killed someone, I am Patricia Aragon de la Rosa. Thank you Camila” Patricia says and escapes. Camila is left standing next to Celso’s body, knowing tht now, Patricia was in her hands, and she had th evidence to ruin both her and her uncle Fausto. “Help, call an ambulance!” Camila comes running out of th staircase as she runs into Torrealba and acts as a distraction to help Patricia escape, and she tells him tht Celso is dead on th staircase. Octavia and Leandro are at th hospital to find out wht happened to Celso. Patricia tells Torrealba she wanted to use th stairs cause th lift was taking long, then she heard gunshots and when she got to tht staircase, she saw Patricia lying next to Celso’s boyd, and then she saw Patricia run away. “Call th homicide unit” Patricia orders one of th cops he came wth.

Amelia comes to tell her dad tht th police are at th lobby and her mom is nowhere to be seen. “Axel, why don’t you learn to take care of your wife, and take her home so tht she can be calm, understood!” Fausto tells him. Astrid continues asking Max if he was wth Camila. “Think whatever you want” Max tells th rat Astrid. Crazy Marcelina tells her tht jealousy isnt th best way to keep a man by her side. Th Homicide Unit are all there to begin investigating. Roger tells Fernando tht he had seen Patricia and Celso kissing at their hse, and Fausto says tht he killed Celso, and wld have killed his mom too. Torrealba arrives to question tht arrogant Fausto. “I am ready to collaborate wth you in whatever you need” Fausto tells him. “We have a witness who found th body, Camila who was coming up th stairs said she found Patricia next to th body” he says. Fausto pretends to be shocked, asking wth Patricia was doing there next to a dead body, and doesn’t know how his wife cld have killed anyone. Patricia goes to ask Elda for her help, and she is so out of breath as she asks Elda to help to hide her. “Fausto found me kissing Celso, and he went crazy and he killed Celso in front of me!” Patricia explains. Elda doesn’t understand wht Patricia was doing there instead of being at th police station giving her statement. Max gets to Caprice and a secretary tells him wht happened to Julia. “Santiago, go look for Camila where she is cause if she finds Celso, who knows wht she can do” Ezequiel orders. “Whoever betrays th trust of Ezequiel Lopez Mendez has to face my wrath!” he says. Elda tries to calm Patricia down, and they call Amelia to find out wht was happening there. Amelia tells her tht th police are all over Caprice and they were saying tht Patricia killed Celso.

Fernando isnt happy tht Fausto has decided to frame his mom for Celso’s death. “Its all your fault, yu let things go too far!” Fernando says, and he wants to know how they are going to help his mom. Fausto tries to convince him tht his mom might have to spend some days in jail, and they will work wth their lawyer to see how she can be released. Fernando asks his dad to promise tht he will help his mom get out of jail. Gregory cnt believe tht his mom killed Fausto. “It looks like its th women who do th killing in your family, not th men” Ezequiel says. Torrealba wants to know wht Camila was doing at Caprice, and she begins to tell him how Celso stabbed Julia, th phone call he overheard wth him and Patricia, and how she went to find Julia bleeding, and then followed him to Caprice. At th Salamanques, Luciano doesn’t understand why Fausto shot Celso in his own company. “th police think I killed Celso! Wht shld I do?” Patricia asks, and Luciano tells her tht its her word against Fausto’s. Amelia comes to see her mom and tells her she needs to surrender before things get worse. “I didn’t Celso, it was your father!” Patricia tells her daughter.


