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Saturday, June 08, 2019



On a stormy night, Marina is born, apparently without life, who is received by Damiana (Cecilia Toussaint), the village midwife, who a few hours before attended the delivery of a healthy child, but unfortunately his mother died. Don Luis (Eduardo Santamarina), the father of Marina, has since married Prudencia (Claudia Ramírez), lives determined to have a son, wants an heir that transcends his illustrious surname Ocaranza. Unfortunately, Prudencia can not have children, which makes Angustias (Ana Martín) her nana convince her to benefit the family with the child who was orphaned as a mother. Thanks to this, Luis Alberto is received in a new family, where he grows surrounded by a lot of money and travels abroad to study a medical career. Meanwhile, Marina (Claudia Martín), miraculously survives and grows happy surrounded by nature next to Damiana, who teaches her to know the world in a different way, because she is blind. But as Marina grows up the doctor Isauro (Carlos de la Mota) come to town, who teaches her to read and to write and to prepare her life to being the assistant in his medical office.

An accident causes the house of Damiana burst into flames with Marina inside. Isauro without thinking, enters the hut to save her and his face is disfigured. The kind, gentle and handsome Dr. Isauro, from this moment, becomes a resentful, selfish man. A hermit who only allows and enjoys the company of Marina. The Ocaranza return to the ranch. Prudencia asks her nanny to find her daughter's grave. Angustias locates Damiana, but she refuses to confess the truth. What she wanted to tell them was that the girl did not die, but they had left and she did not agree to give up Marina, since after more than 20 years they finally came to take an interest in her. Marina has a great friend named Toribio (Luis Bayardo), although she is an older adult, her spirit is that of an 8-year-old child. Toribio loves her and has always been his playmate. One day of those fun for both, Marina and Toribio are scared to hear a bullet. Toribio fled to hide, but Marina ran into Luis Alberto (Osvaldo de León), and asked him not to kill, hurt and scare the animals that had not done anything. Alberto is very impressed with the girl and tries to approach her, but Marina does not allow it, until one day they meet again, Alberto promises never to take a gun again. A beautiful feeling that nobody knew, grows between Marina and Alberto. The attraction is so intense that in an accident that brings them too close, they kiss on the lips and with the soul. Alberto reacts and feels terrible because he's Vanessa's (Scarlet Gruber) boyfriend for several years. He apologizes to Marina, tells him it was a mistake and says goodbye. Marina does not understand that for Alberto it is a mistake what for her was the most beautiful of her life.

Alberto tries futilely to continue with his life, but Marina caught his heart. Alberto decides to end his relationship with Vanessa, which she does not accept, because she is pressured by Susana (Luz Elena González), his mother, to be his desire. A marriage is expected and demanded by both families. Alberto's parents reject the idea of her son getting involved with a blind village girl who they mistreat and humiliate as an upstart, but the love of Alberto and Marina is immense, so they get married secretly and when she is presented as his wife, the conflict is so great, that Damiana reveals the exchange of children. Don Luis refuses to believe that he has a blind daughter and rejects her.

After Isauro finds out about the wedding of Luis Alberto and Marina, he tells Marina, who having married another man who is not him, that he has always loved her and risked his life to save her. After this strong argument Marina gets sick and Isauro decides to give her a medicine to calm her down, but she only sleeps and he uses her to his advantage. Marina wakes in bed with up him and he tells her that she has had sex with him. Marina tells Luis Alberto this and he refuses to have a child as a result of a rape, so they both separate, and decide to follow their path each one by the others side. Some time after Marina meets Ricardo Bazán (Juan Martín Jauregui), an ophthalmologist who helps her undergo an operation, and to be able to achieve, the first thing she sees is the smile of her son Mateo. Later Marina discovers that Luis Alberto has always been close to her, since they work in the same place, but thanks to Lucrecía (Candela Márquez), the new girlfriend of Luis Alberto, who will do anything possible to separate them, with the help of Ricardo who has also fallen in love with Marina.

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