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Monday, October 30, 2017



We kick off this episode with a rehash from the previous episode.  Why do we have a guy that looks exactly like Teca??  😂😂😂 (I've missed a lot)

So the episode starts with Sara going to see Manuel in the bedroom.  Manuel addresses him as Sara and she thinks that something is definitely wrong because he is always calling her baby or mami or mamacita, 😂😂😂 Manuel tells her that things aren't what they used to be.

Manuel reminds her that she is everything you him.  The air that he breaths and he would never do anything to intentionally hurt her.  Sara is concerned and asks him what tf is wrong and why is he acting so strange.  Baby Manuel breaks the news that Tuti just informed him that she is pregnant and carrying his baby 😂😂😒 (Tuti must be lying at least about the paternity part 😂😂😂)  Sara is devastated.

Meanwhile Pedro,  Miriam and Pepe are outside a very shody looking apartment house and they have come searching for Begoña.  Pepe is sure that she must be here.  Miriam spots Yoyo and recognizes him but Pepe doesn't want Pedro to know that they actually know the guy.  Pedro takes out his gun after they all conclude that Begoña is probably inside taking drugs and the dealer might even rape her for it,  he wants to go save his daughter because he is am attorney General he will def get away with shooting whoever it is that's selling that crap to his kid.  Pepe and Miriam convince him not to go and Pepe offers to go check the place out promising to bring Begoña to her dad whether she wants to or not. 

Outside the guys who Chava came with are still waiting for chava.  One of the suggests they hurt him but is reminded that the boss would deal with them if anything were to happen to  Chava.

Begoña and Chava are reconciling and she tells him that she loves only him.  There is a knock on the door and Tuti is complaining as she utters one million words per second 😂😂😂😂 she goes to the door and doesn't like the fact that its Yoyo.  Yoyo apparently heard of Tuti’s pregnancy and thinks that the kid might be his.  He wants to talk.  Chava is shocked that Tuti is pregnant.  Tuti let's Yoyo in who is sits that that kid is his.  Tutti explains to an inquisitive Chava how the kid is his step brother and belongs to non other than his step Manny (in about a gazillion words 😂😂😂😒😒😒 she can parrot for Australia 😂😂)

Meanwhile what the heck happened to Joaquin while I was away coz it seems like Miriam has a thing for the attorney Pedro.  They are bonding in the car over how their children are the most important things in their lives and they can go crazy trying to protect them including killing 😂😂😂 (I can see you Miriam 😂😂😂😎 nice catch though 👋👊👊)

So we are back to Manuel and Sara and of don't think she should be this destroyed since Manuel has gone through one disappointment after another with her but she is distraught.  Manuel assured her that it happened while they were apart and he really thought she had gone to Teca.  He even tells her that he asked Tuti to get a DNA test dome on the kid to confirm but Sara thinks that there is still doubt.  She needs to be alone and Manuel leaves her.  She thinks that Tuti will be able to give Manuel what she was unable to since Indio made sure that she can't ever give birth again😒😞😤😂😂  she cries 😭😭 indicow 😡😡( haven't seen his onion face anywhere 😂😂😂😂)

Mario the dog is hypocriting for Iraq.  He pretends to be very concerned about Ara’s pain and pretends to be protecting her.  Meanwhile the guys at the DEA are talking about another attack by Teca killing some people and they talk about Alicia being their mole in the cartel.  They already tapped her phone and this might lead them to Teca.

Alicia is talking to Doriga about his plan to finish Teca.. He also thinks that Teca must die.  She leaves to go refresh herself when Manuel comes to speak with Doriga.  They find the chip inside Alicia's phone and Doriga is convinced Alicia is a mole and she betrayed them.  Manuel tells him that maybe Alicia doesn't know about the chip.  They should play it cool until they catch the person behind the chip installation 😂😂😂😂 .  Doriga returns the phone to Alicia who is headed to rest.