Patricia swears she didn’t kill anyone, and tht Fausto got angry after finding her and Celso together. “But wht was you doing wth Celso? I don’t understand?” Amelia asks. Fausto admits to his lawyer David tht he killed Celso after finding him making love to his wife, but lies tht Patricia then took th gun and tried to shoot him, and ths how her fingerprints are on th weapon. Patricia finally admits to her daughter tht she was Celso’s lover, and how her dad found out about her affair years ago and she swore never to go back to him again, but then she cldnt resist and resumed th affair, and tht her dad happened to find them kissing at th staircase. Gregory is at Caprice and tells Torrealba wht happened wth Julia’s stabbing.  Amelia calls her dad who tells her she shld tell Patricia to calm down cause he is doing everything to save her. “She isnt do anything, he will make everyone believe I killed Celso” Patricia says, and Amelia promises to talk to her dad. “Its over for me Elda, he will never tell th truth, and will accuse me of a  crime I didn’t commit” she says. “Tht witch will pay for wht she has done, I wont hand myself in. I wont go to prison for a son of a pig like Celso! I want her behind bars begging for my forgiveness!” Fausto tells his lawyer, Fernando comes to ask his dad wht he will do to save his mother. Camila arrives at th hospital and everyone asks her wht happened at Caprice. “I decided to take th staircase when I found Patricia lying next to Celso’s dead body. Th world is very small for tht woman, one day she is the great Aragon lady, and now she is just a common criminal” Camila says, as she tries to avoid smiling frm happiness while Ezequiel looks at his firecracker suspiciously. “Now then, tell me wth happened” Ezequiel asks, and Camila tells him they need to talk in private so tht Max doesn’t suspect a thing, but he is already suspicious and follows them. Amelia doesn’t want to be a  part of making Patricia be accused of killing Celso. When Gregory arrives, he says tht his mom beat him to killing Celso after he stabbed Julia wth a knife. Octavia wonders why Patricia wld shoot Celso just like tht, and it didn’t make any sense at all. Amelia runs to tell Patricia tht her dad wont do anything to help her. “I knew Fausto was going to make me pay for this betrayal wth blood!” Patricia says, adding tht Fausto will do everything to ensure she goes to prison. At th Lopez Mendez hse, Camila has changed clothes and she then tells Ezequiel how she found Patricia next to Celso’s body, but Ezequiel doesn’t understand how Patricia got away. Camila explains how she distracted Torrealba to allow her to escape, and she did it for revenge cause she wanst going to miss th opportunity to accuse Patricia of killing Celso when th one who actually killed him was Fausto. Ezequiel looks so turned on by Camila as she says how she is going to make Patricia feel th same anxiety her mom fell when she was accused ofa  crime she didn’t commit.

Elda advises Patricia to hide so tht she can save herself. Axel is busy feeding th baby, but still wonders how his ex-girlfriend got pregnant after they tried getting kids, but then he still got Amelia pregnant. “You’re my son, and there isnt th slightest doubt. But I still need to go see tht doctor” Axel says. “Tell me sth firecracker, wht will your next move be?” Ezequiel asks her. Camila tells him her plan to continue helping Patricia just to make it all worse for her. Camila leaves to go and see Sr Isabel, but then Ezequiel calls Torrealba to ask him to come to his hse to tell him sth important. Elda tells Patricia they can talk to Sr Isabel to help her hide at th orphanage. Fausto tells Torrealba tht Patricia might have killed Celso after he had threatened to kill Gregory. Patricia begs Sr Isabel and Fr Tiziano to help to hide her after Fausto killed Celso and tried to blame it on her. “But why don’t you go to th police?” Fr Tiziano asks. Camila arrives and finds Patricia there. Sr Isabel refuses to hide Patricia at th orphanage cause its full of children and Fausto might find her there. Camila offers to hide Patricia at th Lopez Mendez hse cause no one will suspect tht she is hiding there. “You know my mom wont last a day in prison” Fernando tells his cousin, but Roger says tht his Uncle too wont manage to survive prison. Amelia comes to ask them if they have doubts too. Roger says tht his uncle wld never hurt his family and tht he can save his Aunt Patricia. Gregory is back at th hospital and confirms to everyone tht his mom did kill Celso and his family is in Celso. Torrealba goes to see Ezequiel who wants to tell him tht Gregory entered his hse and tried to harm his daughter cause he tried to harm Celso. Torrealba warns him tht falsely accusing an innocent person is a crime. Astrid is having tea wth her dad, and when Elda comes back, they ask her how Patricia is doing. “We cant help her now” Elda says, and Astrid says tht it was th most intelligent thing they have ever said and th best thing was for them to not involve themselves further. Camila tries to sneak Patricia into th hse, but Santiago catches her, and warns her tht th police were looking for her, and even Torrealba was in th hse. Fausto tells his lawyer he needs to present th facts to appear tht Patricia killed Celso. “Th fact tht she is a fugitive works in out favor, but th problem now is your children” David advises. Fausto’s children and nephew come to tell him they want to tell th truth. Leandro tells Shelly tht Celso got killed by Patricia Aragon de la Rosa, and tht there was a big scandal. Axel calls th fertility doctor he visited yrs ago wth his ex to find out which one of them had th fertility problem. Axel gets some shocking news cause he even has to take a seat and he bcomes all sad. “This baby is mine, I know he is!” he tries to console himself. “Who wld have thought not only is she a lady but a  lowlife murderer” Astrid says as Elda tells her daughter and husband tht Patricia and Celso were lovers and they were making love on th staircase, then Fausto came and fund them. Fausto cant believe his children don’t want to support him, while Roger sides wth his uncle. “How is it possible tht Roger believes me, but you my daughter don’t? I am making a big sacrifice despite th way she betrayed me, are you going to trust me!” he asks furiously. Camila assures Patricia tht nobody wld think she was hiding in th hse of Ezequiel Lopez Mendez. “I was thinking th same thing, wht are you doing in my hse?” Ezequiel comes to ask her.


