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Monday, April 24, 2017


Iron Rose mostly refered to as La Dona will be hitting the African screens on the first of May. This will mark the long awaited return of Araceley Arambula and David Chocarro from their previous projects For Love and Justice and The face of Destiny aired on the same channel in late 2015. 


"La Doña" based on Doña Bárbara, the literary works of Rómulo Gallegos, is a story of revenge and ambition, seduction and betrayal; told from the perspective of an offended and abused woman named Altagracia. Altagracia represents the hundreds of thousands of Mexican women who have been victims of violence faceless men, protected by impunity. But Altagracia has transformed into a ruthless woman devouring men, strong-willed and known as "La Doña", look to each and every one of these men to bring them to justice. But her ruthless personality, has made her look down at the world, viewing them as weak and worthless, taking property, destroying and maintaining reputations. Victim of a rape as a teenager by gang members, Altagracia gave birth to a girl named Monica whom she could not raise as the living memory of her worst experience. Fate will unite them when they fall in love with the same man, Saul Aguirre, an advocate for women and their causes. Three worlds will unite in a clash of reason, resentment, jealously and love where the justice of the woman will prevail as the great moral and victory of this story.

Altagracia Sandoval is a beautiful, successful woman, recognized in society and owner of a millionaire construction company. She takes care of his business, her sister Regina and her niece Isabela. Barely being a young girl, she suffered the murder of her parents and a rape from which she became pregnant with Monica, the daughter she delivered without ever knowing her. Altagracia has a great pain in her heart and she feels the frustration of never having found true love. However, she will fall in love with Saul Aguirre, a lawyer who for reasons of life will also cross the path of Monica. Fate will solve this love triangle when Altagracia discovers that her rival is her own daughter.



Altagracia is abused by a group of men referred to as the Monkeys when she is Younger. She gets pregnant but doesnt want anything to do with kid thus abandons the child and goes to search for a better life for herself. She uses her charm and good looks to get men at her feet and manages to build an empire. Altagracia is known and feared throughout Mexico and though she is married, the last thing she is is a submissive wife. Her life suddenly changes when a man Saul Aguire  appears in her life. The first man who refuses to be subdued by her, she falls in love with Saul. Will his love manage to keep her from her destructive revenge?? Or has her heart frozen within her?


Monica is a young 20 year old girl full of life. She lives in the province with her adoptive dad who is also very sickly. When her father's illness persists, Monica decides to take her father to the city to pursue medical attention for him. She also wants to know who her mother, the woman that abandoned her is. Her father would have preferred Altagracia's identity be kept secret from his daughter mostly beacuse of his own crooked past and Altagracia's reputation in the city but with Monica in the city, the chances that mother and daughter will actually meet is very high.


Saul Aguire is a lawyer. He decided to focus on defending abused women ever since his own sister died from abuse. A clash between his father and Altagracia over a piece of land that his father and a couple of other squaters have been occupying that seems to belong to Altagracia causes Saul and Altagracia to meet for the first time. What was at first hatred between the two turns into admiration and a strong passion. Saul is not lie other men, his cause seems very close to Altagracia's heart and this passion quickly develops into love but Altagracia's nature now cannot allow her to be fully committed and her pursuit of vengeance leads Saul further away from her. Monica is the other woman is Saul's life. She appeared almost at the same time as Altagracia but she is the light in Altagracia's darkness. Saul takes notice of her and soon enough falls in love with her as well unknowingly falling for both mother and daughter at the same time... what will Saul do? Will he chose the angel or the devil??


Yesenia Sandoval is the aunt of Regina and Altagracia. She is a woman who, since she was a child, learned the art of witchcraft and practices reading cards, coffee grounds, tobacco, and anything related to witchcraft and money. She is ambitious, always dreamt of fishing for a rich husband, but she never succeeded, and when her orphaned nieces arrive in Mexico City, Yesenia sees in Altagracia an opportunity and begins to indoctrinate her to conquer Lázaro, using the rancor of Altagracia against The male sex.


Braulio Padilla is a handsome lawyer, exercise addict and martial arts expert. He appears to be the perfect beau, but actually has psychotic tendencies and participates in clandestine fights because he feels the need to drain all his violence. He became the accomplice of Altagracia since she needed him to strip Lazarus of his home and his company. Braulio has not been able to overcome the attraction he feels for her and every time La Dona despises him, he empties his anger by attacking those who can not defend himself.


Regina Sandoval is the sister of Altagracia and the mother of Isabela. She is a submissive woman who lives according to what dictates her greater hemana. Her daughter was the product of a failed relationship and has to deal with the fact that Altagracia treats Isabela as if she were her own daughter, instilling a strong discipline that Regina tries to amend with affection. Regina feels suffocated because her sister controls her in everything she does, but she allows it because she feels indebted to her. Altagracia sacrificed herself and exposed herself to the rapists so that her younger sister could escape when together they lived the worst experience of their lives being just young girls.


Felipe Valenzuela is the current husband of Altagracia. He is a very attractive politician, famous and with much power. He fell madly in love with Altagracia and when they were married all the media portrayed them as the perfect couple. They have always been one of the marriages most admired by  the Mexican society, but in reality their relationship gets worse every day because somehow Altagracia repeats with Felipe the same thing she did to Lázaro.