So Araceley can't sleep because she is still totmrnted by Horacio’s death and Mario offers to make love to her telling her that it will produce some hormones that will make her rest 😂😂😂 he starts eating her up like a bag of chips 😂😂😆😒😒

Meanwhile Pepe makes his way into the house and finds Begoña.  They start arguing with Chava about her presence there and Begoña tells Pepe that she will stay with Chava because she loves him.  Pepe asks her what she wants him to tell her father who is outside waiting for her.  Tutti starts freaking out that she has been caught by the attorney General 😂😂😂

 Am so sure am not the only one pessimistic about Sara’s mission to take down Teca😂😂😂 but we continue with Panic inside Tuti’s place.  Tuti is freaking out.  Pepe tells Begy that they need to leave because her father is outside armed which freaks out Tuti out even more 😂😂😂 and makes her parrot even harder 😜😜 Begy tells Chava that she loves him .  Pepe assures him that Begy loves him and what they did together was a mistake.  Chava understamds why they have to leave and they kiss before Pepe and Begy make their way out.  Miriam inside the car talking to Pedro about something when Begoña comes out with Pepe.  Pedro runs to get his daughter who tells her dad that if he asks many questions she will leave.  (😂😂😂 okay only in Mexico 😂😂😒😒)  they all leave.

Chava talks to Tuti about the pregnancy.  He warns her that if his mother suffers anymore because of her he won't spare her 😂😂😂

 Meanwhile Sara is busy preparing with all of Quintanilla’s men prepared to go face Teca.  She is loading guns.  Quintanilla’s men are all armed and ready.  Sara is going with Marcelo and leaving behind Manuel.  He isn't liking this at all.  Sara makes it crystal clear that she wants him to stay behind and look after Tutti and her pregnancy because she needs him and she can take care of herself.  Manuel isn't too happy about this but Sara’s word is already final.

Meanwhile Josephina is worried about staying with the kid.  They are talking about her options with the lawyer.  Quinta thinks it's too easy and reads a clause which states that she will stay with the kid as long as the kid doesn't have any other relatives. Josephina reminds him that the kid's grandma is still around 😘😂😂 she can't stand being without her son.  She will die😂😂😂 

Manuel goes to visit Tutti who is busy looking at the mirror thinking about how her tummy will bulge 😂😂😂 and parroting to herself.  He knocks and she opens the door.  She is pretty excited about the kid and is already planning on the future on how the kid will be a doctor 😂😂😂😜 .  Manuel tells her not to get ahead of herself.  He tells her that he will take care of the kid but she should forget about marriage 😂😂😂 tuti tells him in a million words that she doesn't want marriage.  She wants a house,  some money and a job at Sara’s organization 😂😂😂 Manuel tries to talk her out of it.  She tells him that she knows very well what they do.  Manuel lies to her that all their businesses are legal but Tutti isn't buying any of it.  😂😂 he tells her that Sara even left to handle some medical businesses but Tutti tells him that that's her specialty.  She wants to work for Sara’s organization 😂😂😂😌.  Meanwhile Teca has set up Alfredo to be the one to meet up with Sara as him 😂😂😂😆😆 he is busy laughing with Indio as they watch how they set up and fool Sara 😂😂😂

So Sara and team arrive at location.  Sara isn't too focused and confides in Doriga that she isn't really focused in the mission because Manuel confessed to her that he impregnated another woman.  Marcelo thinks she should be allowed time to think but Sara is ready.  Marcelo reminds her that she needs to be very foccused and act really well for them to catch Teca. Meanwhile Alfredo is being threatened with a gun to stay with the plan.  He is freaking out. Meanwhile the Columbian drag queen looking girl who hates Sara is also there to watch and they are busy kissing with Teca 😂😂😂😂 when their little romance is disrupted by her mouth.  Teca strangles her for her assuming that he isn't really going to go through with killing Sara but Indio saves her ass 😂😂😂  Sara has a gun on her to kill Teca and Marcelo reminds her that that isn't the plan.  Sara thinks that they need to get rid of Teca once and for all.  😂😂😂😌

Meanwhile Teca talks about how he is going to finish Sara and all her entire family 😂😂😂




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