Camila explains to Ezequiel why she decided to bring Patricia to th hse, and tht it was all her idea. Ezequiel is so calm and handsome as he stands by th doorway, and asks to talk to Camila in private. Patricia is worried, but Camila asks her not to worry. Fausto tells his children he didn’t want them to find out about th embarrassment of knowing his pain and frustration on finding out their mom cheated on him twice. He tells them he forgave them th first time, but after all these yrs, his love for Patricia kept growing and he cldnt forgive them a second time. “I wld have also killed Celso, but wht you’re doing to mom isnt fair” Fernando says. Fausto manages to convince his children wth crocodile tears and fake regret, and they decide to keep quiet. Axel cannot face th truth tht th baby isnt his and wonders if Ignacio cld be Ignacio’s son. Camila ells Ezequiel she didn’t have a choice but to bring Patricia to th house where she cld have more control over her. “No, you brought her here to torture her” Ezequiel says. “So? I told you I wanted revenge, and now you will get to see how Patricia Aragon suffers” she says. “Don’t take it too far, cause she will notice tht you don’t want to hide her but have her kidnapped” Ezequiel tells her, and Camila decides to change tactics wth handling Patricia before she exposes her. “That’s my firecracker!” Ezequiel says as he tries to pull Camila closer for a kiss. “Mom, just tell them already so they can put tht lady in jail” Astrid tells her mom. Elda is so nervous and she tells Torrealba tht Patricia didn’t kill Celso and she went to a hotel. Amelia gets home, and Axel tells her about his meeting wth his ex-girlfriend, and tht she has to explain herself regarding her pregnancy. Amelia looks for an excuse and tells him about her mom running frm th police and tht her dad wants to frame her. Camila brings Patricia some food, but she doesn’t feel like eating cause she is so nervous of being locked up in th basement without talking to anyone. Camila pretends she is concerned and ready to help her. “You cant help me, Fausto has too much power” Patricia says, but Camila swears to help her, but tht she will have to betray her uncle to save herself. Fausto tells his children he will turn their mother into th police, and they have to look for her. “I am ready to give my life for my mom if necessary” Fernando says, and Fausto tells them to be careful and watch out for Ezequiel cause he is a troublemaker.