Daniel Llamas is former member of the Porkys, a network of bandits who years ago killed Altagracia Sandoval's parents and raped her. He carries the great weight of his past but has been reformed into a man of good feelings. Tormented by his mistake, Daniel seeks to recoup his bad deed by working in a foundation where he shelters orphaned children and adolescents. He did not marry or have a family because he did not forgive all the bad acts he did in his youth.


sabela Sandoval is daughter of Regina and niece of Altagracia. She is the typical "strawberry" Mexican girl, educated in the best schools in the city and accustomed to the greatest luxuries. She moves everywhere with bodyguards imposed by her aunt, but this causes her problems all the time because she is at the age of disobedience and feels controlled and spied on at all times. However, she manages to make her own and in the eyes of her mother and Altagracia is the "perfect lady", but with her friends she is "Miss Scandal" because she loves parties and breaking the rules.


Diego is the son of Braulio and Valeria. He is a shy young man with good feelings. Although he lives surrounded by luxuries, he is an unhappy person due to the lack of affection and attention of his parents, who only live outstanding of the economic interests. At first Diego will feel in love with Isabela, his friend from childhood, and will accept to be her "boyfriend of lies" with the hope that someday it will correspond. As time passes, Diego will suffer in silence when realizing that Isabela has fallen in love with Emiliano. However, he will meet Lydia and live an intense romance that his father, Braulio, will endeavor to destroy.


Lydia is an old Friend to Monica and she will be the one who offers Monica a place to stay when she moves into the city. Lydia falls in love with rich Diego,  the young son of Braulio and his father does not like the arrangement one bit. He will do anything withing the course of the series even drugging her in the pretence that she wanted see for money to keep her away from his son!


Mario Morán

Emiliano is the son of Rafael Cabral and his wife Leticia. He is a schoolmate of Isabela and Diego; Is bold, disrespectful and rebellious. He has vices, consumes drugs on certain occasions but is not an addict.


Justin, better known as "Lopecito", is the great friend and confidant of Saul. He is married to Elena and is the personal assistant to Judge Valeria Puertas. He is a nice, simple and kind-hearted man. It supports the humiliations and mistreatment of its boss, but somehow it avoids the excesses and abuses of power of Valeria. He will be reunited with Saul, an old friend of the university, and will support him in his fight against Altagracia



Monday 1 May 2017 

Altagracia Sandoval is a ruthless and ambitious woman with a traumatic past, who is obsessed with finding the men who hurt her.

Tuesday 2 May 2017 

Saul confronts Altagracia at Felipe’s birthday party and demands the release of his father. Monica arrives in Jaime’s neighbourhood with her father.

Wednesday 3 May 2017 

There is an attack in the neighbourhood at night by a group of hooded people sent by Altagracia. Lazaro is wounded badly.

Thursday 4 May 2017 

Monica, Lazaro and Saul are at the hospital, but staff refuse to treat Lazaro. Jorge informs Saul of suspicious activity at the construction site.

Friday 5 May 2017 

Yesenia shows up at the neighbourhood and meets Monica and a very nervous Lazaro. The Madame asks Saul to meet her in her farmhouse.

Monday 8 May 2017 

Saul tries to prevent Jaime from being transferred to a dangerous prison, before receiving news that The Madame has dropped the charges against him.

Tuesday 9 May 2017 

Gabino tells Monica he is going to help her in his own way. Altagracia talks with Margarita at the hospital and finally obtains the name of her enemy.

Wednesday 10 May 2017 

Altagracia promises Margarita she will make Miguel Preciado pay for his crimes. Monica tells Gabino she is not interested in having a suitor.

Thursday 11 May 2017 

Miguel is fascinated with Altagracia’s beauty. Altagracia lies to him, saying she is seeking a partnership, and leaves without telling him who she is.

Friday 12 May 2017 

Saul sees a woman trying to drown herself in the ocean and saves her. Altagracia orders Braulio to bring Miguel Preciado to the capital.

Monday 15 May 2017 

Ximena comes down to the construction company to confront Altagracia, who manipulates her and offers her a job at one of her offices in Europe.

Tuesday 16 May 2017 

Azucena and Jaime discover that Ximena is gone and ?nd a note that she left. They call Saul, who is with Monica, and read the note to him.

Wednesday 17 May 2017 

Monica follows Saul when he enters the construction company, and introduces herself to the Madame as a friend of Saul’s.

Thursday 18 May 2017 

Monica finds out that Gabino threatened the delegation employee and confronts him. He apologises, inviting her to a bar with his friends.

Friday 19 May 2017 

Regina finds Felipe wounded, and finds out that he tried to rape Altagracia. Altagracia asks to have him removed from the house.

Monday 22 May 2017 

Saul is in serious condition on the operating table. Altagracia threatens Felipe, telling him that from now on he will do whatever she says.

Tuesday 23 May 2017 

Valeria apologises to her son and asks him if his father has ever been violent with him. At the office, Valeria rejects Lopecito.

Wednesday 24 May 2017 

Altagracia feels upset and nauseous for killing Miguel, and Monica helps her out. Saul is released from the hospital.

Thursday 25 May 2017 

Jaime, Azucena, Margarita and the detective try to find Saul. Monica notices the Madame didn’t go to work and Saul didn’t come back from the hospital.

Friday 26 May 2017 

Regina offers to help Felipe. Yesenia warns Saul to stay away from Altagracia, and then admits to Lazaro that Altagracia’s men beat her up.

Monday 29 May 2017 

Saul tells Altagracia that he is the main suspect in Miguel Preciado’s murder case, but that he will make sure to find the person who killed him.

Tuesday 30 May 2017 

The police arrive at Felipe’s apartment and knock the door down. Felipe is horri?ed. Regina offers to pay for Lazaro’s medical bills.

Wednesday 31 May 2017 

Yesenia and Regina visit Altagracia to talk to her about her daughter. Saul and Lopecito review videos and see Altagracia with Miguel Preciado.

Premiere episodes of Iron Rose air on Telemundo Mondays to Fridays at 18h00. The omnibus airs on Saturdays at 16h20.


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