Luciano and Astrid pressure Elda to tell Torrealba th truth, and she tells him tht Fausto discovered Patricia and Celso were lovers and tht it was him who killed Celso. At th hospital, Max tells Gregory and Julia they need to be ready to fight for their love. “Let me tell you, oh look at th most precious thing Glamour has ever produced!” Sheila and th saloon gang come to see th baby, but Shelly tells them tht Celso was killed. “Tht same disgusting man who was interested in these curves? Who did Julia a favor?” Sheila asks. Leandro tells them tht he knows Fernando Aragon got Shelly pregnant but as far as he is concerned, he is Joshua’s father. Camila goes to do some wine guzzling wth Patricia, and tells her tht everything still points to her as Celso’s killer, and they will end up arresting her. “But it wasn’t me!” Patricia says. “I believe you Patricia, I am th only witness and can save you. Your life is now in my hands” she tells her. Camila then asks Patricia for some answers on how it came to be tht her mom was accused of a crime she didn’t commit. Patricia says it was Fausto who was responsible for tht, but tht it was many years ago.  “You have a lot of time to reflect and refresh your memory on how you and Fausto framed my mother, cause Torrealba is waiting to arrest you for a  crime you didn’t commit” she tells her. Gregory tells his dad if he discovers he is trying to harm his mom, he will forget tht they are father and son. Amelia tells Axel she sometimes feels she doesn’t deserve him, and she is realizing he is th perfect man. “Forgive me Axel” she asks. Sebastian goes to see Fr Tiziano who asks him how th spiritual retreat went. He says tht Amelia is a chapter of his life in th past, and th love he felt for her has turned into a blessing. Astrid and Max are getting ready to go to bed as she tells him she cant wait to give him a child. Max gets a call and he then tells her he wont be going to th office th next day. “We shldnt be having secrets, my love, communication is everything” she says, but Max tells th bimbo she shld trust him. “Your secret meeting is wth Camila!” she screams. Shelly and Leandro take th baby to see Camila. Shelly tells her tht Leandro already knows Fernando is th father of th baby, but Leandro didn’t care and wants it all to be a secret. “Tht Leandro is an angel” Camila says. “Are you declaring war on me!” Fausto shouts at Gregory when Torrealba comes in and tells them tht he got new info saying tht Patricia didn’t kill Celso, but Fausto. Fausto denies it, and denies Patricia having anything to do wth Celso. Alfred goes to see Elda, she tells him abut Patricia’s situation. Alfred tells her not to worry cause Fausto will not harm her. “Very nice my sweetheart, you do th mother role very well feeding th baby” Ezequiel tells Camila who hands over th baby to Ezequiel to continue feeding him (if only Ezequiel knew he was holding an Aragon baby). Shelly tells him she knows she isnt a princess, but she is th only woman in th world who loves his son Leandro, and tht she also knows about his condition. Ezequiel tells them tht th baby is now their problem as he continues feeding th baby. Fausto tells Torrealba he can search th hse but wont find Patricia there.

“Now you get to know your favorite Aunt Sheila Perez” Sheila tells th baby Joshua th next day as Shelly tells them tht she also took th baby to th Lopez Mendez hse and how Camila helped them and Ezequiel was also excited about th baby. Sheila tells them its good tht th ogre Ezequiel accepted th baby. Camila goes to see his uncle Fausto who tells her he now knows she was at Caprice just to manipulate th situation. Camila denies it, saying tht she went to find Celso after he stabbed Julia, but when she saw Patricia wth Celso, she didn’t want her poor uncle to be cheated on. Camila tells him she saw wht really happened. “Btwn th two of us, tht dog nd witch deserved it” she says, and she tells her uncle Fausto tht she recorded him killing Celso and tht crimes of passion can go viral on social media and th internet. Fausto knows Camila recorded him. “Don’t worry uncle, I recorded your best side. My husband wld really love this video cause it wld be a dream come true for him, don’t you think?” Camila says, and Fausto is so scared. Astrid wants to accompany Max to his meeting but he tells her NO. Crazy Marcelina tells her tht she needs to learn how to talk to Max. “Im tired of all these secret meetings Max has cause I know he is meeting Camila cause he still loves her” she says. Camila wants Fausto to tell her th truth about th crime her mom supposedly committed. “You and your mother are just prostitutes, and she was just a criminal and a murderer, little girl!” Fausto tells her. Camila warns him to watch his back. Max goes to th orphanage to see Sr Isabel and ask her why she lied tht Rosa Blanco is dead cause she is alive.


Fausto asks Anton to find Patricia before his children do and to kill her, and he finishes wth his usual “Understood”. Max asks Sr Isabel why she lied to Camila tht her mom was dead when she was really alive, and tht he had hired a private investigator. “Doesn’t it hurt you to see Camila hurt? She is just surrounded by evil pple who want to see her unhappy. I promised her to look for her mom, despite everything tht happened btwn us” Max says, and asks Sr Isabel why she has caused Camila so much pain. Amelia tells Axel she doenst want to go to work to face her dad or hear anything about Celso’s murder and wld prefer to spend time wth him and th baby. Amelia tells Axel she continues falling in love wth him every day. Alfred and Elda are out running in th park, and he tells her tht she has remained fit despite having children. “Help me and I will help you. Tell me th truth and I will help you to defeat Fausto. Tell me who killed Leonardo and how my mom was incriminated, I’ve lost my patience wth you, so confess everything to me right now!” Camila screams at a scared Patricia. Anton asks Fausto where Patricia wld be able to hide, and he tells him to start at th Salamanques hse. He also asks Anton to eliminate Camila since she is a witness to him killing Celso cause she also had a video. “You better double my pay then, and it will be th last job I do before I leave this job” Anton says. Amelia is disappointed she hasn’t even spent time wth her son cause of her family problems. Elda asks Alfred why he wants to go out wth her instead of looking for a  girl his age and wth who they have a lot in common wth. Max tells Sr Isabel wht she did to Camila has no justification. Sr Isabel tells him its too dangerous for Camila to find out th truth, Max gives her a photo th private investigator took frm th hse he went to where he found a woman and asks her if tht was Rosa Blanco. She confirms tht th woman in th photo is her sister, but she tries to plead wth Max not to tell anyone Rosa is alive cause there is an assassin after Rosa and she was afraid tht he wld go after Camila next, and tht Rosa was a threat to Fausto and Ezequiel cause she knew their secrets. Max isnt buying her excuse, saying there are other ways to protect Camila who has a right to know wht is happening wth her mom.

“Is this why you helped me so tht you can kidnap me and torture me wth questions? Wht happened to forgiveness? Th truth is tht your mother was sleeping wth two men at th same time, and she lied to you cause she was involved in Leonadro’s death” Patricia tells Camila.  Th Aragon de la Rosa children are gathered together to figure out how to help their mother, while Roger supports his uncle’s plan. Ezequiel is so happy looking at th photo of Shelly’s baby, insisting tht he is really a Lopez Mendez through and through. Ezequiel tells Octavia he is going to take th chance to get revenge on Fausto for all he has done to him, and tht this time he wont hesistate. Axel takes th baby to th padeatrician for th baby to get a checkup, and he tells th doctor tht his son was born prematurely. Th doctor thinks there is a mistake cause th baby reached 40 wks before it was born. Axel asks th doctor for a DNA test cause he needed to know if th baby was his. Alfred is still at th park wth Elda asking her how her friend is doing. Max goes to confront Luciano wth th truth tht Rosa Blanco is alive, and he calls him a liar. “I did it cause Rosa asked me not to say anything” he says, but Max tells him tht Camila is in danger either way, and if he found Rosa, Fausto or Ezequiel cld find her, and tht nothing justified them lying to Camila. In th basement, Camila swears to make Patricia suffer just like her mom suffered in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. Javier goes to Glamour so propose to Rosemary by placing th engagement ring on a rose, and Sheila is so excited tht she puts on th ring instead as Rosemary and Javier kiss. Axel asks th doctor not to tell Amelia about th DNA test. “Get out Octavia, I need to speak to my husband alone!” Camila walks in and cahses Octavia away, and she tells Ezequiel he needs his help to force th truth out of th miserable Patricia. Camila tells she can help him ruin Fausto, and she then shows him th video of Fausto killing Celso. Ezequiel is so excited tht he kisses his firecracker on th lips (th look of shock on Camila’s face during tht kiss, hahahahahahahahahha) and he says they will finally ruin Fausto. Astrid th bimbo gets th results back frm th fertility clinic, and she cannot have kids. Fausto tells Fernando and Roger tht Camila knows he killed Celso and has a video recording. “You need to get a hold of th girl before Patricia goes to th police or Ezequiel gets tht video!” he says. But too late for Fausto. Ezequiel tells Camila they need to make several copies of tht video and show it to everyone, but tht they still need to keep Patricia locked up. Julia finally is ready to leave th hospital and they decide to go back to their homes before they start living together. “Oh sister, we need to toast this, but let me tell you darling, I wldnt mind being an auntie anytime soon. Finally, th Perez sisters have defeated th evil hand!” Sheila says, so excitedly, and then Torrealba comes to ask if he can join th celebration. “Mr Officer, wht are you doing here in my beauty saloon?” she asks him. Astrid is furious cause she cant get pregnant and she has noting to die Max down wth to ensure she gets spousal benefits for life. Ezequiel asks Octavia to make copies of th video and to prepare a presentation for Fausto in th conference room where he will invite him to talk about ending th war btw nth families. Sheila decides to go for ice cream wth her hottie pie of justice. When Sara th maid tells Patricia tht her son just brought back Julia frm th hospital, she goes running to go speak wth him. Fausto is at Masquerade to negotiate terms wth Ezequiel.


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